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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shocking video: Jews barred from Boca Raton synagogue because they oppose Obama.

Shocking video: Jews barred from Boca Raton synagogue because they oppose Obama.HT: IsraelMatzav.A Political Rabbi in Boca Raton works with the Obama Campaign to treat Jews like criminals.

BizPac Review reported on the contretemps that arose from the Jewish protesters ejection at the B’nai Torah event for Amb. Rice: Rabbi David Steinhardt, head of the B'nai Torah Congregation, had the highest of praise for the ambassador and commended her and the president for the administration’s relationship and cooperation with Israel. But not all the members of the Jewish community agree. The protesters came to quietly express their opposition to Rice’s message and left the auditorium without incident. But they were then asked to leave the entire congregation premises on the grounds that it was private property and they were not welcome. While the removal of the demonstrators was generally peaceful and uneventful, the situation became a little tense when a police officer asked protester Dmitry Levin for his identification. He was not inclined to provide it without an argument. Levin, a Russian native, accused the Obama administration of having communist and Marxist tendencies and said he sees the country going down the path of Russia. Missing from the group was the protest’s organizer, Alan Bergstein, a strong pro-Israel, anti-Obama activist, lecturer and writer. Bergstein said he arrived early and was greeted by event organizers, who locked the door and would not allow him access. Bergstein said he was told to leave and was then escorted out by law enforcement officers. “I was treated like a terrorist,” Bergstein said. “When I got to the doors, I heard someone say, ’That’s him,’ and another say, ‘Is that him?’” Bergstein said he is concerned that he and other Jewish activists who stand up to the administration will see more censorship like Thursday’s removal if Obama stays in office.
The former New Yorker said is certain that he is on a watch list and is outraged at how he was treated for conducting a peaceful protest Yesterday, a You Tube film was released about the handling of the protests at the B’nai Torah event for Amb. Rice. It chronicles how the synagogue had developed a black list for denial of entry of key Jewish activist protesters and laid on additional law enforcement to eject them from the premises. It also highlights the close association of Rabbi Steinhardt with the Obama Administration going back to the 2008 election campaign and Amb. Rice’s stands against Israel’s settlement policies at the UN.

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