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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Video || NBC Sit Room Special on Bin Laden Killing.

       Compliments of the Reelect 'Rambo' Obama team.

If you want to watch the rest of it, you can find it here.HT: WhiteHouseDossier.

From the start, Williams proudly displayed his child-like excitement over his special access: “television cameras are inside the Situation Room for the very first time,” he gushed.
As one person pointed out this is not the first time cameras have been permitted into the Situation Room. I remember a program, which I believe aired on the History Channel, in which cameras went into the Situation Room. I specifically recall someone demonstrating how glass could be fogged up in order to give people meeting in a side room some privacy.And people working at computer stations were shown. I think the program may have been filmed during the Bush Administrtion; in any event the person giving the tour of the Situatio Room was from the Bush Administration.You can watch the previous visit to the Situation room here.

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