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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obama Nativity Figurine 'again' Popular in Italian Shops.

Obama Nativity Figurine 'again' Popular in Italian Shops.(CNS).Figurines of President Barack Obama are appearing in Nativity scenes in shops in Naples, Italy for the Christmas season. Craftsman Marco Ferrigno told Reuters on Nov. 7 that Obama’s reelection sparked the production. "Every time a major event occurs we create a new figurine, and today after Obama's victory, we have made a new figurine of Obama and will put him in our ideal Nativity scene,” Ferrigno said. Reuters reported that the shop keepers said bargain hunters could get a “big discount” on figurines of GOP candidate Mitt Romney. Italian fans of Obama said his likeness in the nativity scenes is a portrayal of how important his role is in today's world, according to Reuters.Hmmmm.....We all know that the 'Wise' men came to find and worship the 'King of the Jews'.Read the full story here.

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