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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Video - Canadian Rapper Promotes Taliban with Government Money.

Video - Canadian Rapper Promotes Taliban with Government Money.(TIP).By Daniel E. Rogell.A popular French-speaking rapper from Montreal has released a new pro-terrorism song showing a Taliban point of view of the war in Afghanistan.Canada's National Post reports. Although Manu Militari maintains that the shocking video for "L'Attente," or "The Wait," doesn't promote terror, Canadian officials are outraged that the artist may have received more than $100,000 in government money to build his career.
The "L'Attente" video shows Taliban terrorists taking revenge for a fictional Canadian/Afghan anti-terror operation where Afghan soldiers torture a local civilian. The song contains lyrics such as "I wait for him" and "I hurry to dig a hole to put in my fertilizer bomb" while showing footage of a roadside bombing of Canadian troops and Taliban fighters gunning down survivors
"I want to free my land … This is not about religion," Manu Militari sings, while Taliban fighters are portrayed as family men.
The rapper was heavily subsidized by Canadian nonprofit MusicAction, which claims as its mission "to encourage the development of music by financially supporting the production and marketing" of acts by French Canadian artists. MusicAction is a federally funded Canadian government entity, with support coming from the Ministry of Canadian Heritage.
"The content of this song is offensive," said S├ębastien Gari├ępy, the Minister of Canadian Heritage's Press Secretary. "To glorify the Taliban and their terrorism is indefensible and wrong. MusicAction's contribution to this group does not meet the conditions of government of Canada funding. Appropriate measures will be taken in response."Read the full story here.

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