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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mursi in the footsteps of Khomeini: Egyptian writer.

Mursi in the footsteps of Khomeini: Egyptian writer.(AA).Prominent columnist, journalist, and former head of news for Egyptian State Television Abdel Latif Fouad el-Menawy, who covered conflicts of different platforms across the globe, has shared his piece of mind in a column he wrote for The Times over the recent developing clashes in Egypt. In his column, Menawy compared Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi to Ayatollah Khomeini, of Iran, as both leaders lived in the West. When they returned to their countries they transform them into religious dictatorships.
On Thursday, Mursi issued a controversial presidential decree granting himself unlimited powers, with his decisions rendered irrevocable. “Mohamed Mursi’s new constitutional decree, which gives him total control of the state apparatus, grants him more authority than any Egyptian ruler since the Pharaohs,” Menawy wrote in his article.
“Egyptians had hoped that Mr. Mursi would use power to piece back together a nation torn apart in the uprising that toppled President Mubarak last year. His first statement assured Egyptians that he would rule for every citizen of every sect,” Menawy added. Although Mursi promised to be just president to all religions and sects, since he’s been in power, he swapped all newspaper editors with members from the Muslim Brotherhood. Menawy explained that achieving the Israel-Gaza truce made Mursi turn into a regional and international “star,” a status he quickly exploited to tighten his grip on power. Menawy explained that Mursi, with all the failed promises he made, has lost much credibility among Egyptians. Menawy concluded his article saying “when Ayatollah Khomeini was on the plane taking him from Paris to Tehran after the toppling of the Shah, he told reporters ‘men of religion do not want to rule,’ Indeed.”Read the full story here.

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