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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iran to manufacture new "Azerehsh" and "Kowsar 88" aircrafts...Kudo's for the drone technology.

Azerehsh 21.

Iran to manufacture new "Azerehsh" and "Kowsar 88" aircrafts....Kudo's for the drone technology.(TI).Iran soon plans to start manufacturing two new aircrafts, "Azerehsh" and "Kowsar 88", Iran's Air Force Deputy Commander Manuchehr Yazdani said, Fars reported. Yazdani noted that the aircraft designs have been completed already, an currently the construction works are underway. "As we are restricted by sanctions, it is difficult to import necessary parts of aircrafts," Yazdani said. "Having limited assistance, we rely on our existing knowledge." 
The imposed sanctions against country's nuclear program, make it extremely difficult for Iran to import necessary parts of jets and aircrafts. Yazdani added that as soon as first models are constructed, shortly Iran will begin manufacturing these aircrafts. Earlier this month, Iran Presidential Aide Ali Akbar Mehrabian said Iran plans to launch 15 aviation centers for selling aircrafts to general public.Hmmmm.............I guess that US Drone served it's purpose well?Read the full story here.

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