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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Topless Group 'Femen' Mounts 3rd Euro 2012 Trophy Attack

Topless Group 'Femen' Mounts 3rd Euro 2012 Trophy Attack.(RN).The Femen group of female Ukrainian protestors with a flair for topless stunts have attacked the Euro 2012 trophy for the third time in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov, the group said Thursday. Group member Yana Zhdanova approached the trophy while another member of the group distracted security guards, Femen said on its website. As in previous efforts in Kiev and Donetsk, Zhdanova then bared her torso to reveal an obscene message directed against the tournament and tried to push the Henri Delaunay trophy from its pedestal. She was then arrested by police and taken to the district police station. “The Femen women’s movement is obstructing the European football championship, accusing the organizers of propaganda for sex tourism and of promoting the sex industry in Ukraine and Poland,” Femen said. Poland and Ukraine are co-hosts for the Euro 2012 tournament, which runs from June 8 through July 1 and is considered one of Europe's most prestigious sporting events.Hmmmm.....No word if the crowd was cheering?Read the full story here.

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