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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Palestinian Minister: Israeli Jails More Horrible than Nazis' Dungeons .

Which University did G. Shalit 'graduate' from while in Captivity?

Palestinian Minister: Israeli Jails More Horrible than Nazis' Dungeons.(FNA).TEHRAN - Palestinian Minister for Captives Affairs Ataollah Abu Sabah said Palestinian prisoners are suffering harsh and inhuman conditions in Israeli jails, and stressed that Israeli prisons are much more horrible than those of the Nazis'. Speaking told FNA, Sabah said that almost 4,400 Palestinian prisoners are incarcerated in Israeli jails, and added that those prisoners who are sentenced to long terms of imprisonment are kept in central prisons whose conditions are gravely inhume and terrible. "These prisons lack sanitation and are overcrowded," he said, and added that Israel is using the harshest methods of suppression against Palestinian prisoners in these jails. He added that conditions in Ketziot Prison, where many Palestinian political prisoners are held, are even harsher than the conditions tolerated by prisoners in the Nazi Germany. Sabah added that prisoners in Ketziot are not safe from night torture. Palestinian prisoners have always voiced complaint about the torturing and mistreatment of prisoners by Israeli guards. In July, more than 20 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Negev jail were poisoned after eating meals served in the prison's canteen, prisoners reported. They explained that after eating burger sandwiches from the canteen the prisoners suffered from diarrhea and vomiting after which they were carried to the prison's clinic but the administration did not tell them about their condition. They asked the Red Cross to intervene and demand their transfer to hospital for adequate checkup. Also in July, thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israel staged a mass hunger strike to defend prisoners' rights and protest against Israeli guards' inhumane behavior. Read the full story here.

Hmmmm...............Samir Kuntar; is a Lebanese Druze convicted murderer and former member of the Palestine Liberation Front. On April 22, 1979, at the age of 16, he participated in the attempted kidnapping of an Israeli family in Nahariya that resulted in the deaths of four Israelis and two of his fellow kidnappers.In addition, while in prison Kuntar graduated from the Open University of Israel with a degree in Social and Political Science.The Red Cross visits the Palestinian prisoners on a regular basis and writes reports where necessary. If the organization sees problems in the treatment of prisoners it raises the issue with the jail’s management team, said Israel Prison Service (IPS) Spokesman Ian Dominitz. “They are held in very good conditions in accordance with all international conventions including the Geneva Convention even though they are not even classed as prisoners of war,” said Adato. The prisoners have access to books, newspapers, 10 TV channels (four in Arabic), radio and receive vouchers to spend in prison minimarkets. “The conditions of the prisoners are governed by law and the regulations of IPS,” said Dominitz. “They have rights and privileges,” he added. Of the 270 inmates studying for degrees at Open University, a program that enables continuing education, at the end of 2010, the vast majority were Palestinians and Israeli Arabs serving time for links to terrorism. The most popular courses are Introduction to the History of the Middle East in Modern Times; Genocide; Basic Concepts in International Relations; Israeli Arab Society; and Islam: Introduction to the History of the Religion, according to Israel’s Prison Service. An item in the Palestinian daily Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida (Oct. 9, 2010) spoke of Palestinian prisoners gaining masters degrees and doctorates while in Israeli jails. Source.

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