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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is it Contagious? Hillary Clinton went to party at La Havana, Cartagena.

Is it Contagious? Hillary Clinton went to party at La Havana, Cartagena.(Eluniversal). (GoogleTranslate).Rumba Cartagena spread up to the most Principals and occupied the world. In case anyone doubted it, late Saturday confirmed the second highest government official in the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who for those things fun, and perhaps more challenging, she did nothing less than the bar Havana and Cuban music. In these five years, Mrs. Clinton is the most famous visitor to have attended. She arrived at 12.45 at night between Saturday and Sunday, at the very time when African Brass band, the music group that performs all night is different Cuban rhythms and delight in the act to no more than a hundred people crowded the bar.
A few hours earlier had called Aimone to reserve a table for a special character, which I did not know exactly who he was, but that was careful to put a sign of "Busy" on the only table available at that time remained at the bar, right next to where it meets the Charanga. Shortly thereafter, all present were shaken his night when he realized who had arrived. Differently than it has been seen on the streets and public places where it has been, Clinton at the bar was less guarded, he was accompanied by a small group of bodyguards and, yes, more than a dozen friends to share. Secretary Clinton immediately flew into a son montuno, the pachanga and danzones interpreting by the 11 musicians of the group led by Master Felix Cano, a Carthaginian who founded it in 1999 but for unknown seems Cuban that his emotion and simplicity make the audience feel they were in Havana for Fidel and Raul Castro.A dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water came to the table of the illustrious visitor. When the toast she took three sips of Eagle and then continued with the water bottle, which was served just before get up and dance "I lost my wallet" by Junior Gonzalez and Larry Harlow, after which followed in the track, the rhythm of "Island of Enchantment", Hector Lavoe and "A Killing" Fajardo y sus Estrellas. Amid the rumba Hillary also took time to congratulate the musicians, to whom they passed and shook hands with each one, yes accompanied on either side of two bodyguards not lost even the slightest moment of their movements. At quarter past one Clinton ended the rumba in Havana. She returned to the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, and through these routes, more alone than ever, the security provisions that prevent the passage of cars, the U.S. official sought his hotel to rest, thinking of closing the Summit of the Americas Sunday. Inside the bar were the other rumba, including a group of reporters and photographers at that time rested from the long hours they have imposed on the sixth Summit of the Americas.This time the break was interrupted them to return to work behind Mrs. Clinton, including photographic equipment provided, just for a couple of young foreigners, one American, who was not so surprised to see his Secretary of State but knowing that professional photographers do not carry camera.Hmmmmm......."Let's Move together"?Read the full story here, for more pictures see original Here.

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