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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tehran protesters swarm Basij Militia man.

A large poster described as bearing images of ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei is at the center of the action. In the first video, a man dressed in a sweater identified as a member of the Basij militia attempts to gather up the poster off the street as the crowd of protesters in the vicinity chants, "Na Ghaza! Na Lobnan! Tunis o Misr o Iran!" (Not Gaza! Not Lebanon! Tunisia and Egypt and Iran!). Suddenly, a fight breaks out and the purported Basij member is swarmed. We cannot confirm the man's membership in the militia, but this description of the event has been independently supported by @madyar via Twitter.Source.

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Iran Live Blog : 25 Bahman / 14 February. "The Bloody Valentine's Day Massacre "? Here .
  • Opposition: Iran police arrest dozens of protesters.(Video) Security forces fire teargas to disperse thousands of opposition supporters chanting 'Death to the dictator' while marching toward Tehran square; dozens arrested during clashes with police in central Iran. Clinton slams 'hypocrisy' of Iranian government.VIDEO - Dozens of Iranian opposition supporters were arrested on Monday while taking part in a banned rally in Tehran to support popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, an Iranian opposition website said. "Witnesses say in some parts of Tehran security forces arrested dozens of protesters," opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi's Kaleme website reported.Security forces fired teargas to scatter thousands of opposition supporters marching toward a Tehran square, a witness said. There were also clashes between police and demonstrators, resulting in dozens of arrests, in Isfahan in central Iran, the country's third largest city, another witness told Reuters.The rallies amounted to a test of strength for the reformist opposition, which had not taken to the streets since Dec. 2009, when eight people were killed.The demonstrators marched towards Azadi (Freedom) Square, a traditional rallying point for protests in central Tehran dominated by a huge white marble arch. Hundreds of marchers also gathered in Isfahan and Shiraz, witnesses said.Turkish President Abdullah Gul, on a visit to Tehran, called on Middle Eastern governments to listen to the demands of their people, although he did not refer to Iran."We see that sometimes when the leaders and heads of countries do not pay attention to the nations' demands, the people themselves take action to achieve their demands," Gul told a news conference alongside Ahmadinejad.Speaking to reporters after meeting House Speaker John Boehner on Monday, Clinton said she and others in Barack Obama's administration "very clearly and directly support the aspirations of the people who are in the streets" of Tehran.Hmmmm......Obama silent.....The Islamic extremists are already in charge in Iran no need for "Change"?Read the full story here.

  • Man charged in killing of Pakistani politician gets Valentine's gifts | CNN.Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Supporters of an accused assassin of a Pakistani politician brought him Valentine's flowers and cards Monday, the same day a judge charged him with murder and terrorism acts, his lawyer said.Pakistani police have said Mumtaz Hussain Qadri confessed to gunning down Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab Province, outside an outdoor market in Islamabad last month.The suspect was serving as Taseer's security guard at the time of the shooting.Police said Qadri shot Taseer because of the liberal politician's campaign to amend Pakistan's controversial blasphemy laws.The charges of murder and committing an act of terrorism each carry the possible death penalty in Pakistan.When the judge asked Qadri to enter a plea, he denied committing a crime, said Raja Shuja Ur Rehman, his lawyer."I acted against a blasphemer per the guidelines of the Quran and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad," Qadri told the judge, according to his lawyer. "I didn't kill an innocent person."Pakistani authorities held Monday's hearing inside the jail where Qadri is being kept for security reasons.Around 50 people stood outside the jail bearing flowers and Valentine's wishes for the accused assassin, his lawyer said.It wasn't clear whether jail officials delivered the flowers to Qadri.Since the shooting, Pakistan's hard-line religious groups have congratulated Qadri and held demonstrations calling him a hero, while condemning anyone who tries to change Pakistan's blasphemy laws.The next court date for Qadri is scheduled for February 26th when the prosecution is scheduled to present its evidence.Hmmmmm.......Come again?Isn't celebrating Valentine Haram for Islam?Read the full story here

  • Muslim Brotherhood to form political party in Egypt. In a statement on Monday, Egypt’s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, said it would establish itself as a political party once the Constitution has been amended to allow it to do so.The group asserted its confidence that Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces would meet all its promises pledged in its fifth statement to the nation on Sunday.The group asked the armed forces to declare a timetable for amending the Constitution and holding new presidential elections. It also called for abolishing military tribunals and pardoning all political detainees.It also called for free and fair parliamentary elections under judicial supervision, for abolishing the Emergency Law and forming a new cabinet of ministers approved by the public.Hmmmm......What happened to last weeks "Muslim Brotherhood: 'We are not seeking power"?It's called Al-taqiyya Dhimmi !Read the full story here.

  • Obama sends Congress $3.73 trillion budget.President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.73 trillion budget Monday that holds out the prospect of eventually bringing deficits under control through spending cuts and tax increases. But the fiscal blueprint largely ignores his own deficit commission's view that the nation is imperiled unless huge entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are slashed.Obama called his new budget one of "tough choices and sacrifices," but most of those cuts would be held off until after the end of his first term.Overall, Obama proposed trimming the deficits by $1.1 trillion over a decade. The administration is projecting that the deficit will hit an all-time high of $1.65 trillion this year and then drop sharply to $1.1 trillion in 2012, with an expected improvement in the economy and as reductions in Social Security withholding and business taxes expire."Presidents are elected to lead and address big challenges," said Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. "The big challenge facing our economy today and our country tomorrow is the debt crisis. He's making it worse, not better."Even some Democrats complained that Obama needed a more vigorous attack on future budget deficits."We need a much more robust package of deficit and debt reduction over the medium- and long-term. It is not enough to focus primarily on cutting the non-security discretionary part of the budget," said Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., who called for a budget presentation matching the ambition of Obama's deficit commission.Hmmmm.....When will Congress stop this walking, talking and spending doomsday machine?Don't these politicians have any concience on what they're doing to their children ,grandchildren and the future Americans. Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheDailyDish.Obama To The Next Generation: Screw You, Suckers.The logic behind president Obama's budget has one extremely sensible feature: it distinguishes between spending that simply adds to consumption, and spending that really does mean investment. His analogy over the weekend - that a family cutting a budget would rather not cut money for the kids' education - is a sound one. We do need more infrastructure, roads and broadband, non-carbon energy and basic science research, and some of that is something only government can do. In that sense, discretionary spending could be among the most important things government could do to help Americans create wealth themselves. And yet this is the only spending Obama wants to cut.To all those under 30 who worked so hard to get this man elected, know this: he just screwed you over. He thinks you're fools. Either the US will go into default because of Obama's cowardice, or you will be paying far far more for far far less because this president has no courage when it counts. He let you down. On the critical issue of America's fiscal crisis, he represents no hope and no change. Just the same old Washington politics he once promised to end.Hmmmm.....By now you could all start your own business in snake oil after the amount he sold to all of you.Read the full story here.

  • Obama's drilling moratorium causes major company to go bankrupt.Seahawk Drilling Inc. said it has filed for bankruptcy protection and plans to sell its fleet of offshore drilling rigs to a competitor for $105 million.Seahawk, which announced the deal with Hercules Offshore Inc. Friday, has been hurt by a slowdown in Gulf of Mexico drilling after the BP oil spill last April. The government halted drilling in deep waters and imposed tough new rules that have curtained all energy exploration in U.S. waters.Seahawk owns a fleet of 20 jackup rigs for shallow water exploration, while Hercules owns 30 rigs, vessels and other equipment. It also provides drilling services. The deal creates a larger company with a more diverse fleet and greater operational flexibility, Seahawk said.Both companies are based in Houston.Hercules Offshore plans to buy Seahawk's assets using 22.3 million shares of its stock, $25 million in cash to retire Seahawk debt and additional cash for working capital. The Feb. 10 closing price of $3.62 per share for Hercules' stock brings the deal's value to $105 million.Hmmmm...."Change" you can see?Don't worry "together we thrive" over the cliff in to the abbys!Read the full story here.

  • What did Davutoğlu mean?Evaluating recent developments in Egypt and the Middle East on CNN Türk on Saturday, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said “a common awareness that is outside the nation-state” was emerging in the region. Davutoğlu also characterized this as the “start of a historic turnover” in the Middle East which cannot be rolled back.At first glance this appears an innocent enough remark given that he went on to stress the importance of democracy and the will of the people as this process unfolded. However, a deeper look at this remark may merit a different assessment of what he is saying.It is clear that “a common awareness” is spreading across the Middle East which has the notion of “people power” at its heart. It is also clear that the driving force of this awareness is a demand for justice, equality and higher standards of living. From a secular perspective these are commendable views.However, if one is to take Davutoğlu’s remarks from the perspective of political Islam, it is clear that the hope is that this “awareness” will channel “the democratic will of the people” toward more Islamic regimes, which ultimately have less to do with the notion of a nation-state and more to do with the idea of international Islamic unity.This, at any rate, is Iran’s open desire judging by the statements of the highest echelons of the mullah regime in that country concerning developments in Egypt.If Davutoğlu is referring to the emergence of a common awareness which, while being above the notion of being a nation-state, has at its heart a call for justice and democracy in the universal sense, then there is no problem. If, on the other hand, he is talking of a common awareness that is emerging which has Islamic identity at its core, then there are problems in what he is saying.The notion of “Dar al-Islam” (“the House of Islam”), like the notion of “Christendom” throughout much of European history, is a universal concept as far as orthodox Muslims are concerned. Therefore, it can be debated whether an Islamic outlook on life is in the final analysis compatible with the “nation-state,” which ultimately divides the “House of Islam.”Assessing Davutoğlu’s remarks in this light, one cannot help but wonder if this is what he suggests when referring to an “emerging awareness above the concept of nation-state.” Given the closeness the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, feels toward Islamic regimes and groups, as well as some of its practices at home that upset Turkish nationalists and secularists alike, one is forced to ask this question.We will, as mentioned, give Davutoğlu the benefit of the doubt and assume that what he meant is that a common secular democratic awareness is on the rise in the region, and this is what cannot be rolled back.But he must understand in return that given the AKP’s political outlook, which is based on an Islamic worldview, any remark emanating from the government, such as his words to CNN Türk cited above, cannot be taken at face value.Hmmmmm.......Someone is dreaming of an Islamic Caliphat.And these are Obama's friends.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Al-'Awlaki to Muslim Journalists: 'A Journalist Is Responsible to Allah for What He Presents to the People'.Keep Exposing the Crimes of the U.S. and Its Agents.Hmmmm.......Now read the next post!Why would he do this?Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.Obama administration official urges cable companies to carry Al-Jazeera.AL Jazeera is filled with anti-American propaganda. It is also awash in anti-Semitism. The material broadcast stokes terror and violence.Why would the person who Barack Obama appointed to be the Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, Juliette Kayyem, advocate American cable companies carry the channel-a channel that cannot help but inflame tensions and anger and one that is not known for unbiased accuracy.From an op-ed by Kayyem in the Boston Globe: FOR THE past few weeks, a parallel plot line to the revolutions in the Arab world has been playing out in the media. With rare exceptions, the largest American cable and satellite providers simply do not provide viewers access to Al Jazeera English, the cousin to the powerful Qatar-based world news network.AJE has launched a full-fledged campaign - including advertisements quoting, of all people, major US news figures - to convince cable carriers to open their programming. But most have declined: Burlington, Vt., is the closest city to Boston where viewers can see the network on television.AJE's battle with the cable carriers is major news in the Middle East. Not carrying the network sends a message to the Arab world about America's willingness to accept information, unfiltered, from the very region we spend so much time talking about. These television wars began not in Tunisia or Egypt, but in Iraq.We have enough terror apologists in the media already without an entire station devoted to obscuring the truth being beamed in to America's homes.Hmmmm........"I will stand with my Muslim Brothers"?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.A Looming Superpower Clash Triggered by Pakistan.The U.S.-led war against the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan has deteriorated into a growing open conflict with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and threatens to rapidly fall into a full-blown war with Pakistan. Signs of such an upcoming clash between Pakistan and the U.S. can already be seen.In anticipation of such a full-scale clash with America, Pakistan is seeking an enhanced role for China on its side, thereby triggering a possible superpower clash, involving the U.S., China, Russia, NATO powers, and other regional players.The ongoing deterioration between the U.S. on the one hand and the ISI-led Pakistani government on the other is on the verge of falling into an open clash.Indeed a clash has begun, both on the battlefields and in the intelligence arena, as witnessed by the following:
The Military Level: Pakistan is Directly Involved in Afghanistan.
The Intelligence Level: ISI is Sabotaging American Intelligence Efforts.
Raymond Davis, an official of the U.S. Consulate in Lahore, was arrested for killing two Pakistani nationals. The Pakistani leaders have said that the two Pakistani nationals were innocent citizens. However, a report in a Pakistani daily has revealed that the two were members of Pakistani intelligence.Hmmmm.......Give them a few Billion Dollars more?Read the full story here.

  • "If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law," said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary.About one dozen families who recently immigrated to Canada are demanding that the Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg excuse their children from music and coed physical education programs for religious reasons.The families believe that music is un-Islamic - just like the Taliban believe and then imposed on the entire population of Afghanistan - and that physical education classes should be segregated by gender even in the elementary years.The school division is facing the music in a typically Canadian way - that is, bending itself into a trombone to try to accommodate these demands, even though in Manitoba, and indeed the rest of the country, music and phys. ed are compulsory parts of the curriculum.Officials say they may try to have the Muslim children do a writing project on music to satisfy the curriculum's requirements. The school officials have apparently consulted the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, and they have also spoken to a member of the Islamic community suggested by those very same Muslim parents.In any event, the school district is trying to find a way to adapt the curriculum to fit the wishes of these families, rather than these families adapting to fit into the school and Canadian culture.Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, says he has some better ideas."I'd tell them, this is Canada, and in Canada, we teach music and physical education in our schools. If you don't like it, leave. If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law," said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary.That might be putting things a little more forcefully than most of us would be comfortable with, but Kanwar says he is tired of hearing about such out-of-tune demands from newcomers to our country. "Immigrants to Canada should adjust to Canada, not the other way around," he argues.He makes it clear, that like most Canadians, he is pleased and enjoys that Canada has citizens literally from every country and corner in the world, as it has enriched this country immensely. But it's official multiculturalism - the state policy "that entrenches the lie" that all cultures and beliefs are of equal value and of equal validity in Canada that he objects to."The fact is, Canada has an enviable culture based on Judeo-Christian values - not Muslim values - with British and French rule of law and traditions and that's why it's better than all of the other places in the world. We are heading down a dangerous path if we allow the idea that sharia law has a place in Canada. It does not. It is completely incompatible with the idea and reality of Canada," says Kanwar, who in the 1970s was the founder and president of the Pakistan-Canada Association and a big fan of official multiculturalism. Kanwar says his views changed when he started listening to the people who joined his group. They badmouthed Canada, weren't interested in knowing Canadians or even in learning one of our official languages. They created cultural ghettos and the Canadian government even helped fund it."One day it dawned on me that the reason all of us wanted to move here was going to disappear if we didn't start defending Canada and its fundamental values." That's when Kanwar started speaking out against the dangers of official multiculturalism.Kanwar says for years, some "non-whites like me" have felt comfortable pointing out the failings of official multiculturalism. What's encouraging is that now "whites" or the majority culture and its leaders are starting to sound the alarm.Cameron ended his speech by saying: "This terrorism is completely indiscriminate and has been thrust upon us. . . . We need to confront it with confidence."At stake are not just lives, it's our way of life. That's why this is a challenge we cannot avoid - and one we must meet."Hmmmm......If i would say this would it make me a bigot?Probably am i being discriminated?Read the full story here.

  • Jordan - 36 Jordanian tribal leaders break silence with unprecedented letter criticizing King Abdullah's wife accuse her of 'serving own interests, stealing money from treasury', warn of uprising similar to Egypt.Will Jordanian Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and her husband be next in line to flee their homeland, as was the case with the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt? In a letter published this week by 36 Jordanian tribal leaders, who represent nearly 40% of the population and play an important role in the kingdom's politics, the Queen was criticized relentlessly.In the letter, Rania was accused of "corruption, stealing money from the Treasury and manipulating in order to promote her public image – against the Jordanian people's will."The tribal leaders compared the queen to the wife of former Tunisian president Leila Ben Ali, who stole from her country's treasury for years, giving her family members vast sums of money and land at the expense of the Tunisian citizens."We call upon the King to return lands and farms given to the Yassin family (Rania's family). The land belongs to the Jordanian people," they wrote. Such a letter criticizing the royal family can lead to a three year jail sentence in Jordan.The tribal leaders warned that if the royal family fails to act quickly and implement the new financial and social reforms and move towards a democratic regime, they will suffer the same fate of Tunisia and Egypt'd leaders. It was also mentioned that Jordan is suffering from "an authority crisis" and from a growing influence of "corrupt businessmen who surround the decision makers, affect political decisions and ignore national interests." The tribal leaders called to "put these corrupt people who stole from the country on trial, regardless of their status.""Sooner or later Jordan will be a destination for a similar uprising like the ones in Tunisia and Egypt because of oppression of freedom and robbing from public funds," said the letter.The tribal leaders accused Rania of "building centers intended to strengthen her status and serve her interests."A Jordanian citizen and a member of a large tribe in the country said that the Jordanian authorities "pressured a few tribes in the past days and told them to be carful what they say to the global media. We're still loyal to the Hashemite crown, but we believe that King Abdullah has to stop his wife and her family from taking advantage of their power, otherwise the crown might be in danger."Last September, Rania celebrated her 40th birthday, and many criticized her for spending an "enormous" amount of money and having a very "ostentatious" party "at the expense of the treasury and the poor."Hmmmm.....Sounds like another "Let them eat cake" story.Read the full story here.

  • Bankrupting Terrorism - One Lawsuit at a Time.Shurat HaDin—Israel Law Center is an Israeli based civil right organization and world leader in combating the terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them through lawsuits litigated in courtrooms around the world. Fighting for the rights of hundreds of terror victims, Shurat HaDin seeks to bankrupt the terror groups and grind their criminal activities to a halt - one lawsuit at a time.Hmmmm.....Injustice is relatively easy to bear; it is justice that hurts. ~H.L. Mencken.Read the full story here.

  • Turkish comics magazine apologizes for anti-religious joke.Popular weekly satirical Turkish comic magazine Penguen has apologized for a caricature featuring what many called irreverently anti-religious content after reactions from Muslims.In the graphic panel in question, a member of the crowd praying at a mosque calls God from his cell phone and asks if he can leave early because he has an errand to run, while the rest of the crowd looks at him in shock. A sign on the mosque’s wall reads, “There is no Allah – Religion is a Lie.”The caricature was scanned and shared on the Internet on Sunday night by thousands of people on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, raising a lot of criticism and anger. The magazine released an explanation Monday afternoon apologizing for the work. The explanation stated the work was not the cover caricature, the only caricature that reflects the consensus of the publication. The statement noted that artists are free to write or draw anything on their own pages: “We may or may not like a single caricature, but it is important to preserve this area of freedom in general. We are respectful toward the criticism, too. We are sorry about the reactions to this caricature. We apologize to those people who perceived [the caricature] as disrespectful.”Hmmmmm.......Not only the Danish cartoonists are in danger it seems.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Egyptian Opposition Leader Ayman Nour Calls for Referendum on Camp David Accords.Ayman Nour: Much can be said about the Camp David accords. We believe that we should abide by our international commitments, but we should also make the others abide by our rights and by their own international commitments. With regard to the Camp David accords in particular, the situation is complicated. In practice, the Camp David accords have come to an end. More than 30 years have passed since this agreement was signed, and many things on the ground require amendments. These amendments must be conducted in keeping with the interests and decisions of the Egyptian people. We will not impose anything on the Egyptian people, but I personally believe that if it were up to me, I would ask to conduct a referendum among the people with regard to this agreement, and we would abide by the decision of the people. We want true participation of the people, and to gauge the people's position on all the significant issues, one of the most important of which is the Camp David accords. Some people believe that this agreement is a thing of the past, and that it must be developed in a correct manner. They believe that some of the terms are humiliating to the Egyptian side. I belong to this group of people. Other people believe that the Camp David accords give Egypt certain guarantees on the ground, and that these must not be jeopardized at present. I don't maintain this position, but at the end of the day, my opinion is not the only one that counts. We should hold a referendum.Hmmmm.......Wel done Mr President.Read the full story here.

  • Saudi had 1,115 family violence cases in 2010.Saudi Arabia had nearly 1,115 family violence cases in 2010 and most of them were against females, according to official data.The capital Riyadh had the worst record, with nearly 425 officially registered cases, the ministry of social affairs said in a report.The report, published in local newspapers, showed 979 of the cases were against females and that bodily harm topped the list of family violence cases in the Gulf kingdom.“Other main cases involved psychological harm, sexual assault and verbal attacks,” the report said.Hmmmm.......these are the reported cases?Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheAmericanThinker.A Tipping Point Is Nearing.We are facing a tipping point. There will soon be a crisis affecting US citizens beyond any experienced since the Great Depression. And it may happen within the year. This past week three awful developments put a dagger into the hope for a growth-led recovery, which held promise of possibly averting a debt and currency implosion crushing the American economy.The first was a little-noticed, but tragic, series of events in the newly elected House of Representatives. The speaker, Mr. Boehner, had given the task of fashioning the majority's spending cut agenda to Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), a rising conservative star representing the vocal wing of fiscal conservatives in the House. Promising to cut $100 billion of government spending, Mr. Boehner spoke before the elections of the urgency to produce immediately when Republicans took control.Unlike the Great Depression, however, we will enter such a shock in a weakened state, with few producers among us and record mountains of debt. More cataclysmic is the specter of inadequate food, as less than 4% of us farm, and those that do may cease to be as productive or may not accept devalued currency as payment, should the tipping point be crossed. Corn and wheat prices in the U.S. have nearly doubled in less than 12 months, using our rapidly evaporating currency as the medium of exchange.The time for action has passed, which may only become apparent as the "aid" of easy money becomes seen as the harm that it is. May we all be spared the worst, but I offer no such prayers for those responsible. The harm that comes will be swifter, and more severe, than most of them thought possible.Read the full the story here.

Aljazeera report at 14:15 PM EU time from Tehran

David Horowitz on Muslim Brotherhood Influence in U.S. at CPAC 2011

HT : NewZeal.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Iran Live Blog : 25 Bahman / 14 February. "The Bloody Valentine's Day Massacre "? Here. Television viewers around the world following events in Cairo over the past few weeks have become familiar with the layout of Tahrir Square, epicenter of the Egyptian uprising. Here's a bird's-eye comparison with Azadi Square, the intended destination of the Monday march planned for Tehran. Here.

  • Iran forces in streets to thwart opposition rally.Scores of Iranian security forces deployed in the streets of Tehran on Monday to prevent a planned opposition rally in solidarity with popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia that toppled their presidents, witnesses said.The day is likely to be a test of strength for the reformist opposition, which has not taken to the streets since December 2009, when eight people were killed. Iranian security forces are still unlikely to hesitate to use all means to stop any protest.Opposition leaders Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi took advantage of official Iranian backing for the huge Arab street protests to call their own demonstrations in support, but authorities refused their request.The opposition nevertheless renewed the call for the rally. Iranian authorities have warned the opposition to avoid creating a "security crisis" by reviving protests that erupted after the vote, the biggest unrest in Iran since the 1979 revolution."There are dozens of police and security forces in Vali-ye Asr Avenue ... They have blocked entrances of metro stations in the area," a witness told Reuters by telephone, referring to a large thoroughfare that cuts through Tehran.Another witness said police cars with windows covered by black curtains were parked near Tehran's notorious Evin prison.Mousavi's website, Kaleme, said security forces had set up a roadblock, refusing access to the opposition leader's residence in southern Tehran. It said both mobile and landline telephone communications with Mousavi's house were cut."It seems these newly-set restrictions are aimed at preventing Mousavi and his wife (Zahra Rahnavard) from attending the rally," Kaleme said. Plainclothes police stopped Rahnavard leaving the house, Karroubi's Sahamnews website reported.Hmmmm......And of course Obama is silent,not wanting to be medling in others their politics? Read the full story here.

  • Friedman: White House disgusted with Israel.Senior New York Times columnist describes Israeli cabinet as 'out-of-touch, in-bred, unimaginative and cliché-driven'; says Jerusalem unable to adjust to changes in Egypt.The Israeli cabinet is cliché-driven and Jerusalem used the crisis in Egypt to to score propaganda points to the point where the White House was disgusted with Israeli interlocutors, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote Sunday. Friedman, who visited Cairo following the recent uprising, described the Israeli government as out-of-touch, in-bred and unimaginative. He expressed concern over Israel’s future due to its inability to adjust to changes in the region as it sided with Mubarak until the very last moment.He admits that Israel's concerns are valid – "The peace treaty with Egypt has been the cornerstone of Israeli strategy and economic growth for 30 years", but claims the way Jerusalem was handling itself wasn't not helping."When young Egyptians looked around the region and asked: Who is with us in this quest and who is not?, the two big countries they knew were against them were Israel and Saudi Arabia. The children of Egypt were having their liberation moment and the children of Israel decided to side with Pharaoh." Friedman argues that Israel will ultimately have no choice but "to make peace with 80 million Egyptians" when a democracy is established in Cairo.Hmmmm......Israel prepare to be stabbed by Obama ,but hey this was his goal all along,for a second i thought i heard Erdogan speaking.Read the full story here.

  • Militia says Western spies concocting Iran revolt.Western spies are conspiring to ignite an uprising in Iran by recruiting a candidate willing to set himself on fire in an anti-regime protest, the Islamic republic's volunteer militia warned on Sunday.Basij commander Mohammad Reza Naghdi's accusation came as Washington and Tehran engage in a war of words over Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's ouster under the weight of a popular uprising."Western intelligence agencies are searching for a mentally challenged person who can set himself on fire in Tehran to trigger developments like those in Egypt and Tunisia," Naghdi said, quoted by Fars news agency."They (the West) are very retarded and think by imitating such actions they can emerge victorious," said the powerful Islamist volunteer militia's commander.Tunisia's uprising last month that led to the fall and flight into exile of president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was set off by the self-immolation in December of a young student.Copycat acts of desperation followed in Egypt as well as other Arab countries in the days leading up to January 25, when protesters first took to the streets for daily mass protests against Mubarak.The 18-day popular uprising in Egypt ended on Friday when Mubarak handed power to the military after 30 years of autocratic rule.Tehran has come out in support of Arab uprisings but refused to allow its domestic opposition to hold a rally on Monday in support of the Arab uprisings that critics say is a ploy to stage an anti-government rally in Iran.Iranian authorities crushed opposition rallies which erupted in Tehran soon after the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June 2009.On Sunday, Iran's parliament speaker Ali Larijani accused the United States of hijacking the Egyptian revolution to meet the demands of Israel, the regional arch-foe of the Islamic republic."The statesmen of this country aim to seize the revolution of the Egyptians and nip it in the bud," Larijani said on state news agency IRNA."The Americans trampled the national dignity of Egypt, which is a great and educated country, by its cooperation with the Zionist regime," he said, as he led a rally of Iranian MPs in support of the Egyptian uprising."They now cheekily say that future democratic conditions in Egypt should respect the shameful Camp David treaty," he said, in reference to the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace accord."What kind of democracy is this which is shaped within an illegal military council by American orders?" he said, referring to Egypt's army which has been handed transitional power and has vowed to honour international commitments.While Tehran criticises Washington, US officials are hoping the Arab revolts spread to Iran.Hmmmmm.........Lets hope it doesn't end again in a "Valentine's day massacre.Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.Obama Well Knows What Chaos He Has Unleashed.Not content with creating havoc in the U.S. economy, setting Americans against each other, and forcing through a health reform act which has nothing to do with health but everything to do with the redistribution of wealth and an immense increase in governmental interference, our president has now opened a Pandora's Box in the Middle East. It may well usher in a catastrophe not seen since World War 2.From his notorious Cairo speech to the present, President Obama speaks, and disaster follows. Some commentators believe that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are so utterly naïve as to make themselves unable to understand what will happen in Egypt as a result of their undermining of the Mubarak regime. The question is justifiably asked: Do they truly believe that the next regime that comes to power will have the interests of the U.S. and the West at heart? My fear is that Obama is not naïve at all, but he instead knows only too well what he is doing, for he is eagerly promoting Islamic power in the world while diminishing the West and Israel, however much innocent blood will flow as a result. Inevitably, sooner or later, the Muslim Brotherhood will take power, usher in a barbaric Islamist power in Egypt that will control the Suez Canal, and show no mercy to its own people or its perceived foes. So now we see what the present incumbent in the White House has wrought, and so can our few remaining allies. They must now wonder what confidence they can ever have in any future alliance with the United States. We should be aware of what endemic Islamic violence has wrought in the past. For example, assassinations of Arab leaders are not an infrequent occurrence. After the 1948 Arab-Israel War, the King of Jordan, Abdullah, was murdered by followers of the Muslim fanatic, the Mufti of Jerusalem. The Egyptian prime minister, Nokrashi Pasha, was also struck down. The forces behind the killings were elements of both Arab socialist movements and the Muslim Brotherhood. Today, in the streets of Cairo, we have an unholy alliance of the current radical left with the same Muslim Brotherhood. The Suez Canal is a major lifeline for the economies of Europe and the United States. It has been the source of political disruption in the past, as it may well be in the near future. And the Muslim Brotherhood may soon control it. As always, the past is our guidepost to the future.It is clear to any child that a new Egyptian regime will, if not immediately, be hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now calling for Egypt to prepare itself again for war with Israel and for the blockading of the Suez Canal to American, Western, and Israeli shipping. Obama is no fool; he engineered this.So, thanks to President Obama, we are back to square one with an Islamic Egyptian regime poised to send Egypt's massively armed army back into Sinai and towards the Israeli border with the aim of exterminating the Jewish state. So much for "land for peace." Under Obama's watch, the true democratic revolution against the mullahs in Iran was snuffed out because the American president refused to support the demonstrators in the streets of Tehran. In contrast, the same Obama ordered Hosni Mubarak to leave office and let the rioters in Cairo have "free" elections.What, one wonders, will history say of the foreign policies of Barack Hussein Obama?Hmmmm.....The Manchurian President who destroyed America? Read the full story here.

  • NASA's outreach to Muslims!The same Egyptian Nasa scientist who asked to honor Tahrir Square martyr name on a spacecraft that will head for Mars is looking for water in the Middle East deserts with NASA's help.Egyptian scientists, but the U.S. space agency (NASA) Plans Months ago to fight a war on the environment puts the water in Deserts The world, most notably in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan, (Anyone interested in regime change?)and the only weapon of glasses through which contemplates an increase in space over 400 miles to discover the water between the layers of the earth asleep so he sees it and others in the post, have exploded Eyes From under the sand dunes.Says Dr. Essam Heggy, Engineer, Department of jet engines, rocket-propelled Agency "NASA" famous, is not a dream or a mirage, one of the easiest thing to be. The project, however, "requires from 15 to 20 years to become a reality," as he put on the phone with "Arab. Net" Tuesday 6/4/2010 where he lives in the suburb of Los Angeles. Except that the period could be shortened to 6 years ago if the insurance costs of the project, which is from 200 to $ 500 million, from outside the NASA budget,The usual cost of insurance programs from their budgets are in accordance with their priorities.Known as Dr. Haji (34 years of age) to play with water in some Arab countries are more dangerous than playing with fire, because it Egypt Born and lived some years of his childhood in Tripoli, Libya. Also lived in Cairo and Tunis, and was concerned about the scarcity of Arab-General Water In the entire region is threatened by desertification and terrorism decade Bad Astronomy environment and its resources, the most important sources of water, it was stated that "the oil that Livni has certainly alternative.The Water There is no alternative to him at all, and we must look for and find him and Nstkrjh for public use, which is present even in the desert, and we are an agency, "NASA" We used special technology led to the discovery of ice on Mars is far from the Earth hundreds of millions of kilometers, and we can use to discover Water In the desert, "he said.Dr. Essam Mohamed Haji, a graduate in the Faculty of Science at Cairo University before earning a doctorate in space sciences from the University of Paris 8 years ago, as a researcher in the Department of Agency "NASA" specialist imaging radar aimed at the discovery of water on the moon and Mars, a city of Mansoura Egypt, and married to a Tunisian competent biology Hagar Abraham (not Abraham)With whom he has one daughter named Jasmine and two years old, and he wanted to anticipate the things he said: "My wife is not Jewish for those who may be thinking that from her family name, but a Muslim like me."(Being Jewish is Bad?)Lakes of fresh water under the Darfur. The technology that has been developed over the past five years have led to the discovery of giant lakes of freshwater asleep since 6000 under an arid area in Sudan's Darfur region after a survey done by the satellite, "NASA" Darfur is currently lacking to the water.This technology is the basis of the project, which works by Dr. Haggai and take responsibility, which is the production of a satellite equipped with radar scanner to the layers of the earth and able to hit what is underneath, and at a depth of two kilometers, ray radio frequency back to the originating carrier information confirmed the presence of Water In the target area, a project started by choosing its staff of researchers from the "NASA" and beyond, and optimistic that will be including Arabs with that number the year will not be more than 15 researchers and specialist survey and photography, which will by the satellite, believed that he will travel in an orbit around the earth an average elevation of 400 km from the earth, which is equipped with the ball cleared the entire floorThe filming layers of groundwater and select it and then after that bombardment of radio waves reveal reservoirs Water Imported for human thousands of years ago.Dr Haji, holds French citizenship as well as Egyptian.The experience of hope, Dr. Haji repeating this these Days over the desert of the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia, he wants to soar above by helicopter to film the underground sites at a depth of 2000 meters under the desert, and then wants to present evidence that Water Who helped "NASA" to find him ice on Mars can be detected liquid tortured on the ground.'We, as Arab nations, must use space technology to find water. It is a duty, not a choice,'.Hmmmmm.......What else is NASA (The obama Administration) doing for the Muslim world ?Read the full story here more here.

  • Egypt reportedly losing control of Sinai to Beduin.Concern is mounting in Israel over reports that the Egyptian police force has abandoned the Sinai Peninsula in face of growing Beduin violence, and that the territory will turn into a breeding ground for global jihad.According to information that has arrived in Israel, Egyptian police authorities have abandoned dozens of police stations throughout the peninsula after they were attacked by Beduin armed with missiles and assault rifles.This concern was behind Israel’s decision two weeks ago to allow the deployment of 800 Egyptian soldiers in Sharm e-Sheikh and Rafah.Additional requests since then have been rejected.In recent years, the Sinai hasturned into a launching pad for attacks against Israel, including by Hamas, which several months ago launched Katyusha rockets into Eilat from the Egyptian territory.The Egyptian military has for years encountered difficulty in controlling the Beduin population, which does not hold allegiance to the Egyptian government in Cairo.“The Sinai is already known as a lawless land,” a senior defense official said over the weekend. “There is real concern that if the Egyptians don’t get the Sinai back under their control, it could develop into a major threat to Israel.Israel has shared these concerns with its allies, as well as on a personal level between Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen.Gabi Ashkenazi and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen.Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheBibiReport.Eitan Haber/ Mubarak was last obstacle in face of threatening Islamist tsunami.Eitan Haber, Rabin's former press secretary and a veteran Yediot columnist, writes in Ynet, that In un-politically correct terms, rather then laud the masses and join in the celebration of democracy, remembers Mubarak who was forced to quit, as remaining the only obstacle to radical Islam extremism in the middle east:"It is very possible that Hosni Mubarak was not an ideal leader. It is very possible that the regime in Cairo was corrupt and not enlightened. It is certainly difficult to be an Egyptian in Cairo, Ismailia, Alexandria and Luxor. Yet Mubarak and his people understood something that 100 Obamas will not understand even 50 years from now: Mubarak and his regime were apparently the last obstacle in our conflicted world in the face of the Islamist tsunami, a predator that is already devouring some European states and turning the world into an increasingly less comfortable place to live in.President Mubarak was indeed a tyrant. He was apparently corrupt as well. Yet this is the same Mubarak who wore suits and ties, spoke English, upheld the peace treaty, hosted Israeli leaders at his palace, arrived at the Rabin funeral, and even – imagine that – provided us with gas at a special price.Hmmmmm......Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln.Read the full story here.

  • Obama's budget to call for slashing oil tax breaks, boosting clean energy.President Obama is expected to call on Congress Monday to eliminate billions of dollars in oil industry tax breaks, while setting aside money for his top clean-energy policy priorities.Obama will send his fiscal year 2012 budget request to Congress on Monday. The budget comes as Republicans are calling for massive cuts in spending, unveiling a proposal this week to fund the government through the end of this fiscal year that would cut $100 billion in spending when compared to Obama’s 2011 budget request.Obama’s 2012 budget request will also make major budget cuts. It will freeze domestic spending for he next five years and cut the deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next decade.Obama’s budget request will call for eliminating a series of oil industry tax breaks. The Department of Energy estimates that such a repeal will save $3.6 billion in fiscal year 2012 and a total of $46.2 billion during the next decade.But the proposal to eliminate oil tax breaks faces major opposition in Congress. Though Democrats have thrown their support behind the proposal, Republicans have said any attempt to revoke industry tax breaks could harm the economy and result in job losses. The president has long called for cutting the tax breaks, but Congress has not been able to muster the necessary support to pass such a proposal.The electric vehicles rebate proposal is modeled after the successful “cash-for-clunkers” program, which gave consumers rebates for exchanging older vehicles for more fuel-efficient ones. Obama will propose turning a current $7,500 tax credit, which would be redeemed on consumers’ income taxes, into a rebate, which would be received at the point of sale.Obama also targets the Pentagon, traditionally considered untouchable by both parties, by adopting $78 billion in savings proposed by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.In order to reach the energy efficiency goal, Obama’s budget request will outline a proposal to provide new tax credits for energy efficient buildings and to offer local and state government incentives to streamline their building codes.Despite the administration’s commitment to key clean-energy programs, the budget will make significant cuts at the Department of Energy.In an overview of the department’s budget Friday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the budget request will call for cutting $70 million in hydrogen energy research. That is about 40 percent of the research program. The budget for the department’s Office of Fossil Energy will be cut by 45 percent or about $418 million.“Fiscal responsibility demands shared sacrifice – it means cutting programs we would not cut in better fiscal times," Chu wrote in a blog post on the Energy Department’s website.Meanwhile, the budget request will call for cutting a program to clean up the Great Lakes by $125 million.The administration will also propose major cuts to a program that provides financial assistance for low-income Americans who are having trouble paying their heating bills. The budget request will propose cutting the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program by $2.5 billion.Hmmmm......Out of touch with reality and delusional.Good luck with your electric vehicle in the midst of winter!And where will you find your cheap electricity to charge your car?Bottom line : A dictator trying to force his view on the American people without any second thought for putting the poor , less fortunate and the elderly in the cold!Read the full story here more here.

  • Top US Military Official Visits Jordan, Israel.The top U.S. military officer will be in Jordan and Israel beginning Sunday to reassure the key allies of U.S. support following the ouster of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen is scheduled to go to Amman to meet with his military counterpart and King Abdullah. Mullen then travels to Israel for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. The Joint Chiefs chairman will also bid farewell to his outgoing Israeli counterpart General Gaby Ashkenazi. He is also expected to meet Israel's incoming military chief, General Benny Gantz before heading back to Washington Monday. Egypt was Israel's strongest Arab ally, and Israel's leaders have expressed concern that a change in leadership could damage that relationship.Jordan has lately seen some unrest following the protests that recently that drove both Mr. Mubarak and Tunisia's President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali from power. On Wednesday, King Abdullah swore in a new government that has promised to broaden public freedoms and continue political reform.Hmmmmm........No don't worry we won't stab you in the back.......yet?Read the full story here.

  • HT:WestForTheWestWing.Walid Phares shocks Lou Dobbs with revelations of which groups in Middle East the Obama administration has been working with — and which ones it has not.Dr. Walid Phares is a Lebanese-American legal scholar, professor at National Defense University, and Fox News expert on the Middle East. If you watch Fox News very much, you’ve probably seen him, and you already know he is one very sharp guy. Prepare to be blown away by this interview he gave on the Lou Dobbs radio show on Monday regarding the situation in Egypt, and the inner workings of the Obama Administration. It’s dynamite. We’ve got to hope Republicans in Congress are listening.Hmmmm......"They don't trust me because of my middle name"?Listen to the full story here.

  • Turkish President Gül arrives in Iran on maiden trip.Abdullah Gül arrived in Tehran on Sunday on a visit aimed at boosting economic and political ties with the Islamic republic. The visit marked his first trip to Iran as the Turkish president.During his visit, which ends on Wednesday, Gül will meet senior officials including his counterpart President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He is accompanied by a large delegation of ministers and businessmen.In an interview carried by Iran's state news agency IRNA on Saturday, Gül said Turkey backs a negotiated settlement of the Islamic republic's nuclear issue."Iran is a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Thus, Iran's nuclear issue should be solved through negotiation and Turkey will continue to facilitate this," he said.Hmmmmm.......It's pretty obvious to the whole world where Turkey's allegiance lays,get them out of NATO!Read the full story here.

  • ‘1,298 bodies lie in 88 mass graves in southeast Turkey’.The association issued a report on Friday about mass graves in the region. İHD Diyarbakır branch secretary Serdar Çelebi said they were very surprised by the figures and listed the places where the graves are located and the number of bodies in each.“We have been told that there are 206 people in 15 graves in Siirt, 251 people in 13 graves in Bitlis, 216 people in 19 graves in Diyarbakır, 149 people in nine graves in Van, 102 people in eight graves in Batman, 68 people in six graves in Hakkari, 57 people in five graves in Bingöl, 80 people in four graves in Şırnak, 35 people in four graves in Mardin, 50 people in one grave in Elazığ, 41 people in one grave in Ağrı, 19 people in one grave in Tunceli, 14 people in one grave in Iğdır and 10 people in one grave in Gaziantep. Area locals supplied us with this information,” Çelebi explained.According to the İHD, the bones of 171 individuals have been found in 26 mass graves. The secretary of the İHD Diyarbakır branch further said they had received hundreds of tip-offs concerning mass graves in the region.Hmmmm.......Erdogan "Muslims don't commit genocide.Read the full story here.

  • Gaddafi tells Palestinians: revolt against Israel.TRIPOLI, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Palestinian refugees should capitalise on the wave of popular revolts in the Middle East by massing peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Sunday.Gaddafi is respected in many parts of the Arab world for his uncompromising criticism of Israel and Arab leaders who have dealings with the Jewish state, though some people in the region dismiss his initiatives as unrealistic.He was giving his first major speech since a popular uprising in neighbouring Egypt forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign, an event which electrified the Arab world and prompted speculation that other Arab governments could also be toppled."Fleets of boats should take Palestinians ... and wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved," Gaddafi was shown saying on state television. "This is a time of popular revolutions.""We need to create a problem for the world. This is not a declaration of war. This is a call for peace," he said in a speech given to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed, a holy day in the Islamic calendar.He also said: "All Arab states which have relations with Israel are cowardly regimes."Gaddafi also issued a call to Muslim countries to join forces against Western powers. He said the world was divided into white, denoting the United States, Europe and their allies, and green for the Muslim world."The white colour has decided to get rid of the green colour," Gaddafi said. "These countries should be united against the white colour because all of these white countries are the enemies of Islam."Hmmmm.......Aren't you glad we send the Lockerbie bomber back?Read the full story here.

  • Jihadi who helped train 7/7 bomber freed by US after just five years.Exclusive: Release prompts claim Islamist was US informant while assisting London terrorist.An American jihadist who set up the terrorist training camp where the leader of the 2005 London suicide bombers learned how to manufacture explosives, has been quietly released after serving only four and a half years of a possible 70-year sentence, a Guardian investigation has learned.The unreported sentencing of Mohammed Junaid Babar to "time served" because of what a New York judge described as "exceptional co-operation" that began even before his arrest has raised questions over whether Babar was a US informer at the time he was helping to train the ringleader of the 7 July tube and bus bombings.Lawyers representing the families of victims and survivors of the attacks have compared the lenient treatment of Babar to the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.Babar was imprisoned in 2004 – although final sentencing was deferred – after pleading guilty in a New York court to five counts of terrorism. He set up the training camp in Pakistan where Mohammad Sidique Khan and several other British terrorists learned about bomb-making and how to use combat weapons.Babar admitted to being a dangerous terrorist who consorted with some of the highest-ranking members of al-Qaida, providing senior members with money and equipment, running weapons, and planning two attempts to assassinate the former president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf.In 2008 he was granted bail awaiting final sentencing, after being warned by a judge that his conviction on five terrorism offences carried a maximum 70-year term.Although a probation report dated 9 July 2010 recommended that Babar remain in jail for another 30 years, the US attorney's office submitted their own report to the New York court, known as a 5K1, which praised Babar's work.One extract read out in court stated: "Over the last six and a half years the level of assistance provided by Babar to both the United States government and foreign governments has been more than substantial. It has been extraordinary."A law enforcement agent who arrested Babar and spent more than 500 hours debriefing him said he believed Babar was selfish.The officer, who wished to be known as agent A, said: "Babar wasn't a hero. He didn't look at the American flag and suddenly become all patriotic. When his back was against the wall he did what was right for him ... he was selfish."Freed from prison and no longer in the witness protection scheme, it is not known where Babar is currently living. Visiting Babar's childhood home in the Jamaica area of Queens, New York, the Guardian was told that Babar's mother was on holiday in Pakistan. The woman who answered the door and identified herself as Babar's cousin did not know where Babar was living and refused to comment further.Hmmm.....Pakistan?He's probably already plotting the next attack on the "Infidels".Read the full story here.

  • HT:WestToTheWestWing.Christ in Cairo.We get a lot of news from Cairo each day — but I’ve never seen this awesome story in the drive-by media : Father Sama’an has possibly the most unusual parish in the world. It is located on Muqattam Mountain, home to 30,000 garbage collectors — or zabbaleen — in Cairo. But this extraordinary man has brought a wonderful beauty to the ashes of this area teeming of narrow dirt lanes — a parish church that is a modern marvel not just for the garbage collectors, but for all who visit it.His incredible “Cave Cathedral” is the largest church in the Middle East. It seats 20,000 and would do justice to the Hollywood Bowl with its modern sound system, and closed-circuit television. It is spectacular, as a huge overhanging rock covers most of the amphitheater. The church is affiliated with the Coptic Orthodox church that has about 6 million adherents in Egypt, or 13.5 percent of the total population.As word has spread through the Middle East about the Muqattam “Cave Cathedral,” it has drawn together evangelicals, Orthodox, and Catholics. Its pulpit has attracted not only the Coptic Orthodox pope, but also western evangelicals.Clad in Orthodox garb and sporting a beard, this humble cleric — who preaches like Billy Graham and also prays for the sick — met with me and a few friends recently before the regular Thursday services, which was attended by thousands of believers from Cairo. They left the village’s pungent odors and crowded into the cavern for a night of vibrant singing with the help of a praise choir….Many in the congregation had spent the day collecting and sorting through a mountain of garbage. Cairo’s 14 million people daily produce an estimated 7,000 tons of garbage, but municipal and private trucks collect less than 50 percent of the city’s refuse. During the past 35 years, thousands of Christians, fleeing poverty in rural Upper Egypt, have congregated into villages within Cairo’s garbage dumps, collecting trash and recycling metal, plastic, paper, and bones. Although the villages are disease-prone and poverty-stricken, the Christian community has emerged, as believers have developed schools, health clinics and churches.Through an interpreter, the priest explained that his ministry began. “It started because of one Egyptian garbage collector,” he said. “Through him, I became a changed man and eventually a worker for the Lord.“I was living in Cairo, and was a counselor in one of the big companies. I had lost one of my precious watches. It was very expensive and I was very sad. One day, I received a knock at my door. A man in a long dirty dress, carrying a bag, asked me if I had lost something. I asked him how he knew that I lost something. I was afraid of him. The garbage man told me he had asked at all of the apartments in the building and everyone had denied that they lost something and when I took the garbage from here and while separating the garbage at home, I found something. ‘So, sir, please tell me what you lost.’ I told him I lost a watch.“He took it out and said, ‘Is this the one you lost?’ I was shocked. I told him to please come in and asked him his name and where he lived. I also asked him, ‘Why did didn’t you take the watch for yourself?’ He replied, ‘My Christ told me to be honest until death.’ ‘You are a Christian?’ I asked him and he said he was. I didn’t know Christ at the time, but I told him that I saw Christ in him. This watch was very expensive, it cost about $11,000.“I told the garbage collector, ‘Because of what you have done and your great example, ‘I will worship the Christ you are worshipping.’”So began the Christian life of one Farahat, who eventually became an Orthodox priest and took the name Father Sama’an, after an 11th-century saint. He began visiting the Muqattam area and was confronted with a terrible state of affairs there, with drunkenness, sickness and violence. So he began to emphasize the need for repentance. “Only if our spiritual life with God is improved, God will provide for our well-being,” he told Kees Hulsman for an article that appeared in Christianity Today. Egyptian physicians began providing free medical assistance, and Sama’an continued to preach a message of repentance. “People have to give their lives to Christ,” he asserts.This article was written in 1999 — but the Cave Cathedral is still there, bigger than ever, and Fr. Samaan and his co-workers are still doing their magnificent ministries. Upheaval and uncertainty may be reigning in the city all around them, but thousands of Christian believers continue to gather in the great cave in Muqattam Mountain, where “the peace that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)Read the full story here.Find out more about the Cave Church here.

  • Mick Zais Son of Army's only Jewish four-star general, who fought the Nazis as a paratrooper commander in World War II "let's cut S. Carolina's Holocaust Education Funding".COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - In an effort to spare deep budget cuts to classrooms, South Carolina schools chief Mick Zais has recommended cutting $31,000 for Holocaust education. But legislative leaders said Wednesday that's one budget line they won't touch.Zais said that teaching the Jewish Holocaust is vital, but that it's already taught as part of regular middle school lessons. A separate designation isn't necessary as the state faces an $830 million shortfall, he said.The suggestion wasn't made flippantly, he said, noting his ancestors are Jewish and his late father was the Army's only Jewish four-star general, who fought the Nazis as a paratrooper commander in World War II"I was just looking for any areas that we can get some savings," said Zais, a retired Army brigadier general. "The Holocaust is covered three times in state standards."But the chairman of the state Council on the Holocaust, the beneficiary of the designation, said the money is used for training, trips and classroom materials. Just because state standards mention the Holocaust doesn't mean teachers are adequately trained or supplied to teach it, said Chairman Sheldon Smith."The council is trying to build a cadre of South Carolina teachers who could learn from each other," he said.Sen. Joel Lourie, the state's only Jewish legislator, said he was surprised Zais singled out the council's money."Though this is a very difficult year, the return on this minimal amount of dollars is worth 10 times what we spend," said Lourie, D-Columbia, whose late father helped create the council. "Tens of thousands of students have been touched by this program."Zais made the recommendation last month to the House Ways and Means subcommittee that writes the budget for public schools. The $31,000 was among 25 programs on his list of suggested cuts, which totaled $107 million.However, that panel, led by House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, later voted to keep the Holocaust money. Zais said he'll work to keep it in place as the budget moves through the GOP-controlled Legislature.House Speaker Bobby Harrell said he would, too."I think it's important to make sure school children never forget that episode of our world's history," said Harrell, R-Charleston.Hmmmm......“Whosoever saves a single life, saves an entire universe" - (Mishnah, Sanhedrin 4:5) Read the full story here.

  • HT:Aina.Vigil for Iraq to Be Held in Front of White House on Monday.WASHINGTON -- Faith organizations plan to hold a prayer vigil in front of the White House in support of persecuted Christians and religious freedom for all in Iraq. The groups will be joined by staff from the Embassy of Iraq and Christians in Iraq via a conference call.The prayer vigil will be on Monday, February 14, at 11:00 A.M., in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. NW.This prayer event begins the observance of "The Rogation of the Ninevites", which is one of the oldest traditions in Christianity. The "Rogation" finds its ancient roots in the Prophet Jonah and is observed by Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac Christians in Iraq and around the world.The "Rogation" is February 14-16 and includes 3 days of fasting, prayer and repentance. There will be "Rogation" observances all across America praying for religious freedom in Iraq. The groups will also be praying for religious freedom and liberty in Iraq for all religious minorities.Kris Keating, Director of Hillside Missions, who is in Iraq and will be leading the prayer from that country states,"Hillside Missions Organization is in Iraq in order to be invested in the cause of religious freedom for the benefit of the Iraqi people."The people of Iraq need to be free to choose and express their faith without fear of persecution. We are honored to be invited to participate in prayer, dialogue and events intended to increase international awareness of the problems facing religious minorities in Iraq."I am looking forward to working with diverse Christian communities in Iraq. There is a rich Christian heritage in that country. The international community must act in order to prevent the extinction of religious minorities in Iraq.Thirty genocides, large and small, have been committed against Assyrians by Muslims since 630 AD (see here). The Turkish genocide of Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks in World War One claimed the lives of 750,000 Assyrians (75%), as well as 1.5 million Armenians and 500,000 Greeks.We can calculate the average time between genocides committed against Assyrians in the interval 661 AD to 1992 AD, and that is (1992-661)/30=45 years. Every 45 years on average there has been genocide against Assyrians by Muslims. It is even worse in the modern period. From 1842 to 1992 there were 13 genocides; the average interval for that period is (1992-1842)/13=11.5 years.Erdogan : "Muslims don't commit Genocide".It is time for Christians to unite and come to the defense of Assyrians and Christendom, and to stop the Islamic onslaught.Hmmmm.....Any word from the Christian President?Read the full story here.

  • Boehner warns: 'We're broke' as Obama plans to increase speed of spending cuts to $1.1trillion.John Boehner has condemned President Obama’s new plans to slash the budget deficit by $1.1trillion over the next ten years, calling the country ‘broke’ and saying the cuts don’t go far enough.The House of Representatives Speaker warned: ‘Everything is on the table. We’re broke. Let’s be honest with ourselves.’His damning assessment comes as White House budget director Jack Lew said the cuts will put the government on track to halve the budget deficit by the end of Obama's first term in office in 2012.He said: ‘We are reducing programmes that are important programmes that we care about, and we're doing what every family does when it sits around its kitchen table: we're making the choices about what do we need for the future.’But angry Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, were quick to stress that the proposed spending cuts would not do enough to rein in the growing federal deficit and promised their own plan would go further.Boehner fumed: ‘He's going to present a budget tomorrow that will continue to destroy jobs by spending too much, borrowing too much and taxing too much.’The White House intends to get two-thirds of the $1.1trillion in savings from spending cuts and the rest from tax revenues, including closing several tax loopholes, sources close to the budget said.Boehner refused to rule out the possibility of a government shutdown when that stopgap measure runs out. ‘Our goal is to reduce spending, it is not to shut down the government,’ he said.Hmmmmm.......You don't give a dictator goodies cookies at a Tea party?Read the full story here.

  • 'I was going to do her!' The grubby comments by TSA agents that infuriated one female passenger.It seems some airport security staff are more interested in looking at what lies underneath women’s clothes rather than respecting passengers.Amy Sullivan, senior editor of Time magazine, was at a security checkpoint in Miami Airport on Tuesday when she opted out of passing through a backscatter scanning device - described by experts as a 'virtual strip search'.When she went through a metal detector instead and was searched by a woman, a male Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official is alleged to have said: ‘Hey, I thought she was mine - I was going to do her!’Ms Sullivan was annoyed by the incident, in the context of a 'one-woman protest against the machines' that she said she is trying to make.Controversial backscatter devices have been used in selected airports since last autumn, and have provoked fury from thousands of Americans pushing for a boycott.The TSA was not reachable for comment today.But its head, John Pistole, has already made clear he understands public concerns about privacy in the wake of tough new airline boarding security checks, although he has also urged the public not to boycott body scans.U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waded into the row last November by saying she would avoid a TSA pat-down if possible.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • HT:TWOT.Palestinian Government to Resign.VoA News: Palestinian sources say Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will submit his government's resignation Monday and immediately begin discussions with various political factions to form a new cabinet.The officials, speaking to news agencies on condition of anonymity, said the shake-up will come at the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.Mr. Fayyad and some in Mr. Abbas's Fatah faction have long sought a cabinet reshuffle. This follows the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to a popular revolt that has set off reform calls throughout the Arab world.On Saturday, the Palestinian Authority announced plans to hold long-overdue presidential and legislative elections by September. That decision came after a meeting in Ramallah of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which oversees the Authority. Mr. Abbas is both Palestinian president and PLO chairman.An aide to Mr. Abbas said the Palestinian leadership is calling on all parties to “set aside differences” and focus on the upcoming elections.Hamas leaders, who rule Gaza, rejected the call for a new poll. Spokesman Fawzi Barhum said the Islamist group will not participate because the elections are not legitimate. Hamas has previously said that there could be no voting until the two governments are reconciled.President Abbas' four-year term expired in 2009 but has been extended indefinitely.Read the full story here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Solidarity video protest 14 February Iran - 25 Bahman 1389 Promo .

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  • Iran Live Blog : 25 Bahman / 14 February. "My Bloody Valentine "? Here. Television viewers around the world following events in Cairo over the past few weeks have become familiar with the layout of Tahrir Square, epicenter of the Egyptian uprising. Here's a bird's-eye comparison with Azadi Square, the intended destination of the Monday march planned for Tehran. Here.

  • Mousavi & Karroubi: IRGC, Basij, Army will not abandon Iranian people.GVF — ‏‪In the lead-up to the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, ‬the Leaders of Iran‪'‬s opposition Green Movement have‪ called on the Iranian people not to tolerate tyranny and signaled that Iran's armed forces would not leave the Iranian nation alone.‬In a statement released on Tuesday‪,‬ Mousavi and fellow opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi said that the 1979 Islamic Revolution was the outcome of the people'‬s will to take "their destiny into their own hands‪."‬‏‪"What we saw in the those days, was not a mere displacement ‬of political power‪,‬ but the arrival of a new discourse and the departure of an old one which believed that it could continue to exist by shutting all the doors for the gradual reform of the state and society, by resorting to a coup d'état‬ reliant on control‪-‬seeking foreign powers and negligence on the part of this country‪'‬s ‪[most] caring [individuals], by ‬arresting scores of freedom‪-‬seekers‪,‬ by enforcing press censorship,‬ by pouring oil revenues into the pockets of opportunists in power‪,‬ by arming itself to the teeth using all sorts of weapons‪,‬ by employing a deafening propaganda machine‪ and the illusion of having an immense role in regional and global developments, by turning a blind eye to rivals and critics, and considering themselves and their associates as 'everyone' while viewing as sacred a power that lacked ‬the people‪'‬s approval‪,"‬ wrote the men‪ who maintained that Iranian people's sense of responsibility had placed them "at the forefront of regional societal developments" and the formation of though "in recent decades."‬Mousavi and Karroubi stated that the ‬most important concern for the Elite Council charged with writing Iran‪'‬s constitution following the Islamic Revolution was ‪"‬finding ways to prevent the formation of authoritarianism‪,‬ despotism and dictatorship in any sh‪ape or form" and that the constitution was written at a time when the people's main concern was "equality" "brotherhood" and "justice."‬ ‪"‬The people who rose up during the revolution intended to remove ‪[‬inequality‪]‬ by adopting a model ‪[‬of governance‪]‬ that was based on the just rule of ‪[‬Imam‪]‬ Ali‪."Read the full story here.

  • 'A weapon of mass destruction was found in the U.S.': Shock confession of Customs officer.A port official has admitted that a 'weapon of mass effect' has been found by 'partner agencies' in the U.S., raising major questions over a possible government cover-up.The disturbing revelation came in an interview with San Diego's assistant port director screened by a television channel in the city.The Customs and Border Protection Department tried to dampen speculation over his remarks, but doubts remained over whether he had inadvertently revealed a dirty bomb plot to attack the U.S. mainland.Concern over a secret WMD bust came after U.S. cables made public by the Wikileaks whistleblower website revealed terror groups were plotting a 'nuclear 911.In the interview screened by San Diego’s 10News, Al Hallor, assistant San Diego port director, said ‘weapons of mass effect’ had been found, although he did not specify exactly where or what they were.Reporter Mitch Blacher asked Mr Hallor: ‘Do you ever find things that are dangerous like a chemical agent or a weaponised device?’‘At the airport, seaport, at our port of entry we have not this past fiscal year, but our partner agencies have found those things,’ the customs official replied.‘So, specifically, you're looking for the dirty bomb? You're looking for the nuclear device?’ asked Mr Blacher.‘Correct. Weapons of mass effect,’ said Mr Hallor.
‘You ever found one?’ asked Mr Blacher.
‘Not at this location,’ Mr Hallor said.
‘But they have found them?’ asked Mr Blacher.
‘Yes,’ said Mr Hallor.He was explaining how the port checks cargo ships arriving at the port. He suggested the customs ‘partner agencies’ may have found the 'weapons of mass effect.'Former Secret Service agent and airline security director Glen Winn told 10News Mr Hallor’s comments appeared to be credible.‘This person was, I believe, knowledgeable, has a very important position with the port and the government and as such has that knowledge,’ he said.Hmmmm.......Read the full story here.

  • HT:Aina.President Obama Invited Muslim Brotherhood; What About Coptic Christians?Coptic Christians in America, with the support of other Americans, are concerned for their counterparts living in Egypt. Also in danger could be people of other faiths, including Muslims of unpopular sects.A Coptic Christian is an Egyptian, living in Egypt or abroad, who believes in Jesus Christ. "Coptic" means Egyptian. Coptic Christians follow either the Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant form of Christianity.Coptics are concerned that while President Barack Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in forming a new Egyptian government, neither he nor others in his administration specifically invited Egypt's Christian population or other religious groups to the table.Although White House spokesman Robert Gibbs' Jan. 31 speech called for "nonsecular" participation in discussion of a new Egyptian government, the only religious group invited by name was the Muslim Brotherhood.Voice of the Copts is a representative body of Coptic Christians in the USA. Its website criticizes Obama's refusal to admit the Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat while he himself states the Brotherhood is well-organized with anti-American ideas. Voice of the Copts informs that there are many kinds of people in Egypt and all must be considered.By various reports, there are ten to twelve million Coptic Christians in Egypt. This is 15 percent to 20 percent of the population. The fear is, that if the Muslim Brotherhood turns out to want Sharia law (Islamic religious law) to become state government law, what will become of these Christians?And what will become of Muslims who are the "wrong" sect of Islam? In countries currently governed by Sharia law, a Muslim can be an unpopular type of Muslim, depending whether leaders in the regime are Shia or Sunni. They can be shunned from employment, dispossessed of their homes, persecuted, tortured or killed just like any other religious minority.The New York Sun reported in May 2010 that Coptic Christians have been unable to obtain an audience with President Obama to discuss religious persecution in Egypt. They don't mind Obama's hand extended to the Muslim community, but the fact that their own is ignored is extremely frustrating.Hmmmm..... I for one would love to see the Christian" President Obama his Baptism certificate with or without the birth certificate.Because none of his actions show anything Christian like!Read the full story here.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Mubarak stashed the cash and where is he now?The 'Palestinian' Maan news service reports that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is so seriously ill that he fainted before giving his ill-fated non-resignation speech on Thursday night. But that illness did not stop him from stashing millions of dollars in cash in 'untraceable bank accounts' during the 18 days before his resignation. On Friday night Swiss authorities announced they were freezing any assets Mubarak and his family may hold in the country's banks while pressure was growing for the UK to do the same. Mr Mubarak has strong connections to London and it is thought many millions of pounds are stashed in the UK.But a senior Western intelligence source claimed that Mubarak had begun moving his fortune in recent weeks."We're aware of some urgent conversations within the Mubarak family about how to save these assets," said the source, "And we think their financial advisers have moved some of the money around. If he had real money in Zurich, it may be gone by now."The Bahrain-based newspaper Al-Wasat reported Saturday that Mubarak had fallen into a coma, quoting sources close to the deposed leader.The Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm said Sunday that Mubarak was in Baden, Germany for medical treatment.And it was reported on Israel Radio earlier today that Mubarak is in Dubai.Hmmmm.....As i said earlier he had 18 days to move the money and yes who wouldn't want to spend his last years in Dubai's islands of the world?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Iranian Senior Official: U.K. Ambassador Barred from Iran.Hossein Ebrahimi, a member of the Iranian Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said that the Iranian regime has decided to ban Simon Gass, the U.K. ambassador to Iran, who is currently away from the country, from returning there, in light of his "anti-Iran activities" and his appointment as NATO's envoy to Afghanistan.Hmmmm.....Meanwhile Iran is having the Turkish President as a guest ,Turkey a NATO member active in Afghanistan and close friend of Pres Obama judging from his many Telephone calls lately to the Turkish leaders.Are we being betrayed........ is Israel being served on a platter as the sacrificial lamb to hold the peace in the Middle East?Read the full story here.  

  • Turkish FM: Israel wants to be only democracy in ME.Davutoglu criticizes Jewish state for 'linking' Egyptian opposition to Iranian regime, trying to define itself as 'purely Jewish'. "Israel is losing its allies only because of its policies," Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told CNN-Turk News Saturday night.Addressing the collapse of Hosni Mubarak's regime in Egypt, Davutoglu said Israel "takes pride in being a democracy, but does not want any other country to be a democracy." According to Davutoglu, Israel has tried to link the Egyptian opposition to the Iranian regime and make the issue a regional problem. "If Israel feels threatened at this time, it must first check itself," he said before heading to Iran for an official visit. "Despite (US President Barack) Obama's efforts over the past two years, the peace process is stuck. Who is responsible for this? The settlement building policy, the control over conquered territories – all these don't point to a peace-inducing attitude," he said. "(Israel) cannot establish a purely Jewish state. It believes it can exist in complete isolation from its surroundings. This is a hard goal to achieve –trying to divide the Middle East."Davutoglu rejected the notion that a Mubarak-led Egypt would preserve peace and stability in the region. "Israel lost countries it had diplomatic relations with, and now it fears losing countries it considers close, her said. According to Ankara's top diplomat, Israel is the Middle East country most in need of reflection as demonstrations break out across the region."I don’t know of any friendly, objective nation – be it European or American – that would agree to such a distinction. With time, everyone will understand that Israel's actions cannot be legitimized just because its people have suffered in the past," said the Turkish FM. Hmmmm.....Israel is losing friends because of Obama his policy and why the meeting next month in The US with Hillary Clinton to discuss Turkish - Israeli relations without any Israelis present?Is Israel the next to be stabbed in the back by recognising the Palestinian state?Read the full story here.

  • Turkey’s Opposition MP: “AKP Uses the Police as Revolutionary Guard”.Deputy Chairman of Turkey’s main opposition party CHP (Republican People’s Party) Engin Altay said that AKP was using the police force as its Revolutionary Guard. He said that PM Erdogan has been transforming the country’s parliamentary democracy to an oligarchy, showing no tolerance to peaceful student protests which he brutally suppresses by using the police as his revolutionary guard.In a written statement Altay said that a recent protest by students in Black Sea Technical University to oppose the planned hydroelectric power stations in the region, was met with brutal police action that stopped a democratic protest by severe beatings, dragging and stepping on the heads of the students. “Everywhere in Turkey all democratic and peaceful anti-AKP protest or demonstrations are being suppressed by excessive and brutal measures by the police, which the prime minister defines as the ‘guardian of democratic regime’. No true democrat would assign the responsibility of guarding democracy into the hands of the police”, Altay said. He reminded that PM Erdogan had stated in the past that “democracy is only a vehicle, a tram that you take until you get to your desired station, where you get off”.During the protests in Egypt, and when PM Erdogan was calling on Mubarak to listen to the wishes of his people, Turkish police had been using force to silence the many peaceful protests by students and labor unions in various cities in Turkey.Hmmmm.....Turkey the worst violator of human rights !And Obama's BEST FRIEND !Tell me what company you keep and I'll tell you what you are.Miguel de Cervantes. Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.In Iran, Protest Movement, Regime Prepare for February 14 Demonstrations.On February 12, 2011, the Iranian regime rejected the protest movement's request for permission to stage demonstrations in support of the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, planned by movement leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi for February 14, 2011. Ignoring the ban, the movement's coordination committee has called on its supporters to take to the streets anyway.In anticipation of the demonstrations, the regime has arrested associates of the protest movement leaders, issued public announcements warning Iranians not to participate in the protests, increased media oversight, and blocked Internet access.The regime's concern is that the mass demonstrations in support of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings will turn into demonstrations against the Iranian regime itself. This fear was reflected in a statement by Iranian Basij commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi, who at a ceremony at Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) headquarters claimed that Western intelligence agencies were looking for a disabled person to set himself on fire in Tehran, in order to spark a popular uprising there – following the model of events in Tunisia and Egypt.It should be noted that the Iranian regime's policy vis-à-vis protest movement leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, and Mohammad Khatami has so far focused on isolating them politically and denouncing them publicly, and on measured persecution of them and their families, who have been subjected to house arrest, physical assaults, destruction of property, unexpected searches, and restrictions on their movements. Senior regime officials have explained that the regime has intentionally refrained from prosecuting or executing the protest movement leaders and their relatives, so as not to turn them into martyrs, which could spark another wave of protests like that of 2009.On February 11, 2011, some 70 high-ranking regime officials, including Majlis members, lecturers at the universities and religious seminars, and former IRGC members, issued a statement announcing the establishment of a steering committee to coordinate the suppression of the protest movement, called the Ammar Headquarters. The headquarters' declared goal is to ensure complete obedience to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and to the principle of velayat-e faqih (the "rule of the jurisprudent"). Among these officials were associates of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, such as Qassem Ravanbakhsh, an associate of President Ahmadinejad and of his religious mentor Ayatollah Mesbah-e Yazdi, as well as Alireza Panahian, who heads Khamenei's leadership think tanks at several Iranian universities, and who has repeatedly called for the execution of Mousavi and Karroubi. The Khandaniha website assessed that the committee's aim is to pressure the Iranian leadership to prosecute, or even execute, the protest movement leaders.It should be noted that as part of its coverage of Revolution Day, February 11, 2011, the Iranian news agency Fars, which is close to the IRGC, published a photograph of demonstrators holding pictures of Mousavi and Khatami with nooses around their necks. In addition, at Revolution Day rallies in Tabriz and Yazd, participants signed a petition calling for prosecuting Mousavi for his alleged responsibility for the 2009 riots.Hmmmmm........It's promising to be a very bloody Valentine in Iran,sleep well President Obama.Read the full story here.

  • HT:SultanKnish.AOL Reinvents Itself as Anti-America Online.AOL's purchase of Huffington Post is not the beginning of a liberal new media monopoly, rather it's the prolonged death rattle of a company that has money, but no reason for existing. AOL started out as the country's biggest service provider, and is now nothing more than a third rate imitation of Yahoo, which is also struggling to survive.High profile white elephant purchases by desperate dot coms are nothing new. AOL has been doing that for years. It bought Bebo for 850 million dollars and then sold it for 10 million dollars. It bought Xdrive for 30 million and then tried to sell it for 5 million a few years later. Now Huffington Post joins the ranks of Bebo and Xdrive. Another acquisition by a troubled company that has lost its customer base and can't figure out how to get a new one, except by buying up companies tapped into the business model of two years ago.Much like at HuffPo, the details don't really matter. Only the image does. Or the image of the image. The melange of emotion and outrage, titillation and talking down to, that exercise the reptile brain but leave nothing inside it. The Huffington Post's success marks the failure of the consumers of its content. Selling it to AOL does more than turn the former America Online into Anti-America Online, it puts a price tag on the prime commodity of the progressive movement, unpaid labor repaid in betrayal. It's a commodity that everyone from Ralph Nader to Obama has made great use of, harnessing the outrage and enthusiasm of the base for their own profit. For Arianna and AOL, the pricetag was a mere few hundred million. For Obama it was in the hundreds of billions.Read the full story here.

  • West's call for slashing federal spending draws cheers from conservative activists.WASHINGTON — Three months after unseating a Democrat in a Palm Beach-Broward district that voted for Barack Obama, U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, emerged tonight as one of the symbolic conservative faces of the new GOP-controlled House.Tapped by organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference to deliver the event's keynote address, West gave thousands of cheering activists a 30-minute call for slashing federal spending, maintaining America's military might and defending "definitive American culture" against "multiculturalism...on steroids."After Sarah Palin turned down an invitation to give the keynote address, CPAC organizers chose West as a symbol of the conservative-leaning class of 87 GOP freshmen whose victories wrested control of the House from Democrats.West, a fiery conservative speaker with strong tea party backing and a national following on YouTube, unseated Democrat Ron Klein last fall in a district that's divided nearly evenly between Republicans and Democrats.West is one of only two black Republicans in the House."You endured the relentless and hostile attacks from the liberal left, such as being called racist," West told the conservative activists. "Perhaps they should see who is standing here as your keynote speaker."West quoted from Washington, Lincoln, Sun Tzu and others in outlining what he called the three pillars of conservatism. Limited government is one pillar, he said. The second is "peace through vigilance, through resolve and through strength.""If we are to have a new dawn in America, it means reclaiming our Judeo-Christian faith heritage," he said. "This is not about a separation of church and state, it is about making sure that we do not separate faith from the individual. You must never forget that the American motto is 'In God We Trust'."West acknowledged his spot on the early endangered lists, but told the cheering conservative crowd: "Standing here in front of each and every one of you, I don't feel so vulnerable."Hmmmm......"I have not yet begun to fight!"Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Syrian-Turkish Agreement to Collaborate against PKK.The Turkish daily Milliyet reports that a comprehensive Turkish-Syrian agreement for counterterrorism cooperation, aimed especially at coordinating efforts against the Kurdish organization PKK, is being considered by the Turkish parliament. According to the agreement, both countries will undertake to prevent all military, cultural, economic and propaganda activity by the PKK in their territory; a direct communications system (hot line) will be installed between the Syrian and Turkish chiefs of staff; joint military operations will be conducted, as needed, and procedures will be established for the rapid extradition of PKK members between the two countries.Hmmmm.......Erdogan "Muslims don't commit genocide".Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigGovernment.Andrew Breitbart on Pigford Lawsuit: ‘Bring It On’.Andrew Breitbart and the head of sued by Pigford claimant.Los Angeles, CA, February 12, 2011 – LLC announced today that its Chairman and CEO Andrew Breitbart and the head of, Larry O’Connor, have been sued in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia by a central figure in the Pigford “back-door” reparations case. The Pigford case involves over $2.5 billion in US taxpayer money and constitutes one of the biggest cases of corruptionand politically-motivated fraud in the history of the United States. Mr. Breitbart and have been investigating and reporting on the Pigford case since late summer 2010.Andrew Breitbart said, in response to being sued, “I find it extremely telling that this lawsuit was brought almost seven months after the alleged incidents that caused a national media frenzy occurred. It is no coincidence that this lawsuit was filed one day after I held a press conference revealing audio proof of orchestrated and systemic Pigford fraud. I can promise you this: neither I, nor my journalisticwebsites, will or can be silenced by the institutional Left, which is obviously funding this lawsuit. I welcome the judicial discovery process, including finding out which groups are doing so.”On Thursday, February 10, 2011, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., Mr. Breitbart held a national press conference at which he, Huffington Post blogger Lee Stranahan, and black farmer Eddie Slaughter presented compelling evidence for, and Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Steve King (R-IA) specifically called for, Congressional investigation into the Pigford case.At the press conference, Mr. Breitbart revealed two hours of audio of Thomas Burrell, the head of the Black Farmers & Agriculturalist Association, Inc., teaching non-farmers in the South how to commit fraud in the Pigford “back-door” reparations case. This audio conclusively demonstrates how people have conspired to grow the class of Pigford claimants to 94,000, when in fact, there were only about 18,000 black farmers in the entire country during the relevant time period, and when there were never anticipated to be more than a few thousand potential claimants among those 18,000. The numbers just do not and cannot add up."I am determined to obtain justice for the truly and legitimately discriminated against American black farmers, who have heretofore been denied justice by the USDA and the Pigford case,” Andrew Breitbart said. “Nothing will deter my efforts to makes them whole. I will simultaneously continue to fight relentlessly against the efforts of those who would use these working American farmers to defraud the American taxpayer to the tune of billions of dollars. This new lawsuit will not stop the American public from finding out what is really going on, who is directly culpable, and the critical role of the Pigford claimant in all off this.”The lawsuit served today does not name as co-Defendants President Barack Obama, the USDA and USDA head Tom Vilsack, even though it is they who fired the Pigford claimant, and who, according to the Pigford claimant herself, denied her due process.Mr. Breitbart categorically rejects the transparent effort to chill his constitutionally protected free speech and, to reiterate, looks forward to exercising his full and broad discovery rights.Mr. Breitbart is absolutely confident of being fully vindicated.Hmmmm.....Something smell awfully bad there and it aint the manure!Read the full story here.

  • HT:JudicialWatch.CPAC: Former CIA Director Tells Of Sharia Threat. The only thing more popular than bashing President Obama on the last day of the Conservative Political Action Conference was national security, especially the hot-button topic of Sharia law, the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists and their jihadism. Several accomplished military, terrorism and national security experts have long asserted that terrorists are covertly using Islamic Sharia law as a non-violent way to destroy the United States. A panel of highly regarded experts reiterated the assessment in a Saturday afternoon CPAC seminar called “The Sharia Challenge in the West.”Former Central Intelligence Agency Director Jim Woolsey, a foreign policy specialist who has worked for both Democratic and Republican administrations, led the intriguing seminar. The United States is, not only at war with terrorists such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah but also with those who, over the long run, want to impose Sharia law, Woolsey assured.He defined Sharia as a “theocratic dictatorship extremely opposed to democracy” and a movement to “eliminate and destroy western civilization.” The biggest challenge in fighting it is America’s long tradition of tolerance towards all religions, he warned, pointing out that the radical Islamic group Muslim Brotherhood is largely behind the effort to bring Sharia to the U.S. Ironically, Muslim Brotherhood affiliates sponsored a CPAC panel a day earlier to defend Islamic rights, building a mosque at Ground Zero and the overall mission of the group which is known as the parent organization of Hamas and Al Qaeda. Suhail Khan, a controversial figure with connections to Middle Eastern radicals, led the event which at times got heated. A few years ago Khan received an award from an Al Qaeda operative (Abdurahman Alamoudi) and the event was actually recorded in a video.Hmmmm......."Beware of Greeks baring gifts"?Read the full story here.

  • 'Bio terror' threat man arrested in South Africa after threatening to attack Britain and U.S.A businessman was arrested in South Africa on terrorism charges yesterday after allegedly threatening to attack Britain and America with biological weapons.The arrest came after a six-month investigation by British, US and South African security services. The 64-year-old man, who is a South African citizen, is said to have repeatedly sent threatening emails to a Whitehall department in an attempt to extort £2.5 million.He is then understood to have sent similar threats to institutions in the US, at which point the FBI was called in.Yesterday morning several containers were left in a storage facility near the suspect’s home in South Africa’s North-West Province. They are thought to have held money and, when the man went to collect it, he was arrested by South African special forces.Read the full story here.

  • Canadian strip-searched woman sues U.S. border guards.A woman from Stratford, Ont., has launched a $500,000 lawsuit in a U.S. federal court against two female U.S. border guards in Detroit.In March 2010, Loretta Van Beek was travelling to Savannah, Ga., where she owns a small vacation home, when she was pulled over by customs agents at the Ambassador Bridge, across the river from Windsor, Ont.Van Beek, 46, told CBC News she was sent to secondary inspection when customs officers found a few raspberries in her car that she'd forgotten to declare. After more than an hour of questions, Van Beek was told she was being denied entry on suspicion that she was living illegally in the U.S.Van Beek said she was marched into a holding cell by two female agents and ordered to remove her shirt and stand spread-eagled against the wall. "She was squeezing my nipples, etc., for a very long time, unnecessary attention," Van Beek said of one of the agents. "It was sexual — using her fingertips, not back of hand like you would expect."Then she said the search became even more invasive."She ran her hands in my lower region," Van Beek said.Van Beek claims the guard shoved her hand inside her genital area while the other officer watched."It was deviant behaviour by the officer, no other explanation," said Van Beek. They "Saw a woman on her own — vulnerable."A spokesperson said a strip-search is allowed when there is reason to believe someone is hiding something on his or her body, and the person has to be told the reason.Van Beek said she wasn't given a reason.The lawsuit documents were filed on Feb. 9, 2011.Hmmmm........A pat dawn to far"?read the full story here.

  • Twitter runs abuzz with rumor that Turkish president watched pirated DVD.The Turkish president has become the subject of discussion on social media website Twitter after sending a tweet on the site saying he had watched a film not yet legally available in Turkey.“I watched ‘The King’s Speech’ with my wife. It is really a very good film … I suppose the film will be subject to many discussions and be awarded with many prizes,” President Abdullah Gül wrote Saturday on his Twitter account.The message touched off a number of discussions about whether the president had watched a pirated copy of the film.Suspicions were raised as the film’s DVD will only be available for sale on April 19 in the United States and will only begin playing in Turkish cinemas starting Feb. 18, daily Milliyet reported Sunday. Members of the social networking website discussed all of Saturday the possibility that Gül had watched a pirated copy of the film.Following the discussions, a message from the Cinema and Copyright’s general director, Abdurrahman Çelik, was posted on his Twitter account.“The president has not watched a pirate copy of the film ‘The King’s Speech,’ but rather a special copy provided by the cinema general directorate upon his request,” Çelik wrote on Twitter.Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigGovernment.UN Report Documents Food Price Spike Since Fed Easing.Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, reputation is in shambles after spending last week aggressively denying a report by this author, in an article appearing in Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government Blog and featured on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, that the Fed’s QE2 monetary stimulus program is the cause of revolts in poor countries worldwide. In a stunning development, the United Nations Agricultural and Food Organization at the end of the week released a crisis report warning of the growing dangers from starvation and political unrest from global food inflation.Chairman Bernanke tried to distract criticism from his dangerous policies that have inflated food costs by trying to shift blame to the leaders of other countries in the developing world. Bernanke urged leaders in emerging countries to stop subsidizing food costs. At a National Press Club meeting Bernanke said; “In some cases, some of the emerging markets are facing inflationary pressure because their own economies are growing faster than their own capacity.” He added: “It is up to emerging markets to find the right tools to balance their own growth,”In response to a reporter’s direct question about the civil unrest in the Middle East and the Fed’s role in the months-long surging commodities prices, Bernanke strongly denied Instead, Bernanke suggested surging prices of things like corn, soybeans, sugar and livestock to rising incomes in developing countries. He stated that higher incomes translate into strong growth in global demand for food, particularly an increased appetite for animal proteins such as beef, pork and chicken. “As people’s diets become more sophisticated, their demand for food and energy grows,” he said.A new United Nations report debunks Bernanke’s pathetic alibi. As demonstrated below, the index of food prices would be up a lot more than 35%, if inflation in meat and dairy costs were not so low as compared to the cost of cereal feed, which have sky-rocketed. Farmers are actually liquidating flocks and herds right now because they cannot afford the cost of grain to feed them.

Commodity Index Increase

Overall 35%, Meat 10%, Dairy 12%, Cooking Oil 42%, Cereal 52%, Sugar 70%
Poor people around the world eat little or no meat or dairy. The majority of their diet consists of rice, corn, flour, sugar and cooking oil. Those food costs are up 55% since the Fed’s stimulus.To the poor of the world, Fed Chairman Bernanke’s comments suggesting that they are eating too much meat, sound allot like the comments attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette’s during the French Revolution regarding her starving subjects: “If there is no bread, let them eat cake.” These insensitive comments by the Queen won her trip to the gallows. Chairman Bernanke’s actions and comments are winning America a place of wrath from the poor of the world.Hmmmm......."après nous, le Déluge"? (I don't care what happens when I am dead and gone.)Read the full story here.

  • HT:CreepingSharia.Dedicated prayer rooms for Muslims at Canadian public schools.....and Catholic schools.WATERLOO REGION — Walk through the wooden door into the secluded, carpeted room with holy books and prayer mats, and it’s hard to believe you’re in a school.But this is the beginning of a new phase for public and Catholic schools where prayer rooms could become commonplace.Under a provincewide policy, school boards must be more inclusive and accommodate different faiths during the school day.This could mean a private place for Muslim students who pray five times a day and for students who are fasting, a modified gym class and a separate room for them so they don’t have to watch their peers eat lunch.Atieh Noori, a 27-year-old Muslim student at St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centre in downtown Kitchener, uses the prayer room each day at lunchtime to say her midday prayers.After school, Noori doesn’t have time for prayer so she appreciates the space.A 27-year old student? Who clearly isn’t as dedicated to Islam as she’d like some to think. If you don’t have time it obviously ain’t that important. But rather than making a personal sacrifice, Muslims like Noori want everyone else to accommodate their Islamic habits.The newly adopted faith and accommodation policy states that each student has a right to follow his or her beliefs free from discrimination or harassment. Areas of reasonable accommodation include observance of major religious holy days and celebrations, prayers and rituals, dietary requirements and fasting, religious attire and participation in school curriculum and extracurricular activities.“Someone’s faith is part of who they are. Accommodating them brings understanding and shows we respect them,” said public school trustee Cindy Watson.Blazing Cat Fur highlights the severity of the problem in Canada noting the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Muslim Brotherhood are both adherents of the right of ”Hisbah” under Sharia law:Hisbah: Allows a private citizen to prosecute any individual who commits an act he considers a breach of the Sharia even if the plaintiff himself has not been personally injured by such an the Catholic Schools i can only say :"And God spoke all these words, saying: 'I am the LORD your God… These are my Commandments ! ONE: 'You shall have no other gods before Me.'May they burn in Hell for eternity.Read the full story here.

  • 'If not now, when?' Thousands of furious Italian women protesters demand the head of Berlusconi over 'underage sex' scandal.Hundreds of women took to the streets of Italy's cities today calling on scandal hit Premier Silvio Berlusconi to resign after prosecutors requested he be sent to trial for having sex with an underage prostitute.Protesters said evidence leaked from the probe into Berlusconi, 74, allegedly paying for sex with then 17-year-old Moroccan belly dancer Karima El Mahroug, showed he has little respect for female dignity.Wiretaps leaked from more than 600 pages of the prosecution file suggest he surrounded himself at parties at his home with starlets and other women hoping to use their looks to gain positions in politics or within his Mediaset TV empire.Protests were scheduled to take place in 200 cities and towns across Italy as well as London and New York, with the largest held in Rome and Milan and counter demonstrations by activists from Berlusconi's People of Freedom party area also planned. Organisers have called the protest 'If Not Now, When?', which is also the title of a famous novel by the Italian award winning writer Primo Levi and which tells the story a group of Jewish partisans behind German lines during World War II as they seek to continue their fight against the occupier and survive.Iaia Caputo, of the organising committee, said: 'The Ruby case has revealed a system of political selection based on an exchange of sex and power.'If we accept this as normal, we risk prejudicing the free choice of women.'We want to send a message to the country and to the parties that do not see themselves a part of what has happened over the last few weeks - it's possible to change route.'Read the full story here.

  • Report: Stuxnet virus was supposed to infect 5 Iranian nuke sites.New York Times publishes Symantec report on Stuxnet virus, reveals that attack on Iran's nuclear system began a year earlier than previously thought.The Stuxnet software worm which infiltrated the Iranian nuclear program systems was introduced into the system in order to infect five industrial facilities in Iran between June 2009 and May 2010, the New York Times reported Sunday.A report published by computer security software firm 'Symantec' reveals that Stuxnet attacked the Iranian computers in three waves and that it was capable of gathering information on the location and type of computer it infected. This information would allow the Stuxnet creators to determine if they had successfully reached their intended target. According to the report, Symantec estimated that the nuclear facility at Natanz would not be connected directly to the internet, which is why an attempt was made to infect industrial organizations that would be likely to share information, and the malware, with Natanz – with the intent of 'injecting' the virus into Natanz. The New York Times also reported that at least three versions of the program were probably written, and the researchers discovered that the first version had been completed just 12 hours before the first successful infection in June 2009. The researchers speculated that the first step in the infection was either an infected e-mail sent to an intended victim or a hand-held USB device that carried the attack code. International inspectors that visited Natanz towards the end of 2009 found that almost 1,000 gas centrifuges had been taken offline; causing speculation over the possibility that an attack disabled part of the system. In April 2010, the attackers once again attempted to distribute the program, this through a portable connection with the target being components bought from Germany's Siemens. The virus was introduced from an unknown location within Iran. The malware program carried two different attack modules aimed at different centrifuge arrays, but that one of them had been disabled, said Symantec researchers. Read the full story here.

  • HT:Sheikyermami.Canuckistan Submits!“It is naïve to think that all cultures are compatible with Canadian values”.For calling attention to demographic conquest, this candidate from Canada’s Christian Heritage Party acknowledges he will be branded a “racist.” But there is nothing “racist” about wanting to put the brakes on when we have no idea who we are bringing into our countries with regard to jihadist sympathies and Islamic supremacism — as with the recent embarrassment in the United States about supposed Iraqi refugees’ coming under scrutiny for al-Qaeda links.No matter how many awful surprises result, “moderation” is an article of politically correct faith, as Western countries allow in more Muslim immigrants or “students” than they can properly screen, in numbers where they cannot and have never really attempted to enforce substantive standards of integration. On both fronts, they are hampered by fears of “profiling” and “Islamophobia.” The result, as Australia’s former immigration minister warned, is a “nation of enclaves” which can mount a collective resistance to integration light years beyond the individual level. And they become protected habitats for jihadist preaching and violence, with attempts to investigate answered with cries of racism and xenophobia.SURREY - The federal Christian Heritage Party is calling for a national moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries to curb increasing radical Islamist power in Canada.Hmmmm......Canada was born at the beginning of 20Th Century at Vimy Ridge and lost by Political correctness in the 21 Th Century.Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different.One of America's oldest eagles ever meets her match: electrocution by telegraph pole.It spent 25 years successfully avoiding aeroplanes, animal traps and all the other pitfalls of flying.But one of the top ten oldest birds ever recorded has sadly met an unfortunate fate – electrocution on a telegraph pole.The Kodiak Island bald eagle died in Alaska after hitting a utility pole’s crossbar last month.The mature wild bird’s discovery has provoked much interest among raptor biologists, after a band on its leg revealed it is the second-oldest bald eagle documented in Alaska.Biologists have no other way of confirming mature wild eagle ages other than on recovered bands.‘Based on the bird-banding record that I've seen, it would be one of the top ten oldest birds ever recorded,’ Kodiak Island wildlife biologist Robin Corcoran said.It was a beautiful older female,’ Mr Corcoran said. ‘The power pole near a cannery had been fitted with two devices designed to protect eagles but it perched on the lowest of three crossbars where utility authorities did not believe there was enough room to alight.’Alaska’s oldest recorded eagle was a 28-year-old from the Chilkat Valley outside Haines, although a dead eagle believed to be aged 29 was found late last year on Adak Island in the Aleutians.Experts say most eagles don't approach three decades.Read The full story here.
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