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Thursday, February 16, 2012

MFS -The Other News - What the main papers don't say.

  Morning Posting.

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation Mauritius 5.1!More info here.
  • Would Obama Go to War with Iran to Win Reelection?(BP).Since 2008, Barack Obama’s position on Iran has vacillated somewhat, but on the whole remained one of benevolence. During his presidential campaign, he expressed his openness to diplomacy with the nation’s leaders via his willingness to hold talks without requiring them to meet any conditions or demands from the U.S. Then, even before becoming president, he decided the talks would only happen if doing so “advances the interests of the U.S.” And months after being sworn into office, while on his “American Apology Tour” in the Middle East, he assured Iranian leaders that he had no intention of standing between them and nuclear weapons. He even said, “No single nation should pick and choose which nation holds nuclear weapons.”In addition to these things, Obama has been cold toward Israel at times and openly indignant toward them at others, especially regarding their intentions to stop Iran from getting its hands on a nuclear weapon. For example, within the last month Israel has been warned not to attack Iran without our approval and told that if they do, “the US would not defend Israel” should there be a reprisal.Yet after all this, Iranian President Ahmadinejad would be foolish to sleep with his door unlocked. For Obama said the same things about the Middle East as a whole during this Apology Tour, and where is Moammar Gaddafi now? Perhaps you’ll remember that the same Obama who told Middle Eastern leaders the U.S. lacks the moral authority to police the world in 2009, then defended policing the world (by sending troops to Libya) in 2011 and saying: “To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader and — more profoundly — our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are.”While I don’t want to say the sky is falling if it’s not, I also don’t want to ignore the fact that beneath the gentle sound of Obama’s pacifistic speeches and his 1960s-style antiwar approach to diplomacy, there lurks a man who wants a second term in office. And to get such a term, he comes across as someone who’d just about anything to get a few red state voters to go his way in November. And what would motivate red-state moms and dads more than the knowledge that their sons and daughters were in Iran, carrying out “our [responsibility] to our fellow human beings”?I hope I’m wrong. But as I think about the policy shift that took place to justify Libya, I can’t help but wonder if a war with Iran might be part of the perfection storm Obama’s counting on to get reelected.Hmmm........I wonder which would be worse...A nuclear Iran or a second lifelong term of Obama.Read the full story here.

  • Former Attorney General Ed Meese Obama Administration 'As Close to a Monarchy As Since Days Of George III'.(CNSNews).Former Attorney General Ed Meese says the Obama administration’s “disdain for Congress” and its efforts to consolidate power within the executive branch through the use of “czars” makes it “as close to a monarchy as since the days of George III.”In what was purported to be the most transparent and the most law abiding administration in history, as the president said when he was inaugurated, has now sunk into the least transparent and the most disdainful of the Constitution as we’ve ever seen,” Meese said during a panel discussion Tuesday sponsored by the American Action Network.Meese and former White House Counsel Boyden Gray discusse excesses of executive power by the Obama administration.Meese also pointed to the 44 different “czars” currently serving in the Obama White House in a wide variety of areas, and quipped that the Obama administration has had more czars than Russia had “The whole idea is the czar is part of Obama’s scheme of centralizing all the power right around him in the White House,” Meese said.“The way the executive branch of the government works is you have bureaucratic norms in which the various departments have their responsibilities,” Meese said. “This is a way of getting around that by having people responsible only to him, many of them not confirmable because they are part of the White House apparatus and most of them not subject to questioning by Congress because of their White House status.Hmmmm......Obama Blames “Founding Fathers” For Making It Difficult For Him To “Bring Change”But..."I will keep plotting".Read the full story here.

  • Obama's Friends Win Big in Budget.(DocsTalk).By Mike Brownfield. You don’t need to log on to President Barack Obama’s Facebook page to find out who his friends are, and you don’t need to read tea leaves, gaze into a crystal ball, or consult a psychic to learn where his priorities lie. No, you only have to take a look at his 2013 budget, just released on Monday, to see what kind of company the president keeps and to what extent he will go to lend his pals a helping hand.The folks seated at the president’s head table haven’t changed much in the past few years — the only difference is how much is being served up in the taxpayer-funded buffet. As in the past, the president has plenty of handouts for his big labor buddies. His budget delivers a fourth consecutive annual deficit exceeding $1 trillion — and that spending goes to yet another round of not-so-shovel-ready construction projects and government “investments” totaling $178 billion. Heritage’s Patrick Knudsen writes that the spending includes the president’s favored road, bridge, and school construction projects, but “then they go alarmingly beyond the usual ‘infrastructure’ arguments to fund teachers’ pay.” In other words, unions representing the construction site and the classroom win big. Other winners in the president’s budget are those who fit into the Administration’s vision of a green economy that is propelled not by the market’s demand, but by Obama’s whim. The 2013 budget proposes to spend $310 million to make solar energy cost-competitive without subsidies by 2020, $290 million to expand R&D on energy efficient manufacturing techniques, and $421 million in fossil energy research and development. Heritage energy expert Nicolas Loris writes that the budget “rejects the notion of a market-based energy industry and wastes taxpayer dollars at a time when we desperately need to curtail out-of-control spending.” In other words, he says, the president’s blueprint is all wrong.It will be my generation, rather than the retiring baby boomers, that will be paying off the national debt through higher income taxes,” says Amanda Winkler, 24, a Master’s Student at American University. Shaun Rabenius, 26, is a part-time construction worker and student. He says, “I have never followed politics much, except for when I vote. But in looking at the last decade, the presidencies, and the debt they have accumulated, I am scared out of my mind.”They’re right to be worried. With a Senate that hasn’t passed a budget in well over 1,000 days and a president who seems intent on spending more, not less, without addressing the country’s underlying budgetary crisis, future generations will soon find that the winners today will make them losers tomorrow.Read the full story here.

  • Obama Media begin the Faking of Obama Poll Numbers.(CFP).by Sher Zieve.In order to sway the vast majority and growing number of Americans who have finally faced up to the fact that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy the United States of America, the Obama Media have begun their side of the Obama syndicate’s overall strategy of lying to us. Polls now show 50% of voters would vote for Obama. Intelligent people—even those few on the Left—know this is a lie. But, it’s what all third-world countries have done since their inception. This is what we said would happen, at least a year ago. This is what is happening now. The polls are being used to convince the more uninformed amongst us that there is no real hope of regaining our country and we’d better get used to submitting to the dictator already in office. Obama does not intend to leave—under any circumstances—so we may as well accept our enslavement as the good sheeple Obama plans to herd off the cliff. Obama has told us via his actions over and over again that he will decimate our country and we can do nothing about it.  Note: As there are now myriad Marxist-plants in the Republicans Party (we who have actually followed their shenanigans for years know who they are) the Marxist-Dems have pretty much all of the support they need to pass one unconstitutional bill after another. And—if by some miracle these bills do not pass—they still have Obama who will unconstitutionally and therefore illegally issue an Executive Order for anything he wants. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re already living under a dictatorship.As the 2012 General Election looms closer the bogus poll numbers will increase. BTW, the economy is not doing better. It‘s actually doing worse. Those numbers are also being manipulated by the Obama machine. In order to even begin to report numbers that would help Obama, the ObamaGov and the major media had to drop all essentially important data. The actual facts, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and reiterated by Tyler Durden, are: “…the people not in the labor force exploded by an unprecedented record 1.2 million. No, that’s not a typo: 1.2 million people dropped out of the labor force in one month! So as the labor force increased from 153.9 million to 154.4 million, the non institutional population increased by 242.3 million meaning, those not in the labor force surged from 86.7 million to 87.9 million. Which means that the civilian labor force tumbled to a fresh 30 year low of 63.7% as the BLS is seriously planning on eliminating nearly half of the available labor pool from the unemployment calculation.” The Obama government is continuing to fake employment numbers, as well as removing other detrimental to his ruling syndicate.The major media belongs to the Obama syndicate. I suspect they actually believe the crocodile won’t eat them either. Apparently, they have short memories as to what happened to the press under the Perons, Stalin, Hitler and, most recently, Hugo Chavez. But, if we let it, we already know the crocodile is going eat us.Read the full story here.

  • Financial Fraud Guru Hillary Clinton May Head Up World Bank.(BG).By Ben Shapiro.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is apparently a candidate to replace retiring World Bank President Robert Zoellick. And that should frighten anybody who doesn’t suffer from severe memory loss. Hillary Clinton, you’ll remember, was the driving force behind multiple financial scandals that plagued the Clinton Administration. There was Whitewater, a controversy in which the Clintons, along with their friends Jim and Susan McDougal, took out a large loan to buy a chunk of property. When the project ran into financial trouble, Jim McDougal illegally used a bank he was running to subsidize more property buying and development. Hillary Clinton acted as one of his lawyers. The bank eventually collapsed entirely, and the U.S. government picked up the tab to the tune of $73 million. Clinton himself, it was later alleged, pressured one of his supporters to give Susan McDougal a $300,000 loan. When Vince Foster committed suicide in 1993, chief White House counsel Bernie Nussbaum quickly headed over to Foster’s office and grabbed Whitewater documents, turning them over to the Clintons. The Justice Department initiated an investigation, and Hillary was subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury. Virtually everyone surrounding the Clintons was charged with criminal misconduct. Hillary escaped scot-free. Then there was Travelgate, the scandal in which Hillary Clinton essentially ordered the firing of everybody inside the White House Travel Office, making way for friends of hers to clear lots of cash. The Clintons pressured the FBI to investigate the Travel Office to give her an excuse to clear away the old employees. The General Accounting Office reported that Clinton told a senior White House official to dump those employees in favor of “our people.” Or how about Filegate, in which Hillary allegedly hired Craig Livingstone, the director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security, who requested classified personal files from the FBI about political enemies?And, of course, there was the New Square scandal during Hillary’s run for Senator for New York in 2000. In that case, the President pardoned four felons from the Jewish Hasidic community of New Square, allegedly in return for their votes for Hillary. Does this sound a like a woman who should be running the World Bank? Everywhere the Clintons have gone, ruinous personal and financial scandal has followed in their wake. Should the World Bank appoint Hillary its head, there is little doubt that funds will find their way into the hands of Hillary’s friends and associates.Hmmmm......2011 Flashback:"Hillary Clinton 'wants to quit to run World Bank'.Mrs Clinton has made clear she does not want to remain US Secretary of State, a gruelling job demanding months of world travel each year, beyond Mr Obama's first term. Another source told Reuters that Mr Obama supported her taking the helm at the World Bank, which is traditionally led by an American. If she served out a five-year term, that would take her beyond the 2016 election, when she would be 69. On the other hand, if she stepped down early from the World Bank she could enter the 2016 race for the White House with historically unparalleled experience in foreign policy, economic policy, on Capitol Hill and as First Lady.Read the full story here.

  • Obama’s Rejection of the Keystone Pipeline: A Gift for Republicans in 2012.(BigGovernment).When President Obama put the kibosh on the Keystone Pipeline, environmentalist Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, said, “The pipeline was rejected for all the right reasons. President Obama put the health and safety of the American people and our air, lands and water—our national interest—above the interests of the oil industry.” That was false when she said it, for Obama hadn’t really put our air, land, or water on a pedestal. Rather, he simply cowed down to environmental activists (like Beinecke) who wanted him to do so in a bid to appeal once more to the far left in his party, and to subsequently lock in more votes for November 2012. In so doing, he rejected a pipeline that not only would have created thousands of jobs, but would have brought an untold amount of crude to the Gulf of Mexico for America’s refiners to use to make gasoline and other fuels.And as the fruit of this asinine decision is born out at the gas pump, where gas is already over $3.50 a gallon and headed to $5 by summer’s end, every would-be GOP Presidential candidate should be reminding voters: “This is Obama’s hope and change—$5 a gallon gas must have been what he had in mind when said he was going to ‘fundamentally change America.’”Let’s face it folks, the gas prices are a misery index in and of themselves. And Obama knows it, so he’s trying to spin high gas prices as proof the economy is recovering (as if high gas prices means our economy has corrected itself). If that’s true, maybe the high healthcare prices Obama used to justify the need for Obamacare were really just proof that our healthcare system was already righting its own ship?The bottom line: Obama is an anti-capitalist and an archetypical leftist. As such, nothing makes him happier than to teach America a lesson: to let Americans get a taste of what other nation’s pay for their gasoline, and perhaps even to force us to trade our SUVs for little plastic cars that run off batteries. This is the message Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich need to be hammering home every time someone sticks a microphone in their faces.Gasoline was approximately $1.84a gallon when Obama entered office, its price has risen 83%on his watch. If he believes such an increase in per-gallon price is the answer, Americans deserve a new question. It’s time to drill here, drill now. And it’s time to build the pipeline.Until then, Obama’s rejection of the pipeline is the gift that keeps on giving for would-be GOP presidential candidates who want to distinguish their energy policy from that of our current occupant in the White House. We desperately need a president who puts our energy needs above the delusional demands of the environmentalists.Read the full story here.

  • Federal School Lunch Agents: What Country Is This?(DP).At first I looked to see where this story took place, because part of me is still na├»ve enough to assume it must have happened in China or North Korea. But I should know better these days: A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets for lunch Jan. 30 because a state employee told her the lunch her mother packed was not nutritious. The girl’s turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, according to the interpretation of the agent who was inspecting all lunch boxes in her More at Four classroom that day. The Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services requires all lunches served in pre-kindergarten programs — including in-home day care centers — to meet USDA guidelines. That means lunches must consist of one serving of meat, one serving of milk, one serving of grain, and two servings of fruit or vegetables, even if the lunches are brought from home. When home-packed lunches do not include all of the required items, child care providers must supplement them with the missing ones.The girl’s mother — who said she wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter from retaliation — said she received a note from the school stating that students who did not bring a “healthy lunch” would be offered the missing portions, which could result in a fee from the cafeteria, in her case $1.25. When I think “healthy alternative” the first thing that pops into my mind is “chicken nuggets.” It’s not like they haven’t been telegraphing their intentions for a long time. Here’s Michelle Obama: “Many of the children in the public schools, they take this information, they understand it,” said Mrs. Obama. “They apply it to their lives, and they push their parents and their families to be different. That’s one of the reasons why we start with kids oftentimes. They are ready for change sometimes when we’re not.”People who want to believe these kind of statements are just innocent metaphors for healthy living do so at their own peril and that of their children.Read the full story here.

  • Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen killed in family dispute.(BM).SANA’A: A top al-Qaeda in Yemen leader was reportedly killed in a local family dispute in the eastern province of al-Bida, news reports indicated.Tariq al-Dahab was shot dead by his half-brother Hazam inside a mosque, said Yemeni news website Mareb Press.Two companions of Dahab were also killed in the attack, the report added.No cause was immediately cited for the attack.The killing comes as al-Qaeda and other militant groups in Yemen continue to have near daily violent clashes, which has led to security vacuum in much of the country, still reeling from the uprising that ousted President Ali Abdallah Saleh and comes less than two weeks ahead of a presidential vote in the country.Dahab is a relative of al-Qaeda’s spiritual leader in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in a US airstrike last year.Last month Dahab, commanding a battalion of insurgents, seized the town of Rada’a, some 150 kilometers southeast of the capital Sana’a, before releasing it again following tribal mediation.Militants – believed to be affiliated to al-Qaeda – have taken advantage of a year of political turmoil in Yemen to expand their influence in the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country.The opposition has accused outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh of manipulating the threat of extremists to seek support from the West and extend his stay in power, despite months of protests against him.Read the full story here.

  • Bin Laden’s brother-in-law wants sister to return to Yemen.(BM).SANA’A: Months after the death of her husband at the hands of American Navy Seals, Amal al-Sadah, Ossama bin Laden’s fifth and youngest wife, is still being held prisoner in her home in Pakistan. Her brother, Zachariah Ahmed al-Sadah, who has spent the past three months trying to convince the authorities of his sister’s innocence regarding al-Qaeda’s activities, arguing that there was no case against her, revealed that he had directly made a heartfelt appeal to Pakistan’s chief of justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, in a bid to return his sister back to her family in Yemen.The young woman, who gave al-Qaeda’s leader 5 children, is said to be suffering from a wound to her knee after she was shot by American soldiers in the raid, which led to the death of her husband.In an interview with the press, al-Sadah revealed that Pakistan had failed to properly treat his sister’s injury, leaving her to this day unable to walk. He added that her children had been traumatized by the assassination of their father and were now suffering psychologically. He further went on complaining that his nieces and nephews had been prevented from resuming their education as they were forbidden from leaving the house.Amal’s family is hoping that she will soon return to her home in Yemen where she will raise her children away from violence and controversy. Her brother stressed in his petition that his sister was a simple “housewife whose ambition was to look after her three daughters and two sons.”Activists in Yemen have accused Pakistan of abusing the young woman and children’s rights.“Since no proof was brought forward, Amal should walk free. She is Yemeni and should therefore be allowed to return to the safety of her family. Such a violation of her rights is unacceptable,” said a human rights activist.Read the full story here.

  • Iran Sends Response to Ashton's letter.(Fars). TEHRAN - Iran's chief negotiator and Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Saeed Jalili sent a reply to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton's letter about talks between Tehran and the six world powers, and welcomed resumption of negotiations between the two sides.According to the secretariat of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, in the letter which was delivered to Ashton's office on Wednesday, Jalili welcomed the readiness of the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members - Russia, China, Britain, France and the US plus Germany) to resume talks with Iran. The Iranian chief negotiator underlined in his letter that returning to the negotiation table would be the best means to broaden cooperation between the two sides. He added that the success of the upcoming talks would totally depend on the positive attitude of the 5+1 as well as the initiatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Jalili also welcomed Ashton's view that Iran's legitimate rights to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes should be respected."I think upcoming talks with the G 5+1 will be a successful meeting, because I feel the other side is now interested to find a way to settle Iran's nuclear issue," Salehi said upon his arrival at Addis Ababa at the time. The foreign minister also said that Iran is always ready to settle its nuclear issue in an appropriate way. Concerning talks with the Group 5+1, Salehi said that Iran has already declared its readiness for talks and date and venue of the negotiation will be declared in Mr. Jalili's letter to Ms. Ashton. Iran and G5+1 attended three rounds of talks in Istanbul, Turkey, in January 2011. The Iranian side was presided by Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili, while Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, headed delegations from the six world powers. Hmmmm.....Cutting the Europeans their oil supply will surely make them more 'responsive'.Read the full story here.

  • Widely Popular Nanoparticles Could Be Giving You Cancer, Nutritional Deficiencies.(AP).By Mike Barrett.There is a bit of controversy revolving around nanoparticles, which involve the manipulation of elements as well as other matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Found in consumer products, many foods, and in pharmaceutical drugs, nanoparticles are increasingly being found in more products every year.Many people assume nanoparticles are safe, but they have actually been shown to pose a threat to your health. Nanoparticles Shown to be Dangerous, Block Nutrient Absorption. According to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN), over 1,300 manufacturer nanotechnology-enabled products are in the global commercial marketplace.Nanoparticles can now be found in car batteries, appliances, aluminum foil, non-stick cookware, and are especially present in health and fitness items. PEN Director David Rejeski states: The use of nanotechnology in consumer products continues to grow on a rapid and consistent basis…when we launched the inventory in March 2006 it contained 212 products. If the current trend continues, the number of products could reach 3,400 by 2020. Nanotechnology is much like organism-based biotechnology, where even supporters of the technologies know there needs to be more long-term testing to determine safety. Genetically modified foods have already been shown to cause numerous health and environmental complications, but they continue to be pushed. Similarly, nanotechnology is believed by some to be the ‘next industrial revolution’, but like genetically modified foods, it has never been proven totally safe for use or consumption. A recent study published in the journal Nature titled “Oral exposure to polystyrene nanoparticles affects iron absorptionexamined chickens fed a diet which included polystyrene nanoparticles. Researchers found that intestinal changes affecting iron absorption occurred due to the polystyrene nanoparticles. They also expect to see an alteration in absorption of calcium, copper, zinc, and vitamins A, D, E, and K.Another study conducted in 2004 found that nanoparticles cause brain damage in fish and other aquatic species.In addition, Oxford University and Montreal University in 1997 linked titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreen to free radical and DNA damage. But still, even in 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declined to put any warning labels on sunscreens that contain nanomaterials. Scientists worry about the place nanoparticles have in our society. These particles have fundamentally different physical, biological, and chemical properties than their larger counterparts, and continue to be shown as a danger to human health.Read the full story here. 

  • Why Children Should Not be Using Cell Phones.(AP).The issue of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is increasingly becoming a societal concern. Present wherever electricity flows, these invisible waves are causing damage to the health of all living organisms. Due to advancements in technology, EMFs can be found in bedrooms, classrooms, playgrounds, and basically anywhere -- thanks to our wireless world.Technology is being applied earlier on in life, causing the youngest of kids to partake in heavy cell phone and TV activity. It is unfortunate, as growing children are more susceptible to the dangers brought on by EMFs. Cell phones in particular have become a major concern, with kids as young as 10 years old using them.A recent report with lead author, John Wargo, Ph. D., professor of Environmental Risk and Policy at Yale University, shows just how damaging EMFs can be for children.Research shows that due to developing organs, lower bone density of the skull, lower body weight, and a less effective blood-brain barrier, children are extremely vulnerable to cell phone radiation. This is especially true for unborn children, with research showing that microwave radiation emitted by cell phones negatively influencing fetal brains.It was also revealed in a study conducted 4 years ago that 54 percent of children born from mothers who used cell phones had behavioral issues. What’s more, the percentage jumped to 80 if the children grew up talking on cell phones frequently.Your brain is made up of water, sugars, and fats. Microwaves emitted by cell phones agitate these substances and penetrate the brain, causing negative alterations. Researchers from a recent Greek study found that important areas of the brain such as the hippocampus, cerebellum, and frontal lobe – all important for learning, memory, and other functions – are negatively impacted by microwave radiation, even at levels below International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines. Specifically, 143 proteins in the brain were negatively impacted by radio frequency radiation over a period of 8 months. Although completely limiting exposure is near impossible, taking steps to avoid exposure to cellphone radiation is important. Simply talking on your cell phone less will result in less radiation exposure. Even placing your cell phone far away from you instead of in your pocket at all times limits exposure. Although it is a small amount, it is a very simple solution.
    Reducing exposure to children is especially important, as they are quite vulnerable. Another solution would be to invest in an EMF protector or other similar and very available technologies that can further reduce exposure to the dangers of cell phone microwave radiation.Read the full story here.

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