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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Interfaith Dialog" - Muslims Mock Dead Europeans At Funerals

Now just imagine if it were the other way around?No they have to respect a murderous genocidal killer like Osama Bin Laden according to "Islamic customs'.........The 'Religion of Peace'.HT :IslamVersusEurope.

Adam Carolla and Evan Sayet discuss the Middle East and what is really happening in that region

MFS - The Other News

                       Morning Posting.

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  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity today.More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 134.Source : Here .
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • Breaking News: Flood Wall fails At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant.(Intelhub).A flood wall at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant has failed, leading many to speculate as to the Photos of the flooding at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant.floodwaters surrounded several buildings at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station early Sunday morning after a water-filled wall collapsed .The plant, about 19 miles north of Omaha, remains safe, Omaha Public Power District officials said Sunday afternoon.The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is monitoring the Missouri River at the plant, which has been shut down since early April for refueling. The 2,000-foot berm collapsed about 1:25 a.m. Sunday due to “onsite activities,” OPPD officials said. The Aqua Dam provided supplemental flood protection and was not required under NRC regulations. Considering the face that the NRC has a long history of cover ups, it seems safe to say that whether or not the plant was safe, the NRC would claim the situation is under control. Another report from the Associated Press quotes the NRC as well.FORT CALHOUN, Neb. (AP) – A berm holding back floodwater at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has collapsed.The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it’s monitoring the Missouri River flooding at the plant, which has been shut down since early April for refueling.The 2,000-foot berm collapsed about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, allowing the swollen river to surround two buildings at the plant. The NRC says those buildings are designed to handle flooding up to 1014 feet above sea level. The river is at 1006.3 feet and isn’t forecast to exceed 1008 feet.Recent independent radiation reports have shown normal background radiation levels which indicates that there most likely has not been a release of radiation from the plant, at least not yet.Mike Rivero of has written a much more likely analysis.The external power we were told could not fail … has failed. Fort Calhoun’s cooling system is running on the emergency backup generators. They have fuel for 88 hours (less the time they have already been operating) unless the flood waters short out and shut down the generators or pumps.So basically, the nuclear power plants the US Government told us were safe are in danger of a major radiation release because the heavy snow pack the US Government told us was a thing of the past has produced heavy flooding which has overwhelmed toe flood controls systems the US Government assured us did not need repairs or upgrades.That about sum it up?Hmmmmm..."Never let a good crisis go to waste" watch and see.Read and see the full story here.More here.

  • Return of Helen Thomas?She claims to have reapplied for White House press credentials.(DailyCaller).She might be gone, but she’s not completely forgotten. And now as a columnist for the Fall Church (Va.) News-Press, she might be making a comeback. In an appearance at the Busboys & Poets bookstore in Washington, D.C. on Sunday afternoon, embattled former Hearst newspapers columnist Helen Thomas, once known as the dean of the White House press corps, said she misses her spot in the White House briefing room.“Nothing can replace being there when you’re a reporter,” Thomas said. “Seeing with your own eyes — no, nothing can replace that. I was very lucky to cover history for so long.”Thomas lost her spot in 2010 after making some ill-advised remarks some regarded as anti-Semitic. Anas “Andy” Shallal, the owner of Busboys and Poets and moderator for her appearance Sunday, followed up by asking her if she had reapplied for those credentials. According to Thomas, she said she had but hadn’t gotten an official response and assumed she had been denied.“In a back way,” Thomas said. “I’ve been denied – I think so, I never heard.”Later in her appearance, Thomas was asked for her insight on the state of the country going forward. The Falls Church News-Press columnist said she was troubled, but not just about the domestic state of the nation, but by the state of the entire globe – more so than any other time in her life.“I think our country — world, not just the country, has never been in worse shape,” she said. “Even World War II – I went through the Great Depression, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq and Afghanistan – what the hell is going on? Don’t we ever learn anything? I think that we are — there is no inspiration from the top. President Obama doesn’t have enough courage to do the right thing. And I think – there is no real leadership in this country and there is no inspiration. And I am shocked.”Hmmm.....And what might be 'The right thing'.... remove the state of Israel?Grab power in America?Read the full story here.

  • America’s Fork In The Road,the moment of truth approaches.(TheBrusselsJournal).Obama needs more money urgently. This end of July all the (borrowed) money of the Federal Government is spent. The law sets the debt ceiling at a bit over 14 trillion dollars. Obama is unable to borrow more. He can’t push the US deeper in debt. Very soon, he won’t be able to pay for current expenses. That’s why he’s asking the Congress to raise the debt ceiling with at least two trillion dollars. The Republicans, in control of the House, accept to raise the ceiling under two conditions. First: only if the government is ready to cut spending over the next 10 years with a sum at least equal to the amount of the raise. Second: if taxes are not raised.
On Thursday, the negotiations collapsed between Obama and his fellow Democrats on one side, and the Republicans in Congress on the other side. Reason: the Democrats are only willing to cut some spending if they are allowed to raise the taxes. This deadlock obliges Obama to take initiative, to formulate a proposal. But, he hates making a first move. He prefers to ‘lead from behind’. He likes others to do the hard work. Recent examples of this attitude: Libya, Obamacare, etc.
Hard choices
If Obama and the Republican Congress don’t reach an agreement, Obama will have to make some hard choices.
For example:
  1. Expiring US treasury bonds, and/or interest on these bonds, are not paid out any more. Consequences for the world: the faith in the value of the dollar disappears, and the dollar crashes, creating a Zimbabwean inflation in the US. For him: he can abolish personal freedom and expand government power.
  2. Retirees don’t receive their monthly check any more, and/or doctors are not compensated any longer to take care of these retirees. Consequences for us: revolution. For him: he’s able, with the help of the press, to blame the Republicans for the mess, and secures his reelection in 2012.
  3. He finally abolishes a number of Government Departments, and sacks tens of thousands of bureaucrats. Consequences for us: a general strike of the bureaucrats, and partial blockage of government services. We are freed from a lot of government intrusion, and the government finally starts saving. For him: he loses his staunchest supporters, the unions of government employees. This choice flies in the face of his collectivist persuasion.
  4. He withdraws immediately all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Oops! He just partially decided that already earlier this week.
Who Will Blink?
 Since all options in the case of a non-raised debt ceiling are rather disastrous for the US, almost all pundits and observers believe the ceiling will be raised. The only question is: who will blink?
Obama? The majority of Americans can’t imagine Obama really wants to hurt the US still more. If he doesn’t accept severe cuts in government spending, and the projected economic disaster hits, the dollar devalues fast, most believe his reelection chances are zero. But on the other hand, a majority of the Americans is now convinced Obama made the economic situation of the US much worse during his two and a half years in office. Everything he touches becomes a mess. Since most also believe Obama is an intelligent man, the question is raised why he continues his disastrous policies. Is he able to learn from his mistakes, or does he have malicious ambitions?
The Republicans? Do they squander the unique chance in history they have here to force Obama into meaningful spending cuts? If they do, then the role of the Tea party in 2010 was only boring foreplay for what will happen during the elections of 2012. Republicans, who go along with a raise of the debt ceiling, without real spending cuts, or with new taxes, will find a Tea Party candidate opposing them in the primaries, and will be defeated in the election. On the other hand, Republicans are known to love showing their sense for responsibility. They will avoid an economic disaster. Republicans believe the opponent is rational and trustworthy. But, is he really?
My prediction
At the last possible moment, end of July, Obama appears on TV to state his will to cut spending with trillions without raising taxes. The debt ceiling is raised, which allows Obama to continue his wasteful spending to well after the 2012 elections. He’ll present himself as the savior of all humankind.The Republicans think they won, but after the summer recess it becomes clear Obama isn’t cutting any spending at all. Circumstances in the world, for example, the break-up of the EURO zone, the collapse of the Chinese economy, the fall of the Dow Jones with over 2,000 points in a week, or whatever, give Obama the excuse to print and spend more money. The Republicans understand too late, Obama deceived them again. Just as he did at the end of 2010, when the Republicans went along with Obama’s deal not to raise taxes and a cut in spending of a meager 40 billion dollars. Not even a week after the deal was voted, the real spending cuts were calculated as only about 300 million dollars!Hmmmm......Welcome to the 'Age of Obama'.Read the full story here.

  • 'Just When You Thought Our Fiscal Nightmare Couldn't Get Any Worse'.(DougRoss)It is anything but cheery, but David Limbaugh's latest at Human Events is a must-read for every American.....Projections of the nation's impending doom have worsened: We face destruction if we don't act, and the crisis is accelerating.Last year, the CBO predicted our national debt would be 91 percent of gross domestic product in 2021. Now, just a year later, it is projected to be 101 percent in 2021.It gets worse. The debt is forecasted to be 150 percent of GDP by 2030 and 200 percent by 2037. And, if you can even imagine this, it will proliferate more rapidly thereafter. On our present course, by 2035, federal interest payments will be 9 percent of our entire economy, compared with 1 percent today.Adding insult to injury, Obamacare, which Obama fraudulently sold as an indispensable component of balancing the budget, will greatly drive up health care costs. The CBO says that mandatory federal spending on health care will increase by 86 percent, from 5.6 percent of GDP presently to 10.4 percent over the next 24 years. Don't say we didn't warn you... Adding aggravation to insult is the recently discovered "glitch" in Obamacare that allows for more than 3 million middle-class Americans to qualify for Medicaid...What Limbaugh alludes to is a devastating problem: the estimates of Medicare collapsing in only a dozen years and Social Security imploding shortly thereafter assumes rosy growth and hiring projections that can't possibly happen in the current economic climate. In short, these disastrous entitlement programs will collapse much sooner than anyone is willing to admit.President Obama took what should have been a normal, run-of-the-mill recession and turned it into a full-blown depression.By the time his first term ends, Obama will have nearly doubled the U.S. national debt. And just think: he spent it on a series of utterly failed programs like the "Stimulus", HAMP, Cash-for-Clunkers, Weatherization, Green Jobs Initiatives, Obamacare, "Banking Reform", drilling moratoriums, First-Time Home-Buyer Tax Credits, auto company takeovers and QE2, to name but a few.These are the disastrous policy failures that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for, in the unlikely event our financial system hasn't already collapsed. This is Democrat child abuse, plain and simple.Remember in 2012.Read the full story here.

  • 'Israel, Egypt agree flotilla can unload cargo in El-Arish'.(JPost).Israel and Egypt have come to an understanding by which ships taking part in an upcoming flotilla to the Gaza Strip will be allowed to unload their cargo of humanitarian goods at the Egyptian port of El-Arish, from where it will be transferred on land to Gaza after being checked, Israel Radio reported on Monday.The government has declared that the flotilla, scheduled to arrive at Gaza later this week, will not be allowed to enter the territory by sea. If necessary the ships will be towed into Ashdod Port and the equipment on the ships impounded.On Sunday, Greek officials blocked some of the ships from setting sail to Gaza and organizers said that they had hired lawyers who will fight the stop-order with the aim of allowing the vessels to leave harbor on Monday or Tuesday.“We expect the flotilla to set sail later in the week,” a military source said. “We are preparing for various scenarios, from no violence to extreme violence.”The navy and Military Intelligence are closely tracking the flotilla, as well as reports that a Jordanian ship with close to 200 Palestinian and other Arab activists might join the voyage toward Gaza.“We are pleased that the Turks are not participating but do not yet know what to expect until we meet the ships at sea,” the military source said.The navy plans to stop the flotilla far from Gaza, after issuing a warning that the territory is under a sea blockade.“If the ships continue sailing after being warned, then we will have the right to stop them even if they did not yet enter Gaza’s territorial waters,” a defense official explained.During Sunday's special security cabinet meeting, ministers heard intelligence reports regarding the number of vessels, the passengers on board, and what the ships are carrying. Israeli officials expressed satisfaction that Cyprus has banned the use of it ports for the enterprise, and that Greece and numerous other countries – such as the US, Canada, France and Australia – have issued strong warnings to their citizens not to participate.Read the full story here.

  • Gaza flotilla losing momentum.(Ynet). Greek authorities detain six ships supposed to partake in Strip-bound sail as Israel reiterates it will not allow flotilla of any size to reach Gaza.Six ships which were slated to take part in the Gaza-bound flotilla are being detained by the Greek port authorities, Ynet learned Sunday night.Senior officials in Jerusalem have confirmed the report, which followed a Sunday decision by Greece to stop the US vessel "Audacity of Hope" from participating in the sea-bound convoy.While the organizers of the maritime convoy claim that more than 1,500 activists are set to take part in the initiative, it now appears that no more than seven ships, carrying 200-500 passengers, will participate in the flotilla.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Sunday that Israel will not allow any ships to breach its blockade of the Gaza Strip. Jerusalem believes that the dwindling extent of the sail can be largely attributed to the Foreign Ministry's intensive "anti-flotilla" campaign vis-à-vis its European counterparts. "The Foreign Ministry is leading diplomatic efforts to delegitimize the flotilla in the eyes of the international community," Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon said. "The world is aware that such sails are unnecessary, that they are just provocations which violate international law." Ayalon added that Israel is still gearing to meet whichever vessels do end up participating in the flotilla. The Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center, which focuses on legal action against terror groups, has also been working vis-à-vis the legal authorities in Athens in an attempt to stop the ships. "The flotilla is linked to radical Islamist groups, making it an act against Israel, which is a nation friendly to Greece," Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who heads Shurat HaDin, said.Shurat HaDin claims that it was their information that led Athens to detain some of the ships in orders to make sure they were not in violation of international law.The organization further issued legal warnings to 36 Americans who planned to participate in the sail, saying that their action were in violation of the US Neutrality Act.Read the full story here.

  • U.K. Dear Dead Troops - You upset 'people' ... Love The Government.(Telegraph).War dead to be driven down side streets to avoid the public.The bodies of soldiers killed in Afghanistan will no longer be honoured with a public parade but will be driven through back streets to avoid upset, it has emerged.For several years, the flag-draped coffins of fallen servicemen and women have been met by large crowds who line the streets to pay their respects as they return to British soil.But repatriation flights are to be diverted and will no longer be flown back to RAF Lyneham and through the small Wiltshire town of Royal Wootton Bassett, where they were saluted come rain or shine.Instead, they will arrive back to RAF Brize Norton, where they will be driven through the back gate and then down side roads, neatly avoiding the nearby town of Carterton, as they make their way to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.Andrew Robathan, Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, admitted that the decision to avoid public scenes of emotion had been taken deliberately.“The side gate was seen by the Ministry of Defence and the police as the most appropriate way to take out future cortèges,” he told Radio Oxford.“I am not sure taking coffins in hearses past schools, past families, past married quarters is necessarily the thing that everybody would wish to see … the focus must be on the families of the dead service personnel. They are the people who care most. That is where our focus is.”The Ministry of Defence said the route from RAF Brize Norton, where flights had landed until the runway was closed for repair work in 2007, was decided by West Oxfordshire District Council but claimed that the side gate would be used to ensure minimal disruption to normal operations.A spokesman added: “Consideration has also been given to ensure the dignity and solemnity of the military repatriation ceremony is maintained and to those who are arriving at RAF Brize Norton about to deploy on operations.”More than 2,000 campaigners have joined a Facebook group calling for the repatriation route to be diverted through Carterton.
    One member said: "A good friend of mine is a member of this group and her son was killed in Afghanistan, he was repatriated at RAF Lyneham and was driven through Royal Wootton Bassett."The families get so much comfort from the respect shown and it would be a massive blow to families if their fallen hero was ushered in quietly like a dirty secret."Hmmmm......P.C. the death of a nation.Read the full 'story' here.

  • Shariah Compliant? Major D.C. Complex Won’t Lease to Banks, Bars.(TheBlaze).A major development project in downtown Washington will not be leasing space to banks or bars once it’s completed, a move that happens to comply with the tenets of Shariah law prohibiting alcohol or collecting interest — the same project a Qatari investment firm is bankrolling.In April, the Washington Times reported the Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company put up $700 million to fund the CityCenterDC project, six blocks from the White House and slated for completion in late 2013.A New York Times article last week reported real estate companies Hines Interests and Archstone decided they would not lease space in the complex to banks or to “retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol.”Even before the Qatari investors became involved, Hines and Archstone determined that leasing to banks would not help them create lively shopping streets, Mr. Alsup said. But as it happened, their hesitancy on bank branches meshed with the policies of their financial partners, who adhere to the restrictions of Shariah, or Islamic law, including the ban on collecting interest. Restaurants will be able to serve liquor, but retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol will not be allowed, Mr. Alsup said.On Friday, Salon writer Alex Pareene ribbed the news, and predicted an “overblown right-wing outrage.”Shariah law, a stone’s throw from the U.S. Capitol. I am assuming the Times just neglected to mention that in addition to banning bars from the complex, all women will be required to wear the niqab, and obviously all infidels will be murdered, while shopping at the Apple store or whatever ends up there. And no dancing!Hmmmm.......How's that 'Outreach to Muslims' working?Read the full story here.

  • US Top Admiral: We Will Need Ground Troops In Libya.(Big Peace).From Foreign Policy: The top U.S. admiral involved in the Libya war admitted to a U.S. congressman that NATO forces are trying to kill Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi. The same admiral also said he anticipated the need for ground troops in Libya after Qaddafi falls, according to the lawmaker.House Armed Services Committee member Mike Turner (R-OH) told The Cable that U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the NATO Joint Operations Command in Naples, Italy, told him last month that NATO forces are actively targeting and trying to kill Qaddafi, despite the fact that the Obama administration continues to insist that “regime change” is not the goal and is not authorized by the U.N. mandate authorizing the war.“The U.N. authorization had three components: blockade, no fly zone, and civil protection. And Admiral Locklear explained that the scope of civil protection was being interpreted to permit the removal of the chain of command of Qaddafi’s military, which includes Qaddafi,” Turner said. “He said that currently is the mission as NATO has defined.”“I believed that we were [targeting Qaddafi] but that confirmed it,” Turner said. “I believe the scope that NATO is pursuing is beyond what is contemplated in civil protection, so they’re exceeding the mission.”Later in the same briefing, Turner said, Locklear maintained that the NATO mission does not include regime change. “Well, certainly if you remove Qaddafi it will affect regime change,” Turner said that he replied. “[Locklear] did not have an answer to that.”Locklear also said that, upon Qaddafi’s removal, ground troops would be needed during the immediate period of instability, Turner said. In fact, Locklear said publicly that a “small force” might be necessary following the collapse of the Qaddafi regime in a May 30 conference in Varna, Bulgaria.Turner joined hundreds of other lawmakers in voting against authorizing the Libya war on Friday morning. The authorization resolution was defeated 123 to 297. A subsequent vote on a bill to defund the Libya mission also failed 180-238 .Hmmmm......Kinetic coverup in action.Read the full story here.

  • Lynch survivor Nir Nachshon: I saw murder in their eyes.(Ynet).Nir Nachshon, who was nearly lynched after accidentally entering Palestinian village, recalls moments of horror. Nir Nachshon, the moving company employee who was extricated from a lynch after mistakenly entering the east Jerusalem village of Issawiya Sunday night, is still trying to digest the harrowing experience.Speaking to Ynet from his hospital bed he said that "they started throwing rocks and cement blocks right into the car. I realized I was going to die and I started thinking this isn't the way I want to die."Nachshon, 28, was on his way home to Ma'aleh Adumim from the Mount Scopus Medical Center but a GPS device mistake meant that he ended up in the Palestinian village.The realization that he was in hostile territory, he said, came "just as I made the turn, I figured out that I made a mistake, but I didn't realize how big the issue was. This is Jerusalem. This is home." "Immediately when I made the turn a 12-year-old boy started screaming 'Jew, Jew'. Each time he called out dozens more people arrived." That is when they started throwing rocks and cement blocks into the car. Nachshon recalled how during the lynch he searched among his assailants for "children or young people, I tried to look them in the eyes and find an ounce of humanity in them but all I could see was murder in heir eyes. I felt my life would be over at any minute."Nir then described how his life was saved: "Someone came out of nowhere and tried to rescue me from the people; there was screaming but he managed to get me to his house. I was still scared, I didn't feel safe, and the people in the house said they needed to get me out of the village or they would also come under attack. "I was scared to go out but three of the young guys inside the house said they were with me and would protect me no matter what." The rescuers were one of the village's muhtar's and his sons. "I owe these people my life," Nachshon added "I hope I'll get to meet them again soon and thank them in person." Nachshon's saviors took him outside to a police patrol car waiting outside the village. Meanwhile Border Guard forces were rushed to the scene as well as Magen David Adom units, which took the victim to the hospital. Police forces canvassed the area but no detainees have been reported.In addition to the physical trauma Nachshon received from being beaten by clubs, rocks and wooden planks, he has to contend with the emotional trauma. "I'm still trying to digest everything that happened, all I know is that this was a miracle, I got my life back and first and foremost, I thank God for the gift." Hmmmm.......Obama administratie and Liberal's their 'peacepartners'.Read the full story here.

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu To separate Itself from the Palestinians?(Haaretz).Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprised many of the participants in the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday when he embarked on a monologue praising the idea of parting from the Palestinians and in relinquishing portions of the West Bank. Netanyahu said the number of Palestinians and Jews between the Jordan River and the sea "is irrelevant" and that it's more important to "preserve a solid Jewish majority inside the State of Israel." The PM made these statements during a discussion on a report by the Jewish People Policy Institute on demographic changes among Jews and Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank.Members of the institute presented the demographic data of Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, which show that, in a number of years, the demographic trends will result in a Palestinian majority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Ministers Limor Livnat and Uzi Landau were surprised by the data and asked that the data of other experts be presented - for example, the data of Yoram Ettinger, who is affiliated with the right. The right argue that the demographic threat to the State of Israel is not so serious. The prime minister cut short the discussion and surprised those present with previously unspoken sentiments about the future Israeli presence in the West Bank. "The debate over how many Jews and how many Palestinians will be between the Jordan and the sea is irrelevant," Netanyahu said. "It does not matter to me whether there are half a million more Palestinians or less because I have no wish to annex them into Israel. I want to separate from them so that they will not be Israeli citizens. I am interested that there be a solid Jewish majority inside the State of Israel. Inside its borders, as these will be defined," Netanyahu explained.Aides of the PM realized how politically explosive his statements were and asked all those present in the room to avoid disseminating the details. The Prime Minister's Office did not brief the media on the statements and refused to respond to questions on the issue or provide any quotes about the statements of the PM.Hmmmm........Read the full story here.

  • Gaza Flotilla Partially Paralyzed.(KafirKanuck).“Ynet has learned that six ships that were meant to take part in the Gaza-bound flotilla are being detained by the port authority and the coast guard in Greece. Senior officials in Jerusalem have confirmed the report.”Even the Turks are now embarrassed over last year’s flotilla and have kept this year’s Turkey floater from participating.Meanwhile, the Sea Hitler gets ready to leave Montreal, in spite of warnings:
“The border around the Gaza Strip is under the control of Israeli and Egyptian authorities. Canadians who break the laws of another country are subject to the judicial system of that country. DFAIT can neither offer protection from the consequences of such actions nor override the decisions of local authorities.”
And via Challa, the US State Department warns the Flotilla Activists May Violate U.S. Law:
“Recent seizures by Israel and Egypt of advanced military systems, weapons, and ammunition bound for terrorist groups in Gaza, as well as periodic rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza against Israeli civilians, highlight the continuing problem of illicit arms smuggling to Gaza. These seizures underscore the vital importance to Israel’s security of ensuring that all cargo bound for Gaza is appropriately screened for illegal arms and dual-use materials.”
So why do they do it? I recently penned them as the League of Hate (LoH), and here I partially explain how supporters for such insanity fool themselves by compartmentalizing the facts so they can ignore the real facts and history. And they’ve added a new ex-Parliamentary Page to their numbers.
On the other side, we have some of the good guys: Cherna Rosenberg who’s filed a lawsuit; then there are some in the Media at the NP and recently Brian Lilley of the Sun Media who pointed out how Canadian Tax money has been funneled for radical anti-Semitic Terrorist agendas; the Canadian Jewish Defence League continue to do their part, and currently Voice of Canada is taking the protest strait to the London Ontario Mosque which raised money for the Sea Hitler. Read the whole story with many links here .

  • Israel - Turkey wants UN to tone down report on Gaza flotilla raid.(Haaretz).Official says Erdogan government 'very worried' over criticism of Turkey the report is expected to contain.Turkey has asked Israel to agree to a toned-down version of the UN Secretary-General's report on last year's flotilla to Gaza, according to a senior government official in Jerusalem. According to the official, the Turks are "very worried" about the harsh criticism of Turkey they expect the report to contain, and want Israel to agree to a softened version as part of a package deal to end the crisis between the two countries over the flotilla, which took place in May 2010. The director general of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Feridun Sinirlioglu, conveyed Turkey's request in a secret meeting early last week in Geneva with Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon. A draft of the report, due to be released within two weeks, was given to Israel and Turkey about six weeks ago. The committee determined that Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is in keeping with international law, and therefore its actions to stop the flotilla were also legal. According to a senior government official in Jerusalem, the report criticizes the Turkish government and highlights the relationship between it and IHH, the group that organized the flotilla. The report also states that, while Israel Defense Forces soldiers acted in self-defense, they used disproportionate force that led to the death of nine Turkish citizens. The report recommends that Israel pay compensation to the families of the dead and injured Turkish citizens, which Israel has already said it is willing to do.The official said the Turks would like to soften the parts of the report that could cause a political storm in Turkey. During the meeting with Ya'alon, the Turks suggested that the toning down of the report would lead to an end to the crisis and the normalalization of relations between the countries, which would include the return of the Turkish ambassador to Tel Aviv. Officials in Jerusalem said Israel and Turkey were finding it difficult to reach an agreement because of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's directives to Turkish negotiators, who were told not to yield on the matter of an Israeli apology for the killing of Turkish citizens.The Turkish representative on the UN panel, Ozdem Sanberk, presented a new version of an apology in an interview to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet late last week, noting that Turkey expected Israel to admit to an operational failure. Sanberk told Hurriyet that if the crisis was not solved, Turkey could lose its influence in the region. "Panel chairman Geoffrey Palmer is willing to change the report in keeping with understandings reached by Israel and Turkey," the Israeli government source said. The official also said that if no progress was made before the the date of the report's release, it would be be more difficult to make progress thereafter.Hmmmm........No Blood Money or Diyya.Read the full story here.

  • Iran to stage missile war games ment as a 'message of peace, friendship to countries in region'.(Ynet).Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards are set to launch a military exercises on Monday, which will reportedly include the firing of different range ballistic missiles, the state news agency IRNA reported.The exercise is titled the "Great Prophet Mohammad War Games," and was referred to as "Great Prophet-6." IRNA reported that Revolutionary Guards Commander General Amir Ali Hajizadeh confirmed the exercise will take place, without specifying how long the maneuvers will last."Short, medium and long-range missiles will be fired, especially the Khalij-Fars, Sejil, Fateh, Ghiam, and Shahab-1 and -2 missiles," Hajizadeh said.The general, whose force carries out war games each year in the Gulf region, said the latest exercises were "a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the area."In late May, Iran said it had equipped the Revolutionary Guards with a new surface-to-surface missile, the Qiam-1, which was built locally and test-fired last August.Iran says it has a wide range of missiles, some capable of striking targets inside arch-foe Israel as well as US bases in the Middle East.The Islamic Republic regularly boasts about developing missiles having substantial range and capabilities, but Western military experts cast doubt on its claims.Hmmmm.....With such a name sounds more as a last rehersal before the real deal September?Read the full story here.

  • Pakistani Taliban Send Husband And burqa wearing Wife Suicide Bombers To Attack Police Station,kill 8 police, two civilians.(Yahoo)The Pakistani Taliban said Sunday the group had sent a husband and wife suicide squad to carry out an attack on a police station in northwestern Pakistan that killed 10 people, a rare instance of militants using a woman as a bomber.The pair entered the police station in Kolachi on Saturday and said they were there to lodge a complaint, said Imtiaz Shah, a senior police official. Once inside, the two attacked with grenades and machine guns, triggering a five-hour standoff with police.Both attackers, including the woman wearing an all-covering robe known as a burqa, eventually blew themselves up. They killed eight police officers and two civilians, said Mohammad Hussain, another police official.“This shows how much we hate Pakistani security institutions,” Pakistani Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan told The Associated Press by telephone from an undisclosed location.Ahsan claimed it was the first time the militant group had used a female suicide bomber.However, Pakistani officials said a female suicide bomber wearing a burqa attacked a World Food Program food distribution center in northwestern Pakistan late last year, killing 45 people.Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different.UFO Video Shows Mulitiple UFOs In Austrailan Night Sky - AND - LONDON Daytime UFOs .Read and see the full story here.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sharia (Islamic) Law Imposed in Minneapolis

By Mesbahuddin Faruq :

Contrary to popular belief, a Koranic verse of a very revered Sura describes the alcoholic drinks as gifted with "good nourishment", and or, "wholesome drink". Naturally, this Koranic verse may inspire a few truth-seekers to trace their memories on the Koran, and relate the journals and news coverage, on the life-enhancing marvels of selective alcoholic drinks.

In reality, the medical researchers, in recent years, have confirmed that the taking of certain red wine in a prescribed limit has been proven to be highly deterrent against heart-attack. The effectiveness of alcohol, in the prevention of infection during oral surgery - and for that matter most surgery is indisputable. Nevertheless, the mullahs, the Imams, as well as those scholars, heavily brain-washed with the corrupted Islamic value based on the Hadith, are adamant in their belief that the Koran prohibits alcohol even as a life saver.

Does the Koran really define alcohol as 'haram'? Let us examine the source - the Koran, and keep the Hadith not to intervene in this issue.

The characteristics of haram or prohibitions found in the Koran usually begin with the expression "forbidden for you." In some occasions, it gives a strong warning of hellfire. For instance, about the prohibiton of swine meat, the Koran says:

"Forbidden unto you are carrion and blood and swine-flesh.... (5. Al Ma' idah: 3).

The Koranic prohibition about murder states:

"Whosoever slayeth a believer of set purpose, his reward is hellfire for ever..." (4. An-Nisa: 93).

There are five major verses in the Koran that deal with the alcoholic drinks. Selecting by their sequential positions in the Koran, the first one contains the most interesting dogma and will be addressed at the end of this topic.

The second verse advises the followers of Islam not to engage in prayers when they are under the influence of alcohol. The Koranic text is:

"O you who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when you are drunken, till you know that which you utter,. ...." (4. An-Nisa: 43).

Obviously, the expression "forbidden for you" is not found anywhere nearby. Nor the threat of 'hellfire' is directly or indirectly traceable in the verse. Rather, the deterrence applies to praying under alcoholic influence.

The third verse defines alcoholic drinks as "an infamy of Satan's handiwork." and indicates the believer that to succeed in life, it is advisable to stay away from alcoholic drinks. The Koranic text is:

"O you who believe! Strong drink and games of chance and idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan's handiwork. Leave it aside in order that ye may succeed." (5. Al Ma' idah: 90).

Strikingly, no word of forbiddance or the fear of hellfire is found here to classify alcohol as 'haram'. More to the point, the advice: "leave it aside in order that you may succeed" relates to earthy success in life. No doubt, career successes are often impaired and impeded because of the excessive influence of alcohol. Amazingly, the Koran places rightful emphasis on it.

The fourth verse relates to food in general including alcohol, and assures the believers not to be too concerned about consuming food, as long as they do 'good work'. The phrase 'good work' has been emphasized repeatedly. Here again the hellfire and words of forbiddance are missing. The verse states:

"There shall be no sin unto those who believe and do good works for what they may have consumed. So be mindful of your duty and do good works; and again: be mindful of your duty, and believe; and once again: be mindful of your duty, and do right. Allah loveth the good." (5. Al Ma' idah :93).

As stated earlier, the fifth verse relates to a significant Sura of the Koran. It describes the alcoholic drinks as gifted with "good nourishment", and or, "wholesome drink" (16.An Nahl : 67) The Koran, as translated, reads:

"And from the fruit of the palm and the grapes, you get out wholesome drink and food: behold, in this also is a sign for those who are wise (Yusuf Ali).

And of the fruits of the date-palm, and grapes, whence you derive strong drink and good nourishment. Lo! therein is indeed a portent for people who have sense. (Pickthall).

History tells us that the Seljuk warlords were mostly originated in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. Towards the collapsing days of the Abbasid dynasty, the Seljuks captured the administration of the Abbasid kingdom. The Abbasid Sultans remained happy only with a yearly allowance and hearing their names mentioned during the "Khutba" of the Friday-prayer.

After analysing the historical sequence of the Abbasid dynasty, some historians are of the opinion that it was the Seljuk generals who chopped-off alcoholic drinks for their soldiers in the battlefield. A few years before the Seljuks, the Buyids systematically had formulated their theological and judicial ideas. And more than ever the ulemas got prominance in functioning as the interpreters of Islamic laws.

The Seljuks, previously exposed to Christianity, were the new converts to Islam. It was a juncture of the time when the dominance of Bukhari's Hadith was more prevalent than the Koran. After all, when Bukhari insisted that his Hadith was no inferior to the Koran, it was normal for the Seljuks to place more importance on the Hadith - presumed to be the updated Islamic guidance than adhering to the Quran - viewed as old and outdated. The Hadith provided the Seljuks all the ammunition to rule the country in the false pretext of Muhammad's precedents.

In fact, most Sharia Laws were developed during this Seljuk period of Islam based on the Hadith. The dreadful powers of Fatwa, apostasy, stoning to death, honour killing, Jihad with a reward of 70 virgins in the heaven and many more were enshrined in the Hadith while they were totally absent in the Koran. Obviously it doesn't leave any room for the researchers to ponder other than to conclude that the prohibition of alcohol too was a strategy of the Seljuks. It was largely the Seljuks that tossed Islam from its original orbit.

It is an irony that the alcoholic drink had been a normal beverage during the time of the prophets prior to Muhammad. Wine was a significant item when Jesus was having his last supper with his twelve disciples. Even one of his miracles involved the making of wine for the guests in a party. In fact, the use of wine could be traced in the Old Testament to all the notable prophets including Moses, David and Solomon. Source.

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  • Speechworld vs. Realworld.The widening gulf between Obama’s rhetoric and reality.(NationalReview).By Mark Steyn.The Democrats seem to have given up on budgets. Hey, who can blame them? They’ve got a ballpark figure: Let’s raise $2 trillion in revenue every year, and then spend $4 trillion. That seems to work pretty well, so why get hung up on a lot of fine print? Harry Reid says the Senate has no plans to produce a budget, but in April the president did give a speech about “a new budget framework” that he said would save $4 trillion over the next twelve years.That would be 2023, if you’re minded to take him seriously. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, did. Last week he asked Douglas Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, if he’d “estimated the budget impact of this framework. “No, Mr. Chairman,” replied Director Elmendorf, deadpan. “We don’t estimate speeches. We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech.”“We don’t estimate speeches”: There’s an epitaph to chisel on the tombstone of the republic. Unfortunately for those of us on the receiving end, giving speeches is what Obama does. Indeed, having no other accomplishments to his name (as Hillary Clinton pointed out), giving speeches is what got the president his job. You remember — the stuff about “hope” and “change.” Were the CBO in the business of “estimating speeches,” they’d have run the numbers and concluded that under the Obama plan, vague abstract nouns would be generating 87 percent of GDP by 2016.According to the World Bank, the Western military/aid presence now accounts for 97 percent of Afghanistan’s GDP. The bit that’s left doesn’t function, not least because it doesn’t need to. How can, say, Helmand develop an economic base when everybody with a whit of sense is making massively inflated salaries as a translator for the Yanks or a security guard for some EU outreach project? When the 97 percent revenue tide recedes with the American withdrawal, what’s left will be the same old 3 percent ugly tribal dump Afghanistan was a decade ago. It will leave as little trace as the Obama stimulus.The sheer waste is appalling, immoral, and deeply destructive. In Kandahar as in California, all that matters is excess: It’s not working? Then you need to spend more. More more more. What does it matter? You’re not spending anything real. America would have to find $15 trillion just to get back to having nothing in its pocket. But who cares? As long as we’re united in our commitment to excess, no CBO debt-to-GDP ratio graph is too steep for us to take to the next level, and no horizon — 2060, 2080, 2104 — is too distant to serve as a plausible estimate for significant deficit reduction.In Realworld, political speeches would be about closing down unnecessary federal bureaucracies, dramatically downsizing or merging others, and ending makework projects and mission creep. The culture of excess that distinguishes the hyperpower at twilight would be reviled at every turn. But instead the “hugely persuasive” orator declares that there’s nothing to worry about that even more government can’t cure. In Speechworld, “no hill is too steep, no horizon is beyond our reach.” In Realworld, that’s mainly because we’re going downhill. And the horizon is a cliff edge.Read the full story here.

  • "DEATH TO THE JEWS"?Has the UN become the tool to eradicate Israel?(IsraelMatzav).If you needed any more proof of the total moral decadence of the United Nations, here it is.Iran, which has called for the destruction of a fellow UN member state, has been elected Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly!On Wednesday, the U.N. General Assembly elected Iran one of its vice presidents and Qatar as president, each for a year-long term starting in September. At one and the same time the Obama State Department has been blanketing the airwaves with speeches on this administration’s love affair with the UN under the title “principled engagement.” But with Wednesday’s U.N. elections, what kind of principles might the Obama administration be talking about?Oh and by the way, you're not likely to see Hillel Neuer and UN Watch destroying Iranian speakers at the Durban III conference. To ensure that the views of Ahmadinejad and company get full billing, the General Assembly will also be treated to “summaries of the discussions” (conducted during the day at roundtables), while the whole event will be webcast around the globe. A few non-governmental organizations will be allowed to speak – provided that they are included on a list drawn up by the president of the General Assembly and approved by U.N. member states “on a no-objection basis.”In case you’re wondering, the resolution that hands Iran and its friends a veto over the selection of anti-racism advocates who will be permitted to speak at Durban III was adopted by the General Assembly without a peep from Obama administration delegates.Principled engagement, U.N. style.Your tax money at work. That's especially true if you're an American. Your government pays 22% of the UN budget, and will be paying millions of dollars (along with the City of New York, which has the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel) to protect all these 'diplomats.'Hmmmm.......Obama's Jewish voters will be 'adapted' last as reward for their donated cash,....."Responsibility To Protect".Read the full story here.

  • Bill would "ICE" Obama admin's power to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.(TheHill).The Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is crafting a bill that would temporarily freeze the Obama administration’s power to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.The measure is in response to a memo issued by the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week that approved a broader breadth of discretion for agency officials when considering whether to deport someone through the Secure Communities program.Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who is sponsoring the legislation, blasted the memo. He said that under the new guidelines ICE agents could defer the deportations of “millions of deportable illegal and criminal immigrants.”“The Obama administration cannot continue to pick and choose which laws it will enforce,” said Smith in a statement. “It is outrageous that they have put illegal immigrants and their liberal political base ahead of the American people.”Smith’s bill is expected to be introduced soon, according to a committee aide.The 7,000-member ICE labor union has stated its opposition to the memo and issued a unanimous vote of no-confidence of ICE Director John Morton.On Tuesday Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee at a hearing on the DREAM Act.Realizing the dim prospects to pass the DREAM Act in this Congress, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) asked Obama last month to delay the deportation of certain illegal immigrants, such as students who have been in the U.S. for at least five years and do not have criminal histories.Hmmmm.......Thugocracy in it's natural habitat.Read the full story here.

  • "The War On Christianity"Lets build A One World Religion: 50 U.S. Churches To Read From The Quran On Sunday.(TheAmericanDream).The three main pillars of the "New World Order" that the global elite want to bring about are a one world economy, a one world government and a one world religion. A lot of attention gets paid to the development of the first two pillars, but the third pillar gets very little attention. But the truth is that a one world religion is getting closer than ever. "Interfaith" conferences and meetings are being held with increasing frequency all over the globe. Major global religious leaders are urging all of us to focus on our "shared" religious traditions. The belief that all religions are equally valid paths to the same destination is being taught in houses of worship and at religious institutions all over the globe. This "interfaith movement" is being promoted by NGOs, "charitable foundations" and top politicians and it is being backed by big money all over the planet.Now some U.S. churches are trying to take things to another level. On June 26th, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and approximately 50 other churches in 26 U.S. states will publicly read from the Quran during their Sunday worship services.This is all part of an interfaith project being promoted by the Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First. The theme of this Sunday is "Faith Shared: Uniting in Prayer and Understanding", and the goal is apparently to show how much Christian churches in the United States respect Islam.The following are some of the other prominent U.S. churches that will be doing Quran readings this Sunday....
*Christ Church in New York City
*All Saints Church in Pasadena, California
*Park Hill Congregational in Denver
*Hillview United Methodist in Boise, Idaho
*First United Lutheran in San Francisco
*St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church in Honolulu
In all, 'churches' in 26 U.S. states will be participating.
But these Quran readings are just supposed to be the beginning of something bigger. The following is from a description of the Quran reading project on the website of Human Rights First....At its core, this project will bring together Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy to read from and hear from each other’s sacred texts. In doing so, they will serve as a model for respect and cooperation and create a concrete opportunity to build and strengthen working ties between and among faith communities moving forward.The truth is that all Americans have the freedom to read the Quran whenever they want. But should Christian churches be reading from it during Sunday worship and should they be seeking to "build and strengthen working ties" with Islamic groups that are seeking to promote the spread of another religion?Obviously, many Christian leaders are not pleased with this development. Worldview Weekend President Brannon Howse recently made the following comment regarding the reading of the Quran in U.S. churches....
"They have denied the exclusivity of Jesus Christ. They have denied the inerrancy of Scripture; they've denied the inspiration of Scripture."
Sadly, this is not a new trend. The truth is that the "interfaith movement" has been building momentum for decades and some of the most prominent religious leaders in the world are involved.For example, the following excerpt from a CNS article talks about a huge "interfaith event" hosted by the Pope when he visited Washington D.C. in 2008....
When Pope Benedict XVI comes to the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington for an early-evening interfaith meeting April 17 with Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and representatives of other religions, space will be at a premium.Many top U.S. Christian leaders have been very involved in the "interfaith movement" as well.For example, Brian McLaren, one of the top leaders of the emerging church movement, actually celebrated Ramadan back in 2009.Rick Warren, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, has been a guest speaker at the national conference of the Islamic Society of North America.Some time ago, a virtual "who's who" of evangelical Christian leaders that included Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, Brian McLaren, Richard Cizik and Bill Hybels all signed a letter to the Islamic community that was entitled "Loving God And Neighbor Together". This letter made it abundantly clear that these Christians leaders consider Allah and the Christian God to be the same entity.Let's take a quick look at a couple of quotes from the letter....
Before we “shake your hand” in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One.In Islam, "the All-Merciful One" is one of the key names for Allah.So in this letter the Christian leaders were praying to Allah and were asking for his forgiveness and were acknowledging that he is God.
Here is another quote from the letter....
 If we fail to make every effort to make peace and come together in harmony you correctly remind us that “our eternal souls” are at stake as well.Very strangely, in the letter the Christian leaders claim that their "eternal souls" are at stake if they do not make every effort to "come together in harmony" with the Islamic community.
Once again, people in America are free to believe whatever they want, but Christian leaders should not be trying to develop religious ties with Islam.The truth is that Jesus would not have wanted anything to do with this one world religion that the New World Order is trying to bring in.
In John 14:6, Jesus made the following statement.....I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
You would think that would be so clear that no Christian leader would ever be able to misunderstand it.In fact, the very first two of the Ten Commandments are about how no other gods should ever be worshipped except for the one true God. In Exodus 20:3-6 it says the following....
Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
But today everybody wants to be "politically correct".That is especially true of religious leaders.But this is exactly what the global elite want. They want everyone herded into one giant "global religion" that they will be able to take charge of and control.Of course once the global religion is established, they won't have much use for the real Jesus Christ or for the Bible.Even if you are not a Christian, you should be deeply troubled by these developments.Hmmmm......MFS : In 2004 Vatican instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum forbade such readings. The document states that “it is strictly to be considered an abuse to introduce into the celebration of Holy Mass elements that are contrary to the prescriptions of the liturgical books and taken from the rites of other religions.”This just confirms what i always said it’s against the first commandment “You shall have no other Gods before me”.Read the full story here.

  • Caroline Glick on U.S. Liberal American Jews "They become suckers out of their own free will".(JPost).Column One: Just before Obama snowballed his Jewish donors in Washington, Yale engaged in a similarly transparent bid to romance its Jewish supporters.This week we have been witness to two transparent attempts to sell liberal American Jews a bill of goods. And from the looks of things, both were successful. The first instance of liberal American Jewish credulity this week unfolded Monday night in Washington. At a five-star hotel, eighty Jewish donors shelled out between $25,000-35,800 to attend a fundraiser with US President Barack Obama.As has become his habit, Obama opened his remarks by talking about his commitment to Israel’s security. And as has become his habit, Obama went on to say that it is his job to force Israelis to bow to his demands because he knows what is best for Israel.Speaking of his ongoing efforts to force Israel to concede its right to defensible borders before entering into negotiations with the Hamas-Fatah unity government, Obama said, “There are going to be moments over the course of the next six months or the next 12 months or the next 24 months in which there may be tactical disagreements [between the US and Israel] in terms of how we approach these difficult problems.”Obama went on to say that he expects his American Jewish supporters to take his side in his attacks on Israel.As he put it, the quest for peace between Israel and the Hamas-Fatah government is “going to require that not only this administration employs all of its creative powers to try to bring about peace in the region, but it’s also going to require all of you as engaged citizens of the United States who are friends of Israel making sure…that you’re helping to shape how both Americans and Israelis think about the opportunities and challenges.”And how did the Jewish donors respond to Obama’s presentation? They loved it. They were, in the words of Obama donor Marilyn Victor, “reassured.”What does Obama have to do for these liberal American Jews to accept that he is no friend of Israel’s? Apparently the answer is that there is nothing Obama can do that will convince his many American Jewish supporters that he is not Israel’s friend.They will never believe such a thing because doing so will require them to choose between two unacceptable options. The first option is to admit to themselves that invoting for Obama, they are voting against Israel.The self-righteousness shared by many of Obama’s Jewish supporters makes this option unacceptable. These are people who demonstrate their goodness by embracing every politically correct liberal cause as their own. From abortion to socialized medicine to free passes for illegal immigrants, to opposition to the Iraq war, liberal American Jews are ready to go out on a limb for every cause the liberal media supports.But ask them to support anything that in any way compromises their self-image as do gooders and liberals and they will shut you out. Consider their willingness to turn a blind eye to Obama’s 20-year association with his anti-Semitic preacher Jeremiah Wright. Just this week Wright was back in the news when he delighted a crowd of thousands of African American worshippers in Baltimore by libeling Israel saying, “The State of Israel is an illegal, genocidal … place. To equate Judaism with the State of Israel is to equate Christianity with [rapper] Flavor Flav.”During the 2008 presidential campaign liberal American Jews attacked critics ofObama’s longstanding devotion to his Jew-hating preacher as McCarthyites who were spreading allegations of guilt by association.And now, when Obama has made supporting Israel a socially costly thing for his supporters to do, rather than pay the price, his self-righteous American Jewish supporters refuse to admit that Obama is not pro-Israel. They attack as a liar anyone who points out that his policies are deeply hostile to Israel.The same Ivy League snobbery that makes it socially unacceptable to vote for a Republican – and certainly not for a Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann despite their deep-seated and consistent support for Israel – is what allowed Yale to get away with ending its study of Islamic anti-Semitism by besmirching Small’s academic achievements and good name. Remove him from the club, and you end opposition to his academically unjustifiable firing.The great circus master P.T. Barnum said famously that there is a sucker born every minute.Liberal American Jews aren’t born suckers. They become suckers out of their own free will.Read the full story here.

  • ‘Islam Is A Religion Of Peace!(BigPeace).Since 9/11, the MSM, academicians, and leftist politicians have been working overtime to convince us Muslims are just another people group and that to single them out for extra scrutiny is to return to the days of Jim Crow laws in Mississippi. We’re actually told the problem is with us: that it’s our fault that some Muslims do commit terrorist acts or talk of America as “the Great Satan” or purposefully run over one of their daughters with a car because she was in love with an infidel.Don’t you get it? “Islam is a religion of peace!”Of course this is a hard sell to Israel or to family members of 9/11 victims or to the myriad of Westerners that Muslims have captured and beheaded in the last decade alone. It’s also a hard sell to anyone who’s noticed that various Muslim groups keep using violence to assure us of their non-violence: just as they use intolerance to assure us of their tolerance (try carrying a Bible into Saudi Arabia and let me know how that works out for you).It’s also hard to sell the women of Norway on the claim that “Islam is a religion of peace!” since every “assault-rape” that took place in their country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim. (83 such rapes in total.) In some cases the rapist actually told the victim that his religion allowed him to rape her.It’s also growing increasingly hard to tell members of our military that “Islam is a religion of peace!” because more and more Muslims are taking it unto themselves to attack our stateside military facilities as a way to show whose side they’re on in the War on Terror. It was just this past week that two Muslims were arrested in Seattle for their plan “to attack a military processing center…using machine guns and grenades.” And it was just the week prior that a Marine Corps reservist named Yonathan Melaku was arrested for suspicious activity around the Pentagon and thereafter found to have a video in his possession that showed him driving by the National Museum of the Marine Corps, shooting his pistol at the museum, and chanting “allahu Akbar.”WARNING: liberals are so screwed up in the way they think, that after reading the examples of the would-be attackers in Seattle and the Muslim who was shooting at the museum in DC, all they’ll probably say is that we need more gun control: that if we make guns harder for these folks to get then the likelihood of such attacks will be diminished. (Note to liberals: these folks do their best killing with bombs, knives, and airplanes.)Anyway, back to my point: “Islam is a religion of peace!” (I think that’s what they chant when they’re not chanting “death to America.”)Hmmmm.....The mind of the Liberal as bare as the desert in Sudan.Read the full story here.

Two HUGE intel leads in my email box this morning from way-back contacts that I’ve had for years, that are actually somewhat connected concepts.
1. File this one under “Now It All Makes Sense”. A Missouri farming and ranching contact just got off a conference call wherein he was informed that the federal government is sending out letters to all of the flooded out farmers in the Missouri River flood plain and bottoms notifying them that the Army Corps of Engineers will offer to BUY THEIR LAND.Intentionally flood massive acreage of highly productive farmground. Destroy people’s communities and homes. Catch them while they are desperate and afraid and then swoop in and buy the ground cheap. Those evil sons of bitches.
2. George Soros appears to be “investing” in farmground through the same puppet company that he used to get into the grain elevator and fertilizer business. The company is called Ospraie Capital Management and is buying up farmground in a joint venture with Teays River Investments as a partner. Here is that announcement: Click Here
Okay. Here’s the connection. This Ospraie outfit was a hedge fund specializing in commodities that was started and run by some cocky child who didn’t know how to trade bear markets and got his butt kicked into next week in the grain market of 2008. He also lost a fortune trying to trade RARE EARTH METALS. In fact, it was so bad that he had to shut his fund down because he had promised his investors that he would give them all of their investment money back if the fund lost more than 30% in one year. Whoopsie.
But it appears that Soros swooped in and saved the day because this Ospraie is the “co-investor” with Soros that bought the remnants of ConAgra’s trading operation and renamed it… Gavilon. In the industry, it is widely acknowledged that Ospraie IS Soros. That three-page article citation is here .
As you probably remember, Gavilon just recently bought both DeBruce Grain out of Kansas City and the biggest grain elevator company in the Pacific Northwest, thus making Soros (who is the money behind Gavilon through both his own Soros Fund Management AND his de facto control of Ospraie) the third-largest grain company in the U.S. with 280 million bushels of storage capacity, behind only Archer Daniels Midland (542 million bushels storage capacity) and Cargill (344 million bushels storage capacity). That citation is here.

Bottom line: Soros, through Ospraie, is buying up farmground. Please also note that the hotlink citation above is dated June 26, 2009. My contact says this has been going on for two years – and also remember what I told you about farmground prices inflating wildly, especially in Illinois. I have personally confirmed farmground in Illinois selling for $13,000 per acre within the last month, whereas that same kind of ground in Illinois was going for $5500 per acre the day Obama was inaugurated.Spread the word.
Two days ago, Ann posted the following on her website.
 Missouri Basin Flooding: 100% Intentional
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – June 22, AD 2011 10:07 AM MST
The Army Corps of Engineers in collusion with Marxist-Environmentalists have engineered a flood scenario that will, is, and already has killed people and will result in property damage in the multi-multi billions of dollars. And it is all intentional.
Read “The Purposeful Flooding of America’s Heartland” HERE at
The excuse is saving the wetland habitat of the blue-butted water auk or some taurusfimus like that.Hmmmm........Now consider that the new S510 law would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes, this gives a monopoly on growing food.Read the full story here.

  • Scores of forced marriages are Kent's "secret shame" claims campaigner.(YourCanterbury).Hundreds of victims of forced marriages are suffering in silence in Kent, according to a charity dedicated to exposing the county’s "secret shame".The Karma Nirvana organisation has reported a 52 per cent increase in calls from Kent in the last year but says there are likely to be many more young people – mainly those from Pakistani Muslim and Indian Sikh families – who are too afraid to come forward. Co-founder Jasvinder Sanghera, who was disowned by her parents after refusing an arranged marriage 29 years ago, told KoS the problem results in countless suicides and at least 12 "honour killings" nationally every year.She added: "What we know about forced marriage is that it’s under-reported and a hidden crime. In Kent there will be many hundreds of victims, and they could be anywhere."It’s not just areas where there are large Asian populations like Gravesend, where these crimes are likely to be going on. That’s why more work needs to be done to identify victims living in other towns where the population is not so large."Karma Nirvana’s helpline takes about 5,000 calls a year, with the majority of callers aged 12-21 but the youngest just eight.In addition to south Asian communities, forced marriage is also a problem – albeit to a lesser extent – among Kurdish, Iranian, Afghan and Somalian families.In many cases marriages are arranged before a child reaches the age of consent, with some children even promised to other families at birth.But even when marriages are arranged legally, Ms Sanghera says, participants should be allowed to decline without fear of reprisal.She said: "The community network among people who practice arranged marriages is often strong, and word quickly gets out if something goes wrong."Another problem is that many people are prevented from integrating because British society is regarded as a threat to their culture."Multiculturalism is a myth as far as these people are concerned, but sadly some professionals turn a blind eye to what’s going on because they see it as a cultural problem. But it’s not a cultural problem – it’s abuse."This week Ms Sanghera and other survivors held a discussion at Kent Police headquarters in Maidstone, where they spoke to professionals from the force, domestic violence teams, child protection bodies, health workers, schools, social workers and charities.Saima (not real name) spoke at the roadshow, revealing how she was tricked into visiting Pakistan on holiday only to be kidnapped and wed to an abusive husband.She fell pregnant and returned to the UK in secret but lost her baby when she was stabbed by a hitman hired by her family.Saima said: "I think they thought I had brought shame on them and brought dishonour on the family."I remember talking to my mum and telling her everything he had done to me and every way he abused me. I was crying. But she told me: ‘He’s your husband. Even if he kills you we don’t care because you’re no longer our property’."Hmmmmm................. "we don’t care because you’re no longer our property".Read the full story here.

  • According to US ambassador Bruce Orek, rejecting Obama’s Marxist/statist policies are the signs of a inward, backward looking people.(TundraTabloids).The U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Orek, was interviewed in the Finnish/Swedish language paper, Hufvudstadsbladet, who stated that the True Finns’ electoral victory in the recent parliamentary election reminds him of the Tea Party’s success in last mid term elections in the US. In fact he said that he “sees basic similarities between the True Finns and the Tea Party”.But instead of simply saying that it reflected the honest will of the people in response to the perceived (but in the TT’s opinion real) failed policies of Washington and Helsinki, he took to smearing the political movements of both countries as being both backward and inward looking.It’s a highly arrogant and condescending opinion that’s shared by many a statist minded bureaucrat and politician; “How dare the people vote wrong, if they are not forward thinking (read = progressive/socialist) then they must be backward and inward thinking.” See how that works?U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck estimates in an interview with the Hufvudstadsbladet about the Finnish parliamentary election results.Oreck sees some worrying features in the rise of the True Finns. He estimates that the True Finns have basic similarities with the conservative Tea Party which opposes the United States President Barack Obama.
- I believe that the True Finns as well as the U.S. Tea Party represent people who have anxiety about changes. They are looking back to the past, when everything was simpler. It is understandable, but one can not return to the past. Isolation from the rest of the world and the closure of borders would be a bad thing to Finland as well as for the world at large, Oreck said to the Hufvudstadsbladet.According to Oreck, turning inward would hinder the spreading of on new ideas to Finland, and hinder trade.NOTE: For Oreck, if you resist socialism, you resist change. The only thing that the True Finns and the Tea Party would spread, is freedom and liberty, something that this statist fears most.Hmmmmm......The new 'master race' in motion?Read the full story here.

  • Medieval murder in modern times: Woman faces death by beheading in Saudi Arabia for crime she 'committed as a child'.(DailyMail).A young maid is facing death by beheading in Saudi Arabia for a crime she claims she did not commit. Rizana Nafeek, who alleges she was a teenager at the time of the incident, was arrested in May 2005 on charges of murdering a four-month-old baby who was in her care.She denies murder and claims she desperately tried to save the child who choked while she was looking after it.Saudi Arabia have come under fire from Human Rights groups for the handling of her case after it was revealed there had been a mix-up involving the year she was born in.The authorities have her date of birth as 1982 however her birth certificate states she was born in 1988 - making her 17 at the time of the alleged incident.If Saudi Arabia went ahead with the execution it would be in breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which it has ratified.Human Rights groups claim Rizana had no legal representation before or during her trial.Sri-Lankan born Nafeek's mother Rafeena said her daughter moved to the country so that she could send money home to help educate her three siblings.Desperate for work she found a job as a domestic worker but was shocked when she was asked to look after a baby, Naif al-Quthaibi, because she believed she did not have the skills to care for him.Just weeks into her employment tragedy struck and the infant choked while he was being fed.Rafeena, who lives in a tiny village, has previously begged King Abdullah to pardon her daughter and asked him to allow her to return home.If the execution goes ahead the now 23-year-old will dressed in a white robe and be marched into a packed town centre.She will also be blindfolded, shackled and forced to kneel facing Mecca before she is prodded between the shoulders so her head is raised.naturally.Rizana will then be executed, medieval style, with one sweep of a sharply-bladed sword.Amnesty International has condemned the conviction and since revealed Rizana was not allowed to produce her birth certificate which shows her true age during an appeal trial.The charity's Middle East director Malcolm Smart said at the time: 'It would be outrageous if Rizana Nafeek were to be executed for this crime.'It appears that she was herself a child at the time and there are real concerns about the fairness of her trial.'According to the Sunday Express, earlier this month Indonesia banned its citizens from working in the oil-rich country after another maid, Ruyati binti Sapub, 54, was beheaded after she confessed to killing her employer with a meat cleaver because of constant abuse.Hmmmm.........The 'beauty' of Sharia law.Read the full story here.

  • Egyptian Muslims Torch 8 Christian Homes on Rumor of Church Construction.(Aina). A mob of nearly 200 Muslims torched eight Christian homes on Saturday morning in the Upper Egyptian village of Awlad Khalaf. The attack was initiated by a rumor that a house which is being built by Wahib Halim Attia will be turned into a church. Two Christians and one Muslim were injured, no fatalities were reported.Wahib Halim Attia obtained a license to build a house in the village on a 95 square meter plot. The house grew to an area of 350 square meters but was still on agricultural land that he owns. This gave rise to the rumor that he intended to build a church instead.Father Weesa Azmy, the priest at St. George Church in the neighboring village of Negou Madam East, said that someone went to the City Council in Dar es Salam and told them about the irregularities in the house construction, and Wahib was ordered to remove the excess by June 24. "Instead Wahib carried on with the construction, which angered the Muslims, who decided to play God and take the law into their own hands; they attacked the construction site and other Christian homes."According to Father Weesa, Muslims broke into the home of Ihab Tamer, who defended himself with a rifle. A Muslim who was there to help Ihab was injured by a bullet in his leg from Tamer's rifle. The matter was explained and resolved with the family of that Muslim.According to eyewitnesses the Muslims, mostly Salafists and some youngsters, looted and torched eight homes belonging to Wahib Halim Attia and his two brothers, his three cousins and two other Copts, including Ihab Tamer.The police arrived three hours after the looting and torching had ended.Hmmmm........Read the full story here.

  • Iranian president questions Holocaust, 9/11.(Ynet).In Tehran conference, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says 'Truth would be exposed if black box of 9/11 and Holocaust were opened'.Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad questioned the September 11 terror attacks and compared them to the Holocaust on Saturday. Speaking at an international conference on terrorism in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said: "If the black box of the 9/11 incident and Holocaust were opened, then some of the truth would be exposed, but the United States does not allow this." He further added: "There are those who believe that the goal of 9/11 was to revive the Zionist regime, reinforce stability in the region, divert US public opinion from the poor economic state. In terms of reference and benefits, 9/11 is very similar to the Holocaust." Among the participants in the conference were Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who has been accused of war crimes and genocide in Darfur, and leaders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Iran claims more than 60 countries were represented in the conference including UN envoys. Delegates from the United Nations, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Asia Cooperation Dialogue, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Economic Cooperation Organization, and Interpol are among the main participants.Earlier this month, the Islamic Republic convened an international convention on nuclear disarmament. A statement on behalf of Iran's Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei was read during the conference. "Reigning powers are using terrorism to achieve illegitimate goals as part of their policy," it said.Hmmmmmm.........Read the full story here.

  • Anti-Virus Pioneer Evgeny Kaspersky:'I Fear the Net Will Soon Become a War Zone'.(Spiegel).Evgeny Kaspersky is one of Russia's top Internet virus hunters and IT entrepreneurs. In a SPIEGEL interview, he discusses a raft of recent hacker attacks on multinationals, the "total professionals" behind the Stuxnet virus and his fear of both personal and widespread cyber violence.
SPIEGEL: Mr. Kaspersky, when was the last time that a virus hunter like you fell victim to a cyber attack?
Evgeny Kaspersky: My computer was almost infected twice recently. When someone returned my flash card to me at a conference, it was infected with a virus. But then our own virus program helped me. The second time, the website of a hotel in Cyprus was infected. These kinds of things can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. I need protection just like anyone else. After all, a specialist on sexually transmitted diseases also relies on condoms for protection.Hmmmmmm........He doesn't mention China .Read the full interview here.
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