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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why the 'Palestinians' want this video to be removed

The Arabs who occupy parts of the State of Israel would like this video to be removed from YouTube.Watch the videotape to find out why.HT: IsraelMatzav.

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  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 27. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 27. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.9 and 5.0! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 100.Source : Here .

  • UPDATED Islamist Website Threatens Britain's Royal Wedding, Promising 'Nightmare' If Demands Are Not Met.(Memri).The website, which belongs to the group calling itself "Muslims Against the Crusades" (MAC), has posted on its main page an open letter to Prince William on the subject of his upcoming wedding, set for April 29, 2011. The letter criticizes Prince William for his "direct involvement with the murderous British military," and threatens that his wedding day will be turned into a "nightmare" unless he "withdraw[s] from the crusader British military and give[s] up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire." Read the full story here.
From "Muslimsagainstthecrusades"Press Release for MAC Cancellation.Press Release dated 27th April 2011
On 29th of April 2011, plans for a forceful demonstration by Muslims against Crusades outside Westminster Abbey were due to take place to highlight the brutal crusade being launched at the behest of the tyrannical British government and royal family.Careful plans were laid out in order to inflict maximum damage both to the reputation of the Crusader and Nazi prince William as well as Queen Elizabeth II and the British government in general.Unfortunately, it is has recently come to our attention, from the sincere advice of reputable Muslim scholars and activists such as Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad and Sheikh Anjem Choudary, that the threat of an imminent attack against those attending the royal wedding on 29th April 2011, is too strong to substantiate the presence of any Muslims within the locality.In light of this, Muslims against Crusades, would like to announce that in line with the very real possibility of a large scale attack on British soil, that we are left with no other alternative but to cancel the planned demonstration on 29th April 2011.We hereby call all Muslims in Britain and abroad not to attend the royal wedding and in particular to avoid all public transport leading to areas such as Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, St James's Station and Victoria; we would also like to stress that the cause for the current security threat against Britain is directly linked to the bloody foreign policy of the tyrannical British government, and that Muslims cannot be held responsible for any carnage caused in reaction to such unwarranted oppression.Hmmm.....I hope the British Gov deals with these 'members of the religion of peace'.Source.

  • Open Letter to Anderson Cooper of CNN.THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S SHAMEFUL CHARADE . HT:AmnonAndJonathan.Oh, by the way, his half sister, Maya Soetoro Ng was definitely born in Indonesia. To an Indonesian father. She was an Indonesian citizen at birth. Can you explain how it is possible for her to also have a Hawaiian COLB, just like her big bro, ‘Barack’?No? Didn’t think so.But she does.Rob Lamb.Here.

  • U.S. Embassay In Baghdad To Have Staff Of 16,000 After Withdrawal.(Memri).A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad stated that the embassy will have a staff of 16,000, comprising diplomats, local employees and guards. Under SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) between the U.S. and Iraq, U.S. forces must withdraw from Iraq by the end of this year. However, the U.S. is seeking Iraq's approval to keep some of its military forces for additional period of time.Hmmmm......Who are they trying to fool?There's not a single Embassy in the worlds large enough to house that many staff ,perhaps try 'army barracks'?Read the full story here.

  • WTF! You got to be kidding!UNRWA workers "adamantly opposed"to Holocaust education that will"confuse the thinking" of Palestinian children.(PalWatch).The following is the article in the official PA daily:
Headline: "The [UNRWA Workers'] Union emphasized its opposition to teaching the Holocaust of the Jews as part of the curriculum in the [UNRWA] Agency's schools...""The [UNRWA] Workers' Union emphasized its adamant opposition to teaching the Holocaust of the Jews within the educational curriculum of UNRWA schools, as part of the topic of human rights. The union said, 'We emphasize our adamant opposition to confusing the thinking of our students' by means of Holocaust studies in the human rights study curriculum, and emphasize study of the history of Palestine and the acts of massacre which have been carried out against Palestinians, the most recent of which was the war against Gaza.'[Union chairman, Suheil] Al-Hindi, explained to France Press, that UNRWA 'approved teaching the Holocaust...' but [the teaching] has not yet started."Hmmmm....Now Truth is not only considered 'hatespeech' it's confusing for kids also?Read the full scandal story here.

  • Another Obama Administration Cover-up?(BigGovernment).There’s something fishy going on over there at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). And Judicial Watch is trying to get to the bottom of it.On April 14, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against DHS to obtain records detailing its investigation of Carlos Martinelly-Montano. This is the illegal alien who is charged with striking and killing a Virginia Benedictine nun in a drunk driving accident on August 1, 2010.

Judicial Watch obtained an internal DHS report on the Martinelly-Montano investigation in response to a previous lawsuit. But now we want to get our hands on all communications between the DHS and the Obama White House, as well as internal DHS records regarding the investigation and the report.Specifically, here’s what we’ve asked for pursuant to a February 16, 2011, FOIA request:

•Any and all records of communications, contacts, or correspondence with the White House and/or Executive Office of the President concerning a report/memorandum prepared at the direction of the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, related to Carlos Martinelly-Montano, an unlawfully present alien charged with killing a Benedictine nun and injuring two others in a August 2010 drunk driving incident in Prince William County, Virginia for the period of October 1, 2010 through February 15, 2011.
•Any and all records of communications, contacts, or correspondence within the Department of Homeland Security concerning a report/memorandum prepared at the direction of the Unite States Secretary for Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, related to Carlos Martinelly-Montano for the period of October 1, 2010 through February 15, 2011.
In a letter dated February 24, 2011, DHS indicated that it received Judicial Watch’s request on February 17, 2011. DHS was required to respond by March 17, 2011. However, to date, DHS has failed to produce responsive documents or indicate when a response is forthcoming. In other words, the typical Obama stonewall.And why are we exploring contacts between the Obama White House and DHS over this report? Because of the suspicious manner in which DHS handled the report release. Let’s backtrack and I’ll show you what I mean.On March 3, 2011, we obtained an edited “final” DHS report detailing the agency’s investigation of Martinelly-Montano. The DHS had promised a federal court that it would release the report earlier in the year. And, in fact, Judicial Watch received word via email from DHS that the document had been cleared and would be released per a court order.But that’s when DHS pulled an “about face,” claiming the document was in “draft” form and therefore would not be released. (Reporting by The Associated Press suggests that DHS political appointees have improperly delayed FOIA requests on politically sensitive topics.) And then when we did get the “final” report last month, it was curiously dated November 24, 2010.The report, which supposedly was produced for DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, details the policies and actions of the Obama administration and local governments that allowed Martinelly-Montano, an illegal alien who committed a series of crimes, to remain on the streets despite being subject to deportation. Even in its edited form, the report confirms that the Obama administration decided not to detain the illegal alien after he served his jail sentence for drunk driving, and released him onto the streets.But the suspicious manner in which DHS handled the release of this report definitely merits further investigation. There is no question the “final” report released to the public was edited and polished by DHS. This all smacks of a cover-up.Hmmmm......democracy or Dictatorship?Read the full story here.

  • Obama regime to Put Solar and Wind Lands off Limits to Mining.(Forbes).The Obama administration has proposed putting government land designated for solar and wind development off limits to mining claims for at least two years.The idea is to speed up renewable energy projects by preventing mining claims from sidetracking solar power plants and wind farms.Between 2007 and 2009, a solar land rush in California and the desert Southwest resulted in scores of developers putting lease claims on more than a million acres of property controlled by the United States Bureau of Land Management.But over the past two years, according to the BLM, there’s been another land rush, this time to stake mining claims within areas already claimed for solar and wind development.Under the proposed rule, BLM would “segregate” land for solar and wind development and not allow new mining claims to be filed for two years with a possible two-year extension beyond that. The rule would not apply to valid, previously filed mining claims.Hmmmm.....Tsars....Landgrabs....Contempt for Congress it me or what?Read the full story here.

  • "Trump Truth Serum".Donald Trump Beside Himself With Glee After Obama Birth Certificate Release.(ABC).A giddy Donald Trump could barely wait to meet and greet the people of New Hampshire today, impressing upon a group of Portsmouth manufacturing workers the role he and his supporters believe he played in President Obama's decision to release this morning his original, long-form birth certificate. "Oh, by the way, I don't know if you heard? Did you hear?" Trump asked Wilcox Industries Corp. employees in reference to the birth records. "I am so proud of myself. I got this guy to release his birth certificate. I'm really, really happy," Trump told the employees before a lunch-time New Hampshire Republican Party fundraiser in downtown Portsmouth. Wilcox Industries makes night-vision goggles and other tactical products for the Pentagon. Trump, 64, also condemned in the sharpest possible words Obama's fiscal policies and the country's economic competitiveness with China. "China is raping this country," he told the Wilcox employees. But the "birther" issue was uppermost on Trump's mind when he touched down in New Hampshire earlier today in a helicopter bearing his name, immediately claiming credit for forcing Obama to release his birth certificate. "I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully, getting rid of this issue," Trump told reporters, his helicopter sitting behind him at the Portsmouth airport.Hmmmm.......Trump 1 - Obama 0.Leaves only the question is it the real Birth certificate?Read the full story here.

  • Obama Rails Against Oil Subsidies, Gave ACORN $3 Billion in Stimulus.(Jammiewearingfool).Yeah, how dare those evil oil companies who produce a product we all need get money from the federal government.President Obama lashed out at oil companies — and the tax breaks they get from the government — for a second consecutive day on Thursday and again in Saturday's address.“Four billion dollars of your money are going to these companies at a time when they’re making record profits and you’re paying near record prices at the pump,” the president said at a Nevada town hall. “It has to stop.”Funny, but he didn't have such objections when the criminal enterprise known as ACORN was given $3 billion in his stimulus scam two years ago.The economic stimulus bill enacted in February contains $3 billion that the non-profit activist group known more formally as the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now could receive, and 2010 federal budget contains another $5.5 billion that could also find its way into the group’s coffers.Hmmmm.....Democracy or Dictatorship?Read the full story here.

  • Appointment of Panetta and Petraeus Signals More of the Same from Obama regime.(Cato).The report that Leon Panetta will be appointed Secretary of Defense, and Gen. David Petraeus will become the new CIA director, does not come as a huge surprise. But I worry that President Obama’s decision to fill these positions from within his administration signals an unwillingness to rethink U.S. foreign policy. Such a reevaluation is desperately needed.Leon Panetta brings some experience in national security affairs to DoD, including his stints at CIA and on Capitol Hill, and as a member of the Iraq Study Group. His more relevant experience, however, may be as Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton administration. Bob Gates effectively shielded the Pentagon from spending cuts, but that merely postponed the reckoning that Panetta will have to confront.The appointment of Petraeus to head the CIA is puzzling. I worry that the appointment of a military officer to lead a civilian agency raises questions about Obama’s faith in senior leaders from within the CIA who might have moved into the top role.The agency has questioned some of the rosier predictions of impending success in Afghanistan, and I hope that Petraeus’s move to Langley doesn’t result in a change of those candid assessments. More generally, Petraeus has focused nearly all of his energies over the past nine years trying to perfect the U.S. military’s ability to fight wars that most Americans now wisely oppose. His insights into future opportunities and challenges is unclear. We should be putting these wars that sap our nation’s strength and undermine our security in the country’s rearview mirror. Instead, Petraeus appears committed to a long-term nation-building mission in Afghanistan, and others like it.Hmmmm....Wasn't betrayus Petraeus in favor of UN Troops on the ground in Israel to impose a peaceplan?Read the full story here.

  • Freeeeeeedom !Obama’s long-form birth certificate opened a twitter account this week.In case you were wondering… The ObamaLongFormBC is following Bill Ayers, TelePrompter Obama, Communist Party USA and Malcolm X. It must be legit. Source : GWP.

  • Michelle Obama: Deconstructing.(Michellesmirror).Normally you might think deconstructing TIME would require the IQ of an Einstein, butt really, all you need is PhotoShop and the powers of transmogrification.Lucky for you, I’ve got both.So today, we’re going to take a look at the photo that has had people buzzing since it was originally published for the 2009 TIME 100 ceremony. It has recently caused another kerfuffle since Lady M has once again been honored in the number 22 slot on TIME’s 100 most influential people in the world list.Since media hounds were sniffing around for a stock photo to run with this big announcement, they republished this.And once again everyone has been asking me: “MOTUS, was this picture p’shopped?!” - as if that would be unusual. What is unusual is the quality of the ‘shopping.Read and SEE the full story here.

  • French air traffic controller stabbed to death in secure area of airport tower.(DailyMail).An air traffic controller has been found dead in a pool of blood in the control tower of a French airport this morning.The 34-year-old was found by an airport employee in an office adjoining the control room on the tenth floor of the tower shortly after 8am at the EuroAirport outside Mulhouse, France, near the Swiss and German borders.Police sources said the married father-of-one, who has not been named yet, had been stabbed three times in the throat, lung and chest.A murder investigation has been launched. The attack took place in the airport's secure zone only accessible with an identity badge, according to reporters in France.No one has been arrested yet and know knives or weapons have been recovered. Air traffic at the airport was not affected whilst the investigation got underway.The victim was a senior controller at the airport and was in charge of the tower. The airport in eastern France serves Basel, Switzerland, Mulhouse, France, and Freiburg, Germany.Hmmmm.....Failed terrorist attack?Read the full story here.

  • Palestinian Website: Israeli Education Ministry Backs Down From Controlling Curricula ‏in East Jerusalem Schools(Memri).The website reported that Israel's Education Ministry had on April 25 backtracked from its previous resolution to oversee curricula taught in Arab schools in east Jerusalem. According to the report, the ministry stated that official and unofficial Palestinian and Arab schools can still teach the Palestinian curricula. The Al-Maqdese for Society Development organization said that it had "received today the backtrack from the previous resolution approved in April 2011, and considered it an obvious retreat from its stance," according to the report. The society published the resolution's text and "warned of its dangerous content, which was received with heavy criticism from Jerusalem's inhabitants," the report said.Al-Maqdese said in a statement: :"[The] Israeli authority was put under official and unofficial pressure after announcing its last resolution to control East Jerusalem schools' curricula and educational process... The retreat came after one week of the Israeli ministry of education's decision to display the Israeli Independence Declaration in all East Jerusalem and 1948 areas' schools."Read the full story here.

  • Monasteries Discovered in Iraq's Holiest City.(Memri).Kufa University professor of history Hassan al-Hakim has announced the existence of 33 monasteries around the holiest Shi'a city of Najaf, dating back to the seventh century, before Islam expanded into the region. Some of these monastaries have already been discovered. He said there was evidence that the area between Najaf and Kufa was a center of Assyrians, and that remanants of their culture are still evident. The antiquity department in the province of Najaf announced in December 2009 the discovery of a monastery in Kufa comprising a large building house with 46 rooms apparently used to accommodate nuns associated with one of the Christian churches.Read the full story here.

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  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 27. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 27. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.9 and 5.0! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 100.On 26.04.2011 at 16:23 GMT+2

    Japan's nuclear safety agency said Tuesday that water may be leaking from a reactor containment at the quake-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, likely hampering efforts to cool down its fuel. 'We are currently examining data, but we think that there is water leakage to some extent,' Hidehiko Nishiyama, the agency's spokesman, told a news conference. Data suggested the leak at reactor 1 was caused by nitrogen being injected into the container to reduce the risks of hydrogen explosions, Kyodo News reported citing the agency. Remote-controlled robots were to enter the building later Tuesday to observe the primary reactor container, Nishiyama said. Officials from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) did not notice signs of any leakage in earlier data collected by the robots. Meanwhile, Industry Minister Banri Kaieda ordered TEPCO to report data on the plant's reactors, such as pressure and temperature, taken during the immediate aftermath of the March 11 earthquake. 'There was about an hour until a tsunami hit the plant after the quake. So we believe that some of the data remain at the site,' Nishiyama said.

    TEPCO has so far released post-quake data starting about five hours after the 2:46 pm (0546 GMT) quake. The data is believed to be inside the plant's central control rooms where radiation levels are still high, Kyodo said. The levels of radioactive water in reactors have risen over the past month, public broadcaster NHK reported, citing TEPCO. The levels of caesium-134 and -137 increased about 250-fold and iodine-131 increased about 12 times in the basement of the turbine building of reactor number 4. That level of contamination requires TEPCO to prioritize the transfer or disposal of the rapidly rising water. Highly contaminated water in some of the plant's six reactors has prevented workers from restoring key cooling functions at the plant. TEPCO is currently transferring highly radioactive water from the trench of reactor number 2 to a temporary storage facility. In Tokyo, farmers affected by the nuclear fallout staged a protest in front of the TEPCO headquarters, demanding the company put the plant under control and compensate them as soon as possible.

    Some 200 farmers from Fukushima, Chiba, Ibaraki and other prefectures joined in the protest, displaying vegetables and milk cows, shipments of which have been banned due to radiation concerns, NHK reported. With Tuesday marking the 25th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, the Japanese government said the nation had taken advantage of lessons learned in the aftermath of the accident to cope with its own ongoing nuclear crisis. 'The studies and research on what kind of health problems could emerge based on Chernobyl have become an asset and knowledge shared by all humanity,' Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said. Source : Here .

  • RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service - Event : Epedemic Measles virus .As of 18 Apr 2011, 33 countries in Europe have reported more than 6500 measles cases. Epidemiological investigations and genotyping have confirmed transmission of measles virus among several countries in the Region and to the Americas. Affected countries:
- Belgium - Bulgaria - France - Serbia - Spain - Macedonia - Turkey - Netherlands - Norway - Romania - Russian Federation - Switzerland - United Kingdom
Belgium has reported 100 cases to date, compared to 40 cases in all of 2010. Bulgaria has reported 131 cases this year, compared to 24 000 cases in 2009-10. France reported 4 937 cases from January to March 2011, compared to 5 090 cases reported in all of 2010. In Serbia, nearly 300 cases have been reported from Leskovac in the southeastern part of the country. Spain has reported 2 ongoing measles outbreaks since October 2010, with more than 600 cases reported in Andalusia. In the 1st outbreak, the most affected areas are Sevilla and surrounding municipalities, where more than 350 measles cases have been reported since January 2011. Cases of measles are reported among health care workers as well. The 2nd outbreak was reported in the province of Granada, where about 250 cases have been reported since October 2010.Read the full story here.

  • Breaking - Fatah, Hamas hammer out reconciliation deal.(Jpost).Parties reach agreement on intern government, set a date for elections; Hamas says all points of contention have been solved, Fatah and Hamas leaders will soon be invited together to Cairo for additional talks.Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement and its rival Hamas said on Wednesday they had resolved their deep divisions, opening the way for a unity government and national elections. The deal, which took many officials by surprise, was thrashed out in Egypt and followed a series of secret meetings. The two groups hammered out an agreement, setting the stage for forming an interim government as well as fixing a date for a general election. The accord was first reported by Egypt's intelligence service, which brokered the talks.In a statement carried by the Egyptian state news agency MENA, the intelligence service said the deal was hatched by a Hamas delegation led by Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of the group's politburo, and Fatah Central Committee member Azzam al-Ahmad."The consultations resulted in full understandings on all points of discussions, including setting up an interim agreement with specific tasks and to set a date for election," the statement said.It said the agreement would allow Egypt to invite all Palestinian factions to sign a national reconciliation agreement in Cairo in the next few days.Spokespeople for both Hamas and Fatah confirmed that "all differences" have been worked out between the long-feuding Palestinians political movements.A spokesperson for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that Hamas has agreed to hold elections within a year, a part of the reconciliation deal it signed in Cairo."The two sides signed initial letters on an agreement. All points of differences have been overcome," Taher Al-Nono, the Hamas government spokesman in Gaza, said.The delegation, headed by Musa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Elaraby and members of the ruling military council.At the same time that the Hamas delegation was meeting with officials in Cairo, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas sat down with an Egyptian diplomat in Ramallah.In the meeting with Egyptian Ambassador to the PA Yasser Othman, Abbas said, "Egypt is the backbone of our people's aspirations toward having an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital," official Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA reported.Abbas's meeting in Ramallah had the same agenda as Hamas's in Cairo: reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip.Hmmmm....The pending War in the Middle East has just taken a giant leap!Read the full story here.

  • President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate released. The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn’t good for the country. It may have been good politics and good TV, but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country. Therefore, the President directed his counsel to review the legal authority for seeking access to the long form certificate and to request on that basis that the Hawaii State Department of Health make an exception to release a copy of his long form birth certificate. They granted that exception in part because of the tremendous volume of requests they had been getting.Here .More here.

  • Open Letter to Anderson Cooper of CNN. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S SHAMEFUL CHARADE.(ThePost&Email).Open Letter to Anderson Cooper of CNN
First, the Constitutional requirement is a ‘natural born citizen’ which requires two, that would be one, two, citizens of the United States to be the parents of the child. Obama Sr. was NEVER a citizen.Go back to all the hubub surrounding Senate Resolution 511 regarding McCain. Both Senators Leahy, and McCaskil, along with Secretary Chertoff (also a former Judge), and others all agreed, and it is on the record, that ‘natural born citizen’ requires TWO citizen parents.That is issue one.

Issue two, he (Obama, or Soetoro, or whoever) never had his own American passport before he received a diplomatic passport as a US Senator. He had travelled on his mother’s US passport, which is quite common for kids. That being the case, how did he get into Indonesia, and Pakistan in the early 80′s? Well, it turns out he went there on his INDONESIAN passport, which he received (as a juvenile who had become an Indonesian citizen) before Mom shipped him off to Hawaii to be with granny and gramps. He couldn’t get an American passport, as he could not PROVE American citizenship. His Indonesian passport was about to run out, and had to be renewed before he could embark on his travels with his Pakistani boyfirend, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo. He was an adult at the time, and the process of getting or renewing a passport from another country (Indonesdia) would have required that he admit he was a citizen of that country. Whoops. Can’t be president of the USA if you are a citizen of Indonesia. And have you people, in all of your very extensive and thorough investigation (yeah, right) of this issue discovered when and in what ceremony he NATURALIZED as an American Citizen after going to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport? Have you discovered in what court he legally changed his name while going to Occidental from Barry Soetoro Soebarkah to Barack Hussein Obama?I didn’t think so. Don’t waste your time looking. Neither event ever happened. This fraud is an Indonesian citizen, even now, and his name is NOT Barack Hussein Obama I, II, or X.Oh, by the way, his half sister, Maya Soetoro Ng was definitely born in Indonesia. To an Indonesian father. She was an Indonesian citizen at birth. Can you explain how it is possible for her to also have a Hawaiian COLB, just like her big bro, ‘Barack’?No? Didn’t think so.But she does.Rob Lamb.Hmmm.....BRAVO !Source.

  • 61 Libyan tribes call for Gadhafi to go as fighting rages.(Hurriyetdaily).Chiefs or representatives of 61 tribes from across Libya call for an end to Moammar Gadhafi's rule, in a joint statement as Libyan rebels appear to be gaining ground against the regime, the British defense minister says, despite a deadly attack on Misrata port by the Gadhafi forces. US and UK, meanwhile, paint an optimistic picture of the conflict.Libya's tribes issued a statement on Wednesday calling for Moammar Gadhafi to cede power, after rebels fighting to oust the strongman were said to be gaining ground.Chiefs or representatives of 61 tribes from across the North African country called for an end to Gadhafi's four-decade rule in a joint statement released by French writer Bernard-Henri Levy. "Faced with the threats weighing on the unity of our country, faced with the maneuvers and propaganda of the dictator and his family, we solemnly declare: Nothing will divide us," said the text, drawn up in Benghazi on April 12. "We share the same ideal of a free, democratic and united Libya," it said."It is still hard for NATO to catch them. Gadhafi is staying far from the centre because it is safe for him," he said, warning that losing the port would be a "real disaster," leaving civilians stranded without aid. He warned Gadhafi could take "revenge" on the city that rose up against him on Feb. 19, two days after Benghazi."This is the culture of Gadhafi: revenge, revenge, revenge. If this port fell down, what will happen to civilians is the question?" The African Union meanwhile urged an end to military actions targeting senior Libyan officials and key infrastructure, after the United States and Britain had said it was legitimate to strike Gadhafi's compound, as NATO did two days ago.Read the full story here.

  • CIA boss after five days of secret talks with Erdogan to be new US defence secretary. Leon Panetta will take over following Robert Gates' retirement later this year.CIA director Leon Panetta will become US defence secretary and be replaced at the spy agency's helm by General David Petraeus, current head of military operations in Afghanistan, ABC News reported on Wednesday.Panetta, a 72-year-old Democratic politician, lawyer and professor will take over from Robert Gates following his planned retirement this year. President Barack Obama will also nominate veteran diplomat Ryan Crocker as the next US ambassador to Afghanistan, according to an NBC News report.The moves comes as Turkish news agency Sabah released a report Tuesday on secret 5-day meetings held in Ankara at the end of March between CIA Director Leon Panetta and Turkey’s national intelligence agency, the Milli Istihbarat Teskilati (MIT). According to the report,

During the meetings, apprehensions regarding the developments in the region were relayed to Panetta. Details were shared on Turkish-Israel relations, joint intelligence between Turkey-USA and Iraq as well as on collaboration with Afghanistan and the PKK terrorist organization’s recent activities.As the uprisings in Syria were assessed as being at a ‘critical threshold’, during meetings it was also emphasized that the demonstrations by the Syrian public could be characterized as being Sunni. It was emphasized that a balance must be met between leader Bashar Assad and the Sunni opposition. It was determined that Nusayri, considered to be an element of ‘deep state’, was influential in Assad’s decisions and should he not take an immediate step towards reforms, then the nation could be drawn into serious internal strife.Sabah’s English translation of the report suggests, additionally, that Turkey provided the U.S. with details -referred to as ‘Secret Code’- which involve providing protection for Assad and his family should Syria experience a regime change. While it appears then that contingency plans for Assad’s topple are ready, Obama has so far refused to call directly for him to step down.Hmmmm.....Since when is Turkey dictating US foreign policy?Lately the obama regime talks more to Erdogan then to Congress.Are there plans to put UN troops on Israeli soil?Read the full story here.

  • Obama found a quick way to crash the economy overnight ,lets raise the gas prices!(Foxnews).Obama asks Congress to abolish tax breaks for oil companies.Washington – President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed to Congress the abolition of tax breaks enjoyed by the petroleum sector and using that money to develop clean sources of energy.High gas prices "are weighing on the minds and pocketbooks of every American family," he said in a letter sent to the leaders of both houses of Congress.The president's recommendation, which he had already set forth in his budget proposal for 2010, came one day after House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that he was ready to "consider" abolishing the tax exemptions.Obama said that he had been heartened" by Boehner's remarks, adding that "our political system has for too long avoided and ignored this important step, and I hope we can come together in a bipartisan manner to get it done."Despite all this, Obama warned that there is no "silver bullet" to solve in the short term the problem of rising oil prices, which at present are breaking records because of political uncertainty in the Middle East, among other reasons.The rise in oil prices has reduced Obama's popularity, according to the latest polls, which show that less than 50 percent of the electorate approve of his job performance.Hmmmm.....Trying to blame Boehner for the high gas prices,how childish.Read the full madness here.

  • Superb: President Obama unilaterally overrides Congress to permit unchecked Mexican trucks carrying heaven knows what into the U.S.(Townhall).Barack Obama's deal with the president of Mexico to allow Mexican trucks to carry their loads onto U.S. highways and roads is new evidence of his high-handed solo behavior that has become Standard Operating Procedure in the administration.Barack Obama's deal with the president of Mexico to allow Mexican trucks to carry their loads onto U.S. highways and roads is new evidence of his high-handed solo behavior that has become Standard Operating Procedure in the administration. Here are 10 reasons why Obama's plan is dangerous and must be stopped by Congress and public protest.
1. Obama's deal with President Felipe Calderon, announced on March 3, bypasses Congress, defies the wishes of the American people, and looks like the action of a Third World dictator who thinks representative government is a nuisance and can be ignored. Congress made its wishes emphatically clear in 2007 when it voted to continue our ban on Mexican trucks. The House roll-call vote was 411 to 3, and the Senate's was 75 to 23.
2. Obama's deal is a direct attack on the jobs available to U.S. truck drivers because it helps big-business interests cut their costs by hiring cheaper Mexican drivers. Obama's deal is also an attack on small business (i.e., the owner-operated and independent truck drivers) who constitute the big majority of U.S. trucks.
3. The claim that Obama's deal is reciprocal (i.e., U.S. trucks will be allowed to drive into Mexico) is so cynical that we can hardly believe anyone says it with a straight face. "South of the border down Mexico way" (in the words of the old popular song) is the most dangerous war zone in the world (more dangerous than Afghanistan or Libya), where U.S. truck drivers would become the targets of hijackings, theft, murder, kidnappings and even beheadings committed by the drug cartels.
4. Built into the Obama deal is the sneaky imposition of costs on both U.S. truck drivers and U.S. taxpayers. Each truck will be required to install an EOBR (electronic on-board recorder) costing $3,000 plus maintenance fees: U.S. drivers at their own expense and Mexican trucks as a gift from U.S. taxpayers paid out of the Highway Trust Fund. U.S. taxpayers are already paying $1,600 each for many Mexican trucks to replace their old mufflers with catalytic converters.
5. Obama's deal will make it easy for Mexican trucks to bring in loads of illegal aliens and illegal drugs. Border inspection will be a farce, maybe only one in 10 trucks inspected, perhaps merely one in 20.Don't let anybody get by with saying that NAFTA requires us to admit Mexican trucks because it's a treaty. It isn't -- NAFTA never complied with the treaty provision in the U.S. Constitution and is merely a law passed by Congress that can be changed or overturned. Tell your member of Congress to take action to cancel Obama's truck deal with the Mexican president. Solo deals like this one cannot be tolerated under constitutional government.Hmmmm.....Democracy or DICTATORSHIP? Read the rest of the points here.

  • Catastrophe: State pension systems $1.26T in the red -- up 26% in one year.(DougRoss). suspect that the members of America's public sector unions will be nonplussed to discover that their platinum-plated benefits have all the likelihood of surviving as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Pew Research reports that these pensions, by and large, are headed right into the tarmac.States are $1.26 trillion in the hole when it comes to their pension and retiree health obligations, according to a report released Tuesday.....And taxpayers are ultimately on the hook for this shortfall, which soared 26% in one year......States are largely responsible for this predicament. As tax revenues plummeted, many skipped part or all of their annual retiree benefits contributions as they struggled to pay for education, Medicaid and other services.States only contributed a total of 64% of the nearly $115 billion their actuaries recommended they put in their pension funds for that year, the center said. They now face a $660 billion gap in these accounts... Meanwhile states socked away a mere 36% of the recommended $47 billion in funding for their retiree health and other benefits. Even more concerning -- 19 states have saved nothing for these obligations, instead of paying the costs as they are incurred, the Pew Center said...A commenter observes that ""Pennsylvania retired teachers receive 80% of their working salary and some receive free health care insurance for life. And, a 35 year 'pension/career' in teaching is the equivalent of about 28 years on the job in the private sector... There's not one company in the private sector, none, that allows you to retire with that exorbitant package - not one. No wonder states are flat broke. We're approaching the tipping point."Approaching? I think we're well past it, folks. And to minimize the economic damage, we've got to contain the Statists and begin rolling back their insane fiscal policies.Hmmmm.......Read the full story here.

  • ROOT: The Marxist in the mirror,Obama publicly declares war on capitalism.(WashingtonTimes).It’s official. President Obama has declared war on capitalism, which is funny because he never officially declared war on Libya. But our fearless Marxist-in-chief reserves a special brand of hatred for capitalism, entrepreneurship and rich people. Just days ago, Mr. Obama publicly blamed “speculators” for the rising price of gas. Mr. Obama publicly announced a war on speculators and speculation, imposing the Justice Department, government lawyers, Cabinet heads and the whole Big Brother kitchen sink on this “evil” bunch of capitalists.Well I have news for you, Mr. Obama. You better go after many other Americans, too: home buyers, stock buyers, gold buyers, art buyers, classic-car buyers, wholesalers, small-business owners and investors. Because everyone who risks money to buy things and attempts to resell later at a profit is a speculator.By going after oil speculators, Mr. Obama is setting the stage to go after every businessman and woman in America, seeking to redefine profits as either immoral or criminal, and targeting, demonizing and punishing the people who invest in America, courageously take financial risk and create most new jobs.Why is Mr. Obama engaging in class warfare? Because :
A) he has to blame and demonize someone for his failures;
B) he has to distract American consumers and voters from a failing economy and $5 per gallon gas; and
C) most investors and speculators are fiscal conservatives, many of whom contribute to Mr. Obama’s political opposition.

Perhaps El Presidente is much too busy looting producers to watch the movie “Atlas Shrugged.”
So, let’s teach our Marxist-in-chief an economics lesson. Speculation is the underpinning of our entire economy, the very foundation of capitalism. It’s what has made America the greatest nation in world history. Profit - the end result of speculation - is why Americans are willing to take risks with their hard-earned money. It’s why they invest in business, which creates jobs for Americans.Here’s one more economics lesson for you, Mr. Obama. You know why the price of gas is going up? Just look at the Marxist in the mirror. It’s your refusal to issue permits for oil drilling that has allowed the speculators to bet the price of oil up. It’s your federal taxes on each gallon of gasoline that are actually higher than the profit for each gallon earned by ExxonMobil. It’s your Federal Reserve printing unlimited sums of fake money to pay for your irresponsible spending that makes our dollars lose value and therefore, raises the price of gas. Look in the mirror, Mr. President - you are the problem, not speculation nor capitalism. It’s the Marxist in the mirror that is responsible.It’s time to stop Mr. Obama before his gangster government shuts down all forms of enterprise. Before all the money is stolen, extorted or redistributed from the productive class to the entitlement class in naked vote-buying schemes. Before Mr. Obama declares profits a dirty word, before speculation, investing and profit-taking become a crime in Mr. Obama’s Marxist States of America. It’s time to recognize that this president is anathema to the freedoms and ideals of our Founding Fathers and send this Wesley Mouch (the villain from “Atlas Shrugged,” a typical government bureaucrat who cripples the economy) to early retirement.Hmmmm......."Sincerely We the people"?Read the full story here.

  • Obama’s Sordid Past Back in the News.(BigGovernment).There is an old saying in politics: “What’s old is new.” And with a presidential election around the corner, some of Obama’s sordid connections are now back in the news and being investigated with renewed fervor.Of course, if you’ve been following the news, you know billionaire businessman and star of the show Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump, has been banging the drums the loudest on some of these issues. The press has focused heavily on his criticism of Obama on the subject of his birth certificate, an issue first raised by supporters of Hillary Clinton that continues to dog the president. But there were other comments by Trump last week that caught my attention, specifically Obama’s ties to Antoin “Tony” Rezko and William Ayers.As Newsmax reported, Trump suggested the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father.” (Though the terrorist may have been joking, Ayers actually said the same thing in a speech at Montclair State University last month.) Judicial Watch has highlighted Obama’s ties to radicals such as Ayers, race-baiter “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright and convicted felon Rezko. But the Big Media (and too many Republicans) seems uninterested that Obama was a close ally and funder of an unrepentant terrorist or entered into a shady real estate deal with Rezko, who everyone knew at the time to be under criminal investigation. So it is good that Trump highlighted the corruption issue that is so important to Judicial Watch and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who support our cause: “So you got Reverend Wright, you got Bill Ayers, you got Tony Rezko. He drops these guys, and the press leaves him alone,” Trump told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity.While Trump may be just now coming to some new revelations regarding Obama’s suspect ties, Judicial Watch has been investigating them for years. In fact, we put boots on the ground in Chicago to get to the truth in the matter. Now that these characters are back in the news, I think it’s a good idea to review some of what we’ve already uncovered.The point of this review is this: Obama’s suspicious connections were important in 2008. And they’re just as important now, especially since the press has let Obama completely off the hook over these concerns. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this time around, now that Trump is using his various public vehicles to raise these issues once again. (Judicial Watch does not endorse candidates for public office.)The fact that Trump is doing so well in the polls should be a signal to both Democrats and Republicans that corruption matters.Hmmmm......."The truth will emerge,even if the crows have to tell"?Why did both Obama's put their Law Licence on 'inactive'?Read the full story here.

  • Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist to Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife.(Aina).Washington -- International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 21 four Muslims beat an evangelist to death and assaulted his pregnant wife in Worabe, Ethiopia, an area that is 97% Muslim.The Muslims lured Evangelist Abraham Abera from Kale Hiwot Church, his home and place of ministry, at 9:30 p.m. They told him that his friend was sick and needed his immediate attention. Abraham left with the men; they turned on him and began to beat him with rods. The minister's wife, Birtukan, saw the men attack her husband and ran to intervene, but the Muslims beat her as well.Abraham died on the spot and his wife, who sustained a severe head injury, was left unconscious in the street. She was found and taken to a hospital in Butajira, where she regained consciousness on April 22nd and was able to recount the details of the attack. Birtukan spoke with an ICC source and said that she knew two of the attackers. She said that as the Muslims were beating her and her husband, they told them, "You (Christians) are growing in number in our area. You are spreading your message (the gospel). We will destroy you."Though Birtukan did suffer injuries to her mid-section, her unborn baby did fortunately survive the attack.The attackers still remain at large. A Christian leader in the area told ICC that the men may not be arrested because the local officials are also Muslims. "Christians in Worabe and its surrounding areas are persecuted at the hands of Muslim radicals, and the local government officials, who are Muslims, don't protect Christians. We urge the higher government authorities [state and federal officials] to intervene and protect us," said the Christian leader."The brutal killing of Evangelist Abraham and the beating of his wife, Birtukan, is deeply troubling. We urge the federal government authorities to investigate this latest attack as well as reports of persecution against Christians in the Silte zone," said Jonathan Racho, ICC's Regional Manager for Africa.Hmmmm........The religion of peace.Read the full story here.

  • Report: New Gaza flotilla postponed.(Ynet).IHH claims delay due to Turkish elections in June, but reports cite trouble recruiting activists.Pro-Palestinian activists organizing the next Gaza flotilla said Tuesday they are having a hard time recruiting activists, vessels and crew members.Apparently many fear a confrontation with the Israeli naval commandoes after eight Turks and one Turkish-American died during an IDF raid last May onboard the Mavi Marmara, according to reports making their way to the political echelon in Jerusalem. The sea convoy was set to sail to the Gaza Strip in late May, the first anniversary of the raid, but it could be delayed, partly because it clashes with Turkish election campaigning.IHH officials, an Islamic aid group that operates the Mavi Marmara, announced they plan to postpone the flotilla until after the June 12 parliamentary elections.IHH, which says it plans to send 100 to 150 people on the flotilla, is inclined to launch its ship after the vote for fear controversy could disrupt the election debate. The group communicates closely with the Turkish government, but says it does not need "permission" to send its boat to Gaza. However recent reports claimed there is another reason for the delay: Many of the activists who signed up for the mission canceled after learning the flotilla is illegal and might lead to their arrest by Israel.It also turns out the Turkish organizers have been largely unsuccessful in raising donations to fund the operation. Many ship owners refused to loan their vessels for the cause, fearing they might be confiscated by Israel. Now the activists are forced to buy the ships themselves. Organizers said they expect at least 1,000 people to participate this year, adding that the new effort includes activists from Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Canada and the United States.Hmmm......"A flotilla too far"?Read the full story here.

  • Canadian Muslim Group: “Only Support Non-Muslim Candidates Who Are Willing to Make it a Hate Crime to Publicly Associate Islam to Terrorism”.The next federal election is set for May 2, 2011 and campaigns are in full swing. Canadian Muslims’ reactions to elections and political campaigns vary significantly; some participate for personal reasons, others for community benefit, and many others do not participate at all. What is the proper approach and what is not? To help Muslims answer this question, the following points are presented for your reflection: . . .We should support only those non-Muslim candidates who are willing to present and support a Private Members’ Bill making it a hate-crime to publicly associate Islam to terrorism, whether in written, spoken, printed, broadcast or electronic media. At the same time, we must take a balanced approach instead of being carried away by a single issue. The following are examples of other important issues against which we should evaluate all candidates.Hmmmm.....In plain terms "Abolish free speech in Canada"?Read the full story here.

  • Turkish Committee Arrives in France to Lobby Against Armenian Bill.(Aina).Turkish Parliament and the Foreign Ministry have sent a committee to France prior to the vote on the law penalizing the denial of the Armenian genocide claims, which is scheduled to appear on the French Parliament's agenda on May 4.The bill, recently denied by the French Senate Constitution Commission, envisions five years' imprisonment and a fine of up to 45,000 euros for people on French territory who deny the Armenian genocide claims.The Turkish committee lobbying against the bill consists of representatives specializing in foreign politics from political parties in Parliament, headed by the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, Düzce deputy Yaşar Yakış.Osman Korutürk, who served as the Turkish Ambassador to France from 2005-2009 when the draft was first brought to the agenda, is part of the committee. He told Hürriyet Daily News that the Turkish committee was conducting meetings in France regarding the bill in order to preserve Turkish-French relations.Yakış and Korutürk will be joined by AKP Istanbul deputy Nur Suna Memecan, Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, Ankara deputy Tuğrul Türkeş, and Republican People's Party, or CHP, deputy leader Gülsün Bilgehan.Hmmmm....denial of the Armenian genocide.Read the full story here.

  • "Life and death in Iran's prisons".At Least Two Juvenile Offenders Hanged in Iran Last Week.The Iran Human Rights group reported on April 25 that, according to reliable sources, at least two of those who were hanged in Bandar Abbas last week were 17 years old at the time of the alleged offence.Four young men were hanged by cranes on April 21. on a beach in the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas. Three of the men were convicted of rape and murdering a 15 years old boy November 30th 2008. Another man was convicted of raping a girl in May 8th 2009.According to IHR’s sources the three men in the murder case were arrested few months after the alleged offence. At that time they were identified as “S. N.” (18 years old), “A. N.” (17 years old) and “H. B.” (17 years old).It is not clear whether “S.N.” was 18 or 17 years old at the time of the alleged offence which was several months prior to the arrest.The person who was convicted of raping a 17 years old girl in 2009 was identified as “S. M.” (22 years old).Iran has ratified the UN’s convention of the Child’s rights that bans death penalty for offences convicted at less than 18 years of age, and which is legally binding. But despite this fact, Iran is on the top of the world in regard to execution of minors. Iranian authorities have executed more than 25 minor offenders since 2007. According to the annual reports of IHR, at least 9 minor offenders were executed in 2007, 9 in 2008, 5 in 2009; 2 in 2010 and at least two minor offenders have been executed so far in 2011.Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of IHR, urges the UN’s Special Rapporteur who is scheduled to travel to Iran during the 2011 to give special attention to the minors on the death row.Read the full story here.

  • Belarus dictator leader Lukashenka fumes over Chernobyl anniversary.(Hurriyetdaily).Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko Tuesday denounced the head of the EU commission as an "ass" and rounded on Ukraine's president in apparent fury at arrangements for the Chernobyl anniversary.Lukashenko was notably absent from ceremonies at Chernobyl to mark the 25th anniversary of the nuclear disaster, even though his country was badly affected and his Ukrainian and Russian counterparts visited the power station.Instead, Lukashenko made his own solo tour Tuesday of farmlands in the Gomel region of southern Belarus worst affected by the disaster. Asked by Belarussian media why he had not travelled to Ukraine to join Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for the ceremonies at Chernobyl, he replied: "Ask Yanukovych that question, why the Belarussian president is not present at the events. Ask them! Unfortunately the current Ukrainian leadership has an absolute nerve," he said. "I don't intend to play the second fiddle".Ukrainian media said that EU commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso had asked Kiev not to invite the authoritarian Belarussian leader to a conference in Kiev last week on the consequences of the disaster. Ukraine complied with the EU demand, hoping he would still show up to the Chernobyl anniversary, but it appeared the Belarussian strongman had taken offence.Turning on the Portuguese EU commission chief, Lukashenko added: "As for asses like Barroso, well there was once some Barroso in Portugal, they kicked him out and then sorted him out with work in the EU commission."Lukashenko has been ostracized by the European Union since his December 19 election victory, which Western monitors said was flawed and was also followed by an unprecedented crackdown on the opposition. He slammed the EU for imposing sanctions against his regime since the election. "They are just morons. For them, we are competitors. We are ideological opponents.”"We are people who lead a different way of life. We are dangerous for them. We do not need their kind of democracy."Hmmmmm.....Poor Lukashenka once a Kolkhoz leader allways a Kolkhoz leader?Read the full story here.

  • Video - Nightly visit to Joseph's tomb.(Ynet).Four days prior to Ben-Yosef Livnat's death in Palestinian police-involved shooting at Joseph's Tomb, Yedioth Ahronoth reporter visits Nablus' holy site with group of Breslovers led by victim.The fear kicked in a few moments after crossing Hawara checkpoint. The dogs barking behind you and the green lights of the mosques ahead indicated we were on our way to Nablus, the so-called "terror capital." Everything in this city makes you feel unwelcomed. The graffiti on the walls, Shahid ("martyr") posters hanging in the streets. You are frightened even when driving with five other people in a small car, singing aloud. Entering Nablus with a group of Breslov Hasidim is terrifying. "Don't take a picture," Ben-Yosef Livnat ordered, only four days prior to his death. "It's bad luck." Around 30 Breslov Hasidim met in a spring located south of Nablus, in the West Bank. This is their semi-secret meeting place where they gather to bathe before the journey begins. It was nearly 2 am on Thursday. The group's last visit to Nablus before the fatal shooting incident which claimed Livnat's life – and I was along for the ride. We stood by the spring with our six vehicles. In the valley below us we spotted an IDF force at Hawara checkpoint, in charge of preventing worshipers from entering the holy city.We entered Nablus through a secret side entrance. The cars turned off their lights, driving slowly into the night. The group began singing. "Do you know the IDF only enters the city in a shielded convoy?" I asked. "We all have our own bullet-proof vests," the guy sitting next to me told me. "The IDF have theirs and we have our prayers and ancestral merits." We soon reached the main streets of Nablus. I gathered the courage to open the window and take some pictures. Livnat was driving right behind us. The Palestinian police post near Joseph's Tomb was empty. No time to waste. We quickly ran to the tomb, leaving the keys in the cars, ready to take off in any moment. Livnat ran out of his car, lifting his hands in excitement. "To the righteous one!" they yelled heading towards the holy site. Meanwhile, the Hasidim were praying quickly, trying to utter as many prayers as they can before having to dash. They leaned down and kissed the tomb. Their eyes sparkled, as if they had just met their love for a brief moment. Then the group encircled the holy site in an ecstasy filled dance. Suddenly they stopped and ran towards the cars. In that exact point, only four days later, the Palestinian police officers would open fire at the group. We headed south, taking a different route this time. Livnat was leading the convoy. Livnat broke the law when he entered Joseph's Tomb without authorization, but that is not the reason he was killed. It is deeper than that. Joseph's Tomb is a sensitive subject in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Livnat was killed because he was part of the battle to control the holy site. Everybody wants to renovate it, preserve it – but those who try the hardest are the Breslov Hasidim, and Livnat was one of their most vigorous standouts. Read and see the full story here.

  • Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Rejects NATO-Like Military Alliance of Muslim Nations, Says: 'OIC is Striving to Protect the Interests of the Muslim Ummah'.(Memri)."[King Abdullah] Thinks that We as the Muslim Ummah must Unite in All Situations; Therefore, He Speaks for the Unity of Muslim Ummah at Every Forum and Every Opportunity""The [Palestinian] Issue Should Be Resolved According to the UN Resolutions""[On Arab Uprisings:] The Nature of the Problems Varies from Country to Country; We Can Not Describe It as Only the Conspiracy of Foreign Powers""Pakistanis and Saudis have Religious, Cultural, and Historic Relationships, and Its Example Can Not be Found Anywhere in the World"Read the full interview here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MFS - The Other News

                        Afternoon Posting.

  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 26. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 26. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.9 and 5.0! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 99..Source : Here .

  • Obama not running an re-election campaign, but an Insurgency? The word insurgent is defined as one who revolts against civil authority or an established government, as well as one who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of one's own political party"The 2008 campaign was the most special thing a lot of us have ever been a part of," Messina said in a Web video. "But if we just run that same campaign, we stand a good chance of losing. We've got to run a new campaign."“We ought not act like an incumbent, we’ve got to act like an insurgent campaign that wakes up every single day, trying to get every single vote we can,”Hmmmm....Chicago politics mixed with Egypt insurgent ingredients ,i'm sure the unions & New Black panthers will be able and willing to truck in the goons for this event .American Patriots : the country is in grave danger!Read and see the full story here.

  • Obamination: Easter Prayer Breakfast.By Dajjal.(Bloggerbase) Was it really about resurrection, salvation & prayer, or was it about cronyism, politics and image making?
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Thank you. Please, please have a seat.
Well, it is absolutely wonderful to be here with all of you today. I see so many good friends all around the room.
Before I begin, I want to acknowledge one particular member of my administration who I’m extraordinarily proud of and does not get much credit, and that is USAID Administrator, Dr. Raj Shah, who is doing great work with faith leaders. (Applause.) Where’s Raj? Where is he? There he is right there. Raj is doing great work with faith leaders on our Feed the Future global hunger program, as well as on a host of other issues. We could not be prouder of the work that he’s doing. I also want to acknowledge Congressman Mike McIntyre and his wife, Dee. (Applause.) Mike -- as some of you know, obviously, North Carolina was ravaged by storms this past weekend, and our thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have been affected down there. I know that Mike will be helping those communities rebuild after the devastation.
To all the faith leaders and the distinguished guests that are here today, welcome to our second annual -- I’m going to make it annual, why not? (Laughter and applause.) Our second Easter Prayer Breakfast. The Easter Egg Roll, that’s well established. (Laughter.) The Prayer Breakfast we started last year, in part because it gave me a good excuse to bring together people who have been such extraordinary influences in my life and such great friends. And it gives me a chance to meet and make some new friends here in the White House.I wanted to host this breakfast for a simple reason -– because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up, during this season, we are reminded that there’s something about the resurrection -- something about the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ, that puts everything else in perspective.
We all live in the hustle and bustle of our work. And everybody in this room has weighty responsibilities, from leading churches and denominations, to helping to administer important government programs, to shaping our culture in various ways. And I admit that my plate has been full as well. (Laughter.) The inbox keeps on accumulating. (Laughter.)
But then comes Holy Week. The triumph of Palm Sunday. The humility of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. His slow march up that hill, and the pain and the scorn and the shame of the cross.
And we’re reminded that in that moment, he took on the sins of the world -- past, present and future -- and he extended to us that unfathomable gift of grace and salvation through his death and resurrection.
In the words of the book Isaiah: “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

Dr. Raj Shah Why did the President make a big deal of introducing one of his appointees at a prayer breakfast celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Why introduce unrelated issues to a spiritually oriented function? Perhaps it fits into the pattern of the Passover statement, with its polemical concluding paragraph. Could it be that he had a similar screed ready for delivery at the prayer breakfast but omitted it for some reason?
Good excuse     That is the sort of throw away phrase that appears incongruous in a situation of this nature. A celebration of the most profound act of deity is hardly to be considered as an excuse. If he wanted to have a party to reward old friends and make new ones, he could do it privately, without publicity and finance it from his own funds rather than having us pay for it.something about the resurrection When I heard Rush Limbaugh read those words on his radio show, I immediately recalled the title of a certain movie which featured a girl with a sticky substance in her hair, which formned a cowlick. That is hardly the sort of association proper to be made with the event being celebrated.
How, exactly, does the passion, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ put current political affairs in perspective? Perhaps it shows us the truly small and petty nature of the man who used the phrase.puts everything else in perspective Perhaps it puts the Jewish Temple sacrifice rituals into perspective, but it does nothing for temporal issues of rule & ruin imposed by dictators & demagogues.
grace and salvation God manifested himself in human form, to be able to share humanity and communicate directly with mankind on our level. He sacrificed his human life and restore it to himself to demonstrate his power over death.
the gift of our son Our son? In the next phrase, he uses the correct terms. I wonder whether the expression was an error or was intended to send some sort of perverse theological message.
Why is it that there was no proclamation of Good Friday or Easter? Freedomeden has the details of inconsistency,. Thee is another question: of sincerity. Two quotes from one of his biographies raise doubt.
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance By Barack Obama - Page 163
I realized then, standing in an empty McDoinald's parking lot in the South Side of Chicago, that I was a heretic. Or worse--for even a heretic must believe in something, if nothing more than the truth of his own doubt. -   Page 286
And I would shrug and play the question off, unable to confess that I could no longer distinguish between faith and mere folly, between faith and simple endurance; that while I believed in the sincerity I heard in their voices, I remained a reluctant skeptic, doubtful of my own motives, wary of expedient conversion, having too many quarrels with God to accept a salvation too easily won.
Was the Easter Prayer breakfast founded in sincerity or was it a political charade? If it was purely spiritual, why was it followed by briefings with administration officials in which policy matters were discussed? Hmmmm......"Foolishness, weakness and shame in human eyes are wisdom, strength and honor in God's eyes "(1 Cor 1:20, 25). A true Christian wouldn't consider Jesus Crucifixion as "Shameful".Read the full story here.

  • Imperial White House Admits Working On Executive Order Attacking First Amendment.(YidWithLid).It started with Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld the right of corporations and unions to donate to campaigns, throwing out parts of McCain Feingold campaign finance law. The Court said the law violated the First Amendment to the Constitution. Little Chucky Schumer tried to create legislation to once again put restrictions on campaign (and internet free speech). He called it the "Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections Act" the DISCLOSE act. DISCLOSE "Get it?" asked Schumer when he announced the bill. Oh we got it, this is another progressive attempt at silencing Corporations while allowing labor unions to do just about whatever they want. Schumer's bill couldn't make it through the Congress dominated by his own party, so now the President is preparing an executive order that goes around the legislature and ignores the first amendment. The executive order is called the “Disclosure of Political Spending By Government Contractors,” the order would implement parts of Chucky Schumer's DISCLOSE Act and just like Schumer's law it restricts corporations while giving unions Carte Blanche.McConnell said in a statement last week, after reports of the draft emerged. “So recent press reports about an unprecedented draft Executive Order raise troubling concerns about an effort to silence or intimidate political adversaries’ speech through the government contracting system,” he said. “If true, the proposed effort would represent an outrageous and anti-democratic abuse of executive branch authority. No administration should use the federal contracting system for campaign purposes.” Hans A. von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, was skeptical of Carney’s assertion that the president was merely committed to transparency. “If transparency is the true goal, why isn’t the proposed executive order covering any outside entity that gets federal money? It only applies to government contractors, not grant recipients like Planned Parenthood,” he told “Public employee unions are also exempt from this order.” The draft executive order would require government contractors to disclose:
•“All contributions or expenditures to or on behalf of federal candidates, parties or party committees made by the bidding entity, its directors or officers, or any affiliates or subsidiaries within its control.”
•“Any contributions made to third party entities with the intention or reasonable expectation that parties would use those contributions to make independent expenditures or electioneering communications.”
In the end this is just one more attempt by the Obama administration to beat down the constitution and to go around Congress. Just as he did with Obamacare, the Auto Buyout and the Czars this President's arrogance continues to place him at odds with the welfare of the American People.Hmmmm......."Democracy or dictatorship"?Read the full story here.

  • EPA again blocks Shell from drilling on leases it bought from the federal government for billions, which should do wonders for gas prices.(DougRoss).For those of you drones out there who still think, naively, that President Obama is trying to help out the little guy, may I present the following chart?This is the average, retail national price of a gallon of gas over the past year.So, Doug, you say -- the price of gas isn't President Obama's fault. It's the speculators. And the oil companies. And Sarah Palin.The Environmental Protection Agency -- also known as the flat-Earth, no growth, taxpayer-funded, eco-Marxists (which is the term they prefer, I hear) -- is intentionally killing off domestic energy production. Presumably this makes good on at least one of President Obama's campaign promises -- in this case, that energy prices "will necessarily skyrocket."We are the only country on the face of the Earth that restricts access to its own vast energy resources.These suicidal policies represent an existential economic and national security threat.And this is an intentional strategy on the part of President Obama.I hate to use the I-word, but I truly feel that these policies -- opposed by the vast majority of Americans and unworthy of a "Commander-in-Chief" -- represent a crime of the highest order.And this setback will cost Shell roughly $4 billion or more, which should do wonders for gas prices. Republicans better stand up to these bullying environmental nuts and de-fund the entire EPA until Obama is out of office.Hmmmm......"My Mission to destroy America from within"?Read the full story here.

  • Not a Joke - Petrol station charges €9.99 a litre $40/gallon)for gas.(TundraTabloids)Police were called after a petrol station near Stuttgart began charging €9.99 per litre ($40 per gallon) of super gasoline amid dwindling supplies on Easter Monday.In the town of Filderstadt, south of the Baden-Württemberg capital, the Esso petrol station apparently raised the price to a prohibitive level in a deliberate attempt to dissuade motorists from buying it, police reported. The station was running low on the fuel amid a nationwide shortage.Nevertheless, several customers still used the pump, despite the fact that it actually carried a warning sign against filling up with super. They were then taken by complete surprise when they got to the cash register.Customer Yunus G. told daily Bild he put 21 litres in his BMW and was asked to pay €209.98.“I didn’t pay attention to the price. Who expects something like that? Nearly €10 for one litre? It’s a swindle,” he said.He called the police but was told he needed to pay, otherwise the Esso station would make a complaint.One woman from Filderstadt was asked to pay just under €200 for 20 litres. Another customer filled up with 10 litres. Both also refused to pay and instead called the police.The Esso attendant had done nothing wrong, police said, because he had no say in the fuel price.“The price was determined by the head office,” a police spokesman said.About one in five petrol stations in and around Stuttgart had run dry of super on Monday afternoon. There was a choke on fuel supplies across the country because of the combination of Easter traffic, the holiday ban on fuel tankers, and logistical problems for petrol companies associated with the introduction of the E10 ethanol fuel.But it had not been as bad as expected, according to Shell spokeswoman Cornelia Wolber.“The situation is for nowhere near as bad as feared,” she said.Hmmmm.....A glimps in to America's near future?Read the full story here.

  • Report: CIA chief held secret talks on Syria in Turkey.(Ynet).Report: CIA chief held secret talks on Syria in Turkey .Ankara-based newspaper says Leon Panetta spent five days in Turkish capital reviewing recent unrest sweeping through Arab nations, mulling possible regime change in Syria.United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief Leon Panetta reportedly held a secret visit to Turkey lately, the Ankara-based Turkish daily Sabah reported.Talks included planning for a possible regime change in Syria and ensuring the safety of the Assad family, the paper said. Panetta reportedly set up a camp in the Turkish capital for five days in order to discuss the uprisings in Arab countries with top Turkish officials. Panetta is rumored to have met with head of the Turkish Intelligence Organization (MIT), members of the government and officials from the General Staff.MIT chief Hakan Fidan was sent to Syria to meet Syrian President Bashar Assad by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan last month.The talks also touched on the fighting in Libya, Turkish-Israeli relations, intelligence-sharing in Iraq, cooperation in Afghanistan and the fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK, Sabah said. Sabah's claim that Panneta's talks included planning for possible regime change in Syria and ensuring the safety of the Assad family, were not corroborated by any other source.Hmmm....Weekly phone calls between erdogan and Obama ,CIA head in Turkey ,since when is Turkey running US Foreign policy?What's the next step ....Turkish troops occupying Israel?Read the full story here.

  • 35 radicals trained for terrorism at British mosques, Guantanamo files reveal.(DailyMail).Britain's mosques became an international haven for extremists who enjoyed state benefits while being trained for terrorism, leaked documents show.The WikiLeaks files, written by U.S. military chiefs, reveal that at least 35 Guantanamo terrorists were radicalised in London mosques before being sent to fight against the West. This is believed to be more than any other Western country.Of these, just 17 were British nationals or had been granted asylum, while 18 had travelled from abroad – cementing Britain’s reputation as a global training camp for terrorists.U.S. intelligence officers describe Finsbury Park mosque, in North London, as a ‘haven for Islamic extremists from Morocco and Algeria’ and ‘an attack planning and propaganda production base’.After their UK trip they were then flown to Pakistan and Afghanistan where they were taught to fight and make bombs. The leaked documents also show that an Al Qaeda ‘assassin’ accused of bombing two churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan was at the same time working for MI6. Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili was captured in 2003 and sent to Guantanamo Bay where interrogators were convinced that he was an informer for British intelligence.U.S. intelligence reports describe the 35-year-old Algerian citizen as a ‘facilitator, courier, kidnapper, and assassin for Al Qaeda’. CIA interrogators found him ‘to have withheld important information from …British Secret Intelligence Service … and to be a threat to U.S. and allied personnel in Afghanistan and Pakistan’.He has been returned to Algeria but it is not clear whether he will stand trial there.Read the full story here.

  • Video shows Turkish police singing Grey Wolf march.(Hurriyetdaily).An elite police unit chanted Grey Wolf slogans during April 10 Police Day ceremonies in Sivas in an incident that could deepen a recent debate between the government and the Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, about mobilizing supporters’ groups, reports said.The video taken by a cell phone shows members of the Special Operations police unit marching along the Central Anatolian province’s Atatürk Avenue on their way back to the police headquarters from İstasyon Avenue, where the parade was held. Police units marching in the front lines were silent, but the Special Operations unit marched, singing nationalist anthems, such as “This movement shall never die, this cause shall never die,” composed by Ozan Arif, a leading name among the Grey Wolves.The records also show police chiefs walking at the front and chanting “Who are these?” while police units reply back “The Grey Wolves,” as passersby clapped and cheered in support.The videos were reported to be circulating on a number of video sharing websites, according to Doğan news agency, or DHA.The video comes shortly after an election quarrel between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli, in which the former claimed that he could rally 10,000 supporters in Taksim Square in Istanbul if he wanted to in response to recent student demonstrations against the university entrance exam scandal. In response, Bahçeli claimed that just 1,000 of his Grey Wolves would be sufficient to rout the prime minister’s 10,000 supporters.The Grey Wolves, also commonly referred to as the Ülkü Ocakları (Idealist Hearths), are a youth organization with close links to the MHP.Hmmmm.....Keep Turkey out of the European Union!Read the full story here.

  • Were Conquered Christians Really Liberated Muslims?(Aina).Imagine if a top American historian appeared on the MSM insisting that the only reason Europeans conquered the Americas was to "defend" the Native Americans--who somehow had adopted Christianity centuries before Jesus was born--from being persecuted by heathen tribes.While that would create a maelstrom of outrage and derision in the West, in the Arab world--where some think bewitched animals work as infidel operatives--such absurdities regularly pass for "truth."
Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad
Consider the case of Fadel Soliman, a celebrated Sharia expert and Arab media darling, who regularly appears on al-Jazeera. Director of the Bridges Foundation--which teaches Muslims "how to present Islam" to non-Muslims--Soliman also lectures at Western universities, churches, and governmental agencies, including the U.S. Dept. of Defense.His new Arabic book, Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad, asserts that, at the time of the Muslim conquest of Egypt (c. 640), the vast majority of Egyptians were not, as history has long taught, Christians, but rather prototypical Muslims, or muwahidin, who were actually being oppressed by Christians: hence, the Muslim conquest of Egypt was really about "liberating" fellow Muslims. Soliman's evidence is that the Arian sect, which rejected the claim that Jesus was coequal with God, was present in 4th century Egypt. Therefore, according to Soliman, the indigenous Egyptians were practicing Islam hundreds of years before it was founded in the 7th century.As with much of modern academia's approach to Islam, this thesis is based on pure fiction. While the Arians were pronounced heretics at the Council of Nicea (325) for their interpretation of the Trinity, they nonetheless accepted all of Christianity's core tenets--including original sin, crucifixion, resurrection, and salvation--all of which directly contradict Islam's teachings. What an imaginative stretch, then, for Soliman to portray the Arians as prototypical Muslims, simply because they did not believe Jesus was coequal with God (a standard that would make many people today "Muslims").Needless to say, no historian has ever suggested that Muslims invaded Egypt to liberate "proto-Muslims." Rather, the Muslim historians who wrote our primary sources on Islam, candidly and refreshingly present the conquests as they were--conquests, for the glory and empowerment of Islam and its followers at the expense of unbelieving infidels.Of course, with the weakening of Islam in the modern era, embarrassed Muslims began to euphemize their imperialistic history, portraying jihad as "defensive," "spiritual," etc.--culminating with Soliman's fairy tale. Even the unapologetic Sayyid Qutb, the sheikh of "radical Islam," interpreted jihad and the conquests as "altruistic" endeavors to "liberate" mankind.Considering Islam's lax views on deception, this comes as no surprise. After all, whether Muslims consciously deceive infidels or unconsciously deceive themselves, the goal has long been one: empowering Islam and its adherents--reality be damned.Hmmmm......Ergo "Truth becomes hatespeech"?Read the full story here.

  • Iranian Judiciary Spokesman: Americans' Trial to Continue May 11.(Memri).The spokesman for the Iranian judiciary, Gholam Hossein Mohsen-Ejei, announced that charges have been brought against Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani, who said in an online interview that the hands of the Iranian regime were the hands of brutal thugs. Ejei said further that the trial of the three Americans (Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd, who were captured near the Iran-Iraq border in July 2009 and accused of spying) would recommence March 11. Sarah Shourd was released on bail of $500,000 last September and returned to the US. Source.

  • Iranian women's carelessness in following the Islamic dress code had assumed the proportions of a "cultural disaster".(Memri).Iranian Cleric: Ahmadinejad Lax in Enforcing Islamic Dress CodeCleric Ahmad Khatami, a senior figure in the Iranian regime, said that Ahmadinejad's government was being lax in enforcing the Islamic dress code among women, and this in order to appease those Iranians who did not vote for Ahmadinejad in the previous elections. He added that the women's carelessness in following the Islamic dress code had assumed the proportions of a "cultural disaster."Hmmmm.....Expect soon major earthquakes in the region.Read the full story here.

  • Demolition begins on Monument to Humanity in eastern Turkey.(Hurriyetdaily).The municipality is not destroying the “Monument to Humanity,” but “humanity” itself, said Naif Alibeyoğlu, the former Republican People’s Party, or CHP, mayor who originally approved the construction of the peace monument in 2004.A cable used in the demolition process snapped four times before the contractors, who shouted “Allahuekber” (God is Great) before beginning the work, were able to remove the head via crane. The firm decided to place the first head in a cargo truck after a smaller truck was unable to transport the massive head, Doğan News Agency, or DHA, reported.The head will be delivered to a storage site belonging to the municipality in the eastern province.Sculptor Mehmet Aksoy said in January 2010 that Alibeyoğlu had wanted a monument of peace as opposed to other monuments with messages of war and hatred. “War is a crime against humanity and people cannot progress forward with wars.”Aksoy has also warned that a demolition of the monument would resemble the Taliban’s destruction of ancient Buddhist statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in 2001 and be an embarrassment for EU-candidate Turkey.“These two figures in the sculpture are actually a single human torn in half. They are in a position of confrontation against each other, made into enemies. The two figures become a single person again with the outreached hand.”Meanwhile, a group of people from the Republic Coalition Platform protested the demolition in front of the Culture Ministry building in Ankara, Anatolia news agency reported Tuesday.A press statement released by the group said it was remaining true to the principles of modern Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in trying to promote art.Recalling that long-time Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek one said in reference to a sculpture that “I spit at this kind of art,” the group said such behavior was being displayed again with the description of the Monument to Humanity as “freakish.”Hmmmmm........"Islam the religion of peace'.Read the full story here.
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