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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Greek Cypriot presidency must be respected by all, EU’s Van Rompuy says.

Greek Cypriot presidency must be respected by all, EU’s Van Rompuy says.(TZ).Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, has joined a chorus of EU officials defending Greek Cyprus’ upcoming presidency of the bloc, despite Turkish protests. The rotating presidency “is a fundamental feature of our union, based on the EU Treaty, and must be fully respected by all,” Van Rompuy said after talks with Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias during a visit to the island on Monday. Turkey does not recognize the Greek Cypriot government and has said it will suspend dialogue with the EU presidency during the term of Greek Cyprus, which begins on July 1. EU officials have criticized the Turkish stance, calling it interference in the EU’s internal functioning by a candidate state. The dispute over the Greek Cypriot presidency stems from the decades-long Cyprus issue. UN-backed talks between Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders aimed at reuniting the island have so far failed to yield progress on any of the substantial issues under dispute, such as property rights in a reunited Cypriot state. Christofias said that “I reaffirmed our full readiness to continue the dialogue for a solution even during the Cyprus presidency of the Council of the EU” and said his government has an “unshakable will not to allow the Cyprus presidency to be affected by the problems that occupying Turkey is creating,” the Greek Cypriot daily Financial Mirror reported.Van Rompuy said efforts to reunite the island must continue. “The EU continues to attach the utmost importance to the continuation of the negotiations and calls on both sides to make every effort to pave the way for a comprehensive settlement,” he was quoted as saying by the Financial Mirror, adding that the “status quo is in no one’s interest.”Hmmmm........Apparently Van Rompuy has no idea whom he's dealing with........Just wait and see.Read the full story here.

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