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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scotus blog will begin liveblogging at 845am EDT.

Scotus blog will begin liveblogging at 845am EDT.
The Term ends today, with the decision in the health care case and two others. We will begin liveblogging at 845am EDT; please join us. The Court will issue opinions starting at 10am EDT, with the health care ruling probably starting around 10:15. You can access the liveblog here at But if you run into trouble loading the site, you can visit the backup at At 4pm on Thursday, we will also be doing a live webcast with Kaiser Health News.

Full story here.


Amy Howe: 
In Plain English: The Affordable Care Act, including its individual mandate that virtually all Americans buy health insurance, is constitutional. There were not five votes to uphold it on the ground that Congress could use its power to regulate commerce between the states to require everyone to buy health insurance. However, five Justices agreed that the penalty that someone must pay if he refuses to buy insurance is a kind of tax that Congress can impose using its taxing power. That is all that matters. Because the mandate survives, the Court did not need to decide what other parts of the statute were constitutional, except for a provision that required states to comply with new eligibility requirements for Medicaid or risk losing their funding. On that question, the Court held that the provision is constitutional as long as states would only lose new funds if they didn't comply with the new requirements, rather than all of their funding.
More here @ Fox.

Here is the opinion in the health care cases:

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