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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Muhammad Al-Nishai: I Hate America and Britain So Much that I Refused Their Passports

Muhammad Al-Nishai: I loathe what the West has done for 300 years in this region. May Allah curse them for their policies. I live in Britain, and my children are American and British nationals. My children, but not me. I have only an Egyptian passport.

Interviewer: You didn't obtain another nationality?

Muhammad Al-Nishai: Never! I will never accept one.

Interviewer: This is commendable. You are so proud of your Egyptian nationality…

Muhammad Al-Nishai: It's not pride, it's hatred. It's not because I love, but because I hate.

Interviewer: I thank you for your candidness. You hate these societies so much that you refused their passports.

Muhammad Al-Nishai: Exactly. Source.

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  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation update: Indonesia 5.3; Japan 5.3 ; Vanuatu 5.2 ; Chile 5.2 ; New zealand 5.2  !More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

In fact, Obama personally helped plan one of UNO’s most confrontational actions of the eighties [in 1988]: a break-in meant to intimidate a coalition of local business and neighborhood leaders into dropping a landfill expansion deal.
We know of Obama’s involvement in this demonstration only because his supporters in 2008 felt it necessary to rebut charges that, contrary to his claims of inter-racial healing, he had organized exclusively with blacks. Only then did Obama’s former colleagues from UNO [United Neighborhood Organization, a largely Mexican group] of Chicago reveal that he had helped to plan and lead this multi-ethnic demonstration against landfill expansion on Chicago’s South Side.
…Shouting “No deals!” somewhere between eighty and a hundred UNO-DCP [Developing Communities Project, a black group organized by Obama] marched to a local bank. There they broke into a meeting being conducted by the bank president and local community leaders. The group was exploring the possibility of a deal with Waste Management. The protestors, presumably including Obama, surrounded the meeting table while [Mary-Ellen] Montes [of UNO] told the negotiators, “We will fight you every step of the way.”Obama was also likely involved with other aggressive UNO protests, including protests for school reform, through which he likely met former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers is involved in the Occupy protests today.In the 1990s, Obama maintained his ties to radical activists, and “channel[ed] foundation funding to his confrontational Alinskyite colleagues.”It’s clear that Obama’s ties to the Occupy movement–its forbears, its tactics, and some of its current luminaries–run deep.This is what “community organizing” looks like.Hmmmm........."Occupier - in - Chief?"Read the full story here.

  • Report: Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to the White House.(BigPeace).Beirut Arab news agency al Nashra reported on Saturday November 22, that [White House Muslim envoy] Dalia Mogahed has succeeded in canceling a meeting between the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon and President Barack Obama. Writing in al Nashra, the reporter said “an unnamed US source told the news agency, that those who sought canceling a visit of (the spiritual head of the Maronite Church) Patriarch Beshara Rahi to the White House are Dalia Mujahid (Mogahed), the highest adviser on Arab and Islamic Affairs in the State Department, who is from Egyptian origins. And that,” according to al Nashra, heeding a request by the higher leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, who consider that US Administration must support the Islamist Sunni current facing the Iranian current in the region.”The al Nashra report, circulating now widely in the Middle East, but also in the United States and across the Lebanese Christian Diaspora confirms what was already known about the impact the so-called “advisors on Arab and Islamic Affairs” in the White House on Middle East issues in general and on US policies regarding the Christians in the Middle East.The anti-Middle East Christian lobbying in Washington, attributed to Muslim Brotherhood front groups and sympathizers is not limited to the Maronites, who form the bulk of the two million Lebanese Americans. According to research showing the links between Presidential adviser Dalia Mogahed and the Muslim Brotherhood, and to NGOs representing Middle East Christian groups in the US, blocking Middle East Christian meetings at the White House and the State Department have been associated with the work of the “advisors” and their allies in the Islamist camp in Washington such as CAIR and MPAC.Coptic Solidarity International which has been trying to obtain meetings at the White House or with Secretary Clinton at State to expose the horrors committed against the Christian Copts of Egypt, were not granted such access. “Probably because of fear that American Copts will expose the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists in Egypt” said an official with Coptic NGOs.Also and despite the many massacres against Christians in Iraq over the past two years, representatives from the Assyro-Chaldeans of the US were not received in the Oval Office or by Secretary Clinton, at a time Islamist linked groups are on the roaster of invitations to the White House. Indicatively, Administration officials declined invitations to speak at the annual Assyrian Christian convention this year, few months from the start of the withdrawal from Iraq.US official attitudes towards the Middle East Christians are, according to this behavior, dictated by the “Muslim Brotherhood friends” now very influential in the Obama Administration. Of late, CAIR and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) are pushing to eliminate any intelligence analysis focused on Islamist and Jihadist violence in general and directed against the Christian communities in the Middle East in particular. This could explain why Maronites, Copts and Chaldo-Assyrians have been cut off the Administration.Observers believe that the campaign against Americans from Middle East Christian descent has also reached Terrorism experts and congressional advisers and NGO leaders whose field focuses on the Islamist and Jihadist movements. Indeed, in a report published this year, John Esposito, the chair of the Saudi-funded Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University (and an associate to Mogahed) endorses sharp attacks against experts and analysts, always charging “Islamophobia.”Blocking the Maronite Patriarch from the White House is a move that is directed to all Middle East Christians in the United States and can have significant effects in the region and even on US politics. Brooklyn Bishop for the Maronites in the US, who are part of America’s Catholic Church criticized President Obama for not meeting the Patriarch during his visit. Bishop Mansour wrote:  Patriarch Rai’s warning about the future of Christians in Syria is not taboo. Christians are in a state of peril in the same way that Christians of Iraq were a few years ago when two-thirds of them migrated out… A new day is dawning in the Middle East. The Arab Spring is happening with little vision for the summer that will ensue.However, for advisors in the Administration to rebuke the spiritual head of a main Middle East Christian community, and engage in a witch hunt against Middle East Christians, including US citizens, for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood is a serious matter the American public should not tolerate.The Maronites are Middle Eastern Christians who count about a million people inside Lebanon with more than 10 millions in the Diaspora. There are about one and a half million Americans who are Maronites and five millions in Brazil. There are Maronite members of the US Congress such as Congressman Charles Boustany of Louisiana or former Congressman Ray Lahoud, current secretary of transportation. Maronites are among the 25 millions of Christians in the Middle East, including the 15 million Copts in Egypt, the one million Assyrians and Chaldeans in Iraq, another million Syriacs and Orthodox in Syria as well as Iranian Christians and African Christians in Sudan. Americans who are from Middle East Christian ancestry are about 86% of all Americans from Arab or Middle East Christians and count two times the size of American Muslims.Hmmmm......."I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."?Read the full story here.

  • Welcome to the New Middle East, or What I Like to Call "The Obama Caliphate".(DougRoss). Perhaps some Democrat foreign policy expert -- if there is such a thing -- can explain "The Obama Doctrine" to me. Let's review, shall we?
Tunisia - democratic elections in this once-peaceful Mediterranean state have installed an Islamist party. Curiously, the aptly named State Department blog ("DipNote") congratulated the country's new extremist overlords.
Libya - a NATO-supported rebel force helped defeat the terrorist dictator Muammar Gaddafi, but also left the country in control of one Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, who has declared his government's "fealty to Shariah, Islam's brutally repressive, totalitarian political-military-legal doctrine."
Egypt - once the peaceful ally of both Israel and the United States, the overthrow of President Mubarak was quickly and publicly supported by President Obama. In Mubarak's place, a hard-core Islamist leadership has arisen under the direction of the feared Muslim Brotherhood. The country's downtrodden Coptic Christian community is also being systematically eliminated, the hallmark of religous governments in majority Islamic countries.
Syria - a similar anti-government rebellion in Syria was curiously ignored by the administration, leading to the slaughter of at least 3,000 civilians by Iran's puppet dictator Bashar al-Assad.
Iran - Likewise, a liberal, democratic revolt in Iran against the country's extremist leaders -- the so-called "Green Revolution" -- was brutally repressed with nary a word from President Obama. The country's thinly veiled pursuit of nuclear warheads therefore continues apace.
Iraq - is slated for abandonment by the end of the year to the tender mercies of Iran's Mullahs (coincidentally, just in time for the 2012 campaign)
Israel - our most steadfast ally in the entire world was told in no uncertain terms by President Obama to unilaterally withdraw to its 1967 borders, otherwise known as the "Holocaust lines".
We are witnessing something historic. But not-in-a-good-way historic. The die has been cast for a new and even more hyper-violent Middle East.Hmmmm......."I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."?Read the full story here.

  • Obama Adviser Backs Tax Giveaway to the Rich.(WhiteHouseDossier).A high-profile outside Obama economic adviser is promoting a huge corporate giveaway that would slash taxes on $1.4 trillion in profits corporations have sheltered overseas, according to an article in The Kiplinger Letter.The adviser, Laura Tyson, sits on the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, an outside advisory group that reports regularly to President Obama and is chaired by GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt. She also chaired Bill Clinton’s White House Council of Economic Advisers.According to the story, authored by veteran economics reporter John Maggs, Tyson is working with “a couple of dozen giant corporations” that are “spending millions” to convince Congress to nearly eliminate taxes for a year on the profits as long as the money is repatriated to the United States.Obama opposes the change, according to the piece.Supporters claim the tax holiday will boost the economy, even if the vast majority of the money is retained by companies and their shareholders. President Obama and most Democrats say the move is an unfair giveaway to the rich, and they cite research on a similar 2004 tax holiday that they say shows it produced few jobs.Tyson authored a report arguing that repatriating the money to the United States would boost investment and stimulate economic growth. The report was paid for by the companies, who along with their well-to-do shareholders, would benefit.Obama had been barnstorming the country slamming the wealthy for shirking their tax obligations.Ironically enough, Tyson justifies the handout to the rich by invoking “trickle-down” economics.Tyson’s defense is that the report’s economic reasoning is solid, and it is: If you distribute a trillion dollars to corporations and the wealthy, some will spill over to others.Maggs wrote the article to illustrate how corporations routinely tap “revered experts” like Tyson to issue favorable reports that seem independent but that are actually fully bought and paid for.Read the full story here.

  • President Obama Holds Secret Meet-and-Greet With Hollywood Execs and Influencers.(BlacklistedNews).Among those attending the morning gathering at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel were studio head Harvey Weinstein, UTA’s Rob Prinz, CAA managing partner and music head Rob Light, and ICM’s Chris Silbermann.Before he left Los Angeles for San Francisco on Tuesday, President Barack Obama stopped for an undisclosed meeting with some of the entertainment industry’s high-level executives, as well as talent representatives with access to the industry’s top stars and musical acts, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.Among the small group of industry insiders who were invited to attended the early-morning meeting with the president at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel were: Weinstein Co. studio head Harvey Weinstein, CAA managing partner and music head Rob Light, ICM president Chris Silbermann, Modern Family creator Steve Levitan, Atlantic Records chairman Craig Kallman, producer/songwriter Bruce Roberts, talent manger and producer Jason Weinberg, UTA music agent Rob Prinz, talent manager and producer Eric Ortner, Island Def Jam senior vice president Karen Kwak, Warner Bros. Records president Livia Tortella, talent manager Greg Mertz, ID PR publicists Kelly Bush and Mara Buxbaum, talent managers Bruce Flohr, Michael Green, Steve Moir and Bill Silva, Universial Music Publishing Group executive vice president and head of creative Tom Sturges, entertainment attorney Chuck Ortner and actor/activist Kal Penn.The event was not a fundraiser, and attendees were not asked to donate to the Obama reelection campaign. But those invited have been ardent supporters of the president and were identified as “influencers” with the ability to help Obama shape the national political conversation heading into a tough race in 2012.Read the full story here.

  • Obama: If We Lose in 2012, Government Will Tell People ‘You’re on Your Own’.(ABC).At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.“The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own,’” Obama told a crowd of 200 donors over lunch at the W Hotel.“If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. If you don’t like that some corporation is polluting your air or the air that your child breathes, then you’re on your own,” he said. “That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.”Obama and Democrats have been emphasizing what they see as the costly consequences of the Republicans’ agenda in an effort to stir up support, in part by touching on emotional nerves.Last week, Obama supporters pounced on comments by Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney that the solution to the nation’s housing crisis is “don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.”Today, Obama cast Republicans’ hands-off approach as harmful to middle class families, who he says deserve government help.Read the full socialist communist story here.

  • Filling your pockets the 'Chicago Way' - State Department buys $70,000 worth of Obama books.(Washingtontimes).The State Department has bought more than $70,000 worth of books authored by President Obama, sending out copies as Christmas gratuities and stocking “key libraries” around the world with “Dreams from My Father” more than a decade after its release.The U.S. Embassy in Egypt, for instance, spent $28,636 in August 2009 for copies of Mr. Obama’s best-selling 1995 memoir. Six weeks earlier, the embassy had placed another order for the same book for more than $9,000, federal purchasing records show.About the same time, halfway around the world, the U.S. Embassy in South Korea had the same idea and spent more than $6,000 for copies of “Dreams from My Father.”One month later, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, spent more than $3,800 for hardcover copies of the Indonesian version of Mr. Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope,” records show.A review of the expenditures in a federal database did not reveal any examples of State Department purchases of books by former Presidents George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. The purchases of Mr. Obama’s literary work mostly, but not always, took place in the months after Mr. Obama captured the White House.Leslie Paige, a spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste, a watchdog group, said if the federal government is looking to cut costs, eliminating purchases of Mr. Obama’s books is a good place to start.“It’s inappropriate for U.S. taxpayer dollars to be spent on this,” she said. “This sounds like propaganda.”But State Department spokesman Noel Clay said the book purchases followed regular government procurement rules. He said diplomats have long used books as a way to help broker talks on important foreign-policy matters.“The structure and the presidency of the United States is an integral component of representing the United States overseas,” Mr. Clay said. “We often use books to engage key audiences in discussions of foreign policy.”He also said books are purchased to stock the State Department’s “information resource centers,” which he said are located around the world and provide books about U.S. coverage of issues such as culture, history and values.“We also provide key library collections with books about the United States,” he said.Pete Sepp, vice president of the National Taxpayers Union, said there could be value in distributing books about American politics and the people who make up political institutions.“Compared to big-ticket items like embassy construction, buying books may not show up as a huge warning on taxpayers’ radar screens, but there is always room for improvement and making sure programs like this are serving a good, intended purpose,” he said.There’s no indication the White House knew about the purchases, which overall represent just a fraction of the nearly quarter-million dollars Mr. Obama donated to charities last year and his more than $1.7 million in overall income. Mr. Clay said book orders are normally made directly by embassies based on “their experience and knowledge on the ground of the intended audience.”A White House spokesman did not respond to email messages.Hmmmm....."Dreams of my publisher"?Read the full story here.

  • Obama’s Upcoming Student Loan Announcement.(Heritage).On Wednesday, President Obama is expected to make an announcement regarding student loan debt. He is expected to propose relief for students struggling to make student loan payments.While it’s unclear what exactly President Obama will propose, economist Richard Vedder calls the idea of student loan forgiveness “the second-worst idea ever—the worst was the creation of federally subsidized student loans in the first place.”And he’s right: It is unfair to forgive student loans on the backs of waitresses and construction workers and the nearly three-quarters of Americans who didn’t graduate college. Increases in federal subsidies or student loan bailouts shift the burden of paying for college from the student—the person directly benefiting from college—to the millions of Americans who did not graduate from college.Moreover, increases in federal subsidies over the decades have not reduced college costs. Even though federal subsidies like Pell grants have increased 475 percent, the cost of attending college has increased 439 percent since 1982—faster than the rate of health care increases.Increases in federal subsidies give students increased purchasing power, which incentivizes colleges to raise tuition, in turn leading students scrambling for more student loans. It’s a vicious cycle that does nothing to mitigate the cost of attending college.Instead of increasing federal subsidies or forgiving student loans, reforms like limiting the number of years a student is eligible for federal subsidies—or even encouraging state universities to put more course content online—would go a long way in popping the higher ed “bubble.”Read the full story here.

  • Over 2,400 Tea Partiers Arrested.(Heritage).The liberal perspective on the “Occupy” movement is really something spectacular. Before the movement had really even announced a position or set of “demands,” progressives were pushing each other out of the way to embrace it. When they did finally come up with a set of ideals, which mostly involve eliminating their personally accrued debt, President Obama practically made it his new national agenda, branded “We Can’t Wait.”Now you have Hollywood “celebrities” like mega-millionaires Russell Simmons, Katy Perry and Russell Brand hopping by for a photo-op with the anti-capitalist crowds. Brand said they “colonized the international agenda,” whatever that means. Restauranteurs are delivering them food (but keeping their profits); unions like the AFL-CIO are providing them places to bathe (but inspiring the organizing of their drum circles) and former Obama appointee Elizabeth Warren is crediting herself as the “intellectual foundation“ of the movement.All of this isn’t because of some shared set of principles or intellectual foundation but because of a shared desire for enthusiasm. The Tea Party swept the nation last year based on a simple set of principles: Less Debt, Less Spending, and Less Government will lead to More Jobs and Economic Growth. The enthusiasm for more government, more taxes and more spending just wasn’t the same.The Tea Party was a movement that was so peaceful, so respectful of public and private property, so familial and so powerful that leftists had to spend weeks agonizing over unrelated Lyndon LaRouche posters or in some cases, inventing incidents of racism or name-calling to attempt to smear it.So we know how President Obama and his liberal base hysterically responded to the reality of Tea Party. The question is this: how would they have responded to the following 25 headlines?The First Amendment absolutely gives “occupiers” the ability to “peaceably” assemble and protest against capitalism, free enterprise and economic freedom, but it does not entitle them to lawlessness, disrespect for private property or violent anarchy.President Obama and the Democrat party had control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives for two years. Liberals controlled Congress for four. It’s hard to have grassroots angst work in your favor when you were largely in control of Washington for such a long and economically devastating period.So we can understand why liberals want the Occupy movement to work out for them. However with over 2,400 arrests in roughly six weeks, you have to think they’ll soon be having some buyer’s remorse.Read the full story here.

  • Obama Administration Uses Stimulus Money to Support Ads Attacking Soda.(Heritage).As part of President Obama’s economic stimulus, the federal government has doled out $230 million for communities to combat obesity rather than create jobs or boost the economy. In many cases, the funds are being used to attack American-made products like Coke and Pepsi.Advertisements undermining soft drinks can be found in cities from coast to coast. New York’s “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign used grotesque pictures and misleading information that even the city’s chief nutritionist called into question. The city received $15.5 million in federal funding for its anti-obesity efforts.In Philadelphia, the city spent $2.4 million on ads attacking soda. That was enough money to add 52 police officers, 54 firemen, 57 paramedics, 58 teachers or 88 EMTs.Similar anti-obesity campaigns have popped up in Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and evenTopeka, KS. In the case of Pima County, home to Tucson, AZ, media partners include taxpayer-supported PBS, the Arizona Public Media and NPR. In Hawaii, the theme is “Don’t Drink Yourself Fat.”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has provided stimulus funding to 25 communities for a variety of anti-obesity measures, including advertisements. Several are major U.S. cities, collecting upwards of $15 million. The funding is part of a $230 million initiative called “Communities Putting Prevention to Work.”The federal government doesn’t mandate how communities use the money to combat obesity, but the CDC does recommend a five-pronged approach that includes advertising, limiting availability of sugary beverages, menu labeling, higher prices and exercise. Information about the grants and guidelines are available online from the CDC.The 2009 economic stimulus, of course, was sold to Congress as a $787 billion package to revive the economy by creating or saving millions of jobs. And while some of the money for these anti-obesity efforts could arguably create temporary jobs — such as construction of a bike path or walking trail — there’s growing concern about the use of the money for advertisements.Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN), a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, last week expressed alarm that taxpayer money was being used for such a purpose:
These hard earned taxpayer dollars that were intended to stimulate the economy and create jobs are instead funding scare campaigns against perfectly safe and legal products, and the companies that make them. At a time when our nation faces an unemployment rate of more than 9 percent, I find it outrageous that federal and city agencies would aggressively advertise against American products made by American workers. Not only is this a gross misplacement of spending priorities, it is another example of a ‘government knows best’ mentality that often permeates Washington.DesJarlais cited an effort called Smart Taxpayers Exposing Waste, an initiative launched on Facebook by the American Beverage Association. It ran the numbers on Philadelphia’s advertising campaign and has documented the cost of anti-obesity measures in other cities.Read the full story here.

  • Israeli Settlements: Back To the Future.(ElliottAbrams).According to news reports, the Obama Administration has a new proposal to cope with the issue of construction in Israeli settlements. Israel would “halt the construction of new neighborhoods but could continue building in existing settlements….” The idea is that Israel would refrain from any construction outside current settlement boundaries. If there is construction only within existing settlements, there would be no American condemnations.If this is a good idea, a decent compromise, one can only wonder why it took the Obama White House nearly three years to get there. For this policy was precisely what the Bush Administration agreed with prime ministers Sharon and Olmert.In the early months of the Obama Administration, officials flatly denied such a deal had ever existed. In June, 2009 I wrote about this Obama error in the Wall Street Journal.And error it was: in December 2003, prime minister Sharon stated that “Israel will meet all its obligations with regard to construction in the settlements. There will be no construction beyond the existing construction line….” Had the Obama Administration realized the value of what had been achieved by its predecessors and continued the policy, we would not have endured nearly three years without any Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Nor would the administration have tried instead to impose a total construction freeze, a condition that no Israeli government could meet and that thus created a new and insuperable obstacle to negotiations.Now, if this news story is true, the administration is moving back to the Bush position. Well, better late than never. But it is likely that the Palestinians will now call such a deal too little too late, and reject it. Perhaps, if the Palestinian rejection is made very strongly in private, administration spokesmen will deny that any such proposal was ever made. But it ought to be made, because these terms are sensible: as long as there is construction only within built-up areas, there is no harm to Palestinians, no use of additional land, and no additional burden in future negotiations.It would be nice if administration officials admitted that after nearly three years they had come to understand all of this, but I guess that is asking for too much. It will be quite enough if they abandon their “construction freeze” mania and move to a more practical and realistic view.Read the full story here.

  • Are Young Rabbis Turning on Israel?(DocsTalk).By Elliot Jager.For all the theological, ritualistic, and institutional differences separating the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform movements, for all their divergent approaches to revelation, halakhah, and communal decision-making, what distinguishes the groups in the minds of many ordinary American Jews comes down to branding. Orthodoxy is on the right, Reform on the left. In the middle stands Conservative Judaism. But if the new crop of Conservative rabbis has anything to say about it, Conservatism may not occupy the center for very long. That, at least, is the message of a recent report by the movement's Jewish Theological Seminary, based on a survey of political views among "Generation Y" rabbinical students—born in the mid-1970's to mid-1990's—and the Seminary's somewhat older rabbinical alumni, ordained since 1980. At first blush, the report purports to show what one would hope to find among the rabbinate: a solid Jewish identity and strong attachment to Israel. On closer examination, this identity appears increasingly filtered through a universalistic and liberal political perspective. Among American Jews as a whole, according to the Pew Forum, 38 percent identify themselves as liberal; 39 percent call themselves moderate. In contrast, 58 percent of the Conservative rabbis surveyed and 69 percent of the rabbinical students called themselves liberal. It's hard to defend the center when you're not in it. These rabbis and rabbinical students are "pro-Israel," but they are redefining what "pro-Israel" means. As liberals, they hold an optimistic view of human nature: Though Palestinian leaders see their conflict with Israel as a zero-sum game, it seems hard for the rabbis to acknowledge this grim fact. Instead, they get their understanding of events in Israel from ideologically reinforcing left-oriented sources: liberal media outlets, Facebook posts, and Haaretz. These sources help explain the conspicuous disconnect between the next generation of Conservative rabbis and mainstream American Jews on the subject of the Arab-Israel conflict. More than three-quarters of American Jews, according to the latest American Jewish Committee survey, believe that the Arabs' goal is not merely the return of the "occupied territories" but the actual "destruction of Israel." Only 30 percent of the JTS rabbinical students agreed with a similar statement. Indeed, fully 12 percent of the rabbinical students are "uncomfortable" with Israel's being a "Jewish state." To individuals with this universalistic bent, moral relativism comes more naturally. Most of the future rabbis ;all of whom have studied in Israel; do not see Palestinian leaders as their enemies. A majority, 56 percent, say the Palestinian side is no "more to blame" than Israel for the ongoing conflict. Sure, Hamas dominates Gaza. Yes, the West Bank Fatah leadership refused to negotiate with the Netanyahu government during a ten-month settlement freeze. Even so, a majority of the rabbis wants an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders, with "land swaps" and a freeze on any "expansion of settlements in the West Bank."Compare these views with the position of most American Jews in the face of unremitting Palestinian intransigence: 55 percent, according to an AJC poll, oppose a Palestinian state. In equally stark contrast, most Israelis, regardless of their political views, simply do not believe that today's Palestinian leadership is capable of making peace with Israel.The JTS survey elicited the opinion of 68 percent of the rabbinical students that the "settler movement"; not just extremist settlers,;is a "threat." The survey did not bother to ask whether the Palestinians should be required to accept Israel as a Jewish state (the position of 96 percent of American Jews) or whether Mahmoud Abbas should abandon his demand for a Palestinian "right of return." The survey tells us that 72 percent of the rabbinical students have engaged in efforts at dialogue with Arabs: Some head to Ramallah for the opportunity to socialize with Palestinians, while others take excursions to West Bank Arab villages with New Israel Fund-supported activists. The survey says nothing about any commensurate efforts by the rabbis to understand the "settler mindset." Many report having visited a "settlement"; but the definition of "settlement" and the auspices under which the visits were made are left to our imagination.We can guess the reasons for the disparate treatment of Palestinians and settlers. The rabbis believe AIPAC is not liberal enough. J Street, whose platform practically mirrors that of the Palestinian Authority, is closer to their hearts, with 58 percent approval. At 80 percent approval, the New Israel Fund is the absolute cat's meow.The 63-year-old Zionist enterprise is a work-in-progress. No Israeli would suggest it is beyond criticism. But 30 percent of Reform rabbinical students return from Israel feeling "hostile" or "indifferent" toward the Jewish state; now we learn that 53 percent of JTS rabbinical students are "sometimes" or "often" ashamed of Israel.Is it the ultra-Orthodox stranglehold on state-controlled religious life that alienates them? Too bad, then, that so few future Conservative rabbis volunteer extensively at Conservative-affiliated Masorti congregations in Israel.Seminaries and professors have been unable or unwilling to provide their students with the moral compass needed to navigate between worthy universalistic values and particularistic Jewish standards. By the time they get to seminary, it may be too late. Most of today's rabbinical students did not attend Jewish elementary or high schools, though they are likely to have attended Camp Ramah. The attitudes revealed in the JTS survey hammer home the need, now more than ever, for the community to find ways to provide its youth with, yes, a parochial education.Read the full story here.

  • Turkey asks Israel for aid.(Ynet).Crisis Diplomacy? Turkey has requested Israel for assistence, two days after a devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the eastern part of the country, Ynet has learned on Tuesday.The Turkish Foreign Ministry submitted an official request with Jerusalem for the transfer of mobile housing units. The request was transferred from the Turkish Foreign Ministry to the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, which immediately notified the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman instructed the Ministry's Director-General Rafael Barak to transfer the necessary equipment as soon as possible. As of now, Turkey has not requested aid in the form of manpower.Immediately after the earthquake struck on Sunday Lieberman instructed his office to prepare to send aid to Turkey. President Shimon Peres also called his Turkish counterpart Abduallah Gul in order to offer Israel's assistance. However, Ankara rejected the bid. Turkey has been showered with offers of outside help since the quake, but at first only accepted help from neighbouring Iran, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. However, a foreign ministry official said on Tuesday that it had now requested prefabricated housing and tents from more than 30 countries."Given the sensitive situation, this is a good step forward," an Israeli official involved in the affair told Ynet. "In these situations you put all the problems and politics aside. We hope everything is carried out as planned," he said. Earlier on Tuesday, Turkish officials said the death toll has reached 432, adding that 1,352 people were injured in Sunday's quake.There was still no power or running water and aid distribution was disrupted as desperate people stopped trucks even before they entered Ercis. Aid workers said they were able to find emergency housing for only about half the people who needed it. 'Erdogan helps Palestine, but not his own people'.Meanwhile, fighting broke out among Turkish earthquake survivors on Tuesday as homeless families scrambled for tents after enduring two nights of biting cold under whatever shelter they can find.Complaints about poor tent distribution have been rife since Sunday's quake destroyed thousands of homes and made many others uninhabitable, and anger among the destitute is being directed at Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.Survivors, many of whom have been forced to huddle round small fires in the open, accused Erdogan of putting international diplomacy before his own citizens. "There is absolutely no coordination, you have to step on people to get a tent. The Prime Minister should take care of his own people before going to Somalia and Libya," said jobless 18-year-old Suleyman Akbulut. "The prime minister runs for help when it's Palestine or Somalia, sends ships to Palestine, almost goes into war with Israel for the sake of Palestinians, but he doesn't move a muscle when it comes to his own people," said Emrullah, an 18-year-old from Van. "He rejects aid offers from around the world, but we need tents here," Emrullah said before the announcement of the international request for help.Read the full story here.

  • Barnabas Aid Not Spreading Islamophobia in UK, Says Director.(ChristianPost).Leaders of a support organization for persecuted Christians are relieved that the group has been exonerated by the United Kingdoms Charity Commission after being accused of campaigning against Muslims in Britain.Barnabas Aid has been exonerated by the U.K. commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales, from any wrongdoing in passing out one of the group’s Operation Nehemiah booklets, Slippery Slope.Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, international director of Barnabas Aid, told The Christian Post that while his writings address problems with Islamic extremism, the group's material such as the booklet, does not promote hatred toward Muslims.“In the U.K., where we are involved in education and in published materials, we believe that it is important for us to address those areas that cause persecution. For example, the apostasy law in Islam,” Sookhdeo said. “Furthermore, in the U.K. where Islamic extremism is growing and posing severe threats to the Church, and to Christian communities, and to converts, it is important for us to address those issues.”The complaint, filed by a lay leader from the Church of England, challenged whether Barnabas Aid should be allowed to keep its charitable status when engaged in allegedly “divisive” activity, according to a statement from Barnabas. The accusation included the charge that the material passed out by the group could incite racial hatred.However, Sookhdeo said the booklet focused on addressing the issues of how Islamic extremism is beginning to affect society and how in turn it is affecting Christian communities within parts of Britain. The material is not meant to be hateful, he said.“We believe that Islam as a religion, and Muslims as a people, have every right to exist in Britain as a secular democratic society. We have no concerns about that. Our concern is what happens when religion becomes political in its nature and then seeks to transform society,” he said. “Under that type of transformation of society it poses stress upon Christian minorities and communities.”The Charity Commission issued a response to the complaint, which Barnabas Aid published in its recent press release.The commission stated: “The charity, in its campaigning around ‘Operation Nehemiah’ appears to be acting within its objects, as the campaign can be seen as promoting ‘the advancement of the Christian faith.’ A charity can become involved in a campaign which furthers or supports its charitable purposes.”The commission added, “The Commission acknowledges that the campaign material fits within its aims, and that the booklet quotes sources for the claims that it makes. They quote its statement of intent, not to promote anti-Muslim fear or hatred, but to address seriously the challenge of Islam to society.”“The campaign does not appear to be inciting racial hatred and the charity believes that it has public benefit in that it is committed to maintaining Christian values of freedom of conscience, speech and religion for the next generation in church and society.“We are therefore content that the charity, in carrying out this campaign, is operating within its objects and within the terms of our guidance,” the commission concluded in its statement.“Throughout my writings I have emphasized that there is no Islamophobia involved, no hate. Rather, these are legitimate points of concern. The Christian response should be one of love and tolerance, but at the same time, if those issues affect them, then those issues need to be raised,” Sookhdeo reiterated to CP Monday.“The difficulty which we are facing in the U.K. is that Islam is the elephant in the room and it cannot be discussed,” he explained. “As soon as you raise, for example, issues of the persecution of Christians, [then] newspapers, the media, and individuals will actually accuse you of being an extremist.“We live in a culture of intimidation and silence. If anyone doesn’t agree with you they want you removed. There is no place for discussion or tolerance for saying you have your views I have mine,” he added.In a statement issued by Barnabas Aid, Sookhdeo said, “We warmly welcome this positive response from the Charity Commission and its exoneration of our Operation Nehemiah campaign.”Read the full story here.

  • Israeli Teens: Don’t exchange terrorists for our freedom.(Ynet).A week after Gilad Shalit's return from captivity, dozens of spirited teens signed a petition opposing the release of terrorists – even in the event that they themselves become prisoners of war. "If I'm abducted, I prefer to stay in prison so that terrorists are not released," said David Lotan, a Rishon Lezion teen who signed the petition. "My life is not any more important than the lives of those who will be killed if terrorists are freed."The high school seniors' petition reflects Lotan's sentiment: "In the event that we are abducted, we do not want terrorists to be released in exchange (for our freedom)."The future IDF soldiers note in the letter that they would agree to a prisoner swap, if it was done in accordance with international conventions that call for one POW to be exchanged for another. Moreover, the teens demand the state downgrade terrorists' imprisonment conditions. "A situation where heinous murderers study for academic degrees and enjoy fancy meals is an intolerable disgrace," they wrote. The youths expect to gather hundreds, if not thousands of signatures before submitting the letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz. Those who have already signed the petition said they intend to enlist in the army's combat units after graduating from high school. Some claimed that they have already been accepted to the army's elite brigades.While many of the teens who have joined the cause come from the National Religious sector, some secular teens are also on board, like Yohai Kadosh, 17. The Ashdod resident said that he intends to become a combat soldier, and is fully aware of the risks. "I don’t want the state to be put in danger because of me," he said. "We shouldn't compromise our ideology because of threats."Idan Zion, 17, of Ashdod added: "If I am released but another Israeli citizen is killed, it wouldn't be worth it."The teens suggest that the latest deal, which brought Shalit home in exchange for the freedom of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, was a mistake that will cost lives."A thousand terrorists is a number that proves that the decision meant surrender," Liav Hamburger, 18, said. "If the terrorists know that we don't capitulate to terror, the motivation to abduct would be reduced," Noam Sharlo, 18, added. The petition was initiated by the National Union party's Young Leadership movement."History proves that the release of terrorists encourages more kidnappings," said Daniel Gabai, 18, a coordinator at the movement. "We saw the pictures of the released terrorists, and it drove us to put this petition together. "We believe that this is the right way to prevent more abductions and the release of thousands of more terrorists. Our parents support us, too," he added.Gabai acknowledged that nothing can stop a captive soldier's parents from making efforts to bring their son home."We realize that if, God forbid, we are abducted, our parents will do everything to free us," he said.But at this stage, Gabai noted, it is the brain that calls the shots and not the heart, "and the brain says that one person is not worth dozens of people who might be killed."MK Uri Ariel (National Union) submitted on Monday a bill that aims to prevent future prisoner swap deals that exchange one captive soldier for several prisoners."I join the high school students' petition, because civilians should sign it, too," Ariel said.Hmmm.......True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason. ~Alfred North Whitehead.Read the full story here.

  • Egyptian Sheikh issued fatwa Muslim women not to marry former NDP members.(BikyaMasr).CAIRO: Egyptian Sheikh Omar Stouhi, the secretary general of the Calling Commission at Al-Azhar, issued a fatwa prohibiting women from marrying former members of the former President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).He said that former members of the NDP are responsible for corruption in Egypt, and thus Muslim women should not be allow to marry them.“If a girl were to marry such a bad person, she would certainly be affected and influenced by his beliefs and this is something unacceptable,” he said.“I did not say that girls should not get married. I rather said that if the groom does not respect the Islamic principles and if he has hurt the Egyptian people as a member in the banned National Democratic Party, than the father of the young woman should not allow the marriage to take place,” he later explained.The Sheikh said that he issued the fatwa because a man came to him, asking whether his daughter should be able to marry a former member of the party.The activist community in Egypt has called to ban all members of the former regime from politics, with the reactivation of a 1952 “Treason Law.”However, many members of the formerly ruling party registered as candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections, set for the end of November.Read the full story here.

  • Russia Delivers Radar Jammers to Iran.(DefenceNews).Moscow - Russia has sent a set of mobile radar jammers to Iran and is negotiating future deliveries that Moscow believes do not contravene current United Nations sanctions on the Islamic state's regime, an official said Tuesday.The Avtobaza truck-mounted jammers are part of a broader line of arms Russia hopes to sell Iran despite concerns over Tehran's nuclear program, the deputy head of the military and technical cooperation agency said."This is a defensive system," the agency's deputy director Konstantin Biryulin was quoted as saying by the state RIA Novosti news agency."We are not talking about jets, submarines or even S-300 (missile) systems. We are talking about providing security for the Iranian state."We are in constant talks with Iran over that country's purchases of military technology that does not fall under UN sanctions," he was quoted as saying.The arms delivery was disclosed the same day as a Western diplomat said Russia and China were urging the UN atomic agency to soften, or even hold back, a report detailing Iran's suspected efforts to develop nuclear weapons.Russia had strongly defended its close trading partner until agreeing in September 2010 to cancel a planned sale of S-300 missile systems and supporting stronger sanctions against Tehran.But limited arms shipments have continued and Iran last month finally put a Russian-made nuclear power plant on stream in Bushehr after years of delays.Biryulin did not disclose when the radar systems were delivered or how many units were sold.Read the full story here.

  • Russia links Chechens shot in Turkey to Moscow bombing.(HurriyetDaily).Russian investigators said on Wednesday they suspected two Chechens shot dead in Turkey last month of involvement in a January suicide bombing at Moscow's biggest airport that killed 37 people. Berg-Hadj Musayev, Zaurbek Amriyev and Rustam Altemirov were shot dead on Sept. 16 in a parking lot in Istanbul, in a killing that was blamed on Russian special services by a Turkish-based support group for refugees from the Caucasus.Russia's Federal Investigative Committee said it was probing the murders of Amriyev and Altemirov as part of an investigation into the suicide bombing at Domodedovo airport.The third Chechen, Musayev, has been closely linked to Russia's most-wanted militant leader, Chechen-born Doku Umarov, according to, a website affiliated with the Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus.Umarov has said on video that he organised the airport suicide bombing, which was carried out by a 20-year-old man from the Ingushetia region neighbouring Chechnya."The murder in September 2011 in Istanbul of Zaurbek Amriyev and Rustam Altemirov, who were on an international wanted list, is being probed," investigators said in a statement on the Domodedovo bombing.The three Chechens were shot dead by 11 bullets fired from a pistol fitted with a silencer, Turkish media reported.Russia is grappling with an Islamist insurgency led by Umarov in its mainly Muslim North Caucasus, where rebels seeking to carve out a separate Islamic state stage near-daily shootings and bomb attacks.The United States has offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Umarov.Umarov has also claimed responsibility for twin attacks on the Moscow metro last year that killed at least another 40 people, as well as the derailing of a train in 2009 that killed at least 26.While Vladimir Putin was president, 2006 amendments to Russian legislation gave the president the right to order special forces to hunt down suspected "terrorists" abroad.Putin, now prime minister but seeking a return to the presidency in March, asked for such rights after four Russian diplomats were killed in Iraq.Russian intelligence has been accused of a series of killings abroad in recent years, including the 2004 murder of former Chechen rebel Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in Qatar and the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko in London.Russia's SVR Foreign Intelligence Service declined to comment on the killings in Turkey. Russia's powerful military intelligence, known as GRU, is so secretive it does not have a spokesman.Read the full story here.

  • Moscow’s City Hall Swoops on Muslims’ Sacrificial Rites.(Vinienco).Moscow’s Muslims will have to move their fast approaching Eid al-Adha sacrifices off the streets after City Hall slapped a ban on roadside ritual slaughter.The festival falls on Nov. 6 this year and after dramatic scenes of ritual sacrifice last year, which shocked feint-hearted passers by, the Moscow-based followers of Mohammed will have to move the rites into the slaughter-house or out of the city.Gulnur Gaziyeva, official representative of the Russian Council of Muftis, told Moskovskiye Novosti that the ban on public animal sacrifice had been prompted by previous unpleasant scenes, “last year there was an incident in the Otradnoye district when a ram was sacrificed right beside the mosque,” she told MN.Moscow has more and more Muslims coming into the city and local leaders of the Muslim community have called for more Mosques and facilities for the burgeoning numbers as mosque courtyards fail to take the strain.“We would be glad if they organize more places where we can conduct ritual sacrifices. Just sacrificing rams in courtyards is uncivilized. It shocks lots of people,” Gulya Mukhamedzhanova of the Otradnoye mosque administration told MN.She added that sacrifices don’t just happen at Eid al-Adha, so the need for sacrificial places continues throughout the year.Moscow has few Mosques and plans to build a new one for its Muslim population were thwarted last year when local residents demanded that a park at Tekstilshchiki stay a park and not become a Mosque, as planned.Pressure has been especially acute on the Cathedral Mosque in the center of the city at festival times. Up to 50,000 crowded to the Mosque in August for prayers, causing congestion chaos, reported. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin had a temporary prayer house set up in Sokolniki Park, expecting 9,000 but the real numbers were a lot lower, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.The powers that be say the ban on outdoor slaughter would be covered by existing legislation and come under cruelty to animal’s laws.Read the full story here.

  • Crown Prince Sultan's funeral took place in Saudi Arabia.(TheTelegraph).Amid the flashing of cameras, Sultan's sons and brothers carried his corpse, swathed in a brown shroud, on a bier through a throng of mourners in Riyadh's sprawling Imam Turki bin Abdullah mosque for funeral prayers before burial.The body of Sultan, who died of colon cancer in New York on Saturday, was flown back to Riyadh on Monday, accompanied by his younger brother and Riyadh Governor Prince Salman, who may now play a more prominent role in the conservative Islamic kingdom. Among the mourners who went forward to greet King Abdullah after the prayer recital was Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, whose country is a regional rival of Saudi Arabia.Earlier this month Tehran was accused of backing a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington, soon after Riyadh had blamed armed protests among its Shi'ite minority on an unnamed foreign power – a coded reference to Iran.The Royal Court said it would be open to accept condolences for three days from Tuesday. A U.S. delegation headed by Vice President Joe Biden is expected in Riyadh on Thursday.The death of Crown Prince Sultan, who was also defence minister, might also lead to a wider cabinet reshuffle.Saudi Arabia, which dominates world oil markets and holds profound influence over Muslims through its guardianship of Islam's holiest sites in Mecca and Medina, faces turbulence in its neighbours and a confrontation with regional rival Iran . Prince Nayef is sometimes described by Saudi liberals as an anti-reform conservative, who is likely to take a cautious approach to social and political change, while viewing foreign policy through the lens of national security. However, former diplomats to Riyadh and some analysts say the man who has served as interior minister since 1975 may show a more pragmatic side as crown prince – and eventually as king."Nayef had some time with Sultan's long illness to run himself in as crown prince and he has acted on behalf of the king," said one former diplomat. "He has become acquainted with authority across the board." King Abdullah was chief mourner at the mosque, where Saudis in red-and-white headdresses were crammed between dozens of pillars behind the kneeling Grand Mufti as he led prayers.The octogenarian Saudi monarch, who left hospital on Saturday night after a back operation last week, remained seated for the prayers and wore a surgical mask over his face. Guests at the funeral service, including the president of Afghanistan, the Syrian vice-president and the head of Egypt's ruling military council, paid condolences to King Abdullah as they filed out of the prayer hall.Read the full story here.More here.

  • Prince Ali urges Fifa to review hijab ban rule.(Emirates24/7).Fifa vice-president Prince Ali Al Hussein will propose that football’s governing body agrees on “general principles” for the use of Islamic headscarfs in the game at the meeting of the Executive Committee in December.Fifa banned the Islamic scarf covering a women’s neck in 2007 claiming safety concerns.The proposals will ensure “the safe use of hijab in the game,” satisfy “cultural customs” of female teams from Islamic countries and meet Fifa rules of inclusion, a statement from the Asian Football Confederation said on Tuesday.Leaders and sports officials in Islamic countries have criticised the ban, saying it discourages women from football.In June, Iran’s team forfeited a 2012 Olympic qualifier against Jordan because it wouldn’t play without the hijabs.Read the full story here.

  • The (meat)glue that holds it all together.(BikyaMasr).We all know the food industry is full of little secrets and tactics that make the industry more profitable, but to what extent is the industry willing to go? A common, not so hush-hush secret is the usage of ‘meat-glue’ found in foods like Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds to fine five-star restaurants serving the best steaks.This meat-glue was formulated so that the spare parts of leftover meat could still be used versus being thrown away; the glue holds the pieces together and creates a bigger slab.A white powder, sold by kilos and larger quantities, works with beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. These premium meat scraps can now be mixed together which is saving companies money here and there.While this seems like a ‘good intention’ consumers need to be aware of the health hazards involved with consuming glue through the form of a meat mixture. The glue is not technically considered a food and therefore the food industry is not required by law to provide information that the glue is in the food. Once the meat is cooked, it is difficult to see the difference between a piece with glue and a piece without.Transglutaminase, or meat glue, is the chemical name for the white substance used to mesh the meat together. It is also the same tissue that is tested by doctors when checking for celiac disease.Transglutaminase, an enzyme in powder form, is derived from beef and pork blood plasma. Activa RM is a common brand where the meat glue is mixed with a milk protein (maltodextrine and sodium caseinate).Using enzymes in food is not a new technique: Papaya seed is the main ingredient in meat tenderizers. Rennet and yeasts produce enzymes that make cheese and alcohol, natural enzymes. Meat glue is a different enzyme usage and break down chemical reaction though.An FDA sponsored research, funded by the Ajinomoto, the manufacturer of the Activa RM product however claims that meat glue is safe.Opposing scientist, who remain anonymous due to legal reasons, argue otherwise saying the meat glue has serious health implications both so far known and unknown.The powder is easy to form: sprinkle transglutaminafe on various scraps of meat, knead together and roll up in plastic. Let the meat sit for a few hours in the refrigerator, take out and slice the faux single meat slab. Only precaution: wear a face mask for inhaling the powder causes an abnormal amount of blood clotting.This abnormal blood clotting also has consumers worried about health hazards. The blood clotting as well as link to celiac disease is primarily why the meat glue has been banned by European Parliament in May of 2010. The meat glue can easily be bought through online companies but is not to be used in local restaurants.In the TodayTonight video an Australian based blog, microbiologist Glenn Pener voices concern over meat glue and food poisoning.“The amount of bacteria on a steak that’s been put together with meat glue is hundreds of time higher,” he says. Pener also added it is hard to cook the meat thoroughly which may leave some bacteria lingering.There is also a kosher version of the meat glue, Activia TIU.There are no meat glue regulations outside of Europe.Hmmmm.......Lets 'stick' it to the custumor?Read the full story here.

  • You know the economy is bad when...Greece’s government runs out of ink for tax bills.The government department in Greece that sends out tax bills and statements to citizens has run out of ink because the supplier hasn’t been paid. The Finance Ministry is asking taxpayers to print out their own tax bills via the online system, and then pay them.The ministry hopes to sign a deal for more ink by the end of the year.Read the full story here.

Footage of Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi's Son Mutassim Before He Was Killed

Source : Memri.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Released Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi Proclaims : " I Would Do It Again Today ".

Interviewer: If you could go back in time, would you carry out such a large-scale attack?

Ahlam Tamimi: Of course. I do not regret what happened. Absolutely not. This is the path. I dedicated myself to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and Allah granted me success. You know how many casualties there were [in the 2001 attack on the Sbarro pizzeria]. This was made possible by Allah. Do you want me to denounce what I did? That's out of the question. I would do it again today, and in the same manner.Source.

'Not Suitable For Children' Witness report of North Korea's Labor Camp.

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  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation update: U.S. Atka  5.7 ;  Greenland 5.1 and New Zealand 5.1  !More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • 'Emperor' Obama says he’ll be taking ‘executive actions’ without Congress on ‘regular basis’ to ‘heal the economy’.(DailyCaller).President Barack Obama told an audience in Nevada on Monday that he will be announcing “executive actions” his administration will take to “heal the economy” without the “dysfunctional” Congress.“I’m here to say to all of you and to say to the people of Nevada and the people of Las Vegas, we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will,” Obama said.“I’ve told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress, steps that can save consumers money, make government more efficient and responsive, and help heal the economy. And we’re going to be announcing these executive actions on a regular basis,” the president said.Hmmmm......One dictator disappears in the world, another one rises?Read the full story here.

  • "The Most Transparant Government EVAH!" - Obama Rule Would Allow Feds to Lie about Existence of Official Records.(BigGovernment).A proposed rule to the Freedom of Information Act would allow federal agencies to tell people requesting certain law-enforcement or national security documents that records don’t exist – even when they do.Under current FOIA practice, the government may withhold information and issue what’s known as a Glomar denial that says it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of records.The new proposal – part of a lengthy rule revision by the Department of Justice – would direct government agencies to “respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist.”Open-government groups object.We don’t believe the statute allows the government to lie to FOIA requesters,” said Mike German, senior policy counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, which opposes the provision.The ACLU, along with Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and said the move would “dramatically undermine government integrity by allowing a law designed to provide public access to government to be twisted.Hmmmm......Aren't you happy you voted for Mr 'Transparency'?Read the full story here.

  • Google Speaks Truth to Power.(WSJ).Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, recently recounted a dinner in 1995 featuring a talk by Andy Grove, a founder of Intel: "He says, 'This is easy to understand. High tech runs three times faster than normal businesses. And the government runs three times slower than normal businesses. So we have a nine-times gap.' All of my experiences are consistent with Andy Grove's observation." Schmidt explained there was only one way to deal with this nine-times gap, which this column hereby christens "Grove's Law of Government." That is "to make sure that the government does not get in the way and slow things down." He contrasted innovation in Silicon Valley with innovation in Washington. "Now there are startups in Washington," he said, "founded by people who were policy makers. . . . They're very clever people, and they've figured out a way in regulation to discriminate, to find a new satellite spectrum or a new frequency or whatever. They immediately hired a whole bunch of lobbyists. They raised some money to do that. And they're trying to innovate through regulation. So that's what passes for innovation in Washington."Hmmm........"Ouch that hurts".Read the full story here.

  • Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign starts a Tumblr.(BarracudaBrigade).Facebook and Twitter. Since his election, President Obama's White House has continued to embrace social technology, conducting a town hall on Twitter, getting late-adopter Joe Biden to join (@VP) and even signing the president up for Foursquare.Now, President Obama appears to be the first 2012 candidate with a Tumblr.The president's reelection campaign opened the Monday."We'd like this Tumblr to be a huge collaborative storytelling effort," the welcome post on Obama's Tumblr page reads. "A place for people across the country to share what's going on in our respective corners of it and how we're getting involved in this campaign to keep making it better."The campaign suggests that users share posts for re-blogging, a "few paragraphs about how your latest phonebanking gig went," a "chart you saw that made you go 'woah,'" or "jokes, particularly if they're funny.""There will be trolls among you: this we know," the campaign added. "We ask only that you remember that we're people—fairly nice ones—and that your mother would want you to be polite."Hmmmm.......Cause eveyone knows Democrats are 'Nice' people.Read the full story here.

  • RJC Rejects ADL/AJC Pledge: "We will not be silenced" on Israel.(Rjchq).Washington, D.C.  -- The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) responded today to a call from the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, asking Jewish groups to pledge not to use Israel as a "political wedge issue" or, in the words of ADL's Abe Foxman, to "avoid polarizing debates" and refrain from questioning "the current administration's foreign policy approach vis-à-vis Israel". RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks stated in response: "An open and vigorous debate on the questions confronting our country is the cornerstone of the American electoral process. Allowing the American people to see where candidates stand, pro and con on critical issues, is the hallmark of our free and democratic political system. For this reason, the RJC will not be a signer to this pledge. "This effort to stifle debate on U.S. policy toward Israel runs counter to this American tradition. Accordingly, the RJC will not be silenced on this or any issue."Hmmmm.......Someone trying to silence 'free speech'? Read the full story here.Related: ADL/AJC joint statement and the text of the pledge. 

  • CAIR Teams Up With Hezbollah To Attack Romney For Hiring Walid Phares To Advise Him On National Security.(FSM). Al Manar – the official broadcasting arm of the terrorist group Hezbollah – is again attempting to discredit (and thus silence) respected American national security experts. And as a means of doing so, they are touting a now-public letter by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which refers to respected foreign policy analyst Dr. Walid Phares as “an associate to war crimes” and a “conspiracy theorist.”The issue stems from the fact that the Mitt Romney presidential campaign has named Phares to its team of national security advisors.CAIR, which authored the letter and sent it to Romney, doesn’t approve of the appointment. Neither does Hezbollah.In a posting on Hezbollah’s official TV broadcast arm al Manar, the terrorist organization (implicated by a UN Tribunal in the 2005 assassination of Rafiq Hariri of Lebanon) attacked Professor Walid Phares. They cited an article which was based on a CAIR letter leveling vicious attacks on the Jihadism expert and author of The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East. The Hezbollah propaganda arm warned that, by appointing Phares as one of his advisors on Middle Eastern affairs, Republican hopeful Mitt Romney is echoing the appointment by the State Department of Heinz Mahoney as deputy ambassador for the US in Damascus.Observers noted that this wasn’t the first time CAIR and Hezbollah media campaigns converged to the point of merging. Last Spring, CAIR, accused by many to be a front for the terror group Hamas, also sent a letter to Rep. Pete King demanding the removal of Professor Phares from the list of expert witnesses in the hearings on Jihadi radicalization. That letter was also picked up and publicized by the Iranian-backed daily al Akhbar in Lebanon. Writing in as Siyassa of Kuwait, Hamid Ghuriafi said “the campaign of incitement waged by Nihad Awad, director of CAIR, against Professor Walid Phares, a Congressional advisor, is full of lies and misrepresentations. It was executed at the request of the Iranian regime after Phares appeared in an American movie (“Iranium”) released two weeks ago. In that film, Phares called on the Obama Administration and the international community to expedite a regime change in Tehran by supporting the democratic Green revolution in Tehran, which could lead to the crumbling of the Khamenei-Ahmedinejad regime.”Read the full story here.

  • Mosque developer can't take care of vermin-infested apartment building.(Commonsensewonder).By Isabel Vincent And Melissa Klein.The developer who wants to build a $100 million mosque and community center near Ground Zero can’t take care of a rat-ridden apartment building with just 14 units.Sharif El-Gamal, the main developer behind the mosque, has nearly 400 open violations that he has refused to fix despite a court order. His company owes the city $61,633 in fines, fees and taxes for the property at 1835 Amsterdam Ave.El-Gamal, a principal in the company that owns the Washington Heights building, is due in court Thursday. If he doesn’t show up, he risks being sent to jail.He already failed to appear at a Sept. 28 hearing.Tenant Madeline Javier has been locked in a legal battle with El-Gamal and his partners to try to fix the problems in her $647-a-month apartment.She claims in legal papers that her bathroom ceiling collapsed, blocking the tub, toilet and sink, and that dust and vermin worsened her and her children’s asthma. She said the conditions forced her to flee to live in her mother’s home for two years.“It’s really bad,” Javier said. “They always promise they’re going to fix, and they don’t do nothing.”More than 150 complaints about the building, including rats, roaches and lack of heat, were logged with the city from July 2010 to May 2011.The building’s staircase “was obstructed with construction debris, and the fire escapes were also obstructed,” according to legal papers.There are 366 housing-code violations that the owner hasn’t addressed, according to the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development.HPD sued El-Gamal’s company, Washington Heights Holdings II, to fix the problems and reached a consent order in September. It also fined the company $5,550. It’s unclear if any work has been done.Read the full story here.

  • Saudi cleric: Kidnap Israeli soldier - get $100,000.(Ynet). Saudi cleric Dr. Awad al-Qarni is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who kidnaps Israeli soldiers. He is responding to an ad published by the Libman family offering a similar reward for anyone who catches the person who murdered their relative Shlomo Libman. Libman was killed by terrorists near the settlement of Yitzhar in 1998. "The press reported that the Zionist settlers will pay huge amounts of money to whoever kills the freed Palestinian prisoners," al-Qarni said. "In response to these criminals I declare to the world that any Palestinian who will jail an Israeli soldier and exchange him for prisoners will be rewarded with a $100,000 prize," he wrote on his Facebook page. Al-Qarni's post has already received more than 1,000 likes and extensive coverage in Hamas-affiliated newspapers in Gaza. Al-Qarni is a famous Muslim cleric who often guests on TV shows and operates his own website where he discusses various religious law issues. The Palestine-Islam issue is particularly close to his heart.Meanwhile in Gaza, Hamas Minister Fathi Hamad admitted that Israel's withdrawal from the Strip enmabled Hamas to hide Gilad Shalit for so long. In an interview with Lebanese daily as-Safir Hamad said that the "military campaign in Gaza abolished any security coordination with Israel and the Strip's liberation allowed us to conceal Shalit for five years." Hamad stressed that Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas' military wing managed to keep Shalit captive despite Israeli attempts to extract him and admitted that they paid a heavy price for keeping Shalit captive. "That is why the deal is a triumph for the Palestinian people and residents of Gaza who have sacrificed 600 lives during Israel's first response to the bold abduction."Read the full story here.

  • New Jerusalem neighborhood beyond Green Line set to win approval.(YNet).Will a new Jewish neighborhood be built outside the Green Line for the first time since Har Homa? In the wake of its deteriorating international status and the Palestinian independence bid at the UN, Benjamin Netanyahu's government is expected to push forward plans to build 4,000 housing units in the area of Givat Hamatos in southern Jerusalem, Ynet has learned. According to the itinerary of the Jerusalem District Housing and Planning Committee, which operates under the Interior Ministry, on December 8th committee members will discuss objections to the establishment of parts B and C of the neighborhood, which is slated to include about 1,400 housing units.Part A of the plan includes the construction of 2,610 housing units was put up for objections before the Sukkot holiday.According to Peace Now, if the building of 1,400 housing units gets the green light in December, the bulldozers will begin work in less than two years. Part C of the plan was already discussed in 2008, while a hearing into objections was held in February 2010. It was then decided that another discussion would be held, which is now planned to take place in December. Part B of the plan was submitted in March 2010 and is now brought before discussion on objections. "The fact that they waited with the plans for 18 months is no coincidence," Peace Now said. "The Israeli government clearly intends to promote this plan at this time." The movement further claimed that half of the lands where the new neighborhood is slated to be built are owned by Palestinians and could have been used to expand the neighborhood of Beit Tzafafa. "The plan is another slap in the face for Abbas and a present for Hamas," Peace Now Secretary-General Yariv Oppenheimer said.According to Oppenheimer, "The prime minister continues with his path to crush any prospects of an agreement and expands the borders of Jerusalem towards Bethlehem. Approval of the plan days after the implementation of the Shalit deal would further weaken the moderate forces in the region and play into the hands of Hamas."Read the full story here.

  • Libya’s grand mufti, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ghariany, said that Qadhafi is an infidel.(Almasryalyoum).Opinion is divided among religious figures over the treatment of the body of former Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi, with some condemning what they call the abuse of his corpse, while others have declared him an infidel, and therefore not entitled to an Islamic burial.Qadhafi was killed near his home town of Sirte on Thursday, and disturbing images of him being roughed-up and finally killed by angry fighters quickly circulated around the world.Sheikh Mahmoud Ashour of Al-Azhar's Islamic Research Academy in Egypt, said: “Islam prohibits abusing the corpse of any human being. In Islam, people should respect the dignity of the dead body."Meanwhile, Coptic priest Father Alkomos Abdel Maseeh said, “The dead body has sacred. A simple description of what happened [to Qadhafi’s corpse] is that it is against all norms and human rights standards.”On Saturday, in Misrata, the curious and the relieved filed for a second day through a market cold store to view the former Libyan leader's body. The spectacle is seen by some as running contrary to the laws of Islam, whereby the body should be buried as soon as possible.Muatassim Qadhafi, one of Muammar' sons, was also killed on Thursday, and his body is yet to be buried.However, Libya’s grand mufti, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ghariany, said that Qadhafi is an infidel, and that funeral prayers for him in mosques or by the Muslim public, sheikhs and scholars go against Islamic law.Ghariany said on Sunday in a fatwa – a religious opinion concerning Islamic law – and broadcast by Libyan media, that Qadhafi had gone against Islamic traditions and that his words and deeds during his reign showed that he was not a Muslim.The prevailing opinion in the Islamic world is that a Muslim cannot go against the rulings of the Quran or the Sunnah, the practices and sayings of Prophet Mohamed.Ghariany went on to say, “There is a valid reason for not praying for him, which is for him to become an example for other rulers."He added that Gaddafi "may be buried in a Muslim cemetary, washed and prayed for by his family and relatives only”.Ghariany said the former ruler “should be buried in an unmarked grave to avoid causing a rift between Libyans and so that his grave does not become a shrine."Read the full story here.HT: IsraelMatzav.

  • Libya: Gaddafi to be buried in 'secret desert location'.(TheTelegraph).Gaddafi's body has been on public display in a cold storage container in Misurata alongside another son Mutassim and his army chief since they were all killed in Sirte on Thursday."He will be buried in a simple burial with sheikhs attending the burial. It will be an unknown location in the open desert," a National Transitional Council (NTC) official said, adding that the decomposition of the body had reached the point where the "corpse cannot last longer"."No agreement was reached for his tribe to take him," he added. Asked if Mutassim would be buried in the same ceremony, the official said: "Yes."Gaddafi loyalists had requested that he be buried in his hometown of Sirte, whereas officials wanted to prevent his grave becoming a loyalist shrine.Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi's anointed heir, is near Libya's borders with Niger and Algeria and planning to flee the country using a forged passport, another unnamed NTC official said on Monday night.Meanwhile, the interim rulers faced further questions over their conduct during the war to oust Col Muammar Gaddafi, after the discovery of an apparent massacre of regime supporters in rebel-controlled territory in Sirte.Human Rights Watch said 53 people appeared to have been shot dead in a hotel in the centre of the city when it was under the control of fighters from Misurata. The badly decomposed bodies, some with their hands bound behind their backs, were found in a garden of Hotel Mahari.The group called on the NTC to carry out an immediate investigation into the deaths, and was echoed last night by the US State Department, which urged Libya to uphold human rights. It called the allegations "extremely disturbing".Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director of Human Rights Watch, said: "The evidence suggests that some of the victims were shot while being held as prisoners, when that part of Sirte was controlled by anti-Gaddafi brigades who appear to act outside the control of the NTC."If the NTC fails to investigate this crime it will signal that those who fought against Gaddafi can do anything without fear of prosecution."France and the EU warned the NTC to respect human rights after Mr Jalil's speech on Sunday in which he singled out a ban on polygamy as legislation which would have to be swept aside.However, Mr Jalil said on Monday: "I would like to assure the international community that we as Libyans are Muslims, but moderate Muslims."Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, said: "We will be watchful that the values that we defended alongside the Libyan people are respected."Hmmmm......Could it be that Saif al-Islam knows were the 'skeletons' are buried in the UK?Read the full story here.

  • Updated -Libyan official says bodies of Qaddafi, son buried in secret location.(AlArabiya).A Misrata military council official says Muammar Qaddafi, his son Motassim and a top aide have been buried in a secret location, with a few relatives and officials in attendance.In a text message read to The Associated Press, spokesman Ibrahim Beitalmal is quoted as saying the burial took place at 5 a.m. Tuesday, and that Islamic prayers were read over the bodies. The information could not be independently verified.The three bodies had been held in cold storage in Misrata since Qaddafi was captured near his hometown of Sirte on Thursday. Qaddafi died in unclear circumstances within hours of his capture, and Libya’s new leaders have promised an investigation.Beitalmal has said the burial site would remain secret to prevent vandalism.An official with the National Transitional Council had said that Qaddafi would be buried on Monday “in a simple burial with sheikhs attending.”“It will be an unknown location in the open desert,” the official told Reuters by telephone, adding that the decomposition of the body had reached the point where the “corpse cannot last longer.”“No agreement was reached for his tribe to take him,” he added. Asked if Qaddafi’s son Motassim would be buried in the same ceremony, the official said: “Yes.”Read and see (video) the full story here.

  • UNESCO to recognize Palestine?(YNet).The Palestinian bid for statehood may have been postponed to November but the coming days may see progress for the PA's campaign. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will open its 26th General Conference in Paris on Tuesday. During the conference, which will end on November 10, the UN's 193 member states will vote whether to accept the PA as a full UNESCO member state. Earlier this month, UNESCO's Executive Board recommended accepting the PA as a full member state. The Palestinians now need to obtain two thirds of the votes at the General Assembly to be accepted by the UN. The Security Council is slated to discuss the matter in November and the UNESCO vote is seen as a prelude to the General Assembly. The conference has already been dubbed the "mini-assembly."Israel believes the process of recognition should be held in the Security Council and General Assembly and not in unauthorized institutions such as UNESCO. State officials have criticized the body for taking this unprecedented step. "This is beyond their jurisdiction," one state official told Ynet. "UNESCO wasn't created to decide about who is a country and who is not." Israel fears that if the PA is accepted as full UNESCO member it will promote controversial activities such as recognizing Palestinian heritage sites and embroiling Israel in the political arena. Last year, the organization determined that Rachel's Tomb was in fact a Muslim mosque. "No doubt that if they are accepted their room for maneuver will grow," a state official said.Israel also fears the UNESCO vote will set a precedence which will induce other UN bodies to recognize Palestine. The Foreign Ministry has instructed Israeli missions around the world to spread messages against the move.Education Gideon Sa'ar is set to speak before the UNESCO conference and meet with foreign officials in a bid to influence their vote. The UNESCO vote does not allow member states to abstain, but only to vote against or in favor which renders chances to block recognition unlikely. Nevertheless, the Foreign Ministry is not losing hope. Israel has received promises from several European states who said they will oppose the move in addition to the US, which is pressuring the PA to withdraw the bid. Earlier this week the New York Times reported that US legislation dating back more than 15 years mandates a complete cutoff of American financing to any United Nations agency that accepts the Palestinians as a full member. "UNESCO depends on the United States for 22 percent of its budget, about $70 million a year," the paper noted. Read the full story here.

  • Syria recalls its envoy from Washington in tit-for-tat move.(Alarabiya).Syria's ambassador to the United States has been recalled to Damascus, official Al-Ikhbariya television said on Monday, amid an escalating spat that has seen Washington call home its envoy to Syria due to safety concerns.“Syria's ambassador to the United States, Imad Mustapha, will leave Washington for Damascus to hold consultations with Syrian leaders,” the report said. There were no further details.Earlier on Monday a U.S. embassy official in Damascus said that ambassador Robert Ford, an open critic of President Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown on political dissent, has left Syria indefinitely for security reasons.“Ambassador Robert Ford was brought back to Washington as a result of credible threats against his personal safety in Syria,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said.“At this point, we can't say when he will return to Syria. It will depend on our assessment of Syrian regime-led incitement and the security situation on the ground.”Asked if the United States had any plans to expel the Syrian ambassador to Washington, Imad Moustapha, a U.S. official said: “Not at this time.”Robert Ford left Syria over the weekend following a series of incidents that resulted in physical damage but no casualties, Western diplomats told Reuters earlier.“Articles, more inciting against Ford than usual, have appeared in state media recently. He left on Saturday,” said one of the diplomats, who like others asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the issue.Ford, a veteran diplomat, infuriated Syria’s rulers by getting in touch with a seven-month-old grassroots protest movement demanding an end to 41 years of Assad family rule.Haynes Mahoney, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy, emphasized Monday that Washington had not formally recalled Ford, according to The Associated Press.Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different!Teen violence linked to heavy soda diet: study.(Emirates24/7).PARIS — Researchers in the United States said on Tuesday they had found a "shocking" association -- if only a statistical one -- between violence by teenagers and the amount of soda they drank.High-school students in inner-city Boston who consumed more than five cans of non-diet, fizzy soft drinks every week were between nine and 15-percent likelier to engage in an aggressive act compared with counterparts who drank less."What we found was that there was a strong relationship between how many soft drinks that these inner-city kids consumed and how violent they were, not only in violence against peers but also violence in dating relationships, against siblings," said David Hemenway, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health."It was shocking to us when we saw how clear the relationship was," he told AFP in an interview.But he stressed that only further work would confirm -- or disprove -- the key question whether higher consumption of sweet sodas caused violent behaviour.The new study was based on answers to questionnaires filled out by 1,878 public-school students aged 14 to 18 in the inner Boston area, where Hemenway said crime rates were much higher than in the wealthier suburbs.The overwhelming majority of respondents were Hispanic, African-American or mixed; few were Asian or white.Among the questions were how much carbonated non-diet soft drink, measured in 12-ounce (355-millilitre) cans, the teens had drunk in the previous seven days.They were also asked whether they drank alcohol or smoked, carried a weapon or showed violence towards peers, family members and partner.What emerged, said Hemenway, was evidence of "dose response," in other words, the more soda was consumed, the likelier the tendency towards violence.Among those who drank one or no cans of soft drink a week, 23 percent carried a gun or a knife; 15 percent perpetrated violence towards a partner; and 35 percent had been violent towards peers.At the other end of the scale, among those who drank 14 cans a week, 43 percent carried a gun or a knife; 27 percent had been violent towards a partner; and more than 58 percent had been violent towards peers.Overall, teens who were heavy consumers of sugary fizz were between nine and 15 percentage points likelier to show aggressive behaviour compared with low consumers, even when ethnicity and other confounding factors were taken into account.This is a magnitude similar to the link found, in previously researched, with alcohol or tobacco.Hemenway said the study had included a couple of questions aimed at taking a children's home background into account, including whether the teen had taken a meal with his family in the previous days.As it was only intended as a preliminary investigation, the questionnaire did not ask what kind of sodas the teens drank, he said."This is one of the very first studies to examine" the question, said Hemenway."We don't know why (there is this strong association). There may be some causal effect but it's also certainly plausible that this is just a marker for other problems -- that kids who are violent for whatever reason, they tend to smoke more, they tend to drink more alcohol and they tend to maybe drink more soft drinks. We just don't know."We want to look at it more carefully in following studies."The study, published in a British journal, Injury Prevention, will revive memories of the "Twinkie Defence," a US legal landmark in which a killer successfully argued that his behaviour had been swayed by eating junk food.The defendant in this case, Dan White, had been charged with homicide. His lawyer's successful pleading led to conviction of a lesser charge, of voluntary manslaughter.Several studies elsewhere have established a link between very high sugar consumption and lack of social bonding or irritable and anti-social behaviour.Some diet research has also pointed the finger at the lack of micro-nutrients as a source of aggression, but this work is still in its early stages.Read the full story here.
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