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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Overnight Music video - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You ! Bryan Adams

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                    Morning Posting.

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation Japan 6.5 - 5.3 ; Indonesia 5.2 !More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • NASA Captures New Images of Large Asteroid Passing Earth.(NASA).Pasadena, Calif. -- NASA's Deep Space Network antenna in Goldstone, Calif. has captured new radar images of Asteroid 2005 YU55 passing close to Earth. The asteroid safely will safely fly past our planet slightly closer than the moon's orbit on Nov. 8. The last time a space rock this large came as close to Earth was in 1976, although astronomers did not know about the flyby at the time. The next known approach of an asteroid this size will be in 2028. The image was taken on Nov. 7 at 11:45 a.m. PST (2:45 p.m. EST/1945 UTC), when the asteroid was approximately 860,000 miles (1.38 million kilometers) away from Earth. Tracking of the aircraft carrier-sized asteroid began at Goldstone at 9:30 a.m. PDT on Nov. 4 with the 230-foot-wide (70-meter) antenna and lasted about two hours, with an additional four hours of tracking planned each day from Nov. 6 - 10. Radar observations from the Arecibo Planetary Radar Facility in Puerto Rico will begin Nov. 8, the same day the asteroid will make its closest approach to Earth at 3:28 p.m. PST (6:28 p.m. EST/1128 UTC). The trajectory of asteroid 2005 YU55 is well understood. At the point of closest approach, it will be no closer than 201,700 miles (324,600 kilometers) as measured from the center of Earth, or about 0.85 times the distance from the moon to Earth. The gravitational influence of the asteroid will have no detectable effect on Earth, including tides and tectonic plates. Although the asteroid is in an orbit that regularly brings it to the vicinity of Earth, Venus and Mars, the 2011 encounter with Earth is the closest it has come for at least the last 200 years. NASA detects, tracks and characterizes asteroids and comets passing close to Earth using both ground- and space-based telescopes. The Near-Earth Object Observations Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., commonly called "Spaceguard," discovers these objects, characterizes some of them, and plots their orbits to determine if any could be potentially hazardous to our planet. JPL manages the Near-Earth Object Program Office for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington.Read and see the full story here.

  • Rep. Darrell Issa Urges US Atty in New York to Investigate ACORN for OWS Involvement.(BarrackNow).News broke a couple of weeks ago that ACORN was involved in paying people to participate in the Occupy Wall Street protests. About a week later, another report alleged that the ACORN office in New York - which had been renamed 'New York Communities for Change (NYCC) - began shredding documents and firing people they thought were responsible for the leaks. These reports have prompted House Oversight committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) to send a letter to the US Attorney in New York, Loretta Lynch, urging a probe into ACORN's activities.HERE is a copy of the letter.As if we needed it, this just serves as further evidence that ACORN simply changed its name, hoping to operate with greater obscurity. Changing the name on the front door is all they did.Via Fox News:
In an Oct. 26. report, quoted sources within NYCC who said that the group -- run and staffed by nearly all former ACORN employees -- was asking for donations for specific charitable purposes, including for the teachers union and PCB toxin testing in New York City schools.However, those donations were being rerouted to pay for Occupy Wall Street protests, the sources said.Issa requests Lynch to "investigate these allegations to determine if they have merit and prosecute any wrongdoing accordingly."When asked to comment on Issa's letter, Lynch's spokesman Robert Nardoza would only say, "I have no comment as it is a matter of policy that we do not confirm/deny or discuss investigations."A spokesman for NYCC did not immediately return's request for comment.Issa's letter quotes from the initial report. In that report, sources described how staff members collected door-to-door for the PCB campaign but then pooled the money and sent it elsewhere.Issa can't be all that hopeful that Lynch is going to do much of anything. The 'no comment' line from her spokesman may seem standard but at some level, it just reinforces the notion that Obama is ACORN and ACORN is Obama. Once again, Eric Holder is at the head of the Department that oversees all US Attorneys.At some point, this administration exchanged corruption for wickedness.More on the ACORN / OWS mess HERE. Read the full story here.

  • Commander in chief of Occupy Wall Street.(DocsTalk).By Richard Baehr.For three years after college, U.S. President Barack Obama was a community organizer on Chicago’s South Side. In September, his former green jobs czar, Van Jones, who left the White House after his radical background and views were exposed by Glenn Beck, promised that America would take to the streets in October, expanding Occupy Wall Street to a mass movement around the country. The president’s adviser, Elizabeth Warren, who helped form the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and is now a U.S. Senate candidate in Massachusetts, claimed she created the intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall Street, remarks she has since backed away from a bit as the movement has turned violent, and others have challenged her proclaimed role. Democratic members of the House and Senate, and the president himself, have shown some affection or sympathy for the growing movement, and certainly for its message of the 1 percent versus the 99%. Since the Republicans took back control of the U.S. House, the president has led the charge with the mantra of “us (the great majority of Americans, asked to make sacrifices due to reduced federal spending) versus them (the rich and the corporations, who need to contribute more through higher taxes).” The president’s message has been divisive and stark -- that the choice facing the country was whether to continue tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, corporate jet owners, oil companies and hedge funds, or to hire police, firefighters and teachers. Put simply, the president’s message was public need versus greed. The facts that the top 1% pays 38% of the income tax burden, and that its share of the tax burden has been rising faster than its share of national income, are not allowed to get in the way of the inequality demagoguery. The president’s proposals call for a top income tax rate of 45% on wages, interest and dividends, a top capital gains tax rate of 24%, a 2.5% Medicare tax, plus state and income taxes (as high as 10% in some states). The near 60% marginal tax rate would be almost double the top combined rate established 25 years ago by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s agreement with then New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley.With polls showing the Democratic base dispirited and upset with the president for concessions to the Republicans in the debt ceiling compromise on deficits and federal spending, it should have been no surprise that the Occupy Wall Street movement was created to energize the Left, and make sure that its message of rising inequality (and the need for higher taxes on the rich and more redistribution) drove the debt ceiling/ deficits/federal spending debate off the front pages and cable news shows. Not surprisingly, the national media reports on Occupy Wall Street have whitewashed the ugliness (the rapes, thefts, violence, bad hygiene and anti-Semitism), giving full throat to the cause that the rich are getting richer, and the masses are stuck in place, and it is all the fault of the evil Wall Street bankers and other corporate villains. The liberal op-ed columnists have been busy releasing studies that purportedly show that rising inequality is suppressing jobs growth (the issue on which the president’s clear lack of success for the past three years is his greatest campaign vulnerability), and bad for the nation’s collective psyche. Presumably, class warfare and taking it to the streets are an elixir for the national mood.When the Tea Party became a national phenomenon in 2009, largely in opposition to the healthcare reform effort and rapidly rising federal spending and deficits, the media focus was very different -- quick to spot any evidence of bigotry or threats of violence by the party, and to highlight the lack of racial diversity among its members. The Tea Party message was of course, viewed as unimportant, since it challenged the liberal/Keynesean consensus. It is also true that when older, white Americans rally to a cause, their group identity alone makes their cause less important than one with more colors among the membership.In recent weeks, it has become more difficult for the media to completely ignore some of what is going on at various Occupy Wall Street sites. The multiple attacks on women in Zuccotti Park has led to the creation of a women-only tent, with female security personnel, to stop the groping, harassment and rape that have been going on fairly routinely for weeks. The national media would probably prefer to blame Herman Cain for these attacks.The Occupy Boston group found time to occupy the Israeli Consulate to protest the latest failed flotilla effort. Occupy Oakland trashed a good part of downtown, as its protest turned violent. Occupy Atlanta may be in bed with the Nation of Islam. In Chicago and Washington, D.C., Occupy mobs interrupted conferences to spout their messages of class warfare.That a far-Left movement is hostile to Israel and prone to violence and disruption should not come as any great surprise. The Occupy Wall Street movement has become in a sense a tapestry of much of the Obama coalition: unions, college students and professors (the Marxist-spouting philosopher kings of the movement), racial minorities, the homeless, and other walking wounded on the street. This is Obama’s real army, a big part of the grand coalition that carried him to victory in 2008 and that he needs again next year. As the president prepares to withdraw from Iraq this year and possibly Afghanistan next year, one gets the sense that the former community organizer may be more comfortable serving as commander in chief of this “army” now occupying the streets of cities across America, an army broadcasting the same class warfare message he delivers in a suit and tie.Hmmmm......I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes. ~ Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776.Read the full story here.

  • Hillary Clinton says U.S. ready to work with Islamists groups: “not all Islamists are alike.”(AlArabiya).Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday heralded the movements of Arab Spring and said the United States was prepared to work with rising Islamist groups in the region, such as those who enjoyed a recent election victory in Tunisia.The United States shares “their desire to see a Tunisian democracy emerge,” she told an audience National Democratic Institute in Washington, in an address that emphasized: “not all Islamists are alike.”What parties call themselves, she added, “is less important to us than what they actually do.”Tunisia’s main Islamist party Ennahda swept the polls in a landmark vote last month over their main challenger, the secular center-left PDP party.To govern, Clinton said, the party must “persuade secular parties to work with them... America will work with them, too,” and noted that the group’s leaders have “have promised to embrace freedom of religion and full rights for women.”The top U.S. diplomat listed key criteria any party must meet in a democracy, including the rejection of violence, adherence to the rule of law, and respect for the rights of women and minorities, and an acceptance of electoral defeats.“The suggestion that faithful Muslims cannot thrive in a democracy is insulting, dangerous, and wrong,” she said.Washington, embracing transitions of the Arab Spring where long-time strongmen fell across the region this year, rejects “the false choice between progress and stability,” she added.“Dictators told their people they had to accept the autocrats they knew to avoid the extremists they feared.“Too often,” Clinton admitted, “we accepted that narrative ourselves,” and said the United States pushed for reform “but often not hard enough, or publicly enough.”After the turbulent events in recent months, “we recognize that the real choice is between reform and unrest,” she said.Hmmm........Maybe this might explain a lot?Read the full story here.

  • Name and Shame? Obama May Go Public with Lawmakers' Funding Requests.(NationalJournal).In a move that could escalate hostilities with Congress, President Obama may be planning to use his executive authority to publicize special funding requests that lawmakers make for pet projects.A memo that the White House has floated on Capitol Hill would require executive branch agencies to make public any letter from a member of Congress seeking special consideration for any project or organization vying for government funding. National Journal obtained a draft copy of the executive memo.A White House spokesman declined to comment, except to say he did not believe the document would be coming next week.The threat to name and shame would potentially cut off another avenue members of Congress have for influencing government spending in their own back yards. It comes at a time that Obama is ratcheting up his campaign rhetoric against Congress, which he blames for blocking his efforts to stimulate the economy, on the eve of his 2012 reelection effort.In the draft language, the administration couches the move as an extension of its efforts to eliminate congressional earmarks and promote government openness and accountability.Such a decision by the White House could cause embarrassment for members who say they do not request earmarks, but who have written to executive branch agencies seeking special consideration for funding in their districts.Other aides worried the new rules will represent a further consolidation of power within the executive branch. The ban on earmarks has already given executive branch departments more freedom to create their budgets; further limiting member influence on those budgets would only move power farther away from the Capitol.The proposed memo will build on an executive order that former President George W. Bush issued in January 2008, which banned federal agencies from accepting funding requests from members of Congress unless those requests were specifically included in legislative texts. That executive order drew fire from Capitol Hill and lobbying agencies, which said the White House was robbing Congress of its right to set spending priorities.Hmmm......The most 'transparant' administration evah, how about his records?Read the full story here.

  • Is Obama Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu.(BR).Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.On November 2, 2011, I published an article entitled and asking the question, “Is Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bâri′ M. Shabazz, Born October 28, 1959 in New York City? ”, accessed at here. The basis of the question that I asked came from a November 2, 2011 breaking story published by Martha Trowbridge entitled, “Bâri′, Barry, Barack, accessed at here. In her article, Ms. Trowbridge’s contends that putative President Barack Hussein Obama II’s real name is Bâri′ M. Shabazz and that his date of birth is October 28, 1959, and his social security number is 084-54-5926. She says he was born in New York City. She adds that he was born with the name Bâri′ M. Shabazz. She also says that to be able to enter the political world, Bâri′ M. Shabazz had to change his birth identity and take on a new one which became Barack Hussein Obama II.Ms. Trowbridge says: “We know this: Bâri′ M. Shabazz was assigned social security number 084-54-5926, issued in New York, in 1974.”Ms. Trowbridge has found that the Social Security Death Index shows: “SHABAZZ, B M 28 Oct 1959 Aug 1994 (V) 34 (PE) (none specified) New York 084-54-5926.” From this, one would think that Bâri′ died in August 1994. But no, Ms. Trowbridge informs that only his identity was made “dead.” The real person continued to live and that person became “Barack Hussein Obama II.” Note how she explains that the “death” of Bâri′ was only reported by someone (“V” or “Verified”) and that the person did not present any valid death certificate (“P” or “Proof).What’s more Ms. Trowbridge explains that “[o]nce in the federal system, the [death] record was flagged as ‘PE’, meaning that an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.”Finally, and the most shocking part of her report is that Ms. Trowbridge contends that Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the biological son of Malcolm X. Hence, if Barack Hussein Obama II is the same person as Bâri′ M. Shabazz, that would make putative President Obama the biological son of Malcolm X.On November 4, 2011, an anonymous source emailed me something very interesting. To substantiate the content of the email, the writer directed me to go to a web site of the Judiciary for the State of Hawaii and to do a search of cases that have been disposed of by that State’s traffic courts. The anonymous source had done just that and so the person provided me with the information which that traffic court shows on its web site.I did go to the Hawaii traffic court’s web site which is called eCourt Kokua and I was eventually able to confirm the information that the anonymous source sent me.
  1. On April 9, 2003, the prosecutor filed a motion to recall the bench warrant, to terminate prosecution, and close the case. Why would this case come to the attention of some local prosecutor 21 years following the initial violation of March 12, 1982? A local prosecutor does not just go looking for cases that are 21 years old and file motions to dismiss those cases. Someone must have asked that local prosecutor to dismiss the case so that the arrest warrant was cleared from the court’s and nation’s computer system.
  2. Ms. Trowbridge shows that Bâri′ M. Shabazz, according to the Social Security Death Index, died in August 1994. If Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the same person as is listed in this Hawaii auto accident as Bari Shabazz, why would someone care to recall his arrest warrant on April 9, 2003 or almost 9 years after his death? Surely, it could not be Bâri′ M. Shabazz who was interested since he had been dead since 1994. On the other hand, if he was not dead he would be interested.
  3. On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to “Pls. check.” Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?
  4. Finally, when there is an auto accident, the police do a detailed accident report. That report includes the name, addresses, date of birth, and social security number of the person involved in the accident who is charged for that accident. The driver’s license number is also included if that license is produced or otherwise verified. A physical description of the defendant is also included. The make of auto, including the year made and VIN number are also included, along with statements of witnesses. There could be a photograph of the defendant in the police record. A thorough investigation of this matter would surely include searching the police record in Honolulu County for this report so that this information may be examined and evaluated.Read and see the full story here.

  • Meet the Radical Group Handling ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Finances.(Heritage).A story in a communist group's newspaper, obtained by Heritage at Zuccotti Park, implores protesters to "smash" Wall Street.Shortly after the Occupy Wall Street protests gained national attention, donations from supporters began pouring in. Lacking the infrastructure to manage the hundreds of thousands of dollars reportedly donated, the protest group enlisted the services of a non-profit organization called the Alliance for Global Justice.The group takes a 7 percent commission of all donations it manages. According to its secretary, the Alliance for Global Justice is processing hundreds of times as many donations as it did prior to partnering with the Occupy protestors.The AFGJ provides “grassroots” support for organizations that pursue “a socially, ecologically and economically just world,” according to its website. Among its initiatives are efforts to encourage American soldiers to desert and an anti-George Bush organization founded by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party.The organization’s president, Katherine Hoyt, leads the Alliance’s Nicaragua Network program, which supports the country’s Marxist Sandinista political party – and was founded for the explicit purpose of overthrowing the country’s government. Hoyt previously worked for the Sandinista government, and has written numerous scholarly works lauding the group. The Sandinistas ruled from 1979 to 1990. Their leader, Daniel Ortega, was elected again in 2006.The Nicaragua Network is one of the Alliance’s four “core” projects, but it also funds a variety of extreme leftist organizations and efforts. Courage to Resist, for instance, encourages American soldiers to “resist illegal war” through tactics that include “going AWOL” and “publicly refusing to fight.”Another Alliance-backed project, The World Can’t Wait, was founded by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party to oppose the Bush administration. With Bush’s successor in office, its mission statement has shifted to “stop[ping] the fascist direction initiated by the Bush Regime.”Given the radical nature of many of its projects, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Alliance receives money from a host of progressive individuals and organizations. Chief among them is George Soros’s Open Society Institute, which has given the group $100,000.The AFGJ has also received tens of thousands of dollars from the Foundation for Deep Ecology, which holds “the emphasis upon economic growth as a panacea” to be “fundamentally incompatible with ecological or biological sustainability.” It is explicitly anti-economic growth, in other words.Much hay has been made over organizations and individuals that have endorsed the Occupy protests. They include the American Nazi Party, the government of North Korea, the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Kohmeini. But the Occupy folks have no control over who endorses or voices support for them.But in their decision to enlist the Alliance for Global Justice, the Occupy Wall Street leadership affirmed its support for the group and its principles. Those principles are radical, well outside the mainstream of American public opinion, and certainly not representative of the 99% of Americans for whom the protestors claim to speak.Heritage’s Brian Darling, who spent the day at Zuccotti Park on Friday, said the affirmative support for such a radical group didn’t surprise him. “The Occupy Wall Street movement has embraced the far left like the Alliance for Global Justice,” he said. “I witnessed a sign supporting the movement from the Workers’ World Party and other far left wing groups.”Critics note that the presence of radicals at a protest does not denote a protest movement’s endorsement. But the affirmative relationship between Occupy Wall Street and the Alliance for Global Justice does – it speaks directly to the political vision of the movement’s leaders.Read the full story here.

  • Senate Poised to Vote on Resolution Blocking FCC’s Net Neutrality Rule.(Heritage).Congress could move a step closer to rejecting the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to regulate the Internet this week when the Senate considers a resolution targeting the agency’s net neutrality rule.Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) introduced the measure, S.J. Res. 6, to halt the FCC from implementing the regulation. The Congressional Review Act gives lawmakers the authority to overrule regulations from government agencies.Hutchison’s resolution simply states: “That Congress disapproves the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to the matter of preserving the open Internet and broadband industry practices (Report and Order FCC 10–201, adopted by the Commission on December 21, 2010), and such rule shall have no force or effect.”Republicans will need to win at least four Democratic votes in order for the resolution to pass the Senate; it needs a simple majority. The U.S. House approved the resolution, H.J. Res. 37, on April 8 by a vote of 240-179.Speaking last week at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing, Hutchison criticized federal bureaucrats for interfering with the Internet, an engine of economic growth. “There is no need for us to mess around with that kind of success,” she said. “It is a success, and it doesn’t need fixing.”Below is video of Hutchison’s appearance at The Bloggers Briefing on Nov. 1.Read and see the full story here.

  • Shaykh al-Huwayni: The Penalty for Apostasy Is Death; Only "Boozers and Druggies" Say Otherwise.(TranslatingJihad).How many times have we heard Western so-called 'experts' on Islam as well as politicians cite the Qur'anic verse "there is no compulsion in religion" as an example of Islamic tolerance. According to Egyptian Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni, all of those people might be "boozers and druggies," because despite that verse, "Islam is a religion which has limitations and rulings." One of those, upon which all scholars are in agreement, is that any Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed.This is taken from a video clip posted on YouTube in May 2009. The subtitled video is above, and the English transcript is below (thanks to Nonie Darwish for her help on this one):"They say that freedom of conscience should be provided to every human being.... because Allah Almighty says, 'There is no compulsion in religion'." So it is like a druggie interpreting the Qur'an. "There is no compulsion in religion?" True. "Whoever will may believe, and whoever will may disbelieve?" True. However, this is on the condition that you do not enter the Islamic faith. You are free. No one is compelled to believe in, or convert to, Islam. You're Christian? Be a Christian. You're Jewish? Be a Jew. You're in any other religion? Be whatever you like. But you should know that Islam is a religion that has limitations and rulings. One of its established rulings, upon which all scholars unanimously agree, is that whoever enters Islam voluntarily, not forcibly--it is not permissible for him to apostatize from Islam. If he does that, the ruling upon him is death. You still want to enter the faith with this punishment? Fine. You don't want to enter? Fine? We don't need a curse. We don't want you either. This is the ruling in Islam. "There is no compulsion in religion"? Ah. If your Lord willed it, everyone on earth would believe. Then will you yet compel people to become believers? I don't know anyone who has been compelled to enter into Islam. The offer was left to the early Muslims. They were courageous peoples. They were distinguished by the strength of their hearts, of their will, and their firmness in making decisions. Islam was offered to them, and they believed. We don't know of anyone who has been killed simply for being an infidel. Nor is it permissible for anyone to kill someone simply because he is an infidel. Islam is a religion which was established on persuasion. No one is ever compelled to enter Islam. However, if he enters Islam, there are rulings. There are those who want to have freedom to reject Islam (kufr). If a Muslim disbelieves, there is a penalty. But some say "There is no compulsion in religion." He doesn't pray? "There is no compulsion in religion." He doesn't pay alms, or perform the hajj, or fast? "There is no compulsion in religion!" What Muslim scholar has ever approved this? No one ever has, and no one ever should speak this nonsense. The only ones who advocate this are druggies and boozers. At a time when people are reaffirming the Islamic doctrine in every corner on earth, such advocates want to get rid of Islam.Read the full story here.

  • Alleged Turkish use of chemical weapons to land at Swedish parliament.(Firat).A demonstration was staged in Sweden’s capital city Stockholm to protest the murder of 35 guerrillas allegedly by chemical weapons used by the Turkish army. Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh remarked that he would carry the alleged use of chemical weapons onto the Swedish Parliament. Gathering at Sergel Square, around 350 people protested against the military operations and alleged use of chemical weapons. Demonstrators carried the photos of 35 guerrillas who lost their life between October 22-24. A candle was lit in front of each photograph and a black cloth was hanged in the area with 35 red carnations. Making the first speech on behalf of CDK after one minute's silence for 35 guerrillas and revolution martyrs, Mahir Dicle stated that chemical weapons can’t prevent the fair fight of the Kurdish people. Swedish Kurdish Council President Ayşe Göktepe reminded the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army against Kurdish guerrillas in previous times and demanded an investigation of the attack by the United Nations and the Swedish Government. The Kurdish Council also made a press statement and reminded of the Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakır Branch’s report which stated that 437 guerrillas had lost their lives in 39 separate military operations between 1994 and 2011 as a result of the chemical weapons used by the Turkish state. The statement demanded that the European Union and the Swedish Government step in the process against the use of chemicals by the Turkish state which accedes to the agreement that acknowledges the prohibition of chemical weapons. Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh who carried the subject onto the agenda of the Swedish Parliament earlier stated that he would once again bring the issue to the agenda since the use of chemical weapons is a war crime. Read the full story here.

  • Russian police forcefully break up Occupy 'Kremlin' Protest.(Stratrisk).Moscow – Kremlin critics put an Occupy Wall Street twist on a protest in the Russian capital over next month’s parliamentary election on Monday, but the result was the same as usual: dispersal and detention.Police forcefully broke up a small rally by government opponents who donned the kind of mustachioed Guy Fawkes masks popular with anti-greed protesters in London, New York and other cities.About a dozen protesters gathered outside the Central Election Commission headquarters and announced plans to “Occupy Old Square” — a square nearby that houses presidential administration offices.There have been few major Occupy Wall Street-style rallies in Russia, and despite the spin on Monday’s protest, the protesters made clear their message was about the Dec. 4 parliamentary election. They chanted “Cancel the illegal elections!” and held placards with similar slogans.In an echo of other recent protests over the election — without the masks — the demonstrators were quickly seized by camouflage-clad police and shoved roughly into a waiting bus. Police said they violated the law by holding a rally without official permission.Kremlin critics say that the parliamentary election will not be democratic, saying vociferous opposition groups have been barred from the vote illegally. They also charge that Vladimir Putin’s dominant United Russia party will use its levers of power to skew the results in its favour.The parliamentary vote will be followed by a March 2012 presidential election in which Putin is expected to return to the Kremlin after four years as prime minister.The tiny protest outside the Central Election Commission headquarters was far smaller than a march and rally celebrating the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.Police said about 4,000 people took part in the state-sanctioned rally organized by the Communist Party, which polls indicate will come in a distant second to United Russia in the parliamentary vote, as in previous elections.Nov. 7 was a major holiday in the Soviet era, but it is no longer a day off and the Kremlin has replaced it with a Nov. 4 holiday that officially commemorates the 17th century expulsion of Polish invaders.Hmmmm......"Occupy Gulag ...Comrade?Read the full story here.

  • North Korea gearing up for massive military exercise: sources.(Stratrisks).By Kang Hyun-kyung.The North Korean military is preparing for a massive military exercise involving its navy and air force, despite signs of renewed dialogue on its nuclear weapons program, according to sources here.A government official said Tuesday that the North was appearing to be readying for a military exercise from a naval base in Nampo and an airforce base in Onchon in South Pyeongan Province, northwest of the border.He said warships and fighters have been assembled there, prompting suspicion that North Korea may be setting up for a landing exercise.It is unusual for Pyongyang to launch such a large-scale exercise.The possible drill came amid growing expectations for the resumption of the stalled nuclear talks after the two Koreas held a series of talks in Bali, Indonesia on the sidelines of the Asian Regional Forum.Military experts said it could be a hostile response to an annual joint Korea-U.S. military drill.The Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command recently announced the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise will be held from Aug. 16 to 26.Gen. James D. Thurman, the Combined Forces Command commander, said the exercise will “present the Korea-U.S. alliance with tough and realistic training events focused on preparing, preventing and prevailing against the full range of current and future threats to South Korea and the region.”The annual joint exercise regularly annoys the North.On Sunday, North Korea’s Central News Agency called it “an intentional provocative act,” threatening to take countermeasures.Another state-controlled media outlet in the North described the exercise as “a plan for aggression toward the nation,” saying the country’s patience was wearing thin.North Korea has had stormy reactions to the South whenever it has announced plans to hold military exercises.Some analysts said South Korea’s setting up of the Northwest Islands Defense Command near the Northern Limit Line in the West Sea in June has also played a role in the massive military drill.The South established the command in the wake of North Korea’s artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island near the maritime border. The attack took the lives of four South Koreans.Read the full story here.

  • Suspected Islamic extremists with Somalia’s al Shabaab Attack Church Compound in Kenya Kills Two, Wounds Three.(CompassDirect).GARISSA, Kenya, — Suspected Islamic extremists with Somalia’s al Shabaab militia threw a grenade into the home of the church guard of an East Africa Pentecostal Church (EAPC) congregation outside Garissa, Kenya on Saturday night (Nov. 5), killing an 8-year-old girl and another member of the church, sources said.Three other people were seriously injured in the 8 p.m. grenade attack on the house, which is near the gate of the church compound. Killed instantly were 8-year-old Winnie Mwenda Mutinda and 25-year-old church member John Kikavu. The child was the youngest daughter of church elder Patrick Mutinda, who also serves as the guard or watchman of the church building, sources said. The other three people in the house at the time of the blast were seriously wounded. The watchman’s son, Samuel Mutinda, 12, suffered burns on his chest and leg, and his 10-year-old brother, Peter Mutinda, sustained burns on his hand and leg; the injuries of both boys required doctors to remove portions of skin. Burns on their grandmother, Rachael Kandu, also required the removal of skin from her leg, sources said. The three wounded family members were first taken to the house of the church pastor within the compound before they were rushed to Garissa Provincial Hospital.“The three injured Christians are in stable condition in the hospital undergoing treatment,” the pastor told Compass. “I hope they will be discharged soon.” Al Shabaab activity near the Somali-Kenya border, including Garissa in northeast Kenya, has increased since Kenya began air strikes on al Shabaab-held territory in southern Somalia last month in retaliation for the rebel group’s kidnapping and murder of foreigners in Kenya. Even before Kenya’s military action, however, the Islamic extremist militia battling Somalia’s transitional government had threatened and attacked Christians in northeastern Kenya. The church pastor, the Rev. Ibrahim Makunyi Kamwaro, told Compass he was witness to the explosion.“I saw big blast coming out of the house, and immediately I rushed to the scene of the incident, and I heard the attackers saying, ‘You will have to stop taking of wine,’ as they fled away,” he said. Islam forbids consumption of alcohol, but Makunyi Kamwaro said he was not sure what the comment meant. “I think the church participation in the Holy Communion might have been taken to mean the church members taking wine,” he said. “This statement is quite unclear to me.”Also on Saturday (Nov. 5), in the morning hours a bomb in Garissa near the Heller gas station and close to an electrical transformer was removed before it exploded. Police who received reports of white sparks at the site were able to remove and defuse the bomb. Pastor Makunyi Kamwaro told Compass that, in spite of the al Shabaab activity in the area, he was not sure who was responsible for the deadly blast. “At the moment we cannot say exactly who the attackers are, but what we know is that they are the enemies of the church,” he said. Another area pastor said a fellowship of church leaders met on Thursday (Nov. 3) and wrote a letter to authorities requesting police security for churches in Garissa, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. The pastor said that he received a threatening message yesterday on his cell phone, reading, “Message from al Shabaab – You must migrate [from] Garissa town within 48 hours or you see bomb blast taking your life and we know your house, Christians will see war. Don’t take it so lightly. We are for your neck.” In Garissa, police today also found three bombs before they could be detonated: one on a mini-bus, one near a gas station and one at a new house under construction.In the attack on Saturday, in which one grenade missed its target before a second one hit, the parents of the children were not home; Patrick Mutinda was still in Garissa, about 1 kilometer from the EAPC building. His wife, known as “Mama Grace,” was helping the church pastor’s wife. EAPC Pastor Makunyi Kamwaro told Compass that the church’s worship service will continue as usual this Sunday.“Many of the church members have been with us here in the church building since the incident took place 10 hours ago,” he said yesterday, before Compass arrived at the scene today. “As I talk to you now over the phone, there are many people around or within the church compound: the church members, the police and people from the press. Thank you for keeping in touch with us and comforting us at this trying moment.”Garissa is the provincial headquarters of Kenya’s North Eastern Province, which is predominantly Muslim.Muslims restrict churches in Garissa in various ways. Christians are not allowed conduct prayers, sing or use musical instruments in rented homes owned by Muslims. No teaching of Christian Religious Education in schools is allowed; only Islamic Religious Knowledge is taught. Garissa has more than 15 Christian denominations, the main ones being the EAPC, the Redeemed Gospel Church, the Anglican Church, the Deliverance Church, the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, the Africa Inland Church and the African Christian Churches and schools.Read the full story here.

  • A 'different kind' of Russian Matrioskas, Russian man kept 29 mummified bodies in his flat.(Boston).Moscow — The Russian historian had always been open about his interest in the dead and eagerly described how he loved to rummage through cemeteries, studying grave stones to uncover the life stories behind them. What he failed to mention, according to police, was that he had dug up 29 bodies and taken them back to his apartment, where he dressed them in women's clothes scavenged from graves and then put them on display.A police video of the man's apartment in the Volga River city of Nizhny Novgorod released Monday shows his macabre collection of what look like dolls. Lifesize, they are dressed in bright dresses and headscarves, their hands and faces wrapped in what appears to be cloth. Police said they were mummified remains.Instructions for doll-making were found in the apartment, police said, and the video showed old-fashioned plastic dolls in frilly dresses lying about.Police refused to name the suspect arrested last week, but released photographs of him, gave his age as 45 and described him as a well-known specialist in the history of the city about 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of Moscow.Russian media reports identified the man as Anatoly Moskvin, a 45-year-old historian who was considered the ultimate expert on cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod.Russian newspaper reports quoted police as saying that the man had only selected the remains of young women for his grisly collection.Police said he had photographs and nameplates from grave sites, which could help with the identification of the remains.The arrest followed a long-running investigation into the desecration of graves at several cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod beginning in 2010, police spokeswoman Svetlana Kovylina said. She did not explain how they tracked him down.The national daily Moskovsky Komsomolets said Moskvin was detained at a cemetery while carrying a bag of bones. But Kriminalnaya Khronika, an online publication specializing in crime news from the Nizhny Novgorod region, said police investigators discovered the bodies when they visited Moskvin to consult with him about the desecration.Alexei Yesin, the editor of a local newspaper to which Moskvin contributed, told The Associated Press that he was shocked by the reports and couldn't understand how he could have squeezed all the bodies into his apartment, which he shared with his parents.He described Moskvin as a loner who had "certain quirks," but said he gave no indication that he was up to anything so strange. "I saw no signs of that while working with him," Yesin said in a telephone interview.Moskvin, who long had been known in the region for his interest in the dead, wrote several articles about cemeteries and historic sites in the region. A linguistic expert by training, he specialized in Celtic culture and studied 13 foreign languages.In a 2007 interview with the newspaper Nizhegorodsky Rabochy, or Nizhny Novgorod Worker, Moskvin said he had begun wandering through cemeteries when he was in the seventh grade. "I don't think anyone in the city knows them better than I do," he said.Moskvin claimed that from 2005 to 2007 he had inspected 752 cemeteries across the region, often traveling about 30 kilometers (20 miles) a day by foot.He said he drank from puddles, spent nights in haystacks or at abandoned farms and once even slept in a coffin readied for a funeral. He said he was repeatedly questioned by police, who then always let him go.Just last month, he wrote a piece for a publication on necrology to explain his interest in the dead. He said that when he was 12, he came across a funeral procession whose participants forced him to kiss the face of a dead 11-year-old girl."An adult pushed my face down to the waxy forehead of the girl in an embroidered cap, and there was nothing I could do but kiss her as ordered," Moskvin wrote in Nekrolog.He said he later grew interested in the occult.Hmmmm.......linguistic expert ...i wonder wich language he spoke to 'them'?Read and see the full story here.

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  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation Papua New Guinea 5.2 - 5.1!More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • Soviet scientists helped Iran build nuke;’ Ahmadinejad denies nuclear bomb.(AlArabiya).Iran received assistance from foreign scientists in order to develop the capability for building a nuclear weapon, the Washington Post reported late Sunday.Citing anonymous Western diplomats and nuclear experts familiar with new intelligence to be released to the United Nations, the newspaper said a former Soviet weapons scientist had allegedly tutored Iranians on building “high-precision detonators” that can be used to “trigger a nuclear chain reaction.”The comments come days before a crucial report is expected to be published by the U.N. nuclear watchdog, which is expected to release findings on the Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, heightening international suspicions of the Iranian relationship with the West and fuelling Middle East tension.In response to the upcoming report, Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami warned the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday not to become “an instrument without will in the hands of the United States” against Iran.The hardline cleric hit out at IAEA director general Yukiya Amano in an address during communal prayers in Tehran marking the Muslim Eid al-Adha feast.“If Mr Amano acts like an instrument without will in the hands of the United States and publishes lies by presenting them as documents, the IAEA will lose the little credibility it has left,” said Khatami, an influential cleric who often leads Friday prayers in Tehran.The newspaper noted that a key breakthrough that had not been publicly described was Iran’s success in obtaining design information for a device known as a R265 generator. The device is a hemispherical aluminum shell that is lined with pellets of high explosives and electrically wired so the detonations occur in split-second precision, the report said. The explosions compress a small sphere of enriched uranium or plutonium to trigger a nuclear chain reaction.Creating such a device is a formidable technical challenge, and Iran needed outside assistance in designing the generator and testing its performance, the paper said.According to the intelligence provided to the IAEA, key assistance in both areas was provided by Vyacheslav Danilenko, a former Soviet nuclear scientist who was contracted in the mid-1990s by Iran’s Physics Research Center, the paper said. Danilenko offered assistance to the Iranians over at least five years, giving lectures and sharing research papers on developing and testing an explosives package that the Iranians apparently incorporated into their warhead design, said The Post, citing two officials with access to the IAEA’s confidential files.Early on Monday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeated that Iran does not own a nuclear bomb, but said Israel’s end was inevitable, in comments carried by an Egyptian newspaper.“It is Israel that has about 300 nuclear warheads. Iran is only keen to have nuclear capability for peaceful means,” he said, accusing Washington of lumping Iran with Syria, the Islamist Hamas movement that rules Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.The U.S. portrays those four as “the Axis of Evil to save the Zionist entity. But the Zionists are bound to go out of existence,” he said.Ahmadinejad also talked of Iran’s growing military power, which has fueled fear from the United States that Iran is now able to compete with Israel and the West, he said. “Yes, we have military capabilities that are different from any other country in the region,” Egyptian daily al-Akhbar cited Ahmadinejad as saying. “Iran is increasing in capability and advancement and therefore we are able to compete with Israel and the West and especially the United States.”“The U.S. fears Iran’s capability,” he told the paper. “Iran will not permit anyone making a move against it.”He accused Washington of inventing conspiracies to discredit Iran and sowing discord with its near neighbor Saudi Arabia, referring to the alleged assassination plot of the Saudi ambassador to Washington.“Iran is farthest from thinking of carrying out such crimes, but the U.S. is always inventing conspiracies against Iran,” Ahmadinejad said.“The U.S. fears any friendship between us and Saudi Arabia and therefore incites disagreements,” he said. “To stop the U.S. in its tracks we must deepen the elements of friendship ... We are ready for this and the relation between Saudi and Iran already exists and has not been cut off.”Russia warned on Monday that a possible military strike against Iran would be a “very serious mistake” that leads to further conflict and civilian casualties.“It would be a very serious mistake fraught with unpredictable consequences,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after a warning by Israeli President Shimon Peres that an attack was increasingly likely.“Military intervention only leads to a multiple rise in casualties and human suffering,” said Lavrov.“There can be no military solution to the Iranian nuclear problem, just like there can be none for any other problem in the modern world.”Russia’s warning came ahead of this week’s expected presentation on a new report from the UN nuclear watchdog on Iran’s nuclear drive.Russia has urged Iran to improve its nuclear program transparency while trying to shield its Soviet-era ally from the most damaging sanctions and possible threat of war.Lavrov said current military campaigns such as the one being waged by NATO in Afghanistan proved the dangers of foreign involvement.“The use of force is only possible under two circumstances envisioned by the U.N. Charter,” said Lavrov.“Either through self defense, when you come under armed attack, or through a decision by the U.N. Security Council.”Read the full story here.

  • IAF to Host Greek, Italian airforce for Joint Exercises.(INN).The Israeli Air Force will host Greece’s Air Force for joint exercises in two weeks’ time.Last year, the IAF was in Greece for joint exercises, and a security official said on Thursday that the reciprocal visit from Greece is very significant.In addition the IAF will host the Italian Air Force next month for a training session at the Uvda Airport in the Negev. This will be the second time that the Italian air force will train in Israel.“The Israeli Air Force sees the Italian and Greek air forces’ visits as a step up in strategic cooperation,” a security source said on Thursday.The announcement on the joint exercises with Italy and Greece came one day after an IAF delegation returned from Sardinia following a week-long joint training exercise with the Italian Air Force.The delegation included pilots from the “Knights of the North” and “First Jet” squadrons operating the F-16C air superiority fighter, along with pilots from the "Valley" squadron, who operate the F-16D.The fighter pilots were accompanied by a crew from the “Dakota” control squadron, flying a Gulfstream 5 G-550 radar plane.The Italian Air Force used its advanced “Eurofighter Typhoon” fighters during the exercise, in which two Israeli pilots were granted exclusive backseat rides.The exercises, planned months ago, concluded amid a storm of speculation from Israel’s media that leaders in Jerusalem are planning a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.The stated goals of the joint exercises were to strengthen ties with the Italian Air Force, learn from NATO's combat doctrine, and practice combat abilities in unknown, vast lands and to leave a positive impression for both sides. A similar exercise took place last year.Israel has conducted numerous joint air force exercises with NATO members. Israel, while not a NATO member itself, is expected to open a liaison office with the alliance in the near future.Hmmmm........."I'll Stand By You"?Read the full story here.

  • Israeli army, intelligence websites down after hacker threat?(AlArabiya).The websites of Israel’s military and its intelligence services were down Sunday, two days after a hacker group appeared to threaten the Jewish state over its interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla.The websites of the Israel Defense Forces, the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency and the Mossad foreign intelligence service were all unavailable through the day and into the evening.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, whose website was functioning, said that the outage was caused by a technical glitch rather than by hackers.“Israeli government websites crashed today because of a server malfunction, not as a result of a cyber attack,” Ofir Gendelman, a Netanyahu spokesman, wrote in a posting on Twitter.The website problems came two days after a video apparently from “hacktivist” group Anonymous was posted on YouTube, threatening the Israeli government with retaliation over its interception of two Gaza-bound ships.The boats carrying 27 activists, crew and journalists were intercepted in international waters before they could breach Israel’s blockade on the Palestinian territory.It was the second time activists had tried to run the blockade since May 2010, when Israeli commandos raided a Turkish-led group of ships, killing nine Turkish activists and sparking a diplomatic crisis with Ankara.The video, entitled “An open letter from Anonymous to the Government of Israel,” accuses the Jewish state of “piracy on the high seas.”“If you continue blocking humanitarian vessels to Gaza or repeat the dreadful actions of May 31st, 2010 against any Gaza Freedom Flotillas then you will leave us no choice but to strike back,” the video warns.It was not immediately possible to confirm whether the video was posted by the hacker group, which has claimed involvement in various hacker activity, including most recently exposing details of individuals who visited child porn sites.Anonymous has been involved in scores of hacking exploits including the defacing of a website of Syria’s defense ministry to protest a bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters.Last year, the shadowy group launched retaliatory attacks on companies perceived to be enemies of the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.On Tuesday, a day after the Palestinians won full membership of UNESCO, over U.S. and Israeli objections, hackers from around the world attacked Palestinian servers, cutting Internet service across the West Bank and Gaza.Hmmm.....Tit for Tat?Read the full story here.

  • Former Navy SEAL Commander Reveals Details of How Bin Laden Raid Went Down.(Telegraph) — US NAVY Seals have revealed for the first time that they killed Osama Bin Laden within 90 seconds of entering his fortress-like home in Pakistan.The men who killed the al-Qaeda chief have decided to speak out because they are tired of their “shabby treatment” by politicians who claim they were on a “kill mission”.They insisted there was no lengthy gun-fight in the compound and claimed they would have captured Bin Laden if he had surrendered, The Sunday Times in the UK reports (behind a paywall).They were not on a “kill mission”, they said, and fired only 12 bullets in the entire operation.The details of the mission, which was codenamed Operation Neptune’s Spear, are revealed in a book by the Seals’ former commander, Chuck Pfarrer.“I’ve been a Seal for 30 years and I never heard the words ‘kill mission’. It’s a fantasy word. If it was a kill mission you don’t need Seal Team 6; you need a box of hand grenades.”He said the men were angry with President Barack Obama for announcing Bin Laden’s death on TV just hours after they completed the mission on May 1.“There isn’t a politician in the world who could resist trying to take credit for getting Bin Laden but it devalued the ‘intel’ and gave time for every other Al-Qaeda leader to scurry to another bolthole,” he said.“The men who did this and their valorous act deserve better. It’s a pretty shabby way to treat these guys.”Pfarrer’s books also reveals that the Seals’ nickname for Bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri were Bert and Ernie, after the two Muppets in Sesame Street.When they were first told they were going to Pakistan to pick up a high-value person who was holed up in high-walled compound, they asked: “So is this Bert or Ernie?”Pfarrer said the squad’s nickname was Jedi.His account of the mission makes for terrifying reading. Here is an extract from The Sunday Times report, detailing the death of Bin Laden:Bin Laden’s bedroom was along a short hall. The door opened; he popped out and then slammed the door shut. “Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo,” radioed one Seal, meaning “eyes on target”.Two Seals kicked in Bin Laden’s door. The room, they later recalled, “smelt like old clothing, like a guest bedroom in a grandmother’s house”. Inside was the al-Qaeda leader and his youngest wife, Amal, who was screaming as he pushed her in front of him.“No, no, don’t do this!” she shouted as her husband reached across the king-size bed for his AK-47 assault rifle. The Seals reacted instantly, firing in the same second. One round thudded into the mattress. The other, aimed at Bin Laden’s head, grazed Amal in the calf. As his hand reached for the gun, they each fired again: one shot hit his breastbone, the other his skull, killing him instantly and blowing out the back of his head.Read the full story here.

  • Bosnian Islamic leader slams radicals as ‘renegades’.(AlArabiya).Bosnia’s top Muslim cleric on Sunday condemned a recent gun attack on the US embassy in Sarajevo, calling radical Muslims who resort to violence “renegades.”“Those who secede from the (Islamic) community are led by Satan,” Mustafa Ceric was quoted as saying by the FENA news agency during Eid al-Adha prayers held at Sarajevo’s main mosque.Mevlid Jasarevic, who was shot by Bosnian police as he fired on the embassy late last month, is believed to have joined Bosnia’s Wahhabi movement, a strict and ultra-conservative branch of Islam which is dominant in Saudi Arabia.Citing the gun attack, Ceric said Jasarevic was “one of the renegades of the Islamic community” and warned that followers of the Wahhabi school were “breaking apart Muslim unity.”Bosnia’s Muslims, who make up around 40 percent of the country’s population of some 3.8 million, are mainly followers of a moderate form of Islam.But the Balkan country is also home to a small minority of Wahhabi followers and local authorities have been cracking down on the movement’s members.Read the full story here.

  • Million Man Worldwide 'Caravan' Set to 'Liberate Jerusalem'.(DocsTalk).By David Lev.Israeli security officials are keeping a wary eye out on several groups that are planning mass marches on Jerusalem. One march is scheduled for November 25, and is being organized by the group that tried to conduct a mass march to Jerusalem last September. This time, however, organizers – and Israeli security officials – believe that the group may attract larger numbers. The group is set out from three locations – Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon – on November 25, with the objective of reaching Jerusalem on November 29, the anniversary of the adoption of the UN partition plan for Mandatory Palestine. Officials said that the group was encouraged by the recent attempt – and temporary success – of Syrian Druze who “invaded” the Golan Heights for several hours, tearing down a border fence to enter the country. Several sources claimed that some of the Syrian Druze were able to enter the interior of Israel, with several claiming to have reached Tel Aviv.But even more worrisome is another march is scheduled for March 2012, Israeli officials said. That march is being organized by Indian activist Feroze Mithiborwala, who said in a recent press conference in Pakistan that the march will unite people from all over the world, and of all faiths - including Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Jews - "to participate in the march towards the Jerusalem and liberate it from the Zionists.” The march would be in the form of a “caravan” which would start from three directions – Asia, Europe, and Africa, originating in India, Turkey and Morocco respectively. The caravans would stop in all the countries on the way and pick up more participants. The objective is to gather hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people at the borders of Israel who would simply push their way through, reaching Jerusalem and “liberating” it.A group helping to organize the March event, the International Committee of the Global March towards Al-Quds, said in a statement this week that “since the Zionist occupation of 78% of Palestine in 1948, and the subsequent occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine in 1967, we have witnessed growing efforts to Judaize Jerusalem and colonize Palestine. These crimes against humanity are done under the political protection and full support of successive American administrations and enforced by its veto at the United Nations.“Jerusalem and all of Palestine need to be liberated, redeemed and restored as a land of freedom and coexistence by people of the world from all religious and cultural backgrounds. As part of this movement and at the invitation of Palestinians, we decided to organize a Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) aimed at raising awareness of the mortal threat to Jerusalem and all of Palestine by the hands of Zionists and helping us move closer to the day of freedom.”Mithiborwala is the head of Indian radical political group Awami Bharat, which bills itself as conducting “an international struggle against imperialism, Zionism, and Brahmanism.”Hmmmm.......Who's going to do the catering for those 'million'?Read the full story here.

  • Poll: 81.1% Greeks “Yes” to EURO, 41.7% “Early Elections”(KeepTalkingGreece).“Return to Drahma” is no option for the vast majority of Greeks. They prefer the Euro… In a public survey concluded by the MARC company for news paper ETHNOS, 81.1% of the Greeks favor the Euro, while only 12.9% would like a return to “Drachma”. The poll was conducted among 1,004 households between November 2-3 2011, the days when the referendum issue was up. Inthe same poll, 45% of the asked favor a broader ‘national salvation government (no coalition government hehe!) and 41.7% favor Early Elections.The vast majority of the asked does not the current government (PASOK/Socialists)to concluded its time in power. Only 10.3% want.In case of elections: only 14.8% favor a one-part government; 44% favor a coalition of PASOK and Nea Dimokratia. 54.8% do not believe the new government would have any option to do a different policy than the current one. 37.7% believe, the new government would perform a different policy.In the preference of the asked, the political parties get:
  1. Nea Dimokratia (conservative/Samaras) 22.2%.
  2. PASOK 15.1%.
  3. KKE (Communists) 8.2%.
  4. LAOS (far-right) 5.8%.
  5. Kouvelis (left-wing) 5.5%.
  6. SYRIZA (left-wing) 5.2%.
  7. Don’t Know: 26.6%
According to these results: PASOK-ND get together 37.3%; Communists and Left parties get together 18.9%.Read the full story here.

  • In Act of Desperation, G20 Asks Germany to Pledge its Gold for EFSF Rescue Fund, Surprise!.... Bundesbank Refuses.(GEA).By Mike "Mish" Shedlock.The gall and arrogance of the G20 and Euro-nanny finance minister clowns is staggering.German newspapers report that the G20 discussed asking Germany to pledge its gold to bail out Greece and the Piigs, and to fund the EFSF.The Bundesbank, Germany's central bank said "We know this plan and we reject it."One might think that would be enough to stop such idiotic talk, but one would be wrong. In spite of Bundesbank opposition, euro zone finance ministers will discuss the idea next week.Please consider Bundesbank: central bank reserves will not help fund EFSFThe Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) reported that Bundesbank reserves -- including foreign currency and gold -- would be used to increase Germany's contribution to the crisis fund, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) by more than 15 billion euros ($20 billion).The European Central Bank (ECB) would own the reserves, according to the paper, citing sources at the G20 meeting held in Cannes this week.The Welt am Sonntag newspaper, citing similar plans, said 15 billion euros would come from special drawing rights (SDR) that the Bundesbank holds.G20 leaders in Cannes discussed the idea that the European System of Central Banks could pawn their total foreign exchange reserves of 50-60 billion euros to a trust of the European crisis fund in the form of special drawing rights from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the newspapers said."We know this plan and we reject it," a Bundesbank spokesman said.The newspapers had said the issue was taken off the agenda at the G20 following Bundesbank opposition but that it would be debated on Monday at a Eurogroup meeting of euro zone finance ministers.In spite of the stupidity of discussing something that is not going to happen, here are three reasons to be grateful they did.
  1. The proposal highlights the desperation, blatant arrogance, and sheer pig-headedness of the G20 and Eurozone finance ministers.
  2. The proposal shows that gold is money.
  3. Sooner or later, one of these asinine proposals will will cause Germany to realize the EMU is a lost cause. The sooner Germany realizes that, the better off everyone will be.
ZeroHedge addresses the question "why will this be debated?"Why will it be debated? Because when at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Germany may be crossed off the list, but here is who is next in order of appearance. Sooner or later, Europe will stumble on that one "leader" whose gold is less valuable than their political stability.If France and Italy want to expand the EFSF, why don't they pledge their own gold rather than asking Germany to pledge its gold?One possible answer is that any country dumb enough to pledge its gold will very quickly lose its AAA rating. However, the Euro-nanny finance minister clowns are probably not bright enough to figure that out. Read and see the full story here.

  • Filipino Jihadi: "There Is No Way to Restore the Islamic Caliphate... and Liberate Our Lands from the Infidel Scum other than the Way of Jihad and of Swords Drawn for the Sake of Allah"(Memri).On November 7, 2011, the jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam published a three-minute video clip originally posted on Youtube under the title "A Message from the Brother Abu Jihad the Filipino." The clip shows a masked man, apparently a Filipino, who calls himself Abu Jihad Al-Luzuni. Reading in Arabic from a page in his hand, he calls on all Muslims to join jihad against the enemies of Islam in order to liberate the Muslims from the state of humiliation they are in today, and in order to reinstate the Islamic caliphate.Read the full story here.

  • Holocaust Remembrance Conference in Morocco.(Memri).In late September 2011, Morocco's Al-Akhawayn University (AU), based in Ifrane in the Middle Atlas region, held a three-day conference commemorating the Holocaust. The event, titled "Mohammed V, Righteous among the Nations", was dedicated to learning about the Jewish Holocaust and to honoring Morocco's late King Mohammed V, who refused to hand over Morocco's Jewish population to the French Vichy regime, which occupied Morocco at the time. The conference comprised seminars on the late monarch and on Moroccan Jewry, sessions devoted to testimonies by Holocaust survivors from Europe, and a tour of the Moroccan Jewish Museum in Casablanca given by the museum's Muslim curator Zhor Rhihel. There was also a performance by Moroccan-Jewish music by renowned singer Maxime Kartouchi, and kosher meals were offered.The conference was organized by the university's Mimouna Club, a student organization founded in 2007, dedicated to promoting Moroccan Jewish heritage. The club aims to educate the Moroccan public, and especially the youth, on the diversity of Moroccan culture, with focus on Moroccan Jewry as a model of coexistence between Jews and Muslims in the Arab World. It has already organized several events on Moroccan Jewish heritage, with the participation of Israelis, and also offers Hebrew classes. The founder and president of the Mimouna Club is political science student Elmehdi Boudra (age 24). Himself a Muslim, Boudra is deeply interested in Moroccan-Jewish culture and is a staunch advocate of intercultural dialogue. His interest in Jews and in Muslim-Jewish relations grew out of his family history; his grandmother's experiences growing up in Casablanca's Jewish quarter, and his grandfather's contacts with his Jewish neighbors, instilled in him a curiosity about Judaism. To learn more, he studied with Simon Levy, one of the directors of the Museum of Moroccan Jewry in Casablanca, and read about the Holocaust. Boudra's partner in founding the Mimouna Club was Ghassan Essalehi (age 23), a Muslim from Rabat, who has a BA in international studies & communication, and is now completing his master's degree in diplomacy. The conference participants included Holocaust scholars and survivors (among them Elisabeth Citron, a Hungarian survivor of Auschwitz), leaders of Morocco's Jewish community, as well as Jewish and Muslim students from Morocco and the U.S.A key speaker was André Azoulay, a Moroccan Jewish intellectual and an advisor to the king. He said that when Europe was in the grip of Nazi barbarism, Morocco provided a light of hope, and added: "By standing up against Vichy's racist laws, King Mohammed V provided each of us with the capacity and legitimacy to wield the values of courage, freedom, humaneness and modernity that many of us seek to establish in Moroccan society". He also noted that in the new Moroccan constitution, the present king, Mohammed VI, included a lengthy introduction focusing on the richness and diversity of the spiritual and cultural elements that make up contemporary Moroccan society. Addressing the organizers of the conference, he said: "You Muslim students decided to be identified with our liberation. It's not something usual."Serge Berdugo, ambassador-at-large for the King of Morocco and secretary-general of the Jewish community in the country, said that thanks to the protection of Mohammad V, no Moroccan Jew was arrested or sent to the concentration camps. He mentioned that the king showed his respect for his Jewish subjects by inviting all the Jewish dignitaries to the 1941 Feast of the Throne and seating them beside the French and German officers. Berdugo also related a story that has been told about the king: that when French general Noguès informed him that 200,000 yellow stars had been prepared for Morocco's Jews, the king answered that he would need 50 more – for himself and his family. According to Berdugo, the king said to the press at the time: "I do not approve of these new laws against Jews at all and I refuse to be associated with a measure that I disapprove of. As in the past, Israelites remain under my protection and I refuse to make any distinction among my subjects." The event, which was the first conference commemorating the Holocaust to be held in an Arab country, was positively received by the media in Morocco and abroad. It continues the policy of Morocco's current king, who has spoken out against Holocaust denial. In a 2009 speech, King Mohammed VI said: "Amnesia has no bearing on my understanding of the Holocaust, or that of my people... Together we must endeavor to reassert reason and the values that underpin the legitimacy of a space of coexistence where the words of dignity, justice and freedom will express themselves in the same way and will coexist with the same requirements, regardless of our [citizens'] origins, cultures or spirituality. This is our Moroccan interpretation, of the duty of remembrance dictated by the Shoah.Hmmmm.....And just when you're about to give up hope, you meet a 'Mensch'.Read the full story here.

  • Antwerp: Muslims boycott stunning of Eid al-Adha sacrifice.(IIE).Via GvA, De Wereld Morgen (Dutch):The Antwerp Muslim community is boycotting the option of stunning the Eid al-Adha holiday sacrifice before slaughter. The city of Antwerp is offering both slaughter alternatives this year.The Muslim community is dissatisfied with the new measures. Last week representatives of the Union of Mosques and Islamic Associations in Antwerp Province (UMIVPA) returned brochures prepared by the city on the topic back to the municipality house.The union fears the new slaughterhouse will serve as a precedent, and that it could lead to unilateral federal legislation on stunning in ritual slaughter.Spokesperson Ibrahimi Jamel: "Year in and year out we come to Eid al-Adha with a fearful feeling and uncertainly over what awaits us. Instead of a day of festivity and joy Muslims in Antwerp experience this day as a day of unrest." He says this is due to lack of permanent regulations set in law and which are acceptable by the Muslim community.They are also unhappy with the way the city conducted its consultations with the mosques, and say that the city does not take into account the contribution of the Antwerp Muslim community.Posters have been put up in various places calling for a boycott of the alternative slaughterhouse. The posters were prepared by the UMIVPA and are signed by chairperson Abdelouahab Tuani. The union represents 28 mosques, most of whom are Moroccan, 18 of which are in the city Antwerp.Hmmm........As usual the problem is 'cattle mentality' Queen Rania of jordan is a strong defender of stunning animals before slaughter.Education and the political will to make a stand is the only thing that can change 'things' like this.Quote:"After emailing footage of a bull being brutally slaughtered to Queen Rania of Jordan, White was contacted by the King's sister, Princess Alia bint al Hussein. Within 24 hours, she had closed the abattoir; a month later, it was razed. The two became friends, and White now acts as chief adviser to the Princess Alia Foundation, formed to prevent animal cruelty in the Middle East."Read the full story here.

  • Another Burning Chevy Volt Destroys NC House.(CBullit).That’s right, this is the second Volt so far to consume itself–that we know of. No one was hurt, and the problem may lie with the Siemens charging station installed in the house–because Scumsucking, Rentseeking SCOAMF-fellating Duke Energy is now warning customers not to install them. This is the same Duke Energy that’s inflating customer bills with power occasionally generated by Batshredders and sunbeams.I wonder how this will affect those EV sales stats Daily Bayonet is keeping. If I were Nissan, I’d use it.Hmmm......Chevy Volt you see sparks flying?Read the full story here.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Latma - The Ballad of Oslo's Children.

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                    Morning Posting.

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation updated:  America Sanak 5.4 ; Sparks 5.2 ; Arlington 5.2 ; Indonesia  5.3!More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • US would be ‘satisfied’ with Brotherhood win in Egypt.(JPost).The United States would be "satisfied" should free elections in Egypt produce a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood, AFP reported Friday according to the US's special coordinator for transitions in the Middle East, William Taylor.Taylor said the US would judge elected parties in the Middle East based "on what they do, and not what they're called," AFP quoted him as saying. He added that he did not meet with Brotherhood officials in his latest visit to Cairo, but would have had he been given the chance. The point man on Middle East transitions said that so-called Arab Spring revolutions and a desire for democratic elections create an environment in which groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are able to shed associations with terror.Taylor's comments came the week after Tunisia - widely seen as the birthplace of Arab Spring revolutions - elected its own Islamist Ennahda party to form a governing coalition.Ennahda emerged the victor in the nation's first ever free elections.The party, banned before the revolution that ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, won 90 of the 217 seats in the new assembly. It was not, however, an outright win.The party is expected to form a coalition with two of the secularist runners-up.Ennahda's leader is pledging a new dawn for Tunisians.Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of the Ennahda party, said, "We give our promise to them to continue to realize the aims of the revolution in a Tunisia that is free, independent, developing and prosperous, and where the rights of God, the Prophet, women, men, the religious and non-religious, are assured because Tunisia is for everybody."Hmmmm.......“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Anyone still doubting of his 'love' for Israel?Read the full story here.
  • Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels: 19 Statistics About The Poor That Will Absolutely Astound You.(BlacklistedNews).By MichaelSnyder.According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty than they have ever measured before. In 2010, we were told that the economy was recovering, but the truth is that the number of the “very poor” soared to heights never seen previously. Back in 1993 and back in 2009, the rate of extreme poverty was just over 6 percent, and that represented the worst numbers on record. But in 2010, the rate of extreme poverty hit a whopping 6.7 percent. That means that one out of every 15 Americans is now considered to be “very poor”. For many people, this is all very confusing because their guts are telling them that things are getting worse and yet the mainstream media keeps telling them that everything is just fine. Hopefully this article will help people realize that the plight of the poorest of the poor continues to deteriorate all across the United States. In addition, hopefully this article will inspire many of you to lend a hand to those that are truly in need.Tonight, there are more than 20 million Americans that are living in extreme poverty. This number increases a little bit more every single day. The following statistics that were mentioned in an article in The Daily Mail should be very sobering for all of us….So just how bad are things right now?
The following are 19 statistics about the poor that will absolutely astound you….
  1. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of “very poor” rose in 300 out of the 360 largest metropolitan areas during 2010.
  2. Last year, 2.6 million more Americans descended into poverty. That was the largest increase that we have seen since the U.S. government began keeping statistics on this back in 1959.
  3. It isn’t just the ranks of the “very poor” that are rising. The number of those just considered to be “poor” is rapidly increasing as well. Back in the year 2000, 11.3% of all Americans were living in poverty. Today, 15.1% of all Americans are living in poverty.
  4. The poverty rate for children living in the United States increased to 22% in 2010.
  5. There are 314 counties in the United States where at least 30% of the children are facing food insecurity.
  6. In Washington D.C., the “child food insecurity rate” is 32.3%.
  7. More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.
  8. One out of every six elderly Americans now lives below the federal poverty line.
  9. Today, there are over 45 million Americans on food stamps.
  10. According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 15 percent of all Americans are now on food stamps.
  11. In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps.
  12. The number of Americans on food stamps has increased 74% since 2007.
  13. We are told that the economy is recovering, but the number of Americans on food stamps has grown by another 8 percent over the past year.
  14. Right now, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.
  15. It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.
  16. More than 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid. Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid. Today, approximately one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.
  17. One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least onegovernment anti-poverty program.
  18. The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.
  19. It is estimated that up to half a million children may currently be homeless in the United States.
Sadly, we don’t hear much about this on the nightly news, do we?This is because the mainstream media is very tightly controlled.Hmmmm........."CHANGE" the average American feels.Read the full story here.

  • Time to call Obama's bluff on Israel.(IsraelMatzav).This past week, the Obama administration was forced to cut off funding to UNESCO because of a clear US statute, which was passed during the administration of George H.W. Bush (not exactly a friend of Israel) and amended during the Clinton administration, which requires the United States to cut off funding to any United Nations agency that recognizes a state of 'Palestine' except as a result of negotiations. Obama wanted to get out of it. He wanted to continue funding UNESCO. But under American law, he can't, and with the Republicans in control of the House, there is no way he can get that law changed. The UN law has no out for 'national security.'On the other hand, every six months, Obama uses the national security excuse to avoid moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Clinton and George W. Bush both did the same thing, but Obama removed from the statement issued every six months the phrase that says that the administration remains committed to moving the embassy to Jerusalem.Yet, Obama, as he stands for reelection, tries to convince us all that he is committed to Israel. It is time to call him on his 'commitment.'It is time to introduce a bill in Congress to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Simple and straightforward. NO NATIONAL SECURITY OUT. You have one year to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Period. The House, which is dominated by Republicans, will vote in favor. The Senate, which has a whole bunch of Democrats who are up for reelection, will fear for its political life and vote in favor. Will Obama veto the bill? In 2012 when he is up for reelection?This is an issue on which nearly all Israelis and most American Jews agree. And lots of American Christians agree too.I'm serious about this. I know there are some people on Capitol Hill who follow me, and I'd love to hear your reactions. But this strikes me as a golden opportunity to either get the US to take a stand on Jerusalem, and/or to expose the fraud named Barack Hussein Obama.Hmmm.....Hear!Hear!Read the full story here.

  • Europe’s veil of fear.(YNet).The office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was badly damaged by a firebomb on Wednesday, after it published a spoof issue "guest edited" by the Prophet Muhammad to salute the victory of the Islamist party in Tunisia’s elections. The magazine had announced a special issue for publication, renamed "Charia Hebdo," a play on the French word for Islamic law. The magazine’s website has also been hacked with a message in English and Turkish. The fatwa said: "You keep abusing Islam’s almighty Prophet with disgusting and disgraceful cartoons using excuses of freedom of speech. Be Allah’s curse upon you!"Charlie Hebdo is the latest in a series of "blasphemous pencils" – European cartoonists, writers and journalists threatened with death for their criticism about Islam. They are people who need a level of personal protection unconceivable even in Israel, a country well-known for its attention to security. And it happens all over Europe. Kurt Westergaard is the most famous of them. I spoke with him immediately after the attack in Paris. Westergaard is the Danish artist who created the controversial cartoon of the Prophet wearing a bomb in his turban: "Few days ago the police discovered another terrorist plan to attack my newspaper, the Jyllands Posten," Westergaard said. "My house is protected as a bunker with cameras. I am always guarded by the policemen. Few months ago I had to attend a book presentation in Oslo. But the day before the Norwegian police asked me to cancel the event due to the terrorist threats."Five years after the publication of the cartoons, Westergaard still needs the same level of security of a Danish prime minister. "I am not a brave man, but I am 76-years-old and have less fear of dying", the cartoonist said. "The terrorists won’t silence me in the battle for the freedom of expression."Visiting the Jyllands Posten’s office is like entering a US embassy in an Arab country. The newspaper had erected a 2.5-metre high, one-kilometer long barbed-wire fence, complete with electronic surveillance, around its headquarters in Visby. Mail is scanned and newspaper staff members need ID cards to enter the buildings and the various floors.Flemming Rose is the cultural editor who took the initiative of publishing the cartoons. When he attended a conference in Oxford, the British police had to set up "the same protection as for Michael Jackson." In Sweden the target is Lars Vilks, who was even named in a threat message sent prior to a suicide bombing in Stockholm last year. In the Netherlands, where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed by a fundamentalist for his criticism of Islam, cartoonist Gregorious Nekshot uses a pseudonym to protect his own identity. The office of Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP famous for his critics of Islam, lies in the most isolated corner of Parliament. It was chosen because potential terrorists can get through only one corridor, making it easier to protect him. Even the pencils of visitors are searched by the police. Wilders’ entourage is anonymous. He even slept for a while in a military barrack for security reasons. When the alert level is high, Wilders doesn’t know where he will spend the night. "I could go to a restaurant, but the police should empty it before my arrival," Wilders once told me. At the University of Leiden, Rembrandt’s famous city, the office of Professor Afshin Ellian is protected by bulletproof walls and policemen. "In Holland Rousseau, Locke, Sade and Spinoza were able to publish their books," Ellian said during our meeting in Leiden. "Holland was the hope of Europe. But it’s no more. Now there is an atmosphere of fear if you criticize Islam." I just recently spoke with Robert Redeker, the professor of philosophy condemned to death for an article in Le Figaro newspaper. His piece, a response to the controversy over remarks about Islam made a week earlier by Pope Benedict XVI, was titled "What should the free world do in the face of Islamist intimidation?" It was a fierce critique of what Redeker called Islam’s attempt "to place its leaden cloak over the world." On an Islamist website, he was sentenced to death in a posting that, in order to facilitate a potential assassin’s task, also provided his address, telephone and a photograph of his home. "I just went to Austria for a conference and even there the bodyguards were always with me," Redeker said. The police did not even allow him to announce his father’s death, because someone could have noted the surname. "I had to bury my father like a criminal," he said. The marriage of his daughter was also attended by the police. Redeker had to sell his house and buy another one in a secret location. "I cannot go out to buy bread or newspapers or for a glass of wine. I cannot walk in the streets. I am a refugee in my own country. I cannot take the train, bus or subway. I cannot answer the question of what I can expect from the future. This new situation has changed my perception of time…It’s as there is no future for me."Europe is also becoming a no-go area also for Israelis. Last July, Israeli historian Benny Morris was walking towards the London School of Economics. He was accosted by a group of keffiyah-clad Muslims who, recognizing him, started hurling abuse, shouting and screaming in his face that he was a "fascist", "murderer", "racist" and that the UK shouldn’t have let him speak. The police were called, but when they arrived, the Muslims disappeared. When Morris finished his lesson on Israel’s war of 1948, he was unceremoniously bundled away through the back exit of the faculty, past the garbage cans, out of fear for his safety if he left the building in the normal manner. "I felt like a Jew in Berlin in the 1920s," Morris told me. Kurt Westergaard’s last cartoon captured the atmosphere in Europe well. It depicts Westergaard as Don Quixote, leaving a donkey carrying a bomb with the word "ytringsfrihed" (freedom of speech.) Under the cartoon it says: "The Don Quixote of idealism says goodbye and thank you. The Sancho Panza of reality remains - for now."Hmmmm..........What progress we are making. In the Middle Ages they would have burned me. Now they are content with burning my books. ~Sigmund Freud.Read and see the full story here.

  • 'Israeli attack will unleash Iran's wrath'.(YNet).Hossein Ebrahimi, a senior member of the Tehran's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, warned Saturday that Iran's response to a possible attack by Israel will be "crushing.""Before (being able to take) any action against Iran, the Israelis will feel our wrath in Tel Aviv," he told the State-run IRNA news agency.Ebrahimi noted that "since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the US, UK and Israel have frequently threatened Iran… This is not a new development." Iran, he added, assessed Israel's military capabilities during the Second Lebanon War, "and found it to be weak.""The Israelis entered the (Lebanon) war with the capabilities they had but earned nothing but humiliation," Ebrahimi said. "I do not think that Israelis along with the Americans and Britons will commit such a folly." "If the threat is carried out they will see the political might of the (Islamic) establishment, the solidarity of the Iranian nation, and the strength of the country," he added."The Iranian regime is insane," a Tehran-based blogger told Ynet on Saturday. Hamid (alias) said that Israel should, nevertheless, take the threats uttered by the Islamic Republic's leaders seriously: "We are used to such threats... The Iranian people are not afraid – they have no reason to be. We know that if the Revolutionary Guards sense any real threat, they will launch world war three. Israel knows better than to want that." Hamid said that in the event of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, Tehran's army will immediately launch rockets at Israel, while its navy will attack US navy ships in the Persian Gulf.The regime, he added, may also choose to fire rockets at Iraq, Afghanistan and even Europe. "The regime is insane – tell Mr. Netanyahu not to attack." Hamid ventured that any attack would only boost the Iranian people's support of the ayatollah's regime – which already enjoys a 70% approval rate. Iran, he concluded, "should pursue nuclear technology only in order to be perceived as a (nuclear) power in the eyes of the West."Hmmm.....Prepare for $400 A barrel for gas?Read the full story here.

  • Iranian threat to U.S. surpasses al-Qaeda, military official says.(AlArabiya).Iran is the biggest threat to the United States and its allies in the Middle East, surpassing al-Qaeda, which is down but not out, a senior U.S. military official said on Friday.“The biggest threat to the United States and to our interests and to our friends, I might add, has come into focus and it’s Iran,” said the official, addressing a forum in Washington.Next week, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations nuclear watchdog, is expected to release a report that includes evidence of Iranian nuclear research which makes little sense if not weapons related, Western diplomats said.However, the official said he did not believe Iran wanted to provoke a conflict and added he did not know if the Islamic state had decided to build a nuclear weapon.Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful and that it is enriching uranium to power reactors for electricity generation.“I don’t know that the Iranians have made the decision to make a nuclear weapon,” the official said.Reporters were allowed to cover the event on condition that the senior military official not be identified.“Al-Qaeda is not out, but it's down,” the official said. He added that al Qaeda had also been largely marginalized by Arab Spring uprisings that have shown change is possible without resorting to the group’s “medieval practices.”The United States, the European Union and others have imposed numerous rounds of economic sanctions on Tehran for refusing to halt its uranium enrichment program.U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday said he agreed on the need to keep “unprecedented pressure” on Iran. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday stricter sanctions were the key to reining in Iran's nuclear program.But it is far from clear whether China and Russia, members of the U.N. Security Council, would agree to significantly tighten trade and financial sanctions on Tehran.At the Pentagon, spokesman George Little said the United States remained focused on leveraging diplomatic and economic pressure against Iran.“We remain very concerned about their intentions with respect to their nuclear program,” Little told reporters.“But in terms of the instruments of national power that we’re currently employing, the focus is on diplomatic and economic,” Little said.Read the full story here.

  • ‘Orientalism’ For Dummies.(DocsTalk).By Dr. Yasser Dasmabebi.Editor’s note: Dr. Yasser Dasmabebi holds the Edward Said-Noam Chomsky Linguistics Chair at Abdul Abulbul Amir University in Cairo.Being a renowned and brilliant linguist such as I am, on October 26, I innocently, and full of optimism and good-will, had published in Front Page Magazine — a war-mongering, racist site if ever there was one, judging from its unsavory readership and ignorant authors! — a glossary of useful terms and expressions meant to help delineate and define what speakers and writers mean when they use certain, shall we say, “explosive” words and phrases when describing so complex a circumstance as, as I wrote, “today’s (and yesterday’s and tomorrow’s) Mid- east.” Inasmuch as it seems that your culture and mine are teetering on the edge of conflict, I believe that persons of good-will, such as myself, need to do what what we must to make certain that misunderstanding and miscommunication do not precipitate a disastrous war in which we will doubtlessly defeat you, not least since we, and in particular our youth, care so much and you and yours seem to care so little.Perhaps the fact that we have raised a generation of very, very angry young men has something to do with the fact that that our young men are not allowed to have interaction with girls. (We tell them that attraction to young women is a Zionist plot hatched by evil Jews intent on capturing them in the snare of Shaytan. Talk about impressionable!)Whatever you think of us, you have to admit that prohibition has been a sensational strategy for recruiting plenty of extremely devoted young men who actually volunteer to strap on explosives in hopes of finding unmutilated maidens waiting for them elsewhere. Pretty cool, huh?! Faith is a powerful incentivizer! And a culture that prohibits deduction certainly needs faith!So, my only purpose was a peaceful one — to make certain that the reader would not be misled by ignorance or prejudice, or as my wise teacher and predecessor, Dr. Edward Said, coined it, “Orientalism,” the psychological disease or intellectual offense that imagines that the Western cultures are in some way “better than,” or “superior to,” as opposed to simply “different from,” Arabic or Eastern cultures.In a nutshell, Dr. Said posited that Westerners, because they are not Orientals, can never know how Eastern people think or why they do what they do. They — Westerners — therefore must never interpret or judge the words, intentions or actions of Middle-Easterners, especially the leaders, all of whom are “Men of the People,” serving from the depths of the goodness of their hearts, what is called the Arab Street, which is nothing more than the communal roar for Divine Justice, or for the random murder of Jews or Christians or Hindus or Bahai or Sikhs or Sunnis or Shia or pigs or dogs depending on what’s cooking that day.When Westerners do so – that is, when Westerners think they know what they’re talking about –, they are not merely mistaken, but also racist. And “racist” is the grand bugaboo of our era. We have learned that if we can persuade that you are racist, we can get you to do anything! Why, you people give money to Hamas and weapons to Hezbollah! What a world!Dr. Said’s reasoning is that a person making a judgment is inherently arrogant because, by virtue of making any judgment, that person a priori believes that his judgment must be right. And since our judgments are different than yours, we must be wrong.The Grand Flaw is that the Westerner does not realize that he does not and can know the workings of the Oriental mind, and he does not know that he does not know. In imagining that he is right, he is arrogant, which implies that he believes he is better than an Oriental (although how Arabs or Persians, rather than, say Chinese or Japanese, came to be called “Oriental” is beyond me, even if I am a brilliant linguist), and therefore racist. This is Dr. Said’s great insight with which he was able to bamboozle … oops…I mean persuade… Western academia!For one example, when we hijack an airplane, Western right-wing hard-liners insist this is an aggressive, hostile act. We, the keepers of Oriental consciousness, know this is an act of love. We are just trying to get passengers to their ultimate — and I do mean ultimate! — destinations sooner rather than later!!! (Note: The more exclamations points, the better the argument.)As you must surely realize by now, we Arabs know that we are never right, or more to the point, we Arabs are right because we know that we are wrong. So, Arabs can never be thought of as “Occidentalist” or racist. We get to be the “Victims of Racism!,” which means we win!For yet another example of such small-minded, wrongful Orientalist thinking, when Mr. Ahmadinejad says that “The Zionist entity must be wiped off the map,” Westerners and Israelis, in their sad ignorance, imagine that he is advancing the idea of a nuclear holocaust being brought down upon the heads of Israel. This is purely ignorant Orientalist hogwash. (You should excuse the expression!)What he is really saying is that “We (‘Humanity’) are one divine entity united by the divine spark which we all share in common. Therefore, let us light a large flame — a really LARGE flame — that represents the inherent brotherhood of man.” “Wiped off the map,” in this instance, merely refers to the day when peoples will no longer be divided into nations. And since there will be no nations, we will no longer have need of boundaries and borders, and we therefore will no longer need maps. We will all be one. (Or is that, “We will have won?”)But the point is that even though it is sad that such an idea is so difficult for the robber barons of Wall Street and their CEO cronies, and the imperialistic power mongers of the US political machine to grasp, it is not surprising. After all, what do they have to gain from peace, mutual well-being, free flow of goods, friendship, and all that stuff?But that Dr. Said’s central tenet has been accepted so readily among the great minds of Western academia is one of the astonishing successes in the history of East – West relations. And now these professors are busy inculcating Orientalism — the concoction of such a word is sheer(ia) genius, is it not?! – into the minds of their students so that pretty soon, they’ll have to wear a kefiya on campus if they want a passing grade!Now we are at work at getting Israeli academics to buy into this doctrine. And thus far, we are having far greater success than we ever dreamed possible. Now we are planning an Anti-Israel Apartheid Week on campuses in Israel! Imagine Jewish and Muslim and Christian students, White, Brown and Black, gay and straight, men and women, all marching hand-in-hand protesting Apartheid! How heart-warming! How inspiring!Mysterious indeed are the ways of Allah!Read the full extended version here.

  • Belgium - heavy ethnic rioting of Turks and Kurds in Antwerp.(Vrt).The northern port city of Antwerp was the scene of rioting between Kurds and Turks on Saturday night. The incidents were focused around the Van Kerckhovenstraat where members of the city’s Kurdish and Turkish communities clashed.Saturday's riot was the third incident between Kurds and Turks in only a week's time. It was around 10 PM that Antwerp police received the first reports of a brawl out on the street. Within minutes the belligerents were joined by several hundred members of the two communities. It was especially young people who joined in the fracas.A massive police presence attended the scene. Police officers did their best to separate the two groups and prevent further fighting. At one point the rioters hurled street paving stones at the police that responded with tear gas. Calm returned around 1:30 AM.The rioting has caused considerable material damage. Shop windows were shattered, cars were trashed and bus shelters damaged. A number of people had to be taken to hospital for treatment, but all have now been discharged. The police also report one stabbing in which one person was injured, but the exact circumstances have not yet been established.At the beginning of the week petrol bombs were thrown at a Turkish Cultural Centre in the same street. Who is responsible remains unclear, but Turkish people in Antwerp blamed the Kurds. Later in the week a group of Kurds wanted to hand in a petition at city hall, but there was nobody there to meet them. A score of petitioners was detained for a while.Read and see the full story here.

  • Egypt Randomly Arresting Copts for Maspero Massacre.(Aina).By By Mary Abdelmassih. -- Egypt's Military Prosecutor decided on November 3 to continue the detention of 34 Coptic Christians for another 15 days, pending investigations on charges of inciting violence, carrying arms and insulting the armed forces during the October 9 Maspero Massacre, which claimed the lives of 27 Christians and injured 329. The court session was attended by more than twenty defense lawyers. The case was adjourned to November 18.According to defense lawyers, most of the detainees were arrested after October 9, and some were not even at the Maspero protest and were just collected from the streets for "being a Christian." Three of them were teens under 16 years old and another had an operation to extract a bullet from his jaw and was chained to his bed in hospital, according to defense lawyer Ibrahim Edward. "After the operation he was sent straight to prison where he cannot eat without feeding tubes, so he lives on juices."Prominent activist Alaa Abdel-Fatah, who criticized the army for the Maspero Massacre, was arrested on October 30, charged with inciting violence, seizing military equipment, and vandalizing military property. He refused to answer questions from the military prosecutors "in a case where the military is accused of committing a massacre when their APCs ran over peaceful protesters in front of Maspero on Oct. 9," said his lawyer Ahmed Seif Al-Islam, former director of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center.Abdel-Fatah also played a big role in convincing the families of the Maspero Coptic victims to agree to have the bodies of their relatives autopsied in order to have proof that the military caused their death.Two days ago, Mikhail Naguib, a Copt, was arrested at his home by the military and accused of stealing a machine gun and using it to kill Copts in Maspero on October 9.The military prosecutors claimed that the gun, a type used by the army, was stolen from one of the APCs at Maspero. The army said that a taxi driver who brought Naguib on that night from Maspero to his home in the run-down area of Sharabia witnessed that he had a gun bundled in a plastic bag with him.In an interview aired on the "The Way" Christian TV, Michael's father said the army and police found nothing at home and that they beat his son and took him away in his underwear.Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization, said that this latest arrest and these extremely serious accusations raises questions about the intentions of the army. He wondered about the evidence the military has regarding these charges, and whether with this arrest the real culprits will not be brought to justice.Families of detainees appeared in an interview with Coptic Channel CTV and told how their sons and husbands were arrested.Ms. Magda, mother of Mina Talaat, said that her son did not attend the Maspero protest but was arrested after the violence at 20:30 in one of the roads leading to Maspero. "Mina was stopped by a soldier, who called a group of 20 people to come quickly, as he had found a Christian. The group beat Mina with short leather batons until his jaw was broken and he had to hold it back with his hand. He also had wounds in the head requiring 12 stitches."Mina told his mother on her first visit that he hid under an armoured personnel carrier but was dragged out and taken to a room on the third floor of the TV building, together with other Copts, and they were beaten until 8 AM. He was then taken to el-Kobah Military Hospital where he was chained to his bed. She said that Mina had a large tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his arm and "the soldier was so angry about that he wanted to shoot him."Ms. Mariam, wife of Mr. Amin Mouneer Ayad, who was at work and was dropped off by his company's bus near Maspero after 22:00, said that a soldier asked her husband if he was a Christian and saw the tattooed cross on his wrist, then took him away to a room all covered in blood. After taking his money and cell phone, the soldiers beat him until he lost consciousness. "I did not recognize him at hospital," said his wife. "His eyes were so swollen that when he cried no tears were flowing."The Al-Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture said on its Facebook page that Mr. Amthal Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah, a Muslim arrested at Maspero by the military, was said by his mother to be mentally handicapped. Military prosecutors transferred him to Abbassiya mental hospital, which decided to keep him "until he comes back to his senses," as per the hospital report."To arrest the victims and not the assailants shows the extent of persecution and humiliation the Copts are experiencing," said Medhat Kelada, head of the Union of Coptic Organizations in Europe. "If there is any justice, the military prosecution should instead investigate the crimes committed by the military police."A list of suspects to be questioned by the military prosecutors with regards to the Maspero violence was published by the media, which included clergy, in addition to political movements like the Maspero Coptic Youth Union, Copts Without Borders and April 6. It also included the deceased Coptic protester Mina Danial, known from the January 25 Tahrir protests, who died in the Maspero Massacre from gun shots.Father Filopateer was interrogated by the prosecution on October 26 and he completely refused to cooperate with the military investigation because he is a civilian and because it is biased and is part of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), with whom "…we are direct opponents in this case. I accused the SCAF, Field Marshal Tantawi and Brigadier Badeen, head of military police of being directly responsible for the Maspero Massacre." He said that the SCAF was fishing for incriminating evidence.Father Mattias Nasr went to the military prosecutor on October 20. He said that he did not expect to be accused, wondering how can a victim become a culprit? He described the investigations as a sort counterbalance to what was unveiled in the conference held on October 20 by the Maspero Coptic Youth Union. The conference accused the military of murdering the demonstrators through video footage and witnesses.Right groups have criticized the ongoing arrests, denounced military trials for civilians and called for the transfer of the investigation of the case from military to civilian prosecutors.Joe Stork, Deputy Middle East director of Human Rights Watch, said "The military cannot investigate itself with any credibility. This had been an essentially peaceful protest until the military used excessive force and military vehicles ran over protesters. The only hope for justice for the victims is an independent civilian-led investigation that the army fully cooperates with and cannot control and that leads to the prosecution of those responsible.""They are arresting Christians and levying accusation at them, most of which are really absurd, in an attempt to implicate them in the killings," says activist Mark Ebeid, who attended the Maspero protest. "The Junta is trying to justify the impossible, which is putting the blame on someone else. We all witnessed the killings with our own eyes on that bloody Sunday."Read the full story here.

  • Muslim Brotherhood buying support in Egypt.(Giyus).The Egyptian revolution is in gridlock. As election loom ahead, the military council is concerned that the Muslim Brotherhood will easily win majority of parliament seats. This weekend Islamic holiday, which centers on sacrifice and feeding the poor, offered the Muslim Brotherhood a golden opportunity. Putting to use its vast charity network, the Brotherhood sold discounted vegetables and meat to the poor that were unable to celebrate the holiday otherwise.Understanding that the road to democracy may turn Egypt into an Islamic state, the secular Military Council tried to propose a new constitution which would have given the ruling military council exclusive authority to approve any legislation on the army’s internal affairs.While public outcry led to the dismissal of this proposal, the problem remains how to ensure the Muslim Brotherhood which are likely to dominate the new government, will not be able to dismantle the secular body of the army.Meanwhile, in a poor district of eastern Cairo on Friday, families crowded outside the neighborhood mosque as volunteers for the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party yelled out prices on discounted potatoes, lemons, green beans and other vegetables. Many which bought the discounted goods said they will vote for the Brotherhood as they "help with the expensive items".Tunisia's elections in which the Islamic party won 41% of the votes highlighted the Egyptian upcoming elections. As we saw in Tunisia, in such founding elections with new parties, organization and network is crucial for high approval rates. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood excels on both counts, while the secular candidates and parties are starting from scratch.In the western world, democracy is sacred. But history tells us that democracy was used to bring about terrible dictators which led the world to a global war. In a more recent event, we saw Hamas rise to power in Democratic elections leading Gaza to years of misery. We are now witnessing the same process in Egypt.As the Muslim Brotherhood is putting their network to use it's not a question of who will win these elections but rather how much votes they'll get.Read the full story here.

  • Turkey - Heavier penalty for rape with EU reforms.(HurriyetDaily).In parallel to a number of big issues like the earthquake in the eastern province of Van and violence related to Kurdish nationalism, Turkish public opinion has been debating a court ruling about a rape case for almost two weeks now.The case involves the rape of 13-year-old N.Ç. in the southeastern province of Mardin in 2002 by 26 adult men, including civil servants, soldiers and school teachers.The First Mardin Criminal court found that the young girl had not resisted the acts of the 26 men and accepted money from them, so it could be interpreted that she had consented to the act. The court then sentenced each of the men to a minimum of five years in prison.The lawyers for the girl took the case to the Supreme Court of Appeals in Ankara, which upheld the Mardin court’s ruling.That caused outrage throughout society, from individuals to associations and politicians, including the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) ministers. On Nov. 3 President Abdullah Gül said he did not want to interfere in judicial affairs, but added that the case had disturbed him greatly and that he hoped that the case would ultimately result in a way that would relieve the upset felt by people.Gül was implying the last resort regarding the case, namely, the possibility that the chief prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Appeals could take the case to the uppermost General Board of Crime, which has the authority to ask for a retrial.But there is still a problem here.The Turkish Penal Code was changed in 2004 as part of EU harmonization reforms. In the new penal code, article number 103, there is no reduction suggested in the penalty because of consent or any other reason if the victim is under the age of 15. On the contrary, the law calls for an increase if the crime was committed by more than one person.But the former penal code’s article 414/1 said that if the judges decided that the act was consensual, the penalty is five years. But legal experts agree that the judges could interpret the law otherwise and give the penalty according to article 414/2, which calls for at least 10 years imprisonment. So, if the prosecutor takes the public and also political outcry into consideration, changes his former decision and takes the case to the upper board, the maximum that the 26 offenders could again get would be determined by the former article 414/2.Under the new Turkish Penal Code’s article 103, however, the defilers should be sentenced to at least 22.5 years each.This is what the difference would have been if the poor girl had been raped after the EU reforms – another dimension of the change in the living standards of Turkish people’s lives brought by the EU harmonization.Read the full story here.

  • Pakistan - Four female teachers of a private school were attacked with acid by unidentified culprits in Quetta.(SriLankaGuardian).Pakistani fanatic intelligence agencies ISI and MI third time acid attack on Baloch women in order to spread panic among the Baloch female teachers and women who are playing a vital role in Balochistan’s independence movement.Four female Baloch teachers of a private school were attacked with acid by unknown culprits in Killi Alam area of Saryab here on Saturday. According to local police officer Malik Arshad, the female teachers were sitting in a van outside their school in Killi Alam on Saryab Road when two men on motorbikes hurled acid and fled from the scene.Three teachers, in early 20s, received burn injuries on their face, hands and legs while clothes of another teacher were burnt. The victims were identified as Robina Mushwani, 21, Fazila Bangulzai, 23, Sajida Bibi, 24 and 21-year-old Surriya Langhov. Sajida Bibi was discharged after being provided first aid. “We were sitting inside the van outside of our school when two persons on motorbike appeared and the hurled acid. They attackers were wearing masks and disappeared from the scene,” one of the injured Fazila told the doctors at Bolan Medical College Hospital. The victims were admitted at Plastic Surgery and Burns Wounds Department at BMC that was crowded with their relatives. One of the eye witnesses claimed that the culprits had hurled a bottle containing deadly acid on the four female teachers. Dr said that the victim Rubina received 8 per cent burn injuries in her face and hands, Surriya 3.4 per cent while Fazila sustained 2 per cent wounds.According to relatives, they had not received any threat. “The van was parked outside the skillful Grammar School as usually and ready to drop the teachers to their respective areas,” said,relative of one of the victims.It was the third incident in Balochistan during the past 15 months as earlier three women were attacked with acid in Kalat while two sisters sustained burn injuries in Dalbandin. Later, ISI /MI creadted new dummy organizations claimed the responsibility and warned the female not to move out in Bazaars and do not work outside.ISI religious fanatics are involved in the acid attack in order to spread panic among the Baloch female teachers and Baloch women who are playing a vital role in Balochistan’s independence movement.Hmmmm......For some "Knowledge is treathening".Read the full story here.

  • Five reasons for being [a] Russian [nationalist].(RussiaWatchers).By Yoera Mulders.In a country that twice disintegrated along ethnic borders, the National Question, is like the rope, about which one does not speak in the house of the hanged man. We however do have to talk about it. If not in election time, than perhaps at high brow conferences, one of such which took place in Yaroslav last week.At these conferences however we really hear but just one idea: the cultivation of an All-Russian civic nation as a counterbalance to ethnic radicalism. According to this idea ‘our task is to build an all inclusive Rossian nation, while preserving the identity of all peoples living in our country’. The president spoke these words at a meeting of the State Council in Ufa, thereby echoing the Soviet idea of ‘a new historical community’. ‘If we fail’ – I quote the president at a different meeting – ‘our nation awaits a sad fate’.This new civic nation has been under construction since the days of Yeltsin, but 20 years after its appearance, ‘the new Rossia’ as before exists as a state without a nation and concerns about its fate continue to linger.What we have here is a paradox. On the one hand, by assigning itself the task of building a nation the state admits that our nation-state does not yet exist in the full sense. On the other hand the state assumes the role of the demiurge [God like creature, JM], capable of creating a new nation-state from top down.[Translators note: If by now you are being confused by the use of the terms 'Rossian' and 'Rossia', you may want to read the introduction above. JM]It is difficult to reconcile these two points, ‘but other countries have succeeded’, the president said at the aforementioned State Council in Ufa. ‘And we should too.’France is the textbook model of a nation, which was build from top down. The French crown did mold the French people out of a fairly diverse population. Can and should we follow their example? The French state was able to complete this task because it had a foothold outside the nation – in the divine right of kings. Does the Rossian presidential dynasty have a similar reserve of strength? 

The other question is: Did we not already experience something similar? The Russian ethnos emerged as a nation with state power as its starting point and this process didn’t require 20 years, but several centuries. After our turbulent history, the decision to start a new nation building project from scratch can only be considered audacious. So before we redouble our energies to build a ‘new historic community’, why don’t we compare it with its predecessor?Optimists say that we do not necessarily need to choose between ‘Russians’ and ‘Rossians’. After all the promise is given that ‘the identity of all peoples, living in our country’ will be preserved in the process of nation building. The problem however consists in the fact that for [ethnic] Russians their identity is also an attribute of state power. Without the state, the Russian people can possibly preserve itself as an ethnos, but we can never realize ourselves as a contemporary nation.What is the difference between the one and the other?According to British researcher Benedict Anderson contemporary nations were created by the printing press. This is a pretty accurate metaphor for the formation of an ‘industrial’ identity. An ethnic community reaches the stage of a nation, when it acquires developed mechanisms to multiply and spread carriers of its identity and the national identity itself is enshrined in the form of a literary culture (including a developed literary language, traditions in art, a collection of fundamental texts shaping self-consciousness, and so forth. )A tribe or a people may reproduce itself in a primitive way – with the help of oral tradition and direct contact between family and neighbors. For a nation that is not enough. To continue itself in generations, a nation needs cumbersome (and costly) social machines, acting primarily under the aegis of the state.Applied to our question, this means, that when [Russian] schools, media, the army, the state apparatus and ‘mass art’ are all [re-]branded into Rossian, it does not necessarily follow that the state is building a truly new nation. It does follow that the state may very well destroy the country, because we do risk to loose our Russian nation in the process of building ‘a nation of Rossians’.From this paradox follows that it is clear who the authorities want us to be, but we have not determined yet, who we want to be ourselves. In this piece I will pose five choices with regard to our identity. Do we want to be Russians or Rossians?
  1. Do we want to be citizens or serfs?
  2. Do we want to be the children of a long history or a brief moment of inertia?
  3. Us versus them.
  4. Do we want Pushkin or Gel’man?
  5. Do we want to be a union of peoples or a conglomerate of minorities?
A society, from which the cultural backbone is removed, has not even zero, but a negative assimilative potential. It does not inspire immigrants to integrate. On the contrary, it evokes among minorities the desire to fill the opening emptiness with their own ethnic and religious myths. And for the majority there is nothing else to do than to escape into subcultures or apathy.So, a strong national culture, even one that is alien to minorities, is much better equipped to ensure their integration, than the emptiness left after its removal. In our case this is times times true. For the larger part of the peoples of Rossia the Russian culture is not alien at all.Rossia indeed evolved as a union of peoples, but for this union to be possible, the recognition of its prime subject was needed: the Russians as the state-forming nation.From the point of view of the minorities there are no valid reasons to oppose that recognition. Their rights after all are maximally realised in their own states, their own influential lobbies and cultural autonomies. The only thing that remains is to complete that colourful complexity with the national self-determination of the majority.Sooner or later this will happen. The question is only if the territory of self-determination will be the Russian Federation or some other yet unknown country in our future.The author Mikhail Remizov is the president of the Institute of National Strategy.Read the full story here.
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