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Monday, November 26, 2012

Japan ‘Closely Watching’ N.Korea Over Missiles.

Japan ‘Closely Watching’ N.Korea Over Missiles.(RN).The Japanese government will continue gathering information about a possible missile launch by North Korea and is ready to defend itself, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said on Monday. On Friday, Japanese media reports said US satellite images showed North Korea had delivered what are believed to be long-range ballistic missile parts to a launch site. The movement involves equipment similar to that used in April when North Korea tested a long-range ballistic missile that exploded shortly after lift-off. Pyongyang said prior to that test the missile was putting a satellite in orbit. No such announcement has been made regarding the current activity. “The government will work harder to gather and analyze information, and will continue to take thorough measures to protect the country,” NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation quoted Fujimura as saying. Fujimura said the North Korean move will not have an impact on talks between the two countries. He said they will hold the next round of talks after making preparations through diplomatic channels.Read the full story here.

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