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Saturday, December 29, 2012

BREAKING NEWS – Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama’s HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery.

Important Update From Dr. Orly Taitz's Facebook page:

Someone is spreading false information. Alvin Onaka never issued any statement admitting to forgery. PP simmons posted an article, where he said that it might be related to my subpoenas. This is not correct. The only thing I got was a fax from Jill Nagamine, deputy attorney general of Hawaii, where she objected to subpoena. Among the objections is that $975 received by Onaka with the subpoena is not enough, that the court (Judge England and the plaintiffs, presidential electors and Presidential Candidates do not have a tangible interest) and so on. I am dealing with it an a number of other issues, such as filing proofs of service of process and buying tickets for witnesses. there are a number of other things. At any rate a report by Albert Hendershott that Onaka admitted to forgery is flagrantly wrong, there is no such admission
Will - MFS  I sincerely hope The Obama Hustle will issue a denial of this story, i believed his 'sources' were genuine, in view of the following statement he made on his site , I can only say it seemed genuine.

BREAKING NEWS – Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama’s HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery.(TOH).
As reported to AL HENDERSHOT, Editor of The Obama Hustle.
Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama’s HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery. He also confirmed to KS SOS Kris Kobach that the information contained in the White House image isNOT “identical to” that in the official record.
Many of you have replied to concerned constituents that the matter is settled by the public statements of Hawaii officials, the HDOH birth index list, the newspaper birth announcements, and Obama’s posted short-form and long-form birth certificates. Onaka’s disclosure – the only one made by a HI official under oath –negates all that and fits the vast legal and forensic evidence collected so far, some of which is in my affidavit (privately posted at for NE criminal case #B2-119. 
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Commander, Mike Zullo (both of whom initially disbelieved the skeptics) have both signed affidavits saying there is legal-quality FORENSIC evidence that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and draft registration are forged. 
Onaka has now revealed the REASON for the forgery: to hide the non-validity of the birth record. Evidence in my affidavit proves (among other things) that the 1960-64 birth index includes non-valid records.
Onaka’s disclosure is proof of results-altering election fraud in every state in this country, since fraudulent filing documents were used to place Obama on every state’s ballot. Absent a non-Hawaii birth record, Obama doesn’t even have a legally-determined birth date, place, or parents so nobody can lawfully say he meets the age or citizenship requirements to be President – and yet every Certification of Nomination falsely swears that he is eligible. 
EVERY electoral vote for Obama is thus now LEGALLY KNOWN to be fraudulently-obtained and must not be certified as lawful on Jan 8th. As with the Sandusky case, those with knowledge have legal responsibility to act, and that is now you.
Our President has committed perjury 6 times by swearing (in AZ, NC, and WV) that he is eligible, knowing that he has no valid HI birth certificate (and claiming a Kenyan birth in his bio until 2007), and let his spokesmen pass off two forgeries as genuine on his behalf. He knowingly allowed a decorated military surgeon to lose his life’s savings and retirement and spend 6 months in prison for simply wanting to know if his combat orders were lawful, or whether they Constitutionally had to come from Joe Biden instead – who OPPOSED the “surge”.
It appears that many felonies have been committed. An impeachment must precede a criminal investigation and trial, so failure to impeach is obstruction of equal protection & the rule of law – without which, none of your life’s work even matters because the laws you make will only be enforced when politically expedient to the powerful. A banana republic.Read the full story here.

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Typographical Analysis Summary - Obama long form birth certificate forged - by typeface experts Irey and Vogt - Wash Times


  1. Time to build a gallows with a sturdy metal rope for the Messiah of takers.

  2. It is for real. Obama IS a Fraud,a traitor and a Spy under U.S. Law. It is morally imperative that he be tried for Treason and his other criminal activities. If he is convicted,he should be SHOT TO DEATH by a Military Firing Squad or HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD!
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381
    the UCMJ at Section 906,Art.106

  3. Googl: "There is NO 'President" Obama" by Yours truly,Robert C.Laity

  4. No matter what, nothing will be done. America has, in effect, abandoned the Constitution.

  5. no this is garbage, there is no truth and no facts, just accusation's made by fear and on the internet it is heard by million's, all they have to do make it sound like it is from a credible source,and people go wow, it must be real, they wouldn't lie or make things like this up...

  6. they found some lowly clerk to say he couldn't find a record of the birth certificate in that hospital, and it is the president's fault that the s/s number does not match, like that's the first time someone got someone else's number, i'd be pissed if that happened to me, paying for some else's s/s instead of mine, and that sheriff in Az. Lol he is investigating this with private funds and private help, he has no official capacity in Hawaii, guess he figured if he flashed his badge around he might get some cooperation from the ignorant natives, they would have been more than willing if he had showed up with a federal warrant for the information, to bad he couldn't get a federal judge to give him one, guess the natives were a bit smarter than he was led to believe...

    1. Sheriff Arpaio in AZ had a 6 month long investigation on the birth certificate and found that the one on the government website for EVERYONE to look at is a forgery. I have 22 years of graphic design exp and looked at the VERY same file on that website. It IS ON 9 LAYERS! The person who created this document was NOT even a decent graphic designer b/c I can see the differences in matrixing around the edges of the signature, etc. EVERY part is on a diff layer and that would NOT happen if it was 1 document that was scanned. That doc on the GOVT website is a FRAUD. You can look at it yourself and click on the diff layers and take them away. Find out the truth b/f you blindly believe liars. They are only hiding their fraudulent stories. If he was NOT born in the USA, then OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be president. It is the LAW. Obama has to abide by the laws just like everyone else. They impeached Nixon for MUCH LESS than Obama has gotten away with.

  7. I don't 'make' the news i just post it.It seems this is related to the following story from May 24 : Hawaii State Registrar does not verify authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate.

  8. Even if it is true, and I hope to God that it is, NOTHING will come of it.
    The thug and his Chi-Town gang have seized control of the United States government, and nothing will be done about it.

  9. This is a lie.
    Here is the letter I just received from the office of the Sec. of State of AZ:
    Dear Moishe Sachs:
    Contrary to the recent blog, we have NOT had any further correspondence from the state of Hawaii regarding this matter and consider the matter closed.


    Kim Crawford
    Communications Specialist
    Arizona Office of the Secretary of State

    Public Disclosure Notice: This message and any messages in response to the sender of this message may be subject to a public records request.

    1. @FactsRule as you may notice i received from a contact an update and denial from Dr. Orly Taitz.
      As soon as i received this denial i posted it as an update.
      I just hope the source of the story will publish the denial.

  10. It is pointless to try and oust Obama on technicalities, because the majority of voters believe they elected him, and most would not change their minds based on his citizenship. (The better man for the job is the better man, is what they're thinking--and they didn't like Romney.)

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