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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obama Has Silenced the Republicans.

Obama Has Silenced the Republicans.(JI).By Prof. Paul Eidelberg.That Barack Obama should disparage the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, the two foundational documents that enabled him to realize what he called the “audacity of hope,” is a monumental display of what animates America’s first black president, the Audacity of Ignorance and Arrogance.
But no less appalling is the incompetent assortment of Republican presidential candidates who hope to replace him. Obama is the perfect target for a candidate that wants to restore American Exceptionalism, for as John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations observed long before the current presidential primaries, Obama is the first “post-American” president. Especially blameworthy is one of the more competent candidates on domestic affairs, former Speaker of the House of Representatives New Gingrich. Gingrich, a professor of history, is familiar with the celebrated “Lincoln-Douglas” debates. Indeed, Gingrich reported in his website—note its name—that Barak Obama, ensconced as President of the United States, skipped the phrase “our Creator” at least four times when citing the Declaration of Independence, even though the teleprompter included the words we are “endowed by our Creator.” See, American Exceptionalism, Vol. 6, No. 25, June 22, 2011. Why doesn’t Gingrich expose Obama’s anti-Americanism? This is what Abraham Lincoln did in his 1860 campaign against Senator Frederick Douglas, who Lincoln accused of violating “our ancient faith” embodied in the Declaration of Independence. Almost any Republican candidate could do this with the exception of Ron Paul, a gentleman from the “American First” school of politics who alas, is also an ignoramus. Obama is a perfect target for Republican candidate concerned about the decline of American Exceptionalism. He can be exposed as a cultural or moral relativist, which would explain the anti-Christian posture he has taken throughout his presidency. The question arises: What’s lacking among the Republican Party candidates? Is it political wisdom or political courage?Are the Republicans afraid of being accused of “racism”? Are they afraid of being accused of Islamo-phobia?Are there no politicians in America with courage and intelligence enough to warn their fellow Americans that when Obama campaigned in 2008 on the theme of CHANGE, he had nothing less in mind than a fundamental change in the political character of the regime—a bloodless revolution? This revolution would stifle individual freedom, on the one hand, and transform the government into bureaucratic welfare state, on the other. In fact, it is precisely in terms of this political revolution that we should understand his political and judicial appointments, as well as his devastation of the economy, which is intended to expand the powers and functions of the bureaucracy which he is stuffing or staffing.An abundance of facts can and should be cited to illustrate Obama’s radical intentions—which may readily be linked to his anti-American supporters, for example, George Soros. But mindless fear seems to have silenced the most eligible Republican candidates.If this is the case, none will expose the greatest threat to America and Judeo-Christian civilization than Islam, to which Obama bowed when he genuflected to Saudi King Abdullah and supported the PLO over against Israel.
Why hasn’t the Republican Party exposed Obama’s treachery?

Prof. Paul Eidelberg is a political scientist, author and lecturer; Founder and President, Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, a Jerusalem-based think tank for improving Israel's system of governance.Read the full story here.

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