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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MFS - The Other News

                    Morning Posting.

  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity situation updated: Indonesia 5.4 and 5.2   !More info here.
  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • Breaking News - Two boats with 'people' from 5 countries (Including U.S.)have set sail to Gaza.The Canadian ship Tahrir and the Irish ship Saoirse have successfully reached international waters, initiating the “Freedom Wave to Gaza.” The boats have embarked from Turkey and are on the Mediterranean Sea. In all, the 2 boats carry 27 passengers from Canada, Ireland, U.S., Palestine, and Australia.Kit Kittredge on board the Tahrir was previously a passenger on the American ship, The Audacity of Hope, which attempted passage to Gaza last July. Kittredge says, “ The only obstacles in our way are Israel’s military and the complicity of the Obama administration but in our sails is the wind of worldwide public opinion which has turned against the illegal blockade.”Ann Wright retired US army Colonel and former US Diplomat says, “We carry inspiration from the Arab Spring and the worldwide “Occupy” movements that are demanding freedom and justice. Where governments fail, civil society must act. As Americans we are fed up with our government’s unquestioning support of Israel no matter how violent, illegal and oppressive its actions. We will not stand by and watch $30 billion of our tax money committed to buying Israel weaponry used to carry out this illegal occupation of Palestine including the blockade of Gaza.”Jane Hirschmann added, “Our sailing coincides with UN agency UNESCO’s recognition of Palestine as a member state, defying US threats to cut off $80 million of US funding in retaliation. This shows the growing strength of opposition by the international community to U.S. and Israeli policies in Palestine. We call on the international community to go further and take effective action to lift the siege of Gaza. Hirschmann was one of the organizers this past summer of the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope which is still captive in Greece.Hmmm.....Lets hope the autorities in Greece or Cyprus give them a prolonged stay.Read the full story here.More here.HT: IsraelMatzav.

  • Rep. Schweikert to Obama: Stop buying your own books with taxpayer money, please.(HotAir).According to various reports last week, the State Department spent $70,000 on copies of Barack Obama’s three lauded literary masterpieces (Dreams from My Father, The Audacity of Hope and Of Thee I Sing) to stock library shelves or to pass out as Christmas presents from U.S. embassies. The administration claims the book distribution helps to “broker talks on important foreign policy matters.” That especially makes sense as a defense of Of Thee I Sing, which just happens to be a children’s book (although, to be fair, royalties on that book go to charity).Supposedly, the White House had no knowledge of the State Department decision to spend taxpayer dollars on purchases that personally benefit Obama. (As one writer put it, “You pay … Obama reaps the royalties.“) Sheesh, not a lot of communication goes on in the Obama administration, does it?But Obama can’t claim to be ignorant now — unless he, like his AG Eric Holder, doesn’t read his own correspondence. Republican Rep. Dave Schweikert of Arizona yesterday sent a letter to the president to tell him to knock it off. Wrote Schweikert: At a time of record deficits and a heightened need to cut government spending, it is clear that spending taxpayer money in this manner is inappropriate.Furthermore, as with any book deal, there is no doubt some level of royalties paid to you for each copy purchased by the government. Receiving royalties from government purchases of your book is exactly the type of out-of-touch Washington behavior that the American people are weary of and will no longer tolerate.We request that you instruct all agencies to no longer purchase copies of your books and remit a payment to the Treasury Department for any royalties received as a result of these sales.Here are a few reasons not to be too worked up about this story: (1) $70,000 is chump change in the federal budget, (2) At best, Obama probably received something like $6,000 in royalties from taxpayer-funded purchases and (3) The more people read Dreams from my Father, the more they’re exposed to the roots of Obama’s rage.Still, the reason to be worked up trumps them: As American Values president Gary Bauer put it, it’s a prime example of ethics blindness. In other words, it’s the principle of the matter. The administration has violated it — and Schweikert seeks to uphold it. Thank you, Rep. Schweikert.Read the full story here.

  • Straight from the 'Emperors voice'.(Politico).Here’s what you need to know from Tuesday’s White House briefing with press secretary Jay Carney:
•Carney deflected a question on whether the White House is angry over the bonuses given to top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “The White House does not have a role for assigning pay in this independent agency,” he said.
•Carney had no “specific agenda” to detail when asked about President Obama’s meeting today with House Democratic leaders. He mentioned jobs and ways in which the “House can be compelled” to take action.
•On executive orders and jobs, Carney said of Obama’s strategy, “I can assure you he would like nothing more than to be deprived of the opportunity to run against a do-nothing Congress.”Read the full story here.

  • Fresh Record High for U.S. Food-Stamp Use; 45.8 Million.(Bloomberg).The number of Americans receiving food stamps reached a record 45.8 million in August, the government said.The figure was 1.1 percent higher than the previous month and 8.1 percent more than a year earlier, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said today in a report on its website. Assistance rolls are increasing as joblessness remains at 9.1 percent of the workforce.Texas had the most food-stamp recipients in August, at 4.12 million, followed by California with 3.82 million, according to the USDA. Spending was a record $6.13 billion.The number of Americans receiving food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has set records every month but one since December 2008.Read the full story here.

  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Show Me The Original; Not The 3 Different Versions The White House Released.(BR).Sheriff Joe Arpaio came up with the idea to demand the original microfilm of Obama's birth certificate after he saw evidence from his Cold Case Posse in Maricopa County, Ariz., that the White House apparently released to the public three different versions of the long-form birth certificate."Show me the microfilm, not the copies the White House released," Arpaio has insisted.What the White House released on April 27 were not original documents but purportedly scans of original birth documents that remain in the Hawaii Department of Health vault.WND reported yesterday that in 1966, the Hawaii Depatment of Health provided microfilm copies to Mrs. Eleanor Nordyke of the birth certificates for her twins, born the day after Obama in the same hospital."Obama's birth certificate is either on that microfilm roll along with the Nordyke twins' birth certificate, or it's not," Arpaio said.Sources close to the sheriff's law enforcement investigation explained to WND that Arpaio had come up with a solution to end almost immediately a controversy over the Obama birth certificate that has continued since 2008."If the microfilm exists, show us the reel. That's the best evidence the document existed in 1961, not the three different versions the White House released on April 27."The White House released three versions of Obama's long-form birth certificate, each one of which appears fundamentally different from the other two.If the long-form birth certificate the White House released was merely a scan of an original document held in the Hawaii Department of Health, critics ask, then why are the three different in appearance?On the morning of April 27, the White House posted on its website a document purporting to be a scan of the original 1961 Obama birth certificate obtained from the vault records of the Hawaii Department of Health.On the morning of April 27, the White House posted on its website a document purporting to be a scan of the original 1961 Obama birth certificate obtained from the vault records of the Hawaii Department of Health.As seen in Exhibit 1, the version of the birth certificate first displayed by the White House to the American public was an electronic PDF computer file that contained a green background clearly showing the green hash-marks of Hawaii Department of Health security paper.Read the full story here.

  • Tunisians poke fun at Obama in assault on his Facebook page.(AlArabiya).Tunisians launched an all-out assault on Barack Obama’s Facebook page this week, posting thousands of comments making fun of the U.S. president and supporting the “occupy” protests across America.Among the comments, Tunisian Facebook users circulated “Arab Spring” jokes, such as: “Tunisia is the first country to recognize the American Transitional National Council,” referring the revolutionary upheaval in Libya and the global recognition of the Libyan transitional council.The Facebook users described it as a “virtual surprise attack” on Obama. Many of the recent entries on his 2012 presidential campaign page were bombarded with as many as 20,000 comments each.Tunisian people are calling the U.S. authorities to respect freedom of expression and not to resort repression and assault on the rights of American citizens,” read one comment, which was reposted by several users.Another comment read: “Tunisian people denounce violations against the American people by the security forces, which affect the freedom of expression.”The Facebook assault was in part organized through Twitter, with the hashtag #TrollingObama helping spread the world, reported social network-inspired news site The horde of comments, which came after photos of police brutality against “Occupy Wall Street” protesters were released on social media sites.“To overthrow any corrupt system in the world, please contact the Tunisian people,” one comment read.Another comment mimicked Obama’s previous statements about the embattled Arab leaders: “Fouad Mbaza (the current Tunisian president) says that Obama should start the change immediately, or leave power.” Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement, who are continuing to protest against social and economic inequality and corporate greed in the U.S., have even been offered advice from Arab Spring. “All protesters take the same risks, from Tunisia to Egypt,” Ramy Raouf, communication officer at Front to Defend Egypt Protesters, told GlobalPost. “When police react with violence, the protesters also need to understand the official laws of the region to understand what they can and cannot do. If they ever get arrested, they should always have a lawyer ready,” he advised.“Protesters should always go to the streets carrying a bag. In that bag, they should carry a can of Pepsi, a bottle of water, and a bottle of vinegar. They should also carry plastic bags and extra clothes. If the police shoot tear gas during a protest and it gets in their eyes, they can immediately smell the vinegar. Then splash the water on their face. After that, add pepsi to wash out the eyes. It will reduce the effects of the gas,” Raouf added.Read the full story here.

  • Fast and Furious: NRA calls for Holder’s resignation — and urges you to do the same.(HotAir).Attorney General Eric Holder’s part in the Fast and Furious scandal that intentionally funneled U.S. firearms to Mexican drug cartels has been narrowed down to either (a) a lethally irresponsible knowledge (and presumed authorization) of the program or (b) a lethally irresponsible ignorance of the program. Either way, the president has precious little factual support for his undimmed confidence in his AG — and politicians and outside organizations are calling him on it.The number of congressional representatives to call for Holder’s resignation, for example, has grown to 17. Newly in that group: Reps. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), Allen West (R-Fla.), Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.), Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Dennis Ross (R-Fla.).Now, add the National Rifle Association to the list of those clamoring for Holder to exit. The NRA has launched an ad campaign to urge the American people to pick up the phone, call the president and demand that he “hold Holder accountable.” The ad is a concise summation of the scandal that, somehow, has still yet to reach the eyes and ears of many in the lefty media (and, consequently, to reach the minds of those who consume mostly left-leaning media):So far, Holder has hewn to the line that his congressional testimony of May 3 (referenced in the NRA video — and suspiciously confusing) was “truthful and accurate.” But he only spoke up to defend himself on that front because one outspoken congressman, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), said any in the administration who knew of and accepted the program could potentially be an accessory to murder. Otherwise, the DOJ pattern from Holder down has been to stonewall the Congressional investigation of F&F.The AG testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, though, so we’ll see if he answers any questions convincingly then. It’s too much to hope he’ll inadvertently assume responsibility for either the program itself or his general incompetence, but no doubt that’ll be what Sen. Chuck Grassley will be gunning for.One last reminder: NRA has a stake in this because the general plan of the program suggests it might have been politically motivated to “prove” that legally purchased weapons yet cross the border and do harm. As always, I hate to believe that, but have to admit it as a plausible possibility.
Update: Another new tidbit of information about Fast and Furious, via CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson. Apparently, Lanny Breuer, head of the criminal division of the DOJ, definitely knew that the ATF had employed the gunwalking strategy during “Operation Wide Receiver,” a program started under the Bush administration. Why does that matter? Atkisson explains: Today, Breuer issued a statement saying he “regrets” that he didn’t alert others in Justice Department leadership, apparently including his boss Attorney General Eric Holder.In a separate ATF case reported by CBS News earlier this year, called “Fast and Furious” and started under the Obama Administration, Breuer says he likewise regrets not alerting leaders about the similarities in the cases. That, said Breuer, was a mistake.Republican Congressional investigators say this new information contradicts the Justice Department’s original letter to them earlier this year insisting that gunwalking allegations were “false.”Read and see (Video) the full story here.

  • Copyright bill controversy grows as rhetoric sharpens.(CNet).Controversy over a new copyright bill continues to grow in Washington, D.C., with both proponents and detractors signing up new allies and sharpening their rhetoric. Even pop icon Justin Bieber has made an appearance. The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, introduced last week in the House of Representatives to the applause of lobbyists for Hollywood and other large content holders, is designed to make allegedly copyright-infringing Web sites, sometimes called "rogue" Web sites, virtually disappear from the Internet. That goes too far and hinders freedom of speech and innovation, the Consumer Electronics Association, NetCoalition, and the Computer and Communications Industry Association trade groups said in a letter sent today (PDF) to House members. SOPA could "constrain economic growth and threaten a vital sector of the U.S. economy and a major source of global competitiveness," it warned. First up is Demand Progress. Before they even saw the House bill, they started calling it the "New Internet Blacklist Bill." Blacklist? That sounds pretty bad. But before we get carried away, let's take a look at the actual language of the actual legislation. Can YOU find a blacklist? No? Can you find a list of ANY kind? No? Oooh, oooh, wait. There's a study! The bill requires a report to Congress about "notorious foreign infringers!" Wow. So, the only thing Demand Progress can hang its hat on is a study and a report to Congress. The fact is that the ONLY way that the Stop Online Piracy Act requires action against rogue sites is through a federal court process, applying the same rules of notice and procedure as any other case. The same is true for the Senate bill, the PROTECT IP Act. The progressive activists at Demand Progress could, reasonably, be viewed as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's natural enemy on most technological topics. Its founder, Aaron Swartz, was arrested in Boston in July on charges of illegally downloading (his backers might call it "liberating") millions of copyrighted documents; by then, the Motion Picture Association of America had already claimed that Demand Progress was allied "with at least one--and who knows how many more--offshore rogue Web sites that promote the theft and illegal marketing of American products like movies, video games and software." David Moon, Demand Progress' program director, told CNET today that the Chamber's attack on his organization is a sign that an online anti-SOPA campaign is working. "The proponents are panicking," Moon said. "I think this is a clear sign that we're giving lawmakers some nervousness and hesitation about putting their names on this bill." He added: "I think a lot of the legislators were under the impression that this was not going to be a controversial bill and that it would slide under the radar...As we built a case, I think they've started to get more nervous about it." Tepp, the chamber lawyer, did not respond to a request for comment from CNET. Neither did the chamber's public relations office. And then, of course, there's Justin Bieber. Bieber was making the rounds of radio shows last week to promote his forthcoming Christmas record, He tweeted that he was up at "5:30 this morning to do radio phoners and now off to do interviews"--when a host on a Washington, D.C.-area radio station asked him about proposed restrictions on streaming unlicensed content. Some of the finer points were lost in the interview, including what bill was being talked about, and what it would actually criminalize. But Bieber did say, referring to Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who sponsored the Senate version: "Whomever she is she needs to know that I'm saying she needs to be locked up, put away in cuffs...I just think that's ridiculous." That will surely please the fans who launched the thoughtfully-illustrated Web site, which warns that "Justin faces 5 brutal years in prison" thanks to proposed copyright law changes.Read and see the full story here.

  • U.S. Army Makes Soldiers “Culturally Literate” About Islam, appears to justify Islamic jihad.(JW).In this new era of political correctness, the U.S. Army has published a special handbook for soldiers that appears to justify Islamic jihad by describing it as the “communal military defense of Islam and Muslims when they are threatened or under attack.”Because radical Muslim groups consider Islam to be perpetually under moral, spiritual, economic, political and military attack by the “secular west” they consider military jihad a “constant necessity” and use it as a “rallying cry to resist and attack all this is un-Islamic,” according to the new Army manual.The handbook was created to help soldiers become “culturally literate” ambassadors with sensitivity and understanding of Islamic civilization. The goal is to help them understand how vital culture is in accomplishing military missions. Military personnel who have a distorted picture of a host culture make enemies for the United States. At least that’s what the publication (“Culture Cards: Afghanistan & Islamic Culture”) says. An organization of scientists dedicated to national and international security issues discovered the new Army tool and published it on its website a few days ago.  The manual has nearly three dozen informative chapters dedicated to subjects such as Muslim taboos, the five pillars if Islam, Jihad, the Quran and Muslim festivals. There are also sections on ethnocentrism, cultural relativism and social norms and mores. The lengthy introduction defines cultural competency—awareness and sensitivity of another group—and social norms and mores in Arab countries.The portion on jihad is especially interesting because it’s described as a wide-ranging term that includes the everyday spiritual and moral struggle to live a life submitted to God, the attempt to spread Islam by education and example, and the communal military defense of Islam and Muslims when they are threatened or under attack. Today radical Muslim groups consider Islam to be perpetually under attack by the "secular West" – morally, spiritually, economically, politically and militarily, the Army handbook says. They thus consider military jihad as a constant necessity, and use jihad as a rallying cry to resist and attack all that is un-Islamic.At the end of each section there is a question that’s supposed to stimulate “critical thinking.” At the end of the jihad section the question is: “How can the concept of jihad add legitimacy to the claims and aims of Al Qaeda and others? It would certainly be interesting to see how most enlisted men and women, or American civilians for that matter, would answer that particular question.The new Army manual concludes by revealing all the things that make soldiers “culturally literate.” Among them are appreciating and accepting diverse beliefs, appearances and lifestyles, understanding the dangers of stereotyping and ethnocentrism and understanding Islamic and jihadist cultures.Hmmmm........Hmmm......“I will stand with the 'Muslim BrotherHood' should the political winds shift in an ugly direction?”Read the full story here.

  • Canada follows U.S. cuts funding for UNESCO.(Yahoo).Toronto (AP) — Canada is joining the U.S. in cutting off funding for the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO because it approved a Palestinian bid for full membership.Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Tuesday the decision is not in the best interests of peace in the Middle East, so Canada is freezing all future voluntary contributions to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.Canada contributes about $10 million a year to the agency.The United States has also announced it will pull its $60 million in funding from UNESCO, which depends heavily on American funding.The UNESCO vote represented a fallback plan for the Palestinian leadership after its bid for U.N. recognition as a state and full membership in the global body foundered in September.Hmmm.........Canada "YOU ROCK!"Read the full story here.

  • Canada - Comment on What Do Muslim Canadians Want? The Clash of Interpretations and Opinion Research.(DanielPipes).By Christian Leuprecht and Conrad Winn - Macdonald-Laurier Institute.In their study for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, "What Do Muslim Canadians Want? The Clash of Interpretations and Opinion Research," Christian Leuprecht and Conrad Winn open with a discussion of ways to understand Muslim attitudes in Canada, then go on to discuss specific data. I shall follow their organization and discuss these two topics separately, followed by a conclusion.Before looking at specific survey results, it bears noting, along with Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, that "Canadian Islam is more moderate, more diverse and more open to debate than American or even British Islam." Why so? Primarily because of the nature of Muslim immigration, which prominently included Qadiri and similar Sufi traditionalists, heterodox Muslims from sub-Saharan Africa, and secularists from Tunisia and Algeria. Schwartz concludes on a positive note that "We should be glad that Canada is different, and offers a place where Muslim sanity is prized, rather than dismissed."Survey results: The survey results confirm this Canadian difference, being more positive in attitude toward the host country than one finds in other Western Muslim populations. Very high approval scores accorded to the Government of Canada, comparable to those of the general population, offers a basis for what follows, as does the fact that Canadian Muslims generally dismiss the notion of Canada as a racist country.Questions about specific likes and dislikes reveal greater appreciation for generalities (democracy and freedom) than for one's own circumstances (finding employment). I found it especially encouraging that Canadian Muslims understand democracy as not just a system for choosing leaders but as a mentality and a way of life permitting an individual the autonomy to think and act in freedom, to develop his own opinions, and to opt out of politics entirely.Finding a job stands out as a key issue in the Macdonald-Laurier Institute survey. To sense the worry, imagine applying for a job with the name Muhammad or Fatima; non-Muslim employers are wary of taking on Muslim staff for reasons ranging from terrorism to demands for special privileges to fears of litigation. In part, non-Muslims need to deal with their own prejudices; but in part, Muslims must acknowledge the problems they have created and address them seriously and constructively.The question about implementation of the Shari'a stands for its important implications. A substantial majority of 62 percent wish the Shari'a to be in some fashion implemented; when one factors out the don't know/refuse category, that number jumps to 75 percent. This points to what may be the most intractable problem about Canadian Muslims: their desire to march to a different drummer. That 15 percent of Muslim wish to "require Muslims to be ruled by Sharia courts" is particularly alarming; it also confirms my estimate that Islamists make up some 10-15 percent of Muslim populations.The 3 percent support of Al-Qaeda points to the hard-core Islamist element in Canada – not very large, but 3 percent of a Muslim population of some 700,000 comes to about 20,000 individuals with very dangerous sympathies and ideas. This information should alarm and rouse the immigration and security services alike.The 13 percent approval of Israel in this study differs from a noteworthy estimate forwarded by Conrad Winn in 2004, when he suggested that a fifth of the Muslim population of Canada thinks "Israel is right on just about everything," but the figures do not differ by much and the new one can be seen as an order-of-magnitude confirmation of the old one. So too, the observation in the present study that "pro-Israel feelings were sometimes voiced as a reaction against anti-Israel vehemence" echoes Winn's observation seven years earlier that "Quite often [a pro-Israel outlook] is a reaction against what they would view as extremist leaders in their own communities or in their country of origin."When it comes to extremist views, Leuprecht and Winn acknowledge their surprise: "we expected religious participants in the focus groups to be more radical in their views. In contradistinction, the most radical political views tended to be expressed by relatively secular people, often equipped with higher education in the social sciences, while devout Muslims were sometimes the most articulate advocates for Canada and democracy." This pattern establishes that Islamic piety is not in itself a problem; and that political outlook is the key to attitudes. Seculars can be extreme and the pious moderate.
Conclusion: Leuprecht and Winn find that while the attitudes they uncovered fit none of the three paradigms perfectly, they conclude that the polling data "suggest that Canadian Muslims fit best the paradigm of a divided community with heterogeneous opinions as expressed by Daniel Pipes."On the one hand, I am gratified by this conclusion. On the other, I wonder how else one might characterize a community made up of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Surely no one expects them to be of one mind, implying that Islam turns believers into automatons who lose their ability to think for themselves but are instead dominated by a leadership that programs them. No human population fits this description.And if this notion of a quiescent people were once convincing, surely the Middle East uproar during 2011 suggests that even peoples who obey for decades retain a fire within them that unpredictably can bring down their rulers. Libyans, whom many assumed accepted the ravings of Mu'ammar al-Qaddafi, turned out, for example, to have been thinking for themselves.The Leuprecht-Winn study reveals a number of problematic attitudes, from desire for Shari'a to support for Al-Qaeda, but it also establishes that Canada has the most moderate, diverse, and open Muslim population in the West. Not only is this an advantage to build on but it suggests a potential role for moderate Canadian Muslims to take their message and perhaps their institutions to other Western countries.Read the full story here.

  • Greek military leadership changes spark opposition outcry.(TheTelegraph).As Greek poltics grew ever more chaotic strong political protests erupted as the government moved to replace military chiefs with officers seen as more supportive of George Papandreou, the prime minister.In a surprise development, Panos Beglitis, Defence Minister, a close confidante of Mr Papandreou, summoned the chiefs of the army, navy and air-force and announced that they were being replaced by other senior officers.Neither the minister nor any government spokesman offered an explanation for the sudden, sweeping changes, which were scheduled to be considered on November 7 as part of a regular annual review of military leadership retirements and promotions. Usually the annual changes do not affect the entire leadership.“Under no circumstances will these changes be accepted, at a time when the government is collapsing and has not even secured a vote of confidence,” said an official announcement by the opposition conservative New Democracy party.“It has no moral or real authority any more, and such surprise moves can only worsen the crisis currently sweeping the country”.The party said it will not accept the new nominations and will take its own decisions on armed forces changes if it comes to power at the general elections that are expected to take place in Greece if the government loses the vote of confidence on Friday night.The left wing SYRIZA party said that the government’s decision “gives the impression that it wants to create a highly politicized armed forces that it can control at a time of political crisis”. It called on the President of the Republic not to proceed with the formal ratification of the defence minister’s decree and to wait until new general elections take place.Similar statements were made by all smaller political parties from the extreme right to the hard-line communists.The development gave the impression that a Turkish-style military conspiracy was suspected by the government, but no such rumours or allegations had circulated in the country. Greece has been free of political interventions by the military since the overthrow of the military junta that ruled the country in the 1967-74 period.Hmmmm.......Read the full story here.More here (Greek source).

  • U.S. Professor Who Shouted “Death To Israel” Quotes The Koran As Justification.(INN).— An American professor who shouted “death to Israel” during an Israeli Bedouin speaker’s lecture, defended his statement by saying it was for Allah.Associate history professor Julio Pino of Kent University in Ohio made the remark after asking a question of Ishmael Khaldi, who was speaking of his experiences working on behalf of Israel as told in his book “A Shepherd’s Journey”. Khaldi, former deputy consul general at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco and now a deputy minister, describes the book as “one man’s story of Israel’s culture, society and politics from the perspective of a Bedouin minority in a Jewish state.”Pino stalked out of the lecture hall after he shouted at the guest speaker.He wrote in a-mail to, “What I spoke was for the sake of the children of Palestine, and no other reason. The only politics I have are ‘There is no God but God, and Mohammed is His Messenger.’ ”He rounded out his logic by quoting the Koran, “They try to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will allow nothing but the perfection of that light, though the disbelievers dislike it.”University president Lester Lefton denounced the “death to Israel’ statement, but no disciplinary action has been announced against Pino, who has a long history of anti-Israel rants.Read the full story here.

  • UN Report Offers Smoking Gun Proof of NATO and US Lies about Libya.(NSNBC).By Dennis South. Here is a type of “smoking gun” proof that NATO and the U.S. has been operating through a smokescreen of lies, as well as intimidation. Please read the following January 4, 2011 report of the 16th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council, Universal Periodic Review: Report of the Working Group on the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya [Document A/HRC/WG.6/9/L.13] . Before NATO and the U.S. started bombing Libya, the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights. That’s right–the same man, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, that NATO and the United States have been telling us for months is a “brutal dictator,” was set to be given an award for his human rights record in Libya. How strange it is that the United Nations was set to bestow a human rights award on a “brutal dictator,” at the end of March.So, I ask a question. Who is this “brutal dictator” that the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council was preparing to bestow an award to, for human rights, sometime at the end of March? So, they would have us believe that they knew that he was a “brutal dictator,” yet decided to give him an award for human rights?! Astounding! Astounding the lies that we’re being told by the media, NATO and the U.S. government. Absolutely astounding! Not surprising, but astounding! But more astounding still, is the fact that, time after time after time, much of the American public–without questioning–believes every single word that comes from the “news” media.It is noteworthy to read the following couple of sentences from the General Assembly’s report:
“Several delegations also noted with appreciation the country’s commitment to upholding human rights on the ground. Additional statements, which could not be delivered during the interactive dialogue, owing to time constraints, will be posted on the extranet of the universal periodic review when available.”
In a footnote of that report, there is a list of countries that praised Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya (state of the masses), in support of the General Assembly Human Rights Council’s decision to bestow this award upon Colonel Gaddafi.I simply present the list. The reader can look at the list and make his or her own judgement regarding the credibility level, or perceived credibility level, of any of the particular countries listed:
Denmark, China, Italy, The Netherlands, Mauritania, Slovenia, Nicaragua, The Russian Federation, Spain, Indonesia, Sweden, Norway, Ecuador, Hungary, South Africa, The Phillippines, Maldives, Chile, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Burundi, Zambia, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Zimbabwe.If you have been paying any attention to the news, you will note that a few of the above-listed countries suddenly made an about-face, and decided to start supporting NATO and the U.S. in their war of aggression. Why? Why else!? Money. That’s always the bottom line, and there’s no doubt that it will all be exposed, at some time in the future, just as was exposed the lies that the U.S. government told its citizens, and the world, about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. And those same countries were just about to bestow an award on Colonel Gaddafi, for human rights, after having carefully studied Libyan society. So, what’s this about the “brutal dictator?” It’s what my big brother would call it: CHEWED UP GRASS [Bullshit!! For the delicate amongst you, pardon my colorful language].Read the full story here.

  • Al-Qaeda flag flies high on top of Benghazi courthouse - Video.(YNet).The black flag of al-Qaeda has been put on top of a courthouse in the Libyan city of Benghazi, further raising concerns that the country could turn into a Muslim extremist entity. "There is no God but Allah" was written in Arabic on the flag raised above the streets of Benghazi, considered the heart of the Libyan revolutionaries who toppled Muammar Gaddafi's regime.According to the Daily Telegraph, citing the news site, the flag was flying alongside the Libyan national flag but the National Transitional Council denied it was involved.If that were not enough, reported that Islamists were seen driving the streets of Benghazi while waving al-Qaeda flags and shouting, "Islamiya, Islamiya! No East, nor West".Despite the voices of radical Islam coming out of Libya, the appointment late Monday of a US-educated engineering professor with little political experience as Libya's new prime minister suggests that the country's interim rulers may be trying to find a government leader palatable both to the West and to Libyans who distrust anyone connected to the former regime.Abdurrahim el-Keib was chosen late Monday by Libya's National Transitional Council, with 26 of 51 votes. He is to appoint within two weeks a new interim government that will pave the way for the drafting of a constitution, as well as general elections.He replaces outgoing interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril, who had pledged to step down after victory over Gaddafi's regime.Hmmmm.......Al-Qaida thanks  Barack 'Hussein' Obama for his cooperation?Read the full story here.

  • Unknown hackers access Paltel Palestinian internet provider, disable services.(YNet).Hackers disrupted Palestinian Internet services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the Palestinian telecoms minister said, alleging that a foreign government was behind the interference."All Palestinian IP addresses have been exposed to a focused, organized attack from abroad," Mashour Abu Daqqa told Reuters. "I think this is organized by a state. This is my prediction," he said.Abu Daqqa said technicians from telecoms firm Paltel, an Internet services provider, were working to resolve the problem which also prevented users from viewing foreign websites. They had identified fake servers behind the disruption, he added. "It's between slow and stopped altogether," said Ghassan Khatib, spokesman for the Palestinian Administration in Ramallah. In separate remarks to the Palestinian news agency WAFA, Abu Daqqa said the attack was linked to the Palestinians' admission to the United Nations' cultural agency UNESCO on Monday - a diplomatic success for the Palestinians and a move opposed by Israel.Hmmmm......"Such is the art of warfare".Read the full story here.

  • Is a strike on Iran imminent? (IsraelMatzav).Recently, there have been statements here in Israel that give the impression that a strike against Iran may be imminent.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak appeared to have made a veiled reference to the issue again on Tuesday, when he told the Knesset that Israel may have to protect its vital interests alone, while other reports focused on comments by Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who stated this week that difficult decisions were “keeping him up at nights,” without elaborating further.Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke about Iran in his address to the opening session of the Knesset on Monday, the first time in quite a while that Iran has been given such prominence. Herb Keinon reports that Israel has the capabilities to carry out a strike. Israel is believed to have a fully prepared plan to launch such a strike, which would likely involve at least several hundred aircraft.Multiple aerial routes are theoretically available for Israeli aircraft to reach targets in Iran. In all those paths though, the jets would likely have to either neutralize or evade radar systems of other countries along the route, as well as face the potential fallout that could follow an intrusion of foreign airspace.Israel also possesses the advanced midair refueling capabilities required for carrying out sorties over multiple Iranian targets situated between 1,500 and 2,000 km. away from home. Possible targets could include uranium- enrichment sites at Natanz and Qom, the uranium- conversion plant at Isfahan, and a heavy water reactor in Arak suspected of being used to pursue a plutonium-based nuclear arms program, as well as additional facilities.But that's only part of the story...............Read the full story here.

  • Netanyahu trying to persuade cabinet to support attack on Iran.(Haaretz).Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are trying to muster a majority in the cabinet in favor of military action against Iran, a senior Israeli official has said. According to the official, there is a "small advantage" in the cabinet for the opponents of such an attack. Netanyahu and Barak recently persuaded Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who previously objected to attacking Iran, to support such a move. Senior ministers and diplomats said the International Atomic Energy Agency's report, due to be released on November 8, will have a decisive effect on the decisions Israel makes.The commotion regarding Iran was sparked by journalist Nahum Barnea's column in Yedioth Ahronoth last Friday. Barnea's concerned tone and his editors' decision to run the column under the main headline ("Atomic Pressure" ) repositioned the debate on Iran from closed rooms to the media's front pages.Reporters could suddenly ask the prime minister and defense minister whether they intend to attack Iran in the near future and the political scene went haywire.Western intelligence officials agree that Iran is forging ahead with its nuclear program. Intelligence services now say it will take Iran two or three years to get the bomb once it decides to (it hasn't made the decision yet ).According to Western experts' analyses, an attack on Iran in winter is almost impossible, because the thick clouds would obstruct the Israel Air Force's performance.Read the full story here.

  • Related - Minister Begin: Public debate on strike in Iran 'madness'.(YNet).Minister Benny Begin (Likud) said Wednesday that the public debate on a possible Israeli strike on Iran was "madness."Begin, who is a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's special eight-minister security forum said that the debate was "utterly irresponsible" and that it "severely impeded the government's ability to make decisions" on the matter."I fear this kind of irresponsibility, which could lead to similar (behavior) regarding any other government debate. I fear this orchestrated journey by civil servants and the media," he told Army Radio.Begin hinted to former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan's comments on a possible strike in Iran, saying that they constituted "a dangerous breach of trust, verging on megalomania. It's just despicable."Civil servants, he added, "Are obligated to protect state secret they were privy to regardless of time. These kind of acts are very severe."Read the full story here.

  • IDF successfully tests ballistic missile.(YNet). The IDF successfully test fired a ballistic missile on Wednesday. The Defense Ministry confirmed that "a prescheduled test of a rocket propulsion system was conducted out of the Palmachim Airbase." The statement offered no further details.Previous similar missile tests included Hetz ("Arrow") missile tests. The Hetz aims to intercept mid-to-long range missiles, like the kind used by Hezbollah. The Defense Ministry did not confirm whether Wednesday's test fire involved a Hetz system.Foreign media reports suggested that Israel might have tested its surface-to-surface Jericho missiles. The report was neither confirmed nor denied by the Defense Ministry. The white tail of smoke left across the sky by the rocket was seen across large parts of central Israel, sparking mass public interest.Concerned citizens who contacted Ynet ventured that the missile might have been evidence of the Iron Dome system scrambling to intercept a Gaza-fired rocket, and some even speculated that it had something to do with the recent reports suggesting the government was mulling a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.Meanwhile, Iran's Chief of Staff Major-General Hassan Fairouz Abadi commented Wednesday on reported Israeli threats to strike against Iran and warned that Tehran would "punish Israel surprisingly" for any kind of "mistake." According to the Abadi, "Even though the likelihood for such an attack is low, we see the threat as a serious threat and are on full alert."He added that "America knows that a Zionist military strike in Iran would cause it major damages in addition to the damages caused to this regime."Hmmmm......"May you live in interesting times.Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in history." ~ John F. Kennedy.Read the full story here.

  • Egypt's Islamic Camp, Once Suppressed by Regime, Now Taking Part in Shaping New Egypt – Part III: Charter to Regulate Activity of Islamic Organizations, Movements in Egypt.(Memri).Following an increase in the involvement of Islamic and Salafi figures and organizations in the political and media arenas in Egypt since the January revolution, 36 prominent clerics from various Islamic streams have recently drafted a "Charter of Honor for Da'wa and National Activity." The charter sets out guidelines for the cautious and limited participation of Islamic organizations in Egyptian politics and public discourse in post-Mubarak Egypt, with the aim of maximizing Islamic achievements in the upcoming parliamentary elections. It aims to identify common ground among all the Sunni Islamists, so as to enable them to conduct a joint elections campaign or at least to avoid sabotaging each other's chances; promoting the cause of establishing an Islamic shari'a state, while acknowledging that this aim can be achieved only gradually; and making whatever Islamic achievements are currently possible and laying the groundwork for further achievements in the future, while avoiding disagreements.The charter contains contradictions that are characteristic of Islamic discourse seeking to reconcile shari'a law with the rules of play of modern democratic politics. It reflects the dilemmas that the Islamists have been facing since the revolution gave them access to the political arena as legitimate players. For example, the charter advocates the existence of multiple Islamic organizations, but only if they are all Sunni and if they agree on core issues. It advocates pluralism of opinion, but at the same time calls to provide "guidance" to advocates of opinions that "deviate from the truth." It calls for tolerance towards non-Muslims, but only within the boundaries set out by the shari'a, which treats the Christians and Jews as dhimmi. It calls on Islamic streams to reassess their perception of jihad and set out guidelines for waging jihad in the modern world. The charter's signatories include: Former minister of religious endowments Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi Abu Al-Nour; Al-Azhar dean of Islamic da'wa Dr. Tal'at 'Afifi; the former vice-president of the American Open University and current secretary-general of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America, Salafi sheikh Dr. Salah Al-Sawy; the spokesman of the Salafi Da'wa group in Alexandria Sheikh 'Abd Al-Mun'im Al-Shahat; one of the most prominent Salafi sheikhs in Alexandria, Dr. Sa'id 'Abd Al-'Azim; Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya spokesman Sheikh Osama Hafez; Gamal Sultan, one of the most prominent writers for the Egyptian daily Al-Misriyyoun; and others.
Implementing Shari'a Law:
"This charter is an attempt to organize the house of da'wa from within and to set out a series of agreed-upon principles and guidelines, in order to prevent conflict [between Islamic groups]..., eliminate disputes among the groups active in the Islamic [arena], and prepare the ground for a deeper discussion aimed at establishing a [broader] public consensus, Allah willing. Da'wa has entered a completely new phase compared to previous years, when it was subject to coercion and tyranny... The Wasatiyya Research Association, along with a large group of the finest clerics, preachers, and experts, debated the contents of this charter, and determined that it would deal specifically with Egyptian society, with an understanding that many of its clauses can be implemented in other societies as well..."We must revive the concept of voluntary appeal to shari'a courts by individuals, bodies, and institutions, in accordance with shari'a. At the same time, an effort must be made to officially implement shari'a law at the state level. Judgment by shari'a is not the obligation of the political leadership alone, but of the entire nation. The da'wa leaders must prepare the mechanisms that will assist in realizing this...""We must raise the bar of aspiration, and expect to implement the religion as Allah sent it down and to amend all actions that counter the dictates of religion and morality. This does not contradict [the principle of] accepting the possible and [focusing on] what can be achieved in [each] stage, in accordance with the situation..., and preparing the ground for what can be achieved in the future – out of [awareness] that insistence on [goals] that cannot be achieved in the present circumstances will lead to the loss of what can be [achieved] in [both] the present and the future... In implementing the instructions of shari'a, we must accept gradual [progress] in proper stages, when this is required..." The charter also calls to strive for the broadest common denominator among Sunnis at this stage: "It is a duty to preserve [the unity] of the group and the coalition and to avoid schism and disagreement. Any Sunni that can be incorporated [into the Islamic camp], and who shares our general [principles] of integrity and piety, must not be opposed... We must avoid entering into artificial conflicts on questions of religious rulings and problems of secondary [importance], which drain the strength of the clerics, cause the masses to stray from the straight path turn their back on da'wa and the preachers..."In addition, the charter says: "We must avoid airing the jurisprudential disagreements among preachers in the public arena... and resolve them internally, using Islamic mechanisms and means. We must restrain the da'wa discourse; avoid various forms of suppressing freedom of opinion; revive the religious law [that permits] pluralism of opinion; spread a culture of tolerance towards those with different opinions or ideas, accepting their opinions that correlate with the truth, and guiding them on those that contradict the truth; inculcate a spirit of moderacy and kind words in da'wa for the sake of Allah; alternate methods of intimidation with methods of seduction, with a stronger emphasis on seduction; promote activities whose goals are shared by the variety of [forces] active in the Islamic arena, under a broad Sunni umbrella... "We must cooperate with the official religious establishment, showing it respect and treat it as [required by] its status. We must exchange opinions with it, consult with it, and advise it, if needed, so that the official and popular activities complement each other in reviving the religion and benefiting the Muslim community... "The charter also forbids preachers from accusing people of heresy, and upholds a Muslim's right to freedom of expression, so long as it doesn't contradict the shari'a commandments whose validity is absolute: "If someone recognizes the oneness [of Allah] and the mission [of Muhammad], and later becomes infected... with heresy as a result of ignorance or misinterpretation, this does not negate his recognition [of God and the Prophet]... He shall be judged only by a shari'a court. Preachers should steer clear of these narrow corners, so as to avoid disputes and fitna. The freedom to think and express one's opinion in speech, writing, etc. are legitimate rights, as long as they do not harm the shari'a texts that are absolute, and do not [contravene] the fundamental principles on which there is a consensus. No one in the field of da'wa must ever deny this [right] to anyone..."The charter permits establishing and joining various Islamic organizations, as long as they agree on the basics: "Modern Muslim organizations are the building blocks of the Muslim community, and constitute tangible milestones on the road to reviving it in its comprehensive form, so long as they follow the straight Sunni path, and are free of partisan or sectarian extremism. There is nothing wrong with a multitude of such organizations, each one specializing [in its field, as long as] they are at harmony [with each other], agree on the fundamentals of the faith, consult with one another on religious questions that require ijtihad [i.e., independent reasoning], and adopt a unified stance on important issues and questions."Thus, this proliferation [will create] a range of organizations, each specializing in its own field, as opposed to a multitude of competing organizations at odds with each other. Establishing organizations and professional unions and joining them is a legitimate right; it is forbidden only if involves violating unequivocal shari'a [laws], deviating from principles over which there is a consensus, or bringing misfortune and corruption upon Islam and Muslims – as in the case of clandestine or armed activities..."The charter also permits establishing and joining Islamic political parties, with several restrictions: "Promoting religion by means of political activity, through political parties and parliamentary seats, is a modern means of influencing reality in order to partially or completely improve it. This activity lies in the balance between usefulness and corruption. Fatwas on this matter change with the time, the place, and the circumstances. As in the case of other activities, there is no escaping legitimizing [political] activity, while committing to follow [certain] rules and avoiding damage, so that this activity adheres to the straight path."[The political activity of clerics] is permitted so long as it does not exhaust [the cleric's] energy, does not cause him to abuse others, and does not replace [his] da'wa, teaching, and educational activities. In multicultural societies, [any] public political move by clerics must be an Islamic move, not a partisan one. It is unbefitting of clerics to engage [in such a move] when they are divided and scattered... If a joint move is not possible, then their public move should, at the very least, be based on agreement and consultation between all [the forces] through dialogue and coordination..."On the status of religious minorities, the charter says: "Purity of heart and justice are at the base of relations with non-Muslims who seek peace with Muslims on the local and global levels. Differences of religion are not a reason to oppress or abuse anyone... since acknowledging the existence of [other] religions does not mean acknowledging their validity..."Citizenship is a bond of common life and coexistence between sons of a single homeland, no matter how different they are in terms of religious [school] and faith. They have mutual rights and obligations, and are forbidden from [harming] each other's lives, money, and honor, except in accordance with Islamic shari'a and final legal rulings..."The document concludes with the clarification that "inter-religious rapprochement" means "an attempt to establish a secure coexistence between members of different faiths... and find a formula to realize the vital common interests of all people...", but does not mean "merging religions, mixing groups, or striving to find a common theological framework that would distort the unique characteristics of the tenets of each faith or group..."Hmmmm............Sharia Above All and Everything.Read the full story here.

  • Up to 5,000 Bosnian Muslims involved with Islamic terror, expert.(Serbianna).Of 100,000 devout Bosnian Muslims, 3,000 to 5,000 are implicated in terrorism, says Dzevad Galijasevic, member of the Expert Team against terrorism and organized crime for the Southeastern Europe.Referred by Galijasevic as “Wahabbi” sects, these terror cells, for those interested in geography, are located in villages Osvam and Bocinja near Maglaj, then in Zeljezno Polje, Serici, Babina Reka, Tetovo near Zenica, Lepenica, Miljanovci near Tesanj, Mehurici by Travnik, Rujnica near Zavidovici, Blagaja near Mostar, Buzima, Sanski Most, Sarajevo, Jablanica and Konjic.Bosnian anti-terror SIPA units have entered one of these extremist villages yesterday. SIPA has raided Ovse and are questioning local Bosnian Muslim leader Izet Hadzic.Galijasevic expressed concern that Western media wants to portray these Islamic terror cells as “foreigners” either as Middle Easterner or as in the case of the recent attacker on the US Embassy as “Serbian citizen”.“That is minimization and undermining of this terror act,” Galijasevic said about this latest incident.Prime Minister of the Serb Republic Milorad Dodik also noted Western efforts to use the media in order to portray the Muslim attacker on the US Embassy as a Serb.“The attacker is portrayed as a Serb, and not a Muslim, or Bosniak or a Wahabbi. Most world media have shown it like this because to most they like the idea that ‘Serbs are the bad guys’,” said Dodik.Dodik also said that Bosnia’s chief Imam, Mustafa Ceric is very much respected by these extremists and that Imam Ceric has direct contacts with them. Dodik says that Imam Ceric along with the son of the former Bosnian Muslim leader Izetbegovic, have direct contacts with the Iranian intelligence service which has its cells in Bosnia.“With that, he [Izetbegovic] creates an atmosphere in which radical Islamist circles can develop in Bosnia. His positions and the ideology of political Islam, but also the positions of the Imam Ceric warm up the entire situation in which Bosnia is the center of Wahhabism that is responsible for the attack on the Embassy in Sarajevo,” says Dodik.Galijasevic is already on the record saying that Imam Ceric is the responsible party for the development of the radical Islam in Bosnia.Galijasevic says that the most important center of extremism in Bosnia is King Fahd mosque in Sarajevo, built by the Saudis, and ran by Imam Ceric’s ally, extremist Nezim Halilovic Muderis.Another significant extremist center is in Travnik madrassa which is led by an ethnic Albanian Imam Safet Durguti.Several years ago, Durguti was on tour through the US visiting Balkan expatriates and offering his inspirational lectures to the believers.Zenica is another center of extremism, says Galijasevic noting that an organization EnSharia is lead by a Middle Eastern extremist Ayman Awad.Inside the Serb Republic, village of Kamenica is an extremist center and one of the Bosnian Muslim terrorists from that village, Rasim Chamo, lives in the United States, and may have links with the Congress of North American Bosniaks that have recently sent a protest letter to the Colombia University over Dodik’s lecture there.Congress of North American Bosniaks is led by Emir Ramic, a Bosnian Muslim with close ties to Ljevakovic family of Bosnian Muslims whose 5 brothers have ties with the Third World Relief Agency deemed a terror funding organization as well as Iranian intelligence (more on this topic here).Read the full story here.

  • France - New Prophet cartoons by French magazine set to anger Muslim world.(BikyaMasr).French weekly Satirical magazine ”Charlie Hebdo” is set to stir conterversy and rage from Muslims after it announced that its Wednesday issue will be edited by the Prophet of Islam. A picture of Prophet Mohamed will also appear on the back cover of the magazine with a red nose above the caption “Yes, Islam is compatible with humor.”The magazine said the issue is “honoring” the Arab spring and the celebrating the Islamic victory in the Tunsiain elections recently. The issue will also be full of satiric articles mocking Arab revolutionists. The main slogan of the issue is “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter.”“In order, fittingly to celebrate the Islamist Ennahda’s win in Tunisia and the NTC [National Transitional Council] president’s promise that Sharia would be the main source of law in Libya, Charlie Hebdo asked Mohamed to be guest editor,” said a statement from the magazine.The magazine, which changed its title for the issue to “Sharia Hebdo,” will feature an editorial “by the Prophet” about Halal drinks and a section for women called “Sharia madame.”The same publication was taken to a Paris court in 2007 by Islamic organizations, who charged it with insulting Islam and publishing offensive pictures of the Prophet.The Paris court threw out a lawsuit brought by two Muslim organizations against Charlie Hebdo for reprinting cartoons of Prophet Mohamed that had appeared in a Danish newspaper, sparking angry protests by Muslims worldwide.Read and see the full story here.

  • UPDATED - French magazine firebombed after publishing anti-Islam Prophet Mohamed issue.(BikyaMasr).French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was firebombed early Wednesday morning after it it published its weekly issue that portrayed the Prophet Mohamed as a “guest editor” and also had a cartoon inflammatory to Islam on the back cover.According to the magazine’s publisher Charb, police reported a fire around 5 AM after a Molotov cocktail was thrown threw one of the windows of the office.The magazine’s special edition was on its way to the newsstands when the attack occurred.“We can’t put out the magazine under these conditions,” he said. “The stocks are burned, smoke is everywhere, the paste-up board is unusable, everything is melted, there’s no more electricity.”The magazine’s Web site was hacked earlier, but appeared to have been restored by early Wednesday.The magazine said the issue is “honoring” the Arab spring and the celebrating the Islamic victory in the Tunsiain elections recently. The issue will also be full of satiric articles mocking Arab revolutionists. The main slogan of the issue is “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter.”“In order, fittingly to celebrate the Islamist Ennahda’s win in Tunisia and the NTC [National Transitional Council] president’s promise that Sharia would be the main source of law in Libya, Charlie Hebdo asked Mohamed to be guest editor,” said a statement from the magazine.The magazine, which changed its title for the issue to “Sharia Hebdo,” will feature an editorial “by the Prophet” about Halal drinks and a section for women called “Sharia madame.”The same publication was taken to a Paris court in 2007 by Islamic organizations, who charged it with insulting Islam and publishing offensive pictures of the Prophet.The Paris court threw out a lawsuit brought by two Muslim organizations against Charlie Hebdo for reprinting cartoons of Prophet Mohamed that had appeared in a Danish newspaper, sparking angry protests by Muslims worldwide.Read the full story here.More here.

  • Egypt former Muslim brotherhood candidate Abu Ismail: No gambling, no bikinis, no alcohol, Islamic dress.(BikyaMasr).CAIRO: Potential presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail said he would not allow drinking alcohol in public places for tourists and would only permit booze in private residences if he is elected as Egypt’s next president, he said in television interview with the “90 minutes” program.He also called for an end to the peace treaty with Israel, saying that restarting relations with Iran is a better solution than maintaining ties with the Jewish state.He confirmed that relations with the US would remain strong as long as “it is bulit on mutual gains and interests.”When asked if he would force women to cover their hair, making the hijab mandatory, he said that this is an issue “of the nation and not the president,” but if elected he would embark on an conservative dress campaign and that one of his first duties would be to push the idea through the appropriate channels to force the Islamic dress on all women.Around 12 percent of Egypt’s population are Coptic Christian and do not veil.The Islamist nominee also vowed to close down gambling casinos, which are only accessible to foreign visitors and not Egyptians currently, and said he would forbid two-piece bathing suits and if a tourist is walking around wearing one, she would be arrested.The Monday night statements were downplayed by secular activists, who still believe that the polls will lean towards a more moderate candidate.Abu Ismail, who started his public life as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, split from the group in order to run in the presidential election, vaguely set for by the ruling military council for some time in 2013.Ismail is one of the stronger and popular potential candidates, although he will be running against a former MB member, Abdel Moneim Aboul Foutoh, who also had to quit the group to be able to run.Read the full story here.

  • Egypt man decapitates pregnant fiance over “bad behavior”.(BikyaMasr).CAIRO: A 30-year-old man was arrested and charged for murdering and decapitating his fiancee after he had suspected that she was pregnant with a child that was not his own, a source inside Tanta investigative unit reported.Police found the decapitated body of the young female, and the head of the woman in a potato sack, with her clothes not far by.Police said the man, identified as Taner Mohsen Fahim, was behind the murder and the victim was his finacee. The woman was found five months pregnant.He confessed that he did not believe the baby was his, so he killed her. He stabbed her to death and then seperated her head from her body and threw both at sewerage water tunnel, near the village of Shuber, in the Delta region. He filled the sack where he put the body in with heavy rocks, so she wouldn’t reappear on the surface of the water.Honor murders are more common in conservative rural areas of Egypt, and are always performed by a family member or partner.No clear figures are given about how many women lose their lives each year in Egypt due to honor crimes, as many families do not file police reports in these circumstances.The Egyptian legal system is notoriously lenient about honor murders, and generally give weak sentences for the crime.Read the full story here.

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