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Saturday, May 21, 2011

MFS - The Other News

                       Morning  Posting.

  • Syria Live Blog - May 21. Here .(Al-Jazeera).
  • Libya Live Blog - May 21. Here (Al-Jazeera).
  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity in Japan  today 5.3  lots of activity In Turkey More than 20 quakes today! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 114.Source : Here .

  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to : Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog.Here.

  • As i predicted - North Sudan army takes control of oil-rich Abyei, raising prospects of war.(Al-Arabia).The northern Sudanese army has taken control of main town of the disputed oil-producing Abyei region, the state television reported late on Saturday, adding that President Omar Hassan Al Bashir had ordered the dissolution of the region’s administrative council.UN spokeswoman Hua Jiang earlier said Sudan had deployed around 15 tanks in Abyei. The spokesman said that gunshots could be heard in the town but it was unclear what exactly was happening.Shooting broke out late Thursday as UN peacekeepers escorted 200 northern Sudan Armed Forces out of the contested area, with both armies accusing each other of starting the fight.The north and the south have blamed each other for starting the fight. For all but 11 years since Sudan became independent in 1956, a civil war has been fought in the country, Africa’s largest by land mass. Abyei contributes more than a quarter of Sudan’s daily oil production of 480,000 barrels. Sudan’s proven crude oil reserves are nearly 2 billion barrels.The south is important to the north because that’s where most of the country’s oil is produced. But refineries are in the north, as is the main pipeline carry oil for exports.Fighting in Abyei has pitted former civil war enemies against each other since January when it was due to vote on its future alongside a referendum on the south's secession.But the plebiscite was postponed indefinitely as the north and south disagreed on who should be eligible to vote in an area where conflicted loyalties and land disputes keep tensions high.The Abyei Area covers 10,460 kilometers in the State of Northern Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan. The issue of whether Abyei will remain a part of Northern Sudan or secede with the South is heavily contested between the North and South. As Abyei is home to both the ethnically Southern Dinka Ngok and the ethnically Northern Misseriya who rely on Abyei to graze their animals. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005 determined that the question of whether Abyei should remain with Sudan or secede with the South should be decided through a referendum. However, while a referendum has been agreed it has not been conducted due to a dispute between the Northern and Southern Governments. Philip Aguer, spokesman for the south’s army, told Agence France-Presse that fighting continued for a third day and accused the north’s Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) of bombing raids. “The SAF have bombed several places in Abyei,” the SPLA spokesman said.The United Nations called on Saturday for an “immediate cessation of hostilities” in Sudan’s contested border region.The UN also urged all parties to “protect civilians” and called for “withdrawal of all unauthorized forces” from the area, in line with earlier agreements.Hmmmmm........Who would have guessed that the Islamitic North would start to fight?Yeah .....Exactly the 'religion of peace'.Read the full story here.

  • Chairman Obama just abolished the "War Powers Resolution".(Cato).By John SamplesToday is the 60th day since President Barack Obama notified Congress “U.S. military forces commenced operations to assist an international effort authorized by the United Nations (U.N.) Security Council and undertaken with the support of European allies and Arab partners, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and address the threat posed to international peace and security by the crisis in Libya.”The War Powers Resolution of 1973 said that within 60 days of notifying the Congress of the use of force “the President shall terminate the use of United States Armed Forces” unless Congress has declared war or authorized the use of force, extended the 60 day period, or is physically unable to meet because the nation has been attacked.President Obama has a few hours to go, but I doubt that he will stop American air attacks in Libya. Indeed, the attacks have spread to Libyan ships to counter Qadaffi’s forces.Like earlier presidents, Obama said his notification of hostilities in Libya was “consistent with the War Powers Resolution.” Now the administration has apparently decided to ignore the law completely. Obama has not sought congressional approval for the bombing. He follows the example of Bill Clinton, who ordered air strikes in Bosnia in 1995 without seeking congressional approval.Even if you put aside the War Powers Resolution, the U.S. Constitution clearly requires congressional approval of our war in Libya. The legal scholar Michael Ramsey notes:
Every major figure from the founding era who commented on the matter said that the Constitution gave Congress the exclusive power to commit the nation to hostilities. Notably, this included not only people with reservations about presidential power, such as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, but also strong advocates of the President’s prerogatives, such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. As President, Washington on several occasions said that he could not undertake offensive military actions without Congress’ approval. Hamilton is especially significant, because his views on the need for a strong executive went far beyond those of his contemporaries. Yet Hamilton made it very clear that he read the Constitution not to allow the President to begin a war — as he put it at one point, “it belongs to Congress only, to go to war.”Candidate Barack Obama agreed in 2007 that “the president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” Colonel Qaddafi’s forces, of course, posed an imminent threat to Libyan nationals engaged in the recent civil war in that nation. How did the Colonel or his army threaten Americans?This time around, Congress has offered less resistance than in earlier presidential uses of force in Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo. They have not roused themselves even to pass a non-binding “sense of the Congress” resolution that the President should seek approval. In the 1990s, there were actual debates in Congress about the wisdom and constitutionality of various wars. Now, silence. It is easy to violate the constitutional domain of a body that is unwilling to collectively defend its powers and unwilling to take up the responsibility of their exercise.The War Powers Resolution never worked in practice as intended. It is now moribund and should be replaced by a new effort in the courts or Congress to apply the original public meaning of the Constitution and thereby right the balance between starting and making war.Hmmmm.....Dictatorship is waiting just around the corner.Not a single Congressman seems to be willing to defend the Constitution,to busy 'Drinking Tea"?Goodbye America!Read the full story here.

  • Suicide bombing rocks Kabul hospital.(Al-Jazeera).  Afghan defence ministry says lone bomber responsible for attack on military hospital that has left six dead .At least six people have been killed and 23 injured in a suicide bombing at a surgery training session in a military hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul.The Afghan defence ministry said a lone bomber was responsible for the attack on Saturday, after reports that a second bomber was still at large on hospital grounds.The bomber struck at 12:30pm local time (0900 GMT) in the cafeteria of the hospital where medical students were eating lunch, Mohammad Zahir, head of the police crime investigation unit, said.He added that the dead were students.The Taliban later claimed responsibility for the attack. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in an emailed statement that the group had sent two suicide bombers into the hospital and killed many.The Taliban vowed last month to carry out attacks, including suicide bombings, on foreign and Afghan troops and government officials.A doctor working inside the hospital told Al Jazeera that colleagues and patients rushed away from the direction of the blast and locked themselves in rooms, fearing another bomber would attack.Nervous army and police troops herded a crowd far back from the walls of the hospital compound shortly after the explosion, our correspondent Sue Turton said, reporting from Kabul.Witness Mohammad Hakim, who has a cart selling fruit, was nearby when the blast struck."It was a big explosion, I fell to the ground," the AFP news agency quoted him as saying. "The police arrived late at the scene, half an hour after the explosion took place."The hospital is located just a few hundred meters from the United States embassy in what is known as the capital's "Green Zone.""It's very interesting how the suicide [bomber] managed to get inside," our correspondent said.Anyone wishing to visit family or friends in the hospital, which treats wounded soldiers, is required to go through a security check and obtain special identification cards, our correspondent said."It does seem that [the bomber] might have possibly had ... an ID" or might have been wearing a uniform, Turton said.Hmmm.....Read the full story here.

  • Syria death toll rises to 44, as Assad the "Reformer" continues his killing campaign.(Al-Arabia).Security forces killed at least 44 people during pro-democracy protests, which swept Syria on Friday and early Saturday, with most of the casualties in the western province of Idlib and the central city of Homs. President Bashar al-Assad of Syria seems to be showing no signs of relenting in his campaign to crush protesters.The continued killings raise the question of what President Barack Obama of the United States will do, if anything, to deal with the deepening humanitarian crisis in Syrian. “Syrian authorities are continuing to use excessive force and live ammunition to face popular protests in various regions throughout the country,” said Ammar Qurabi, head of the National Organization for Human Rights, who was reached by telephone by Agence-France Presse.Mr. Qurabi said 26 people were killed in the province of Idlib and 13 in Homs. Two people were also killed in the eastern town of Deir Ezzor, one in Daraya, a suburb of the capital Damascus, one in the coastal city of Latakia (from where the Assad clan hails) and one in central Hama.Syria has banned foreign journalists and prevented local reporters from covering trouble spots, making it nearly impossible to independently verify witness accounts.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in Britain, said on Friday that at least 831 civilians had been killed since the uprising against autocratic rule erupted in the southern city of Deraa nine weeks ago. It said at least 10,000 people had been arrested, including hundreds across Syria on Friday.Syrian authorities blame most of the violence on armed groups, backed by Islamists and outside powers, who they say have killed more than 120 soldiers and police. They have recently suggested they believe the protests have peaked.The United States, which has condemned the crackdown as barbaric, imposed targeted sanctions against Mr. Assad this week. President Obama said on Thursday that he should “lead that transition or get out of the way.”Despite strong words from the White House, the West has so far taken only small steps to isolate Mr. Assad when compared with its bombing campaign against Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, also accused of killing protesters.The two-month uprising has posed the gravest challenge to Mr. Assad’s 11-year rule. He has lifted a 48-year state of emergency and granted citizenship to stateless Kurds, but also sent tanks to several cities to suppress the protests.Western powers, fearing instability across the Middle East if Syria undergoes an upheaval, made only muted criticisms of Mr. Assad’s actions at first, but then stepped up their condemnation and imposed sanctions on leading Syrian figures.Damascus condemned the sanctions, saying they targeted the Syrian people and served Israel’s interests.“The sanctions have not and will not affect Syria’s independent will,” an official source was quoted as saying on state television on Thursday.On Friday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez expressed support for his ally Mr. Assad, saying on Twitter: “I have spoken with the Syrian president, our brother Bashar, a few minutes ago. Syria is the victim of a fascist attack. God help Syria!!”Mr. Chavez has said he suspects the US government is covertly trying to destabilize Mr. Assad’s government.Hmmm....A month ago Hillary Clinton and Erdogan "Assad Is A Reformer",Yup he's doing a lot of 'reforming' lately.What Obama will do?........He will go Golfing!Read the full story here.

  • Are the Pro Palestinians in the Obama regime trying to 'remove' the Rasputin of the White House?(Al-Jazeera).Is time running out for Israel's best friend in the White House?Dennis Ross has been described as Israel's advocate, more extreme than Binyamin Netanyahu, and "the éminence grise, a sort of Rasputin who casts a spell over secretaries of state and presidents”.Now, The New York Times says Ross single-handedly made president Obama water down his criticism of Israel in his Thursday address.The reality is that the course Mr. Obama outlined Thursday was much more modest than what some of his advisers initially advocated. [...] “Starting with Mitchell and Jones, there was a preponderance of advisers who were more in tune with the Palestinian narrative than the Israeli narrative,” said Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League and a friend of Mr. Ross. “Dennis balanced that.”That Ross is single-handedly able to "balance" the opinions of "a preponderance of advisers" in this way is not a surprise to Washington insiders. What is unusual is to learn, from a mainstream publication like the Times, that the White House inner circle may be getting exceedingly uncomfortable about the grip Ross is exerting on Obama and his Middle East policies.George Mitchell made his concerns abundantly clear; perhaps others will now follow.Hmmmm.......What's going on in the backrooms of this 'Presidency'?Read the full story here.

  • Related - Arafat adviser: Mitchell resigned over deputy's 'bias'.(MaanNews).Ramallah-- A political adviser to the late president Yasser Arafat issued a statement Tuesday, alleging that US Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell resigned because of the "extreme bias" of his deputy Dennis Ross. Bassam Abu Shareef said Ross obstructed all US initiatives aiming to achieve progress in the peace process, and blamed the deputy's bias for Mitchell's resignation Saturday.Abu Shareef said senior American officials informed him that Mitchell viewed the appointment of Ross a step to obstruct the peace process. He added that Mitchell believed Ross was working against US interests. The official paraphrased comments he said were made by Mitchell during a meeting, where he asked: "How can Dennis Ross assist in the peace process when he refuses to meet with the Palestinians, when he despises their leadership and hates their president?"Abu Shareef also said Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "rejects peace," and would have no part of a Palestinian state with Hamas in its leadership. "This means they are opening war on Palestinians and their nation," he added.Read the full story here.

  • New Evidence Suggests Radical Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Was an Overlooked Key Player in 9/11 Plot.(Fox).A year-long investigation by the Fox News' specials unit has uncovered new and overwhelming evidence that the American cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, the first U.S. citizen on the CIA's kill or capture list, was an overlooked key player in the 9/11 plot.  In a new hour-long special, "Fox News Reporting: Secrets of 9/11," which debuts May 20 at 10 p.m. EDT, federal investigators go on the record for the first time about their painstaking work to investigate how Awlaki may have facilitated the hijackers in California and Virginia and possibly knew the details of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil."It was my feeling that they had to have a network," Criminal PENTTBOM (FBI's codename for the 9/11 case) investigator Jimmy Bush told Fox News in his first television interview. "There was a mosque and the imam of that mosque was Anwar al-Awlaki, which raised my suspicions."Former FBI Agent Bob Bukowski said the evidence strongly suggested Awlaki and his mosques on the East and West coasts were at the center of a network of helpers that enabled the hijackers to find apartments and obtain fake ids. "The investigation at the time obviously was very suspicious," Bukowski said. "Knowing and proving are always two different things." Fox News was told by multiple sources with first-hand knowledge of the 9/11 case -- including the former head of the joint congressional inquiry Sen. Bob Graham -- that the contact between Awlaki and hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdar and Hani Hanjour, three of the five hijackers who flew into the Pentagon, was not casual or coincidental but rather evidence of a purposeful relationship. "There was a high probability that they (the hijackers) had shared with Awlaki what they were planning to do," Graham told Fox News. "The assumption was that it was a close relationship, and that Awlaki may have been one of the few, if not only people that Hazmi and Mihdhar had shared with, what they were there for and what the plot of 9/11 was going to be." For the first time, Fox News reveals how those in the alleged 9/11 support network are still living in the U.S. Asked if he believes the network of helpers is still here, Graham told Fox News that the network was never disrupted -- so there is every reason to believe it remains in place. "I have no reason to believe it's not." Hmmmm........Why wouldn't they be?They're being appeassed by the Obama regime. Read the full story here.

  • White House on War Powers Deadline: 'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Authorization.(ABC).In an effort to satisfy those arguing he needs to seek congressional authorization to continue US military activity in accordance with the War Powers Resolution, President Obama wrote a letter to congressional leaders this afternoon suggesting that the role is now so “limited” he does not need to seek congressional approval.“Since April 4,” the president wrote, “U.S. participation has consisted of: (1) non-kinetic support to the NATO-led operation, including intelligence, logistical support, and search and rescue assistance; (2) aircraft that have assisted in the suppression and destruction of air defenses in support of the no-fly zone; and (3) since April 23, precision strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles against a limited set of clearly defined targets in support of the NATO-led coalition's efforts.”A senior administration official told ABC News that the letter is intended to describe “a narrow US effort that is intermittent and principally an effort to support to support the ongoing NATO-led and UN-authorized civilian support mission and no fly zone.”“The US role is one of support,” the official said, “and the kinetic pieces of that are intermittent.”From the beginning of the U.S. military intervention in Libya, the Obama administration has cited the 1973 War Powers Act as the legal basis of its ability to conduct military activities for 60 days without first seeking a declaration of war from Congress. The military intervention started on March 19; Congress was notified on March 21. Those 60 days expire today.The president thanked the congressional leaders – House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky --- for the support that they have “demonstrated for this mission and for our brave service members, as well as your strong condemnation of the Qaddafi regime.”Hmmmm......Pure contempt for Congress.Read the full story here.

  • Hatch condemns Obama's stance on Israel border, plans disapproval measure.(TheHill).Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) announced Friday he would introduce a congressional resolution disapproving of President Obama's stance on Israel's border lines, saying that "threatens Israel's security.""By calling for a return to the pre-1967 borders, President Obama has directly undermined her," Hatch said of Israel. "Rather than stand by Israel against consistent unprovoked aggression by longtime supporters of terrorism, President Obama is rewarding those who threaten Israel’s very right to exist. This is not only ridiculous, but dangerous."Hatch's announcement came shortly after Obama finished a protracted Oval Office meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A day earlier, the president said in a major foreign policy address that lines drawn before the 1967 “Six Day War” should be the starting point for negotiations over a future Palestinian state.In a joint appearance after Friday's meeting, Obama cited “differences” with Netanyahu on that issue, though he said he was optimistic a peace deal could be reached. Netanyahu reiterated his opposition to a return to the 1967 borders, calling such a move "indefensible." Said Hatch: "There is strong disapproval in Congress for the President’s new posture towards Israel, and I will introduce a resolution next week affirming Israel’s right to maintain its territorial integrity.“Now, more than ever, the security interests of the United States and Israel are linked," he said. "Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons is a clear and present danger to both of our nations. We cannot distance ourselves from our Israeli friends.”Hmmmmm......I am convinced that after all that has gone on in the Middle East, and based on this president's actions, that this man is more sinister than any of us care to believe. Every action of his has been anti-Isreal and pro-arab. He wants Israel destroyed.Read the full story here.

  • Press ‘constantly’ pushing for more access to Barack Obama.(BostonHerald).A frustrated White House Press Corps chief says her members are “constantly fighting” for more access to the media-elusive President Obama — who hasn’t fielded questions from reporters since early April, despite an onslaught of major events, from the “birther” controversy and spiking gas prices to the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.Heavy-handed dealings with the press, limited access and strong efforts at message control are emerging as patterns in the Obama White House, journalists and media watchers say.“We’re constantly reminding the White House that we would like to see more press conferences and more opportunities for reporters to ask questions of the president,” said Caren Bohan, vice president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. “That’s a big concern for us.”The White House Press Office yesterday refused to address its policy on choosing local reporters for pool coverage, after the Herald was denied full access to the president’s Boston visit this week in part because the administration didn’t like the newspaper’s coverage. A press staffer’s e-mails cited a Mitt Romney op-ed that ran March 8 on the front page, challenging Obama’s policies the same day the president came to town for a fund-raiser.“The White House briefing room is getting increasingly absurd,” Rosen said. “With Obama, it seems more like indifference. He probably thinks he doesn’t need the correspondents but he should engage with them more because it’s a way of explaining yourself to the American people — which he should do much more.”Mark Hemingway of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine said Obama went more than 300 days — from July 2009 to May 2010 — without holding a press conference. “When push comes to shove, at the end of the day, it’s all about control for them,” he said.Hmmmm....Or are they afraid the President when questioned about things he don't like to answer might show another side of him , and they prefere to keep that side hidden?Read the full story here.

  • A MUST READ !Commentary on Obama’s speech on Israel.(NorthEastIntelligence).Obama’s speech on Israel portends trouble ahead for America: Commentary.By Lee Kaplan, investigator, communications director.
Obama’s speech regarding Israel illustrates that the hacks in the US State Department and Obama’s Palestinian radical friends within the Chicago political machine have won. President Obama showed he is still in tune with his former Pastor’s rhetoric to “goddamn America” because of a perceived policy of persecution by the US abroad, no matter how untrue it is. Damning America includes also damning the Little Satan, Israel.
Put in simple English, the President said this: “We are facing a nuclear Iran and I don’t want to go to war to stop Iran because America is perceived as a bully in the world anyway and such a war would stop the flow of oil and ruin our economy. The Iranians are Shiites and traditionally the Shiites hate the Sunnis and vice versa. The Saudis are also a variant of Sunnis and they too fear Iran. In the past, we kept friendly relations with the Arab dictators in our national interest. We also kept a friendship with Israel as a fellow democracy, but those days are numbered; Israel was a strategic ally against the old Soviet Union when the Russians were allying with the Arabs, but now that policy is obsolete. The Palestinians want to replace Israel with an Arab state and if we count the populations of the Arab states as part of a pan-Arab oligarchy in the region along with the Palestinians, the numbers just aren’t on Israel’s side. We won’t support 6 million Jews against 250 million Arabs. If the Jews want to survive at all with our help, they’ll need to do whatever we tell them. The Saudis want this. So we want this.‘The Muslim Brotherhood are Sunnis. If we line up with them, and convince the Arab world that we are their allies, then we will have a counterbalance to Iranian hegemony in the region, and they will no longer attack us. Israel, in turn, can twist in the wind. While it’s true that Usama Bin Laden came out of the Muslim Brotherhood, we think that now that we’ve shown we eliminated him, by embracing them and weakening Israel, we will convince them to join us and not fight us. The Brotherhood also has to fear Iranian nuclear ambitions. This is one reason we made it a point to finally kill Bin Laden in Pakistan, invading their sovereignty to do so, something we could have done years ago. As we embrace the Arab world and the Muslim Brotherhood, they will hand Zawahiri over to us on a platter, wait and see. We will buy ourselves out of this war and make our enemies our friends. Al Qaeda is weakened, and we can court new leadership among the militant Islamists of the world.‘This is one reason why we are supporting the insurgents against Gaddafi. We went with the lesser of two evils to promote our long term goals in the region. We won’t help insurgents against Syria because Syria is aligned with Iran and is opposing Israel on behalf of the Palestinians.”The terrorists with the suits and the PhDs have won the war against America at this point. Obama is a president who is from the college intelligentsia where everything is theoretical even if not practical on the ground. He probably sat at cafes during lunch as a law professor, and listened to Palestinian intellectuals who discussed “international law” and “human rights” as they supported the biggest welfare scam and bloody totalitarian movement in history, the biggest violators of international law and human rights, the Palestinian revolution. It no doubt was all so simple to him; if not for the “Jewish lobby,” things would be settled with an Arab majority in the region, the Jewish state gone or neutralized. and the oil flowing freely. It was and is this same college atmosphere that the State Department has used to promote the idea of Israel eventually being gone, replaced by some other state that would make the Arabs happy. Just visit any US campus and see the weekly hysteria of demonstrations calling for boycotts of Israel that are against federal law but allowed by the government. Obama has been calling for a contiguous Palestinian state that will divide Israel in half, the first step to dismantling the Jewish state.This is the point where Israel either steps up to plate for itself or finds itself a footnote in history. The flotillas of anarchists and Arab sympathizers, the ISM activists who riot every week in the West Bank or in Gaza are all part of the State Department’s encouragement of the Palestinian state that will counterbalance Iran in a new Cold War and make the Saudis happy. But just as in Afghanistan with the mujahedin against the Russians, while it may mean an immediate short term goal, it will come back to bite us on the ass. The Saudis used mercenaries and unrelenting propaganda to help defeat the Serbs and set up two Muslim states in Europe. They even got NATO to bomb the Serbs with American help. Obama’s message to Israel is to twist slowly in the wind as America pursues its next folly with totalitarians and abandons another democratic ally. Well, not exactly abandons, just slowly allows it to die on the vine. This is Czechoslovakia and Hitler all over again, only more nuanced, we just don’t know it.Only time will tell. The Israelis in turn can only stall for time. This is why the Arabs are pushing to have the UN declare a Palestinian state without preconditions. Israel’s best bet is to annex what it needs and tell the UN it can do what it wants with the rest as long as the Arabs are demilitarized. Our best bet in America is to pray for another president in the next election. If he’s a Republican, he shouldn’t be from the Bush family either, that also had a revolving door for Saudi interests and talked one thing, but did the State Department’s bidding.Hmmmmm.....Bravo !The best insight i've read this year!Read the full story here.

  • Media Matters Honcho Attacks Israel, AIPAC: Calls Netanyahu ‘Terrorist’.(BigGovernment).Media Matters Senior Foreign Policy Fellow MJ Rosenberg unleashed a stream of anti-Israel vitriol today, calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “terrorist” and accusing pro-Israel activists of being un-American.As Netanyahu gave a stern but statesmanlike response to President Barack Obama’s speech yesterday, Rosenberg could not restrain his hatred. It was the latest, and the worst, anti-Israel attack by Media Matters’s foreign affairs head.He also attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the large pro-Israel lobby organization whose annual Policy Conference begins this weekend, accusing it of disloyalty to the United States: ”Saying AIPAC is guilty of dual loyalty is giving it credit for one more loyalty than it holds.”Everyone knows that Media Matters is President Obama’s PR department, so Rosenberg’s anti-Israel bigotry is particularly telling, and troubling.Rosenberg’s statements are also an indicator of how the left will try to persuade pro-Israel voters to support Obama in 2012, despite his poor record.They will attack Netanyahu, and use Saul Alinsky tactics to try to marginalize AIPAC, an organization very much in the mainstream. They will also try to scare Jewish voters into thinking that voting against Obama is voting against America.Ironically, Rosenberg’s comments about pro-Israel Americans echo those of Pat Buchanan, who frequently attacks AIPAC and American Jews in terms regarded as anti-Semitic.Will Media Matters expel the bigot in its midst?Hmmmm....Anyone with half a brain knows by now that you can't trust Obama when it comes Israel's security.Read the full story here.

  • Binyamin Netanyahu, Pillar of Israeli Strength.(WhitehouseDossier).Several of you in your comments yesterday noted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s boffo, no-nonsense performance during his appearance with President Obama.These Israelis are tough. They have to be. One of our readers, Brett, noted that Netanyahu was a former Israeli special forces operative.This got me thinking about something I saw on TV twenty years ago, and never forgot. It was during the first Gulf War, and Netanyahu was Israel’s ambassador to the United States. As you may remember, Saddam Hussein startied lobbing scud missiles into Israel, and there was grave concern that some would contain chemical weapons. The Israelis had disseminated gas masks to their people.Netanyahu was in Israel and being interviewed on some live news show I was watching in the United States. Suddenly, the air raid sirens went off. The U.S. correspondent there talking with him became visibly nervous and said, “Okay, now it’s time for us to put on our gas masks. I’m taking the gas mask now, this strap goes over here . . . ”He noticed Netanyahu was just sitting there, staring at him.“Mr. Ambassador, where is your gas mask?” he asked.Calmly, without expression, Netanyahu responded.“I think it’s in the car.”Hmmmm......Can you imagine our "community organiser"?Read the full story here.

  • Obama regime's Grave Assault on Medical Conscience Rights.(HumanEvents).During the past two years, Americans have seen the expansion of the federal government into sectors of their economy and personal life as never before. And earlier this year, the Obama administration quietly moved into a new area of American life, one of its most intimate, the patient-doctor relationship. Like the Obama takeovers of the automobile industry, the banking industry and then the health care industry, the new conscience-rights assault is the administration's latest attempt to fundamentally change our nation as we know it. In February, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the rescission of most of the Bush administration’s 2008 conscience protections, removing the rights of doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals to object to prescribing or dispensing known abortifacient drugs such as Plan B and ella. This rescission sends a clear signal to medical professionals nationwide—leave your conscience at the door, and if you morally object to a medical procedure or medication, then you should be in another business. When Students for Life, Medical Students for Life and other pro-life medical groups wrote to HHS about the rescission, the agency defended its decision and cited the federal definition of abortion, arguing that abortion-causing drugs such as Plan B and ella are not covered under the definition of abortion, and therefore doctors do not have the right to refuse to prescribe or dispense these dangerous drugs. So now, faith-based and conscience doctors who truly care about their patients (born and preborn) and who recognize the scientific fact that life begins at conception, will not be able to exercise their civil right of conscience and will be forced to compromise their patient-based care. This dangerous policy by the Obama administration puts both patients and medical professionals at risk. A recent Christian Medical  and Dental Association (CMDA) poll shows Americans want their physicians to have the ability to express their opinions freely about drugs and medical procedures. CMDA released polling data on May 3 showing that 77% of American adults believe that it is important to “make sure that health care professionals in America are not forced to participate in procedures and practices to which they have moral objections.”  The Obama administration’s attempt to destroy the sacred doctor-patient relationship is frightening to say the least. Since when did the President of the United States obtain the right to force physicians and medical professionals to violate their conscience? I must have missed that constitutional amendment in history class.Hmmmm.....Still doubting we're moving in to a dictatorship?Wake up and smell the coffee!Read the full story here.

  • Muslim convert charged with threats to 'South Park' creators.(CNN) -- Federal authorities are using words uttered by the co-founder of a radical Islamic group to charge him with threats against the creators of "South Park."A criminal complaint alleging the communication of threats was filed in Virginia late last week against Jesse Curtis Morton, also known as Younus Abdullah Mohammad.A senior law enforcement source Thursday told CNN, which interviewed Morton in 2009, that the suspect is believed to be in Morocco, where he maintains, an English-language website propagating pro al Qaeda views.That website is a successor to, a former resident of Brooklyn, New York, is the second person charged in the "South Park" case.In February, Zachary Adam Chesser, 21, who admitted to posting online threats, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.Chesser, a Muslim convert, encouraged violent jihadists to attack "South Park" writers for an episode that depicted the Prophet Mohammed in a bear suit, court documents said.Chesser posted online messages that included the writers' home addresses and urged online readers to "pay them a visit," the documents said.Revolution Muslim's 2008 co-founders, Yousef al-Khattab and Morton, were both interviewed by CNN's Drew Griffin in October 2009. In the interview Morton, a convert to Islam and one-time follower of the Grateful Dead, defended the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and argued that further attacks on Americans were justified.He told Griffin he did not encourage violence on U.S. soil.The government affidavit cites the CNN interview."We're commanded to terrorize the disbelievers," Morton told Griffin. "The Quran says very clearly in the Arabic language ... this means 'terrorize them.' It's a command from Allah."Morton said he did not define terrorism as killing innocent civilians. "I define terrorism as making them fearful, so that they think twice before they go rape your mother or kill your brother or go into your land and try to steal your resources."Hmmmm......The Religion of Peace.Read the full story here.

  • Iran arrests 30 in alleged US spy ring.(Ynet).Islamic Republic claims it uncovered extensive CIA-run espionage network; arrests 30 spies, identifies 42 intelligence officers worldwide.Iran has arrested 30 people it said were spying for the United States, official media reported on Saturday. "The Intelligence Ministry's active and pious forces, in their ardent confrontations with the agents of the CIA ... arrested 30 people who were spies for America," state television's lunchtime news announced. In a statement read on state TV Saturday, Iran's secret service says its agents uncovered activities of a CIA-run espionage network that sought to recruit Iranian spies through US diplomatic missions that include the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Turkey.It said Iran had identified 42 US intelligence officers in such countries, saying: "they engage in collection of information regarding Iran's nuclear, aerospace defense and bio-technology fields," among other areas of interest. Spying in Iran can carry the death penalty.The announcement of the arrests comes two days after US President Barack Obama made a speech on the Middle East, reiterating Washington's view that Tehran sponsors terrorism and is seeking nuclear weapons, charges Iran denies.Hmmmm......Read the full story here.

  • New Gaza flotilla to set sail with 1,500 activists in 15 ships, says İHH.(TodaysZaman).A Turkish charity that owned a ship raided by Israeli commandoes last year said on Friday that a new flotilla to deliver aid to Gaza is set to set sail next month with more than 1,500 activists in 15 ships.Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH) President Bülent Yıldırım called a press conference on Friday at the charity's office in İstanbul and said they plan to set sail with participants from more than 100 countries “for humanity.”An international convoy of ships, the Freedom Flotilla 2, is expected to sail to Gaza next month, one year after a deadly Israeli raid on a similar flotilla on May 31 of last year. Eight Turks and one Turkish American were killed on a Turkish ship in the flotilla, the Mavi Marmara, during the raid. The flotilla was trying to break an Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.Turkey, a former Muslim ally of the Jewish state, has scaled back ties since then, demanding Israel apologize and pay damages for the deadly raid, which caused an international outcry.Noting that everyone with a conscience expects the new flotilla to set sail, Yıldırım underlined that the new flotilla is part of an international move and that İHH is just a small part of it. “This is an activity organized by 22 organizations,” he added.The İHH president also called on Israel to let the flotilla enter Gaza and to not repeat the same mistake. Yıldırım said they are planning to set sail in the last week of June. Israel recently asked Turkey to prevent activists planning to join the aid convoy to the Palestinian enclave next month. Turkey warned the Turkish activists of the risks of trying to break an Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, but these groups are outside the government's control, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said in response.Hmmmm.....That's why they waited till after the elections?Or they had to respect the mourning period for Bin Laden's death?Read the full story here.

  • Another woman DisHonor killed in Turkey was refused police protection despite several requests.(TodaysZaman).A woman was murdered by her husband on Thursday despite several attempts to seek police protection. Turgay Tazegül shot Hülya Tazegül (42) in the head and stomach late Thursday as she was leaving her workplace for home, killing her instantly.Hülya Tazegül, a victim of constant domestic violence, filed for divorce against her husband and moved out of their home with her son Onur (16) two years ago.Since her husband Turgay Tazegül was reportedly an alcoholic and didn’t work, Hülya was forced to support the familyThe husband didn’t did not leave them alone. On two separate occasions in 2010, he came to her house and severely beat his wife and son. Hülya reported these incidents to the police and showed them threatening messages he’d sent. She was not given protection by the state.In March Tazegül broke into Hülya’s home, smashing the door with a sledgehammer. He then assaulted the woman’s sister, who happened to be inside at the time, and then set the natural gas pipe near the door on fire. The woman reported the incident to police, but after an interrogation, Turgay was released.Hearing he’d been released, the estranged wife allegedly called the Büyükçekmece Police Department and again asked for protection, which was not forthcoming.Violence against women is an issue of public concern in Turkey. In a recent landmark case the ex-husband of Ayşe Paşalı was convicted of premeditated murder in accordance with Article 82 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), a symbolic case of domestic violence in Turkey.Hmmmm.....Another victim on the very long list of 'honor killings' in Turkey(1.400 % Increase).Keep Turkey out of the European Union!Read the full story here.

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