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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sam Solomon Sharia expert Ex Muslim talks about Islam

Sam Solomon, born and raised as a Muslim, had trained in Sharia law for 15 years before converting to Christianity.As a leading experts on Islam and Sharia law, Mr. Solomon has testified before the US congress and is a consultant to the British parliament for matters regarding Islam.
Part two here , part three here .

MFS - The Other News

                       Afternoon  Posting.

  • Syria Live Blog - May 25. Here .(Al-Jazeera).
  • Libya Live Blog - May 23. Here (Al-Jazeera).
  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity in Japan  today 4.9  ! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 118. Source : Here .

  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • There's a new "Player" in the Air,meet the Grimsvotn Volcano.By John Seach.(VolcanoLive)
64.42 N, 17.33 W - summit elevation 1725 m  - caldera
Read the full story here.Live webcam here and here.Google map location here.More info here.

  • RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service Grimsvotn Volcano Info Situation Update No. 7  Source :Here .

  • Transcript Obama Speech British Parliament May 25, 2011.Obama enters Westminster Hall. White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon are among those on stage a few feet from the podium.A few lines from the speech:
Obama frames the fight to end terrorism: "Terrorists have taken the lives of our citizens in New York and in London. And while al Qaeda seeks a religious war with the West, let’s remember that they have killed thousands of Muslims – men, women and children – around the globe. Our nations will never be at war with Islam. Our fight is focused on defeating al Qaeda and its extremist allies. In that effort, we will not relent, as Osama bin Laden and his followers have learned."
Indeed, our efforts in this young century have led us to a new concept for NATO that will give us the capabilities needed to meet new threats — threats like terrorism and piracy, cyber attacks and ballistic missiles. But a revitalized NATO will continue to hew to that original vision of its founders, allowing us to rally collective action for the defense of our people, while building upon the broader belief of Roosevelt and Churchill that all nations have both rights and responsibilities, and all nations share a common interest in an international architecture that maintains the peace.
We share a common interest in resolving conflicts that prolong human suffering and threaten to tear whole regions asunder. In Sudan, after years of war and thousands of deaths, we call on both North and South to pull back from the brink of violence and choose the path of peace. And in the Middle East, we stand united in our support for a secure Israel and a sovereign Palestine.Hmmmm.....Why do i get the feeling it's all about "Responsibility to protect"?Israel beware he has not changed his mind!Read the full speech here.

  • Report: Senate Dems Will Join Republicans in Condemning Obama’s Call For Israel to Withdraw to 1967 Lines.(TheHill).Senate Democrats are expected to support a resolution intended as a rebuff to President Obama’s call for basing Middle East peace talks on the 1967 Israeli-Palestinian borders.It would be a rare rebuke of the president by the upper chamber and a sign that Democrats are worried about the impact of last week’s speech on the U.S.-Israel relationship and pro-Israel constituents.Democrats in both chambers are scrambling to fix the damage caused when Obama called for the 1967 borders and land swaps as a basis for peace.Some Democrats have tried to downplay the rift, but Israel’s strongest supporters in Congress say there’s no denying that Obama made a tactical mistake in handling the relationship.“I wish that the president had not made the speech on Thursday, particularly not made it — I gather — without much consultation” with Israel, said Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), an Independent who caucuses with Democrats. “So I think it was a tactical mistake.”Lieberman said he was reassured by the president’s follow-up speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Sunday but thinks additional steps need to be taken.He is working with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on a resolution that would show broad consensus within Congress that the 1967 Israeli-Palestinian borders are not only “indefensible,” as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, but also contrary to U.S. national security interests.Hmmmm.....Meanwhile the 'damage' is done and he's exploiting it in Europe.Read the full story here.

  • Obama skirts rule of law to reward pals, punish foes.(Washington Examiner).If Obamacare is so great, why do so many people want to get out from under it?More specifically, why are more than half of those 3,095,593 in plans run by labor unions, which were among Obamacare's biggest political supporters? Union members are only 12 percent of all employees but have gotten 50.3 percent of Obamacare waivers.Just in April, Sebelius granted 38 waivers to restaurants, nightclubs, spas and hotels in former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco congressional district. Pelosi's office said she had nothing to do with it.On its website HHS pledges that the waiver process will be transparent. But it doesn't list those whose requests for waivers have been denied.It does say that requests are "reviewed on a case by case basis by Department officials who look at a series of factors including" -- and then lists two factors. And it refers you to another website that says that "several factors . . . may be considered" -- and then lists six factors.What other factors may be considered? Political contributions or connections? (Unions contributed $400 million to Democrats in the 2008 campaign cycle.) The websites don't say.Another principle of the rule of law is that government can't make up new rules to help its cronies and hurt its adversaries except through due process, such as getting a legislature to pass a new law.The Obamacare waiver process appears to violate that first rule. Two other recent Obama administration actions appear to violate the second.In a Univision radio interview during the 2010 election cycle, Barack Obama urged Latinos not "to sit out the election instead of saying, 'We're going to punish our enemies and we're going to reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.' "Punishing enemies and rewarding friends -- politics Chicago style -- seems to be the unifying principle that helps explain the Obamacare waivers, the NLRB action against Boeing and the IRS' gift-tax assault on 501(c)(4) donors.They look like examples of crony capitalism, bailout favoritism and gangster government.One thing they don't look like is the rule of law.Hmmmm.....Thugocracy in it's natural habitat.Read the full story here.

  • Obama regime Threaten Texas With No-Fly Zone Over Anti-TSA Legislation.(SHTF).The State of Texas is currently considering legislation that would make it illegal for any official, State or Federal, to perform intrusive searches of persons or personal property without probable cause.Under Texas Law, HB 1937 would punish, through criminal prosecution, those involved in “official oppression by the intrusive touching of persons seeking access to public buildings and transportation…”
In response, the Federal Government has threatened to essentially enact a no-fly zone over Texas by restricting flights out of the state due to security concerns.
US Attorneys (Federal) object to the legislation and responded directly to the Texas Legislature on May 24, 2011: May 24, 2011
[On U.S. Department of Justice, Western District of Texas, stationery. Addressed to Speaker Joe Straus, Dewhurst, the House Clerk and the Senate Secretary]
Dear Leaders,
I write with regard to HB 1937, which I understand will imminently be presented to the Texas Senate for a vote.
This office, as well as the Southern, Northern, and Eastern District of Texas United States Attorneys, would like to advise you of the significant leagal and practical problems that will be created if the bill becomes law. As you are no doubt aware, the bill makes it a crime for a federal transportation official (“TSO”) to perform the security screening that he or she is authorized and required by federal law to perform. The proposed legislation would make it unlawful for a federal agent such as a TSO to perform certain specified searches for the purpose of granting access to a publicly accessible building or form of transportation. That provision would thus criminalize searches that are required under federal regulations in order to ensure the safety of the American public. The legislation also makes it a crime for a public servant, as defined by the bill, to deny or impede another person in the excercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege, knowing that the public servant’s conduct is unlawful. As a result, it appears the intent of the bill is to preclude a TSO from turning away from the secure area of an airport someone who otherwise would have been subjected to a pat down as a condition of entry.
The effect of this bill, if enacted, would be to interfere directly with the Transportation Security Administration’s (“TSA”) responsibility for civil aviation security. 49 U.S.C. §114(d); 6 U.S.C. §202(1). Congress has directed the Administrator of TSA to take “necessary actions to improve domestic air transportation security,” 49 U.S.C. §44904(e), and directed him to “prescribe regulations to protect passengers and property on an aircraft … against an act of criminal violence or aircraft piracy.” ID. §44903(b). Congress has directed TSA to provide for “the screening of all passengers and property … before boarding,” in order to ensure that no passenger is unlawfully carrying a dangerous weapon, explosive, or other destructive substance. Id. §44901(a), §44901(a), §114(e). If the Administrator determines that “a particular threat cannot be addressed in a way adequate to ensure … the safety of passengers and crew of a particular flight, he “shall cancel the flight or series of flights.” Id. §44905(b). HB 1937 would conflict directly with federal law. The practical import of the bill is that it would threaten criminal prosecution of Transportation Security Administration personnel who carry out the security procedures required under federal statutes and TSA regulations passed to implement those statutes. Those officials cannot be put to the choice of risking criminal prosecution or carrying out their federal duties. Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Texas has no authority to regulate federal agents and employees in the performance of their federal duties or to pass a statute that conflicts with federal law.
If HR [sic] 1937 were enacted, the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statute. Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passengers and crew.
We urge that you consider the ramifications of this bill before casting your vote.
Very truly yours,
John E. Murphy - United States Attorney
According to the Tenth Amendment Center, several other states are considering similar legislation to prevent TSA’s gross violations of the 4th Amendment, which protects and guarantees the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”Battles over the tenth amendment, which gives States the rights to exercise their own sovereignty over issues not delegated to the Federal government by the Constitution, are coming to a head across the country – and not just over TSA anti-groping legislation. In recent years 10th amendment arguments and attempts to nullify Federal legislation have included immigration concerns in Southern states, marijuana legalization, firearms freedom, food freedom, and the rejection of Federally mandated universal health care laws.Regardless of whether we agree with certain arguments made by States with respect to federal legislation or their own, we must wholeheartedly support the right of the people of those states to pass (or reject) legislation that they deem best for their states, even if it is contrary to the beliefs of the people of another state or the Federal government.Hmmmm.....Dictatorship or democracy?Read the full story here.

  • "Pint of Guinness records" - President Obama’s top ten insults against Britain – 2011 edition.(Telegraph).In March last year I published a list of Barack Obama’s biggest insults against America’s biggest ally Great Britain, during his time in office. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, including the Gulf oil spill and the White House’s campaign against BP, the now infamous Obama-Sarkozy press conference earlier this year, and the release by Wikileaks of US government documents revealing the Obama administration had betrayed Britain in order to appease the Russians over the New START Treaty.
In honour of President Obama’s state visit to Britain this week, here’s an updated and revised list, as a reminder to readers of the president’s less than stellar track record when it comes to US-British relations. The US president will no doubt be careful not to offend his hosts when he travels to London, and he will receive a warm welcome from the Queen and the Prime Minister, as any American president would. But the prospect of an embarrassing diplomatic gaffe or insensitive remark cannot be ruled out from a world leader whose administration has all too often specialised in them. As I noted in my original piece: Without a shadow of a doubt, Barack Obama has been the most anti-British president in modern American history. The Special Relationship has been significantly downgraded, and at times humiliated under his presidency, which has displayed a shocking disregard for America’s most important partner and strategic ally.
There are a multitude of reasons for President Obama’s dismissive approach to the UK, and here are a few: an obsession with engaging and appeasing America’s enemies rather than cultivating allies; personal animosity towards Britain because of his grandfather’s role as a Mau Mau supporter in 1950’s colonial Kenya; Democrat resentment over British support for the Bush Administration over Iraq; left-wing disdain for the idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism and world leadership; support for supranational institutions such as the European Union over the supremacy of the nation state.
  1. Siding with Argentina over the Falklands
  2. Calling France America’s strongest ally
  3. Downgrading the Special Relationship
  4. Supporting a federal Europe and undercutting British sovereignty
  5. Betraying Britain to appease Moscow over the New START Treaty
  6. Placing a “boot on the throat” of BP
  7. Throwing Churchill out of the Oval Office
  8. DVDs for the Prime Minister
  9. Insulting words from the State Department
  10. Undermining British influence in NATO.
Despite Nicolas Sarkozy’s distinctly unflattering opinion of Barack Obama, the US president has gone to great lengths to appease French interests, even going as far as apologising to the French people in Strasbourg for hurting their feelings over the war in Iraq. The Obama administration has also done its best to give Paris a lead role in the NATO alliance at Britain’s expense, granting it one of two supreme NATO command positions – Allied Command Transformation (ACT). This, despite the fact that France has for decades been ambivalent and obstructionist over NATO, and is failing to carry its weight in Afghanistan.Hmmmm......Lets hope he doesn't miss quote the next time he toast the Queen?Read the full story here.

  • Jesse Lee’s wife, Nita Chaudary, behind the “Betray Us” Ad?) Googling Jesse Lee.(PajamasMedia).As Bryan reported yesterday, the Obama White House has hired a man named Jesse Lee to be its new Director of Progressive Media and Online Response or something. This is believed to imply that when people such as, say, Christian Adams say negative things about the administration that are provably true, Lee will “Respond” somehow on Twitter. And Facebook. And there will be links.
Anyway, I just performed a 30-second background check on Lee. And while I feel that most people shouldn’t be held accountable for anything political they say before the age of 25, a couple of wacky things authored by him shortly after college do turn up, probably best considered, if at all, as an example of the narcissism cultured by our developing higher education bubble.I envision a return to the American ideals of Thomas Paine. We must engage in our democracy as an example to all mankind, lest we allow a few greedy men to wield our immense power against all mankind, at home and abroad. We cannot allow such men to breed blinding hatred amongst us; we must put our swords down.I think Jesse might need to reread some of that Thomas Paine. I don’t think it took the first time.Read the full story here.

  • Obama’s Israel 1967 “Borders”: What Jordanian/”Palestinians” Did to Pre-1967 Jewish & Christian Graves, Churches. By Debbie Schlussel.Earlier today, I discussed the Palestinian/Jordanian Muslim desecration of Jewish and Christian graves when they had control of the land that Barack Hussein Obama wants Israel to retreat from. Here’s what his cherished “pre-1967 borders” looked like when the Jordanians/”Palestinians” controlled and destroyed the place. These photos, from the pamphlet, “Desecration,” show how Israel found various Jewish and Christian graves and relics of churches and synagogues desecrated and otherwise deliberately damaged and destroyed by the Muslims. There is page after page, and I’m only posting a few examples, below. We must never return to those “pre-1967″ lines. Never.HT:Amnon and Jonathan.Here.

  • Did Obama and Erdogan conspire against Turkish nationalists?(HurriyetDaily).The credit for the question in my headline goes to Osman Durmuş, a senior member of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party, or the MHP. “Obama has given the orders: the MHP will not be in the parliament,” he said last Friday, in a meeting with his party members. “Instead, PKK militants will go there in mass… This is the project of Obama; the project of the AKP; the project of Tayyip Erdoğan.”The “project” Mr. Durmuş was referring to were the series of secretly taped videos showing various senior MHP members in sexual acts with females who do such things for a living. In the past few weeks, these “sex tapes” indeed have shaken the MHP severely, leading to the resignation of 10 senior members of the party. Many predict that this will influence the MHP negatively in the upcoming general elections. The party, Turkey’s third largest, might face the risk of falling under the 10 percent national election threshold.In other words, these “sex tapes” are clearly an operation against the MHP or its current cadre. In that sense Mr. Durmuş might be right. But I really don’t think President Obama, the United States government, or any other foreign power has anything to do with the “project.” We must rather look at home.The more important matter is the culprit of the conspiracy. Here I freely use the C word, from which I often refrain, for this is undoubtedly a well-crafted plot. Someone must have been monitoring MHP members for a long time to infiltrate into their private lives, and find the safe houses they use for secret intimacies. Then they must have broken into those places to install hidden cameras. Then they must have archived and edited the scenes to release them at a critical moment — like a few weeks before general elections.From the beginning, a shadowy website ( claimed to be behind the operation. The name of the site literally means “different idealists,” the ideal being that of the Turkish nationalist movement. The unknown masters of the site claim to be a splinter group within the MHP, which is fed up with the corruption in its leadership. But one really wonders whether such MHP-loving nationalists would launch such an internal war at a time when their party is heading toward a critical election.That’s why I find it more plausible to think that an agent outside of the MHP is more likely to be behind the plot.But who is that agent? Here, as usual, the two opposing camps in Turkey have totally opposite theories. For the anti-AKP camp, this certainly must be a plot cooked up by pro-AKP forces, most probably elements within the police. The loss of the MHP will be a gain for the AKP, according to this theory, and therefore the culprits of videotapes must be the “new deep state” created by Erdoğan and his party.For the opposite camp, the usual suspect is the “old deep state,” the one mastered by staunch Kemalists and their allies. The intention behind the plot is to “redesign” the MHP, and make it more supportive of the old establishment. Those who advance this argument also recall that a similar “redesign” was made on the CHP about a year ago, when its old and weary leader Deniz Baykal was replaced by the more promising Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu via a similar sex tape.As for me, well, I can’t decide which theory, if any, is true. As the Rumsfeldian language goes, there are many known unknowns and unknown unknowns in this story. Filling such gaps in knowledge with presuppositions might be national pastime in Turkey, but it really is not a safe way to search for the truth.Yet it is certainly the job of the police, and the AKP government to which it is tied, to find the conspirators of the sex tapes. If the party falls below the 10 percent electoral threshold, and stays out of the parliament for the next four years, the tapes will be remembered as an “intervention” into politics by nonpolitical means, leaving a stain on Turkish democracy. Few people will continue to put the blame on President Obama, but more people will put it on Prime Minister Erdoğan. So Erdoğan, for his own sake, should do whatever it takes to find the hidden men behind those hidden cameras.Hmmmm.....I wonder if Obama and Erdogan will talk about it during their weekly phonecall?Read the full story here.

    Bi Bi Pro Americano (Noy Alooshe Remix)

    Can Islam be reformed ?

    MFS - The Other News

                           Morning  Posting.

    • Syria Live Blog - May 25. Here .(Al-Jazeera).
    • Libya Live Blog - May 23. Here (Al-Jazeera).
    • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity in Japan  today 4.9  ! More info here.

    • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 118.On 24.05.2011 at 13:30 GMT+2

      Seventy thousand people living beyond the 20-kilometre no-go zone around Fukushima should be evacuated because of radioactivity deposited by the crippled nuclear plant, a watchdog said. Updating its assessment of the March 11 disaster, France's Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) highlighted an area northwest of the plant that lies beyond the 20-km (12 mile) zone whose inhabitants have already been evacuated. Radioactivity levels in this area range from several hundred becquerels per square metre to thousands or even several million bequerels per square metre, the IRSN report, issued late Monday, said. Around 70,000 people, including 9,500 children aged up to 14, live in the area, "the most contaminated territory outside the evacuation zone," the agency said. "These are people who are still to be evacuated, in addition to those who were evacuated during the emergency phase in March," Didier Champion, its environmnent director, told AFP.

      Staying in this area means the inhabitants would be exposed to radiation of more than 10 millisieverts (mSv)in the year following the disaster, according to the IRSN. This level is used in French safety guidelines for protecting civilian populations after a nuclear accident. In France, 10 mSv is three times the normal background radiation from natural sources. "Ten mSV is not a dangerous dose in and of itself, it's more a precautionary dose," said Champion, noting however that this figure that does not include any additional doses from contaminated food or water. The 10 mSV derives from a calculation of exposure to at least 600,000 becquerels per square metre, emitted by caesium 137 and 134, which are long-lasting radioactive elements. Of the 70,000 people in the zone identified in the IRSN report, more than 26,000 could be exposed to doses of more than 16mSv in the first year after the disaster. On May 15, Japan began to evacuate 4,000 residents of the village of Iidate-mura and 1,100 people in the town of Kawamata-cho, 30 kms from the plant. The two locations had consistently received high amounts of radioactive dust due to wind patterns. The IRSN report is based on data for radioactivity reported by the Japanese authorities and from US overflights of the zone. Source : Here .

    • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

    • There's a new "Player" in the Air,meet the Grimsvotn Volcano.By John Seach.(VolcanoLive)
    64.42 N, 17.33 W - summit elevation 1725 m  - caldera
    Read the full story here.Live webcam here and here.Google map location here.More info here.

    • RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service Grimsvotn Volcano Info Situation Update No. 7  -On 25.05.2011 at 02:56 GMT+2

      Airlines grounded about 500 flights after ash from an Icelandic volcano swept over the UK and towards northern Europe in a fresh travel nightmare for thousands of passengers. Barely a year after a similar eruption in Iceland forced the biggest closure of European airspace since World War II, ash-laden clouds caused flights in and out of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland to be cancelled. British Airways led the way in cancelling flights as the plume from the Grimsvotn volcano spread eastwards, followed by Dutch airline KLM, Ireland's Aer Lingus and budget airlines easyJet and Ryanair. "Approximately 500 flights were cancelled from the approximately 29,000 that would have been expected today across Europe,'' Brussels-based air traffic controllers Eurocontrol said. The ash cloud caused minor air traffic disruption in Norway and closed a small part of Denmark's airspace yesterday, and Eurocontrol warned there was a "strong possibility'' that it would spread to southwest Sweden today. "This would have some impact on flights. However, given the new procedures in place and the predicted movement of the ash cloud over the coming days, the actual impact on flights is expected to be relatively low,'' it said. Weather charts produced by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre run by Britain's Met Office predicted that a low cloud of ash would sweep across northern Europe overnight, taking in northern Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. Authorities say the ash can damage planes and stop engines, but Ryanair flew a plane through Scottish airspace and said it detected no ash on the aircraft. It accused British and Irish authorities of over-reacting but reluctantly cancelled its flights to and from Scotland - almost 70 in total.

      British Airways conducted its own "verification'' flight yesterday sending out an Airbus A320 from Manchester Airport to assess the risk over northern England and southern Scotland. The growing chaos threatens planning for events including the G8 summit and the football Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United, which takes place at London's Wembley Stadium this weekend. Barcelona said its squad would fly to London on Tuesday, two days earlier than planned, due to the "uncertainty'' caused by the volcano. European Union transport commissioner Siim Kallas played down fears that the situation could get as bad as in 2010, when thousands of travellers from around the world were left stranded. "We do not at this stage anticipate widespread airspace closure and prolonged disruption like we saw last year,'' Kallas told a news conference. Iceland's Meteorological Office said activity at the volcano had slowed, and an Icelandic crisis management official said the plume of ash has fallen from its peak altitude of 20 kilometres to two kilometres. The most high-profile victim of the chaos was US President Barack Obama, who was forced to leave Ireland for London a day ahead of schedule on Monday night to avoid being stranded there.

      When Iceland's Eyjafjoell volcano erupted last year, the ash plume arrived first in Britain before spreading across the rest of Europe. Many airlines were deeply unhappy at the time at being forced to halt their flights. Ryanair revealed Monday that last year's airspace shutdown cost it nearly 30 million euros ($40 million) and railed against the current closures. It said its one-hour verification flight in Scotland's airspace on Tuesday showed no visible volcanic ash cloud. "The absence of any volcanic ash in the atmosphere supports Ryanair's stated view that there is no safety threat to aircraft in this mythical 'red zone' which is another misguided invention by the UK Met Office and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority),'' the Irish airline said. Fellow budget carrier bmi cancelled yesterday's flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow but anticipated "a normal flying programme'' today. British transport minister Philip Hammond said the ash plume was a natural phenomenon "but the UK is now much better prepared to deal with an ash eruption than last year.'' The CAA no longer issues blanket bans on flights; instead, it identifies areas of high-, medium- and low-density ash and asks airlines wishing to operate in high- or medium-density ash to request permission to fly.Source :Here .

    • Berlin airports reopen as ash moves on.(TodaysZaman).A cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland that had forced airport closures in northern Germany blew further north and east on Wednesday afternoon, allowing air traffic to resume as experts said the eruption appeared be winding down.European air traffic controllers said they expected about 700 flights to be canceled on Wednesday, but Eurocontrol added that activity from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano has declined sharply and that traffic in European airspace could return to normal Thursday."There were very few eruptions by the volcano over the last six to 12 hours so the volcano is in a reasonably calm state at the moment," said Brian Flynn, head of network operations for Eurocontrol. "Assuming that continues, we would expect that the European aviation would be able to return to almost a normal situation within the next 24 hours."Volcano experts in Iceland said the eruption appeared to be tapering off. Observers at the crater were reporting only steam, said Pall Einarsson, from the University of Iceland."The worst is over," said Icelandic Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir in a statement, after touring the region around Grimsvotn on Tuesday.Read the full story here.

    • I beg you pardon?Andrea Mitchell: Obama Not Bowing To Queen Because “It’s Not Proper For Americans”.(StoryBalloon).We would suggest the President and Mrs. Obama are not going to bow because that is considered not proper for Americans and that always causes a stir. – Andrea Mitchell.It wouldn’t be the first time Obama bowed to someone.Earlier in the show Mitchell actually asks Martin Bashir if the Obama’s are staying in a castle that’s a step up from the one the Reagan’s stayed in.Hmmmm......Sometimes,just sometimes you really wonder.Read and see the full story here.

    • Obama compares the IRA to Hamas.(WeeklyStandard)Now the president is in Ireland praising the Good Friday Peace Agreement that ended decades of strife in Northern Ireland. He praised the ability of former adverseries to "reimagine their relationships," in a not-too-subtle hint to the Israelis and Palestinians that if Ireland’s feuding Catholics and Protestants can make peace, so can they.Peace in the Holy Land should be a key objective for every president. But it’s also a useful reminder that it may take more than imagination or territorial compromise. It also requires facing some hard truths and, in this respect, Northern Ireland is instructive.The Irish Republican Army is not Hamas. While it fought a brutal terrorist campaign against the British government, military and the British people, as well as Northern Ireland’s Protestants, IRA never sought the destruction of Britain nor the mass murder of Protestants. It was a deadly terrorist organization, but it was not genocidal in either action or ideology. Its terrorist attacks were designed not to maximize casualties but to maximize fear and, in many cases, it gave authorities prior warnings that an attack would occur.Hmmmm......Michael Collins must be rolling over in his grave.Read the full story here.

    • El Presidente Obama to Visit Puerto Rico in June,can't let the Puertorican voters down do we?SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — President Barack Obama has accepted an invitation to visit Puerto Rico next month, a trip that would make him the first sitting president to come to the U.S. territory in decades, the island’s governor said Tuesday.The president, who campaigned in Puerto Rico for the Democratic primary, will visit the island June 14, Gov. Luis Fortuno said, without disclosing details of his itinerary.“With his visit, the president makes good on the promise he made during the presidential primaries in 2008 that he would return to Puerto Rico as president,” Fortuno said in a statement.The governor’s office described the Obama trip as the “the first official presidential visit” since December 1961, when President John F. Kennedy stopped on the island to a formal welcome on his way to Venezuela. But that was not the last time a U.S. president set foot in the territory: President Gerald Ford hosted an economic summit in Puerto Rico in June 1976.Pedro Pierluisi, the island’s nonvoting representative in Congress, said he expects Obama will discuss a recent White House report on the options for changing Puerto Rico’s formal relationship to the U.S. mainland.Hmmmm.....We thank the taxpayers and the Foodstamp users for the trips we are about to receive?Read the full story here.

    • The "Obama Curse "?Obama's Trips Overshadowed by Natural Disasters.(ABC).President Obama is in Europe this week to discuss economic and security issues, but his long-planned voyage has been overshadowed by the devastation in Joplin, Mo., where the single deadliest tornado in history has killed 117 people. This is not the first time one of Obama's international trips has been eclipsed by a disaster. Several of his previous voyages have been cursed by Mother Nature and other unforeseen circumstances. Last year, he shelved his trip to Indonesia and Australia because of the BP oil spill disaster. He had previously postponed that trip because of the health care vote. The president also couldn't fly to the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in April 2010 because of volcanic ash emitting from Iceland. He had to cut his November Indonesia trip short for the same reason. This week, an Icelandic ash cloud -- albeit from a different volcano -- forced the president and his staff to leave Ireland a day earlier than planned. While forces of nature are out of a president's control, the way an administration shapes the commander in chief's travels can have a significant impact on public perception.It's not just Mother Nature and other manmade disasters that have cast clouds on Obama's trips. International crisis also seems to follow the president whenever he leaves the United States. Hmmmm....Wherever he go's disaster follows?A walking,talking doomsday machine?Read the full story here.

    • Is another European empire collapsing before our eyes?By WayneMadsen.The history of Europe is one of successive collapsed empires. Some, such as the Roman, Holy Roman, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires, simply overextended themselves and collapsed due to nationalist uprisings coupled with domestic political and economic inertia. Others, like the German Nazi, Soviet, Italian fascist, Napoleonic French, Spanish, and Portuguese empires collapsed as a result of their military aggression and incessant subterfuge from external forces.The European Union appears to be suffering from the same symptoms as those experienced by the first category of failed European empires: over-extension, a stagnant and bloated bureaucracy, and economic collapse. As Europe strives to become a more unified and federal union, there has been a backlash from across its member states, with a North-South divide and economic turmoil now threatening to bring down the whole house of cards.The rise of nationalist political parties in some of the EU’s heretofore staunchest pro-EU member nations and the collapse of some EU national economies due to predatory banking policies and America’s flooding of the global financial system with cheap dollars – a central bankers’ contrivance known as “quantitative easing” -- has created fault lines in Europe that not only threaten to bring down the euro and drive the European Central Bank into extinction but prompt some members to leave the EU altogether.Although there have always been degrees of Euro-skepticism throughout Europe since the coming into force of the Treaty of Maastricht in 1993, which transformed the European Economic Community into the European Union and created the euro, anti-EU feelings now run the full gamut from right to left. Anti-EU fervor has not only increased in the traditionally Euro-skeptic nations of Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France but has gained a strong foothold in the earliest supporters of European integration, including Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Greece, and most importantly, Germany…The United States has relied on the EU as a natural complement to the arcane NATO military alliance. The EU-US-NATO alliance, which helped craft virtual EU protectorates masquerading as independent states in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo in the remnants of Yugoslavia, will be keen to maintain the status quo in Europe. However, with the peoples of Europe hitting the streets in protest and the fumes from Molotov cocktails and tear gas heavy in the air of Athens, London, and soon, other capitals, the United States, a declining “paper tiger” empire, will have little influence to stymie the breakup of the EU. Like it or not, the United States will soon see the collapse of an abortive European super-state based in Brussels and the subsequent return of sovereignty to the nations of Europe…Read the full story here.

    • Maritime Lawfare Victory: Lloyd’s Won’t Insure Gaza Flotilla.(IsraelNatnews).Leading insurance market Lloyd’s of London has stated it will not insure boats headed toward Gaza in another flotilla designed to assist the Hamas government there.The assurance was made in a letter to Attorney Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, who heads the Shurat HaDin organization, after the organization sent out letters to numerous insurance companies threatening to sue them if they insure the next Gaza flotilla.Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center is a civil rights organization dedicated to combating terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them through lawsuits litigated in courtrooms around the world.The group has explained that “instead of sitting passively by and waiting for another international diplomatic crisis to play out into the Islamic extremists' hands,” it has embarked on a campaign to try and legally block the extremists from setting sail. The idea is succinctly expressed on the group's website:Every boat that travels from any country's seaports or marinas needs to have maritime insurance. Without insurance a ship is not permitted to set sail. Yet, the maritime insurance companies insuring the boats utilized by the Gaza Flotilla surely have no idea that the passenger boats that they are indemnifying are being used by the organizers to run the coastal blockade, violently challenge the IDF and smuggle weapons into Gaza. No legitimate insurance company nor its shareholders would reasonably agree to insure an expedition like that.As such, we have begun to send letters placing the maritime insurance companies on notice concerning the Gaza Flotilla and warning them that if they provide insurance (a necessary component in the effort to smuggle contraband to the terrorists) that they themselves will be legally liable for any future terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas. The letters are being sent to all the maritime insurance firms in Europe and Turkey.We are cautioning them that if they knowingly insure one of the Flotilla boats providing material resources to Hamas, they will also be indemnifying the Hamas rocket crews for all future Qassam missile attacks as the terror victims will surely sue them! We are hoping that when their legal departments review our letters and inform the corporation's officials of the potential massive liability being risked they will act to ensure that none of their ships are being utilized by the terrorists."The government and the IDF are extremely adept at adapting to new military threats and battlefield suprises," the group says. "They do not seem to be able to get a handle on the new way the delegitimization game is being played globally." For that reason, it has decided to act on its own -- and has scored a success.Hmmm.....Something tells me there will be some Iranian or Turkish firm willing to insure them. Read the full story here.

    • German Integration Official Linked to Turkish Grey Wolves.(StopTurkey).Zülfiye Kaykın, a Turkish-born woman who serves as as State Secretary for Integration in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, has been accused of having links with the extremist Turkish nationalist organisation, the Grey Wolves.In April 2010 a requiem service for Alparslan Türkes was held at the Fatih mosque in Duisburg. At that time, Zülfiye Kaykın was the director of the DITIB social centre which was linked with the mosque. Witnesses claim to have seen Kaykın participate in the ceremony. Members of the mainstream Turkish community in the state, as well as the Alevi community, have called for the minister's resignation. Even a spokesman of the Turkish government is said to have criticised her. This may be related to intra-Turkish political rivalry. The MHP, the Turkish nationalist party, is the political arm of the Grey Wolves.The Grey Wolves are a fanatical Turkish nationalist organisation which once formed part of NATO's Gladio network. This consisted of "stay-behind" organisations which were supposed to mount guerilla-style resistance campaigns in the event that their countries were overrun by East bloc armies. Its members have been involved in numerous atrocities and incidents of violence over the years - for example, Mehmet Ali Ağca, the man who shot Pope John Paul II was a member of the Grey Wolves - and are said to have strong links to the Turkish "deep state", Islamic militias in places like Chechnya, Kosovo and Bosnia and Turkish organised crime.With a growing number of Turkish colonists in Europe, the Grey Wolves are now said to have a significant presence there, particularly in Germany.Hmmmm....Keep Turkey out of theEuropean Union. Read the full story here.

    • US: Hezbollah has more missiles than most states.(Ynet).Outgoing Defense Secretary Gates warns against possibility group has chemical, biological arms .Hezbollah is armed with more missiles and rockets than most states, according to outgoing US Defense Secretary Robert Gates.In a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, Gates warned against the Shiite group's arming methods and the possibility that it owns chemical and biological weapons, CNN reported Wednesday. The US official made similar statements last year, but did not back them up with proof. "Hezbollah cruise missiles could threaten US ships with anti-ship missiles with a range of 65 miles," he added.Two months ago, an Israeli security official provided the Washington Post with a map detailing no less than 550 bunkers, 300 surveillance sites and 100 other facilities the Jewish state believes belong to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.Most of the sites marked on the map, which appeared in the American newspaper on Wednesday, are located south of the Litani River. Ten arms caches are marked on another map featuring an aerial view of the Al Khiyam village in south Lebanon. The weapons storage facilities are located in close proximity to medical centers and schools. The daily quoted a senior Israeli commander as saying, “Our interest is to show the world that the Hezbollah organization has turned these villages into fighting zones.”Read the full story here.

    • Haim Saban hints: No more donations to Obama.(Ynet).Billionaire funder of 2008 Democratic campaign disappointed by Obama's conduct towards Israel.Media mogul Haim Saban, who has donated millions to the Democratic Party – especially during its 2008 campaign, led by President Barack Obama – has hinted that he will not continue to donate in 2012.In an interview with CNBC Tuesday, Saban expressed his dissatisfaction with the public disagreements voiced by Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "The US and Israel need to address the points of difference between them in private and not in front of the cameras," he said, heaping criticism on both leaders. But his critique was mostly aimed at Obama. "I am perplexed as to why the president has been to Cairo, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey but has not stopped in Israel and spoken to the Israeli people," the billionaire said. "I believe the president can clarify to the Israeli people what his positions are on Israel and calm them down, because they are not calm right now." When asked whether he would donate to the Democratic Party in the same generous manner he had in the past, when he funded the construction of the party's new headquarters, Saban was evasive. "(Obama) doesn’t need any of my donations. If I am solicited I will donate and I can tell you that my staunch support in enlisting people to contribute to the (Democrats) hasn't weakened," he said. Read the full story here.

    • Iran's Largest Lake Turning to Salt.(NYTimes).OROUMIEH LAKE, Iran (AP) — From a hillside, Kamal Saadat looked forlornly at hundreds of potential customers, knowing he could not take them for trips in his boat to enjoy a spring weekend on picturesque Oroumieh Lake, the third largest saltwater lake on earth. "Look, the boat is stuck... It cannot move anymore," said Saadat, gesturing to where it lay encased by solidifying salt and lamenting that he could not understand why the lake was fading away. The long popular lake, home to migrating flamingos, pelicans and gulls, has shrunken by 60 percent and could disappear entirely in just a few years, experts say — drained by drought, misguided irrigation policies, development and the damming of rivers that feed it. Until two years ago, Saadat supplemented his income from almond- and grape-growing by taking tourists on boat tours. But as the lake receded and its salinity rose, he found he had to stop the boat every 10 minutes to unfoul the propeller — and finally, he had to give up this second job that he'd used to support a five-member family. "The visitors were not enjoying such a boring trip," he said, noting they had to cross hundreds of meters of salty lakebed just to reach the boat from the wharf. Other boatmen, too, have parked their vessels by their houses, where they stand as sad reminders of the deep-water days. And the lake's ebbing affects an ever-widening circle. In April, authorities stopped activities at the nearby jetty in Golmankhaneh harbor, due to lack of water in the lake, now only two meters deep at its deepest. Jetties in Sharafkhaneh and Eslami harbors faced the same fate. Salman Zaker, a parliament member for Oroumieh warned last month that, "with the current trend, the risk of a salt tsunami is increasing." Warning that the lake would dry out within three to five years — an assessment agreed to by the local environment department director, Hasan Abbasnejad — Zaker said eight to 10 billion tons of salt would jeopardize life for millions of people. Masoud Pezeshkian, another lawmaker and representative for city of Tabriz in the eastern part of the lake said, "The lake has been drying but neither government nor local officials took any step, so far." How did this disaster develop, and what can be done now? Official reports blame the drying mainly on a decade-long drought, and peripherally on consumption of water of the feeding rivers for farming. They put 5 percent of the blame on construction of dams and 3 percent on other factors. Others disagree about the relative blame. The first alarm over the lake's shrinking came in late 1990s amid a nagging drought. Nonetheless, the government continued construction of 35 dams on the rivers which feed the lake; 10 more dams are on the drawing boards for the next few years. Hmmmm......Let's blame Europe for stealing our rain?Read the full story here.

    • Bad Horoscope?Because it was "written in the stars"?(TheBrusselsJournal).Toilet paper sold in the Carrefour supermarkets was withdrawn from shops in Belgium. The toilet paper is decorated with zodiac signs. Two of those signs, Virgo and Capricorn, resemble the Arabic words for Allah and Muhammad.Read and see the full story here.

    • International and local Rights group wants Saudi female driver freed.(TodaysZaman).International and local rights groups lashed out Tuesday at the arrest of a Saudi woman for defying the kingdom's female driving ban, while other Saudi women posted video clips online showing themselves behind the wheel.Having so far escaped the unrest sweeping the region, Saudi rulers have cracked down harder than usual on 32-year-old Manal al-Sherif after seeing her case become a rallying call for youths anxious for change. Al-Sherif was arrested Sunday after a video clip was posted online of her much-publicized drive last week - part of an effort to bring attention to the Facebook and Twitter campaigns she helped organize to encourage women across Saudi Arabia to participate in a collective protest against the driving ban. The Facebook page, called "Teach me how to drive so I can protect myself," was removed after more than 12,000 people indicated their support for its call for women drivers to take to the streets on June 17. The campaign's Twitter account also was deactivated. Human Rights Watch warned the arrest will hurt the country's image. "Arresting a woman who drove her family around in a car and then showed it online opens Saudi Arabia to condemnation - and, in fact, to mockery - around the world," said spokesman Christoph Wilcke. "The longer she stays in prison, the more the kingdom will have to answer for." A local rights group, the Association of Saudi Women's Rights, visited al-Sherif in the detention center in the eastern city of Dammam where she was ordered held for five days, and urged the Saudi government to "take a decisive stance and give women the right to drive their cars." "This is a natural right," the group said.Al-Sherif's arrest has prompted hundreds of activists to set up Facebook groups and campaigns calling for her release and an end to the driving ban. One group, called, "We are all Manal al-Sherif," had some 14,000 participants. About 800 Saudi people have signed a petition urging Saudi King Abdullah to release al-Sherif and to make a clear statement on women's right to drive. "We are fed up," Waleed Aboul Khair, a lawyer and rights activists said. "Be frank," he said, addressing the country's rulers. "For the first time in the history of the kingdom, we have hundreds of people calling for the king to be frank.""The society has moved. The society is not silent anymore," Aboul Khair said. There is no written Saudi law banning women from driving, only fatwas, or religious edicts, by senior clerics that are enforced by police. King Abdullah has promised reforms in the past and has taken some tentative steps to ease restrictions on women. But the Saudi monarchy relies on Wahhabi clerics to give religious legitimacy to its rule and is deeply reluctant to defy their entrenched power. The ruling establishment moved to blame outside forces. The Saudi daily Al-Watan, which is owned by a member of the ruling family, claimed that al-Sherif broke down in "an episode of crying" during interrogation and blamed the campaign on "women from outside the kingdom."Hmmmm......Female car dealers?Read the full story here.

    • Seventeen lost Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images.(BBC).Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt.More than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were also revealed by looking at infra-red images which show up underground buildings.Initial excavations have already confirmed some of the findings, including two suspected pyramids.The work has been pioneered at the University of Alabama in Birmingham by US Egyptologist Dr Sarah Parcak.She says she was amazed at how much she and her team has found. "We were very intensely doing this research for over a year. I could see the data as it was emerging, but for me the "Aha!" moment was when I could step back and look at everything that we'd found and I couldn't believe we could locate so many sites all over Egypt. "To excavate a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist," she said. The team analysed images from satellites orbiting 700km above the earth, equipped with cameras so powerful they can pin-point objects less than 1m in diameter on the earth's surface.Infra-red imaging was used to highlight different materials under the surface. Ancient Egyptians built their houses and structures out of mud brick, which is much denser than the soil that surrounds it, so the shapes of houses, temples and tombs can be seen."It just shows us how easy it is to underestimate both the size and scale of past human settlements," says Dr Parcak. And she believes there are more antiquities to be discovered:"These are just the sites [close to] the surface. There are many thousands of additional sites that the Nile has covered over with silt. This is just the beginning of this kind of work." Read the full story here.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    "The President's Speech ".

    The president and the orchestra at Buckingham Palace this evening were a bit out of synch.

    When the president toasted the Queen the orchestra misunderstood a pause and what seemed to be a cue from the president for “God Save the Queen” to begin playing.

    “Ladies and gentlemen please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast,” the president said, putting down his note cards and grabbing his glass. “To her majesty the Queen.”

    The president paused, the guests stood, and the orchestra prepared to play.

    But the president wasn’t done speaking.

    A Jewish Response from Moshe Feiglin to President Obama

    Manhigut Yehudit Chairman Moshe Feiglin with a Jewish response to President Obama.Hat tip to Israel Matzav.

    Palestinian-Lebanese Businessman and Activist Yasser Qachlaq: We Should Throw Those Jews, "Those Human Pieces of Filth," Back to Their True Countries

    MFS - The Other News

                           Afternoon  Posting.

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    • Libya Live Blog - May 23. Here (Al-Jazeera).
    • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity in Japan  today 5.8  ! More info here.

    • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 117..Source : Here .

    • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

    • There's a new "Player" in the Air,meet the Grimsvotn Volcano.By John Seach.(VolcanoLive)
    64.42 N, 17.33 W - summit elevation 1725 m  - caldera
    Read the full story here.Live webcam here and here.Google map location here.More info here.

    • RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service Grimsvotn Volcano Info Situation Update No. 6  -Source :Here .

    • Joe Biden Does Not Applaud After Netanyahu Says Jerusalem Will Not Be Divided.Hmmm......Must obey Obama?Or doesn't approve and recognise autority of US Congress?Read and see the full story here.

    • Transcript of Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to U.S. Congress. Here.

    • Rumsfeld’s “Parade of Horribles” Released.(FedRaw)Read the "Horrible Naked truth" Here.

    • Nato operations in Libya: "Kinetic" US Operations Still the largest chunk. (Guardian).Data journalism breaks down which country does what.Here's the most comprehensive analysis yet of who is doing what.What we got back provides a unique insight into the division of labour in an operation costing millions of dollars and tying up thousands of personnel - nearly 13,000 across 18 countries.What it shows is that, besides the US - which dominates operations with over 8,000 personnel in the area in several ships and aircraft at the peak of the first weeks of the war - the weight of the conflict has fallen on the British, Italians, French and Canadians. The British have flown around 1,300 sorties, some 25% of the total, followed by the French with 1,200 and the Italians with 600. The Canadians, who have the HMCS Charllottetown in the region, have taken part in over 350 sorties up to the 5 May this year.Simultaneously, the US, UK, Canada are heavily involved in combat operations in Afghanistan.Hmmmm.......Obama regime still doesn't need Congress.Read and see the full story here.

    • The 'Ghosts' made me do it works as defence in 'Dishonor ' stabbing at the UK?(DailyMail). 'Possessed' teenager who stabbed her own mother five times is allowed to walk free after judge accepts she 'has strong spiritual beliefs'.A student who stabbed her mother five times said she was 'possessed' by her grandmother has been allowed by a judge to walk free from court.Teenager Lorraine Mbulawa was convicted of unlawful wounding after stabbing her mother as she slept in her bed in Braunstone Firth, Leicester.The 19-year-old was released when Mr Justice Keith accepted her arguments that her beliefs in witchcraft and evil led her to carry out the act.Despite being stabbed five times, Mbulawa's mother, Sisbsisiwe, did not blame her for what she did because they both believe in the occult.In delivering his sentence at Leeds Crown Court, the judge said: 'She believed spirits can enter the body and make you do things that otherwise you would not have done.'Her beliefs could have made her think she was possessed by evil spirits at the time.'The jury cleared the A-level student of attempted murder during a trial at Leicester Crown Court earlier this year but she was convicted of the lesser charge of unlawful wounding.Justice Keith added: 'In convicting Lorraine of unlawful wounding the jury must be treated as having rejected her claim of being in a dissociative state.When she took to the stand to talk about the events of May 13, 2009, Mbulawa said: 'I had a dream that seemed a bit real. It was my grandma and dad's youngest sister, Charlotte. Like they were right at the foot of my bed.'My grandmother said my mother was responsible for the death of my father Prosecutor James House said: 'Her mother has expressed a belief in the power of spirits common in the culture of Zimbabwe.'Had it happened there, her daughter would have been treated by a medicine man and would have been exorcised.'Psychiatrists said that Mbulawa was of sound mind and she was handed a 12 month custodial sentence suspended for 18 months along with 120 hours community service.Justice Keith added: I believe she's a young woman with much going for her. She struck me as being unusually confident and assured, also not unintelligent with a degree of charm and poise.'She is someone who is capable of possibly paving a good life for themselves.'Lorraine believes she was doing what the spirits told her to do which reduced her culpability significantly.'and I had to do the honourable thing to my father by killing my mother.'Hmmmm....So 'Dishonor' stabbings are allowed in the UK?Read the full story here.

    • An Anti-Israel President .The president's peace proposal is a formula for war.(WSJ).Say what you will about President Obama's approach to Israel—or of his relationship with American Jews—he sure has mastered the concept of chutzpah. On Thursday at the State Department, the president gave his big speech on the Middle East, in which he invoked the claims of friendship to tell Israelis "the truth," which to his mind was that "the status quo is unsustainable, and Israel too must act boldly to advance a lasting peace." On Friday in the Oval Office, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his version of the truth, which was that the 1967 border proposed by Mr. Obama as a basis for negotiating the outlines of a Palestinian state was a nonstarter. Administration reaction to this reciprocal act of friendly truth-telling? "That was Bibi over the top," the New York Times quoted one senior U.S. official, using the prime minister's nickname. "That's not how you address the president of the United States."Maybe so. Then again, it isn't often that this or any other U.S. president welcomes a foreign leader by sandbagging him with an adversarial policy speech a day before the visit. Remember when the Dalai Lama visited Mr. Obama last year? As a courtesy to Beijing, the president made sure to have the Tibetan spiritual leader exit by the door where the White House trash was piled up. And that was 11 months before Hu Jintao's state visit to the U.S.When this president wants to make a show of his exquisite diplomatic sensitivity—burgers with Medvedev, bows to Abdullah, New Year's greetings to the mullahs—he knows how. And when he wants to show his contempt, he knows how, too.The contempt was again on display Sunday, when Mr. Obama spoke to the Aipac policy conference in Washington. The speech was stocked with the perennial bromides about U.S.-Israeli friendship, which brought an anxious crowd to its feet a few times. As for the rest, it was a thin tissue of falsehoods, rhetorical legerdemain, telling omissions and self-contradictions. Let's count the ways.For starters, it would be nice if the president could come clean about whether his line about the 1967 line—"mutually agreed swaps" and all—was pathbreaking and controversial, or no big deal. On Sunday, Mr. Obama congratulated himself for choosing the hard road to Mideast peace as he prepares for re-election, only to offer a few minutes later that "there was nothing particularly original in my proposal."Yet assuming Mr. Obama knows what he's talking about, he knows that's untrue: No U.S. president has explicitly endorsed the '67 lines as the basis for negotiating a final border, which is why the University of Michigan's Juan Cole, not exactly a shill for the Israel lobby, called it "a major turning point."And then there was that line that "we will hold the Palestinians accountable for their actions and their rhetoric." Applause! But can Mr. Obama offer a single example of having done that as president, except perhaps at the level of a State Department press release?What, then, would a pro-Israel president do? He would tell Palestinians that there is no right of return. He would make the reform of the Arab mindset toward Israel the centerpiece of his peace efforts. He would outline hard and specific consequences should Hamas join the government. Such a vision could lay the groundwork for peace. What Mr. Obama offered is a formula for war, one that he will pursue in a second term. Assuming, of course, that he gets one. Hmmmm......The Most Anti - Jewish President Evah!Read the full story here.

    • Is this why Obama fled to Europe?EU Backs Obama's Mideast Offensive.(Spiegel).The European Union is backing US President Obama's call for a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn says in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE. He also argues that, if the Israelis remain stubborn, the EU must consider taking political action.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Netanyahu has said that Abbas must choose between a peace with Hamas and a peace with Israel.
    Asselborn: This is not about an either-or choice. The plan is that the transitional government should sit down with the Israelis as soon as possible to negotiate a two-state solution. In this way, Fayyad wants to prevent a vote at the United Nations General Assembly in September on the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. If Abbas negotiates with Israel and Hamas is part of this transitional government, then Israel will implicitly recognize it.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Should the European Union hold talks with Hamas?
    Asselborn: Four years ago, when the first attempts at reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas took place, I harbored reservations myself. Today, I ask myself if it was a mistake not to have provided stronger support for reconciliation at the time. I can understand that it requires a lot of strength to sit down at the table with people who only promote violence. But time hasn't stood still. We need to make an attempt to draw Hamas into a democratic process and bring it on to the path of freedom -- just as we succeeded in doing with Fatah during the 1990s. That would also include informal talks with Hamas.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Israel is not alone in demanding that Hamas forswear the use of violence. The Middle East Quartet, of which the EU is a member, is also calling for that.
    Asselborn: And that's a position we Europeans are going to maintain. Still, you can't just put conditions on the Palestinian side, as they're not the only source of the violence. Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into a prison. There, 1.7 million people live in an area one-seventh the size of Luxembourg. To shut its borders and to only allow certain goods into the country and hardly any out -- this is also a form of violence. In the West Bank, Israelis continue to build settlements on expropriated land. It is a constant provocation.
     SPIEGEL ONLINE: Can the Europeans really exercise any pressure anyway? It seems like Israel can only really be influenced by its most important ally, the United States.
    Asselborn: Obama is saying and doing the right thing. But there will be elections next year in the United States, and experience tells us that, in such situations, American presidential candidates grow less bold about taking a stance against the Israeli government. The pro-Israel lobby in the United States is very strong. We Europeans aren't exposed to the same amount of pressure. Hmmmm......So Europe would negociate with Hamas,does the Obama regime think the same way?Read the full story here.

    • You got to be kidding!Iranian Lawmaker: Iran Will Create Data Bank Of Western Human Rights Violations.(Memri).Iranian Majlis Human Rights Committee chair Zohreh Elahian says that Iran is planning to create a data bank for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help them investigate rights violations in the West. Ms. Elahian said yesterday that human rights violations in the U.S. and some European countries, such as Britain, are grave and cannot go unnoticed. She also called on Iranian NGOs to bring human rights abuse in the West into sharp focus. On May 16, member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Karim Abedi said that Iran plans to launch an English-language news agency to assert human rights in the West. Hmmmm....Perhaps they should rehearse by taking down the names of all people in prison and hanged in Iran?Read the full story here.

    • Saudi Macho-Male Facebook Effort To Deter Women From Driving As Women Wage Another Campaign To Get Behind The Wheel.(Memri).Some 4,861 participants on the social network site Facebook vowed to physically beat men and women who support Saudi women driving their own four wheels. The anonymous founder of the Facebook page urged his male counterparts to use "all they can to stop women from driving," including the "Igal." "Igal" is the thick black-circled wiring that holds the usually white-red checkered scarf "Ghutra" which mainly Gulf Arabs don.The macho Facebook "Igal" campaign was formed to denounce a women-led Facebook campaign entitled "I will drive my car," which attracted 11,500 participants. Manal al-Sherif re-ignited the women rights to drive again, when she posted last week on YouTube a video of herself behind the wheel in the eastern city of Khobar. Saudi authorities have re-arrested her for defying the ban on female drivers in the conservative kingdom. Her YouTube video received 500,000 viewers as of yesterday.She was accused of "violating public order," and ordered held for five days while the case is investigated, an official said. In the macho campaign’s Facebook page, its founder used a picture of a man beating a fully covered woman with the "Igal." Presumably, that photograph was staged.Hmmmm......Welcome to A.D 620 revisited?Read the full story here.

    • Related - Prominent Saudi Sheikh: Saudi Women Who Want To Drive Deserve Death.(Memri).Prominent Saudi Sheikh Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Barak has called on women who plan to drive their cars on June 17 to change their minds and to stop the "I'll Drive My Car Myself" campaign on Facebook. He said that the Saudi women demanding to drive deserve death.Read the full story here.

    • Soon Polygamy allowed in future hardline Islamic Iran Turkey? (HurriyetDaily).A family consultant and life coach who conducts seminars on inter-family communication for Istanbul municipalities has suggested legalizing polygamy, citing both secular and religious arguments in support of her position.  “A man looks for friendship, sexuality, motherhood and good housekeeping qualities in a woman. Unless you possess these attributes, you ought to be ready for being cheated upon. This is a righteous search for a man,” said 35-year-old Sibel Üresin, who has worked for the largely conservative municipalities of Fatih, Ümraniye, Bahçelievler and Eyüp, among others. “A healthy woman who analyzes what she will have to go through in the case of a divorce should, in my opinion, consider polygamy as a form of salvation.”Polygamy is already a fact of life because 85 percent of men already cheat anyway, according to Üresin. In conservative sections of Turkish society, this is referred to as an “imam-wed wife” and is called a mistress by other parts of society, Üresin said.“Rich men with solid careers and lots of sexual power can sometimes choose polygamy. No woman would ever become the second wife of a poor man. Men go after women who are more flirtatious, laugh more and who can satisfy them sexually. If I were a man, I would have been polygamous,” said Üresin, arguing that legalizing polygamy would empower women who are already engaged in polygamous marriages.Men can have up to four wives according to many interpretations of Islam, yet these wives have no legal rights in Turkey, according to Üresin, who added that legalizing polygamy would entitle such wives to their husband’s property.“Polygamy exists in our religion. Not everyone can do it, but you cannot ask someone why they did it; that amounts to polytheism. It is written in the Quran,” Üresin said.Hmmmm.......Keep Turkey out of the European Union!Read the full story here.

    • Turkish Islamic hardliners preparing to crack down on the Internet. (HurriyetDaily).Turkish gov't to sit down with NGOs over Internet filtering.Representatives of nongovernmental organizations and government agencies will meet Wednesday to discuss a controversial plan to institute mandatory Internet filtering throughout Turkey following large civil-society protests against the proposal.“There will be broad participation at the meeting. We will talk about the future of the ‘Safe Internet’ application that will kick off in August based on a decision made by the BTK [Information Communication Technologies Authority] on Feb. 22,” said Serhat Özeren, the president of the Transportation Ministry’s Internet Council.“We invited civil-society organizations and particularly academics who expressed unfavorable views in the press concerning this application,” Özeren said, adding that representatives from all walks of life were invited to the conference to help generate a common public opinion on the issue.The meeting, which will bring around 60 people together at Istanbul’s Bilgi University, was organized based on a suggestion by former Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım.A lawyer for a popular website said he did not have big expectations for the meeting, noting that the BTK had never asked for public opinion before making the filtering decision.“The Internet board did not even gather before such an important decision was made,” Başak Purut, a lawyer for Ekşisözlü, told the Hürriyet Daily News. He added that the meeting Wednesday would not have been called had thousands not gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square to protest the filtering announcement.“In my opinion, the only reason to organize such a meeting is to create a perception that the officials want to listen to NGOs,” Purut said.The European Commission has warned Turkey that it is keeping an eye on the filtering plans, something Purut said is very important, noting that Europe is taking the issue seriously. He claimed that the Turkish government will likely make small changes just for show without canceling the filtering system itself, just as it lifted a ban on the popular video-sharing website ahead of the release of an EU progress report.Filtering has already begun at Internet cafes with no notice, Purut claimed. “More than 1.2 million websites could not be visited, although the sites did not include undesirable content,” he added.Lawyers representing Facebook, Google and will take part in the conference, as will technology editors from newspapers and representatives from Internet media.Hmmmmm.....Welcome to Turkey ....Iranian A.D. 620 version.Read the full story here.

    • Thousands flee North Sudan's Muslim violence in South Sudan’s Abyei region,Meanwhile Turkey opens a hospital and medical center in North Sudan.(Todayszaman). More than 15,000 people have fled Sudan’s Abyei region to Agok in the south after the northern army seized the disputed area, United Nations officials said on Tuesday.North Sudan’s army moved tanks into the main town of the oil-producing border region after weeks of tensions, leading to looting and burning by armed groups that forced residents to flee, UN officials said. South Sudan said the seizure of Abyei was a ploy by Khartoum to provoke war and derail secession by the oil-rich south, due in July. Southerners voted to split from the north in a January referendum agreed under a 2005 peace deal. North Sudan says it sent in troops to clear out southern soldiers who it said had broken agreements by entering the area.UN spokeswoman Hua Jiang in Sudan’s southern city of Juba said around 20,000 people had arrived in or around Agok, a town just across the border. Other UN officials put the number of refugees at more than 15,000. “We cannot give exact figures,” said Jiang, adding that a UN team was still trying to assess the situation.The UN said a team of its experts and aid groups visited Agok on Monday to assess the situation and estimate the number of refugees there, but gunfire erupted in the town while they were meeting local officials and the mission was cut short. Khartoum has defied calls by the UN Security Council and world powers to withdraw its forces from Abyei, which also has fertile grazing land.Hmmmm.....It's nice to see that so called NATO ally Turkey supports Muslims committing violence on Christians.Read the full story here
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