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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Marine Le Pen :"The application of Sharia in Europe is imminent."

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                       Morning  Posting.

  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 22. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 22. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.5 and 5.9! 6.3 in the Salomon IslandsMore info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 96.On 23.04.2011 at 04:02 GMT+2

    As of midnight on April 22, all areas within a 20-kilometer radius of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant were designated a no-entry zone, meaning residents who have fled elsewhere are prohibited from re-entering, and those who have not yet evacuated are legally bound to do so. The enforcement of such a no-entry zone should be conducted in consideration of evacuees' needs and wishes. After the nuclear power plant accident, residents within the 20-kilometer radius were advised by the national government to evacuate. The majority left, but at least several dozen are still believed to be in the area, and before the evacuation became legally-binding, many evacuees are known to have been returning to their homes to pick up belongings they had left behind. It is not advisable for people to keep entering the zone while radiation leaks from the plant.

    Local governments have also raised concerns about the possibility of burglary. The national government has tried to explain the necessity of a no-entry zone designation to local municipalities. While the frustration of local residents who have no idea when they will be permitted to return to their homes is understandable, the measure seems to be unavoidable under the circumstances. Although the no-entry order stipulates that non-compliance could result in incarceration or a fine of up to 100,000 yen, police do not plan to forcibly remove residents who want to stay in the area.

    Some 80,000 people in about 27,000 households will be affected by the enforcement of the no-entry zone. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano revealed that residents -- excluding those whose homes are within a 3-kilometer radius from the plant -- will be given opportunities for brief visits to their homes. Only one person from each household will be allowed to make the trip, they can only stay at their home for a maximum of two hours, and they will be asked to keep the amount of items that they take back out to a minimum. The visiting locals will wear protective gear and radiation detectors on their visits, be screened for radiation levels upon their exit from the caution zone, and be cleansed of radioactive material if necessary. The government hopes to conduct the first round of brief home visits among those who are interested over the course of a month or two. As for the order in which interested residents will make the visits, we hope that the government takes a flexible stance, respecting the decisions residents make amongst themselves.

    There are many uncertain factors in implementing this temporary-visit system. It may not be appropriate for residents to go home on some days, due to weather or the direction of wind, which may carry radioactive material. How will local residents' safety be assured if a new problem occurs at the power plant? And how will the national and local governments will respond if some residents refuse to return to evacuation shelters after their brief home visits? The government and local municipalities should run simulations to prepare for foreseeable scenarios. Residents' confusion and discontent over what they feel was a sudden decision on the part of the national government, and their anger over the fact that they could theoretically be punished for returning to their own homes, is understandable. This is a strained effort, however, to allow as many people as possible to visit their homes in a legal manner, albeit briefly. We hope all parties involved act in a level-headed manner.

    There are those who refuse to leave the 20-kilometer radius, citing such reasons as responsibility for their livestock and the inconvenience and discomfort of moving at their old age, and efforts to convince them to evacuate are likely to continue. To ensure that those residents can receive the help they are entitled to under the law, it is the government's responsibility to secure evacuation shelters and compensation for them.Source : Here .

  • Children being sexually Molested in Lybia?(Al-Arabia).A disturbing report released by a British aid organization puts the spotlight on children being subjected to sexual assault during the conflict between pro and anti Muammar Qaddafi forces. Save the Children reported that it interviewed nearly 300 children, some as young as eight, in six relief camps in Benghazi and heard stories of rape and murder “committed within the last four weeks in Ras Lanuf, Ajdabyia and Misrata,” the organization said.Michael Mahrt, who conducted the survey, said children spoke of “soldiers” committing the crimes but could not ascertain which side they represented. Mr. Mahrt quoted one instance in which mothers who had fled the fighting reported on four or five teenage girls in Ajdabyia who were kidnapped and raped for four days. An eight-year-old girl was reportedly assaulted in front of her siblings, also in Ajdabyia. While the reports were unconfirmed, Mr. Mahrt said they “were consistent.”“The stories are similar that we get across these camps. I am completely confident that this happened,” he told Reuters.Children also reported watching their fathers being murdered and mothers being raped before being beaten themselves. Mr. Mahrt also said, “Some children were displaying signs of physical and emotional distress: being withdrawn, refusing to play and waking up crying in the night.”The charity has called on “the international community to ensure that all parties respect children's right to be protected from violence and abuse.”Save the Children has said it is increasing “its child protection work in Benghazi, training social workers to provide youngsters with psycho-social support.”Hmmmm......."children being subjected to sexual assault during the conflict between pro and anti Muammar Qaddafi forces."Read the full story here.

  • 'Gas Guzzler-In- Chief'?Obama To Use New Secret Service Armored Bus On Campaign Trail.(TPM).As the Secret Service prepares for the 2012 campaign, they're purchasing two new buses, at least one of which will be used by President Barack Obama as he travels around the country, TPM has learned. The Secret Service says that while the armored vehicles will be used by Obama during the 2012 presidential campaign, they'll be a security asset for future presidents as well."We've never been fully comfortable with the security provided by a bus we lease and then try to retro-fit," Secret Service spokesman Jim Mackin told TPM."This would be just like other vehicles we're adding to our fleet," Mackin said. "We'd use them for the campaign, but they're not for campaign purposes. They would be part of our fleet -- just like our limos, just like our follow-ups, just like our emergency vehicles.""If we have a candidate who has leased a bus and we're going to be protecting that candidate, we're going to look to enhance the security of that vehicle," Donovan said. "This is just the next step, and as I said, something that we're overdue for."The cost of installing equipment, removing equipment and repairing the damage to the leased vehicles also factored into the Secret Service's decision to purchase their own buses.Donovan said the vehicles are "almost at completion," but said the Secret Service wasn't releasing any information on what company was contracted to build the buses at this time.Hmmmmm......I wonder how much such an armored bus consumes?Probably more then Hitler's armored Mercedes,amazing how dictators fear for their life?You think it's bad conscience?Read the full story here.

  • Al-taqiyya a.k.a. The art of lying !Keith Ellison:'Turkey best example of how Islam, democracy can coexist’.Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of the US Congress, has said Turkey is the most important country in the region and the best example of how Islam and democracy can coexist. Ellison, visiting Turkey upon the invitation of the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON), had talks with Turkish officials, including Finance Minister Ali Babacan, in Ankara. The congressman told Today’s Zaman in an interview that it is very important for Turkey to undertake humanitarian aid mission in this region, while praising Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s initiatives with respect to the unrest and chaos in the Mideast and North Africa. Ellison pointed to the historical link between the US and Turkey and said the ties will continue to grow closer in the future, too.Historical link?....... Is he talking WWI Galipolli when the Turks were Shooting at the Allies?Turkey is also the Number One violator of the Human Rights and the country with more then 50 journalists in Jail or and awaiting a trial.Indeed "Democracy and human rights don't thrive in a Sharia environment". Read the full fairytale story here.

  • PRESS RELEASE: Statement-DR. TERRY JONES: 1st Amendment, Dearborn.We posted the bond. We made it very, very clear that we posted this under the greatest protest!The arrests, the whole proceedings, were a definite violation of our Constitutional rights. As a matter of fact, we were arrested and had not even committed a crime. It is a complete violation of our First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech. It was clearly influenced by the mosque. We were told that we were able to present our message in front of one of the "Free Speech Zones", but we were NOT allowed to present our message in the grassy area in front of the mosque. Thus making it very clear that this is not about our message, and not about us, but about the place. In other words, it is all about the location which is the Islamic Center.

Sharia is much closer than we thought. The judge even made a statement, that if the mosque elders and leadership would have desired the restraints placed on us of not going near the mosque be lifted, then he would have taken that into consideration.Thus proving that this whole thing is a direct violation of Freedom of Speech and that they are favoring the religion of Islam.The City of Dearborn used the court as an instrument to prevent our protest from taking place today as scheduled, and has now violated our civil liberties by preventing us from exercising our freedom of speech as planned. We will be in contact with legal representation and plan to protest next week in front of the Islamic Center. Source.

  • TSA passenger screener charged in distributing child pornography.A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show.Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.Homeland Security agents arrested the TSA officer March 24, and he is being held without bail.Although the case was unsealed Thursday, neither the indictment nor the news release mentioned Gordon's job searching airline passengers for TSA.The arrest comes as TSA grapples with several other incidents involving screeners, including a YouTube video posted last week by parents angry about the pat-down their 6-year-old daughter received at an airport in New Orleans. TSA officials said the pat-down was proper; the parents said the girl was "groped."Citing privacy rules, TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis would not say if Gordon has been suspended from his job, but noted that he had been in federal custody since his arrest.Gordon's job as a TSA screener was in jeopardy last year for unrelated reasons, according to an online newsletter of the American Federation of Government Employees.Citing a family issue, it said Gordon was having "difficulty maintaining his work schedule." The union lawyer helped convince TSA officials that a change in shift schedule resolved the problem, the newsletter said, and Gordon returned to work.Hmmmm.....Who screenes the staff working at the TSA?Read the full story here.

  • American free speech burried,and Jones is jailed.(NoDhimmitude).Some American citizens think that burning a Qur'an is worse than murdering a thousand people, so Terry Jones should not be allowed to demonstrate in front of a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. In fact, he is now in gaol.Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad testified that Imam Hassan Al-Qazwini, who heads the Islamic Center, told him that for some members of his mosque, burning the Quran was considered a major crime. Qazwini expressed concern about how some young members of his mosque might react to Jones, Haddad testified.Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran said in court that Qazwini talked about how some feel Quran-burning "is worse than more than 1,000 deaths. That's what the citizens of this society believe."Moran used that as one reason why Jones should not be allowed to protest outside the Islamic Center, saying it would lead to a breach of the peace.But in his closing arguments, Jones said that the fact that such a view about Quran-burning concerns him, raising questions about Islam and violence, he said.Robert Sedler, a constitutional law professor at Wayne State University, called the entire proceedings unconstitutional. He said the U.S. Supreme Court has found that it's the job of the police to protect speakers at such events and said it is unconstitutional to require protesters to post a bond for police protection."What basis did the state have for arguing that they would breach the peace?" Sedler said. "It's a matter of First Amendment requirement: The government can't stop a speaker from speaking because of danger from a hostile crowd."Read the full story here.

  • Updated - Free Speech "Martir" Jones released!DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- A Florida pastor's planned demonstration outside a Michigan mosque was scuttled Friday after a jury determined the protest would constitute a breach of the peace and he was briefly jailed for refusing to pay what authorities called a "peace bond."The Rev. Terry Jones, whose past rhetoric against Muslims has inflamed anti-Western sentiment in Afghanistan, said he refused to pay the $1 bond because to do so would violate his freedom of speech. He later paid it and was released.But Dawud Walid, the executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Jones and Sapp should have been allowed to demonstrate outside the mosque to show that Muslims in Dearborn would not have rioted in response."Mr. Jones has been made as a martyr for free speech," Walid said.Hmmmm...."CHANGE".....Sharia law or The Constitution?Read the full story here.

  • Turkey has lower grades in education than all EU members.(TodaysZaman).In a recently announced European Union report on education, Turkey ranked near the bottom of all 33 countries included in the study due to a high percentage of dropouts, a low rate of success and a lack of qualified teachers. The report covers all EU member states and additionally, Croatia, Macedonia, Iceland, Turkey, Norway and Liechtenstein. It contains overviews and detailed statistics identifying which countries perform above or below the EU average and compares the scores of the countries in several categories, also including the 2020 education benchmarks.The 174-page report put Turkey’s problems regarding education under the spotlight. Referring to the results of Turkish students in the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), a two-hour test given to a half million students in more than 70 countries, it was noted in the report that Turkey continues to score slightly better in every test, but it is still much below the EU average. The report also revealed that Turkey spends 2.59 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on education, while this figure is 6.02 for Belgium and 7 percent for Iceland.In the 18-24 age group with at most a lower secondary education and no further education or training, 44.3 percent of Turkish students drop out, while the average is 14.4 percent in the EU, which aims to lower this figure down to 10 percent by 2020. In Turkey, 14.7 percent of students go on to obtain a tertiary education, which is much lower than the EU average of 40 percent.Turkey was in the third place from the bottom, scoring better than Romania and Bulgaria, where almost half of students are low performers in mathematics.According to 2009 data, Turkey was seventh in a list of countries that send the largest number of students abroad as part of the Erasmus student exchange program after Poland, Italy, Germany, England, Spain and France. In the 2008-2009 academic year Turkey sent 6,920 students abroad and received 2,360 students as part of the program.Hmmmm....One more reason to keep Turkey out of the European Union!Read the full story here.

  • Lost and Found department - Beijing's Confucius statue mysteriously removed.(NDtv).Beijing: The mysterious removal of a statue of Confucius opposite Beijing's Tiananmen Square sparked an online flurry of speculation Saturday by Chinese looking for an explanation. One report says the monument was simply moved inside a nearby museum.The statue of the 2,500-year-old sage was unveiled just three months ago in the Communist government's most visible endorsement yet of a cultural icon it had once reviled.On Saturday, it was missing from the pavement on the north side of the recently reopened National Museum of China, with no notice as to where or why it had gone.Online forums were abuzz with speculation as to its fate. The news portal quoted a museum staffer saying it had been moved inside to a new sculpture garden. The staffer, who wasn't identified by name, said the statue had been displayed outdoors while the garden was being completed.The 31-foot (9.5-meter) bronze sculpture of a robed Confucius had sat just northeast of Tiananmen Square roughly facing a massive portrait of Mao Zedong, founder of China's Communist regime, hanging from famed Tiananmen Gate at the entrance to the Forbidden City.Confucius was at the center of Chinese civilization for nearly two millennia but was widely denigrated by Mao, who railed constantly against traditional culture and what he called "feudal thinking."Thirty-five years after Mao's death, the statue's appearance was seen as proof of Confucius' rehabilitation as an underlying ideology for a society that has largely discarded communist ideology, even as it retains the one-party Leninist political system.Already in recent years, Confucius has featured in new books and training courses, as well as in a poorly received state-funded biopic last year starring famed Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat in the title role.While the statue's new location could not be verified, Internet users speculated as to whether its removal had been planned all along, or had been prompted by political pressure.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • Priest narrowly avoids being attacked by two swordwielding Islamic extremists in southern Turkey.(Hurriyetdailynews).A Catholic priest in the southern province of Adana narrowly avoided a potential attack by two sword-wielding suspects, according to reports.Francis Dondu, a priest at Adana’s Aziz Pavlus Latin Italian Catholic Church, left his church on Thursday after Maundy Thursday services to visit a local family. After he left, two people armed with swords and blades, 26-year-old Serhat E. and 26-year-old İbrahim K., knocked on the church door, allegedly with plans to kill Dondu.The suspects, who were carrying a one-meter-long sword and blades, asked for the priest, but were told by a custodian that he was not there.The suspects then allegedly forced their way into the church, breaking down statutes of Jesus and Mary and destroying other church belongings with the sword and blades they were carrying with them. The church servant notified the police, who arrived on the scene and eventually subdued the pair.“We were walking when a man offered us a job to distribute bibles. We argued with the man after we refused the job, and then took our blades and went to the church,” the suspects reportedly said in initial testimony.The attack at the church was not a provocation for terrorist purposes, Adana Gov. İlhan Atış said Friday.“[The suspects] were extremely drunk people who had run off the rail,” the governor said, adding that the investigation into the case was continuing.An alcohol test at the police station resulted in Serhat E. blowing 0.018 and İbrahim K. blowing 0.029. Hmmmm....How come when Muslim attack Christian priests it's never their fault? Read the full coverup story here.

  • Turkish children suffer from high rates of parental abuse, study says.(Hurriyetdailynews).Daily Milliyet has granted its Annual Research Award in memory of journalist Örsan Öymen to Associate Professor Sezer Ayan from Cumhuriyet University in Sivas for her study titled “Family and Violence.” The research emphasizes that one third of children are beaten by adults at home and one in two mothers beats her children.Daily Milliyet has granted its Annual Research Award to a study on violence in the home in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas that showed 33 percent of children are beaten at home and that children exposed to abuse are more likely to be aggressive.“Domestic violence is always an issue in Turkey,” Associate Professor Sezer Ayan said, adding that she interviewed a total of 655 students in 70 primary schools for the study in Sivas.In the families surveyed, more than half of the parents said they had loud fights, mostly due to children or money. More than one in four men slap, kick and beat their wives, or pull their hair or cause material damage in the house, Ayan said.When fathers fight with mothers, they usually scold their children as well, some even beating them.“It seems children were beaten for not doing what they were told, having fights with siblings or for not studying. Girls are exposed to violence by their mothers as boys are by their fathers,” she said.“Almost half of the children in the study were also beaten by teachers at schools. Most parents justify violence in school because they think teachers are always right,” said Ayan.Her researched revealed the fact 54 percent of mothers beat their children.The study showed 14 percent of children were slapped using slippers, 10 percent were slapped in the face, and 9 percent were punished by pulling their ears. Another 10 percent were scolded.“Thirty-two percent of children are exposed to violence by either their mother or father at least once a week,” Ayan said.Forty-six percent of fathers beat their children, according to Ayan, who said: “Children beaten up by their mothers are exposed to violence by their father and vice versa. Fifteen percent of fathers who beat their children slap them in the face.”“The legitimization of violence in Turkish families as a method of solution to problems is another reason behind domestic violence,” Ayan said.Hmmmm.....Keep Turkey out of the European Union!Read the full story here.

  • Queers Against Israel Apartheid quits Toronto parade.(JTA)Queers Against Israeli Apartheid said it will not participate in the Toronto Pride Parade.The group, which has raised controversy with its planned participation in the parade, was announced its decision in an April 15 news release.Mayor Rob Ford said on the same day that the city should withhold the funds until after the parade to ensure that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid does not actually march. Ford has said he would withhold city funding from the parade if the group participates.Pride Toronto received $123,807 from the city last year.Toronto's city manager said in a report that the group's participation does not violate the city's anti-discrimination policy, allowing the city to go forward with providing funding for the 2011 event. The city said it would fund the parade as long as all of the groups participating adhered to the city's anti-discrimination policy.Queers Against Israeli Apartheid's withdrawal was presented by the organization as a "challenge" to Ford. The organization said it will hold its own event this week.“Rob Ford wants to use us as an excuse to cut Pride funding, even though he has always opposed funding the parade, long before we showed up,” Queers Against Israeli Apartheid spokesperson Elle Flanders said in the news release. “By holding our Pride events outside of the parade, we are forcing him to make a choice: Fund Pride or have your real homophobic, right-wing agenda exposed.”The Canadian Jewish Congress, which has voiced its objection to the organization's participation, said it was pleased that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid had withdrawn from the parade.“This is a positive step and reaffirms what Canadian Jewish Congress has been saying all along: There is absolutely no place in the Pride Parade for hateful and discriminatory messages," said CJC's CEO, Bernie Farber. "The Pride Parade should be about openness and inclusivity and not about divisive, inflammatory messaging, which serves only to create a hostile and toxic environment.”Read the full story here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rep. Allen West says Obama displays "third world dictator-like arrogance"

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                       Afternoon  Posting.

  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 22. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 22. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.5 and 4.7! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 95.Source : Here .

  • Obama: Think about ditching those gas-guzzling SUVs(TheHill).President Obama urged the public Thursday to think about trading in their SUVs for more fuel-efficient vehicles, arguing that gas-guzzlers keep the country dependent on foreign oil.“When you do decide to buy a new car, think about that we’re putting a whole bunch of money into the pockets of some folks who do not like us at all,” Obama said in remarks at a town-hall meeting in Reno, Nev., referring to oil-producing countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Obama noted, however, that not all Americans can afford to buy a new car.As gas prices continue to rise, Obama has made reducing the country’s dependence on foreign oil a major part of his administration’s domestic policy agenda.Hmmmm.....A dictator forcing his idea of an electric car world upon America, you WILL Drive, Eat and Think as I say!Read the full story here.

  • - Advocating an American 'Islamic State' and Shariah Law in the United States.(Memri)The English-language website is a website advocating the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate and shariah law in the United States. It features articles and graphics detailing the dismantling of American and international institutions, such as the United Nations and the White House; American monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument; and details the various steps that will take place in economics, law, and foreign policy after the establishment of an "Islamic state."

The website is apparently run by the British Islamist Sheikh Anjem Choudary, who is prominently featured on the various pages. Choudary headed the British group "Islam 4 UK" until it was proscribed as a terrorist organization in 2010. He has also taken part in the activities of "Shariah 4 Belgium," an Islamist group calling for the establishment of Shariah law in Belgium and Holland.The website also features Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, a Syrian born Islamist cleric who lived in the U.K. for nearly 20 years before leaving for Lebanon. He is currently banned from returning.Following is a description of the website's content:
Home Page
The website's home page includes a banner featuring the text: "Shariah 4 America. A call for revolution" and an image of the American flag in the shape of the continental U.S. being taken over by the banner of Islam. The bottom part of the page features the text: "Communism is dead. Capitalism is dying. Islam is the solution."Below the banner, there is a rotating graphic of featured articles, including "Shariah 4 America Demonstration postponed," a picture of British Islamist Sheikh Anjem Choudary standing in front of the White House, with the banner of Islam hanging from it, and "Fatwa on U.S. intervention in Muslim Lands By Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad," including a picture of U.S. soldiers pointing a gun at the Ka'aba in Mecca.The site currently features 10 articles broken down into sections titled "Shariah," "New York," and "Washington," dealing with the steps that will be taken after the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the U.S.

Shariah Section
The "Shariah" section features, among others, the following articles:
- "The End of Israel's U.S. Funding" – discussing the steps to be taken vis-a-vis Israel by the future caliphate. The article includes images of an Israeli submarine flying the banner of Islam, crates of weapons intended for "Palestine," and an eviction notice posted at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC.
- "Do NOT Obey the Law of the Land" – calling on Muslims to obey shariah law, and not the law of the countries in which they reside, if the former contradicts the latter.

- "The Islamic State: 24 Hours after Implementation" – discussing specific steps that the future Islamic state will take in terms of economics, industry, and foreign policy.

New York Section
The "New York" section of the website includes the following articles:
- "International Shariah Court of Justice (New York)" – An article describing the formation of a future International Islamic court on the site of the "obsolete United Nations." The article features a picture of the U.N. flying the banners of Islam, a picture of the Shariah Court in session – with the banner of Islam and the text "Sovereignty is for none but Allah" and an Islamic speaker on the podium, flanked by armed guards - and a picture announcing the future trials of world leaders like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hosni Mubarak, and Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi on the charge of "Terrorist War Crimes."

- "The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty" – An article announcing the demolition of the Statue of Liberty and the construction of the "New York Minaret" – a massive mosque. The article features pictures of the Statue of Liberty wearing traditional Muslim garb, with a picture warning the public that "demolition of the Statue of Liberty is due to begin soon. Explosive charges will be used and so all visitors are advised to steer clear of the building site," and a photo of blueprints for the future "New York Minaret."
Washington Section
The "Washington" section of the Website includes the following articles:
- "The Islamic Punishment for Paedophiles" – An article advocating the Islamic punishment for pedophiles, wherein the accused are "impaled on a sharp spike... and left until death overcomes them... on public display as a vivid warning..." The article features pictures of the Washington Monument, renamed "Paedophile Point … By order of the Islamic Caliph, 2011."

- "The White Masjid" – An article advocating the transformation of the White House into a mosque. The article features pictures of the White House as a mosque, with minarets and domes.Additionally, the website offers a "Media enquiries" contact number (the same number as Anjem Choudary's), and a "Contact" section for individuals or groups interested in participating in a rally for Shariah law outside the White House.Hmmmmm......We don't want to take over your country"?yeah whatevah!Read and see the full story here.

  • Time for a "trade in"?Earth Day Ends Obama's 53,300 Gallon Trip.(USNews).President Obama declared today's 41st annual Earth Day proof of America's ecological and conservation spirit—then completed a three-day campaign-style trip logging 10,666 miles on Air Force One, eating up some 53,300 gallons at a cost of about $180,000. And that doesn't include the fuel consumption of his helicopter, limo, or the 29 other vehicles that travel with that car.Unfortunately for any president, there is no way around traveling and the high costs of maintaining armored and militarized equipment sometimes make it a political target. The costs of travel by recent presidents have typically been investigated by opposing parties, but because the administrations and Secret Service don't discuss details like fuel consumption, those probes can't be exact in the total costs.But it is pretty easy to ballpark the costs of most trips, like Obama's three-day tour. He started at the White House on Wednesday, flew out of Andrews Air Force Base and ended up in San Francisco. On Thursday, he flew to Reno and ended the day in Los Angeles. Today, he flew home, via Andrews Air Force Base.

According to the mileage calculator on, those trips total 10,666 air miles. Published reports say that Boeing 747s similar to Air Force One burn about 5 gallons per mile. With companies like Jet Blue now paying $3.37 a gallon, that’s a total fuel cost of $179,621.During his trip, Obama's 30-car motorcade was used to carry him to events. His limo, and there are usually two in the motorcade, gets a high of 8-10 miles per gallon, according to industry estimates, ironic considering his recent criticism of low-mileage cars. In Pennsylvania earlier this month, he mocked low-mileage vehicles that get 8 miles per gallon, like heavy duty work trucks."If you're complaining about the price of gas and you're only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know," Obama said laughingly. "You might want to think about a trade-in."Read the full story here.

  • ‘Forget About the Law’: Union Bosses & White House Advisors Bob Park & Rich Trumka Admit They Are Overriding US Law & Sovereignty With the International Labor Movement.(TheBlaze).Hmmmmm......Frequent WhiteHouse visitor.Hitler and the ShutzStaffels come to mind,strange didden't they hate Jews also?Read and see the full 'story' here.

  • Red Cross: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza.(IsraelToday).The International Red Cross on Wednesday acknowledged what anyone not taken in by anti-Israel propaganda has known for some time: that there is no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.In an interview with the Israeli army spokesman, Mathilde Redmatn, deputy director of the Red Cross in Gaza, clearly declared for all those willing to listen that there "is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.""If you go to the supermarket, there are products. There are restaurants and a nice beach," noted Redmatn.But Redmatn did go on to criticize Israel for maintaining a partial embargo on certain goods, such as cement, which can and has been used by terrorist forces to build bunkers."Israel has the legitimate right to protect the civilian population, [but] this right should be balanced with the right of 1.5 million people living in the Gaza Strip," said Redmatn. "...difficulties in importing building materials [has] hampered sustainable economic recovery and dashed any hope of leading a normal and dignified life."Israelis would argue that a territory that elects terrorists as its leaders and then facilitates the launching of thousands of missiles at a neighboring territory has forfeited the right to a "normal and dignified life."Redmatn also slammed Hamas and its terrorist allies for continuing to fire missiles and mortar shells at Israeli civilians in southern Israel.But, despite the reality, painting Gaza as a squalor-filled prison is just too good a propaganda tool for most to give up.A few brave journalists over the past few years have bucked the media trend of portraying Gaza as the most destitute place on earth, and have provided written and photographic evidence that Gaza is not nearly as bad off as most reports make it out to be.Last year, National Post reporter Tom Gross lambasted his colleagues in the international media for focusing solely on those parts of Gaza that are impoverished in a deliberate attempt to suggest that the entire region lives that way, because of Israeli security measures."We could produce the same effect by selectively filming seedy parts of Paris and Rome and New York and Los Angeles, too," Gross wrote at the time.Even Hamas has admitted that there is no Israeli-created starvation in Gaza."There is no starvation in Gaza. No one has died of hunger," Khalil Hamada, a senior official at Gaza's Ministry of Justice, told London's Daily Telegraph last year.The truth revealed by all of these acknowledgements and reports is that Gaza is not under siege. Yes, Israel is closely monitoring and restricting the entry of certain goods in order to limit the terrorists' capabilities. But the influx of goods into a territory that is actively engaged in terrorist warfare against the civilians of its neighboring territory is unprecedented in Gaza.Hmmmm.....Conclusion......It's easy to find a stick to beat the'evil Jew'.Read the full story here.

  • Jordan detains 136 on 'terror' charges.(Ynet). Arrests take place week after scores hurt when Islamist Salafist protesters clash with police in northern city of Zarqa.Jordan has detained 136 people on "terrorism" charges a week after scores were hurt when Islamist Salafist protesters clashed with police in the northern city of Zarqa, a police spokesman said on Friday. "The involvement of 136 people brought before the prosecutor of the State Security Court for terrorism and unrest has been proven, and it was decided to detain them," spokesman Mohammad Khatib said, quoted by Petra news agency. Khatib spoke of the "the involvement of 100 other people on the run who will be referred to the attorney general of state security once they are arrested." The Salafists, who espouse an austere form of Sunni Islam, clashed with security forces during a demonstration in Zarqa, northeast of Amman, on April 15, leaving 91 people wounded. An investigation showed the demonstrators had carried out the attack armed with "sharp weapons including swords, axes, daggers, sticks and iron bars," said Khatib.They "caused damage to public and private property... caused trouble... by beating and stabbing a number of citizens and members of security forces," he said. The spokesman said the accused forced shops to close and took control of the Omar Bin al-Khattab mosque in Zarqa "causing fear and frightening the faithful." Unlike other protests calling for reform that have rocked Jordan in recent weeks, the Salafist demonstrators have been demanding the release of 90 Islamist prisoners.Among those they want freed is Abu Mohammed al-Maqdessi, the one-time mentor of slain al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who hailed from Zarqa.The Salafists, who seek a return to practices common in the early days of Islam, have been protesting for several weeks, also staging demonstrations in the capital. Jordanian Prime Minister Maaruf Bakhit has accused the Islamists of belonging to an armed organization, and said his government would take a tough line against them.Read the full story here.

  • Putin: U.S. Monetary Policy Amounts To 'Hooliganism'.(TPM)Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin characterized U.S. monetary policy as "hooliganism" in his annual address to the Russian Parliament Wednesday. As reported in the Wall Street Journal : "Look at their trade balance, their debt, and budget. They turn on the printing press and flood the entire dollar zone -- in other words, the whole world -- with government bonds. There is no way we will act this way anytime soon. We don't have the luxury of such hooliganism," he said.Putin lobbed harsh criticism toward the U.S., saying that "everything is not so good for our friends in the States," and said the lesson to be taken from the financial crisis was the importance of being "self-reliant, independent, and strong."China -- the top holder of U.S. debt -- has also expressed concern about the U.S.'s economic footing following the S&P warning. On Tuesday, China's foreign ministry spokesman urged the U.S. to adopt "responsible measures" to guarantee the interests of investors.Hmmm......America has entered one of its periods of historic madness, but this is the worst I can remember.John Le Carre.Read the full story here.

  • Tunisian held at Guantanamo for 8 years then transferred by the Obama regime to Italy on terrorism charges being deported to Tunesia on terrorisme charges.(CanadianPress).ROME — The Italian government on Wednesday deported a Tunisian man who was held for eight years at Guantanamo on terrorism charges and then transferred to Italy in 2009 as part of the U.S. government's attempts to shut down the prison.The Interior Ministry said Adel Ben Mabrouk was put on a plane for Tunisia under an agreement with Tunisian diplomats in Rome.Mabrouk lived in Italy before travelling to Afghanistan, where he was captured on the border with Pakistan and turned over to the United States in 2001. Upon his return to Italy along with another prisoner, he was convicted of criminal association with the aim of terrorism but was freed in February because of time served in Guantanamo.Prosecutors said that while living in Italy he frequented an Islamic centre in Milan which a U.S. Treasury report at the time labeled "the main al-Qaida station house in Europe."The Interior Ministry statement said the group had planned using a car bomb to blow up Milan's Gothic cathedral. The attack never took place.The deportation to Tunisia had been apparently held up because of the political turmoil in the North African country. The ministry praised the "renewed co-operation" between Italian authorities and Tunisian diplomats in Italy.Hmmmm......Home sweet home ....Thank you Hussein?Read the full story here.

  • Easter Cancelled in Syria.(Aina).The country's Christian population has been forced to abandon its usually colourful and exuberant commemorations because of the number of "martyrs" who have died and the "bad situation", a senior church official told The Daily Telegraph.The whole country is braced for a wave of protests on Friday, despite an announcement that President Bashir al-Assad had signed a decree lifting the 48-year state of emergency, a key demand.Government promises of reform combined with violence by armed plain-clothes security forces have only served to bolster the opposition, who are planning more demonstrations after regular Muslim Friday prayers.But today these will clash with Good Friday services, which would normally see processions and public gatherings by Syria's Christian minority, estimated at between 1-2 million, or around five per cent of the population."We are not receiving official congratulations," Bishop Philoxenos Mattias, Assistant to the Syriac Orthodox Church Patriarchate in Damascus, the country's biggest Christian denomination, said."All of the Syrian churches have decided this together because of the bad situation and because of the martyrs who have died in recent days, out of respect for them."He said services would still take place inside the churches, but all street processions and public music performances had been cancelled. "We decided to postpone them till next year," he added.Normally streets in the Christian quarters of Damascus and other cities would see parades by uniformed marching bands and choirboys and even re-enactments of the Crucifixion.One nun, speaking from her monastery but asking not to be identified, said Christians were afraid even to come to church."They do not feel safe," she said. "There aren't going to be any celebrations, but just prayers inside church. On Palm Sunday we cancelled the celebrations too."Things are not good here -- how can we celebrate? People are very sad. We cannot celebrate because of all the martyrs who have lost their lives and because of all the destruction that has taken place. We are only going to pray."The decision by the churches was said to have been taken in consultation with the authorities but not on their insistence.The official churches of Syria tend to be very pro-government. They regard its aggressive secular agenda as a key reason for the lack of anti-church violence by Muslim fundamentalist groups of the sort that has decimated Christian populations in neighbouring Iraq and seen widespread emigration elsewhere in the region.Whether those feelings are shared by younger members is less clear.Christian imagery was posted on the "Syrian Revolution 2011" Facebook page, calling for united Good Friday protests.Hmmmm......."Change"......Obama & Hillary Assad is a 'reformer'.Read the full story here.

  • Realated - Syria's Assad Has a Staunch Friend in the Church.(Aina)."We are with the government and against these movements that oppose it," said Bishop Philoxenos Mattias, a spokesman for the Syriac Orthodox Church."Here in Syria we do not have problems like Christians in other countries. We have no problem with the president."The experience of neighbouring Iraq is a salutary lesson for Christians across the Middle East. Many disliked the brutality of Saddam Hussein's regime as much as his other subjects, but what has come since has been incomparably worse.In the violence, much of it sectarian, that swept the country after the coalition invasion, both Christians and occupations traditionally carried out by Christians, such as selling alcohol, were targeted for the first time. More than 60 churches have been bombed, hundreds killed for their faith and the Catholic Archbishop of Mosul was two years ago abducted and murdered.More than half the Christian population are estimated to have fled the country.Even in countries which have a long tradition of Christians and Muslims living alongside each other, including in Lebanon where Christian Maronites used to be the dominant political force and are still guaranteed the presidency under the constitution, numbers are declining.In some cases, this is ascribed to the economic opportunities offered by emigration to the Christian West. In others, it is a subtle mixture of opportunity mixed with the chance to leave behind low-level sectarian conflict and the threat of worse should the situation deteriorate.Read the full story here.

  • The 'Snake' is out of the bag!Iranian Ayatollah: Saudi, Bahraini Dynasties Are Heretic.(Memri).Iranian Ayatollah Javadi Amoli told Bahraini clerics that every Muslim has a duty to protect the Bahraini people, adding that many Iranian young people are willing to martyr themselves in Bahrain, but that the path to it is blocked. He said that the Al-Saud dynasty in Saudi Arabia and the Al-Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain are heretic. The Iranian news agency ISNA reported that 200 Iranian students have departed by ship from southern Iran towards Bahrain. Hmmmm...'200 Iranian students'?Studying "The Art of War"?Read the full story here.

  • IRGC Cmdr: We Can Respond Aggressively Even In Gulf Of Oman. Indian Ocean; Israel, U.S. Bases Within Range Of Iranian Missiles.(Memri).The commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Ali J'afari, says that the enemy has distanced its ships from the Persian Gulf region to the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean, due to its fears of Iran's might in the Gulf. However, he said, the IRGC is increasing the range of its response to enemy aggression to these distant regions as well. He added that Israel and U.S. military bases in the Middle East are all within the range of Iranian missiles.Hmmmm........Read the full story here.

  • Why Saudi Arabia Should Be Worried About Iran's Next Move.(Businessinsider).Iran warned Saudi Arabia on Monday of the dire consequences of Riyadh’s intervention in Bahrain. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s adviser for military affairs, Maj. Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi, told journalists, “The presence and attitude of Saudi Arabia (in Bahrain) sets an incorrect precedence for similar future events, and Saudi Arabia should consider this fact that one day the very same event may recur in Saudi Arabia itself and Saudi Arabia may come under invasion for the very same excuse.”A post-U.S. Iraq renders the Saudi kingdom vulnerable to a future Iranian invasion.The remarks made by Safavi, who formerly served as commander of Iran’s elite military force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (1997-2007), constitute the first time Tehran has issued such a direct warning. The Saudis and the Iranians have had tense relations since the founding of the Islamic republic in 1979 and increasingly so since the U.S. invasion of Iraq toppled the Baathist regime, which led to a Shiite-dominated Iraqi state and the empowering of Iran. But never before has Iran issued a public statement about an invasion of the Saudi kingdom.So, why is the Persian Shiite state engaging in such threats now? The Saudi move to intervene in neighboring Bahrain, where popular unrest was largely waged by the Shiite majority, threatened to topple a Sunni monarchy. Well aware of the implications, the Saudis embarked on their first long-term, overseas military deployment, sending in 1,500 troops to help Bahraini forces crush the Shiite opposition.The Saudi move succeeded in quelling the unrest (for now at least), which placed Iran in a difficult position. Lacking the capability to physically aid their fellow Shia in the Persian Gulf, the Iranians were caught in an awkward situation. Iran had to do more than issue diplomatic statements and engineer protests against the Saudis and their allies.Read the full story here.

The passion of the Christ

Andrew Klavan: How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

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  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 22. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 22. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.5 and 4.7! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 95.On 22.04.2011 at 03:07 GMT+2

    Tokyo Electric Power Company says radioactive substances that leaked into the sea at the damaged Fukushima plant over six days from April 1st are estimated at 4,700 terabecquerels. This is 20,000 times more than the annual allowable limit at the complex, NHK reported. At a news conference on Thursday, Tokyo Electric said it calculated the total amount of leaked water assuming that the leak began on April 1st. The leak of contaminated water from a pit of the Number 2 reactor was found on April 2nd and was stopped four days later using liquid glass. The utility firm said that 520 tons of the high-level radioactive water is likely to have leaked into the sea during the period. The estimated level of radiation in the water is roughly one 100th of what the government announced on Tuesday of last week as the total amount of radiation released into the air from the Daiichi complex. The figure is about 10,000 times more than that released in the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. Levels of iodine131 were found to be 7.5 million times the safety limit on April 2nd near the water intake of the Number 2 reactor. Tokyo Electric has since set up underwater barriers near the intake to prevent the spread of radioactive water in the sea. The radiation level of seawater in the area has been gradually falling and, as of Tuesday, the iodine level was 1,200 times the limit. Tokyo Electric says radioactive water may possibly be still leaking out through unidentified routes. The firm is trying to determine the routes and to continue monitoring data and grasping the impact of the radioactive water on marine life and the sea.

    Situation Update No. 94 - On 21.04.2011 at 13:32 GMT+2

    Radioactive water 20,000 times the allowable limit leaked into the Pacific Ocean from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power said Thursday. The plant operator estimated the early April leakage lasted for six days through April 6 and amounted to 520 tons, Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported. Japan's worst nuclear crisis was triggered by a massive 9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami on March 11. In a related development, Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced his government will enforce a no-entry zone within a 12.4-mile radius of the crippled nuclear plant, prohibiting evacuees from returning to their homes without government permission. The restriction has been in force since the early days of the disaster but has often been ignored. Many of the 78,000 residents who have homes in the evacuation zone have gone back in recent weeks to retrieve their belongings and check on businesses. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters entry into the area will now be highly regulated. People who temporarily return will have to wear protective suits and ride into the restricted zone on a designated bus.Source : Here .

  • The first Amendmend Just passed away in Dearbornistan!Pastor Terry Jones' rally becomes battle over free speech.With some of metro Detroit’s biggest political and religious leaders united behind Muslims in Dearborn, Florida Pastor Terry Jones is expected to appear in court this morning for a jury trial that will determine whether he can hold a rally at the largest mosque in the city.This “bigot does not represent” us, Imam Hassan Qazwini, head of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, declared to a crowd of about 700 metro Detroiters at a rally that drew U.S. Rep. John Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat, and the local heads of the Catholic and Episcopal churches.Qazwini’s mosque is where Jones wants to rally today against what he calls “the radical element in Islam.” Jones appeared in court Thursday and refused to post a bond for the massive security effort Dearborn says it would have to deploy if Jones were allowed to rally. The judge then ordered the trial.Dearborn officials and Wayne County prosecutors sought to convince Jones to post a bond for security costs if he wants to protest in Dearborn. And they urged him to rally not at the Islamic Center of America — his desired spot — but instead in front of their City Hall or civic center. Dearborn District Judge Mark Somers sided with government officials, finding their arguments compelling. The officials argued that for logistical and security reasons, Jones should not be allowed to rally at the Islamic center.The government should “not impinge on a person’s right to protest, even when their speech is as distasteful and offensive as Rev. Jones’ is,” said Rana Elmir, communications director for the Michigan ACLU. “We should combat hate speech with more speech. I disagree vehemently with Rev. Jones’ message, but I believe wholeheartedly in his right to express himself.” Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said there are serious problems with having Jones protest outside the Islamic Center of America, noting that Jones has received numerous death threats and has a $1.2-million bounty on his head from a Pakistan-based terrorist group. Moreover, the mosque is surrounded by several churches that have Good Friday services, making traffic an issue, he argued. The site also is logistically a challenge because of its layout, he said. The city already had denied Jones a permit to protest. “It would have been chaos,” Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly Jr. told the Free Press on Thursday. “We just couldn’t do that.” O’Reilly, an attorney, said the government has to make “reasonable accommodation” for free-speech rights, which he says the city routinely does by providing free-speech zones in front of Dearborn City Hall and the civic center. Dearborn is known for its frequent rallies and protests, especially as they relate to the Middle East. “We know the Constitution,” O’Reilly said. “A lot of people really don’t understand the Constitution.” But Elmir of the ACLU said: “We can’t forget both religious freedom and the right to protest. The City of Dearborn should honor both of those rights equally.” Elmir said the ACLU is concerned about anti-Muslim hate speech and discrimination, but the solution is not censorship. “The government cannot silence demonstrations in anticipation that their message will not be welcome,” she said.Majed Moughni, a Dearborn attorney, agreed that Jones has the right to protest. Moughni is not a fan of Jones, having burned him in effigy last year because he had threatened to burn the Quran. But Moughni said it’s wrong for the city and county to try to hinder Jones’ rights. “Instead of him being the bad guy, now he’s the hero,” Moughni said. “They’ve turned him into a hero of the First Amendment. “The prosecutors should withdraw their demands and let him speak as he wishes, which is his right under the Constitution.” Michael Steinberg, legal director with the ACLU of Michigan, said the government’s actions are unconstitutional. “In a free society, the government can’t place a price on a person’s ability to speak,” Steinberg said.Hmmmm.....Meanwhile the First Amendmend has been burried in a 'private' ceremony in the courthouse according to the Sharia law rites?Read the full story here.More here .

  • Related - Islamophobes in Michigan Assert Muslims More Violent Than the Rest of Us.(TheJawaReport).I am constantly being called an Islamophobe because I don't like religious law and I have the audacity to suggest that political Islam might be a causal factor in the majority of today's terrorism.Okay, if I get this story right then:
A) Terry Jones, the Quran burning pastor is holding a protest in Dearborn, Michigan, a city with one of the highest Muslim populations in the US.
B) The city is worried that Muslims might riot in response.
C) So, the city says it will only give Jones a permit if he posts a bond to cover additional security measures.
D) Jones is refusing to pay the bond and faces jail time.
So, if I'm reading all of this right .....Then the City of Dearborn is saying that Muslims are like children in that they can't help but rioting when they get offended? Jones is following the law and exercising his right to protest, while those he's protesting against can't be trusted to do the same? The city is in fact asserting as a matter beyond dispute that Muslims are less responsible than other citizens. If this is the case, then why isn't the so-called "Muslim community" being forced to pay the bond? They are the ones the city alleges will be breaking the law, so why shouldn't they be the ones paying for extra police protection?Read the full story here.

  • Mubarak about to be transferred to the Tora Prison hospital?Egyptian Prosecutor-General Abdel-Magid Mahmoud has appointed a leading forensic doctor to assess the state of the Tora Prison hospital contemplating the transfer of the ousted Mubarak there. The doctor is expected to ascertain whether the hospital is equipped to tend to Mubarak's health care and needs.The 83-year-old is currently under arrest at a hospital in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and has been remanded for 15 days in jail pending investigations on April 13. The deposed Mubarak is due to be questioned about allegations of corruption and alleged violence against protesters during the popular uprising which began January 25 and led to his stepping down February 11.The former president’s two sons, Alaa and Gamal, are also serving a 15-day detention order in Tora Prison. According to Egypt's state news agency Mena reported on Thursday Mubarak’s health is unstable.In a new bout of corruption exposed both wives of Mubarak’s sons have been summoned for questioning over the vast amounts of assets and funds accumulated during Mubarak’s reign.Related, a court in Egypt has ruled that the names of the ousted Mubarak and his wife Suzanne be removed from all public places. Hundreds of public squares, streets, libraries and schools across Egypt are named after the couple. It is expected that Mubarak’s name would also be removed from all ministry facilities, including a major underground station in central Cairo. According to Judge Mohammed Hassan Omar said who ordered the removal it has become clear that the size of the corruption that's being uncovered every day exceeds by far anyone's imagination. BBC in Cairo reports that there have been suggestions for streets to be renamed after the people who were killed in the recent anti-government protests.Thursday’s papers also reported that one of the Egypt’s most prestigious awards, the Mubarak Award, has been abolished adding the cabinet announced it approved a diktat law on the establishment of the Nile Prize in the fields of literature and the arts and social sciences, science and technology in its place.Source.

  • Pharao Obama's plan: Palestinian state, without right of return.(Ynetnews).White House works out peace deal that focuses on Israel accepting Palestinian state, Palestinians giving up right of return. PM plans to present own peace plan before Kensset, US Congress.WASHINGTON - The White House has been working on a new peace initiative for the past three months, one that revolves around a few key principles: A Palestinian state without the right of return, Jerusalem as the capital of both states, and an emphasis on Israel's security needs.According to an article published in the New York Times Thursday, the details of the proposal are yet to be hashed out.Officials at the Prime Minister's Office did not rush to respond to the NY Times report. Thursday evening, sources in Jerusalem said that Israel was not surprised by the American plan currently being worked out. "Everyone knew something is being formulated in Washington," one official said. At this time it's unclear whether Prime Minister Netanyahu was aware of the initiative and gave it his blessing. Some officials estimated that the Obama plan is meant to affect the PM's upcoming speech, which is expected to feature Israel's new peace initiative.Though US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced last week that President Barack Obama will be “speaking in greater detail about America’s policy in the Middle East and North Africa in the coming weeks,” it is still unclear whether Obama will use the occasion to present a new peace plan. An unnamed official told the Times that both Obama and Clinton are in favor of such move, while the president’s senior adviser on the Middle East, Dennis Ross, is against it.According to the article, if Obama does, in fact, present a peace initiative, it will discuss four terms of reference: Israel's acceptance of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders; Palestinian acceptance that there would be no right to return to Israeli land; Jerusalem as the capital of both states; and the protection of Israel's security needs.Read the full 'story' here.

  • White House readies ‘US Shake Out’ to prepare citizens for earthquakes.(TheHill)The Departments of Homeland Security and Education are reaching out to millions of people in central U.S. states to get them to participate in an earthquake preparedness drill.In an event called the “Great Central U.S. Shake Out,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are reaching out to areas in the Midwest that could be impacted by an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line.According to the event’s website, more than 2.5 million people have committed to taking part in Thursday’s drill in which participants will be told how to react in the event of an earthquake.“It's critical that all members of the nation's emergency management team — including the federal government, state, local and tribal officials, the private sector and the public — are prepared,” said Napolitano.“Learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of an earthquake or other disaster is a vital life skill — and we look forward to working with schools, colleges and our other partners to strengthen the resiliency of communities across the central United States,” she said.The White House is reaching out to schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.“The ShakeOut drill is an important exercise for parents, students, teachers and schools leaders across the country, and I hope it encourages more schools to develop, implement and evaluate emergency plans,” said Duncan.Nearly 200 years ago, a series of earthquakes along the New Madrid fault line rippled throughout the United States, causing a vast shadow of destruction and disrepair.Hmmmm......An earthquake that might be good for a few votes if you're preparing it and lay waiting for it?Is this going to be a natural occuring earthquake in the New Madrid or a HAARP induced quake?Read the full story here.

  • Change you can see!America within days of breaching $14.3TRILLION borrowing limit.The United States has surpassed $14trillion in debt for the first time in history while continuing on a course to hit the legal limit on the national debt in less than one week, while Democrats continue to battle the GOP on raising the debt ceiling to avoid a new financial crisis.House Majority Leader Eric Cantor warned Democrats that he is willing to let the U.S. default to creditors if GOP demands for massive cuts to spending and budget process reforms are not met by President Obama and House Democrats, who are seeking to increase the debt ceiling to avoid another economic crisis.‘With the debt-limit window fast approaching, House Republicans have made clear that, if the President and our Democratic colleagues refuse to accept serious reforms that immediately reduce federal spending and end the culture of debt in Washington, we will not grant their request for a debt limit increase,’ Cantor said is a statement Wednesday.A balanced budget amendment, statutory spending caps and a two-thirds vote requirement for tax increases are potentially some of the GOP’s top demands before a debt ceiling agreement can be reached.Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has warned of catastrophic consequences if the ceiling is not raised, saying that it will lead to an even worse crisis then the recession that the country is just emerging from, as an increase in interest rates and borrowing costs would be seen for Americans nationwide.Gold and silver rallied on Thursday, with both increases viewed as a result of the dismal economic outlook for the U.S., along with the country’s historically low interest rates, coupled with a rise in inflation and on-going concerns about European debt.Democrats are trying to avoid another stand-off with Republicans on the contentious matter. But the debate has emerged as Standard and Poor delivered a massive blow to the U.S., changing its debt outlook from ‘stable’ to ‘negative’.The country’s borrowing limit currently stands at just under $14.3trillion. According to the Daily Treasury Statement released Wednesday, the national debt subject to this legal limit is now officially at $14.26trillion. This leaves only $25.635billion left for the U.S. treasury to borrow until the limit is hit.Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar stumbled on the world markets, falling against most major currencies yesterday and hitting a 15-month low against the euro.Hmmm...Considering the trouble the Euro is in that says a lot about the Dollar!Read the full story here.

  • Sen. Jim DeMint (R): Obama Regime “Acting Like a Bunch of Thugs”.I thought I’ve seen all, but now this administration is acting like a bunch of thugs. I mean they really are trying to bully and intimidate, not just Boeing, they are attacking every right to work state,” Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) about White House union ties possibly blocking a move of Boeing to South Carolina.Read and see the full story here.

  • Old habits die hard: Obama Omits “Creator” From Declaration.....again.(TheBlaze). I propose a new drinking game. And this is one even a recovering alcoholic can play.For every time that Barack Obama recognizes that the Declaration of Independence has the word “Creator” in it this campaign season, we all have to take a shot. So for example, when he quotes the phrase “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” we all drink. Simple.But it probably won’t be that much fun. That’s because if we all decide to play, we’ll probably end up like Glenn — sober.As we’ve noted several times, Obama has a habit of leaving out “Creator” when he quotes the founding document (see here, here, and here). And he did it once again while speaking to supporters in San Francisco last night.Oversight? Does he think it’s unnecessary? Or maybe, do you think he’s just trying to save us from alcoholism?Hmmmm....."There can be only one 'God' in the room?Read and see the full story here.

  • Senators Battle Environmentalists Seeking to Ban Lead in Ammunition, Fishing Tackle.(Fox).As environmentalists battle to ban the use of lead in ammunition and fishing tackle out of concern for wildlife and their habitats, several U.S. lawmakers have rushed to defend the tools of hunters and fishermen with a new bill to shield such items from regulation.Sens. Jon Tester, D-Mont, and John Thune, R-S.D., co-chairmen of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, unveiled this week legislation to clarify the longstanding exemption of ammunition and its components under the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, which allows the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate "chemical substances" under certain circumstances.Citing tax revenue as justification, the lawmakers say a ban would lead to higher excise taxes on more expensive bullets that would price out many hunters and fisherman."Hunting, shooting and fishing are more than just pastimes in Montana – they're part of our outdoor heritage," Tester said. "They're Montana values that we pass on to our kids and grandkids. And I'll fight for those values whenever Washington D.C.'s rules get in the way of commons sense.""Outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing, not only provide recreational opportunities, but also greatly contribute to South Dakota's economy," Thune said. "The EPA's overreaching regulations in other areas are already negatively affecting jobs and businesses across the country, and I am committed to ensuring that ammunition and tackle do not become subject to arbitrary regulation.""I guarantee that if the EPA were to ban lead ammunition, there would be no difference in the excise tax taken by federal officials," Keats said. "It's not a rational argument. The premise requires you to believe hundreds of thousands of people who are not allowed to use lead ammunition will instead give up hunting."Miller said the excise tax equally applies to ammunition sold regardless of its composition."Sales of copper-based ammunition brings in just as much money for conservationists," he said. "It's a nonissue. That tax would continue."Read the full story here.

  • Arab League Sec-Gen: Camp David Accords Have Expired.(Memri).The Camp David Accords signed between Egypt and Israel have expired and no longer govern the situation, Arab League secretary-general and potential Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa has said.Moussa, who participated in the negotiations with Israel in 1978, made the statements during a discussion with Egyptian youth.He added, "What governs the relationship between the two countries is the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 and the Egyptian-Israeli treaty."Source.

  • Savage Beheading Reprise: Libyan Rebels Behead Captured Soldier.(TheJawaReport).Hmmmm.....Perhaps to celebrate the arrival of the drones send by Hussein...or is it to greet McCain?Read the full story here .Warning extremely graphic images!

  • Indonesian police find bombs near church ahead of Easter, arrest 19 terror suspects.(Washingtonpost).JAKARTA, Indonesia — Terror suspects arrested Thursday led police to five massive bombs buried beneath a gas pipeline near a church just outside Indonesia’s capital, officials said.Djoko Suyanto, a security minister, said he believed Islamic militants had been plotting an attack ahead of Easter celebrations. The U.S. embassy urged Americans to be vigilant.The explosives, safely defused at the scene, had been set to detonate by cell phone at around 9 a.m. Friday.“The army and police are under high alert,” Suyanto told reporters, adding that troops would be deployed at churches and other strategic locations. “We want to guarantee safety.”Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, has been battling extremists since 2002 when al-Qaida-linked militants attacked two nightclubs on Bali island, killing 202 people, many of them foreign tourists.Several attacks since then targeted glitzy hotels, restaurants and an embassy, killing another 60. Hundreds of suspects have been arrested, convicted and thrown in jail.In recent months, small bands of militants hoping to turn the secular nation of 237 million into an Islamic state have shifted their focus to local “enemies.”They’ve gone after police, members of a minority Islamic sect deemed “deviant,” Christians and moderate Muslim leaders.National Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo said the 19 suspects were arrested Thursday, including six accused in a series of mail bombs sent last month to liberal Muslim activists and a former anti-terror chief.Several people were wounded in the parcel bombings, none seriously.The arrested men eventually led police to the gas pipeline 100 meters (yards) from a Catholic church large enough to hold 3,000 people in Serpong, Pradopo said.They discovered five bombs that together weighed 150 kilograms (330 pounds) and were rigged to be detonated by cell phone, according to Nardi Atmaja, a church official at the scene.Earlier police had said there was just one bomb. The reason for the discrepancy was not immediately clear.Local media quoted investigators as saying each explosion would have had a reach of up to 250 meters (yards), presumably engulfing the church in flames during Good Friday celebrations.The U.S. embassy in Jakarta issued a statement urging Americans to be especially cautious over the weekend and to stay clear of demonstrations.“Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence,” it said.Ninety percent of Indonesians are Muslim, though most practice a moderate form of the faith and abhor violence. A small, extremist fringe has become more vocal, and violent, in recent years.Hmmmm......Obama "Indonesia is an example of religious tolerance".Read the full story here.

  • New Christian Convert from Islam Murdered in Somalia.(Compassdirect).NAIROBI, Kenya, April 20 (CDN) — Two Muslim extremists in Somalia on Monday (April 18) murdered a member of a secret Christian community in Lower Shabele region as part of a campaign to rid the country of Christianity, sources said.An area source told Compass two al Shabaab militants shot 21-year-old Hassan Adawe Adan in Shalambod town after entering his house at 7:30 p.m. “Two al Shabaab members dragged him out of his house, and after 10 minutes they fired several shots on him,” said an area source who requested anonymity. “He then died immediately.”The militants then shouted “Allahu Akbar [God is greater]” before fleeing, he said. Adan, single and living with his Muslim family, was said to have converted to Christianity several months ago. Area Christians said they suspected someone had informed the Islamic militants of his conversion. One source said that a relative who belonged to al Shabaab had told Adan’s mother that he suspected her son was a Christian. “This incident is making other converts live in extreme fear, as the militants always keep an open eye to anyone professing the Christian faith,” the source said.Read the full story here.

  • Pollard in plea to Obama: Set me free for Pessah!‘Post’ obtains jailed agent’s letter; Pollard expresses remorse for crime, raises legal arguments for release; Obama yet to respond.Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard appealed to US President Barack Obama to commute his sentence and allow him to go home to Israel for Pessah, in a letter hand-delivered to Obama by President Shimon Peres that was obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.The letter to Obama was the first Pollard had written to an American president since he began serving his life sentence 25-and-a-half years ago. It has received no response from Obama, who also did not react when Peres brought up Pollard’s fate when he met with Obama at the White House on April 5.“I hope that my own personal appeal may touch your heart and elicit a compassionate, humanitarian response to my heartfelt request to be sent home to Israel for Passover, the holiday of freedom,” Pollard wrote Obama.“My release in time to celebrate Passover at home in Israel with my beloved wife would be a welcome gesture of friendship to the Israeli people, an act of solidarity with a staunch and long-time ally of the United States, and a deeply compassionate and humane gift of life to my wife and me.”In the letter, Pollard unequivocally expressed remorse for his crime, as he has publicly and privately on numerous occasions and in various documents. He noted that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had also apologized on behalf of Israel.“After serving more than a quarter century in some of the harshest prisons in the American penal system, I have had a great deal of time to think and to regret,” Pollard wrote. “I am genuinely and sincerely sorry for the offense I committed in passing classified information to Israel. My actions were wrong and I deeply regret that I did not find a legal way to act upon my concerns for Israel.”“Obama’s utter indifference to Peres’s request was very puzzling, but it has to be seen in context of the president’s indifference to all of the requests he has received to release Jonathan Pollard after 26 years in prison, not only from Peres and Netanyahu but also from ranking senior American officials,” she said.“The president’s resounding silence in the face of all of these requests leaves no room for any doubt. Clearly it is nothing personal against Jonathan, but it is, without a doubt, a devastating slap in the face to Israel and Jews worldwide.”.Hmmm...."Pharaoh's heart was hardened, neither did he hearken unto them; as the Lord had said. And Pharaoh turned and went into his house." Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different!Run Forest, run!Man runs 99 miles home after completing London Marathon.Sam Robson did what most people do after completing a marathon: He went home and fell asleep. Except rather than drive to his house, 99 miles away from the finish line of the London Marathon, Robson ran back. All the way.The 28-year-old from Central England finished Sunday's official race in 3 hours and 45 minutes before starting on the 99-mile second leg. He arrived to his home in St. Ives Cambs about 25 hours later, greeted by a cheering crowd. In total, he ran 125 miles in 29 hours, a pace of around 13 minutes per mile.That number sounds insane, but it's even more mind-boggling if you really think about it. Think back to what you were doing five hours ago yesterday. Now imagine you've been running since then. I don't know if most people could stay awake that long, let alone do anything remotely physical.He told reporters that the running itself was easy, but staying up, keeping hydrated and ingesting calories (to make up for the 15,000 he burned) was the hard part."I had to have regular breaks to refill my water and whenever I stopped my legs seized up so I couldn't rest for long. In terms of tiredness, my legs felt pretty good and the worst bit was I had to keep eating to replace all the calories I was burning.One day after his mega-run, Robson said he was doing fine except for some soreness. That's to be expected. It wasn't just his first 99-mile run, it was his first marathon too.Read the full story here.
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