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Monday, December 10, 2012

Australian Troops brace for violent backlash against 'The Innocent Prophet'.

Australian Troops brace for violent backlash against 'The Innocent Prophet'.(HS). AUSTRALIAN troops are bracing for violent protests in Afghanistan over the likely release this month of a new film mocking Islam.
Riots were sparked across the Islamic world in September after a 14-minute trailer for the "Innocence of Muslims" video was released on YouTube. Troops are now on heightened alert to the risk of another round of protests because a derivative film called "The Innocent Prophet" is slated to be released on Friday.
The new footage created by an ex- Muslim originally from Pakistan has already inflamed tensions in his former home country ahead of its release.
Coalition forces are prepared for extreme reactions to the provocative video that could hamper their efforts in neighbouring Afghanistan, which is already a tinder box of religious sensitivities.
Retribution for perceived slights on Islam are thought to be one possible trigger for these turncoat attacks, which claimed three out of the seven Diggers' lives lost in Afghanistan this year.
Coalition forces are wary of violent reactions from Afghans who are upset by breaches of religious protocol.Read the full story here.

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