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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Israel and US successfully test David's sling.

Video - Israel and US successfully test David's sling.HT: IsraelMatzav. Israel and the United States have successfully tested David's sling, which is designed to shoot down medium range (70-300 km) missiles - what falls between Iron Dome and the Arrow series.
Here's more about David's sling.
The David’s Sling is a missile defense system currently under development by Rafael in Israel and Raytheon in the US. The system would defend against Iranian missiles such as the M600, the Zelzal, Fajr and Fateh 110 deployed heavily in Hezbollah hands in Lebanon as well as other missiles with a range between 70 and 300 kilometers. It is slated to become operational in 2014.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak congratulated those involved in the test, adding that David's Sling would form a significant layer in Israel's multi-layered missile defense program.
"The major success of Iron Dome batteries in Operation Pillar of Defense clarifies beyond all doubt the huge importance of missile defense programs. The state of Israel is a world leader in this field, thanks to its Israeli defense industries and their people," Barak added. Just as an aside, I want to remind you all that nearly 30 years ago, when Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), Democrats howled that he was crazy. But I digress....Read the full story here.

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