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Friday, March 4, 2011

Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi: If the Americans or the West Enter Libya, They Will Be "Entering Hell and a Sea of Blood"

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  • The volatile Lybian situation live streams here.
Live Blog Libya - Al Jazeera. here.

  • Report: Union heads make six figures.As the standoff between unions and Wisconsin Republicans wages on, an analysis of the nation’s 10 largest labor unions shows some top leaders – the people being derided as “union bosses” – make six-figure salaries funded by members’ dues.Leaders earned between $173,000 and $618,000 at major unions, the Center for Public Integrity found in examining 2009 tax records, with some groups paying dozens of employees in the six figures. At the three major unions , which together represent more than 5.6 million public workers, presidents’ salaries ranged between $400,000 and $500,000 in 2009.Republicans have worked to separate union members from the leaders of their organizations, arguing that the “union bosses” who represent public workers aren’t looking after the best interests of their members. Salaries that are far larger for union leaders than for their members don’t convey the image that their leaders are on the side of workers, GOP lawmakers say.“When they say it’s about worker rights, it’s really about big union bosses running their own political dynasties,” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said last week. Union political action committees and employees spent $400 million in support of President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 and another $280 million supporting Democratic candidates in 2010.Last month, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that while his state’s unions “think I’m attacking them,” he’s not. “I’m attacking the leadership of the unions because they’re greedy, they’re selfish.”Hmmmm....Now who would have thought this?Read the full story here.

  • 'This is my favourite killer outfit': Face of Kosovan Muslim alleged to have shot dead two U.S. airmen at Frankfurt airport.This is the face of the man suspected of killing two U.S. soldiers in Germany in an Islamist rage.The photo is from Arid Uka's Facebook page - once listed under his real name but changed recently to that of Abu Reyann, his chosen 'warrior' name.The site is littered with references to Holy War, hatred of 'non believers' and has his favourite saying - 'may the eyes of the cowards never sleep' - by Khalid Bin Walid, an ancient Islamic fighter who united Arabia for the first time.'This is my favourite killer outfit when rolling the dice on black ops,ha ha,' he boasts to his friends on the social networking site - probably more a reference to the computer game of the same name that he played avidly than any attack like that he carried out in Frankfurt which left two Americans dead and two severely wounded.'Way to go, you old killer!' posts friend Kastrijot Ferizi on the photo that was added to his page in December last year. Another writes that Abu Reyyan was his nickname that he knew him by.There are hate-filled rants against Jews and a cry to Jihad which said: 'If someone would call you to Holy War... yeah, and?'That is part of this beautiful religion. One is allowed to fight the unbelievers when attacked.'In August last year the 21-year-old answered an online question about what his favourite weapon was - it turns out to be a Barrett M82 sniper rifle.'The miserable non-believer' is an anti-western song on the website that he also makes reference to.'Germans are afraid of Islam and its spread and would rather we believe in Santa Claus,' he rambles.He calls Chancellor Angela Merkel an 'unbeliever' too, claiming she has sided with Israel which he described as 'a declaration of war'.German federal prosecutors said the attack appears to have been motivated by Islamic extremism.Prosecutors said in a statement today that 'because of the circumstances there is a suspicion that it was an Islamist motivated act'.Hmmmm.....Notice how Obama suddenly fell silent once the religious conviction of the shooter was Established ?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Aina.Thousands of Ethiopian Muslims Burn Down Five Churches, More Attacks Feared.Washington -- International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that in the past two days, thousands of Muslims have razed five churches and the homes of two evangelists in Asendabo, Ethiopia. Christian leaders are asking for protection after the Muslim attackers continued burning churches even after the federal police were sent to the town.The Muslims started the attacks yesterday after falsely accusing the Christians of desecrating the Qur'an. More than ten thousand Muslims shouted "Allah Akbar" (Allah is great) as they burned down five evangelical churches. The government sent the federal police force to protect the Christians after the Muslims burned down the first three churches. The Muslims overwhelmed the police force and burned down two more churches today.Speaking with ICC, Christian leaders expressed their fear that Muslims will start killing the Christians unless the government sends more security forces to contain the Muslim attackers.At the time of the writing of this report, none of the Muslim attackers have been arrested. The government officials detained some Christians and took them to the nearby Jimma town stating that they need to do that for their own security.Ethiopia is a Christian majority country and was one of the first nations to accept Christianity. However, in the areas of the country where Muslims are the majority, Christians face attacks."We urge Ethiopian government forces to send reinforcement to protect the Christians in the city of Asendabo from the Muslim attacks. We ask Christians around the world to prevent any further attacks by calling the Ethiopian officials in their countries and asking them to protect the Christians and their property," said ICC's Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho.Hmmmm.....No word from the selfconfessed 'Christian' champion of the oppressed?Read the full story here.

  • Islamist Rally at White House ‘Postponed’. Radical Accuses West of Interfering With Mideast Embrace of Shari’a.An Islamic radical called off a pro-shari’a (Islamic law) demonstration at the White House on Thursday, saying he did not want it to divert attention from the “urgent” situation in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East.Talking to, the activist, Anjem Choudary, charged that Western powers were planning military intervention to ensure that popular uprisings do not give rise to shari’a-ruled states.“Their worst nightmare is for Muslims to rise up in the Middle East” and set up shari’a-ruled societies in countries stretching from North Africa to the Gulf, said Choudary.If that happened, it would be “the beginning of the end of capitalism” and lead inevitably to a huge, “boundary-less” Islamic region in which “the State of Israel will disappear” and the U.S. will be unable to maintain interests.Choudary said this warning about “a new form of colonialism” in the Middle East was the gist of a fatwa, or religious ruling, soon to be announced by Omar Bakri Mohammed, a radical Syrian-born cleric and longtime Choudary associate.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico.ATF agent says "Fast and Furious" program let guns "walk" into hands of Mexican drug cartels with aim of tracking and breaking a big case.WASHINGTON - Federal agent John Dodson says what he was asked to do was beyond belief.He was intentionally letting guns go to Mexico?"Yes ma'am," Dodson told CBS News. "The agency was."An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms senior agent assigned to the Phoenix office in 2010, Dodson's job is to stop gun trafficking across the border. Instead, he says he was ordered to sit by and watch it happen. Investigators call the tactic letting guns "walk." In this case, walking into the hands of criminals who would use them in Mexico and the United States. "I'm boots on the ground in Phoenix, telling you we've been doing it every day since I've been here," he said. "Here I am. Tell me I didn't do the things that I did. Tell me you didn't order me to do the things I did. Tell me it didn't happen. Now you have a name on it. You have a face to put with it. Here I am. Someone now, tell me it didn't happen."Agent Dodson and other sources say the gun walking strategy was approved all the way up to the Justice Department. The idea was to see where the guns ended up, build a big case and take down a cartel. And it was all kept secret from Mexico. ATF named the case "Fast and Furious." Surveillance video obtained by CBS News shows suspected drug cartel suppliers carrying boxes of weapons to their cars at a Phoenix gun shop. The long boxes shown in the video being loaded in were AK-47-type assault rifles. So it turns out ATF not only allowed it - they videotaped it.Hmmmm.....No wonder they don't want re-inforcements for border protection?Next time call the operation " U - Haul"?Read the full story here.

  • Wisconsin Governor Says He Will Begin Issuing Layoff Warnings to Unions.CHICAGO — Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, said Thursday that he would begin issuing layoff warnings to unions representing 1,500 state employees on Friday if his bill to sharply reduce collective bargaining rights and benefits for public sector employees remained at an impasse in the Legislature. Republican leaders in the Senate, where the bill has been stalled since Senate Democrats left the capital two weeks ago to block a vote, passed a provision that they said allowed law enforcement officers to detain the missing Democratic senators if they were seen anywhere in Wisconsin and take them to Madison. In Indiana, where Republican leaders find themselves in a similar standoff over legislation, they approved on Thursday a still higher fine, $250-a-day, against Democrats, also missing to block votes from occurring. All along, Governor Walker has said that the cuts to the bargaining rights and benefits of public workers are desperately needed to close the state’s budget gaps. Without the savings he had assumed would be made immediately with the bill’s passage through increases in pension and health care costs for workers, Mr. Walker said Thursday that he had no choice but to begin issuing layoff warnings to unions, to be followed in 15 days by layoff notices to the 1,500 state workers. Officials from Mr. Walker’s administration have said limits were needed for safety and security after protesters began filling the building, and chanting, drumming and staying over. On Thursday, local police and government officials reported that live ammunition — so far unexplained — had been found outside on the grounds of the Capitol and inside a nearby city and county government building. Officials said damage inside the Capitol, in part from hundreds of anti-Walker signs now taped all over the marble, was expected to be in the millions of dollars. But others have vehemently objected to the limits. As cameras rolled, several Assembly Democrats moved their desks to the Capitol lawn for “office hours.”Hmmmmm.......Obama's "Kristal Nacht" Lite?Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigPeace.Congressman King: Subpoena the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA).Despite opposition from the usual alphabet soup of Muslim Brotherhood offshoot “advocacy” groups in the US, Congressman Peter King is forging ahead with planned mid-March hearings on what he terms domestic “Muslim radicalization.” In a December 19, 2010 Newsday opinion editorial Congressman King cited these eminently reasonable concerns as justification for the hearings : "As I became more immersed in attempting to unravel the radical Islamic threat to our nation and our civilization, it became more and more obvious to me that the moral myopia of Long Island’s Muslim leaders and their apologists in the media was the rule – and that there were few exceptions. Federal and local law enforcement officials throughout the country told me they received little or – in most cases – no cooperation from Muslim leaders and imams…I also know of imams instructing members of their mosques not to cooperate with law enforcement officials investigating the recruiting of young men in their mosques as suicide bombers. We need to find the reasons for this alienation."We believe direct cross-examination of clerics from the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), including a frank discussion of their public “fatwas” (Islamic religious rulings), is essential to the Congressman’s critically important goal of understanding Muslim radicalization in America.Hmmmm.....Lets hope congressman King has what it takes to go to the bottom of this.Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheAmericanDream.A National ID Card For American Citizens? Get Ready – The Real ID Act Goes Into Effect On May 11.For a moment, imagine a future where you are not able to drive a car, get on a plane, get on a train, vote, enter a federal building, open a bank account or get a job without a national ID card. You don't think that could ever happen in America? Well, you might want to brush up on the Real ID Act because it is going to go into effect on May 11, 2011 unless something is done to stop it. When I first learned this, I was absolutely stunned. After all, wasn't the Real ID Act supposed to be "dead"? A few years ago state legislatures across the nation were in an uproar over this law. The Department of Homeland Security was forced to delay implementation of it several times. But now it is back. You see, this is what the federal government often does. They will try to push something very unpopular through, and if they meet resistance they will "play dead" until the uproar has died down and then they will come right back and implement it anyway. This is what is happening with the Real ID Act.Back in 2008, former U.S. Representative Bob Barr wrote the following about how not having one of these new national ID cards will automatically strip us of some of our most fundamental rights...."A person not possessing a Real ID Act-compliant identification card could not enter any federal building, or an office of his or her congressman or senator or the U.S. Capitol. This effectively denies that person their fundamental rights to assembly and to petition the government as guaranteed in the First Amendment."Of course the Department of Homeland Security insists that the Real ID Act is just here to "help" us and to make life "better" and "more secure". According to their website, some of the goals of the Real ID Act are "to help prevent terrorism, reduce fraud, and improve the reliability and accuracy of personal identification documents."But is this really what we want America to become?If we put up with a national ID card, then the Obama administration will be emboldened to try to implement the "universal Internet ID" that they have been talking about.The sad truth is that America is no longer "the land of the free". The government has decided that in order to keep us "safe", everything that we do must be watched, tracked, traced, recorded and controlled.Hmmmm.....Welcome to the 'police state'.Read the full story here.

  • Pakistan court orders US shooter trial to go ahead.A Pakistani court on Thursday said that the murder trial of a CIA contractor would go ahead, despite the insistence of the US government that he has diplomatic immunity.The hearing in the murder case against Raymond Davis took place amid high security in Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore where he is being held, and was adjourned until March 8.Davis has claimed he acted in self-defence when he shot dead two men in a busy Lahore street in January.The issue of his claim to diplomatic immunity is pending before the Pakistani High Court which is due to rule on March 14."The court passed an order today saying that he (Davis) had failed to produce any legitimate document proving his diplomatic immunity," the lawyer representing the families of the two men shot by him, Asad Manzoor Butt, told AFP after a closed-door hearing."The judge rejected his (Davis's) immunity claim after a lot of debate," Butt said.His lawyer pleaded that he could not be prosecuted by this court because of the diplomatic immunity issue was pending in Lahore High Court, Butt said."The judge replied that the Lahore High Court had not barred him to proceed on the murder trial," Butt said.Zahid Bokhari, Davis's lawyer, told AFP the judge had ordered the trial to continue because for the past one-and-a-half months no document had been produced in the court related to Davis's immunity."We will see the detailed written order by the judge and then will be able to tell whether he had rejected the claim of diplomatic immunity or not," Bokhari said.Hmmmm....A good thing Senator Kerry intervened it might have been worse?Read the full story here.

  • Obama’s state of Islamic denial.Note to Barack HUSSEIN Obama : ‘Allahu akbar’ is a Muslim war cry.U.S. troops are gunned down by a shooter who screams “Allahu akbar!” before opening fire. Official statements are rushed out: The perpetrator was a lone wolf; his motive was unclear; there are no links to terrorism. Sound familiar? It should, because when Islam is the cause of American tragedy, President Obama hides his head in the sand. On Wednesday, a young Kosovar named Arif Uka opened fire on a bus load of U.S. Air Force personnel in Frankfurt, Germany, killing two and wounding two more. Witnesses say he repeatedly shouted the jihadist battle cry, “Allahu akbar” as he emptied his weapon and screamed “Jihad! Jihad!” when tackled by German police. Uka’s victims had been heading to the fight in Afghanistan but because the jihadists have a global battlespace, the war came to them instead. The Obama administration’s knee-jerk instinct to deny reality in hopes it will go away is clearly not working. How many Americans have to die before Mr. Obama at long last admits the nature of the Islamist threat that killed them?Hmmmm....."I will stand with my Muslim brethren?Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheTrumpet.An Islamic uprising in Pakistan would create a nightmare scenario for the Western world.If you think the violence and political chaos in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya is ugly, consider what’s brewing in nuclear-armed Pakistan.Yesterday, Islamic terrorists gunned down Pakistan’s sole Christian (Catholic) politician in broad daylight outside his mother’s home in Islamabad. Shahbaz Bhatti was Pakistan’s federal minister for minority affairs, a genuine moderate, pro-Western politician, and a leading voice in the now-shrinking movement to reform Pakistan’s government. Mr. Bhatti was murdered because of his brave and outspoken criticism of Pakistan’s hardcore anti-blasphemy laws, which are routinely used to persecute Pakistan’s non-Islamic minority communities.Lest there be any confusion about their motives, Bhatti’s assailants left pamphlets with the following message beside the dead body (emphasis mine throughout): "This is a warning from the warriors of Islam to all the world’s infidels, crusaders, Jews … and especially the head of Pakistan’s infidel system, [President Asif Ali] Zardari, his ministers, and all the institutions of this evil system. In your fight against Allah, you have become so bold that you act in favor of and support those who insult the prophet. And you put a cursed Christian infidel Shahbaz Bhatti in charge of [the blasphemy laws review] committee. This is the fate of that cursed man. And now, with the grace of Allah, the warriors of Islam will pick you out one by one and send you to hell, God willing." It was a public warning from radical Islam: Oppose us and you will die.The Islamists’ ferocious, take-no-prisoners tactics appear to be working. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani made it clear in a speech in Pakistan’s National Assembly that his government had no intention of amending Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws. Throughout Pakistan, lamented Syed Shamsuddin, coordinator of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, “[a]ll those working for a tolerant society are in retreat because there’s no support from the government.”The extent of the government of Pakistan’s capitulation to radical Islam is also evident in the increasingly heated dispute between America and Pakistan over Raymond Davis, a former U.S. Special Forces officer and current U.S. government contractor. Davis was arrested, charged and imprisoned by Pakistani authorities in January for allegedly shooting two young Pakistani men—both armed and trailing him—at a busy intersection in the city of Lahore.Despite Davis having diplomatic immunity—and in spite of multiple calls from U.S. officials, including President Barack Obama and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, who traveled with a delegation to Pakistan to secure Davis’s release—Pakistani authorities continue to refuse to let him go.This is not because Pakistan’s moderate leaders are morally opposed to releasing Davis. It’s because these men value their own lives. As Joel Brinkley wrote earlier this month, no one inside Pakistan “wants to face the possible fate of Salman Taseer, the Punjab prosecutor, assassinated by his own bodyguard last month for standing up against Islamic militancy.”In reality, more is at stake than the lives of a few politicians.If Davis is released, Pakistan could become the next Egypt or Libya overnight. Liaquat Baluch, the deputy chief of the Islamic political party Jamaat-e-Islami, has promised “forceful protests” throughout Pakistan if Davis is released with a court order. On February 13, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (ttp), a branch of the Taliban, issued a statement demanding that Davis be executed or turned over to the ttp for punishment. The entire country, and especially Pakistan’s Islamic populace, is gripped by the Raymond Davis case. As Stratfor’s Scott Stewart recently wrote, this “complicates the position of the Pakistani government [and] raises the distinct possibility that there will be civil unrest if Davis is released” (February 16).Radical Islam has Mr. Gilani’s government over a barrel. If Davis is set free, Pakistan could erupt!In many ways, Pakistan is more vulnerable to radical Islam than Tunisia, Egypt or Libya!Prime Minister Gilani and the moderates in Pakistan are walking a tightrope. Radical Islamists have infiltrated nearly all the departments within the nation’s government. If Gilani continues to acquiesce to their demands, the Islamists will likely remain content for the time being—essentially creating a situation in which radical Islam is calling the shots, or at least all the important ones.Unlike the other countries, Pakistan has a significant cache of nuclear weapons!And its stockpile is growing. U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported that Pakistan has somewhere between 95 and 110 deployed nuclear weapons, and enough fuel to build a further 40 to 100. Two years ago Islamabad had roughly 75 nukes. In the past 24 months, Pakistan has managed to add another 20 to 30 nuclear weapons to its already significant stash. Meanwhile, radical Islam has tightened its grip on the country.This is what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his band of radical Islamic terrorists dream about at night: acquiring a pile of nuclear weapons and setting off a nuclear Armageddon!It’s a terrifying but entirely plausible scenario: Iran and radical Islam could soon dominate Pakistan—and exercise dominion over a stash of nuclear weapons! Hmmmm.....And tens of Billions of Dollars support from the Obama administration.Read the full story here.

  • "Life or Death in Iran's prisons.59 political prisoners launch indefinite hunger strike in protest to repressive policies.The Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners – 59 political prisoners in Rajai Shahr ‘Gohardasht’ prison released a statement announcing that they have launched an indefinite hunger strike since Tuesday morning. The hunger strike is in protest to the suppression of the Iranian people’s righteous resistance and against the limitations imposed inside the prison.According to The Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners (SCDPP), the message of the political prisoners was delivered to the organization with great difficulty. In the message, the prisoners cited the following reasons for launching the indefinite hunger strike: the widespread crackdowns on political prisoners; the great limitations inside the prison; the severance of all contacts between prisoners and their families; the mistreatment, insults and disrespectful behaviour toward the prisoners; the brutal repression of the Iranian people’s resistance; and the arrest of the [opposition] political leaders.Based on the received information, the political prisoners in ward 4, the newly established special security hall of Rajai Shahr prison, are under strict control of the security organizations. All contacts between prisoners are severely repressed.The deputy security head of the prison Nabiollah Faraji is a former interrogator and torturer at Evin prison. He is supported by Ali Haj-Kazem, the director of Rajai Shahr prison, as well as judicial and security authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is assigned the responsibility of putting pressure on political prisoners held in the special security section. Additionally, he has several unresolved case files in connection to the torture of prisoners.Hmmmm.....No word from the defender of the oppressed?Read the full story here.

  • Belgium - Enhanced pat downs cancelled at Airport!'Intimate' checks Zaventem suspended ,After the Brussels airport last week started testing a stricter way of searches,it started raining complaints to the staff of Brussels Airport. "This was way tooo far," said a security guard. The measure has been temporarily suspended.The stricter controls last week were tested a few days upon request of security firm Group 4. But after a storm of criticism was the measure temporarily suspended. It really rained complaints.Not so much from passengers, but from the airport staff who several times a day pass beyond the control and may be searched four to five times . "We have been asked to verify briefly the genitals," said several staff members who prefer to remain anonymous. "Our hand we had to raise as high as possible between the legs and secure with your other hand the venus mound while going over it.(...). We even had with the full hand search the breasts, including the nipples (...). As if we were forced to perform sexual acts. "Moreover, the international association of security firms at European airports unequivocal: "Between the legs searches like these who occured, do not pass," said spokeswoman Hilde De Clerck.Hmmm....At least we save our 'Dignity'.Read the full story here.(Google translate attempt).

  • Why is Amnesty going soft and easy on Iran?Amnesty International, an organization lauded for promoting human rights worldwide, has a strong and consistent track record of calling for UN arms embargoes on governments that violate human rights abuse. As protector of human rights, Amnesty understand the merits of arms embargoes, a type of smart sanctions that avoid causing humanitarian harm often associated with comprehensive actions.But for some reason, for years Amnesty International has been singling Iran out and avoided calling for arms embargo as a response to Iran's extensive human rights violations. Why is Amensty going soft on Iran, one of the worst human rights violators today?The Iranian regime, whose hands are drenched in blood, is characterized by some of the most egregious human rights violations. Iran is one of the states with the “highest rates of executions” and is recognized as a certified serial breaker of not one but six principle human rights treaties, at least three U.N. Arms Embargo’s (Security Council Resolutions 1737, 1747, and 1803) and the U.N. Charter, Article 2.4 prohibiting threats of war. The U.S. declared Iran as being one of the world’s most active state sponsors of terrorism, an “identified part of an axis of evil” and added the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to its list of foreign terrorist organizations.No one should be above the law and the government of Iran needs to be held accountable for its human rights crimes on every aspect. By refraining from speaking out against every violation Iran commits; Amnesty International’s silence is enabling Iran to make a mockery of the organization, what it stands for and for the fight for freedom of human rights worldwide.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Iranian Journalist: According To IAEA Report – Iran Studying Nuclear Warheads.The editor of the Iranian magazine Hamshahri Diplomatic, Rahman Qahremanpour, said that the February 2011 report by the International Atomic Energy Agency notes explicitly, for the first time, that Iran conducted eight studies on attaching nuclear warheads to ballistic missiles.Read the full story here.

  • Mubarak receiving treatment at Saudi hospital: report.A state-owned Egyptian newspaper on Wednesday said former president Hosni Mubarak was being treated in a hospital in Saudi Arabia, the latest media report about the ex-president's health that comes after the army denied earlier speculation.The army could not immediately be reached for comment on the al-Akhbar report. A military source had on Tuesday denied another media report that said Mubarak, 82, and his family tried to flee Egypt and afterwards Mubarak was hospitalized in Cairo.Wednesday's edition of al-Akhbar newspaper quoted "sources informed about the news" and said Mubarak was in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia receiving chemotherapy for one hour every five days for colon and pancreatic cancer. It reported his family was with him in the private wing of the military hospital.Hmmm.....Read the full story here.

  • HT:Aina.1,400% Increase in 'Honor Killings' in Turkey.If you Google News “sharia” right now you will find a lot of leftist and mainstream media writing about Tennessee being ignorant for considering anti-sharia laws. However, if you change “sharia” to “honor killing” in your search you will quickly realize that as Sharia spreads, so do honor killings. We’ve seen more cases in America lately, and there is a near genocide of women going on in Turkey involving honor killings in pro-sharia communities.As Turkey tries to gain entry into the European Union, new stats reveal a frightening trend in the treatment of women in the Islamic majority nation. From 2002-2009, which is the most recent data available, cases of women being murdered in Turkey has grown 1,400%. There were 66 known cases in 2002 and 953 in 2009. And the vast majority of these cases are related to Muslim men punishing their wives, daughters, or sisters for shaming their religion. Even worse, other research shows up to 40% of Turkish women have been abused physically or sexually.Every day there are more horror stories, Hatice Firat is just one of the latest examples. The 19 year old girl ran away from home with her boyfriend about a month ago. Her family eventually located her and convinced her to come home. Shortly after, Firat’s brother took her for a walk on the beach, and then he plunged a knife into his sister’s chest 40 times. He was following the will of their family and what they believed was the will of Allah.Firat’s family would not bury their daughter or go to the funeral. Around fifty women paid for it and marched chanting for the end of such violence against women : "We are not going to be anyone's honor," "End honor killings," "Hands that hurt women should be broken."Stories like Firat’s are more than daily occurrences in Turkey,Pakistan, and many other parts of the Muslim world. And recent cases in the United States show it is a growing problem here too. But while women’s groups are becoming more outspoken in Turkey, feminist organizations are silent in America. And to make matters worse, our media continues to argue there is nothing to fear with the spread of Sharia.Europe is looking at Turkey and their own problems and our finally starting to see the dangers. When will America do the same? How many women will be abused or killed before we do?Hmmmm......Keep Turkey out of the European Union.Read the full story here.

  • Turkey's first openly gay referee adamant to continue battle.Turkey’s first openly gay referee says he will not stop his legal battle against the national football’s governing body for blocking him from his profession as a match official.Former football referee Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ first became known to the public in 2008, when it emerged that the Turkish Football Federation, or the TFF, stripped him of his rights to officiate matches.Dinçdağ was then forced to leave his job because he had been excused from his compulsory military service on account of his homosexuality, which was documented in a medical report. According to the sport's regulations, anyone who fails to complete his military service for health reasons is unfit to perform as a referee.The 35-year-old filed a criminal complaint against the Turkish Football Federation and sought compensations up to 110,000 Turkish liras for damages.“First, I was forced to quit refereeing, which I love most. I also had to quit my job as a speaker at a radio station, which I was doing for 16 years. I have been unemployed for a long time and it hurt my soul very much. I even have trouble paying for the expenses of this tribunal.”“I will not back down from this legal battle, which I started to get my rights back,” he said. “I believe I am right and we will see it at the end of this case. But if the decision is made against me, I will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.”“Everybody knows that there are many gay referees in European football. It is sad to see it as a disaster in Turkey while it is normal in the world.”Hmmmm......Keep Turkey out of the European Union.Read the full story here.

  • Tunisian Islamist leader embraces Turkey, praises Erbakan.Turkish political experience “inspires the Arab world,” the leader of Tunisia’s newly legalized Islamist movement “Ennahda” (Awakening) said Wednesday during a meeting with journalists in Istanbul.Rached Ghannouchi, who was in exile during the era of ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, came to Turkey to attend the funeral Tuesday of the country’s first Islamist prime minister, Necmettin Erbakan. He told the mostly Turkish and Arab journalists at the meeting that Turkey serves as an example for budding Tunisian democrats.“We are learning from the experience of Turkey, especially the peace that has been reached in the country between Islam and modernity; it is a true example [to the Arab world],” Ghannouchi said.His press conference took place at the Istanbul headquarters of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, or İHH, a Turkish Islamic charity that led the Gaza-bound aid flotilla raided by Israeli commandos in May, an operation that resulted in the deaths of nine activists.Ghannouchi compared Erbakan to the intellectual forefathers and founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. “In the Arab world in my generation, when [people] talked about the Islamic movement, they talked about Erbakan. When they talked about Erbakan, it is comparable to the way they talked about [Brotherhood founders] Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb,” he said.Asked his thoughts on the two Brotherhood figures, Ghannouchi did not shed light on whether his ideological beliefs were close to theirs. “Hassan al-Banna and Yusuf al-Qaradawi [another theologian] are not the only believers [in Islam] in the world. There are 1.5 billion believers on Earth,” he said.In his remarks, Ghannouchi also touched on the freedom of the press, mentioning at least once that Turkey’s free press is an inspiration to the Arab world. “Freedom of the press is something we should nurture; protection of the news is a sort of liberation,” he said.Hmmmm....We're talking about the same Erbakan who claimed in an interview that Jews believe they "will destroy – Allah forbid – Al-Aqsa mosque and in its place build Solomon's temple,"and said the Muslims, by contrast, "became the masters. We [the Muslims] ruled for 11 centuries. But unfortunately, in the last three centuries the children of Israel have grabbed this material power. Now they control the world that we live in."Read the full story here.

  • Turkish police detain 11 more journalists in coup probe.Turkish police detained an award-winning journalist Thursday in a fresh move against the media as part of a controversial coup probe, fuelling accusations of a campaign to bully government opponents.Armed with detention orders, police raided the homes of 11 people, most of them journalists, following a similar operation last month that sparked an outcry over press freedom in EU-aspirant Turkey and drew U.S. criticism, Anatolia news agency reported.The suspects included Nedim Sener, an investigative reporter for the Milliyet daily and author, who last year received the International Press Institute's "World Press Freedom Hero" award for a book that put blame on the security forces in the 2007 murder of ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.Television footage showed police leading Sener into a car, as neighbors applauded the journalist in a protest at the operation.Following his colleagues' arrest, he wrote: "I am being told it is now my turn... How horrible! Has prison become the place for those who tell the truth and raise their voice?"Washington at the time expressed "broad concern about trends involving intimidation of journalists in Turkey."Three other newsmen, two of them writers of, and a popular academic were detained as of Thursday afternoon after police completed a search at their homes in Istanbul and Ankara, Anatolia said."You touch them, you get burnt," journalist Ahmet Sik, who was working on a book critical of the police, shouted as officers led him out of his home, the agency reported.Hmmmm......Ghannouchi Turkey’s free press is an inspiration to the Arab world ,i wonder did he mean Iran by that?Read the full story here.

  • France - Revolution coming soon to a neighbourhood near you?Questions are also emerging about whether the spirit of revolt might also take root among Europe-based Arabs, who often accuse their host countries of racism and blame the colonial past for many of their woes."All of these problems that led to revolutions in the Arab world are also daily life in France and are more and more unbearable," Yacine Djaziri, whose Bondy Blog chronicles life in immigrant-heavy Paris suburbs that exploded in riots in 2005, wrote recently."How do we fix it? Do we need to set ourselves on fire? Be resigned? Get angry? Revolt?"Balanced with fears are calls for hope and solidarity: some European officials on Monday proposed a Marshall Plan for the Middle East, drawing an explicit parallel to the continent's U.S.-funded reconstruction after World War II that testifies to the magnitude of the drama unfolding across the Mediterranean.But Europeans ask: who's going to pay when they're engulfed in a debt crisis that threatens to darken the future of an entire generation? "Germany pumps enough money into foreign countries already," said Marcel Mueller, 27, who works in the service industry.Hmmmm.......Not forgetting the 'Outreach to Muslims' in france by the Obama administration.Read the full story here.

  • Police quiz Pakistani stepfather of missing California girl, 13, who fled her home in terror 'to avoid arranged marriage.A 13-year-old schoolgirl who was missing for more than a week ran away because she was terrified by her mother and stepfather's alleged plot to send her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage, police claimed today.Jessie Bender's parents are accused of keeping their plan secret from detectives after reporting that she had disappeared from their California home.Their claim that Jessie was abducted by a Facebook predator was proved false after she was discovered hiding with a relative at a hotel about 30 miles from her home in Hesperia, California.Speaking to MailOnline, Hesperia Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Roxanne Walker said Jessie's stepfather, Mohammad Khan - who is from Pakistan - and her American mother, Melissa, were planning an arranged marriage for the teen.'There was something to that effect in the works and the daughter was scared. 'She was found with the uncle who was protecting her from the parents,' said Ms Walker.One line of inquiry is whether there was any intention to involve Jessie in an arranged marriage in Pakistan while she was under age.Police also slammed the Bender family for 'misleading' them over Jessie's disappearance, wasting time and resources.But as they came up with nothing, their suspicions grew that Jessie's disappearance had nothing to do with a Facebook friend. Then a relative, now known to be an uncle, led police to the Apple Valley hotel where Jessie was hiding, and the real reason for her disappearance was revealed. It is not clear what relatives Jessie has in Pakistan although it is believed her stepfather Mr Kahn may have connections there.Jessie and her three siblings have been taken to child protective custody by county social services, and no arrests have been made.Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different.Indian press go crazy on mega-bucks wedding.Groom gets copter as wedding gift, his barber gets $5,500.The groom wore a garland made of bank notes and received a helicopter as a gift, there were 18,000 guests - or perhaps it was 30,000 - and 1,000 workers took 40 days to prepare the venue.The exact details have been fiercely disputed, but Wednesday's newspapers in New Delhi were all in agreement that this had been one very big, very fat Indian wedding.Lalit Tanwar married his bride Yogita Jaunapuria at a family farmhouse near the city in a ceremony celebrated with 100 dishes, 12 giant TV screens to broadcast proceedings, and even a gift of $5,500 for the groom's barber.The Times of India calculated the cost of Tuesday night's extravaganza uniting two influential political families at one billion rupees ($22 million), while the Mail Today went for the less conservative figure of $55 million."I don't understand why there is so much hoopla about this marriage," the groom's father, Kanwar Singh Tanwar, told the Times. "All estimates of this marriage in the media are speculation."In the Indian Express, he was quoted as saying: "True, a Bell 429 helicopter was given but it was a simple wedding."The Hindustan Times reported that at a pre-wedding ceremony last week 2,000 guests were each given a silver biscuit, a safari suit and $500 in cash, while at a different ritual the bride's family welcomed the groom with gifts worth $5 million.The newly-weds, both 26, were heralded on Tuesday night by flowers and lights bedecking three kilometres (two miles) of roads leading to the function, where no meat or alcohol were served in line with Hindu tradition.Hmmmm.......One of the few things money can't buy is the gift of kindness,meet the other side of India!Read the full story here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Putting Women's Rights Back on the Mideast Media Agenda

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                          Morning Posting.

  • The volatile Lybian situation live streams here.
Live Blog Libya - Al Jazeera. here.

  • 2 US airmen killed in Frankfurt airport shooting.Two U.S. airmen were killed and two others were wounded at Frankfurt airport today when a man opened fire on them at close range with a handgun, the first such attack on American forces in Germany in a quarter century. President Barack Obama called the shooting an “outrageous act.”The alleged assailant, identified as a 21-year-old Kosovo man, was taken immediately into custody for questioning by authorities, said Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt.Family members in Kosovo described the suspect as a devout Muslim, who was born and raised in Germany and worked at the airport.The victims, part of a group of about a dozen members of an Air Force military police and base security unit, had just arrived from England, the Air Force said.They had landed at Frankfurt airport, one of Europe’s busiest, and were waiting outside Terminal 2 to be driven to nearby Ramstein Air Base, which is often used as a logistical hub for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The two wounded airmen were taken to a hospital.The attacker got into an argument with airmen outside their military bus before opening fire, killing the bus driver and one other serviceman, and wounding two others, one of whom was in life-threatening condition, Fuellhardt said. He said the attacker also briefly entered the bus.Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt told ABC that while being wrestled into submission, the suspect shouted either "Jihad Jihad" or "Allahu Akbar" – the Arabic phrase for "God is great".The suspect then fled into the airport terminal, where he was quickly grabbed by two federal police officers and a U.S. airman who had pursued him into the building, authorities said. He was disarmed without incident.“I’m saddened and I’m outraged by this attack,” Obama said at the White House. “I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place.”In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed sympathy for the victims and their families and pledged that Germany would do everything in its power to investigate the crime. “It is a terrible event,” she said.Boris Rhein, the top security official in the German state of Hesse, told German media there were no indications of a terrorist attack.Still, a member of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan, said in Washington that it looked like a terrorist attack. Meehan, chairman of the subcommittee that focuses on terrorism and intelligence, added he did not have all the facts.A cousin, Behxhet Uka, said he spoke to the suspect’s father, Murat Uka, several times by telephone from Frankfurt after the family was contacted by Kosovo police. The father said all he knew was that his son did not come home from his job at the airport today.The northern town of Mitrovica is best known for the ethnic division between majority ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs. The former mining town has also been the focus of reports that it breeds Islamic extremists.Western intelligence reports have said the region could be a recruitment ground for Muslims with Western features who could easily blend into European or U.S. cities and carry out terrorist attacks.Hmmmm....Once more proves my point that the staff working at the airport is the weakest link in the security and also the biggest threat,here you have a Muslim airport worker running around with a loaded gun at the airport.Read the full story here .More here  and here.

  • Update - CNN.Killer of U.S. airmen is radical Muslim, German official says.The man who shot and killed two American troops in Germany Wednesday was a recently radicalized Muslim whose aim was to kill American soldiers, a German official said Thursday.The suspect seems to have been acting on his own, but had spent time on local radical Islamist websites, said Boris Rhein, interior minister of the German state of Hesse, where the shooting took place.Hmmmm.....Oh my God CNN admits Radical Muslims excists?Read the full story here.

  • Obama is enabling jihad.U.S. interests sacrificed in favor of radical Islam.Al Qaeda and Iran are cheering on the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, so why does the Obama administration think the Islamic extremists are losing? On Tuesday at a Pentagon press briefing, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates claimed, “The protests elsewhere that are leading to reforms for a number of governments are an extraordinary setback for al Qaeda.” He reasons that the transitions of power contradict “al Qaeda’s claim that the only way to get rid of authoritarian governments is through extremist violence.” Supposedly, the Islamic regime in Iran is facing a setback because the professional conduct of the armies in Tunisia and Egypt “contrast vividly with the savage repression that the Iranians have taken against anyone who dares to demonstrate in their country.”Another question is whether the Obama administration opposes Islamic extremism per se, or only that which is violent. The instability in the Middle East is presenting unprecedented opportunities for radical Muslim groups to pursue their political objectives. The radical Muslim Brotherhood has gained increased traction in Egypt, encouraged by Obama administration statements that seem to endorse - and perhaps require - their participation in the new Egyptian government. In Tunisia, the previously banned radical Ennahda, or Awakening movement, has been legalized and its leader, Rached Ghannouchi, returned from exile. Al Qaeda has declared an emirate in Libya, and in other countries radical groups are energized. None of this favors American interests.It’s far too early in the game for the Obama administration to begin patting itself on the back about its handling of the Middle East turmoil. Contrary to Mr. Obama’s claims, he is not on the right side of history. As U.S.-friendly regimes fall and oil prices continue to climb, it’s no wonder that commentators are calling this Jimmy Carter’s second term.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • Obama: Israelis must show seriousness on peace.Jewish leaders say that during White House meeting president said Palestinians 'don't feel confident that Netanyahu government serious about territorial concessions'. WASHINGTON – US President Obama this week called on Jewish leaders to speak to their colleagues in Israel and to “search your souls” over Israel's seriousness about making peace, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported Wednesday. According to participants, Obama told the Jewish leaders that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is eager to secure his legacy by establishing a Palestinian state and would accept a decent offer if one were on the table.“The Palestinians don't feel confident that the Netanyahu government is serious about territorial concessions,” the president reportedly said.Obama also reportedly said that the Jewish sections of Jerusalem would remain in Israeli hands as part of any peace deal, but that the Arab sections would not.Several participants at the meeting told JTA that the president also implied that Israel bears primary responsibility for advancing the peace process. They interpreted the president’s comments as either hostile, naive or unsurprising.“Many people felt that their worst fears about Obama were confirmed with respect to Israel,” one participant was quoted as saying by JTA. “They felt an enormous hostility towards Israel.”"The people who loved Obama probably still love him, the people who had big reservations about Obama probably have more reservations than they had before,” one longtime Jewish organizational official told JTA.Others suggested that the president wasn't hostile so much as naive about Palestinian intentions and his belief about Israel's supposed lack of commitment to peacemaking, JTA reported. Still others suggested both interpretations were flawed.Hmmmm.....Don't mind his words mind his actions,has he been anything but hostile to Israel?Pledging already now 1,57 Billion Dollar to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who's out to destroy Israel!Read the full story here.

  • The Netherlands - Geert Wilders his party PVV gains impressively in the Provincial states election and starts immidiatly negotiations.With 5,000 votes difference they defeated the untill then largest CDA party!CDA and PVV get each ten seats in the Provincial States.For the Province Limburg the party of Geert Wilders got 20,6 % of the votes.Read the full story here.(Google Translate)

  • The most transparant administration evah!Questioning authority.Obama's leeriness of the press.When President Obama popped by the briefing room today, he declined to take a question on Libya but promised the press throng that he would take "a couple" tomorrow, when Mexican President Felipe Calderon is at the White House.A couple may even be overstating it -- when Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was here, the "press availability" consisted of one question per side. Obama, it seems, does not like the uncontrolled Q&A.Why should you care? It goes to accountability. It's not enough for leaders to emote about policy. They should explain, defend and answer questions, as well. Grappling with the unscripted news media encounter is a good skill for politicians.Obama in particular appears to have an aversion to the brief sessions -- typically, featuring the pool in the Oval Office -- that are a stock way for the White House to lead the news, get their message out and do it via the president, without all the angsty prep of a major presser.Obama so far has endured just 75 short question-and-answer sessions with the press, according to Towson University political science professor Martha Kumar, who tabulates all things White House press ops.During the same period in their own respective presidencies, George W. Bush did 258 short Q&As, Bill Clinton did a mind-numbing 408, and George H.W. Bush did 159. More than Obama, in short.Hmmmm......He's much better at giving speeches ,like that other 'organiser'.Read the full story here.

  • HT:DougRoss.Nuke it: Judge set to rule on enjoining Obamacare as early as this week.Did he mean to stop the law from being implemented in the 26 states that challenged the law?The Justice Department has asked U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson to clarify his ruling, and the judge gave the government until today to file a brief laying out its legal position. Vinson has promised to rule quickly on the motion once it's filed...One can only hope that Judge Vinson treats Obamcare with all the respect it treats the Constitution: i.e., that he nukes it from orbit, since it's the only way to be sure.Hmmmm.........Usually dictators don't care much for laws and the rule of law.Read the full story here.

  • HT:MichelleMalkin. “Educate, collaborate, AGITATE!”: Alinsky’s teacher corps.In 2009, I noted that Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was a featured item on the National Education Association reading list. I reminded you of Weather Underground terrorist and FOO (Friend of Obama) Bill Ayers’ 2006 speech at the World Economic Forum in Caracas, Venezuela, in which he declared education “the motor-force of revolution” while singing dictator Hugo Chavez’s praises.This blog has documented the radical activism of President Obama’s White House Teaching Fellows; the overzealousness of public school educators who have turned classrooms into Obama campaign offices; the influence of the left-wing social justice crusaders of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Team Obama; and the activist tradition of government schools using students as junior lobbyists to pressure legislators for higher education spending, pro-illegal immigration protests, gay marriage, environmental propaganda, and anti-war causes.And I’ve been telling you about more and more rank-and-file teachers speaking out against the prog power of their unions.Hmmmm.......Hitler and Lenin are front row spectators i presume?Read the full story here.

  • Obama Says Race a Key Component in Tea Party Protests. In a new book, President Obama talks candidly about race and the presidency.On March 12, 2010, President Obama welcomed me into the Oval Office for an interview for this book. Dressed in an elegant dark blue business suit and tie with an American flag pin in his left lapel, he was serene and confident. Behind him was the portrait of George Washington that has hung in the Oval Office for many years. Flanking that portrait were two busts added by Obama, reflecting his own values and heroes — behind him on his right was a likeness of Martin Luther King Jr., and on his left was one of Abraham Lincoln.Obama was in a reflective mood. He began the interview by saying he had been “fully briefed” on my topic and was ready for me to “dive in.” He proceeded to methodically defend his effort to build a race-neutral administration. “Americans, since the victories of the civil rights movement, I think, have broadly come to accept the notion that everybody has to be treated equally; everybody has to be treated fairly,” the president told me. “And I think that the whole debate about how do you make up for past history creates a complicated wrinkle in that principle of equality.” . . .But Obama, in his most candid moments, acknowledged that race was still a problem. In May 2010, he told guests at a private White House dinner that race was probably a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right-wing activists in the anti-incumbent “Tea Party” movement that was then surging across the country. Many middle-class and working-class whites felt aggrieved and resentful that the federal government was helping other groups, including bankers, automakers, irresponsible people who had defaulted on their mortgages, and the poor, but wasn’t helping them nearly enough, he said.A guest suggested that when Tea Party activists said they wanted to “take back” their country, their real motivation was to stir up anger and anxiety at having a black president, and Obama didn’t dispute the idea. He agreed that there was a “subterranean agenda” in the anti-Obama movement — a racially biased one — that was unfortunate. But he sadly conceded that there was little he could do about it.Hmmmm.....How to start a revolution, First create a shadow government lets call them 'Tsars',then put up the unions against the rest of the country next play the race card and finally start a religious war?Read the full story here.

  • Michelle Obama to Hold Another ‘Listen Only’ Press Briefing.First Lady Michelle Obama will hold another “listen-only” conference call with reporters this afternoon, continuing a pattern of holding events for the media where access is sharply limited.When public figures in Washington, D.C., hold telephone briefings for the press—which are designed to attract press coverage for some item the briefer is seeking to promote--they routinely allow reporters listening to the briefing to ask at least a few questions.The First Lady appears to be establishing a new routine, where she speaks and--from beginning to end--reporters mutely listen.At this afternoon’s no-questions-allowed telephone briefing, Mrs. Obama will discuss the administration’s Healthier U.S. Schools Challenge program. She will be joined in the briefing by Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.On February 9, Mrs. Obama also conducted an “invitation only” call with unidentified “online media.” When asked the First Lady’s office which “online media” the White House invited to this “invitation only” telephone briefing, the office did not identify them.Hmmmm......Who's running the communication lines.....Reich Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels?Read the full story here.

  • Barbour says Obama cheers for higher gas prices.Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a potential presidential contender, accused the Obama administration Wednesday of favoring a run-up in gas prices to prod consumers to buy more fuel-efficient cars.Barbour cited 2008 comments from Steven Chu, now President Barack Obama's energy secretary, that a gradual increase in gasoline taxes could coax consumers into dumping their gas-guzzlers and finding homes closer to where they work. Chu, then a Nobel Prize-winning professor, argued that higher costs per gallon could force investments in alternative fuels and spur cleaner energy sources."This administration's policies have been designed to drive up the cost of energy in the name of reducing pollution, in the name of making very expensive alternative fuels more economically competitive," Barbour said during a U.S. Chamber of Commerce breakfast across the street from the White House.Obama has distanced himself from those comments but his critics seize on them as yet another example of Obama trying to impose a European approach on the United States.Barbour said Obama's energy team wouldn't be happy until gas prices reached $9 a gallon.Barbour is still weighing a presidential campaign and plans to visit Iowa twice this month. Barbour's advisers say he won't make a decision before the Mississippi legislature ends its session in early April and it could be May before he announces a decision."We don't have a $1.5 trillion deficit this year because taxes are too low," said Barbour, a former Republican National Committee chairman who helped the Republican Governors Association make major gains in November's elections as the group's chairman. "It's because we spend too much.""This administration spent $7 trillion in the first two years and lost 7 million jobs," Barbour said, then joked it was a good thing the government didn't spend $12 trillion to lose 12 million jobs."The fact is: a bigger government means a smaller economy," he said.Hmmm......"Obama stated that his policies would necessarily drive up energy prices'.Read the full story here.

  • Allen West: Resurrecting the American Spirit.WASHINGTON - He's moved from Iraq and Afghanistan to a new type of battlefield: Washington, D.C. Retired Army Lt. Col Allen West is taking the Capitol by storm with his "take-no-prisoners" approach. Fresh off a rousing star turn at the annual CPAC convention in Washington, D.C., the freshman congressman from Florida recently spoke with CBN and outlined his vision for America."Stand firm," West told the CPAC audience to thunderous applause. "For this is the dawn of a new America." Conservatives are smitten with West. A 22-year Army veteran, he's a straight shooter with no love for political correctness."One of the things that I've noticed is that when you cross the Potomac, truth becomes subjective," West told CBN News. "And I will not subscribe to that."That includes his view on defeating radical Islam."Can we really defeat this enemy if we don't acknowledge the role that Islamic ideology plays in terrorism?" CBN News asked West."When you look at the national security strategy, it does not talk about jihadism, does not talk about Islamic terrorism, does not talk about Muslim extremism--as a matter of fact, it talks more about global warming and climate change," he answered. "We have to be able to stand up and forthrightly declare there is an ideology out there that's fueling this thing," he said "You can't say this is a 'war on terrorism.' Terrorism is a tactic, and a nation can't fight a tactic.""And we have to have that dialogue up here in the halls of Congress and among our leadership," he continued. "Or else, we're just going to head down the road to perdition."When it comes to battling Islamic jihadists, West speaks from personal experience. The Bronze Star winner served in operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and trained Afghan officers.Now, with Iran driving to acquire nuclear weapons and dominate the Middle East, West sees another threat that must be confronted."They want the return of the hidden imam," he said. "And that can only occur with an apocalyptic event. And they believe dropping something on Israel is that event.""And I think that eventually, the time of sanctions will have to cease and you'll have to take a look at their military capability, which you'll have to take out," he continued.CBN News asked West why it was so important that Jerusalem remains a part of Israel proper."When you look at Jerusalem, it's always been the capital of Israel," he explained. "Israel has been around for 5,771 years. In 1948, the modern state of Israel was resurrected. So when we talk about returning this land back to the rightful owners and people, I have to tell you, that's the Jewish people."West sees a growing threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that many fear will seize control in Egypt, and which also operates closer to home."It is a plan to infiltrate into the United States of America and into our operating systems, be it cultural, religous, economic, educational, political, and cause the downfall of our consititutional Republic from within," he said of the Brotherhood's strategy. "And this is a Muslim Brotherhood that is tied to terrorist activities all across our globe," he added.Hmmmm.....A man who would make the founding fathers proud!Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheBlaze.Socialist Mantra Hidden in Grade School Chants.The Promise Of America Is. . . Socialism? That’s exactly what is being taught in many American public schools.Under the guise of teaching children to read, the seeds of Socialism are being planted within the minds of young children. Do you believe that the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States mandates the following?The People’s basic needs must be met in a country. Needs for housing, education, transportation, and health care overseen by our government system.Those are the words being chanted over and over and over by school children around the country. They are part of an educational program called Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance. This section is called ‘The Promise of America’ and it breaks down the fifty-two word single sentence that is the Preamble. Here is the original : We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.Disguised as a reading exercise, the Preamble has been turned into a five page choral project with commentary planted inside this very simple sentence. Here is an example. Make note of what the children (R5, R6, & R7) are being asked to read after the words ‘promote the general welfare’.Hmmmm.....At what time can we speak about 'treason'?"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."Read the full treason story here.More here.

  • HT:LogisticsMonster.A Cloth Coffin For Lady Liberty?Sharia4America:"
    We hereby call upon the Muslims in the US, particularly in New York, Michigan, Chicago and Washington DC to take lessons from their Muslim brothers and sisters in North Africa and the Middle East and rise to implement the Shari’ah in America. On 3rd March 2011 From 1pm to 4pm (local time), at Pennsylvania Avenue, outside the White House, the Muslims will let the tyrant Barack Obama and the American people know that a new constitution beckons the US called the Shari’ah, and that this worldwide revolution will see it implemented inshaa’allah (God willing) very very soon."
    "The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty".One of the founding principles of the Islamic constitution is to ensure that all sovereignty and supremacy belongs solely to God; the Shari’ah is a practical manifestation of this sovereignty and supremacy because it seeks to establish His command in society.The status of a nation subsequently does not depend on its number, strength or technological advancement, but rather how much it submits to the commands of God. When a nation seeks to be free from such commands, then ultimately it will meet its destruction.The Statue of Liberty, designed by Frederic Bartholdi, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor; representing Libertas, the Roman (false) goddess of Freedom, it is symbolic of the rebellious nature of the US constitution that elevates the command of man over the command of God.In Islam, the public veneration of idols and statues is strictly prohibited. This has forced sincere Muslims to develop realistic plans that will aid in the removal of the Statue of Liberty."Hmmmm.....No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices - Edward R. Murrow.Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmnonAndJonathan.Give them Tractors !In order to help the young revolution in Egypt to get up on Democratic tracks, President Obama ordered his staff to come forward with suggestions and constructive ideas, how to assist the authentic representatives of the Egyptian people and boost their collapsed economic situation !In a matter of hours, the team of egg-heads came with a solution.Give them Tractors! They said.So it was said, so it was written and so it was done !After two weeks sailing, the USS "The Glorious JFK" arrived at the port of Alexandria in Egypt with 1000 green mechanical monsters on deck worth of $1.57M each !On arrival, Mr. John Deer welcomed the authentic representative of the Egyptian people, the Imam, Haj, Ayatollah, Jihad Ibn Shahid Abu Itbah El Yahood !Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmnonandJonathan.Tora! Tora! Tora !Now, Erdogan plans to invade LIBYA?Statement from Walid Shoebat.For years, I have said that some day Turkey will invade Libya. Daniel 11 tells us:"He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt with the Libyans and Nubians in submission." (Daniel 11:43)Turkey currently has its eye on Libya and is using Barack Hussein Obama to gain support for his invasion of Libya and he got it. Whether Turkey will invade or not is only a matter of time. But currently the plans are being discussed with full approval by the United States:Diplomatic sources said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan relayed a plan in which the Turkish Navy would send ships and troops to Libya. They said the plan called for the European Union to immediately accept Turkey as a member after the downfall of Gadhafi, Middle East Newsline reported."It was not clear if Turkey could actually do the job, but Erdogan did make this offer," a Western diplomat said.The sources said the United States, particularly President Barack Obama, supported the Turkish proposal, believed to have also been endorsed by Saudi Arabia. Obama, regarded as a close ally of Erdogan, said Ankara deserves membership in the EU.But Brussels appeared cold to the Turkish plan. The sources said French President Nicolas Sarkozy opposed the Erdogan proposal despite U.S. pressure."What Sarkozy said is unprintable, but basically that the United States is not a member of the EU and cannot dictate who should be a member," the diplomat said.Hmmmm.....Erdogan earlier this week"Now we start building our own warplanes".Read the full story here.

  • Consumer Reports: GM's Volt 'doesn't really make a lot of sense'.Washington — Consumer Reports offered a harsh initial review of the Chevrolet Volt, questioning whether General Motors Co.'s flagship vehicle makes economic "sense."The extended-range plug-in electric vehicle is on the cover of the April issue — the influential magazine's annual survey of vehicles — but the GM vehicle comes in for criticism. "When you are looking at purely dollars and cents, it doesn't really make a lot of sense. The Volt isn't particularly efficient as an electric vehicle and it's not particularly good as a gas vehicle either in terms of fuel economy," said David Champion, the senior director of Consumer Reports auto testing center at a meeting with reporters here. "This is going to be a tough sell to the average consumer."The magazine said in its testing in Connecticut during a harsh winter, its Volt is getting 25 to 27 miles on electric power alone. GM spokesman Greg Martin noted that it's been an extremely harsh winter — and as a Volt driver he said he's getting 29-33 miles on electric range. But he noted that in more moderate recent weather, the range jumped to 40 miles on electric range or higher. Champion believes a hybrid, such as the Toyota Prius, may make more sense for some trips."If you drive about 70 miles, a Prius will actually get you more miles per gallon than the Volt does," Champion said.Champion noted the Volt is about twice as expensive as a Prius. He was said the five hour time to recharge the Volt was "annoying" and was also critical of the power of the Volt heating system. "You have seat heaters, which keep your body warm, but your feet get cold and your hands get cold," Champion said. Consumer Reports will release a full road test of the Volt later this year and will update it."They are going to live with the compromises the vehicle delivers," Champion said. "When you look at it from a purely logical point of view, it doesn't make an awful lot of sense."Hmmmm........Politifake's view on the Chevy Volt.Read the full story here.

  • Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus' death.In new book, Benedict XVI explains biblically and theologically why there is no basis in Scripture for accusations against Jewish people as a whole. Pope Benedict XVI has made a sweeping exoneration of the Jewish people for the death of Jesus Christ, tackling one of the most controversial issues in Christianity in a new book.In "Jesus of Nazareth-Part II" excerpts released Wednesday, Benedict explains biblically and theologically why there is no basis in Scripture for the argument that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus' death.While the Catholic Church has for five decades taught that Jews weren't collectively responsible, Jewish scholars said Wednesday the argument laid out by the German-born pontiff, who has had his share of mishaps with Jews, was a landmark statement from a pope that would help fight anti-Semitism today."Holocaust survivors know only too well how the centuries-long charge of 'Christ killer' against the Jews created a poisonous climate of hate that was the foundation of anti-Semitic persecution whose ultimate expression was realized in the Holocaust," said Elan Steinberg of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants.The pope's book, he said, not only confirms church teaching refuting the deicide charge "but seals it for a new generation of Catholics." "It may be an obvious thing for Jews to present texts with commentaries, but normally with church magisterium, they present a document," he said. "This is a pedagogical tool that he's providing, so people will be able to interpret the text in keeping with orthodox Vatican teaching." Hmmmm......If the Jewish capital punishment at the time of Jesus was "Stoning to death",why did he get the Roman Capital punishment 'Crucifixion'?Read the full story here.

  • Minister Farrakhan Thinks Rihanna Is Filthy, Rihanna Responds.The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave a very dishonorable review of Rihanna.In a four-hour speech that saw the Nation of Islam leader defend both Scientology and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, he roasted the singer for being “filthy.”He also had things to say about her fans and members of the gay community.Via the Chicago Sun-Times : He also criticized the sexually charged performances of pop star Rihanna, saying they were “filthy” and that people who enjoyed such antics were “swine,” a description he also applied to homosexuals and lesbians. He also criticized immigrant Muslims in the Chicago area for moving to white suburbs and being patronizing toward Black Muslims.No worries, Rihanna responded by way of Twitter.Now some people feel as though Rihanna’s out of line for responding to her elder in that manner. However, Rihanna is being far more respectful to Farrakhan in her retort than he was in his criticism.Hmmmmm....."First they came for Rihaana...."Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmericanDigest.Dead Zero: "The way of Islam is the only way, the predestined way..."An excerpt from Stephen Hunter's new novel,Dead Zero: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel.I am no Lee Harvey Oswald, surly and bitter and luxuriating in his own self-imposed bitterness. I am no John Wilkes Booth, full of grandiloquence, theatrical self-dramatization, narcissism, and insanity. I am no Leon Czolgosz, an idiot. I’m just a man who sees the future, understands what it must be, and humbly aspires to facilitate it as mercifully and swiftly as possible. I did what I did because the West is no longer worth defending. It has been destroyed by the people it was built to protect: its women.The West lasted from AD 732, when Charles Martel defeated the Muslims at Tours, until 1960, where it fell without a battle. In 1960, the birth control pill became widely available. Many think of it as heaven, sexual nirvana, the route to self-expression, wish fulfillment, and liberation for millions of women. I think of it as Auschwitz in a bottle. It was and is genocide, as, using it, the women of my generation happily traded off 1,200 years of unparalleled growth, wealth, security, stability, scientific and ethical progress for a second BMW in the garage. The West ceased producing at a sustainable rate, while Islam continued to populate the world. You may look elsewhere for the demographics. This fact cannot be avoided: we Westerners currently may be analogized to upper-class Brits on the deck of the Titanic, April 12, 1912. My, my, why is the great ship tilting a bit? Why, dear, it’s probably some minor malfunction that the handsome young men will soon fix. Meanwhile, may I have another aperitif, steward?After 1960, the dominos fell quickly. Once the size of a family could be controlled, it shrank; women returned to the workplace. Soon-believe me, I am not arguing that they are “dumb” or in any way “inferior”-they were making equal or even more than the males, so male authority was challenged and, metaphorically, that leveraged and ultimately destroyed the whole concept of authority. Simultaneously, with small family size, more was invested in each of 2.4 children, so that the death of one meant a shattering emotional wastage. Soldiers could no longer die in the thousands, much less the hundreds. Without defenders, we are doomed.Thus the only question that remains for a serious man: with the West gone, what system of governance best serves the most people of the world? If the West can no longer be defended, the East can no longer be denied. The answer to the question, “What is next?” has to be Islamic theocracy. It alone has the harshness of temperament to control the feminism that doomed the West. At its purest, Islam is simply masculinity emboldened, masculinity without moderation, hesitancy, compassion, and introspection. That force alone can save us.You say: Islam is submission, it is barbaric in its jihad against infidels. True enough. But once Islam has achieved hegemony and exists without challenge, all that will change. That is what truly lies ahead: Islamic hegemony over the earth, based on masculinity-self-discipline, faith, obedience, and duty. That is the system of governance that will best serve the most people and make the most people the happiest. The intellectuals and ironists will never be satisfied; wisely, Islam will execute them. They do harm far disproportionate to their numbers in any society and must be eliminated without mercy. That is the system that will finally yield the dream of paradise of economic and spiritual equality where the state has withered away and each gives from his ability and receives to his need.Hmmmm.........Read the full story here.

  • Women’s associations seek meeting with PM over increase in women’s murders.The Federation of Turkish Women’s Associations (TKDF) has asked for an appointment with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to discuss a recent increase in the number of women’s murders. TKDF President Canan Güllü said 246 women have been killed by their husbands, boyfriends or relatives in the past seven months, adding that there may be many other cases as well which have not been made public. Stating that the murder of women has become “ordinary” in Turkey, Güllü said not a single day in the past 10 days went by without a news story reporting a woman’s murder.Hmmmm......Keep Turkey OUT of the European Union!Read the full story here.

  • Related : Two women killed in separate cases,one certainly an dishonor killing.Two more incidents have been added to the growing cases of violence against women in Turkey, with the discovery under a bridge of the body of a 19-year-old Mersin woman who left home a month ago, and the body of a Bursa woman found near a lake on Tuesday. While it is believed that the Mersin woman, identified as Hatice Fırat, was stabbed to death and her body thrown over a bridge, 11 people, including her mother and father, have been taken into custody as suspects in her murder. The victim’s boyfriend is also a suspect in the case, which police have labeled an Dishonor killing.Passers-by called police after finding the body at Viranşehir beach in Mezitli, Mersin province. Fırat had left her home on Feb. 3, saying she was “going to the corner store,” but never returned. Parents reported the victim as missing to local police the following day.Police were unable to reach the victim’s older brother, who is now a key suspect in the case. According to police reports, the victim’s brother visited Fırat at the home she shared with her boyfriend, after seeing her in Mezitli. He then went for a walk on the beach with the victim, and the two were never seen again.The victim from Nilüfer, Bursa province, whose identity has yet to be confirmed, was found with her throat brutally slashed, legs amputated and several knife wounds on her body. The legs of the victim, estimated to be between 20-25 years old, have not been found despite searches conducted in the area.Police are considering the possibility that the body could be that of a student from Uludağ University who was reported missing on Feb. 16. Investigations are still continuing.Meanwhile, members of the Bursa Women’s Platform protested violence against women at the Bursa Governor’s Office on Tuesday, in the lead-up to International Women’s Day on March 8. They presented the governor with a folder titled “We are against the murders of women.”They drew attention to the recent upsurge in the killings of women in Turkey and said that something urgent needs to be done to end it.Hmmmm......Obama's favorite Turkey.Keep Turkey out of the E.U. and out of NATO!Read the full story here.

  • Near Tennessee Capitol, faith leaders call for stop to anti-Shariah bill.Local Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders gathered near the Tennessee Capitol on Tuesday to ask that an anti-Shariah law be withdrawn from consideration by the state legislature.If passed, they fear, the law would make it illegal to be Muslim in Tennessee, although the bill's supporters say it specifically targets groups that support terrorism."All of a sudden, I pray using the Koran or the Sunnas of the Prophet, and it's a crime," said Imam Yusuf Abdullah of Masjid Al-Islam in Nashville. "What kind of bill is that?"The bill exempts the peaceful practice of Islam. But it also claims that Shariah law requires its followers to support overthrowing the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions and governments."The knowing adherence to sharia and to foreign sharia authorities constitutes a conspiracy to further the legal, political and military doctrine and system which embraces the law of jihad," the law reads.Hmmmm.....Sharia is not a religion or is it?I thought it was Islamic LAW ?Shariah : the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed; "sharia is only applicable to Muslims".First Amendment "under Islamic law there is no separation of church and state"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."Thus AGAINST THE FIRST AMMENDMENT !Read the full story here.

  • You got to be kidding?Somali terror suspects threaten to sue Geert Wilders.Twelve Somali men arrested on terrorism charges just before Christmas and later released are threatening to take MP Geert Wilders to court for libel, the Telegraaf reports. Wilders used the microblogging service Twitter to comment on the men’s arrest in relation to the queen’s Christmas speech about unity and shared values. ‘The 12 arrested Somali terror suspects were not exactly looking for what binds us and don’t share our values,’ Wilders wrote.The 12 want Wilders to apologise or say they will sue for damages. Police said later they had no terrorist connections. The secret service tip-off about them is though to have been part of a blackmail plot.Hmmmm.....Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Hamas Opposes UNRWA Intention To Teach About Holocaust. The Gaza Hamas administration's culture ministry has objected to an UNRWA intention to teach about the Holocaust in its schools. It stated that UNRWA is provoking the Palestinians, trying to normalize relations with Israel, and imposing a curriculum serving Israel. The ministry also called on teachers not to teach about the Holocaust, and on UNRWA to refrain from interfering in Palestinian affairs.Hmmmm.....Nothing is more 'revolting' than the naked truth?Read the full story here.
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