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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Erdoğan: "No one has the right to use coercive force against a country whose activities are aimed at peaceful nuclear purposes".

Erdoğan: "No one has the right to use coercive force against a country whose activities are aimed at peaceful nuclear purposes".HT: EA Worldview.Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has met Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani. Iranian State outlet IRNA is putting out standard lines: "Iran and Turkey are working closely together to manage the many complex issues and problems", "development of trade-economic relations", and a "line of resistance against the Zionist regime.

 State outlet IRNA's summary of the Erdoğan-Ahmadinejad meeting did not appear for some time after the Turkish version. It reads as a boiler-plate press release, rather than a re-cap of anything that was actually said by either man.
According to IRNA, Ahmadinejad "pointed to the friendly and brotherly relations between Iran and Turkey and the need to maintain and deepen bilateral relations in all fields: political, economic, and cultural", with an emphasis on the expansion of trade between the two countries.
IRNA, a pro-Ahmadinejad outlet, adds rhetoric such as "the use of existing capacities in the two countries should expand with exchanges " with "promotion the multilateral political relations, economic and cultural advancement of the interests, welfare and security of the two nations". There is an appreciative "clear and explicit recognition of Turkey's stance on the Iranian nuclear issue", with Tehran and Ankara standing against "Western domination". Ahmadinejad, in this release, said Iran and Turkey will always be strong against "common enemies" and "vigilant against plots".
Erdoğan  "Turkey's government and people always have expressed clear support of Iran's nuclear stance and in the future will follow this policy seriously."The sharp-eyed reader will notice that there is absolutely no reference to Syria, which was supposed to be one of the main concerns raised by the Turkish Prime Minister.State outlet IRNA uses the occasion for more platitudes such as "emphasis on the need to deepen cooperation" with an "association in favour of Iran and Turkey and the Muslim world", with the Supreme Leader asserting that the US does not want any country in the region to be independent.
There is a mention of Syria, with Ayatollah Khamenei saying that Iran will defend Syria, with its support of resistance against the Zionist regime, against any foreign interference in its internal affairs.In addition to the emphasis on "beneficial alliance and cooperation"with Turkey, Ayatollah Khamenei said that they were glad to see their "Muslim brothers in power in Turkey".Hmmmm.....Don't you feel save knowing that Pres Obama has a relation of Trust with Erdogan?Israel better get ready to do things on its own.Read the full story here.

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