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Monday, August 13, 2012

Obama planning a '$150 million cookout' at the pentagon and other places?

Obama planning a '$150 million cookout'at the pentagon and other places?(Cato).By Ilya Shapiro.Surprisingly, President Obama’s first direct attack on Paul Ryan since the congressman’s selection as Mitt Romney VP nominee doesn’t involve the threat of grandma being pushed off a cliff. Instead, it involves the latest farm bill, which has too many subsidies and food-stamp increases for House Republicans’ tastes (good for them).
Now, I’m no expert in agriculture policy — for more on farm bills and related disasters, I recommend my colleague Sallie James’s work — but one provision in the disputed legislation caught my eye: Apparently the federal government plans to buy over $150 million of meat and fish."That'll help ranchers who are going through tough times right now and also over the long term," Obama said.
 "That food is going to be spent by folks over at the pentagon and other places."
Sounds like a great cookout, but what gives the government the power to do that? Where exactly is the Constitution’s BBQ Clause?Hmmm......I guess the U.N. got their answer about giving an 'Ethanol waiver'.Read the full story here.

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