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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yad Vashem: Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future

People Must Take Action to Confront the Corrupt Arab Rulers

HT:Memri . Video : Leading Sunni Scholar Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: People Must Take Action to Confront the Corrupt Arab Rulers.Source: here.

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  • HT:CreepingSharia.New Ground Zero imam homophobic, gays not happy.New imam same as the old imam. It’s just a matter of time before the new Ground Zero imam’s sharia-compliant views are exposed. Yesterday we learned his “moderate” views include only jail time for Muslims who leave Islam, not necessarily death. Today we learn he believes homosexuality is caused by violent abuse although he says a small percentage, like animals, are born gay. Someone should ask him what the punishment for being gay is under Islamic sharia law.Schindler says that unless Imam Adhami is willing to clarify or change his views, Park51′s ability to welcome everyone will be compromised beyond repair.“It’s a hostile message and one that I think attacks the dignity of gay people,” Schindler said.Some prominent gay New Yorkers say even though they find the remarks made by the Park51 imam offensive, it’s nothing they haven’t heard before.Will gays protest the Ground Zero mosque or just cry homophobia?Hmmmm......Obama...."Islam is a great religion".Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri. Source: Bin Laden Seriously ill ! Al-Qaeda Admits Defeat in Iraq.The Iraqi government daily al-Sabah quotes "a reliable source" as saying that Osama bin Laden has been seriously ill for months and that he has been moving between Afghanistan, Pakistan and eastern Iran adjacent to Afghanistan. The same source said that bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is the de facto leader of Al-Qaeda, and that he receives occasional guidance from bin Laden through written and coded messages. Al-Qaeda has now concluded that it was defeated in Iraq and has urged its fighters to operate in 10 countries: Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Somalia and Jordan. Iraq has recently killed two successive leaders of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq: Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayub al-Masri.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Aina.Losing Egypt?"An earthquake has shaken the region."The above headline from an Israeli newspaper describes with unfailing accuracy the pivotal events now taking place in the Middle East. In Egypt, the Arab world's largest and most populous country of more than 80 million, massive demonstrations involving tens of thousands of people began on Tuesday in what was billed as a "Day of Anger" and are continuing despite a ban by a very rattled government. Smaller protests are likewise occurring in Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Algeria. The domino effect so feared by Middle Eastern strongmen after Tunisian protesters chased their president from power earlier this month after a 24-year rule may soon become reality in Egypt.Ali A. Alawi, an Iraqi Muslim, goes even further, stating in his book The Crisis Of Islamic Civilization, that Islamic civilization is a dying civilization, which has not created much of importance in centuries. And Alawi states there is no returning to its greatness since Muslims have distanced themselves so much from their Islamic roots. Overall, Alawi maintains, "[T]he Muslim innovative capacity has degraded in a fundamental sense.""In science and technology the statistics are truly daunting," Alawi writes.And things are not much better for Arab countries on the economic front. Except for a few oil and gas companies, the Arab world has no large corporations that could provide jobs for its 25 million unemployed young men (Unemployment runs at 20 to 30 percent in most Arab states). In total, when oil and gas are subtracted, the exports of the whole Arab world with its 350 million people equal in value those of Finland with five million.The disappearance of Arab strongmen like Tunisia's ruler, and now possibly Mubarak, opens up the ominous and dangerous potential for a Khomeini-style 1979 Islamist victory befalling Egypt -- which would be a catastrophic development not only for American and Israeli security interests, but for the Egyptian people themselves. One need only recall Khomeini's killing fields and his Islamic Republic's vicious history, continued to this day, to understand the horrifying consequences of Islamists succeeding in exploiting the current strife in Egypt to their benefit.However corrupt Egypt's regime may have been or continues to be, Mubarak succeeded in keeping the Islamists and the religious radicals in check. The Muslim Brotherhood, a major fundamentalist Egyptian opposition group that Mubarak had banned, will definitely try to take advantage of any further economic frustration or breakdown to set up the longed-for Islamic state, probably by promising those who have nothing that they will create a Muslim utopia of social justice, patterned after the Prophet Mohammad's rule. That is the bait to hijack the revolution, like the Bolsheviks promised "peace, land and bread" to the uneducated, downtrodden Russian masses to get their support, only to bring in the Red Terror in return.As history warns, the Islamists, if successful in seizing power, will internally perpetrate a Khmer Rouge/Khomeini-type bloodbath the likes of which Egypt has never seen before. The first victims will most likely be the country's religious minorities. Externally, they will involve Egypt in a jihad/war against Israel, Europe or the Shiites and, like Iran, strive to build nuclear weapons.Thus, Western countries and Israel are, naturally, viewing the events in Egypt with grave concern. The West must be prepared to confront the fact that it may be faced in Egypt with an approaching hostile, failed state, similar to Pakistan and Somalia, where terrorists will be welcome. If Obama fails to play this precarious situation right, and drops the ball like Carter disastrously did in 1979 by pulling the rug from under the Shah's feet in Iran, then this dire situation could coalesce into Islamists capturing Egypt. Sometimes, as with Mubarak, the devil you know is better than the one you don't.Does Obama grasp the gravity of the situation and does he have the geopolitical know-how to deal with it?The ensuing days of crisis will tell.Hmmmm....The past has shown that Obama doesn't care about minorities and he will follow the orders that the Saudi king will give him.Read the full story here.

  • HT:SultanKnish.Obama's State of the Soviet Union.When the applause had died down and the softly glowing screen of the teleprompter faded to black, the echoes of the Leninist cadences of Obama's State of the Union address, "We must out-educate, out-compete, and out-innovate the rest of the world", "We have broken the back of the recession" and "We can't win the future with a government of the past" suggest that we are now living in a land without history.The thrust of Obama's agenda follows Lenin's. The old jobs are gone. We must prepare for the future by educating our youth. The sturm und drang of the "We Musts" quickly becomes an argument for pandering to the teacher's unions. Only by empowering the teacher's union will we be able to compete with China. But China isn't strong because of its teachers, but because it has no independent unions, no minimum wage, no pollution laws and nothing to get in the way of the terrible machine of its industry. The People's Republic of China is not beating us in science or math, but in manufacturing cheap products with an undervalued national currency. Handing out free educations to beat China is like going to college to fight a bear. Not only will it not improve your bear fighting skills, it actually gives the bear the upper hand. American math and science degrees are used to do research whose practical applications take the form of products manufactured in China. Even if all 300 million Americans all go to work as researchers, we are not going to "out-compete" and "out-innovate" by "out-educating" Americans. Russia has the highest percentage of college degrees by population in the world. China has the lowest. These figures have little to do with their economic success.But what future has Obama actually laid out? There is the Khrushchevian "We will overtake you" directed at China. Calls for a Stakhanovitesque commitment by the masses. And a promise to win the future. But what future is that? We haven't been told. It's an unknown future with high speed rail, green jobs, college educations for everyone, but no flying cars unless they're electric or solar flying cars. This isn't a future. It's more mouthwash. Soviet mouthwash.There's a 5 year plan to give broadband access to the masses. How did Khrushchev never think of that. More subsidies for solar and wind, at the expense of oil. Because 4 dollar a barrel oil isn't expensive enough. A 25 year plan to give 80 percent of Americans access to high speed rail. Except there's no actual plan either. It's all mouthwash. Soviet leaders rinsed their mouths with talk like this to assure their citizens that the future was moving forward on schedule. Now Obama is spitting their mouthwash out all over the country. But don't worry, comrades. We're winning the future. History is on our side.. This is not a State of the Union address. It's a State of the Soviet Union address.Hmmmmm......While Millions were dying of hunger in the Ukraine,they were applauding Stalin's 5 year plan!Read the full story here.

  • Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert.A book celebrating suicide bombers has been found in the Arizona desert just north of the U.S.- Mexican border, authorities tell Fox News.The book, "In Memory of Our Martyrs," was spotted Tuesday by a U.S. Border Patrol agent out of the Casa Grande substation who was patrolling a route known for smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs.Published in Iran, it consists of short biographies of Islamic suicide bombers and other Islamic militants who died carrying out attacks.According to internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection documents, "The book also includes letters from suicide attackers to their families, as well as some of their last wills and testaments." Each biographical page contains "the terrorist's name, date of death, and how they died."Agents also say that the book appears to have been exposed to weather in the desert "for at least several days or weeks."Statements from U.S. officials, including FBI director Robert Mueller, have raised serious concerns in recent years over "OTMs" -- or illegal immigrants other than Mexicans -- who have crossed the southwest border at alarming rates.Mueller testified before the House Appropriations Committee in March 2005 that "there are individuals from countries with known Al Qaeda connections who are changing their Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names and obtaining false Hispanic identities, learning to speak Spanish and pretending to be Hispanic."Just last year, the Department of Homeland Security had in custody thousands of detainees from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. U.S. Border Patrol statistics indicate that there were 108,025 OTMs detained in 2006, compared to 165,178 in 2005 and 44,614 in 2004.Authorities would not release a picture of the book to Fox News, or reveal how long they believe it was lying in the desert. Immigration officials have previously discovered items along the U.S.-Mexico border from Middle Eastern origin, including Iranian currency in Zapata, Texas, and a jacket found in Jim Hogg County, Texas, that was covered in patches including an Arabic military badge that illustrates an airplane flying into a tower.Hmmmmm.......We don't want stricter border patrols do we Mr President?Read and see the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Writer: 'Iraq: Toward Religious Despotism'!The above is the title of an article by writer Rashid al-Khayoun, in which he warns that Iraq is marching toward Islamization [aslamah].
    He writes that the promoters of political Islam do not distinguish between government offices and mosques and, as a result, the corridors of ministry buildings, in religious events, turn into places for religious rites and for mourning [Shi'a Islam mourns the murder of Hussein, the grandson of Mohammad with breast-beating, and sometimes worshipers flagellate themselves with chains]. When some individuals object to the practice of using government offices for religious rites, they are quickly branded as "heretics" or "tails of Ba'th [party]."Also, he stated, in the name of religion, the emirs of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq massacres people; the higher the number of victims, the greater the "rewards" [in heaven] for the suicide bomber. He noted that the militias [mainly Shi'a-oriented and generally supported by Iran] raise the photograph of Imam Ali [the fourth Muslim Khalif and the father of Hussein] and his children on their banners, and added that if we examine the banners of political Islam, we would discover a demand for power, not religion, and for despotism over people in the name of Islam.Hmmmm.....Obama "Islam is a great religion."Source.

  • HT:Christian.ORG.Anti-Christian bias is OK at the BBC, says former presenter.Christians are “fair game” for insults at the BBC whilst Muslims must not be offended, one of the broadcaster’s veteran news anchors has warned. Peter Sissons, whose memoirs are being serialised in the Daily Mail, slammed the BBC for its bias. Mr Sissons said: “Islam must not be offended at any price, although Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.”His comments are unlikely to surprise many Christians who have become increasingly concerned about a perceived anti-Christian bias at the public broadcaster.The veteran presenter, who fronted news and current affairs programmes at the BBC, also said that staff damage their careers if they don’t follow the BBC’s mindest.He said: “In my view, ‘bias’ is too blunt a word to describe the subtleties of the pervading culture. The better word is a ‘mindset’.”Also in 2009, the Bishop of Manchester accused the Corporation of treating people of faith like an “increasingly rare species".And former Radio 2 presenter Don Maclean claimed that the BBC is keen on programmes which attack churches, and that there was a wider secularist campaign “to get rid of Christianity”.In 2008 Mark Thompson, the Director General of the BBC, said that Islam should be treated more sensitively than Christianity because Muslims are less integrated and more of a minority group.Hmmmm.....Anyone still doubting Christianity is under assault?Read the full story here.

  • HT:KathyPundit.Hotair: Surprise: Last Night’s SOTU Lowest-Rated of Obama’s Presidency.The inevitable conclusion to days of hype from the media about how this might be the most important speech of his presidency. To put this in perspective, roughly 130 million people voted in the 2008 presidential election and even more will turn out at the polls two years from now. Maybe a quarter of that number watched last night (not everyone who tuned in will end up voting, after all) and only a teeny tiny percentage of them will remember so much as a single line.His first SOTU (which technically wasn’t a SOTU) in 2009 drew 52 million viewers and a combined network rating of 32.5. Last year’s got 48 million and a 29.8. Now he’s down to 26.6 via not quite 43 million viewers.Hmmmm......It's a zionist plot?Read the full story here.

  • Bishop Chane: Gülen one of the greatest scholars.Eighth Bishop of Washington in the Episcopal Church John Bryson Chane has said Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen is probably one of the greatest scholars and religious people in today’s world. Speaking at a Jan. 20 meeting of the Rumi Forum, a think tank established by Turks living in Washington, D.C., to foster intercultural dialogue, the bishop praised Gülen and the Gülen movement inspired by him. During his speech, titled “Interfaith/Intercultural dialogue: a First Priority in the 21st Century,” Chane referred to Gülen as a “magnificent man”:“In the 50 books he has written he has probably been one of our greatest voices. He is a scholar and communicator who has really addressed -- not only the role of religion -- but the place of religion as an antidote to violence throughout the world, stressing the importance of the need to come to the table for dialogue and conversation.”Bishop Chane serves a diverse diocese of 91 congregations, 23 church-related schools and 45,000 members in the District of Columbia and the counties of Prince George’s, Montgomery, Charles and Saint Mary’s in the state of Maryland.Noting that Gülen has contributed much to the life and stability of the global community already, Chane said, “I really want to make a point in recognizing him and honoring him for the work he continues to do for global peace among all of God’s children.”Hmmmmm.....Where are you leading your flock?"Do not have any other gods before me.You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earthYou shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me."Read the full story here.

  • HT:WZ.Pelosi’s Office Requested the U.S. Air Force Bring Her Chocolate Covered Strawberries.Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained new documents from the United States Air Force detailing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s use of United States Air Force aircraft in 2010. According to the documents, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Pelosi used Air Force aircraft for 43 flights from January 1 to October 1, 2010. According to documents previously uncovered by Judicial Watch, by comparison, Nancy Pelosi logged 47 flights in the prior nine-month period, April 1, 2009, to January 1, 2010.The most recent documents uncovered by Judicial Watch include a Passenger Mission Activity chart detailing all of former Speaker Pelosi’s flights January 1 to October 1, 2010, as well as detailed shopping lists for some flights, flight authorization forms, Mission Expense Records and internal Air Force correspondence related to the flights. Among the highlights from the documents, obtained pursuant to a FOIA request filed on September 10, 2010:Pelosi used the Air Force aircraft for a total of 43 trips, covering 90,155 miles, from January 1 through October 1, 2010. The Air Force documented in-flight expenses for 22 of these flights totaling $1,821.33. The Air Force did not provide expense information for the remaining 21 flights.Former Speaker Pelosi received chocolate covered strawberries as a birthday surprise on a March 26, 2010 flight. According to one internal Air Force email sent on March 25, 2010: “The speaker’s office is requesting egg salad sandwiches on wheat toast with fruit (watermelon, etc) for desert [sic]. It’s the speaker’s B-Day tomorrow so we’re also asking for something like chocolate covered strawberries (dark chocolate preferred)…” The immediate response to the email from another member of the Air Force staff: “Copy all. We’ll plan something for the birthday and take care of the meal.”.According to previous documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the former Speaker’s military travel cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over one two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol. For example, purchases for one Pelosi-led congressional delegation traveling from Washington, DC, through Tel Aviv, Israel to Baghdad, Iraq May 15-20, 2008, included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Baileys Irish Cream, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewar’s scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.Hmmmm....Well the first cuts in spending have been done!How about the "Big Spender in Chief "his spending?Read the full story here.

  • HT:NumbersUSA.On State of Union 2011 -- If JOBS Are Priority, Will Anybody Connect Immigration Policy?Pres. Obama spent most of the speech talking about preventing U.S. jobs from going overseas to be done by foreign workers there, and then incongruously argued for increasing the number of foreign workers to take the scarce jobs we keep in the U.S. Though mostly ambiguous, his statements on immigration seemed to put illegal foreign workers and foreign students first while keeping unemployed Americans in the shadows. On trade, he said he would "only sign deals that keep faith with American workers, and promote American jobs" and yet on immigration policy he failed American workers, declining to ask for reductions in immigration even though 24 million American and legal immigrants can't find a full-time job. And he declined to ask for mandatory E-Verify to put millions of them back to work by opening up 7 million jobs held by illegal foreign workers. Instead, he vaguely asked for work permits for illegal aliens and an increase in foreign workers.The disappointment over his comments was tempered by the lukewarm response from Members of Congress who seemed in no mood to follow his unpopular suggestions. The most recent annual Report to Congress from the Office of Refugee Resettlement we resettled 16,074 Burmese from 1983-2007 (just the refugee program). And, let me say AGAIN, the ORR is now nearly 3 years behind in releasing these LEGALLY REQUIRED documents to Congress.Hmmmm.....Life in the "Make believe" country of Obamination? Read the full story here.

  • Judge to resentence man convicted of aiding Hezbollah.His lawyers say current 150-year sentence is 'a miscarriage of justice.'Bassam Hammoud waited in federal court Wednesday to learn if his brother, Mohamad, will soon be getting out of prison.Mohamad Hammoud was sentenced in 2002 to 155 years in prison for conspiring to aid Middle Eastern terrorists. Attorneys for the suspected head of a Hezbollah cell in Charlotte are trying to convince U.S. District Judge Graham Mullen to slash the sentence."My brother is innocent," Bassam Hammoud told reporters outside the federal courthouse. "He did not send any money to a terrorist organization."During Wednesday court proceedings, James McLoughlin, one of Mohamad Hammoud's attorneys, told the judge there never was a Hezbollah cell in Charlotte.Hammoud's attorneys have called the sentence "a miscarriage of justice." They say Hammoud should get no more than 15 years in prison.Mullen said Wednesday he will resentence Hammoud today after hearing arguments from defense lawyers and prosecutors. Hammoud may also address the judge.On Wednesday, Hammoud's lawyers called Robert Baer, a former CIA agent, to the stand to talk about Hezbollah's military operations and social programs. Hezbollah helps run hospitals and orphanages.Baer called Hezbollah "the most effective terrorist group in the world.""They are somebody you don't want to play around with...," he said. "If they come to get us, it'll come as a surprise."Hmmmmm....."More outreach to Muslims"?Read the full story here.

  • HT:99express.Annual Islamic Holiday In Bangladesh.These photos were taken in Bangladesh. People come for the annual Islamic holiday, where three days will be spent in prayer. Every year there is going to more than 4 million people. Let's see how they get to your destination.Read and see the full story here.

  • Global Muslim birth rate drops.Muslim population growing at slower rate, but will still be 26.4% of world by 2030, study says.Falling birth rates will slow the world's Muslim population growth over the next two decades, reducing it on average from 2.2 percent a year in 1990-2010 to 1.5% a year from now until 2030, a new study says.Muslims will number 2.2 billion by 2030 compared to 1.6 billion in 2010, making up 26.4% of the world population compared to 23.4% now, according to estimates by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.Continued migration will swell the ranks of Europe's Muslim minorities by one-third by 2030, to 8 percent of the region's inhabitants from 6 percent, the study says. Muslims in France will rise to 6.9 million, or 10.3% of the population, from 4.7 million (7.5%), in Britain to 5.6 million (8.2%) from 2.9 million and in Germany to 5.5 million (7.1%) from 4.1 million (5%).By 2030, Muslims will number 2.1 million or 23.2% of the population in Israel – including Jerusalem but not the West Bank and Gaza – after 1.3 million (17.7%) in 2010.The report did not publish figures for worldwide populations of other major religions, but said the United States-based Pew Forum planned similar reports on growth prospects for worldwide Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism."The declining growth rate is due primarily to falling fertility rates in many Muslim-majority countries," it said, noting the birth rate is falling as more Muslim women are educated, living standards rise and rural people move to cities.Read the full story here.

  • Number of States Developing Laws Requiring Presidential Candidates to Show Proof of Natural Born Citizenship Status Now up to 10.Arizona may have the most advanced plan, but 10 of the United States – controlling 107 Electoral College votes – are now considering some type of legislation that would plug the hole in federal election procedures that in 2008 allowed Barack Obama to be nominated, elected and inaugurated without providing proof of his qualifications under the U.S. Constitution.And they aren’t all the simple legislation such as that adopted in New Hampshire a year ago that requires an affidavit from a candidate stating that the qualifications – age, residency and being a “natural born citizen” – have been met.In Georgia, for example, HB37 by Rep. Bobby Franklin not only demands original birth-certificate documentation, it provides a procedure for and declares that citizens have “standing” to challenge the documentation.According to officials with the National Conference of State Legislatures, 10 states already have some sort of eligibility-proof requirement plan.There is Arizona’s HB2544, Connecticut’s SB391, Georgia’s HB37, Indiana’s SB114, Maine’s LD34, Missouri’s HB283, Montana’s HB205, Nebraska’s LB654, Oklahoma’s SB91, SB384 and SB540, and Texas; HB295 and HB529.Led by Texas with 34, the states control 107 Electoral College votes.Hmmmm.....Result.....No elections and he grabs power?Read the full story here.

  • It Simple: Obama Records 2nd Lowest Flesch-Kincaid SOTU Grade Level Score Since FDR.President's 2011 SOTU speech was written at more than a half a grade level lower than 2010's score, which was the 4th lowest in 75+ years.Although praised by many for the tone he struck in delivering his 2011 State of the Union address, many conservatives criticized Barack Obama's speech for being high on rhetoric and short on substance. As it turns out, Obama's speech was historically short - both in sentence structure and the words he used.President Obama now has the lowest average Flesch-Kincaid score for State of the Union addresses of any modern president - with his 8.5 grade level falling just below the 8.6 score recorded by George H.W. Bush during his presidency.Kennedy (12.0) and Eisenhower (11.9) delivered speeches that had a reading difficulty of three and a half grade levels higher than Obama.Hmmmm....."We have to build new things and invent stuff"?"I screwed up" (from his interview with A. Cooper on the Daschle appointment).Read the full story here.

  • HHS grants ANOTHER 500 new healthcare waivers.A week after Republicans announced plans to investigate waivers granted to organizations for healthcare reform provisions, President Obama’s health department made public new waivers for more than 500 groups. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is granting temporary waivers to organizations that would not be able to meet the reform law’s new requirement for annual coverage limits.As of last week, HHS had granted waivers to 222 organizations covering 1.5 million individuals. Though the number of groups receiving waivers has now more than tripled, the number of individuals covered by the waivers increased just 600,000 to 2.1 million. The law gives HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius the flexibility to grant waivers to avoid disruption in the insurance market, but Republicans say the waivers are either gifts to Democratic allies or proof that the reform law isn’t working. However, a large number of businesses, in addition to unions, have received waivers.The waivers have been granted to hundreds of so-called "mini-med" plans that offer limited health coverage to employees. The waivers are designed to preserve stability in the insurance market until new state-run insurance exchanges open in 2014. The House Energy and Commerce Committee asked HHS last week for details on the waiver process. HHS said Wednesday night that it wants to make the waiver process transparent.Hmmmm.....Lets start calling it the waiver careplan?Read the full story here.

  • Gingrich, Bush support bankruptcy for states.A split between prominent Republicans emerged Thursday over whether Congress should allow states to declare bankruptcy.Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) wrote in the Los Angeles Times that Congress should authorize a new law allowing states to declare bankruptcy, a move that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has derided as a "bailout of the states." Gingrich, who is mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, wrote the op-ed with another prominent Republican, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush."The new Congress has the opportunity to prepare a fair, orderly, predictable and lawful approach to help struggling state governments address their financial challenges without resorting to wasteful bailouts," Gingrich and Bush wrote. "This approach begins with a new chapter in the federal Bankruptcy Code that provides for voluntary bankruptcy by states, a proven option already available to all cities and towns across America."Gingrich has previously floated the idea of state bankruptcy, but publicly pushed the option again after Cantor all but ruled it out earlier this week. That Bush signed onto the article could add significant heft to the option among conservatives."Federal bailouts must come to an end. Federal taxpayers in states that balance their budgets should not have to bail out the irresponsible, pandering politicians who cannot balance their budgets," Gingrich and Bush wrote. "Congress must allow a safe, orderly way under federal bankruptcy law for states to reorganize their finances."Republican governors like Chris Christie in New Jersey have scored political points for taking on local unions and seeking concessions in the state's pension liabilities. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, also a Republican, has sought similar reforms, as have some new Democratic governors. These moves have been met with stiff resistance by labor unions that represent state and municipal employees, who worry their workers will be shortchanged by state budget crunches.Hmmmm....Why do you think they are passing legislation to use other means of legal tender?Read the full story here.

  • Graphic Video of Fatal Stoning Shows Taliban's Strength.Afghan Man and Woman Executed for Adultry Despite Wishes of Villagers.About 200 people listen to a Taliban mullah describe why a man and woman deserve to be killed. A few dozen spectators – people from the local community -- start throwing rocks at the woman, who had already been placed in a 4-foot-deep hole. They throw with relish and yell, "Allah akbar." At one point a large rock strikes her head and she falls down, her burqa red with blood. After the rock throwing ends, a few people debate whether she should be shot. Eventually one of the spectators shoots her with an AK-47. She falls into the hole, out of sight. There is a short period of absolute silence, and then the spectators turn to each other and start talking.Then the man is brought into the crowd and blindfolded with his own tunic. The same scene proceeds, but with larger rocks and more abandon. He cries as he is killed.Hmmmm...."The religion of peace".Read the full story here.

  • HT:Aina.Islamic Terrorists Kill More Buddhists in Southern Thailand.The ongoing Islamic insurgency in southern Thailand continues and another nine Buddhists were killed by Islamic jihadists who desire an Islamic state. It is clear that while the insurgency ebbs and flows from many Islamic terrorist attacks to a decrease in activity, that the underlying insurgency remains and just waits to gather pace at any moment. Therefore, Islamic fanatics randomly kill Buddhists, school teachers, Buddhist priests, Muslims who work for institutions in southern Thailand, and members of the armed forces.The level of hatred is clear by the wanton violence and brutality because the Islamic insurgents desire to spread fear in order to reach their Islamic goal. This goal applies to the complete Islamization of southern Thailand and the eradication of all Buddhists and Buddhist temples from the region of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani.In the past you had nationalistic sentiments to the insurgency because Thailand annexed the three Muslim provinces in 1902. However, while you had radical Islamic elements prior to 2001 it is clear that the insurgency had mainly nationalistic tones and the insurgents focused on the government and military of Thailand.In the first few weeks of January in 2011 you have had nine Buddhists being killed by Islamic terrorists and in a separate attack four members of the armed forces of Thailand were killed. Therefore, the Islamic insurgency continues to kill and spread fear in southern Thailand and many Buddhists have left in order to escape the ongoing Islamic insurgency.It is clear that Islamists in southern Thailand desire a homeland whereby all Buddhists will be cleansed and then Islamic Sharia law will hold sway. At the same time it is abundantly clear that Islamic indoctrination from outside of Thailand is a serious issue and the same applies to the international nature of the global Islamic jihad. Therefore, the government of Thailand faces both an internal threat and the reality that external networks are fueling the fire.Read the full story here.

  • HT:BarracudaBrigade.Obama-Care Waivers Skyrocket to 729 + 4 States.By Michelle Malkin.While the Democrats continued to extol Obamacare and the president defended the behemoth law during the Date of the Union, HHS was quietly presiding over a massive Obamacare Waiver-mania explosion.When last we examined the growing list, privileged escapees topped 222.Now: The list now at 729 — plus 4 states (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee).There was no specific hold-up that she could identify, they were simply running behind in getting the information on the website.Well today, the day after the President’s State of the Union, the new waivers are up. You may recall that there were 222 such waivers approved in November. That number has now jumped to 729 through the end of December. The total number of people covered by the waivers has gone from 1.5M to just under 2.2M. The list includes the usual assortment of union locals and businesses.I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to suggest that OCIIO was asked to hold this development until after the SOTU. Indeed the latest waiver approved in the list is from December 30th. There is an addendum at the bottom of the page noting that four states–Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee–have applied for waivers covering another 93,000 people. The addendum is dated 1/21/11, but I can assure you it was not there on 1/21 or even Monday…Hmmmm......If you wanted to start a powergrab first you need the support of the unions?Read the full story here.

  • Video : Mom Jailed For Sending Kids to Better School Some say an Ohio woman's quest for a better school for daughters went too far.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

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  • Sa'ar on Int'l Holocaust Day: 'We swore - never again'.Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar says remembrance will stop tragedy from repeating itself, sends warning to those threatening Israel's security during Holocaust memorial ceremony in Paris."Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way, when ye were come forth out of Egypt," this is the message that Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar wished to convey on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Sa'ar quoted the famous verse from Deuteronomy during a memorial ceremony that took place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Wednesday. Sa'ar said that "the universal commitment to prevent the repetition of the tragedy, which is unlike anything in the history of humanity, requires us to remember what happened on European soil in those days."The progress, the technology, the science did not stop the horror," he continued. "In large part, the opposite is true. Only the adherence to moral values will guarantee the prevention of atrocities and secure a better future for the human race. This kind of adherence requires the willingness to stand up to evil, to confront it, and sometimes also pay the price." 'Education will eradicate atrocities'Sa'ar stated that education is the key to achieving moral existence."I am convinced that the more we learn and teach about what happened in those dark days – something that is happening more and more in many nations – we will be able to immunize against the moral dullness of senses, which is what allows for man-made atrocities," he said.The education minister mentioned in his speech that the Jewish people are ancient and proud people, which has contributed spiritual, cultural and scientific treasures to humanity throughout history.INDEED NEVER AGAIN !Read the full story here.

  • HT:DailyCaller.Video : Palin: Obama’s State of Union address full of ‘WTF’ moments.Read and see the full story here.

  • Jewish Lawmaker Slams J Street for Position on Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution.A liberal Jewish congressman tore into the liberal Jewish lobbying firm J Street this week, saying the organization's "brains have fallen out" after it urged the Obama administration not to veto a proposed U.N. resolution condemning Israel. Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y., effectively cut ties with J Street, a group that raised campaign money for him last year, in a searing press release Tuesday. The tipping point was the group's call for the administration to clear the way for a Palestinian-backed proposal at the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel's settlement expansion. "I've come to the conclusion that J-Street is not an organization with which I wish to be associated," Ackerman said."The decision to endorse the Palestinian and Arab effort to condemn Israel in the U.N. Security Council is not the choice of a concerned friend trying to help. It is rather the befuddled choice of an organization so open-minded about what constitutes support for Israel that its brains have fallen out," he said. "America really does need a smart, credible, politically active organization that is as aggressively pro-peace as it is pro-Israel. Unfortunately, J-Street ain't it."Hmmmm......Neighter is the Obama administration.Read the full story here.

  • U.S. missionary in Mexico Nancy Davis fatally shot.An American missionary was fatally shot in Mexico on Wednesday, police said.The preliminary investigation indicated that Nancy Davis, 59, and her husband were traveling on a Mexican highway near the city of San Fernando, Mexico, when they were confronted by gunmen in a black pickup, the Pharr Police Department in Texas said in a statement. San Fernando is south of the border city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas state."The gunmen were attempting to stop them and the victims accelerated in efforts of getting away from them," the police statement said. "At a certain point the gunmen discharged a weapon at the victim's vehicle and a bullet struck the victim Nancy Shuman Davis on the head."Davis' husband, identified as Sam Davis by family friends, drove their truck "at high rate of speed" to the Pharr International Bridge, which crosses the Rio Grande. Nancy Davis was taken to a hospital in nearby McAllen, where she was pronounced dead about 90 minutes later.The Texas Department of Public Safety, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are also assisting, police said.Maryanne Wheeler, another friend who worked with the Davises in the 1990s, said Nancy Davis' death was a great loss."They breathed Mexico," Wheeler said. "That's their love."For 40 years she has gone around Mexico, trying to be there as a nurse, a friend, as a spiritual adviser and has loved them. They lost the best," she said. "They had a petite lady who had the tenacity of a bulldog and was there for you." Wheeler said the couple had been shot at before and knew the dangers of the border area.Hmmmm....And the Mexican President comes to lecture the American congress?Read the full story here.

  • HT:WZ.Obama: Hey, You Know Who Would Make a Great Chief of Staff to Replace Rahm? Me!…In the third of Rouse’s baskets was the failure to use Obama’s gifts as a communicator to full effect. He was overexposed. He was in the weeds. The thread got lost. “With these big legislative fights, he was almost like a prime minister or negotiator-in-chief,” says the same official. “The price for that was, we lost the vision, the inspiration.”Though Obama grasped this last critique, he dismissed the charges of aloofness and insularity. When business complained that he was hostile, he cited all the times he had invited CEOs to the White House. When donors moaned about the fact that at the first year’s Christmas parties, he had done away with the tradition of taking pictures with the guests, Obama scoffed, “Big deal, they’ve all got pictures of me before.”Emanuel’s ad-hocracy, meanwhile, didn’t faze Obama. The president’s friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett sometimes pointed out that not only had he never managed an operation, he’d never really had a nine-to-five job in his life. Obama didn’t know what he didn’t know, yet his self-confidence was so stratospheric that once, in the context of thinking about Emanuel’s replacement, he remarked in all seriousness, “You know, I’d make a good chief of staff.”Those overhearing the comment somehow managed to suppress their laughter.Hmmmm......We have seen one like that before...Read the full story here.

  • HT:SFGate.Prominent progressive activists announce early opposition to Obama's re-election.As President Barack Obama prepares for Tuesday's State of the Union address -- considered by many to be the real kickoff of his 2012 presidential campaign -- a group of vocal progressive activists have launched what they promise is an aggressive campaign to fight his re-election. The group of 150 liberal activists, authors, and academics -- including Code Pink's co-founder Medea Benjamin and author Daniel Ellsberg -- Tuesday released a petition announcing early opposition to Obama's re-nomination by Democrats. Many of the names included are Greens and indies, not necessarily Democrats themselves, but they said they intend to "actively seek to impede" his policies on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq as the campaign goes forward."We vow not to support President Barack Obama for renomination for another term in office, and to actively seek to impede his war policies unless and until he reverses them,'' their statement says.They charge that "since he became president, Obama has had three opportunities to work with Congress to reduce military spending, but instead has championed increases in that spending each time, despite the fact that this spending represents a clear threat to the economic future of our country.'' The group says Obama "has hide the true costs of the wars by funding them with off-the-books supplemental spending bills, despite the fact that he campaigned against this very practice.''And, they say, while escalating the war in Afghanistan, Obama was "given the CIA even greater freedom of action to launch lethal drone strikes against civilian houses in Pakistan.''Hmmmmm.........Just before the Muslim Coalition for Peace-USA demonstrates on their April 9th mass anti war and anti-islamophobia rally?Don't tell me these people are the same people as the  ones on that demonstaration?No WAY !Read the full story here.

  • Protesters torch Egypt police post.Police post in city of Suez burnt down as angry protests continue to erupt despite security crackdown.Angry demonstrators in Egypt have torched a police post in the eastern city of Suez, where violence between police and protesters has racheted up amid a security crackdown.Police fled the post before protesters used petrol bombs to set it on fire Thursday morning, witnesses told the Reuters news agency. Police in Suez responded to other demonstrators by firing rubber-coated bullets, water cannons and teargas.Dozens of protersters gathered in front of a second police post later in the morning, demanding the release of relatives who were detained during a wave of unprecedented protests that authorities have failed to quell since they began on Tuesday.Meanwhile, activists calling for the outser of Hosni Mubarak, who has served as Egypt's president for 30 years, clashed with police in the capital, Cairo, in the early hours of Thursday.While the situation had calmed later in the morning, the protests are likely to gather momentum with the arrival of Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning former head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, and a potential presidential rival to Mubarak.Responding to a reporter's question as he departed Vienna for Cairo, ElBaradei said on Thursday that he was ready to "lead the transition" in Egypt if asked."If people, in particularly young people, if they want me to lead the transition I will not let them down," ElBaradei told journalists at Vienna airport.But ElBaradei added: "My priority right now is to see a new Egypt and to see a new Egypt through peaceful transition."Demonstraters were planning another major protest for Friday, a day often used for protest in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood - the country's technically banned but largest opposition movement - said on Thursday for the first time that it would participate.Al Jazeera's Patty Culhane said that the US must strike a delicate balance."Egypt is by far one of the biggest beneficiaries of US foreign aid when it comes to military financing," our Washington DC correspondent said, adding that Egypt received $1.3bn a year from the US, second only to Israel in that respect."It would seem then, that the US has some leverage to push the Egyptian government to not crackdown on the protesters," Culhane said. Whether the US choses to exercise that leverage remains to be seen.Like Tunisians, Egyptians complain about surging prices, lack of jobs, and authoritarian rulers who have relied on heavy-handed security to keep dissenting voices quiet.Egypt's population of about 80 million is growing by 2 per cent a year. Two thirds of the population is under 30, and that age group accounts for 90 per cent of the jobless. About 40 per cent live on less than $2 a day, and a third are illiterate.Hmmmmm.....As i said El Barradei the "saviour" of the day ,the strawman for the Muslim Brotherhood?Read the full story here.

  • Egypt stocks suffer 2nd biggest drop of history.Egypt's main index suffered the second-biggest one-day fall in its history on Thursday, as anti-government protests shook the confidence in one of the region's best-performing economies.The EGX30 index tumbled 10.5 per cent, its biggest drop since Oct 7, 2008 when the benchmark fell 16.5 per cent due to the deepening global economic crisis.Trading on the exchange was briefly suspended after the index slumped 6.2 per cent. More sellers appeared when the markets reopened, quickly extending its declines. The index tumbled 6.1 per cent on Wednesday.Several major stocks were suspended again after the reopening, as they breached stock exchange limits.Activists trying to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak extended their protests into a third day, making a new call for demonstrations on Friday to maintain pressure for change."When there's panic, it overrides all fundamentals and technicals," said Hashem Montasser, EFG-Hermes managing director and head of regional asset management.Montasser said it would be difficult to say how much lower the index would fall."This could be a bottomless pit. The reaction we are seeing is very much politically driven and it's difficult to say when this will stop."Hmmmm.......An indication of things to come i said before.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Debka.Iran rounds off grab for Lebanon with figurehead prime minister.The two days Iran's new foreign minister Ali Salehi spent in Damascus from Saturday night, Jan. 22, were enough to keep Syrian president Bashar Assad in place for Tehran's final steps in its grab for Lebanon: the installation of a puppet government in Beirut.Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah's performance Sunday, Jan. 23, was a crucial piece of misdirection: He stepped out of character to call in dulcet tones for a unity government in Beirut. This sounded as though he was following Assad's orders last week to go for a broad coalition which left the prime minister he toppled Saad Hariri out in the cold and strengthened Syrian influence in Beirut. But meanwhile, a parliamentary majority had been put together to install as prime minister Najib Mikati, a 55-year old Lebanese tycoon, who was willing to pledge in advance to cut Beirut's ties with the UN tribunal – STL – investigating the 2005 assassination of Rafiq Hariri and declare its summonses and rulings null and void.Mikati has built a business empire in Europe, Africa and the Middle East through his personal connections with the Syrian president and Hizballah leader and the use of their intelligence facilities to promote his interests. He was awarded the premiership in return for a commitment to disqualify the STL as his first order of business, thereby saving Iran, Damascus and Hizballah the embarrassment of a head-on clash with the international court over its summonses – not only for the extradition of Hizballah's top security officials, but also against Iranian and Syrian regime officials suspected of complicity in the Hariri assassination.By having the duly appointed Lebanese prime minister delegitimize the tribunal, all three can insist they are obliged to disobey court decrees against the will of the Lebanese government and its people and barred from following the orders of a body declared illegitimate and operating at the behest of Washington and Tel Aviv.Read the full story here.

  • HT:CanadaFreePress.Western military fleets are heading to Lebanon & Israel’s army is on full alert.In a report that was published today in the Kuwaiti daily Alseyiasi, veteran analyst and journalist Hamid Gheriafi wrote that many Western and Arabic countries have been lately issuing urgent travel warnings cautioning their citizens who are residing in Lebanon to take the highest required measures to avoid being targeted by Syria’s and Hezbollah’s armed groups and advising them not to travel deep into Lebanon’s southern and Bekaa Valley regions or to go to Beirut areas where there are Sunni Shiite tensions.The report stated that the whole democratic and Free World and the majority of the Arab countries are extremely concerned that Tehran’s and Damascus’s allies could take full control of the Lebanese state and all of its institutions, including both the army and internal security forces. USA, European countries, England, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and many other countries have been conducting around the clock consultations on the highest level to abort this vicious Syrian- Iranian scheme. The Syrian-Iran full control of Lebanon will impose a dire threat to all the Arab countries, Israel, and Europe.Mr. Gheriafi learned from reliable European Intelligence sources in Brussels that at least two well equipped Western military fleets were urgently ordered to move from the Arabian Gulf to positions close to both Syria and Lebanon in the Mediterranean Sea with strict instructions to fully monitor and watch the unfolding events in Lebanon, especially in case Hezbollah, backed by Syria and Iran, succeeds in taking over the new Lebanese government.The intelligence sources did not unveil the identity of the Western fleets, but confirmed that they comprise two nuclear aircraft carriers with 210 jet fighter planes on board, and more than 30 ships carrying about 5,800 marines armed with the latest technologies.The same sources said that the Israeli air and navy forces have been on a high alert status since last Friday after Lebanon’s Druze Leader, MP Walid Jumblat, decided to join Hezbollah and Syria with his parliamentary block, giving them the upper hand and a parliamentary majority that enables them to form a new pro-Syrian and -Iranian government, killing all chances for caretaker PM Saad Hariri to return as a PM.The Obama administration will most probably halt all kinds of aid to Lebanon and even impose harsh sanctions. In this same context, all the 18 countries with troops participating in the UNIFIL forces deployed in South Lebanon on the Lebanese-Israeli border are extremely concerned about their safety. These countries are definitely going to reevaluate their participation in UNIFIL, as well their aid to Lebanon once Hezbollah’s government is in office. In conclusion: The Free World and the Arabic countries have an obligation to help the Lebanese people by all available means, including military forces in a bid to stop Iran and Syria, through its armed terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, from taking over Lebanon and turning it into an arena for evil wars against all the democracies in the world. The confrontation with the Axis of Evil is inevitable, and now it is the right time to act before it is too late and before a new Nazi dragon starts goose stepping in to devour all the Arab countries and Europe.Read the full story here.

  • Thousands rally against Yemen regime.Civil unrest in Arab world spreads. Protestors in Saana call for end to President Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime. 'We will not accept anything less than the president leaving,' independent parliamentarian says.Tens of thousands of people are calling for the Yemeni president's ouster in protests across the capital inspired by the popular revolt in Tunisia.The demonstrations led by opposition members and youth activists are a significant expansion of the unrest sparked by the Tunisian uprising, which also inspired Egypt's largest protests in a generation. They pose a new threat to the stability of the Arab world's most impoverished nation, which has become the focus of increased Western concern about a resurgent al Qaeda branch, a northern rebellion and a secessionist movement in the south.Crowds in four parts of Sanaa have shut down streets and are chanting calls for an end to the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been in power for nearly 32 years.Hmmmm.....Spreading like cancer?Read the full story here.

  • "Life or Death in Iran's Prisons".TAKE ACTION | Jailed Blogger Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki in Urgent Need of Surgery!Detained blogger Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki is in critical condition and is in urgent need of surgery due to a kidney infection.Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki, detained blogger who is held in Ward 350 of Evin prison, is in poor physical condition following a kidney infection causing his health to rapidly deteriorate.Ronaghi’s family told the Human Rights House of Iran that he was transferred to the Prison Clinic last night for treatment and the clinic personnel recommended that he should be transferred to a hospital. Ronaghi has refused to be transferred to a hospital however.Ronaghi stated that he would only agree to a surgery if he undergoes the procedure outside of prison and under the supervision of his family. He has demanded medical prison leave on bail.Ronaghi was arrested on December 13, 2009 and has not been granted furlough since then. After enduring one year of solitary confinement in Ward 2A of Evin prison, he was transferred to Ward 350. The prisoners in Ward 350 are deprived of telephone contacts.The Appeals Court upheld his 15 year prison sentence for “membership in the Iran Proxy internet group”, “anti-regime propaganda”, and “insulting the Supreme Leader and the President”.Read the full story here.

  • Jobless Claims Jump to 454,000.The number of people applying for unemployment benefits rose sharply last week as snowstorms in some parts of the country forced companies to lay off workers.Applications surged by a seasonally adjusted 51,000 to 454,000, the highest level since late October.However, much of the increase was blamed on bad weather in four Southern states. That caused some companies to temporarily shut down, a government analyst says.Hmmmmm.....Change you can see"We created a million new jobs"......well at least on paper.You fire two million and hire one million back?Read the full story here.

  • Border authorities arrest controversial Muslim cleric east of San Diego.U.S. border authorities have arrested a controversial Muslim cleric who was deported from Canada to Tunisia three years ago and was caught earlier this month trying to sneak into California inside the trunk of a BMW, according to court documents.Said Jaziri, the former Imam of a Muslim congregation in Montreal, was hidden inside a car driven by a San Diego-area man who was pulled over by U.S. Border Patrol agents near an Indian casino east of San Diego. Jaziri allegedly paid a Tijuana-based smuggling group $5,000 to get him across the border near Tecate, saying he wanted to be taken to a “safe place anywhere in the U.S.”The arrest marks the unexpected resurfacing of the 43-year-old cleric, whose protracted legal battle to avoid deportation drew headlines in Canada. A Tunisian immigrant, Jaziri was deported for failing to disclose a criminal conviction in France while applying for refugee status in the mid-1990s.But Jaziri’s supporters said he was targeted for his fundamentalist views: Jaziri backed Sharia law for Canadian Muslims and led protests over the publication of the prophet Muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper in 2006.Jaziri is being held as a material witness in the criminal case against the BMW’s driver, Kenneth Robert Lawler, who has been charged with immigrant smuggling. He is at the San Luis Detention Facility near Yuma, Ariz., according to his attorney, Wayne Charles Mayer. His bond has been set at $25,000.In Quebec’s large Muslim community, Jaziri stood out for his outspoken views, and though his mosque was small, he drew outsized media attention for his strict interpretation of the Koran. Jaziri labeled homosexuality a sin and pushed for government subsidies to build a large mosque for Montreal’s growing Muslim population.“His nickname in Quebec was the controversial imam,” said Lise Garon, a professor of communications at Laval University in Quebec City, adding that his case tapped into the anti-immigrant mood in the community. “I think he was deported because people hated his ideas.”Border Patrol agents, alerted by fire fighters who saw the immigrants get in the trunk, pulled the car over near the Golden Acorn Casino, about 50 miles east of San Diego. He told agents that his journey to the border had been a long one. He took a flight from Africa to Europe, then to Central America and Chetumal, Mexico, on the Mexico-Belize border, where he took a bus to Tijuana.Hmmmm.....What interests me is WHO was he going to meet in the US?Read the full story here.

  • Medicare Expert: Obamacare Won’t Hold Down Costs and You Can’t Keep Your Plan.Two of the central promises of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law are unlikely to be fulfilled, Medicare's independent economic expert told Congress on Wednesday.The landmark legislation probably won't hold costs down, and it won't let everybody keep their current health insurance if they like it, Chief Actuary Richard Foster told the House Budget Committee. His office is responsible for independent long-range cost estimates.Foster was asked by Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., for a simple true or false response on two of the main assertions made by supporters of the law: that it will bring down unsustainable medical costs and will let people keep their current health insurance if they like it.On the costs issue, "I would say false, more so than true," Foster responded.Hmmmm.......Obamacare"You Fail"?read the full story here.

  • Dozens dead in Iraq bomb blast.At least 37 killed after car bomb hits funeral ceremony in Baghdad's predominantly Shia Muslim neighbourhood of Shuala.At least 37 people have been killed after a car bomb struck a funeral ceremony in Baghdad, officials say.Dozens were also wounded in the attack on Thursday, which took place in the predominantly Shia Muslim neighbourhood of Shuala, in the north of the Iraqi capital."A car bomb that exploded outside a tent where mourners were gathered for a funeral ceremony killed 37 people, and 78 were hurt," a defence ministry official told the AFP news agency.Officials said that police who rushed to the scene were confronted by an angry mob that were throwing stones.The military sent in soldiers to restore order.The funeral attack was the latest targeting Shia Muslims since a spate of car bombings last week killed 57 people outside the city of Karbala in southern Iraq.Hmmmmm.....Obama: "If We Work Hard, Afghanistan Could Be a Iraq"Succes???Read the full story here.

  • It's a cover-up! Iranian media raises Baroness Ashton's neckline in picture taken at nuclear programme talks.Iran has been embroiled in another censorship row after a top worn by Baroness Ashton was doctored in state media because it was too revealing.Photographs of the EU foreign minister with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili at talks in Istanbul on Friday appeared the next day in Iranian media - but showed her wearing a top with a much higher neckline than she actually had on.It appears the garment was too low-cut for the strictly Islamic country and so the image had to be doctored before publication.Some newspapers raised the top to just below her necklace, while others went as far as covering up above her collar bone.Baroness Ashton made sure to follow protocol and not cause offence by touching the Iranian politician as she posed for the picture, but she was blissfully unaware that her relatively modest attire would be too racy for Iran.The EU foreign policy chief was leading an international team of six world powers as they attempted to convince the Middle Eastern country to curb its rogue nuclear activity at the historical Ciragan Palace in Turkey's capital.Hmmmm......It's a .........Fashion statement?Read the full story here.

  • Russia: Cyber attack on Iran could be risky.Russian NATO envoy seeks investigation into instigators of Stuxnet computer virus which hit Iran's nuclear facilities last year.A recent cyber attack on Iran's nuclear program could have triggered a disaster comparable to the one in Chernobyl 25 years ago, Russia's envoy to NATO said Wednesday. Dmitry Rogozin urged NATO to join Moscow in investigating who created and unleashed the mysterious and destructive computer worm known as Stuxnet. The virus hit Iran's nuclear facilities last year, temporarily crippling its uranium enrichment program, which can make both nuclear fuel and the fissile core of warheads.Rogozin told journalists at NATO headquarters that the virus could have caused the control system of Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor to malfunction, leading to the release of poisonous radioactive dust into the atmosphere, as happened in Chernobyl."The virus which is very toxic, very dangerous, could have had very serious implications," Rogozin said. It "could have lead up to a new Chernobyl." "This is a security-related issue," Rogozin said. "We insist that we have an investigation with the NATO-Russia Council."The council, which meets each month, groups the alliance's 28 states and Russia to discuss security issues and to coordinate responses.Hmmmmm......Whad'Ya Know?The evil Jooooos have he Russian Bear running scared!Read the full story here.

  • Fla. Rep. West’s Anti-Islam Comments Ruffles Feathers.Tea-Party backed Congressman Allen West, R.-Fla., has stirred a bees nest with negative comments about Islam. West, appearing on the “Shalom Show,” told producer Richard Peritz that Islam was the “antithesis” of America’s founding principles.At the outset of the 11-minute interview, Peritz asked West how he was going to deal with members of Congress he disagreed with, especially Rep. Keith Ellison, D.-Minn., who is a Muslim.“Well I think it’s most important that I stand upon the principles [of the] people that elected me to go to Washington, D.C., and represent them on Capitol Hill,” West responded. “So that when you run into someone that is counter, or someone that really does represent the antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established, you’ve got to be able to defeat them intellectually in debate and discourse, and you just have to be able to challenge each and every one of their assertions very wisely and very forthright.”This, however, wasn’t the first time West made comments about religion. Last March, West began a speech criticizing the “Coexist” bumper stickers, which display symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions and philosophies.“And the reason why I get upset, and every time I see one of those bumper stickers, I look at the person inside that is driving,” West said as reported by ThinkProgress. “Because that person represents something that would give away our country. Would give away who we are, our rights and freedoms and liberties because they are afraid to stand up and confront that which is the antithesis, anathema of who we are. The liberties that we want to enjoy.” West then continued on to say Islam was a “very vile and very vicious enemy that we have allowed to come in this country because we ride around with bumper stickers that say co-exist.”American Islamic groups are denouncing West’s comments strongly, saying they are disappointed that an elected official would harbor such views.Hmmmm.....Coexist?Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheJawaReport.UK: Fatwa Against Home Secretary Theresa May - US/Candian Companies Providing Services to Website.Posters have been put up in Tooting, South London, calling for a fatwa against Home Secretary Teresa May. They appear to be linked to radical Anjem Choudary's Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) group. London, UK.Hmmmm.....Yup we don't need any terror warning system anymore.Read and see the full story here.

  • Angry Egyptians defy protest ban. At least two people killed as thousands take to the streets in second day of anti-government demonstrations.A protester and a police officer were killed in central Cairo as anti-government demonstrators pelted security forces with rocks and firebombs for a second day, according to witnesses.Activists had called on people to rally again on Wednesday after a "Day of Wrath" the previous day had seen thousands of people take to the streets across Egypt to complain of poverty, unemployment, corruption and repression.A total of six people, four protesters and two policemen, have been killed so far in the largely unprecedented mass anger at the 30-year rule of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president. "The people want the regime to fall," protesters chanted. Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, has said that the protests represent an opportunity for the administration to implement "political, economic and social reforms to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people".In the unusually blunt remarks regarding the longtime US ally, Clinton also said that the Mubarak government should not prevent peaceful protests or block social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, which have helped Egyptians plan and spread news about the unrest.The White House said it was monitoring the situation in Egypt "quite closely," but unlike Clinton did not call for reform. Robert Gibbs, a spokesman for President Barack Obama, told reporters on Wednesday that the government should "demonstrate its responsiveness to the people of Egypt" by recognising their "universal rights."Asked whether the United States still "backed" Mubarak, Gibbs said only that "Egypt is a strong ally."Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League, said that he believes "the Arab citizen is angry, is frustrated.""That is the point," he said. "The name of the game is reform."El Baradei called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to enact sweeping reforms in the country or face a growing danger of unrest like the events unfolding in Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood noted on its official Ikhwanweb site.Hmmmmm....El Barradei is calling for protests,probably he's working with the Muslim Brotherhood to take power as their straw man,lets see what comes.Read the full story here.

  • Egyptian president's son 'flees to London with 100 pieces of luggage as country is rocked by second day of violence'.The son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is said to have fled to London after the country was rocked by two days of riots over poverty.Gamal Mubarak, 48 and believed to be his father's choice of successor, boarded a private jet from Cairo to London with his wife, daughter and around 100 piece of luggage, according to reports.His sudden flight, reported by the U.S. based Arabic website Akhbar al-Arab came as hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets despite a government ban on protests. But strengthened forces quickly moved in and used tear gas and beatings to disperse them.Security officials said a total of 860 protesters have been rounded up nationwide since yesterday, when tens of thousands turned out for the largest protests in years - inspired by the uprising in Tunisia.They demanded president Mubarak's removal and a solution to grinding poverty, rising prices and high unemployment.After nightfall today more than 2,000 demonstrators were marching on a Nile-side road when dozens of riot police with helmets and shields charged the crowd. It was a scene repeated throughout the day wherever demonstrators tried to gather.They were the latest in outbursts of political discontent in Egypt that have been growing more frequent and more intense over the past year.Hmmmm.....The first sign of what was coming was the money withdrawals last week from foreign investors in the Egyptian stock market.Read the full story here.

  • ‘Captain America’ title will be changed to ‘The First Avenger’ in Russia, South Korea.How do you sell a movie called “Captain America” to an overseas market? In South Korea, Russia and the Ukraine, apparently, the answer is you don’t even try.In private, Marvel insiders said that early on in the project’s planning there was talk that the title might need to be changed in numerous international markets but that there was a ”pleasant surprise” — the brand recognition of the comic-book superhero was so strong that it overrode those considerations in many places. That was not the case in Russia, South Korea and the Ukraine.It’s not uncommon for American films to undergo name changes for overseas to suit the international variables in taste, translation and temperament. Still, this particular title tweak might not sit well with those pundits and purists who frowned on comments last year by the film’s director, Joe Johnston, that suggested that Captain America and his alter ego, Steve Rogers, would be more measured in the way they saluted their country.Hmmmmm.......More "change"?Read the full story here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dutch Defence League - We Are Defence League Promotional Video.The Dutch Defence League has produced this excellent promotional video. The DDL will be sending representatives to the EDL Luton demo on 5 February 2011. The Counterjihad continues its expansion.

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  • Moscow airport bomb: suicide bombers were part of squad trained in Pakistan.The two suicide bombers who carried out the Moscow attack were thought to be part of a suicide squad trained in Pakistan's al-Qaeda strongholds sent to the capital to target the city's transport system.Intelligence sources said that one of the squads was likely to have established a base, at a house in Moscow, where the suicide belts to be used in attacks were assembled. Russian security sources said yesterday that a male and female suicide bomber from the Black Widow brigades had carried out the bombing together. The attack had been closely supervised by three accomplices, who had watched from a distance and are now being sought by the authorities. A Russian security official said the bomb that ripped through Moscow's Domodedovo airport was carried by a woman who mingled in the crowd at arrivals. She then either set the bomb off herself or someone else detonated it using a remote-control device. An eyewitness said the woman had been dressed in black and had worn a veil, suggesting she may have been a 'Black Widow' suicide bomber from the North Caucasus region out to revenge the killing of her husband by Russian security forces. Read the full story here.

  • Egypt Breaking News - Video : Police and protesters face-off near government TV offices in Cairo. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.Here.

  • HT:HIDF.26 January 1950 when India became a Republic.Some Photographs of India .To all the Nut Cases who want to see India is not going to happen.We have been on this earth from last 10,000 Years and will be there when the mankind leaves the world…Hinduism is called Sanathan Dharma..The Dharma or the path which was there when the mankind came on earth and will go then only when mankind will be wiped out of the world.Hmmmm.....60 Years ....almost a lifetime!Read and see the full story here.

  • Color-coded terror warnings to be gone by April 27.WASHINGTON – Government officials say the colors in the nation's terror alert system will be gone by April 27.The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the pending announcement, say the Homeland Security Department will begin a 90-day phasing out of the system on Thursday.The Homeland Security Department plans to tell the public about a terror threat much like it has been doing for the past few years — through government announcements and the news media.The five-tiered color-coded terror warnings were created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and they quickly became the butt of late-night talk show jokes. The government hasn't made changes in the colored alert levels since 2006, but it has been reviewing its usefulness for more than a year.Hmmmm.....There's no longer a terror threat when you stop talking about it?Source .

  • HT:IsraeliGirl.Joining together to combat hate and anti Semitism online.January 27th marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp. Since 2005 it is also the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (IHRD), an annual day of commemoration to honor the victims of the Nazi era.The Nazis didn't have Internet access. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube to help the Nazis deliver their hate message to the masses.The Nazis may be gone but their hate message remains alive and well. Anti Semitisim today hides behind anti Zionism. Those that spread this message of hate do a remarkable job spreading their wrath online. Social media sites such Facebook, Youtube and Twitter become vehicles in delivering messages of hate and incitement.This Holocaust remembrance day would like to launch a community initiative to combat hate online. Social media sites have pledged to remove online hate and terrorist groups but with anti Israel rhetoric and anti Semitism on the rise, their moderators have been unable to monitor the sheer number of messages.Read how you also can help to stop the spreading of this cancer!  Here.

  • HT:Memri.In Advance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iranian 'Adolf Hitler Research Society' Website Shows How Holocaust Photos Were 'Doctored' By the Jews, and Iranian Website Publishes Series by French Holocaust Denier.In advance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on January 27, several Iranian websites published articles denying the Holocaust. The website of the Iranian "Adolf Hitler Research Society" recently posted an undated article titled "A Reassessment of the Holocaust," claiming that photos documenting the Holocaust were doctored and forged by the Jews. Also, on January 26, 2011, the Iranian semi-official news agency Mehr published the first in a series of articles by French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, titled "Holocaust: The Historic Fraud."Hmmmm......Just like Erdogan claims that the Armenian Genocide never happened,Ahmadinejad claims the Holocaust never happened,talk about compagnions in faith?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Video - British Holocaust Denier David Irving: The Zionists Have Overplayed the Holocaust, and This Has Tarnished the Zionist Cause.Read and see the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Video:Holocaust Denial Discussed on Iranian TV: There Were No Gas Chambers; You Cannot Squeeze 2,000 Jews into 100 Square Meters.Hmmmm....Somehow i think Ahmadinejad is eager to do better?Read and see the full "Story" here.

  • Pakistani Lawyer Calls for Enforcing Pakistan's Existing Blasphemy Laws Over Islamic Clerics' Hate Campaign Against Ahmadi Muslims, Says: 'Ignorant and Hypocritical Mullahs Have Made a Mockery of the Constitution, Law and Process in Pakistan'.'[It] Seems That Pakistan is Not an Islamic State or a Shi'a State or a Sunni State... Held Hostage By Our... Mullahs, Who Are Hell-Bent on Destroying the Rest of Us – And… Pakistan Itself""No sir, in Pakistan, the law does not protect the weak, helpless and marginalized. It persecutes them. Ignorant and hypocritical mullahs have made a mockery of the constitution, law and process in Pakistan. Justice Sardar Muhammad Iqbal, in his famous judgment in Kaikaus v. President of Pakistan PLD 1976 Lah 1608… described the petitioners as Kharijites [i.e. those who left Islam]. Thirty-four years later, it seems that Pakistan is not an Islamic state or a Shi'a state or a Sunni state. It is now a Kharijite state held hostage by our Kharijite mullahs who are hell bent on destroying the rest of us and, in the process, Pakistan itself."What depths will we not fall to? Could the contrast be any greater to our founding principles? At the height of the Pakistan Movement, [Pakistan's Founder Mohammad Ali] Jinnah refused to endorse a cover for Time magazine on its editor's request because it was derogatory and insulting 'to the Hindu Community.' Our nation state was built on positive values, not hatred for others. "Yet we now seem to call into question its very existence by our actions. Incidentally, questioning the creation of Pakistan is also punishable under Section 123-A of the PPC, though it has never stopped the… [ruling Pakistan People's Party of President Asif Zardari] from sharing power with the JUI-F [Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam of Maulana Fazlur Rehman], a party whose famous antecedent Maulana Mufti Mahmood, the posthumous godfather of the Taliban and bigoted forces, historically denounced the creation of Pakistan."Hmmmm....... Peter 2:1"there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord".Read the full story here.

  • "Life Or Death in Iran's prisons".Report: Stop the Execution Machine !All prisoners sentenced to death in Iran are in serious danger of secretly being executed. Concerns are specifically raised after the secret executions of Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj Aghaie. Most authorities and human rights defenders in Iran like Shirin Ebadi who have condemned such large numbers of reckless executions have made comparisons to the extensive executions of the 1980′s [in Iran]. At the same time, distinguished lawyers are being chased away and are severely suppressed for accepting political and stoning case files and defending the rights of prisoners. The execution machine in Iran is determined to completely silence the families of prisoners and their supporters. The Iranian authorities even avoid properly announcing the executions.Roudabeh Akbari, Jafar Kazemi’s wife, in a phone call with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said that when she went to Evin prison on January 24th to visit her husband, she was told that he had already been hanged that morning. “They hanged my husband without notifying me or his lawyer. Yesterday morning in Evin, I was filling out the visitation form when they suddenly said, ‘He has been hanged already. Go home. We will call you if we decide to hand the body over to you. Go home and relax. It’s all over now.’ But it is unlikely that they will call us to pick up the body because in Mr. [Ali] Saremi’s case, they buried the body themselves. They will probably do the same to my husband’s body.”Ten days after the execution of a prisoner in Orumiyeh, the judicial security authorities still refuse to mention his name. Everyone spoke in a cloud of doubt about Hossein Khezri’s execution. Hossein’s lawyer, Ehsan Mojtavi, in an interview with Kurdish Perspective, stated that he could not say for certain that the person whose execution the Islamic Republic media announced on January 15th was his client Hossein Khezri. In the same interview, he added, “According to the rules and regulations and the situation of this specific case file, Hossein should still be living.” However, he also added that the existing evidence and the charges on his client show that Hossein Khezri has probably been executed. Ehsan Mojtavi pointed out that the lawyer should always be informed of his client’s exact date, time, and location of execution. “This is the first time in the last decade that a death sentence has been executed in such a manner,” he said.According to the statistics announced by the judicial and governmental organizations, in a period of 36 days, from December 20, 2010 to January 24, 2011, 103 prisoners were hanged in various parts of Iran. Moreover, there are reports of extensive executions in the prison in Birjand which have not been included in the above mentioned statistics because they have not yet been confirmed by official or reliable sources. In fact, there are most likely more unconfirmed executions around Iran, especially in the prisons Karoun and Sepidar in Ahvaz.Read the full story here.

  • HT:TranslatingJihad.Fatwa: "Whoever Insults One of These Four Things, Whether in Jest or Sincerity, Has Become an Infidel and Must Be Killed".No, the four things are not the four Gospels, and the author of this fatwa is not a right-wing Evangelical minister. The four things, of course, are Allah, Muhammad, the Qur'an, and Islam, and this is yet another offering from the Religion of Peace and Tolerance (shocker!). The author of this fatwa, which comes from the Islamic Fatwa Council of Jerusalem, presided over by Shaykh Khalid Ghanayim, asserts that this is not only his opinion, but also the opinion of the Qur'an, the sunnah, and the consensus of Islamic scholars, and backs all of that up with references from each source. Stay tuned for more from me on this topic in the coming days, as I have quite a bit of material to translate in relation to this.Muhammad bin Sahnun said: "Scholars are in unanimous (agreement) that whoever insults and disparages the Prophet (peace be upon him) is an infidel. Continually upon him is the threat of the punishment of Allah. The ruling on him for the Muslim community is execution. Whoever doubts his infidelity and punishment is (himself) an infidel."Al-Khattabi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: "I don't know any Muslim who differs on the duty to kill him," Hmmmm......."The Religion of Peace"?Read the full story here.

  • Keith Ellison’s alma mater, UMinn, to launch Islamic sharia law program.MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (01/24/2011) —The University of Minnesota Law School’s Human Rights Center will launch its Islamic Law and Human Rights Program (IHRP) on Friday, Feb. 4. Opening ceremonies will be held from 3 to 4:40 p.m. in Room 25 of Mondale Hall, 229 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis.The new program will focus on current issues and debates surrounding human rights and Islamic law and will encourage and facilitate new approaches to research and real-world application. It will engage students through teaching, publications, fellowships, internships, applied research, field work, conferences and other special events on current human rights and Islamic law issue.Hmmmmm.....The new Ground Zero Imam "Apostates must be jailed"- Human Rights Charter Art 18. "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief" Case closed!NO TO SHARIA IN AMERICA !Read the full story here.

  • Google Comes Under Fire for 'Secret' Relationship with NSA.Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group largely focused in recent years on Google's privacy practices, has called on a congressional investigation into the Internet giant's "cozy" relationship with U.S. President Barack Obama's administration.In a letter sent Monday, Consumer Watchdog asked Representative Darrell Issa, the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to investigate the relationship between Google and several government agencies.The group asked Issa to investigate contracts at several U.S. agencies for Google technology and services, the "secretive" relationship between Google and the U.S. National Security Agency, and the company's use of a U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration airfield in California.Federal agencies have also taken "insufficient" action in response to revelations last year that Google Street View cars were collecting data from open Wi-Fi connections they passed, Consumer Watchdog said in the letter."We believe Google has inappropriately benefited from close ties to the administration," the letter said. "Google is most consumers' gateway to the Internet. Nonetheless, it should not get special treatment and access because of a special relationship with the administration."The paper questions a decision by NASA allowing Google executives to use its Moffett Federal Airfield near Google headquarters. Although H211, a company controlled by Google top executives, pays NASA rent, they enjoy access to the airfield that other companies or groups don't have, Simpson said.The paper also questions Google contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies, suggesting that, in some cases, Google contracts were fast-tracked. The paper also questions Google's relationship with the U.S. National Security Agency and calls for the company to be more open about what consumer information it shares with the spy agency."I understand the NSA is a super-secret spook organization," he said. "But given Google's very special situation where it possesses so much personal data about people, I think that there ought to be a little more openness about what precisely goes on between the two.Hmmmm.....Goebbels Google close up?Read the full story here.

  • HT:RawStory.Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked.WASHINGTON — The US Justice Department wants Internet service providers and cell phone companies to be required to hold on to records for longer to help with criminal prosecutions."Data retention is fundamental to the department's work in investigating and prosecuting almost every type of crime," US deputy assistant attorney general Jason Weinstein told a congressional subcommittee on Tuesday."Some records are kept for weeks or months; others are stored very briefly before being purged," Weinstein said in remarks prepared for delivery to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.He said Internet records are often "the only available evidence that allows us to investigate who committed crimes on the Internet.Kate Dean, executive director of the Internet Service Provider Association, said broad mandatory data retention requirements would be "fraught with legal, technical and practical challenges."Dean said they would require "an entire industry to retain billions of discrete electronic records due to the possibility that a tiny percentage of them might contain evidence related to a crime.""We think that it is important to weigh that potential value against the impact on the millions of innocent Internet users' privacy," she said.Hmmmm.....This is already being done in most of Europe and the UK!Read the full story here.

  • HT:DougRoss.Barack Obama's State of the Union speech in 90 seconds [Biff Spackle]. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, and Professor Piven:I'd like to welcome the new Tea-Baggers and pray for the recovery of Gabby Giffords, wounded in a tragic attack by right-wing conservatives and/or Sarah Palin.Look, it's no secret that I'm a Marxist. Look it up. Textbook definition. But I realize now, having withstood a massive repudiation in the midterm elections, that I'm going to have to pretend to be a centrist again. Let's all relive the glory days of my 2008 campaign when a snappy logo, a compliant media and an amorphous slogan -- Change! -- catapulted me to my first real job.America! Hopes! Dreams! Civility! Al Sharpton's shiny blue suit! Taco Bell's new crispy burrito with extra cheese! All of these things, plus an enormous, doddering federal bureaucracy, determine whether new jobs and industries take root in our country.Look at all the progress we've made in saving the economy from the worst crisis since the Great Plague:We passed a historic health care bill that no one read and fewer understand. Over at the EPA, we're using a leaf-blower to dispense new regulations and set industrial policy. We've issued oil drilling moratoriums. passed a financial reform bill that didn't address Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Took over the student loan business and two failed auto companies. Blew out a trillion-dollar stimulus package that kept the public sector union bosses in clover.It's steps like these that have kept unemployment well below 20 percent!Hmmmm....."Never in the field of human intellect has more bull been said"?Go and read the full "Story" here.

  • Muslims Warn Christians to Convert, Leave City or Face Death.Washington, D.C. (January 25, 2011)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Christians in the Ethiopian city of Besheno are being harassed and physically abused after Muslims posted notices on the doors of Christian homes warning them to convert, leave the city or face death.Three Christian leaders were forced to flee the city and two Christians have been forced to convert to Islam. In the Muslim majority city, the entire evangelical Christian community consists of about 30 believers. Evangelist Kassa Awano remains in critical condition after Muslims attacked him on November 29, 2010. A few days after the attack, nearly 100 Muslims surrounded a vehicle carrying Christian leaders on their way to negotiate for peace with Muslim leaders. Two men, Tesema Hirego and Niggusie Denano, were seriously wounded, and the other leaders suffered minor injuries. On January 2, Muslims assaulted Temesgen Peteros with a knife after he testified about the attacks on these Christians in court.Christians in Besheno have been targeted by Muslims for many years. On May 21, 2004, Muslims murdered the 7 year-old daughter of Evangelist Tesfaye Hobe. Muslims continuously attack Christians for listening to Christian songs and watching Christian videos.We ask for our constitutional right [to freedom of religion] to be respected. We want this inhumane act to stop. We are unable to live in our own city due to the inhumane acts,one of the Christian leaders who fled the city told ICC.Read the full story here.

  • Israel - Bill: Ban contact with firms working in Iran.At least 30 MKs on board with Economics Committee chairman's bill proposing to prohibit Israeli companies, citizens from maintaining contact with companies which trade in weapons, energy fields with Islamic Republic.Chairman of the Knesset's Economics Committee MK Carmel Shama (Likud) submitted a bill Monday banning Israeli organizations and private citizens from engaging in business contact with Iran or companies that trade with it, directly or indirectly, in the fields of weapons and energy. The bill, which will be presented to the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs early next week, has already earned the support of 30 MKs from all Knesset factions.Shama explained the basis for the bill: "Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair called his country to 'take its head out of the sand' this week and prepare for a conflict with Iran. Our own Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted last week that the world's main concern is Iran. The US and Europe prohibit any contact with companies working in Iran, but strangely Israel, which supports boosting financial pressure on the Islamic Republic, has yet to legislate such a law." Punishment: 1 year in prison.According to the bill, any Israeli citizen or company owner found to be engaging in business contact with Iranian bodies will be sentenced to one year in prison and a NIS 5 million ($1.39 million) fine or three times the expected profit from the deal.Read the full story here.

  • Poll: Christian marginalisation on the rise, say UK church-goers.The majority of church-goers in the UK feel that Christians are being increasingly marginalised in public life, a new survey has revealed.According to the poll, conducted by ComRes on behalf of Premier Christian Media, 81 per cent of church-goers think the marginalisation of Christians is happening more and more in the media and press.While 77 per cent thought it was growing in the public realm, two thirds said they believed it was increasing in the workplace.And more than half said it was on the rise in Government.Figures also revealed that more women than men on average thought that the marginalisation of Christians was increasing in British society.Peter Kerridge, Chief Executive of Premier Christian Media, said: “The majority of Christians, young and old, feel marginalisation is on the increase.”Mrs Bull said: “I do feel that Christianity is being marginalised in Britain. The same laws used against us have been used to shut down faith-based adoption agencies. “Much is said about ‘equality and diversity’ but it seems some people are more equal than others.”Last year a similar poll conducted by ComRes for Premier Christian Radio, revealed that three quarters of churchgoers believed the risk of anti-Christian persecution in the UK was greater than six years ago and 80 per cent expected it to get worse.And two thirds thought there was more negative discrimination against Christians than any other faith group in the nation.Mr Kerridge said at the time that something had to be done.“When three out of four Christians have reported an increased risk of discrimination in the UK over the last five years, the message is clear. We, as a country, need to do more to support Christians living out their faith”, he said.Hmmmmm.......side effect of "Outreach to Muslims"?Soon in your all American neighbourhood?Read the full story here.

  • HT:IslamInEurope.Oslo: Family charged for marrying off 13 year old daughter."Every year you are my beloved," the man wrote his cousin in what police thinks is a wedding album. She was just 13.Now, four years later, the girl lives in a secret location in Norway. Police fear she might be abducted and killed is anybody in her family gets to her.Police think that the cousin (24), aunt (47), uncle (51), the girl's mother (39) and her father (40) are responsible for the most serious forced-marriage case in Norway ever - and have charged all five in a trial which begins in Oslo today.Because of the constant danger to her life, two police agents will follow every movement around the girl when she testifies today."I was told to repeat what the imam said, and did not understand the significance of what happened," the girl told VG about the day she got made-up for a party, and was then married to her older cousin.The cousin is charged with sexual relations with children under 14, death threats and abuse. During the police interrogation, the girl said that her cousin held a knife to her throat the first time he raped her. He does not admit guilt."The girl fears coming to court to testify. This is about her family. It's her identity, and she has a live which is now gone. Now she must tell the court what happened, and it's her family on trial," Simon Stende, the girl's lawyer, told VG.Police think the girl will probably be in danger for the rest of her life. Today she risks standing face to face with her family members when she will testify what happened in the years since she forced to marry as a 13 year old - and until she turned to the Child Welfare services last year and was moved to a secret location.The girl's uncle, who is said to be the main man behind the forced marriage, is still on the run, and is being hunted internationally through Kripos (National Criminal Investigation police)."For them it's about honor. Everything is about that. Since it was decided that I should marry him, I couldn't say anything against it," the girl told the police.Hmmmm.....Still think Sharia and Human Rights go together?THINK AGAIN !Read the full story here.

  • US: Turkel report fine, but UN flotilla panel better.WASHINGTON – The US on Monday welcomed the release of the Turkel Commission report on the Turkish flotilla incident, but said the “primary forum” for examining the event was the international committee operating under the auspices of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said that Israel was capable of carrying out an “impartial and transparent” investigation despite Turkey’s criticism of the findings.In New York, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said investigators there had received a copy of the Israeli report."As you know, to help complete their important mandate it is essential for the (UN) panel to review material provided by both sides, Israel and Turkey," he said.The UN panel of experts investigating the flotilla incident is led by former New Zealand prime minister Geoffrey Palmer and includes both a Turkish and an Israeli representative. Israel's representative on the UN investigative panel is Joseph Ciechanover, who formerly served as bureau chief of the Foreign Ministry and as legal counsel for the Defense Ministry.Read the full story here.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Video - No Obama Birth Records In His State…Weasel Master (the man behind the scenes) makes a good point: “At this point, I’m wondering if this isn’t a well-orchestrated charade. Nothing adds up.”Hmmmmm......Transparency??Read the full story here.

  • HT:IslamInEurope.Netherlands: Schools may impose headscarf code.The Equal Treatment Commission has ruled that schools have a say in the way in which students wear headscarves.The commission was responding to the case of the Gerrit Rietveld College in the city of Utrecht, where 50 students objected to a new dress code. This only allows Muslim girls to cover their heads as long as 90 percent of the face remains visible. Headgear which covers the chin or eyebrows, for example, is regarded as hindering communication between student and teacher.The commission has backed the college and says the question of communication is of sufficient importance. It also noted that the code applies to everyone. Hairstyles which cover the eyes are also banned.Read the full story here.

  • CBO Says This Year's Budget Deficit to Hit a Record $1.5 Trillion. Washington (AP) - New budget estimates released Wednesday predict the government's deficit will hit almost $1.5 trillion this year, a new record.The daunting numbers mean that the government will have to borrow 40 cents for every dollar it spends.The new Congressional Budget Office estimates will add fuel to a raging debate over cutting spending and looming legislation that's required to allow the government to borrow more money as the national debt nears the $14.3 trillion cap set by law. Republicans controlling the House say there's no way they'll raise the limit without significant cuts in spending, starting with a government funding bill that will advance next month.The CBO analysis predicts the economy will grow by 3.1 percent this year, but that joblessness will remain above 9 percent this year. Dauntingly for President Obama, the nonpartisan agency estimates a nationwide unemployment rate of 8.2 percent on Election Day in 2012.As a share of the economy, tax revenues in 2011 are projected to reach their lowest levels since 1950. The CBO projects that tax revenues will be 14.8 percent of GDP in 2011, which would be 0.1 percentage point lower than in 2009.Read the full story here.

  • HT:TundraTabloids.Sweden - Muslim received Ahcmed the Terrorist joke video clip from social secretary – denied financial compensation.The e-mail from the social worker with a link to a movie making fun of Islam. The man who received the e-mail is a Muslim and was very upset. But Borås city would not give him damages.The e-mail from the social worker provided a link to a YouTube clip of an American stand-up comedian and ventriloquist, inter alia, making jokes about Islam. The message was sent to eight different people with nothing but a link.The man also asked for a substantial damages from the city of Borås, citing that he felt humiliated at having received such an email from his social secretary.- It’s not about money, “says the man and explains that he wants the damages to have a deterrent effect.- If you drive through a red light is not enough to apologize, you may also fine as a deterrent so that you can not do it again.But Boras city has now rejected his request for damages.- The official who sent the e-mail has acted in a very inappropriate way, there’s no doubt about it. But I can not see that the violation is so serious that there is no basis for damages, “said Rosangela Hansen, town lawyer in the city of Borås.Read the full story here.
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