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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Syrian Refugee Tells of Massacres by the Regime

They entered our neighbors' place, before we fled, and began massacring them with knives. With knives! People, Muslims – with knives! Allah willing, when they leave, you will see the people who were slaughtered by knives. Many people were killed. No water tanks are left, no electricity, no phones. The schools have been turned into prisons.
The children – what can I say... Dr. Bashar said that he would send them milk and whatever... They are being cut to pieces, Dr. Bashar. Why? Because they call for freedom and democracy? There are two armies: One is Maher Al-Assad's army, and the other, which we love, is the people's army. The people's army is being killed. Today, they shot two soldiers who refused to shoot at us.Source.

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