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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Overnight Music Video - Ghost Rider - Ghost Riders In The Sky ( Spiderbait )

What Islamic extremists teach their children

HT: IsraelMatzav.

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                        Morning Posting.

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity Japan 5.4 ! More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • Dems Try To Destroy Bank Of America, Tell Customers To Flee.(PatDollard).Related Video: SWAT Teams In St. Louis Preventing Customers From Withdrawing Their Money From Bank Of America.
ABC News:
Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank,” Durbin said on the Senate floor. “Find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month and still will give you a debit card that you can use every single day. What Bank of America has done is an outrage.”Durbin said consumers are rightfully outraged about last week’s announcement.“It is hard to believe that a bank would impose such a fee on loyal customers who simply are trying to access their own money on deposit at Bank of America,” he said. “Especially when Bank of America for years has been encouraging their customers to use debit cards as much as possible.”Most basic checking accounts at Bank of America will see a 40 percent jump in monthly costs and the bank says the debit fee will be waived for customers who upgrade to “premium” accounts that require higher minimum balances.The Dodd-Frank financial law this month lowers “interchange fees” that banks can charge retailers for debit transactions. Fees for retailers will shrink from 44 cents to a cap of 24 cents, which has led some debit card issuers to seek other ways to make up that lost revenue. Some people have blamed Durbin for his amendment, which capped the so-called swipe fees that banks can charge retailers.“I am honored to be connected with this effort,” Durbin said today. “What we are doing is fair to try to strike some balance in an industry that has shown little or no balance. And one of the worst offenders in this is Bank of America, the largest bank in the United States.”Meanwhile, the Bank of America homepage was down today for the second consecutive business day, which bank officials attributed to traffic and not hackers or the full story here.

  • Muslim Buddyhood: Mahmoud, Malik, Louis, and Barack, BFFs?(GulagBound).By Janet Smiles and Arlen Williams.
Now Public gives us a little memory jolt of the depth of collaboration between Messrs. Farrakhan and Obama, from an April 2nd, 2008 entry (emphasis, theirs).
Democrat presidential front-runner Barack Obama not only marched with Nation of Islam Founder Louis Farrakhan in the first Million Man March on Washington, D.C., but he helped organize the 1995 event!
The “he marched” claim was reported in a 1995 Chicago Reader article and brought back to the attention of the blogosphere March 29 by Hugh Hewitt. The new revelation, however, was unearthed today by Gateway Pundit.
Buried 13 years deep inside the archives at, the biography of Farrakhan includes this statement:
In 1995, along with other prominent black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, Farrakhan helped lead the Million Man March on Washington. A second march, called the Millions More Movement, took place in 2005.
[Oops, not quite a million: the rest of the article may be found at NP.]
To make this exercise in Muslim Buddyhood even more intriguing, Malik Shabazz’s name appeared in the release of the White House visitor’s list (in the name of transparency) but staff said it was a “different” Malik Shabazz. Hmmmm, I wonder why Different Malik was taken to the private residence during his visit? Just looking for Abe Lincoln’s ghost?

Mr. Farrakhan has also visited with the “I Won” who lives in the White House. Is there anything that these radically antisemitic, free-market blaming, Sharia Law promoting, America hating, conspiracy theory spouting radicals have to contribute to an official who promised to unite America? Well, they do have their own agendas so…

Some liberalism. Ahmadinejad, Shabazz, Farrakhan, and Obama.
And this, as we know, is just one extension of the Friends of Barack. Oh, the circles that BHO-II and his anti-American fellow travelers form, behind the scenes. Be afraid, “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” Be very afraid. Our acting, Citizen of the World president doesn’t have a clue what our country is really for. What he can grasp of America, he shows himself pulling down to the lowest levels — and let his friends fight over the spoils.Hmmmm........"By their fruits you will know them!"Read the full story here.

  • U.K. Islamist Group 'Muslims Against Crusades': Asks, 'Is Assassination Of Obama Legal?'(Memri).According to today's official White House schedule for President Barack Obama, he will be holding events in Dallas, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri.On its website, the U.K. Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades posted a notice titled "Is the Assassination of Obama Legal?" The notice, which is dated October 3, 2011, features a photo montage of Osama bin Laden, Anwar Al-Awlaki, a masked gunman, and President Obama with what appears to be a bullet wound on his forehead, and includes U.K. phone numbers for "media enquiries" and "general enquiries."Read and see the full story here.

  • Following $3Billion Embezzlement Affair, Iranian Majlis Members Call For Ahmadinejad's Removal.(Video).(Memri).Following the publicity about the affair of the $3 billion embezzlement from Iranian banks, 11 senior Majlis members signed a call to remove Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad due to suspicion that he was involved in the affair. Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei yesterday asked that there be no media coverage of the affair, and said, "We will cut off the hands of the traitors."Read and see the full story here.

  • House GOP Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Holder on ‘Fast and Furious’.(Fox).House Republicans are calling for a special counsel to determine whether Attorney General Holder perjured himself during his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on Operation Fast and Furious, Fox News has learned.House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, was sending a letter to President Obama on Tuesday arguing that Holder cannot investigate himself, and requesting the president instruct the Department of Justice to appoint a special counsel.The question is whether Holder committed perjury during a Judiciary Committee hearing on May 3. At the time, Holder indicated he was not familiar with with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives program known as Fast and Furious until about April 2011.Read the full story here.“I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks,” Holder testified.However, a newly discovered memo dated July 2010 shows Michael Walther, director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, told Holder that straw buyers in the Fast and Furious operation “are responsible for the purchase of 1,500 firearms that were then supplied to the Mexican drug trafficking cartels.”Other documents also indicate that Holder began receiving weekly briefings on the program from the National Drug Intelligence Center “beginning, at the latest, on July 5, 2010,” Smith wrote.These updates mentioned, not only the name of the operation, but also specific details about guns being trafficked to Mexico," Smith wrote in the letter to Obama."Allegations that senior Justice Department officials may have intentionally misled members of Congress are extremely troubling and must be addressed by an independent and objective special counsel. I urge you to appoint a special counsel who will investigate these allegations as soon as possible," Smith wrote.Read the full story here.

  • Europe Fires Back On Economy: Obama Like ‘A Doctor Caught Prescribing Performance-Enhancing Drugs’.(BigPeace).In a brilliant lead editorial in Germany’s left-leaning Der Spiegel, Michael Sauga takes direct aim at President Obama’s economic message of spending more and more money. As he puts it, “the Obama administration is borrowing money at the same rate as near-bankrupt Greece.” Sauga is devastating:
US President Barack Obama has recently suggested that Europe must take on more debt to stimulate the economy. Such reliance on cheap money, though, is what got us into the current crisis in the first place — both in Europe and in the US. America’s problem isn’t too little money. It’s a lack of competitive products. By pushing for hyper-Keynesian stimulus, Obama is not only putting America further into debt, he is laying the seeds for the next financial crisis, he writes.American economists, central bankers and fiscal policy makers have reinterpreted British economist John Maynard Keynes’s clever idea that government spending is the best way to counteract a serious economic downturn — and have turned it into a permanent prescription. In their version of the Keynesian theory, declining growth or tumbling stock prices should prompt central banks to lower interest rates and governments to come to the rescue with economic stimulus programs. US economists call this “kick-starting” the economy.The only problem is that this method of encouraging growth has not stimulated the US economy in recent years, but in fact has put in on a crash course. From the Asian economic crisis to the Internet and subprime mortgage bubbles, economic stimulus programs by monetary and fiscal policy makers have regularly laid the groundwork for the next crash instead of encouraging sustainable growth. In the last decade, the volume of lending in the United States grew five times as fast as the real economy.Fortunately, argues Sauga, Europe is largely ignoring Obama’s advice. That may in the end be what saves us.It is all the more disconcerting that Obama is now recommending that the Europeans emulate his failed strategy. To save the euro, the president has proposed that Europe take on more debt to augment their bailout funds and stimulate their economies. Like a doctor caught prescribing performance-enhancing drugs, Obama has not chosen to cease his activities. Rather he is trying to ensure that as many people as possible have access to his wares.The fact that Europeans are unwilling to comply with Obama’s strange logic gives reason for hope. It makes no sense to pile up more and more debt on already unstable piles of debt. The world doesn’t have too little debt, but too much.Read the full story here.

  • Over our dead bodies.(JPost).By BenCaspit.Honorable Vice President of the United States of America, Mr. Joseph Biden:

    Shalom and a happy Jewish New Year!

    Up until several days ago, you, Mr. Biden, were considered "Israel's closest and truest friend in the White House."
    Israelis are wondering what went through your mind, Mr. Biden, when you said Jonathan Pollard would be given clemency over your "dead body."As such, we here in Israel are wondering what exactly was going through your mind when you declared that Jonathan Pollard would be given clemency over your "dead body."

    It's important to us, here in Israel, to understand. To all of us: to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's supporters and detractors, to the far right and the far left, to the rich and the poor, the Ashkenazi and the Sephardic.

    Anyone with eyes in their head and hearts thumping in their chests would like to know what led you to issue that unhinged statement. Are there things that you know that the rest of the world does not? What has changed since 2007, when you declared that Jonathan Pollard’s bid for clemency was justified? I’ll tell you what has changed: Pollard has spent five more years in prison, in solitary confinement. His health has worsened (I recommend you use your influence to verify to what extent), his chances of starting a family have been decimated, his father died and he was barred from accompanying him on his final journey. In the meanwhile, more and more respectable people have stepped forward and declared that the time has come for his release.

    That’s what has changed.

    IS IT possible, Mr. Biden, that you know something that James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, and Dennis DeConcini, former chairman of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, do not? Because both of them are both in favor of releasing him. Do you know something that Henry Kissinger, George Shultz or John McCain don’t? All of them, esteemed American patriots, are in favor of clemency. How about former US Attorney-General Michael Mukasey? Do you know something he doesn’t? Have you got intelligence that Lawrence Korb, assistant defense secretary under Casper Weinberger, was not privy to? Korb was there, in real time, but Korb, an honest and decent man, felt his conscience claw at him, and today he leads the call to free Pollard, who next month will mark his twenty-sixth year in American prison.

    On Wednesday, you, Mr. Biden, will host a Rosh Hashana party at your residence for American Jewish leaders. As I said, you are considered to be our closest friend among President Barack Obama’s inner circle. Now, as the race toward the presidential elections picks up pace, you have taken upon yourself to serve as the president’s ambassador to the Jewish community.

    I suggest that during the festive celebration at your residence, you ask Abe Foxman, a man whose integrity cannot be called into question, or Malcolm Hoenlein, one of the most astute watchers of American politics and a man whose finger is always on the pulse of the American Jewish community, why they support Pollard’s urgent release.

    Foremost, though, I ask that you examine your own conscience. Ask yourself, Mr. Biden, why Pollard has been in prison for 26 years for a crime that generally receives a two-to-four year sentence in America.
    Ask yourself why spies who have committed far graver sins, betrayals that led to the killing of American agents on foreign soil, received far lesser sentences? Ask yourself why it is that the blood libel of attributing those murders to Pollard was circulated so widely. Ask yourself why, once those allegations were proven to be false, his sentence was not commuted.

    Ask yourself why the United States of America, a society governed by law and order, did not honor its plea bargain with Pollard. Ask yourself where the limits of human suffering lie. Ask yourself about the nature of compassion.

    What, in your eyes, are its dimensions? Mr. Biden, look at the list of honorable names, the American leaders and officials who are calling for Pollard’s release.

    All of them believe that his continued incarceration is an outrage that flies in the face of American justice.

    America, Mr. Biden, is regarded as the world’s preeminent superpower not only on account of your weapons and military might. You are the leaders of the free world also on account of your values: liberty, equality, human rights, justice and compassion. Where have those morals gone, Mr. Biden, when assessing Pollard’s case? Are 26 years behind bars, many of which have been served in solitary confinement, an insufficient punishment for what remains a relatively minor crime? Does a man who has expressed remorse and already paid a terrible price not deserve to live out his days in freedom? Until now, Mr. Vice President, you have made a name for yourself as someone with a quick tongue and a short fuse. No responsible parties have charged you with being cruel, evil, or bloodthirsty. Henceforth, Mr. Biden, the notorious slips of your tongue are the least of your problems. The message you conveyed to those rabbis in Florida, that if it were up to you, Pollard would “stay in jail for life,” put you in a whole different league. A league that you don’t want to be playing in and one I don’t believe you belong in.
    We Jews, Mr. Vice President, have begun the Ten Days of Repentance leading up to the Day of Atonement. If what was said in Florida was merely a slip of the tongue, this is the time, Mr. Biden, to take it back. We will forgive and we will forget. All of us make mistakes. It can happen to the vice president, too.

    But if you really stand by the statement that “over my dead body” will he be released, then it’s important to understand that the dead body is likely to be his. Jonathan Pollard’s release, after 26 years, is not a matter of politics, diplomacy or national security. It should not be linked to current events. We Israelis, along with many American Jews and other honorable Americans, believe that Jonathan Pollard’s release, in late 2011, is a matter of morality, justice and compassion.

    Those values are at the heart of President Obama’s beliefs; they are also the very lifeblood of the great American democracy and of humanity at large.

    And so, if justice is to be done, Joe Biden, help us make it happen now!Source.

  • Iranian Pastor Increasingly Likely to Face Death Penalty Under New Charges.(Fox).Imprisoned Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, originally sentenced to death for apostasy and refusing to renounce Christianity, is now in even greater danger of being put to death in light of reports in state-run media of other charges, including being a Zionist and a threat to national security."The charge of being a Zionist and thus a traitor is among the most serious accusations that can be made in Iran," said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, or ACLJ. "Unfortunately, we know that this is the charge Iran levies to justify executing people who were actually arrested, imprisoned and tried on completely different charges."In a ruling from the Iranian Supreme Court obtained by, Nadarkhani was sentenced to execution by hanging for breaking Islamic law by conducting Christian worship and baptizing himself and others.Nowhere in the ruling is there a mention of these new charges, which were first reported by Iranian news agency FARS.Nadarkhani’s lawyer, Mohammed Ali Dadkhah, says he has not received any of these new charges from the Supreme Court, according to the ACLJ.“The opinions of these new charges come from the political branch. Not a single judicial figure, a prosecutor or member of the court has spoken to these new charges,” Dadkhah said through a translator.Fox News reported last week that the pastor, who also held house church services in Iran, was facing execution after being convicted of apostasy last November.He appealed his conviction all the way to the Iranian Supreme Court.His appeals trial began last month in Gilan Province and he refused to renounce his religion, according to rights groups monitoring the trial.The European Center for Law and Justice, an affiliate of the ACLJ and an non-governmental organization with consultative status at the U.N., is looking at taking action at the United Nations this week."We have not seen any new charges from the court," an official for the U.S. State Department said. "We continue to seek additional information."Read the full story here.

  • Turkey - Kurdish BDP: we will not bend, should you arrest 10 thousands of us.(Firat).Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chair Gültan Kışanak remarked that Prime Minister Erdoğan has a list of political execution which consists of thousands of people and said; “We will not kneel before you even if you take 10 thousand people into custody”. Speaking at the group meeting, BDP Co-Chair Kışanak stated that “the boycott they continued till October 1st was made to show everyone that Turkey has gone off the rails. Kışanak called attention to the operations carried out under the name of KCK devoted to eliminate the Kurdish politics and said; “We once again faced a political slaughter when we woke up this morning. Most of the former and current executives of our party are in custody now. The AKP police is hunting Kurds.”Kışanak pointed out that a civil and democratic constitution can’t be worked on while the clash is continuing and said that deciding on war as soon as the parliament opens means to sabotage the process of the new constitution. Kışanak added that the march to Gemlik on October 8th will be an important step to open the way for negotiations. BDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş also reacted to the detention of more than a hundred people with house raids and detentions carried out in many provinces against the BDP last night. Demirtaş remarked that they are concerned about the Prime Minister's political attitude that intends to make things more difficult and to destroy grounds of compromise rather than to strengthen constitutional discussions and seeks for negotiation. Demirtaş stated that the Prime Minister targets the BDP by ordering instructions around every day and added; “Our colleagues, PM members, mayors and party members are arrested every day under the name of KCK operations. If this is the KCK, I am the President of the KCK because all detainees are members of the BDP. We discuss among each other whether we can hold mature, conciliatory and solution-oriented discussions in such an environment. I hope Turkey will manage to create an environment where its constitution can be discussed intrepidly without living big political crisis but the discourse and practices of the Prime Minister don’t contribute to this process.”Hmmmm....As i said before the way of the Armenians.Read the full story here.

  • Al-Shabab claims deadly Mogadishu blast, at least 70 people killed.(Al-Jazeera).A bomb blast outside a government compound in Mogadishu has killed at least 70 people and left many others wounded, in one of Somalia's deadliest ever suicide attacks, officials and witnesses said.Tuesday's attack was claimed by al-Shabab, the armed anti-government group, and came as the rebels launched attacks in the country's west and south.A Shabab official who spoke to the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity said one of the group's fighters had carried out the attack."One of our Mujahideen made the sacrifice to kill TFG [Transitional Federal Government] officials, the African Union troops and other informers who were in the compound," said the Shabab official.Mohamud Abdullahi, a taxi driver, said a car had driven into the compound and exploded. He had spoken of an initial toll of 10 dead and more than 20 wounded.African Union and government troops deployed heavily to the area and cordoned it off.The explosion is thought to have gone off as students were queueing for scholarships offered by Turkey, which recently stepped up its involvement in Somalia and pledged to re-open an embassy in Mogadishu."Some ministers were coming out of the building just seconds after the explosion ... It was the worst attack I have ever witnessed," Mohamed Sheikh Nor, a Somali journalist, told Al Jazeera.Read the full story here.

  • Following Al-Awlaki's Killing – Part I: His Legacy Lives On – In San-Francisco-Based 'Internet Archive' Library.(Memri).Following the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki, Shumoukh Al-Islam, the main Al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, posted a complete archive of his lectures, and provided links to view clips, listen to audio tapes and more, on the San-Francisco-based Internet Archive library ( As of this writing, the archives have been downloaded 11,204 times. A note on the archives by Shumoukh Al-Islam provides a link to its forum for more on Awlaki.Read the full story here.

  • Surprising things and places in science, engineering and geography named “niggerhead”.(WattsUpWithThat).By now we are all probably aware of the media flash-mob that has erupted over presidential candidate Rick Perry’s badly named hunting ranch leased plot near Haskell, Texas. There’s quite a story in the New York Times about it here.
    Seeing the word used today, it reminded me of an odd experience in west Texas earlier this year where I heard the term used before. I had forgotten all about it until today. I hadn’t intended to write a story on this at all, but curiosity about that event led me down an interesting set of rabbit holes, so I thought I’d share what I learned about this ugly and offensive term and how surprising the wide and varied use of it is.
    In the spring, I was at a conference/tradeshow in Oklahoma and Dallas where I showed some of our weather equipment. Reader may recall I blogged about the Japan earthquake and Tsunami while in a hotel room in Oklahoma City. The next week I was in Dallas. Shortly after the conference closed, I had the misfortune of driving along a stretch of lonely highway 82 between Dallas and Lubbock. I had to go through Lubbock because I needed to go to Muleshoe, TX, where there was an unsurveyed USHCN station I wanted to add to the station database, and Muleshoe (only to discover later that Juan Slayton had added it already) was so that had to be my route so I could connect to Highway 388 which goes NW from Lubbock to Muleshoe, and then on to Fort Sumner NM where I wanted to verify a Google street view on an MMTS. My GPS, as GPS’s sometimes do had me going on some backroads, including Munday, TX which I thought had an odd name and I got turned around for a bit and found myself headed south on 277 to Haskell. Got that solved and headed west on 222 to connect to 82.
    I found myself in a pickle when I reached Guthrie, TX because I was getting low on gas, and I hadn’t seen any gas stations. From the 82 bypass around Guthrie I spotted what looked to be a gas station, so I double back, took the exit and went into town. It was a gas station alright, long since closed and there was nothing else in town. I was afraid I’d find myself stranded in Guthrie. I was struck by the fact that I was in the middle of one of the biggest oil producing states, and there was not a drop of gasoline to be found. There was no cell service that would support web browsing on my phone either, so I couldn’t search for one.
    So I drove around just a bit in Guthrie, until I spotted somebody I could ask. It was like a ghost town, but I finally found someone (actually they found me because parked and waited and he rode by on a bike) and I flagged the guy down and asked where I might find some gas. He thought a moment and said “There’s no gas here, nearest is either Ralls or Crosbyton”. I asked where those towns were and he said: “on 82 (pointing west) out past the niggerheads, and then past Dickens”. I said “What? Niggerhead? Is that a town? and he looked at me like I was from another planet (I didn’t tell him I was from California) and he said “no that’s the hills, you’ll see em, and then ya go through Dickens, and Crosbyton, and then Ralls. One of ‘em should have gas.
    I did find gas in Crosbyton, after driving west on 82 through the hills the man described which you can see here in Google maps.
    The term “niggerheads” was puzzling and odd, but I figured it was just some local colloquialism, and I didn’t give it another thought…until today.
    So after being bombarded with all the news stories about how offensive this term is, and noting that some of the same people doing reporting lambasting Perry over the name of a ranch called “niggerhead” have absolutely no trouble at all calling people like me and the readers of WUWT “deniers” (Think Progress, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, among others) which is also an ugly and offensive term due to the connection to “holocaust deniers”.
    So, I thought I’d see what I could find on it. I figured if it was some sort of local colloquial term when I heard it in Texas last spring, I’d find it in older books and maps.
    So in my first Google search, amongst all the news stories about Perry, I found my first clue as to why I heard the term, in Wikipedia:
    The term was once widely used for all sorts of things, including products such as soap and chewing tobacco, but most often for geographic features such as hills and rocks.[citation needed] In the U.S., more than hundred “Niggerheads” and other place names now considered racially offensive were changed in 1962 by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, but many local names remained unchanged.[1]
    So that explained why the fellow I asked directions from used the term for the hills I’d drive through. The NYT article I cited above also mentions this.
    I can understand how it is offensive, and I can certainly see removing it. But I think removing it is going to be a much bigger job than the bloodhounds in the mainstream media thinks. Just look at all the references to the word in science and engineering and geography:
    Nigger Head, an island in North Queensland, Australia
    United States. Bureau of Fisheries – 1921 – Free Google eBook – Read
    NIGGERHEAD GROUP. The shells of the niggerhead group distinguish themselves from all others of the Quadrula class by combining a In buying mussels for button manufacture the price is often based upon the percentage of niggerheads.
    Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen – 1911 – Free Google eBook – Read
    One chamber casting (acting as a nigger head), is bolted centrally to the dry pipe in such a manner as to have the fingers As the throttle is opened, steam is admitted through the dry pipe to the header which acts as a nigger head.
    The vegetation of New Zealand – Page 157 Leonard Cockayne – 1921 – 456 pages – Free Google eBook – Read
    3- Niggerhead (Carex secta)-association. Here shock-headed masses of C. secta are dominant raised above the water on Niggerhead -swamp contains many of the ordinary swamp-plants and many transitions occur between it and Phormium-
    License my roving hands: poems and stories – Page 19 Tobin – 2000 – 57 pages – Preview
    NIGGERHEAD ROAD The squeaky, old doors have closed forever on a school, a drug store and train station with a telegraph office where matrimonial ads and baseball games were transmitted as well as business on the stock exchange and a
    International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Iron Workers – 1905 – Free Google eBook – Read
    THE MAN ON THE NIGGER HEAD. His legs are poor, he can’t go aloft, In the “bull” gang he is dead; But should the boss throw a line across He is first to the ” nigger head.” He keeps the line coiled neat and trim, But I have often heard it…
    In the Alaskan wilderness – Google Books Result Byron Gordon – 1917 – Alaska – 247 pages
    This is what is called nigger- head and muskeg in the language of the North. on any map of Alaska), and prepared to do all the portaging ourselves.
    Highway to Alaska Herbert Charles Lanks – 1944 – 200 pages – Snippet view
    16 Niggerhead and Horse Camp Lakes The next day I decided to explore ahead on foot, for there was no one in camp who seemed to know the condition of the road. They said that the last vehicle had got through way back in April,
    The Pennsylvania barn: its origin, evolution, and distribution in … – Page 263 Robert F. Ensminger – 2003 – 348 pages – Preview
    The development of the nigger head in central Pennsylvania was examined under ” Tying Joints and Bent Raisings” (see The emergence of the nigger head may also result from a simplification of the double tie beam, which is commonly
    Journal of conchology: Volume 11 – Page 214 Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland – 1906 – Free Google eBook – Read
    Moreover the growth of the shells is very slow, the time required for a “nigger- head” to reach a size of three The standard is the “niggerhead.” In 1897 the market value of this species in Muscatine ranged from 40 to 62 cents per
    The mineral resources of New South Wales – Page 402 Geological Survey of New South Wales, Edward Fisher Pittman – 1901 – 487 pages – Free Google eBook – Read
    There is another peculiar form common on the field, known as a nigger head. These nigger heads are usually oval or spherical masses of more or less opal- impregnated, fine grained silica ; they are of all sizes from 1 lb. to 1 cwt.,
    California Place Names: The Origin and Etymology of Current … – Page 258 Erwin G. Gudde, William Bright – 2004 – 460 pages – Preview
    and Niggerhead Mountain [Los Angeles Co. ] (which probably reflect the now obsolete term “niggerhead” in the sense of Note that the term “Niggerhead” in place names may refer not to the head of a Negro, but rather to a flanged drum

    So clearly, the offensive term is well established in literature and placenames. It will take time and effort to remove it.Now go and read up on the rest of places and things given this 'name' here.

Occupy Wall Street Organizer to ‘Excited’ Al Sharpton: We Are Anarchists and Revolutionaries,‘This Is the Beginning of a Revolution in This Country’

Monday, October 3, 2011

Overnight Music Video - Big Bad John

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama

There is something very wrong with this picture.(PatDollard).
Despite their honest intentions, many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are being suckered into a trap and calling for the very “solutions” that are part of the financial elite’s agenda to torpedo the American middle class – higher taxes and more big government.Watch the clip above in which journalist Adam Kokesh talks to Occupy Wall Street protesters.The ignorance displayed in these interviews knows no bounds.
The protesters just don’t get it. They are calling for the government to use force to impose their ideas, all in the name of bringing down corporations who they don’t realize have completely bought off government regulators. Corporations and government enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship – getting one to regulate the other is asinine and only hurts smaller businesses who are legitimately trying to compete in a free market economy that barely exists.
The zeal for totalitarian government amongst some of the “protesters” is shocking. One sign being carried around read, “A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force,” which seems a little ironic when protesters complain about being physically assaulted by police in the same breath.
One woman interviewed by Kokesh also announces her intention to help Obama to capture a second term. How can a self-proclaimed Occupy Wall Street protester simultaneously support the man whose 2008 campaign was bankrolled by Wall Street, whose 2012 campaign is reliant on Wall Street to an even greater extent, and whose cabinet was filled with Wall Street operatives?Something is very wrong with this picture.
The usual suspects, mega-rich foundations and elitists, behind the young radicals have also started to emerge – George Soros, The Ruckus Society, the Tides Foundation and the Ford Foundation.
However, the fact that the majority of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are advocating “solutions” which the very elite they claim to be protesting against also want should set alarm bells ringing.
The official Occupy Wall Street website vehemently supports Obama’s tax agenda, again in the deluded belief that Obama, the ultimate Wall Street puppet, genuinely wants to go after big corporations who use loopholes to avoid paying income tax.
Hmmmm........Dictatorship rising.Read the full story here.HT:AlwaysOnWatch.

MFS - The Other News

                        Morning Posting.

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity Japan 5.1 ! More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • Media Hilariously Promotes Obama As A “Uniter”.(BigJournalism).By Ron Futrell.This was the battle-cry of the 2008 elections: Obama was the Great Uniter who would bring America together and save it from the horrible division that Evil Bush caused.The activist old media (who constantly promise to protect us from everything that could possibly harm us) easily bought this line because it fit their template and they wanted to believe it. Today will any of them walk this back, even a little bit? Nope — instead they blame the GOP and try to convince us that their poor Dear Leader has become a victim of the Rancorous Republicans.So today, we hear from Obama leftist Peter Orzag in The New Republic that we “need less democracy” because Washington can’t seem to get along. What happened to the Great Uniter?Orzag says, “it was clear to me that the country’s political polarization was growing worse — harming Washington’s ability to do the basic, necessary work of governing.” His conclusion — “we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic.” I guess if we just make the Great Uniter the Dear Leader, we will have unity in destruction. Just a “bit less democratic” won’t hurt during these tough times. They’ll give us our democracy back when they say the time is right, cross their bleeding hearts.Please leftists, don’t try to tell us how you love the Constitution when you are giving support to this administration (Orzag worked in the Obama administration as the director of the Office of Management and Budget.)Which brings me to a line from Obama’s recent speech before the Joint Session of Congress that went largely unnoticed, but jumped out at me when I heard it live. While talking about Social Security and Medicare, Obama wondered what would’ve happened if those bankrupt social programs were voted down “because it violated some rigid idea about what government could or could not do?” (Applause.)That was applause by Democrats after that line. Did Democrats applaud the destruction of the Constitution? (Sorry — I had to put that in after all the foolish things the left and their activist old media have said lately about Republicans applauding at debates — although mine actually fits.)What was that “rigid idea about what government could or could not do” that our President was speaking about? Seriously, I’d like to know what he was talking about. The only rigid idea about what government could or could not do that I know of is the US Constitution. I thank God for those words on four pages of parchment daily. Democrat leftist Woodrow Wilson might have followed eastern Europe into the abyss of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin without that document and its amendments. We could be entering another Dark Ages right about now. No, I’m not just being provocative here, many who have looked back at the Wilson presidency believe he would’ve gone there were it not for our Constitution.Do you think anybody in the media would dare ask their Dear Leader to what he was referring with his speech? Nope, won’t happen. Does Obama believe the US Constitution is just a “rigid idea about what government could or could not do?” Also, Obama is sort of acknowledging here that the Constitution had to be set aside so that Social Security and Medicare could be passed, but that’s a different issue. Does anybody in the media find that interesting?It’s not a stretch to say that Obama and his buddy Orzag see the US Constitution as something that is keeping them from uniting the country — or recreating it to their own liking, or both.It should be mentioned here that our Founders understood the value of political division, it’s everywhere in the Federalist Papers and in their personal writings, that cannot be denied.The media has jumped in with this administration to tell us 1) political division is bad, 2) it’s being caused by Republicans. They will supposedly protect us from spoiled spinach, killer tomatoes and Michael Jackson’s alleged killer, but they care not to see the potential destruction of our founding principles while promoting unity. Who could be opposed to unity? Of course, Democrats could’ve gotten all of this budget stuff taken care of while they had majorities in both Houses of Congress and the White House … but that takes too long to explain in an eight second sound bite.Today the Great Uniter works to divide America along racial and economic lines to further his cause to get re-elected and Change America. Change America. First, he needs to get rid of those rigid ideas about what government can and cannot do.We now clearly know, if we did not know this before, that we cannot wait for the government or the media to save us.Hmmmmm......"I bring to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes." ~ Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776.Read the full story here.

  • More Actions Planned for “Red October”.(NewZeal).By Trevor Loudon.In 1917 Russia’s “Red October” shook the world.In 2011, the US left plans to create their own “Red October” – the first shots of a major nationwide campaign to create chaos and a fear across America.The left will use any dirty trick it can to ensure that Barack Obama is returned to the the Oval Office in 2012 to complete his task of creating the Socialist Republic of America.
Energized by President Obama’s bold call for passage of the American Jobs Act, civil rights and labor groups are calling for a national march in Washington, D.C., on October 15 to support it. The following day Obama will deliver remarks at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial…
Speaking at a press conference announcing the event, Rev. Al Sharpton said, “We will bring forth the masses who have not been heard in the midst of the jobs debate. As the president fights for a jobs act, as supercommittees meet, they need to hear marching feet. This is to send a message to Congress.”
The National Action Network along with the NAACP and several labor unions including the National Education Association and the Communications Workers of America are key organizers of the event.
The march will begin at the Lincoln Memorial.
At a recent meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama called on supporters to put on their marching shoes to press for passage of jobs legislation and increased revenue to pay for it.
Republicans in Congress are staunchly opposing the new legislation and demands that the rich pay their fair share in taxes…
The AFL-CIO has called for a week of action for jobs from October 11 to October 15.
Speaking in Minneapolis at the Next Up summit of young workers, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis urged initiatives to help pass the American Jobs Act: “Labor Secretary Hilda Solis described how she learned the importance of collective bargaining from her father, a steward for the Teamsters and talked about her dedication to create good jobs and help pass President Obama’s American Jobs Act. By the time Barack Obama got to office, Solis said, the nation had lost 4 million jobs. But instead, Republicans in Congress want to gut the budget and kill even more jobs.”And not one in 100 of these marchers and protesters will have any inkling that they are tools of a handful of American Marxists and their foreign communist masters.Read the full story here.

  • Video: Roseanne Barr Channels Bill Ayers.(BarackNow).The call for the guillotine is interesting for sure because it carries with it, the implication that we need another French Revolution, which was the manifestation of evil. However, what caught my attention even more was Roseanne's reference to re-education camps. She didn't just refer to them; she mirrored the rhetoric of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground from 1969, when she said that anyone who could not be reeducated would have to be killed. Rewind to 1982. Larry Grathwohl, the only man to successfully infiltrate the Weather Underground, appeared in a documentary where he relayed what he heard Bill Ayers and company say. According to Grathwohl, the plan was to overthrow the US Government and open 'Reeducation centers' in the American southwest. Those centers were to be filled with capitalists and any of them who could not be reeducated would have to be eliminated (killed). The estimate was 25 Million people.Hmmmm......Who 'educated' Roseanne?Read and see the full story here.

  • Shock Photos: Candidate Obama Appeared And Marched With New Black Panther Party in 2007.(BigGovernment).New photographs obtained exclusively by reveal that Barack Obama appeared and marched with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Alabama in March 2007.The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media’s failure to examine Obama’s extremist ties and radical roots.In addition, the new images raise questions about the possible motives of the Obama administration in its infamous decision to drop the prosecution of the Panthers for voter intimidation.The images, presented below, also renew doubts about the transparency of the White House’s guest logs–in particular, whether Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is the same “Malik Shabazz” listed among the Obama administration’s early visitors.Tomorrow, J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice whistleblower in the New Black Panther Party case, will release his new book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department (Regnery).The book exposes Obama administration corruption far beyond the Panther dismissal, and reveals how the institutional Left has turned the power of the DOJ into an ideological weapon.Adams’s book also describes, in detail, the Selma march at which then-Senator Obama was joined by a group of Panthers who had come to support his candidacy.Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mocking their widows in this video (7:20 – 8:29).
Injustice includes a disturbing photo of Shabazz and the Panthers marching behind Obama with raised fists in the “Black Power” salute.
There are even more photographs.
I have learned that Regnery initially received approval from a person who took pictures of the events in Selma to publish these additional photographs in Injustice.After the photographer wrote Regnery reversing his permission to include the photographs in Injustice, the images were removed from the photographer’s Flickr account. Yet we were able to capture them before they disappeared.The photographs show Obama sharing the same podium at the event with the Panthers.In the first image, Shabazz stands at the podium, surrounded by uniformed Panthers, including Muhammed. In the second photograph, Obama commands the same podium.The First Amendment allows photographs of such enormous public importance to see the light of day. Cases, including one involving skimpy photographs of Miss Puerto Rico, have established that fair use and the First Amendment allow publication of these photos.It is true that then-Senator Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton were also in Selma at the same event. But the Panthers explicitly came to Selma to support Obama, as Adams details in Injustice.They spoke with Obama at the podium shown above, and departed together with Obama for the main march itself, as shown by this grainer image captured from YouTube:Obama seems not to be reviled by the Panthers in any of the video or photographs. And Obama’s own campaign website would post an endorsement by the New Black Panther Party in March 2008. As Adams writes in Injustice:
Somehow, the fact that the future President of the United States shared a podium with leaders of the New Black Panthers, marched with them, and received a public, formal greeting from their party has vanished from the history of Obama’s campaign. Apart from [Juan] Williams’ single dispatch, no other media outlets ever reported it.
After NPR initially reported that the Panthers were present at the event with Obama, subsequent reports from Selma omitted any mention of the hate group appearing with the future President.Had any of Obama’s opponents appeared at an event with the KKK or Aryan Nation, The New York Times would have had to double its ink buy.Obama’s appearance does much more than expose mainstream media hypocrisy. It also exposes an association between a vile racist organization and a future President of the United States. Only the degree of association is subject to debate.And only a few voices outside the mainstream media have continued to press the Obama administration about its past and present ties to fringe groups.I have been calling for the White House to disclose which Malik Shabazz visited the private White House residence on July 25, 2009, two months after the DOJ voter intimidation case was dismissed. So far, the White House has refused to do so, leaving open the question of which “Malik Shabazz” appears in visitor logs released to the public.To reiterate: nobody, including Adams, is suggesting that Obama is a secret member of the New Black Panther Party. At a minimum, however, the events in Selma expose the media double standard that has buried this story until this week.The mainstream media should ask Obama a few questions before they rush to his defense:What did he and Malik Zulu Shabazz say when they conversed that day–something that Shabazz has said happened?Did the Obama campaign play any role in having the Panthers travel to support his presidential ambitions?Who posted the Panthers’ endorsement on the Obama campaign’s website, and at whose instructions?Who–finally–was the Malik Shabazz who visited the White House residence on July 25, 2009?Hmmmm....."By their fruits you will know them!"Read and more important SEE the full story here.

  • "Interfaith Dialog".Will Mainstream American Islam Condemn Pastor Nadarkhani’s ‘Apostasy’ Death Sentence?(BigPeace).By Andrew G. Bostom.Almost 90 years ago, in his 1924 The Law of Apostasy in Islam, Samuel Zwemer made these observations, regarding the post World War I “Arab Spring” of that era:
The story is told that Damocles, at the court of Dionysius of Sicily, pronounced the latter the happiest man on earth. When, however, Damocles was permitted to sit on the royal throne, he perceived a sword hanging by a horse-hair over his head. The imagined felicity vanished, and he begged Dionysius to remove him from his seat of peril. Today [circa 1924] we read of new mandatories, of liberty, and of promised equality to minorities under Moslem rule; and newspapers assert that a new era has come to the Near East. Economic development, intellectual awakening, reforms, constitutions, parliaments and promises Does the sword of Damocles, however, still hang over the head of each convert from Islam to Christianity? Is the new Islam more tolerant than the old? [emphasis added] Will the lives and property of converts be protected, and the rights of minorities be respected? ….Again and again has European pressure, aided by a few educated Orientals, endeavored to secure equality before the law for all religions and races in the Near East. But as often as the attempt was made it proved a failure, each new failure more ghastly than the last. The reason is that the conscience and the faith of the most sincere and upright Moslems are bound up with the Koran and the Traditions. [emphasis added] Civilization cannot eradicate deep—seated convictions. Rifles and ironclads, the cafe, the theatre, written constitutions, representative parliaments; none of these reach far below the surface. A truer freedom…than the one supplied by their own faith, must come before Moslems can enter into the larger liberty which we enjoy.
Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkani’s chilling “apostasy” case illustrates, starkly, how Zwemer’s remarks remain depressingly relevant today: the scimitar of Damocles hovers over Nadarkhani for his “crime” of converting from Islam to Christianity. Thus far mainstream American Muslim advocacy groups—notably the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have failed to condemn Pastor Nadarkhani’s heinous death sentence. This dereliction of basic moral duty by CAIR and ISNA, so vocal in highlighting the slightest perceived “violations” of Muslim rights here in the US, demonstrates that the continued failure of Islam to uphold basic freedom of conscience extends beyond the “Near East,” to Muslim communities across the entire world.Notwithstanding transparent last minute Iranian efforts to recast the criminal proceedings against Pastor Nadarkhani with allegations of—what else—“Zionist conspiracism,” or other trumped up charges, a translated Iranian Supreme Court brief from 2010 (obtained by CNN from the American Center for Law and Justice, and translated from its original Farsi by the Confederation of Iranian Students in Washington) makes plain that apostasy is the sole charge.Mr. Youcef Nadarkhani, son of Byrom, 32-years old, married, born in Rasht in the state of Gilan is convicted of turning his back on Islam, the greatest religion, the prophecy of Mohammad at the age of 19…He (Nadarkhani) has stated that he is a Christian and no longer Muslim…During many sessions in court with the presence of his attorney and a judge, he has been sentenced to execution by hanging according to article 8 of Tahrir Al- Wasilah (a book on Islamic Law, Sharia, authored by Ayatollah Khomeini as a guide for Muslims)The quintessence of a contemporary Shiite pronouncement on apostasy in Islam (which cites Khomeini’s treatise extensively) appearing in Kayhan International, March 1986, stated openlyIn Islam, apostasy is a flagrant sin and guilt for which certain punishments have been specified in Shari’a (Islamic law). Apostasy means, to renounce the religion or a religious principle after accepting it. In other words, one’s departure from Islam to atheism is called apostasy. A person who abandons Islam and adopts atheism is called an apostate . . …Apostasy is the escape from the pattern of creation and nature and that is why the word “voluntary” has been adopted for such an apostate…Can the penalty of escaping from the path and pattern of nature and creation be anything other than annihilation? This is the same thing that has been crystallized in the penal code of Islam. The anti-apostasy punishments of Islam are proper laws to rescue mankind from falling into the cesspool of treason, betrayal, and disloyalty and to remind the human being of his ideological commitments.Iranian apostasy law is consistent with mainstream Islam’s rejection of freedom of conscience since the 7th century advent of the creed, through the clear modern dictates of the global Muslim umma’s religio-political hierarchy as put forth in the 1990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, signed by all 56 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (now the Organization of Islamic Cooperation).
The universality of these Islamic attitudes affects Muslim communities in the West, including North America. Syed Mumtaz Ali, the late architect of Canada’s Sharia (Islamic Law) tribunal, and law professor Ali Khan, for example both have openly advocated extending Islamic apostasy laws to the West. Mumtaz Ali, in a disturbing essay, affirmed the traditional Islamic legal viewpoint that apostates must “choose between Islam and the sword,” arguing further that if Canada were to act in accord with its own Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian government must grant the country’s Islamic community authority to punish those Muslims who apostasize, or malign their faith.

Washburn (Topeka, Kansas) University Law Professor, Ali Khan, another practicing Muslim, provided a more original, but no less frightening rationale for Muslims in the West to violate, fatally, the basic freedom of conscience of their co-religionists. Khan argued in The Cumberland Law Review that apostasy from Islam is an “attack” upon “protected knowledge,” which if deemed (i.e., by some Islamic tribunal one must assume!) to be “open, hostile, and voiced contemptuously,” justified punishment by death. Ali Khan is convinced that traditional Islamic law precepts antipodean to freedom of conscience nevertheless trump this foundational Western freedom, because,

Islam is the truth beyond doubt. [And] [t] hese rules preserve the dignity of protected knowledge, discouraging an ‘easy in, easy out’ attitude toward Islam.

And in April, 2009 Harvard Muslim chaplain Taha Abdul-Basser explained approvingly to a Muslim student that the traditional Islamic practice of executing apostates from Islam, remained both venerable, and applicable:

There is great wisdom (hikma) associated with the established and preserved position (capital punishment), and so, even if it makes some uncomfortable in the face of the hegemonic modern human-rights discourse, one should not dismiss it out of hand.

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), consistent with modern fatwas published by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, president of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), and other prominent, mainstream Muslim clerics in Egypt (Al Azhar University), Lebanon, Iran, and Malaysia, has also mandated lethal punishment for apostates from Islam. AMJA’s mission statement maintains the organization was, “…founded to provide guidance for Muslims living in North America…AMJA is a religious organization that does not exploit religion to achieve any political ends, but instead provides practical solutions within the guidelines of Islam and the nation’s laws to the various challenges experienced by Muslim communities…” Moreover, AMJA was deemed a laudable, mainstream Muslim organization for North American imam training by the (US) Muslim Observer in October 2010, despite AMJA’s imams having issued the following public rulings on “apostasy” from Islam, in 2006 and 2009:

Dr. Hatem al-Haj 2006-04-17 As for the Sharia ruling, it is the punishment of killing for the man with the grand Four Fiqh Sharia scholars, and the same with the woman with the major Shari`ah scholars, and she is jailed with Al-Hanafiyyah scholars, as the prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, said: “Whoever a Muslim changes his/her religion, kill him/her”, and his saying: “A Muslim`s blood, who testifies that there is no god except Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah, is not made permissible except by three reasons: the life for the life; the married adulterer and the that who abandons his/her religion”.

Dr. Main Khalid Al-Qudah 2009-01-02 Under the authority of the Muslim state, the People of the Book have the right to stay on their belief without being compelled to embrace Islam. But if one of them has embraced Islam, it would not be acceptable from him to go back to his original religion. The same rule applies to those who are born into Muslim families. According to the Islamic Law, they cannot commit apostasy.
Dr. Main Khalid Al-Qudah 2009-04-10 As for the second one, the “people” in this hadith means either the apostates who had become Muslim and then retreated to disbelief thereafter, or the polytheists who do not attribute themselves to any divine religion. This second possible meaning has been mentioned in Imam Al-Nasa’i’s narration: “I have been commanded to fight against the polytheists until they…” In Islam, neither of these categories of people is allowed to remain on their religion. The fact that there is no compulsion in religion does not negate the other fact that someone who has embraced Islam cannot change his mind afterward and embrace polytheism.

The eerie silence regarding Pastor Youcef Nadarkani’s looming death sentence for “apostasy” from typically shrill mainstream Muslim advocacy groups such as CAIR and ISNA can only be interpreted as meaning these organizations reject true freedom of conscience, and condone such Sharia-based punishment for the “crime” of “apostasizing” from Islam.Read the full story here.

  • Germany four Islamists arrested before German reunification festivities.(DWWorld).By David Levitz.German authorities have arrested four suspected Islamists believed to have plotted a "state-endangering act" ahead of festivities to celebrate German reunification.Police announced Sunday that three men were arrested near the western German city of Bonn, where around 100,000 were expected to take part in German Unity Day celebrations attended by both Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Christian Wulff. A further suspect was taken in custody and later released in the state of Hesse.Authorities had received information that the men, whom they described as being "from the Islamist scene," had illegally obtained weapons ahead of the events. But police found "no weapons or other dangerous objects" during their searches."There is neither evidence that the accused had links to terrorist groups nor that there were concrete preparations for an attack," said a spokesman for the Federal Prosecutions Office.The agency, which handles domestic terrorist threats and has said it is tracking some 200 potential Islamist terrorists in Germany, did not see sufficient grounds for it to take over the investigation from the local police force.Authorities also said they did not know of any concrete threats to the festivities, which are are set to continue through Monday October 3, the 21st anniversary of German reunification.Prior to the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, police in Berlin arrested two suspected terrorists, who are still being held for questioning.Read the full story here.

  • Israel's Conflict as Game Theory.(AlexanderMunch).By Prof. Yisrael Aumann.Two men—let us call them Reuben and Simon—are put in a small room containing a suitcase filled with bills totaling $100,000. The owner of the suitcase announces the following:“ I will give you the money in the suitcase under one condition…you have to negotiate an agreement on how to divide it. That is the only way I will agree to give you the money.”Reuben is a rational person and realizes the golden opportunity that has fallen his way. He turns to Simon with the obvious suggestion: “You take half and I’ll take half, that way each of us will have $50,000.”To his surprise, Simon frowns at him and says, in a tone that leaves no room for doubt: “Look here, I don’t know what your plans are for the money, but I don’t intend to leave this room with less than $90,000. If you accept that, fine. If not, we can both go home without any of the money.”Reuben can hardly believe his ears. “What has happened to Simon” he asks himself. “Why should he get 90% of the money and I just 10%?” He decides to try to convince Simon to accept his view. “Let’s be logical,” he urges him, “We are in the same situation, we both want the money. Let’s divide the money equally and both of us will profit. Simon, however, doesn’t seem perturbed by his friend’s logic. He listens attentively, but when Reuben is finished he says, even more emphatically than before: “90-10 or nothing. That is my last offer.”Reuben’s face turns red with anger. He is about to punch Simon in the nose, but he steps back. He realizes that Simon is not going to relent, and that the only way he can leave the room with any money is to give in to him. He straightens his clothes, takes $10,000 from the suitcase, shakes Simon’s hand and leaves the room humiliated.This case is called 'The Blackmailer’s Paradox” in game theory. The paradox is that Reuben the rational is forced to behave irrationally by definition, in order to achieve maximum results in the face of the situation that has evolved. What brings about this bizarre outcome is the fact Simon is sure of himself and doesn’t flinch when making his exorbitant demand. This convinces Reuben that he must give in so as to make the best of the situation.
The Arab-Israeli Conflict:
The relationship between Israel and the Arab countries is conducted along the lines of this paradox. At each stage of negotiation, the Arabs present impossible, unacceptable starting positions. They act sure of themselves and as if they totally believe in what they are asking for, and make it clear to Israel that there is no chance of their backing down.Read the full story here.

  • Will Obama Give Stealth-Fighter Secrets to Iran and China?(Commentary).By MichaelRubin.Plans continue apace to sell Turkey our next generation F-35 Joint Strike fighter. While Turkey is part of a consortium and will help build the fuselage, its participation is a diplomatic nicety rather than a necessity. Even so, the fuselage does not contain the top-secret electronics and other technology that the increasingly antagonistic Turks might share with their new partners in Iran and China. After all, Turkey’s new intelligence head is known to be an Islamic Republic groupie, and Turkey earlier hosted aerial war games with the Chinese air force without first informing the Pentagon or NATO.Against this backdrop, it is good news that the Turks are now complaining that the United States is reluctant to give them flight codes for the new fighters. Let’s hope that President Obama will not concede when Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, calls to complain.Given the propensity and ability of both the Iranians and Chinese to reverse-engineer, it would be far better if the United States declined to sell any F-35s to Turkey. Alas, Senators Carl Levin and John McCain​ are asleep at the switch: the Senate Armed Services Committee has not even required that the Pentagon report to Congress on the vulnerability of F-35 technology leakage should the United States sell any planes to Turkey.Hmmmm.....Obama the 'Arms dealer for Erdogan and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood'?Read the full story here.

  • Arab countries urged to help Palestinians beat U.S. aid cuts.(AlArabiya).The Arab League appealed to member states Sunday to bolster financial help to the Palestinian territories after U.S. lawmakers froze about $200 million in aid in response to Palestinians’ U.N. statehood bid.“It is necessary for the member countries of the League to increase their financial aid to the Palestinian people so they can face this threat,” said Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi after talks in Cairo with chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat.Members of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have frozen the funding to the Palestinians “until the Palestinian statehood issue is sorted out,” one of the aides told AFP on Saturday.The economic package is separate from security aid, which the U.S. lawmakers say would be counterproductive to block. They fear that withholding those funds would weaken the ability of Palestinian security forces to quell anti-Israel violence.A coalition of Israel-backing Democrats and conservative Republican lawmakers are angered by the Palestinian bid for United Nations membership. Both the United States and Israel insist that only direct negotiations can produce an accord leading to Palestinian statehood.“It is the right of the Palestinians to have their state, a full member of the United Nations, like other peoples of the world,” Arabi said.Erakat for his part declared that the “Palestinian people refuse to allow economic aid to become an instrument of blackmail regarding its rights to membership of the United Nations.”“We appreciate the American aid but we won’t allow it to become an instrument of blackmail,” he said.Hmmmm.....The more money they received from the US...The Lower their GDP became!Go Figure!Read the full Story Here.

  • Video - British Islamist Anjem Choudary Eulogizes Anwar Al-Awlaki and Says: May the Call for Jihad Never Die.(Memri).Read and see the full story here.

Occupy Wall Street: Mass Economic Riots Are Now Here And America Will Never Be The Same

Occupy Wall Street: Mass Economic Riots Are Now Here And America Will Never Be The Same.(BlacklistedNews).By Michael Snyder.
Is Occupy Wall Street going to represent a major turning point in U.S. history? Over the past several years, many people have been warning that we would see mass economic riots in the United States if the economy continued to get worse. Well, the economic riots are now here and America will never be the same. The Occupy Wall Street protests are starting their third week and now similar protests have sprung up in major cities all over the United States. An increasing number of Americans have totally lost faith in the system and are looking for an outlet for their frustrations. Occupy Wall Street is a spark that has started a fire, but most Americans do not understand where all of this is going. In the years ahead, millions more Americans will lose their jobs, millions more Americans will lose their homes to foreclosure and millions more Americans will find themselves drowning in debt. As the economy continues to decline, millions upon millions of Americans will become even more frustrated. In particular, young Americans are really starting to become angryabout the economy and our deeply corrupt financial system. Eventually we are going to see an explosion of anger and frustration on the streets of America that is going to be absolutely unprecedented. Occupy Wall Street is just the beginning. If most Americans could see what is coming next, it would chill them to their cores.
Growing up, most of us were taught that if we wanted to change things in America, we could do it at the ballot box. Well, today large numbers of Americans are realizing that both major political parties have been bought and paid for. They are realizing that things never seem to change no matter who we vote into office. They are realizing that signing petitions or sending letters to our "representatives" does not accomplish anything.
As the frustration of average Americans has grown, it has given rise to new political movements.
So far, the Tea Party movement has been the most prominent, and it has been dominated mostly by Republicans.
Now, Occupy Wall Street is becoming a national movement, and it is being dominated mostly by radical leftists and socialists.
Both movements have attempted to appeal to the growing core of libertarians in this country, and to a certain extent both movements have had some success.
But what all of this represents is a fundamental shift in the way that Americans view political change.
Americans no longer trust that politicians will listen to them. All of the recent polls show that satisfaction with the government is at an all-time low. People are deeply frustrated and large numbers of them simply do not believe that the traditional ways of bringing about change work anymore.
America is broken, and it is getting really hard to deny it.
In America today, it takes massive amounts of money to get elected, and most of our politicians end up deeply aligned with those that have huge amounts of money to donate to political campaigns.
Most Americans today feel like they have no voice. Many also feel like they do not have a legitimate choice at the ballot box.
So what happens when millions of Americans are deeply, deeply angry about the economy and the direction this country is headed, but they also believe that the political system is so broken that voting won't do any good?
Well, we are starting to see what happens.
Today, people are marching non-violently in the streets.
Tomorrow, unfortunately, things are likely to get much crazier. Violence is not the solution to any of our problems, but sadly that is the direction we are headed as a nation. Those that are angry and frustrated tend to lash out in wild and unpredictable ways. We saw that during the London riots recently.
It would be great if a couple of "quick fixes" could be implemented and all of our economic problems would go away. But the reality of the situation is that the problems that we are facing are far more complicated than that. The truth is that the United States is in the midst of a long-term economic decline which is getting progressively worse, and this country has become deeply, deeply divided.
There is not much hope on the horizon and time is rapidly running out for our economy.
So will the Occupy Wall Street protests bring about change?
Well, there are a couple of things that are very unusual about the Occupy Wall Street protests.
One of the unique things about the Occupy Wall Street protests is that they are focused on money and economics. In the past, most mass protests in America have been about war or civil rights, but the Occupy Wall Street movement is very much focused on the economic pain that ordinary Americans are feeling.
It is also very unusual for liberals to be conducting mass protests while a liberal is sitting in the White House.
So if this is what is happening now, what is going to happen once a Republican gets elected?
That is a very sobering thing to think about.
At first, a lot of people thought that the Occupy Wall Street protests would quickly fade away.
But they haven't.
Instead, they have grown and they have spread to more cities.
For example, the other day 3,000 people protested in front of Bank of America's offices in downtown Boston.
Similar protests are now being held in San Francisco, in Chicago, in Los Angeles, in Seattle, and in Denver.
But of course New York is still the epicenter of the movement, and what happened on the Brooklyn Bridge the other day made headlines all over the globe.
Police arrested more than 700 people under very suspicious circumstances. The arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge appear to have been a staged event by the police. If you doubt this, just read this eyewitness account.
So exactly who is behind Occupy Wall Street?
Well, the truth is that some very familiar names are associated with this "grassroots" movement.
A recent article posted on WorldNetDaily fingered ACORN founder Wade Rathke and SEIU board member Stephen Lerner as two of the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street movement....
In March, ACORN founder Wade Rathke announced what he called "days of rage in ten cities around JP Morgan Chase." Rathke was president of an SEIU local in New Orleans.
The planned Sept. 17 protest seems to be the culmination of Rathke's efforts.
Those efforts are being organized by Stephen Lerner, an SEIU board member who reportedly visited the Obama White House at least four times.
Lerner is considered one of the most capable organizers of the radical left.
The sad truth is that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not something new. The vast majority of the protesters seem to be Obama supporters, and there is little evidence that many of the protesters have broken out of the false left/right political paradigm that dominates our political system.
Most of the participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement openly talk about how much they admire Barack Obama, and yet 3 of the top 7 donors to Obama's campaign in 2008 were the very Wall Street banks that the Occupy Wall Street movement is protesting.
Obama's administration is littered with people that used to work for big Wall Street banks, and Obama has been really good to Wall Street.
So if the Occupy Wall Street movement was really serious about change, they would be openly protesting Obama.
But you don't see too many anti-Obama signs out there, now do you?
It would be really nice if the Occupy Wall Street movement was truly a non-political movement that was focused on bringing economic justice back to this country.
The reality, however, is that it was started by far left political groups, and a lot more very liberal organizations are now jumping on board.
Hundreds of thousands of very frustrated Americans are going to get involved in these protests without even realizing who is organizing them.
According to a recent article by blogger Alexander Higgins, quite a few very prominent unions are now throwing their support behind Occupy Wall Street....
As I previously reported unions are coming out in full force to support the Occupy Wall Street protests. We received news that the 200,000 member strong Transportation Workers Union would be joining the protests. The Teamster’s union endorsed the protests. Rumors of Verizon workers joining the protests. A scathing endorsement was issued by the Industrial Workers Union has also endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests. Then news that several more unions had committed to or were contemplating joining the protests, while two the unions scheduled solidarity marches.
Now TPM reports even more unions are joining up to protest against Wall Street and the movement is set to grow rapidly.
The article also comes along with the news that a collective of 8 groups, with over 1 million members will be joining the Occupy Wall Street movement to show solidarity and march against the machine.
Reportedly, October 5th is being targeted as a day for mass protests to be held all around the country.
If the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Tea Party movement joined together to protest the abuses of the Federal Reserve and the abuses of Wall Street they would be a very powerful force.
But instead, the Occupy Wall Street movement considers the Tea Party movement to be the enemy.
Just consider what some very prominent leftist leaders have said recently....
*Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa recently stated that he is ready for "war" with the Tea Party....
"We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: the war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner."
He also added the following during his recent speech....
"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of a bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong"
*Some leftist leaders believe that it is time for "war". The following is from a recent speech by The New Black Panther Party National Chairman Malik Shabazz....
We have to fight. Gird up your loins college students. Gird up your loins young black man and young black woman, for the hour of war is at hand.
*Instead of working with the them, the following is what Maxine Waters recently had to say about the Tea Party....
"As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell"
Of course a lot of Republicans would rather lose a limb than work with people like Jimmy Hoffa and Maxine Waters.
We are a country that is deeply divided and we seem to love to fight with one another.
Most Americans are deeply, deeply frustrated, but very few of us agree on what the solutions to our problems are.
Whenever a new protest movement arises, Americans tend to flock to it because they are searching for something that they can finally believe in.
Right now the Occupy Wall Street movement is fresh and new. Michael Moore was right when he said the following about the movement....
"These numbers will grow and they’re going to grow all across the country."
There are millions and millions of deeply frustrated Americans out there, and any movement that arises that seems to address their concerns is going to draw followers.
The banksters certainly seem alarmed about the growth of protest movements such as Occupy Wall Street.
For example, JPMorgan Chase recently donated over 4 and a half million dollars to the New York City Police Foundation....
JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple.
Do you really think that JPMorgan Chase just did that out of the kindness of their hearts?
As movements like Occupy Wall Street grow, law enforcement authorities will crack down on them harder and harder.
In fact, we have already seen some very disturbing incidents during the recent protests. For example, most of you have already probably seen this video of a police officer spraying mace directly into the faces of helpless female protesters.
It is almost unbelievable that such things are happening in America.
But things are going to get much worse than this.
The frustration of those on the left is going to continue to grow.
The frustration of those on the right is going to continue to grow.
In the years ahead we are going to see mass economic riots that are going to make Occupy Wall Street look like a Sunday picnic.
In response, the powers that be are going to use law enforcement more aggressively than ever in an attempt to exert control.
All of this is going to make many of our large cities hellish place to be.
The "coming economic riots" have now arrived.
America will never be the same again.
According to one recent poll, 39 percent of Americans now believe that the U.S. economy has entered a state of "permanent decline".
Our nation is falling apart and we are already seeing the frustration of the American people boil over in some very strange ways. For much more on this growing phenomenon please see the following articles....
*Lawless America: 20 Examples Of Desperate People Doing Desperate Things
*Chaos On The Streets Of America
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American is changing.
You better get ready.Hmmmmm......"I bring to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes." ~ Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776.Read the full story here.
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