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Sunday, May 13, 2012

European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) Launches ""adopt" a journalist in Turkish jail".

European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) Launches ""adopt" a journalist in Turkish jail".(IFJ).To date, over 700 individuals and organisations around the world have joined the Set Turkish Journalists Free campaign thank to your support. They have sent a petition letter to the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, calling for the release of the jailed journalists in Turkey. To date, over 100 Turkish journalists (waiting for an updated list) still remain in prison with many facing the threat of imprisonment.
Please keep supporting our campaign and share your solidarity with the jailed colleagues in Turkey. Join our campaign and send your e-petition today! And forward this email to your contacts.
As part of the EFJ's campaign for journalists in Turkey to be set free, we are encouraging our affiliates to "adopt" a journalist in prison. This involves showing solidarity and support for an individual journalist until his/her release by following news on his/her case, corresponding with the journalist in jail and highlighting the case to your members.
EFJ unions in Belgium, France, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Spain andItaly have already been linked with journalists. Workplace-based groups of the Swedish and Norwegian union have also asked to take part in the scheme in jointly with the management of their media organisations.
More than 90 other detained journalists could benefit from a direct pairing in this way.
If your union is willing to "adopt" a jailed journalist in Turkey, please email to and we will work with the Turkish Journalists Syndicate to identify a suitable case and provide you with a name and contact address.
Pictures and information of the "adopted" journalists can be found on our facebook page.What can you do to help free jailed Turkish journalists?
  • Join our campaign now by sending the e-card to the Prime Minister, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Click HERE to send.
  • Send a letter of protest to the Turkish Embassy at your country asking for the immediate release of the jailed journalists. Download your sample letter HERE now.
  • The EFJ visited the Turkish Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, on the Stand Up for Journalism Day on 5 November. A letter requesting the immediate release of the 50 jailed journalists was handed over to the permanent representative of the Turkish Embassy. You can also join us or launch your campaign at your country.Read the full story here, more here.

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