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Saturday, November 5, 2011

EMP Nightmare: How Iran or North Korea Could Destroy America with a Single Bomb

Rudy guiliani: Obama's warfare stick a millstone around his neck.“HE OWNS THE WALL STREET OCCUPY MOVEMENT"

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  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation updated:  Chile 5.9 ; Vanuatu 5.9!More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • Obama Tells Allies: U.S. Will Attack Iran By Fall 2012.President prepared to use war as re-election campaign tool.(PrisonPlanet).Barack Obama has told America’s allies that the United States will attack Iran before fall 2012 unless Tehran halts its nuclear program, a time frame that suggests Obama is willing to use war as a re-election campaign tool to rally the population around his leadership.A subscriber-only report by DebkaFile, the Israeli intelligence outfit which has been proven accurate in the past, reveals that shortly after the end of NATO operations in Libya at the start of this week, “President Barack Obama went on line to America’s senior allies, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with notice of his plan to attack Iran no later than September-October 2012 – unless Tehran halted its nuclear weaponization programs.According to the report, the window of opportunity for an attack before Iran moves the bulk of its nuclear processing underground is quickly evaporating.
    Obama’s directive contributed to the flurry of reports this week about NATO powers putting their Iran war contingency plans on standby.“Obama’s announcement was not perceived as a general directive to US allies, but a guideline to blow the dust off the contingency plans for a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities which stayed locked in bottom drawers for three years,” states the report, adding that “Obama’s announcement spurred Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Israel into girding their navies, air forces, ballistic units and anti-missile defense systems for the challenges ahead.”The imminent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is part of a program to re-arrange the United States’ presence in the Gulf. This dovetails with numerous reports over the past few weeks that large numbers of U.S. troops are being stationed in Kuwait.“Military sources in the Gulf report that NATO and Persian Gulf leaders are treating the prospect of a US strike against Iran with the utmost seriousness,” states the article, adding that America plans to rebuild its Gulf presence as part “of a new US focus on cutting Iran down to size.
    The timing of a potential fall 2012 attack would of course coincide with Obama’s attempt to secure a second term in the White House. If by that time the United States has embarked on yet another military assault in the Middle East, it would undoubtedly play to Obama’s advantage, just as George W. Bush cited U.S. involvement in Iraq as a reason for voters not to “change horse” in the middle of a race back in 2004.DebkaFile has proven itself to be accurate in predicting the precise time frame of conflicts in the past, correctly reporting back in July that the war in Libya would come to a head in early September, which is when rebels seized Tripoli and Gaddafi went on the run.Should Obama and the United States’ NATO allies lead the attack on Iran, Israel itself is likely to take a back seat, according to reports which suggest the Zionist state will concentrate on defending the home front against likely reprisal attacks carried out by Hizballah.Hmmm......May God have mercy on us humans if he does this.Read the full story here.

  • "The War On Christianity " - Obama 'The Christian President' his Administration Opposes FDR Prayer at WWII Memorial.(Fox).Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are expressing outrage after the Obama administration announced its objection to adding President Franklin Roosevelt's D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. The objection was noted during a congressional hearing on Rep. Bill Johnson's, R-Ohio, bill -- the "World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2011." "It is unconscionable that the Obama administration would stand in the way of honoring our nation's distinguished World War II veterans," Johnson said. "President Roosevelt's prayer gave solace, comfort and strength to our nation and our brave warriors as we fought against tyranny and oppression."Johnson told Fox News that the administration's objection should "give all Americans a great deal of concern." "For there to be objections to demonstrating a faith in God at critical points in our nation's history -- particularly D-Day -- boggles my mind," Johnson said. "I was very surprised they were going to object." Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council said it's not all that surprising. "This is further evidence that the administration has created an environment that is hostile towards American history -- but in particular towards Christianity," Perkins told Fox News. "I hope America wakes up and realizes what this administration is doing to this country and how they want to radically and fundamentally change America." "They want to erase every aspect of America's heritage," Perkins said of Obama's administration. "Any president, any official in history that has embraced Christianity, is no longer welcome in this administration. That's the environment they are creating."Hmmmm.......“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes. ~ Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776.Read the full story here.

  • Eric Holder’s Brazenly Corrupt Department of Justice.(Israel Commentary).By JosephFarah.If one wants to read a comprehensive litany of evidence dictating the immediate indictment and likely imprisonment of Barack Obama’s appointee as Attorney General of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, a very good start would be to read the October issue of Whistler Magazine published by Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of World Net Daily.Here is Joseph Farah’s introduction which is followed in the magazine by 20 other pertinent, factual articles. Letter from the publisher.
I just don’t know how to put this more delicately or diplomatically. Barack Obama should not be sitting in the White House. He should be sitting in the Big House. Forget all the questions about his identity and qualifications for office, his scandalous associations, his anti-American worldview and his attacks on the economy over the last three years.As a prelude to this special issue of Whistleblower magazine focused on injustice under the Obama administration, lets just focus on two instances of official corruption and cover-up.The latest example is the Solyndra scandal. Remember the name. Don’t forget it – even if the press and Congress try to sweep it under the rug. Solyndra represents the perfect storm of Obamas misguided ideology, his reckless political ambition and his eagerness to squander trillions of public dollars to promote both.It was only two years ago that Joe Biden hailed Solyndra as the centerpiece of the Obama administrations initiative to develop “clean energy technologies,” boasting of $535 million in federal loan guarantees to ensure the politically connected company would have all the resources necessary to produce solar power.Rahm Emanuel and others in the administration pressured the Office of Management and Budget to finalize the one-sided deal, over the objections of OMB reviewers who preferred due diligence before handing over half a billion to company officials and investors who had, coincidentally, bundled tens of thousands of dollars into Obamas campaign a year earlier and had an open door at the White House ever since – or - at least, until recently when the highly favored company went belly up before ever producing a single kilowatt of electricity.First of all, solar energy is not some cutting-edge technology. It is being used legitimately and effectively, without public subsidies, to power homes and reduce reliance on traditional power plants. But, whenever Big Government enters the picture, promoting so-called ”clean energy” like its a panacea for the future power needs and economic growth potential of the nation, it becomes nothing more than a money suck based on false promises. But Solyndra is much worse than that. It’s clear that Obama granted special favors to its investors and executives after collecting an enormous amount of campaign money from them.A local or state official who engineered a deal like this would be indicted, tried and convicted of bribery but this one was orchestrated by the most powerful members of the Obama administration, with his direct involvement.The second example I would like to offer is the aptly named “Fast and Furious” scandal. This was the plot by the Obama Justice Department to sell American guns to Mexico’s drug cartel – some of which were used to kill people including, at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent.A congressional probe into sensational, unbelievable, criminal enterprise – again, carefully directed by the highest official in the land with Obama’s oversight – has been stone walled by Attorney General Eric Holder and the White House.I want you to try to imagine if this were a different administration, perhaps the previous one. What would the press and Democratic members of Congress be saying about scandals of this magnitude if they were the handiwork of George W. Bush. Do you think there would be any hesitation to call for impeachment, trial and conviction? What if the scandals were discovered after the Bush team left office? Do you think there would be any hesitation to prosecute those involved to to the fullest extent of the law?Can you even imagine that scandals like this would not be at the top of every news report day after day after day?Neither can I.In fact, I believe people would be on their way to prison for the crimes and cover-ups that have been perpetrated by this administration. And that’s just what they would deserve. So do the members of this administration – including the man at the top who has been presiding over this kind of corruption for nearly three years, It’s taking too long for justice to be done. Tolerance for the secrecy and scandals is destroying the very fabric of this country.Just what we should expect, I suppose, from the Department of Injustice.Until next time,Joseph Farah.Read the full story here.

  • Clinton confirms DOJ/DHS committed felonies in Operation Fast and Furious.(BobOwens).ometimes it really does get just this simple. By denying that State played any role at all in Operation Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton has thrown Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano under the bus at highway speeds.“How?” you may be asking. Simple.According to the Arms Export Control Act, only the State Department can authorize the export of weapons. Every weapon that the multi-agency strike force made up mostly of Department of Justice and Homeland Security personnel sent over the Mexican border should equal a felony, for at least 2,020 felonies in Operation Fast and Furious alone.Eric Holder’s December 8 agreement to appear in front of Congress under oath just got a lot more interesting. Maybe after his trial Holder, can share a cell with Jerome Pendzich until we get him and Napolitano extradited to Mexico for the 200 plus counts of their being accessorys to murder.Hmmm.....Some days the Sun just shines extra bright......smiles.Read the full story here.

  • President Obama's attorney rejects subpoena request for Solyndra docs.(BlacklistedNews).Source: Washington Examiner.President Obama's attorney sent a letter to Congressional investigators on Friday, saying the White House would not cooperate with a subpoena requesting documents related to its doling out a $535 million loan guarantee to now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra."I can only conclude that your decision to issue a subpoena, authorized by a party-line vote, was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation," Obama's counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, wrote in a letter to the top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce committee. (Read Ruemmler's full letter here).Committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich, blasted the White House response:“We have been reasonable every step of the way in this investigation, and it is a shame that the Obama Administration and House Democrats continue to put up partisan roadblocks to hide the truth from taxpayers. Solyndra was a jobs program gone bad, and we must learn the lessons of Solyndra as we work to turn our economy around and put folks back to work. Our judicious and methodical work over the last eight months has garnered tens of thousands of pages of documents from DOE and OMB that have proven we are on the right track. Now, we need to know the White House’s role in the Solyndra debacle in order to learn the full truth about why taxpayers now find themselves a half billion dollars in the hole.Read the full story here.

  • Pakinsanity: Now Even Being an Active Anti-American Terrorist Doesn’t Make You Off-Limits for The Obama Administration.(DocsTalk).By BarryRubin.Even the New York Times is shocked. Here’s how the story begins:“Just a month after accusing Pakistan’s spy agency of secretly supporting the Haqqani terrorist network, which has mounted attacks on Americans, the Obama administration is now relying on the same intelligence service to help organize and kick-start reconciliation talks aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan.”There are two problems here:
--Despite massive financial aid, Pakistan has proven to be unreliable in fighting terrorists or helping the United States capture them. It is also a major sponsor of terrorism. In Afghanistan, it has worked secretly with the Taliban and other violent Islamist groups. So why is the United States making that country the centerpiece of its Afghanistan plans? Note the parallel to making the hostile Islamist Turkish regime the manager of its Syria policy. It’s also coddling up to the Muslim Brotherhood as well. If it weren’t for the power of pro-Israel sentiment in the country, I’d bet the Obama Administration would be making nice with Hamas and Hizballah as well.
--The Administration is also ready to deal with the Taliban, remember that it was an enabler for the September 11 attack, and the Haqqani network, a group close to al-Qaida and one that is very active in terrorism against Americans, including a recent assault on the U.S. embassy in Pakistan and now a suicide bomber attack killing ten Americans in Kabul.
As usual, double-talk is employed to make this absurd policy sound reasonable. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls it, “Fight, Talk, Build.” The United States will attack Haqqani while trying to get it to negotiate.Aside from an ideology that portrays the United States as a minion of Satan (a serious barrier to becoming friends), the Haqqani and their Pakistani sponsors know that the United States is leaving any way. So why not just outwait the attacks? Moreover, the United States is not able to hit them hard enough to make a difference.Or as the New York Times puts it so well, Pakistan’s powerful intelligence chieftains, “see little advantage in forcing those negotiations, because they see the insurgents as perhaps their best bet for maintaining influence in Afghanistan as the United States reduces its presence there.”As senseless policies and failures proliferate, dissent grows inside the administration. A “senior American official” summarized the Pakistani position as “Cease-fire, Talk, Wait for the Americans to Leave.”In sharp contrast to Iraq, Afghanistan is likely to collapse in bloodshed after the U.S. departure and a radical, probably Islamist, and anti-American regime will come to power. That would be still another monument to the Obama Administration policy of rewarding enemies and punishing friends.Hmmmm......I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes~ Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776.Read the full story here.

Do you know the park in NYC that the Wall Street protesters are occupying?Zucotti Park.
Did you know this park is not owned by the city?It is owned by Brookfield Properties.
Who was just hired by Brookfield Properties as an attorney?Vice President Joe Biden’s son.
Who sits on the board of Brookfield Properties?Mayor Bloomberg’s live-in girlfriend.
Now, guess what company just recieved some of the last of the Obama Stimulus $$$$$$$.Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right, Brookfield Properties.Isn’t life great!
Hey, on a completely unrelated note, Wisconsin is shaping up to be the swing state in the 2012 presidential elections. Not Florida. Not Ohio. But Wisconsin.Now, guess who owns the company that will be tabulating the electronic votes in Wisconsin.Thaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right, the biggest contributor to Obama,George Soros. Whaaaaaaaat a coincidence!Remember what Stalin said.“He who votes does not have power. He who counts the votes has power”.Hmmm......“The probability of a certain set of circumstances coming together in a meaningful (or tragic) way is so low that it simply cannot be considered mere coincidence. ”~ V.C. King.Read the full story here.

  • You Got To Be Kidding?Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans.(Wired).Pakistan is taking nuclear paranoia to a horrifying new low. And it’s making the world a vastly more dangerous place in the process. Freaked out about the insecurity of its nuclear arsenal, the Pakistani military’s Strategic Plans Division has begun carting the nukes around in clandestine ways. That might make some sense on the surface: no military wants to let others know exactly where its most powerful weapons are at any given moment. But Pakistan is going to an extreme. The nukes travel “in civilian-style vehicles without noticeable defenses, in the regular flow of traffic,” according to a blockbuster story on the U.S.-Pakistan relationship in The Atlantic. Marc Ambinder and Jeffrey Goldberg write that tactical nuclear weapons travel down the streets in “vans with a modest security profile.” Somewhere on a highway around, say, Karachi, is the world’s most dangerous 1-800-FLOWERS truck.Tom Clancy should be suing Pakistani generals for ripping off the basic idea behind The Sum Of All Fears. You’ll recall that Pakistan is home to al-Qaida, a particularly fearsome version of the Taliban, the leadership of the old-school Taliban, its friends in the Haqqani Network and a host of anti-Indian terrorist groups that the Pakistani intelligence service employ as proxies. Sometimes the Pakistani military helps these terrorist and insurgent groups attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan. And any one of these groups would love a chance to wield a nuclear weapon. Except that Pakistan isn’t trying to safeguard its nukes from them. It’s trying to safeguard its nukes from us. The Navy SEAL raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama bin Laden has made important Pakistani generals think that the U.S. military’s next target is Pakistani nukes. So off the vans go, along what Ambinder and Goldberg term “congested and dangerous roads,” trying to throw off the scent of the U.S., with little more than hope to protect them from an adventurous highwayman. The irony is that the U.S. isn’t planning to steal Pakistan’s nukes — but Pakistan’s cavalier attitude toward nuclear security is making the U.S. think twice about whether it should revise some worst-case-scenario contingency planning. Should any of the nukes go missing, an “Abbottabad redux” would likely occur, Ambinder and Goldberg report. An anonymous military official tells the pair that the Joint Special Operations Command “has units and aircraft and parachutes on alert in the region for nuclear issues, and regularly inserts units and equipment for prep.” Seizing Pakistani nukes during or after a military coup is a much harder mission, but the reporters consider it doable. “[I]t’s wise for the U.S. to try to design a plan for seizing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in a low-risk manner,” Goldberg and Ambinder advise, placing a lot of rhetorical freight on the words “low-risk.”That is, if the U.S. actually knows where the nukes are. “Anyone who tells you that they know where all of Pakistan’s nukes are is lying to you,” ex-national security adviser Jim Jones allegedly said. The Econolines of Doom make that knowledge even more uncertain. All of which points to the self-reinforcing downward spiral of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. U.S. cash continues to go into the Pakistanis’ pockets, and from there into the hands of anti-American terrorists. There is, for many justified reasons, absolutely no trust between either side’s security services and militaries. There is also no alternative to the toxic relationship that anyone cited in the Atlantic piece is willing to contemplate. (When I recently suggested that the U.S. cut off aid and continue the drone war until Pakistan reins in terror groups, I got blasted on Twitter as a warmonger.) “There is no escaping this vexed relationship,” Ambinder and Goldberg conclude, reflecting the conventional wisdom in Washington and Islamabad. Which sinks the U.S. into the nadir of absurdity. It funds a terrorist-sponsoring state while conducting a massive undeclared war on part of that state’s territory. It wants that state’s assistance to end the Afghanistan war while that state’s soldiers help insurgents wage it. And seeking a world without nuclear weapons while its “Major Non-NATO Ally” drastically increases the probability that terrorists will acquire a the most dangerous weapon of all. Hmmmm.......Read and see the full story here.

  • Is the U.S. a friend or enemy of Israel?(DocsTalk).By TedBelman. This question always elicits different opinions. Obviously, in part, the answers depend on one's definition of "friend" or of "enemy."The most famous articulation of U.S. policy vis-à-vis Israel was made by Henry Kissinger in 1975 when talking to an Iraqi diplomat. To wit:
We don't need Israel for influence in the Arab world. On the contrary, Israel does us more harm than good in the Arab world[.] ... We can't negotiate about the existence of Israel but we can reduce its size to historical proportions[.]
Before the '67 War, U.S. policy was mostly hostile in that the U.S. imposed an embargo on arms to Israel for 20 years, from '47 to '67; was passive during the War of Independence, expecting Israel to be defeated in short order; and ordered Israel out of Sinai after Israel conquered it in the Sinai Campaign.Read more: here.This policy was ameliorated in the aftermath of the '67 War as reflected in Res. 242 of the UNSC, which established the principle that Israel was entitled to secure and recognized borders before withdrawing from the conquered territories. By that resolution, the U.S. recognized that an agreement on borders had to be negotiated and that of necessity, Israel would be retaining some of the land. Of course, a friend should have taken the position that Israel was entitled to keep all the land it had acquired in the defensive war. But the U.S. was committed to being friends with the Arabs, particularly Saudi Arabia, and this commitment excluded it. That has always been U.S. policy, right up until today.The Arabs totally objected to this resolution and set out their rejection at the Khartoum Conference in 1968, which reiterated the three "nos": no negotiations, no recognition, and no peace. President Nixon, who subsequently hired Kissinger, assumed office shortly thereafter and tried to move the U.S. position closer to that of the Arabs. He presented the Rogers Plan, which required full withdrawal. This plan never got traction but always reflected the opinion of the Arabists in the State Department.Kissinger's statement, above quoted, begged the issue and merely referred to the reduction of Israel's size to "historic proportions."When Israel negotiated the Oslo Accords without the knowledge of the U.S., the reference point was Res. 242, and nothing was said about the creation of a state, settlement construction, or Jerusalem except that it would be a final status issue.Shortly thereafter, the U.S. quietly negotiated an agreement with Israel limiting Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria to infilling for natural growth. I am sure Israel didn't ask for such an agreement.During the intifada II, Sen. Mitchell was sent to study the Arab violence. On April 30, 2001, he submitted the Mitchell Report, which rewarded the violence by demanding that settlement construction cease.As part of the lead-up to the Iraq War, President Bush openly announced his support for a Palestinian state in 2002 and entertained the Saudi Plan which the Saudis presented in 2002. He agreed to set up the Roadmap for negotiations and agreed to include a reference in it to the Saudi Plan and the Mitchell Report. The U.S. obviously hadn't given up on the Rogers Plan and the demand for full withdrawal. PM Sharon was given no choice in the matter. The Roadmap was launched one week after the U.S. invasion of Iraq.President Bush recanted a bit in his letter to Sharon in '04 in which he referred to Res. 242 but not the Saudi Plan, which was then called the Arab Initiative, as the basis for negotiations.Upon taking office, President Obama disavowed Res. 242, the longstanding agreement permitting infilling, and disavowed the Bush letter as binding. He openly has embraced the Saudi Plan and has called for negotiations based on the '67 armistice lines with swaps. In doing so, he has pulled the rug out from under Israel -- or, in today's parlance, has thrown Israel under the bus.Of course, the U.S. would be a real enemy were it to declare Israel has no right to exist. The fact that the U.S. is committed to Israel's existence, or so we are told, and has extensive military cooperation with Israel, suggests that she is a friend. But, given this history, requiring Israel to return to the '67 lines, even with swaps, suggests that she is really an enemy.You decide.Ted Belman is a retired lawyer and the editor of Israpundit. He made aliya from Toronto and is now living in Jerusalem.Read the full story here.

  • Thousands of Iranians protest against Israel, US.(Ynet).Thousands of Iranians in Tehran marched in protest against Israel and the United States on Friday. The protesters chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" and burned both Israeli and US flags. The march marked the 32nd anniversary to the 1979 Iran hostage crisis which saw Iranian students taking over the US embassy in Tehran and taking 52 diplomats hostage. The event prompted a diplomatic crisis between Tehran and Washington. Relations between the two nations were severed and have yet to be restored.Speaking before the crowd in Tehran, Iranian National Security Council Secretary Saeed Jalili accused the US of organizing terror attacks against Iran and other nations. "America uses terror as an illegitimate means to further its goals across the globe," he said. He called on the UN to punish the US for its terrorist activity. Jalili noted that a Swiss envoy in Tehran will be called to the Foreign Ministry offices to receive documents which the Iranians claim prove US support of terror groups. The Swiss Embassy in Tehran represents US interests in the country.In the past, Iran accused Washington of supporting anti-regime groups. Jalili added that Iran's ambassador to the UN will hand over a letter on the matter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The Fars news agency reported that among the protesters was Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Mohammad Ali Jafari who took part in the US embassy takeover as a student. Unverified reports claim Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also participated in the march. Protests such as Friday's march are organized by the Iranian regime. School students are obligated to attend the demonstrations in order to present a unified front to the West.Read and see (Video) the full story here.

  • 'UN has new Iranian nuke arms claims'(Ynet).The United Nations' atomic agency plans to reveal intelligence next week suggesting Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead and other previously undisclosed details on alleged secret work by Tehran on nuclear arms, diplomats told The Associated Press on Friday.Other new confidential information the International Atomic Energy Agency plans to share with its 35 board members will include satellite imagery of what the IAEA believes is a large steel container used for nuclear arms-related high explosives tests, the diplomats said.The agency has previously listed activities it says indicate possible secret nuclear weapons work by Iran, which has been under IAEA perusal for nearly a decade over suspicions that it might be interested in develop such arms. But the newest compilation of suspected weapons-related work is significant in substance and scope. The diplomats say they will reveal suspicions that have not been previously made public and greatly expand on alleged weapons-related experiments that have been published in previous reports on Iran's nuclear activities.It also comes as the drumbeat of reports about possible military action against Iran's nuclear facilities intensifies. British media have separately cited unnamed British officials as saying London was prepared to offer military support to any US strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. In Vienna, the diplomats - from IAEA member nations - asked for anonymity because their information was privileged. One of them said the material drawn up by IAEA chief Yukiya Amano will be in an annex running around 12 pages and attached to the latest of a regular series of agency reports on Iran's nuclear enrichment program and other activities that could be used to arm nuclear missiles.Previously undisclosed information contained in the annex, said the diplomats, will include: Intelligence from unnamed member states that a bus-sized steel container, located at the Iranian military base of Parchin is likely being used for nuclear-related high explosives testing of the kind needed to release an atomic blast. The agency has satellite imagery of the container.It is also said to include expanded evidence that Iranian engineers worked on computer models of nuclear payloads for missiles.Significantly, said the diplomats, these alleged experiments took place after 2003 - the year that Iran stopped a fully developed attempt to make nuclear weapons, according to a 2007 US intelligence assessment. But diplomats have told the AP that Tehran continued arms-related experiments in a less concentrated way after that date, a view reflected by recent IAEA reports that have detailed suspicions that such work may be continuing up to the present.The annex will also say that more than 10 nations have supplied intelligence suggesting Iran is secretly developing components of a nuclear arms program - among them an implosion-type warhead that it wants to mount on a ballistic missile.The upcoming report is meant to ratchet up pressure on the Islamic Republic to stop four years of stonewalling of IAEA experts seeking to follow up intelligence of such secret weapons-related experiments.Iran denies such activities, asserting that they are based on intelligence fabricated by Washington. It also denies that its uranium enrichment program - under UN Security Council sanctions because it could manufacture fissile warhead material - is meant for anything else but making nuclear fuel.Meanwhile, France's President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Iran's nuclear program earlier on Friday and said France would not stand idly by 'if Israel's existence were threatened'.Sarkozy was speaking at a G20 summit of world leaders days before the scheduled release of a United Nations report expected to offer intelligence pointing to possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear program.The report, however, is expected to stop short of declaring that Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons."Iran's behavior and this obssessional desire to acquire nuclear military (capability) is in violation of all international rules, and France condemns firmly the lack of respect for these rules," he said in the French Riviera resort of Cannes.Western powers, including Israel, suspect Tehran of developing nuclear weapons - something Iran denies - and have imposed sanctions in an attempt to curb its program.The United States and Israel have repeatedly hinted at possible use of force against Iranian nuclear sites, drawing threats of fierce retaliation from the Islamic Republic.Earlier on Friday, former Mossad Chief Ephraim Halevy warned against an Israeli strike on Iran, saying that the results of a confrontation could be devastating for the Mideast.Read the full story here.

  • 'US concerned Israel will act alone in Iran'.(YNet).Washington concerned of unilateral action? An American army official on Friday told CNN network that the United States is concerned over the possibility that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities without notifying it first.In the past, Washington could be certain that Jerusalem would give it a head notice before launching a strike, but the American official claimed that it is not an "ironclad" guarantee anymore.Asked whether the Pentagon is worried about a possible strike, the American official said "absolutely," but stressed that the United States has not intention to attack Iran at the moment. According to the report, Washington believes an Israeli military operation would include fighter jets and ballistic missiles, but the army official warned that Iran's defense systems are "first-class" and pose a serious threat to Israeli Air Force aircraft.The report further stated that the IAF pilots would have to fly through a third country before reaching Iran, and will most likely need to refuel in the air – at the risk of being detected by regional radars. The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), the official added, is not possible as it cannot fly the long distance or carry the weapons required to destroy the nuclear facilities*. Pressure on the Islamic Republic is expected to grow with the publication of The United Nations' atomic agency report next week.The IAEA plans to reveal intelligence suggesting Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead and other previously undisclosed details on alleged secret work by Tehran on nuclear arms, diplomats told The Associated Press on Friday.Other new confidential information the International Atomic Energy Agency plans to share with its 35 board members will include satellite imagery of what the IAEA believes is a large steel container used for nuclear arms-related high explosives tests, the diplomats said.Hmmmmm......*Guess what?....Surprise: How Israel's Biggest Drone Could Take Out Iranian Nukes.Read the full story here.

  • “Jerusalem, Israel” Goes Before the Supreme Court.(Commentary).By RickRichman.In “Scrubbing Israel,” Ben Smith notes that the Supreme Court will hear Zivotofsky v. Clinton on Monday, considering the constitutionality of the 2002 law that directs the secretary of state to designate “Israel” as the place of birth on the passport of an American citizen born in Jerusalem, if the citizen so requests.Smith’s title reflects the fact that a few days after the New York Sun publicized the White House photos of Vice President Biden’s trip to “Jerusalem, Israel” (and hours after National Review Online published one of them), the White House scrubbed “Israel” from the captions. Smith also highlights Omri Ceren’s “startling” report on “Contentions” that the administration scrubbed references to “Jerusalem, Israel” in official State Department reports published by the Bush administration.Finally, Smith cites newly discovered documents referencing “Jerusalem, Israel” in prior administrations as well:
A search of the Nixon Library, for instance, turns up his daily diary. A search of the Carter Library turns up ten similar documents. And a search of the Clinton Library finds all sorts of documents labeled “Jerusalem, Israel,” including the classic eulogy of Yitzhak Rabin. Even a search of current .gov websites turns up a spray of bureaucratic products referring to “Jerusalem, Israel.”The Zionist Organization of America’s amicus brief in Zivotofsky lists references to “Jerusalem, Israel” on documents found on the sites of the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Justice, State, and Treasury. Hillary Clinton’s brief nevertheless asserts that any U.S. action that would signal “symbolically or concretely” that it recognizes Jerusalem as within Israeli sovereign territory would “critically compromise the ability of the United States to … further the peace process.”It is ironic that Hillary Clinton became the named defendant in this case. In 2002, as senator from New York, she voted for the law. In 1994, her husband signed legislation allowing American citizens born in Taiwan to have “Taiwan” put on their passports even though U.S. policy – both before and after the legislation — was that there is only one China (the People’s Republic) and that Taiwan was not a separate country.It is even more ironic (to use the mildest possible word) that the candidate who in 2008 told 7,000 people at AIPAC, at a critical moment in his presidential campaign, that “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided” is now seeking as president to have the Court hold unconstitutional a similar law with respect to Jerusalem, Israel.Hmmm......."I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."Read the full story here.

  • European Central Bank Also Plots the End of the EU.(DailyBell).ECB President Mario Draghi cuts the euro's last lifeline ... Anyone thinking that the arrival of Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank might herald a change in approach to the eurozone debt crisis would have been sadly disappointed by his first public appearance in the new role on Thursday. True enough, he did cut interest rates, but this was already part of a pre-written script and can be easily justified by what Mr Draghi referred to as "slow growth, heading towards mild recession". No, and a thousand times no, he said to those calling on the ECB to stem the crisis with massive purchases of periphery-nation debt. The ECB's function, he reiterated, was to focus exclusively on price stability, not to act as lender of last resort to governments. Already, he seems like a clone of his predecessor, Jean-Claude Trichet, who famously had only "one needle in his compass" – inflation. Regrettably, it was this very same anti-inflationary zeal that is likely to have sealed the eurozone's fate in slipping into "mild recession." ... The idea of a "mild recession" is also a contradiction in terms; recessions are never mild. – UK Telegraph.Dominant Social Theme: The European Central Bank will do what it needs to do. It is an inflation fighter.
Free-Market Analysis: This is a big dominant social theme of the power elite – that central banks fight inflation. Central banks CREATE inflation by printing money from nothing. But the elite promotion is orchestrated to avoid that reality.Over and over, you'll see good, gray central bankers dressed in expensive suits stepping up to a bank of microphones to enunciate their concern over "inflation." They don't mean inflation, of course, which is monetary. They mean PRICE inflation. Meanwhile the printing presses churn behind them.Inflation is monetary. The more currency you print, the more inflation you are creating – and sooner or later it translates into PRICE inflation. As the volume of money grows, the value of currency lessens. It's an ineluctable fact. Here's some more from the article:
The ECB's position is a mass of contradictions. The ECB has already intervened quite heavily in sovereign bond markets, to the disgust of German council members, two of whom have resigned over the issue. But on this too Mr Draghi is sticking to the sophistry of his predecessor's justification. The purchases are temporary, limited and justified by monetary policy considerations, he insisted ... Insurrection against the penalties of the single currency is by no means confined to Greece. Berlusconi appears as much dead in the water as Papandreou. Greece doesn't matter; the eurozone economy could cope with a hard Greek default ... But Italy, the eurozone's third largest economy as well as the world's third largest sovereign bond market, is a different matter. The euro could not survive an Italian default and/or exit. Things are falling apart with a speed which G20 leaders cossetted in Cannes seem powerless to prevent ... Denied both growth and ECB activism, there is very little chance of the eurozone periphery meeting its commitments. Subjugation of democratic rights to the demands of the centre, meanwhile, risks a vicious political backlash ...Not until the debt crisis spreads to the core, threatening the single currency as a whole, could he be persuaded. This is a crisis that is set to run and run, locking in the now near certainty of another Continental recession which the UK will be lucky to escape. The article also makes the point that Draghi has cut interest rates, which help Europe's drowning banks even as he refuses to buy the debt of Europe's bankrupt PIGS – Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, etc. What the article does not point out, but we will, is that this is a policy that is deliberately driving the EU toward generic insolvency or worse – a break-up. The banks will be the proverbial last man standing.This conforms to our presentment that the powers-that-be may have decided the EU is impossible to rescue as it is now. The half-century experiment at empire building is over. The charade will continue but where it really counts, in the area of monetary policy, the EU and the euro will be undermined.Why would the elites and their great central banking families do such a thing? Well, to impose maximum chaos on the world in order to introduce yet more centralized authority. This authority can evolve worldwide or perhaps it can be imposed directly on the EU, or what's left of it.Conclusion: There are those who believe that this was the plan from the beginning. We are not so sure. We tend to believe that the Anglosphere elite has determined that the EU is best utilized now to generate maximum chaos and we would be surprised if that is not the result.Read the full story here.

  • Flashback 2005 - The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo.(FrontpageMagazine).By: Paul Sperry.Washington's policy-makers have been careful in the war on terror to distinguish between Islam and the terrorists. The distinction has rankled conservatives who see scarce difference.A little-noticed speech by President Bush in October gave them some hope. In a major rhetorical shift, he described the enemy as "Islamic radicals" and not just "terrorists," although he still denies that radicalism has anything to do with their religion. Now for the first time, a key Pentagon intelligence agency involved in homeland security is delving into Islam's holy texts to answer whether Islam is being radicalized by the terrorists or is already radical. Military brass want a better understanding of what's motivating the insurgents in Iraq and the terrorists around the globe, including those inside America who may be preparing to strike domestic military bases. The enemy appears indefatigable, even more active now than before 9/11. Are the terrorists really driven by self-serving politics and personal demons? Or are they driven by religion? And if it's religion, are they following a manual of war contained in their scripture?Answers are hard to come by. Four years into the war on terror, U.S. intelligence officials tell me there are no baseline studies of the Muslim prophet Muhammad or his ideological or military doctrine found at either the CIA or Defense Intelligence Agency, or even the war colleges.But that is slowly starting to change as the Pentagon develops a new strategy to deal with the threat from Islamic terrorists through its little-known intelligence agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity or CIFA, which staffs hundreds of investigators and analysts to help coordinate Pentagon security efforts at home and abroad. CIFA also supports Northern Command in Colorado, which was established after 9/11 to help military forces react to terrorist threats in the continental United States. Dealing with the threat on a tactical and operational level through counterstrikes and capture has proven only marginally successful. Now military leaders want to combat it from a strategic standpoint, using informational warfare, among other things. A critical part of that strategy involves studying Islam, including the Quran and the hadiths, or traditions of Muhammad."Today we are confronted with a stateless threat that does not have at the strategic level targetable entities: no capitals, no economic base, no military formations or installations," states a new Pentagon briefing paper I've obtained. "Yet political Islam wages an ideological battle against the non-Islamic world at the tactical, operational and strategic level. The West's response is focused at the tactical and operation level, leaving the strategic level -- Islam -- unaddressed." So far the conclusions of intelligence analysts assigned to the project, who include both private contractors and career military officials, contradict the commonly held notion that Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked or distorted by terrorists. They've found that the terrorists for the most part are following a war-fighting doctrine articulated through Muhammad in the Quran, elaborated on in the hadiths, codified in Islamic or sharia law, and reinforced by recent interpretations or fatwahs. "Islam is an ideological engine of war (Jihad)," concludes the sensitive Pentagon briefing paper. And "no one is looking for its off switch."Read the full story here.HT:IB.

  • "The War On Christianity "- Air Force Academy Cancels Toy Program,Critic Says Religious Toy Drive Should Not Be Promoted By Commanders.(TheDenverChannel).Colorado Springs. Colo. -- The Air Force Academy has canceled a Christmas toy program after a critic accused commanders of religious intolerance.Academy critic Mikey Weinstein said academy officials crossed the line by promoting Operation Christmas Child, a program sponsored by an evangelical Christian group that sends toys and toiletries to needy kids around the globe. The group also sends a Christian message with the gifts, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette."This is arrogance beyond measure," Weinstein, an academy graduate who runs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, told the paper.The academy has faced repeated allegations, including some earlier this year, that the school allows proselytizing on the government dime. This time, Weinstein was upset that an announcement about the Christmas toy drive was made to the entire cadet wing at lunchtime in the large cadet dining hall and was followed up with an e-mail to all cadets."PLEASE, PLEASE CONSIDER SPENDING SOME OF YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY TO LOVE ON A KID AROUND THE WORLD!!," the e-mail said. The e-mail was sent by a cadet after it was approved by a cadet leader, the newspaper reported.Weinstein said he’d be fine if the academy was backing a secular toy drive, or if the religious charity was promoted by chaplains rather than cadet leaders. But having leaders apparently backing the worldwide evangelism aims of Operation Christmas Child is inappropriate, he said.The academy, which initially stood by the promotion, backed down Thursday night."We agree that it was inappropriate," said Lt. Col John Bryan, an academy spokesman.Academy commandant Brig. Gen. Richard Clark apologized to Weinstein on Thursday and academy officials sent an email to cadets retracting an earlier request for their help with the program.The project has been handed over to the academy’s chaplains, who can legally take part and recruit support for religious endeavors.The charity doesn't hide its purpose. On its website, Samaritan's Purse, which runs the program, said, "For over 40 years, Samaritan's Purse has done our utmost to follow Christ's command by going to the aid of the world's poor, sick, and suffering. We are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. This, in turn, earns us a hearing for the Gospel, the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ."Three years ago, a Colorado Springs School District 11 school dropped a project to support Operation Christmas Child after administrators learned of its evangelical goals, according to the newspaper.Hmmmm.......'Merry Christmas,peace and GOOD WILL to all ?Read the full story here.

  • Canada - Muslims sue Popeyes for sharia-compliant chicken.(TorontoNews). group of Muslim restaurant franchisees is fighting fast-food chain Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in court over the right to sell hand-slaughtered Halal meat for religious reasons.The battle in Ontario Superior Court comes after the Atlanta-based franchise moved to replace the chicken supply with machine-killed birds in 14 Toronto restaurants. The company says it’s still Halal-certified; the franchisees claim the machine method is against the beliefs of a majority of Muslims.“If I begin selling machine-slaughtered chicken, I will immediately lose an enormous segment of my customers,” reads the sworn affidavit from Abdul Haffejee, who owns eight Popeyes in the GTA.Haffejee, who donates Popeyes chicken to mosques and sponsored Muslim Day at Canada’s Wonderland, said between 50 and 80 per cent of his customers are Muslim.“All of the members of the Muslim community that I have worked so hard to attract will be gone instantly. They cannot be replaced,” he said in his affidavit, claiming tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars at stake.Halal is a term used to denote if something is lawful in the Islamic faith.There are specific requirements for killing animals: a slaughterer who is Muslim or a believer, a blessing, and certain arteries cut before the slaughter.For over 25 years, Popeyes sold hand-slaughtered Halal meat in all of its 59 southern Ontario stores, according to court documents. This occurred without major incident until January this year, when the long-time supplier announced it would be getting out of the hand-slaughtered chicken business because it was moving on to larger birds, an industry trend.Thus began an 11-month saga that continues today.The real trouble, the franchisees claim, began in August when the old supplier stopped shipping the hand-slaughtered chicken to Popeyes. The group of six owners – with stores in Scarborough, east end Toronto, Markham and Vaughan – secured a hand-slaughtered supplier while the other Popeyes stores would use machines. They continue to serve the hand-slaughtered chicken to date.But according to court documents filed by the franchisees, throughout September and October, Popeyes stopped or threatened to discontinue the hand-slaughtered supply – which they are responsible for arranging – only to reinstate it later due to complaints and legal action.“Throughout 2011, Popeyes has shown increasing bad faith toward the franchisees. Its actions clearly demonstrate a disregard for their commercial and religious interests,” reads the franchisees’ court motion.The Toronto lawyer representing Popeyes said he could not comment without consent from the company. In a statement, the company said it is in discussions with all franchisees in the GTA to resolve the situation and it is company policy not to comment on pending litigation. The company also said the two Canadian poultry suppliers currently used by Popeyes are Halal-certified, but didn’t specify if it is hand or machine-slaughtered.In a court affidavit, a Popeyes representative said the problem stems from the current hand-slaughtered Halal supplier, which uses birds larger than Popeyes’ specification and also has “quality” and quantity problems.Alice LeBlanc, chief of supply chain management, said that selling hand-slaughtered meat to only a few store owners would amount to discrimination against the other franchisees. She also argued the meaning of Halal is fluid, and Muslims may accept a certified machine-slaughter bird.“Having multiple suppliers would undermine the advantages of bulk purchasing,” said LeBlanc.Now, lawyers on both sides have reached a tentative agreement by court order to continue the Halal supply until a resolution can be reached. A commercial trial is tentatively scheduled for February during which the franchisees hope to compel Popeyes to continue supplying hand-slaughtered Halal chicken for their restaurants.“Both sides have common interest in working together towards a resolution,” said Jonathan Lisus, lawyer for the franchisees. Counsel from both sides released a joint statement to the Star that said the hope is “that the matter will be resolved amicably in the near future.”But a Toronto Imam, who has consulted with the restaurant owners and also made a presentation to Popeyes’ executives in Toronto, said the only solution is to keep Halal chicken supply as is.“It seems that (Popeyes) is just not ready to comply or compromise,”(Read SUBMIT?) said Imam Yusuf Badat at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto.“I believe it’s all about the bottom line. It’s about the money.”He explained that for many Muslims, machine-slaughtering cannot be considered Halal because it’s impossible to bless each bird at such a high speed and there are questions surrounding who turns on the machine if he or she is not a believer.Hmmmm........I wonder if the wise king Solomon would have said..."How about a tape playing blessings at high speed"?Read the full story here.

  • Firebombed French paper to continue printing controversial Mohammed cartoon. (The Blaze/AP) PARIS — The satirical French newspaper whose offices were firebombed this weekfought back Friday against efforts to interrupt its operations, starting a blog and publishing more copies of a controversial edition.Charlie Hebdo’s website has been down since it released a special edition Wednesday that was “guest edited” by the Prophet Muhammad and took aim at radical Islam. Editors of the weekly said they also lost access to their Facebook page for more than 24 hours.No one was injured in the attack and the protests so far have been limited to the Web, but there are concerns that the spoof could trigger a wave of violent demonstrations. The paper’s front page depicted the prophet; such images are generally prohibited by Islam for fear they could lead to idolatry.Under the headline, “The Internet’s Homeless,” the editors of Charlie Hebdo described in their first post Thursday how they will continue to publish.The paper’s offices were destroyed just hours before the edition hit the newsstands. Employees are working on next week’s print edition from the offices of the French daily Liberation.On Friday, the paper was again available at newsstands after having sold out Wednesday.Charlie Hebdo’s Internet presence has also been the victim of hackers. Its website is still down, and the editors said on their blog that for more than a day they weren’t able to access their Facebook page, where thousands of users posted angry comments and apparently “reported” the page as offensive.By Friday evening, they were able to get into the account for their official page once again. Access to another page remained blocked, however.Users had always been able to visit the pages, even though the editors couldn’t update them.It wasn’t clear why the editors were denied access. Facebook did not immediately respond to requests for comment. RPI reported that the editors are less than content with Facebook’s handling of the situation.Here‘s a rundown of what’s going on:  Charlie Hebdo’s Facebook page has been swamped with 13,000 messages, many of them threats and insults, since the publication of this week’s issue retitled Charia Hebdo and featuring a cartoon of Mohammed on its front cover.But its moderator cannot remove them, the blog says, “under the pretext – surprise! surprise! – that Charlie Hebdo is not a ‘real’ person” and because it breaches a ban on “publications featuring nudity or other sexually suggestive content”, says the satirical paper’s blog, launched on Thursday to show that it is “reborn from the ashes Facebook rules do include that ban as well as one on “hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group”, which critics who accuse the paper of Islamophobia may argue justifies the move. Reporters Without Borders called on Facebook to “renounce censorship” and warned it not to shut down the pages.Read the full story here.

  • Egypt women fear rise of conservative Islam.(BikyaMasr).CAIRO: Be modest. Those are the words of potential Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail to his supporters, and especially to the country’s female population. His firebrand rhetoric, which endorses “Islamic dress” has begun to spark fears among Egyptian women that he wants a Saudi Arabian styled future for Egypt, where women are forced to cover and are barred from beaches.At least two-piece swimsuits, Abu Ismail said at a recent interview on a TV program called “90 minutes.” He also said that if elected, he would bar alcohol from public places, even for tourists, would end the peace treaty with Israel, and more frightening to the over 40 million women living in the country, he would “embark on a conservative dress campaign,” which would “force the Islamic dress on all women.”He added that if women were seen wearing two-piece bikinis on the beach or in public, “they would be arrested.”For many in the country, it is a scary proposition that would see many of the real, and perceived, freedoms that have come slowly as a result of the January uprising that ousted the former government here, dissipate in favor of conservatism.Nawal el-Saadawi, the foremost Arab feminist, told in a recent interview that the revolution was largely “because women took to the streets. But we cannot have a better Egypt without women, they are the foundation of any society.”With the rise of the conservative Salafists in late July – they held a million man march on Cairo’s Tahrir Square – and their increasing popularity, women are now being pushed aside, says Nadia Fahmy, an Egyptian-American researcher based in Cairo and works in rural villages, attempting to gather an understanding of rural culture in the country.“Look around and all the positives and optimism that were part of the post-revolution Egypt are all but gone,” she begins. “We have returned to how things were before Mubarak, but now it is the Salafists who are gaining the peoples’ strength, especially in rural areas where religion is so important.”Around 12 percent of Egypt’s population are Coptic Christian and do not veil. A small percentage of Muslim women in the country also do not adorn the veil, and Abu Ismail’s comments have left many frustrated over the rising power of the Islamists in the country.“I talk to my friends, who are not veiled and drink and go to the beach, and these kind of statements really worry us, partly because we know that people like Abu Ismail are popular among the lower classes,” added Fahmy.Abu Ismail, who started his public life as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, split from the group in order to run in the presidential election, vaguely set for by the ruling military council for some time in 2013.Ismail is one of the stronger and popular potential candidates, although he will be running against a former MB member, Abdel Moneim Aboul Foutoh, who also had to quit the group to be able to run.The crux of the matter seems to be the growing divide between the secularists, who for the most part have left women’s issues on the side, arguing they are divisive and “not part of the overall social justice demands” of the revolution. This has angered many women’s activists in the country, including Saadawi.“This is ridiculous,” she began, “because you can’t have anything without women, so the women are very important.”While the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday came out and called on the Salafists, including Abu Ismail, to “tone down” their language, the reality on the ground is that women’s issues are falling away as quickly as the conservatives and the military increase their grip on power and public opinion.“We have to be weary of the future of this country right now, because there are elections soon and if these people are gaining popularity, it could mean a lot of downsides for women and freedom,” added Fahmy.For now, with presidential elections two years off, activists are beginning to entrench themselves for a long battle for social justice and freedom. Saadawi and Fahmy hope that candidates such as Abu Ismail will begin to lose popular support in favor of freedom and justice.Hmmm......And perhaps Unicorns may fly one day in the streets of Cairo?Read the full story here.

  • Deleting Online Jihad on Twitter: The Case of British Jihadi Anjem Choudary – Tweeting for the Caliphate and the Conquest of the White House.(Memri).As part of their online media strategy, jihadi groups have in recent years begun using Western websites and technologies – uploading videos to YouTube and to the Internet Archive, creating official Facebook pages,and tweeting news flashes from the jihadi fronts. Jihadis have come to depend on free web hosting, where content can be uploaded anonymously, reliably, and at no cost.Headquartered in San Francisco, California and with servers in San Antonio, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York, Twitter – the online social networking and microblogging service – is increasingly being used by terrorist organizations and their media outlets, and their online followers are growing in number. Twitter's Terms of Service include some "restrictions on content" but do not mention terrorist groups. One of the many jihadi groups now utilizing Twitter is Al-Qaeda and its followers. After the deaths of Anwar Al-Awlaki and Samir Khan were confirmed by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP), online jihadi activists reacted by calling for flooding American websites and social networking sites including Twitter with their speeches, writings, and videos. A member of the Shumoukh Al-Islam forum declared in English: "Together for Islamizing [the] U.S.A. I want to see the American forums, websites, YouTube channels, and Twitter full of Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki's lectures and videos. It will be a curse chasing the Americans and their dogs." He added in Arabic: "To the lions of uploading and [online] distribution, to the students of Anwar Al-Awlaki... 'I entrust you with supporting your brothers, the mujahideen, with this knowledge… we shall spread their actions and the truth… You are the hope of the ummah, you are the hope of jihad… Let it be a vengeance raid for our sheikh, Al-Awlaki. We want a raid of every American forum, every Facebook page, every Twitter account…"MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor research includes following the multiple ways in which jihadi groups are using Twitter. Among them are sharing videos, operational activities, and more. One example of such use, dated November 1, 2011, is the "retweet" by Twitter user @sssq61 of an item from a jihadi site which called for readers to contribute and to make efforts to bring about a kidnapping of a U.S. soldier. The item followed a recent $1 million offer by a member of the Saudi royal family and by influential Saudi cleric Awadh Al-Qarni for kidnapping Israeli soldiers. It should be noted that Al-Qarni tweets prolifically, at!/Dr_alqarnee, and has over 257,000 followers. He is only one of many Islamists and jihadis who have begun using Twitter to spread their ideology. Some of the more notable groups and figures now actively Tweeting include The Taliban – Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Abdulqahar Balkhui, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwan Syria, Hamas, the Al Qassam Brigade in Palestine, Jihad al-Ansar Media, Nukhbat Al-I'lam Al-Jihadi, Ribat Media Center,and others.
    On March 19, 2011, British jihadi Anjem Choudary, spokesman for the banned Islam4UK organization, co-founder of Al-Muhajiroun, and spiritual advisor to the UK Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), launched a Twitter account and began tweeting. MAC made headlines last week for threatening a British MP who subsequently called on their activities to be closely monitored by law enforcement.According to his Twitter account, Choudary is "a Muslim who believes that Islam is something we must believe in (Tawheed), live by (Shari'ah) and struggle and sacrifice for (by way of Daw'ah and Jihad).In addition to tweeting his views to his followers, Choudary uses Twitter for disseminating and linking to his videos on YouTube, for announcing collaboration with other jihadi groups, and for calling on his followers in the U.K. and U.S. to launch protests. Choudary's tweets include calls for a return to the Caliphate; for shari'a law to replace the U.S. Constitution; for Islam to conquer the White House and U.K.; for Islam to take over the world; for Libyans to declare jihad and annex other countries; and for Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam, as well as praise for Anwar Al-Awlaki and Osama bin Laden and much more. In one notable tweet, dated today, Choudary warns those who "support" Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical political weekly – which this week published an attack on radical Islam, with Islam's Prophet Muhammad as "guest editor" and as a result had its offices firebombed and its website cyber-attacked – to "take lessons from Theo Van Gogh," the Dutch film director assassinated by jihadi Mohammed Bouyeri in November 2004 for his film Submission which criticized the treatment of women in Islam.Read and see the full story here

  • Egypt - And then they wonder why tourism is down 45%?Salafists cover Zeus-Mermaids in carpets.(AnsaMed). Cairo – The shapes of the mermaids that embellish the fountain of Zeus in the centre of Alexandria have been deemed “inappropriate” by the Salafist Al Nour (Light) party, which decided to “veil” them completely with a sheet during a meeting yesterday evening.The incident, which was reported by the website of the Al Masri Al Youm newspaper, has unleashed a wave of comment and disbelief on Twitter, where the paper posted pictures “before and after the niqab” of the fountain of the sirens, upon which an enormous placard carries the words: “Egyptian women devote themselves to their husbands and their nation”.Political leaders of the party, which is at the head of a coalition of Islamist parties that will stand in the forthcoming Egyptian elections from November 28, had recently announced that they were against the statues, deeming them contrary to Islamic tradition, the newspaper reports. “Covering a statue of sirens will certainly lead us to Paradise. I can’t wait,” was the ironic reaction of one Twitter user.The electoral campaign for the first legislative elections of the post-Mubarak era officially began today and will end two days before the polls open.Hmmmm.....Ok i see great potential for the Carpet industry in Egypt ,one...Pyramid how many carpets would you need to cover? Read the full story here.

  • Fukushima Residents’ Urine Now Radioactive.(Cryptogon).Via: Japan Times / Kyodo:More than 3 millisieverts of radiation has been measured in the urine of 15 Fukushima residents of the village of Iitate and the town of Kawamata, confirming internal radiation exposure, it was learned Sunday.Both are about 30 to 40 km from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, which has been releasing radioactive material into the environment since the week of March 11, when the quake and tsunami caused core meltdowns.“This won’t be a problem if they don’t eat vegetables or other products that are contaminated,” said Nanao Kamada, professor emeritus of radiation biology at Hiroshima University. “But it will be difficult for people to continue living in these areas.”Kamada teamed up with doctors including Osamu Saito of Watari Hospital in the city of Fukushima to conduct two rounds of tests on each resident in early and late May, taking urine samples from 15 people between 4 and 77.Radioactive cesium was found both times in each resident.Hmmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • Iran will release 100 documents implicating U.S. in terrorist acts: Leader.(Tehrantimes).that Iran has one hundred indisputable documents that prove the United States’ involvement in terrorist actions and assassination plots in Iran and the region and will release them to the public. The Leader made the remarks during a meeting with thousands of students in Tehran on Wednesday, ahead of the 13th of Aban. The 13th of Aban in the Iranian calendar, which corresponds to November 4, is Iran’s national day of struggle against the global arrogance (imperialist powers) and the anniversary of the university students’ seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, which was called the Den of Spies, in 1979. It is also the anniversary of the exile of the late Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic, in 1964.“We have one hundred indisputable documents that show the role of the United States in directing assassinations and terrorists in Iran and the region. We will discredit the U.S. and the self-proclaimed supporters of human rights and the campaign against terrorism before the world,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. In reference to the U.S. claim that Iran had plotted to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington, he said, “The U.S. government, amid growing problems and at the climax of the widespread and popular Wall Street movement, tried to accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran of being involved in a meaningless, irrational, and wrong terrorist action through fabricating a ridiculous scenario. “But all rational individuals and experts in the world rejected the allegation after reflecting upon this ridiculous scenario.” Such a scenario was fabricated in order to pressure the Islamic Republic and deflect attention from the protests on Wall Street, he noted.Read the full story here.

  • Why Does the Crucifix "Provoke" Muslims?(MEF).By Raymond Ibrahim.For a religion that is perpetually "misunderstood," the consistency of Islam is remarkable. Consider how ostensibly diverse issues—complaints of "human rights" abuses at an American university and murder in an Egyptian classroom—are interconnected.
First, the American story. According to Fox News:
The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights confirmed that it is investigating allegations that Catholic University of America [CUA] violated the human rights of Muslim students by not allowing them to form a Muslim student group and by not providing them rooms without Christian symbols for their daily prayers. The investigation alleges that Muslim students "must perform their prayers surrounded by symbols of Catholicism – e.g., a wooden crucifix, paintings of Jesus, pictures of priests and theologians which many Muslim students find inappropriate."
Behind the complaint is John F. Banzhaf III, a George Washington University professor whose website boasts that his "enemies" call him a "Legal-Terrorist" and "the Osama bin Laden of Torts." He asserts that Muslim students are "particularly offended" because they have to "meditate" at the school's chapels and cathedral, where they pray while "having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus."
Of course, as a private Christian institution, even Banzhaf admits "that it is technically not illegal for Catholic University to refuse to provide rooms devoid of religious icons." Still, according to this so-called "Legal-Terrorist," that CUA refuses to compromise its Catholic image "suggests they are acting improperly and probably with malice."
The reader is left to decide who really is acting "with malice": a private institution operating under private—in this case, Christian—principles, or reportedly "offended" Muslims who are free to attend non-Christian institutions?
Banzhaf further tried to denigrate CUA by boasting of how neighboring Georgetown University, a nominally "Christian" university, "provides its Muslim students with a separate prayer room and even a Muslim chaplain"—as if it is not well known that Georgetown's Arab and Islam departments receive much largesse by way of donations from the radical Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia (who, incidentally, refuse to permit churches on Saudi ground).
As Newt Gingrich observed regarding this affair: "Are you [Muslims] prepared to sponsor a Christian missionary in Mecca? Because if you're not prepared to sponsor religious liberty in Saudi Arabia, don't come and nag us with some hypocritical baloney."
Notable, too, why Muslim students are seeking to create Islamic havens (or enclaves) in universities: as one of them put it, "Arab [code for "Muslim"] and American students have a difficult time befriending each other because people naturally gravitate towards others with similar backgrounds and interests." In fact, this is a product of Islam's own doctrine of wala' wa bara', which commands Muslims to be loyal to one another, while completely disassociating themselves from non-Muslims.
Now, consider Muslim behavior toward Christian symbols, specifically the crucifix, where Muslims are the majority and thus in charge—where might not only makes right, but often exposes true sentiments.
Days ago it was revealed that a Christian student in Egypt was strangled and beaten to death by his Muslim teacher and fellow students—simply for refusing to obey the teacher's orders to cover up his cross. When the headmaster was informed of the attack in progress, he ignored it and "continued to sip his tea." And, as usual, Egyptian media covered it up, insisting the "conflict" was "non-sectarian" (worse, it was straightforward "Christian persecution").
In the words of prominent Egyptian columnist Farida El-Shobashy, writing in the independent newspaper Masry Youm: "I was shaken to the bones when I read the news that a teacher forced a student to take off the crucifix he wore, and when the Christian student stood firm for his rights, the teacher quarreled with him, joined by some of the students; he was beastly assaulted until his last breath left him."
Indeed, the Maspero massacre, where the Egyptian military killed dozens of demonstrating Christians—including by running them over with armored-vehicles—began with hostility for Christian symbols: Muslims insisted a Coptic church be stripped of its dome and cross, so it would not resemble a church; as one Muslim elder put it, "the Cross provokes us and our children." When Christians refused, Muslims destroyed the church. This is what Christians were protesting when the Egyptian military mowed them down to cries of "Allahu Akbar."
These two stories—one in Washington, D.C., the other Egypt—demonstrate remarkable consistency; only methods differ, according to circumstances. Where Islam is weak, "terrorist-lawyers" and Islamist organizations like CAIR complain about "human rights" abuses against Muslims; where Islam is dominant, Islamists take matters into their own hands, violating the human rights of others.
Yet if the methods differ, the motivation is one: the victory of Islam over all else; or, in the words of the Quran (8:39)—"Make war on them ["infidels"] until idolatry shall cease and Allah's religion [Islam] shall reign supreme."
Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.Source.
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