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Friday, April 29, 2011

MFS - The Other News

                        Afternoon Posting.

  • Live broadcast info from Japan directly ! Here.

  • Libya Live Blog - April 29. Here .(Al-Jazeera).

  • Syria Live Blog - April 29. Here (Al-Jazeera).

  • Live feed and highlights of the Royal wedding from :

"The Royal Channel"  here.
  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world low seismic activity in Japan  today between 4.9 and 5.0! More info here.

  • Japan - Latest official Situation Update No. 100.Source : Here .

  • Crowds Bust Barricades At Pastor's Jones Speech In Dearborn,Counter-Protesters Rush Michigan Ave. Friday During Speech.(ClickonDetroid).DEARBORN, Mich. -- Florida pastor Terry Jones was outside Dearborn's City Hall for his planned 5 p.m. protest, drawing a crowd of hundreds."We're glad to be back," he told reporters. "We're going to talk about a number of issues. Of course Sharia, jihad, what happened last week and we're even going to be talking about president Obama's reelection."Counter-protesters lined Michigan Avenue across the street from City Hall. About an hour into the protest, the crowds broke the barricades and a police line. They rushed the street but were quickly contained by riot police crews.The crowd was throwing water bottles and shoes at supporters of Jones screaming "Fuck you,fuck you" even  'persons' shouting 'kill the motherfucker'.Police worked to push the crowd back across Michigan Avenue.Hmmmm.....Dearborn Muslim protesters waving.....The Lebanon Flag???Read and see the full story here. Video report here

  • 'Change' via executive power grab.(NYPost).Having lost the House of Representa tives in the last election, the Obama administration is now imposing "fun damental change" via executive order, regulatory fiat and political pressure. Talk about the unitary executive:

* The Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that Shell Oil Co. may not drill for oil this summer in the Arctic Circle off Alaska, where an estimated 27 billion barrels of domestic oil are waiting to be extracted. Never mind that Shell's already spent nearly $4 billion on the project, including $2.2 billion to Uncle Sam for the leases. No, the EPA's appeals board said the oil giant had failed to include possible greenhouse-gas emissions from an icebreaking vessel in its calculations and that the project might somehow threaten the health of the 245 people in an Eskimo village 70 miles away.So, thanks to a Nixon-era regulatory agency, our dependence on foreign oil will rise and gas prices will continue their relentless climb.

* Continuing President Obama's war on domestic oil production, the Fish and Wildlife Service is considering the three-inch Dunes Sagebrush Lizard for inclusion on the endangered species list -- a decision that could spell doom for two of Texas's top oil-producing counties. And right behind the lizard is the Lesser Prairie Chicken.
* In a move to end-run the Supreme Court's recent Citizens United ruling, which held that corporations have the same free-speech rights as individuals, the White House is drafting an executive order that would require private companies with federal business to disclose contributions to independent political groups. (They already have to report candidate donations.) So it's an attempt to accomplish by ukase what Democrats failed to do last year when Congress rejected the Disclose Act. And, naturally, public-employee unions would be exempt.
* Then there's this week's flap over the Defense of Marriage Act, which the administration says it will no longer defend. Under pressure from the gay lobby, the law firm hired by the House Republicans to step into the breach announced it was pulling out. So, our elected representatives in Congress may pass a law and a president may sign it, but if Obama decides -- absent any Supreme Court ruling -- that the law is unconstitutional, out it goes. It all boils down to this: Are we to be a constitutional government with three distinct branches, or a single executive entity that makes policy, carries it out and decides for itself whether it's constitutional or not? That's what the next presidential race is really all about.Hmmmm....As i said many times before "Dictatorship or Democracy" the 'tyrant' is here and now.Read the full story here.

  • Obama’s Big Labor Paybacks Coming Under Increasing Scrutiny.(BigGovernment).The National Right To Work Committee and many other liberty based organizations,, legislators like Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Jim DeMint; and an increasing number of news organizations and commentators are exposing and even demanding that Obama Administration pullback its usurpation of state and individual rights.One example of fighting back: Employees at the Boeing plant in South Carolina who are or will be injured by the Obama Administration’s recent actions have even been offered free legal help by the National Right To Work Legal Defense Fund to fight the NLRB actions. NRTW President Mark Mix, “All current or prospective Boeing employees who could lose their jobs may request free legal aid from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys by calling 1-800-336-3600.”In his “‘Change’ via executive power grab” NY Post article, Michael A. Walsh gives a quick rundown of Obama’s overreach:Having lost the House of Representatives in the last election, the Obama administration is now imposing “fundamental change” via executive order, regulatory fiat and political pressure. Talk about the unitary executive.The National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against a private employer, Boeing, for having the capitalist gall to want to move 30 percent of its Dreamliner jumbo-jet production from highly unionized Washington State to right-to-work South Carolina.The NLRB accuses Boeing of union-busting in retaliation for the four strikes the union has staged since 1989. Boeing, not unreasonably, says it wants to make its assembly lines less vulnerable to union-led work stoppages.So a federal agency formed by executive order in 1934 asserts the right to tell private companies where they may or may not do business.The NLRB is also suing Arizona and South Dakota over voter-approved state constitutional amendments that would require workers to vote in secret-ballot elections, instead of just signing cards saying they wished to unionize. The “card check” bill couldn’t make it into law even in the old, hyper-Democratic Congress.So a bunch of bureaucrats nonetheless mean to require card-check against the wishes of the voters in two sovereign states — and have reserved the right to sue South Carolina and Utah for the same “offense,” too.Will Congress begin investigations and force NLRB Board members to justify their positions in hearings when it returns next week? (For Walsh’s complete list of power grabs click here.)Hmmmm.....Dictatorship or Democracy?Read the full story here.

  • Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Blasts “Marxist,” “Fanatical,” “Brownshirt” Obama.(WZ).Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, blasted President Obama’s anti-business administration in an explosive interview. Alford, a 2008 Obama supporter, labeled the administration “Marxist” and “fanatical.” “They might as well put on the brown shirts and swastikas,” he said.He also admitted he voted for Obama simply because he was black.Hmmmm.....On the other hand they might wear the black uniforms with the 'totenkopf' insigne?Read the full story here.

  • French Air traffic Controller who was stabbed to death at Mulhouse airport tower allegedly killed by his Muslim ‘friend’ and colleague.(Lefigaro).The suspect is a friend of the victim.The victim was stabbed 8 or up to 10 times,three of them deadly two piercing the lungs and one cutting the coronary vein.On Friday, police issued a search warrant against Karim Ouali Aderfi, 34 years for stabbing Jean Meyer , 34, also on Thursday while the latter would take his place in the control tower.The man, unknown to police, worked for 18 months EuroAirport. On sick leave for three months Karim – or “Aderfi” as he calls himself – Ouali was seen coming out of the control tower in a rush , tower which he had entered with his service badge.According to the french authorities there's no link to terrorism.Hmmmm... The idea of an failed terrorist plot seems more likely?Read the full story here.(Google Translate).

  • A mosque in Montreal has been ranked in the world’s top nine Al Qaeda recruiting zones.(Yahoo).MONTREAL - New WikiLeaks documents that describe a Montreal mosque as a terror hub are defamatory, says a local Muslim spokesman.The newly leaked U.S. documents claim a Mauritanian terror suspect being held at Guantanamo Bay was the leader of a Montreal-based al-Qaida cell that planned terror attacks in the United States.The secret documents, released by WikiLeaks on their website last weekend, also claim that members of al-Qaida were recruited and trained at Montreal's Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah Mosque, where the terror suspect served briefly, possibly as an imam.But the chairman of the Muslim Council of Montreal said the documents serve as an example of how the community's institutions are unfairly targeted by authorities."Our allegations are certainly correct that we've been targeted and this is biased targeting," Salam Elmenyawi said in an interview."None of the information is based on evidence. It's rather based on intelligence analysis and this analysis has certainly ignored any other facts that contradicted the conclusion."Elmenyawi said the documents defame the mosque and show a blatant bias against the Muslim community.Elmenyawi noted the mosque is one that frequently takes part in open house events, has frequently welcomed politicians and is heavily involved in interfaith work with synagogues and churches in the city.Several Montreal mosques have been brought to the attention of authorities since the late 1990s.The most notable of these is Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah, which intelligence officials have long maintained was used by a faction of North African jihadists.Another Montreal mosque, Al-Qods, is also mentioned in the documents. It made headlines in 2007 when Canadian immigration officials deported its imam, Said Jaziri, for falsifying his refugee application.Jaziri, a Tunisian who came to Canada in 1997, gained noteriety for advocating Shariah law in Canada and organizing a large protest against cartoons of Muhammad published in a Danish magazine.He was detained in California earlier this year for trying to sneak into the U.S. in the trunk of a car.One terrorism expert says the revelations in the documents are not surprising at all."Canada for at least a decade has been considered a hub for North African Islamist terrorism," said David Harris, a former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service."Somebody has been trying to tell us something and we haven't been very eager to listen."We will eventually get the message. It'll just be a bloody message when we do."Hmmmm.....The Canadian Islamic Congress:"We should support only those non-Muslim candidates who are willing to present and support a Private Members’ Bill making it a hate-crime to publicly associate Islam to terrorism, whether in written, spoken, printed, broadcast or electronic media".Nothing to see here move along?Read the full story here.

  • "The War On christianity".Sanity Continues Losing Ground In School Culture Wars, Part I.(BigGovernment).Public schools continue to be a battleground in the culture war, as the education establishment – composed primarily of leftists bent on political correctness – gains more ground.This strain treats Christianity and its holidays as a pariah, while embracing Muslim holidays.The Hillsboro, Oregon school board just held a vote on what to call the time off school around Christmas and New Years. It had traditionally been called “Christmas Break.” But new calendars, produced by school staff, changed it to “Winter Break.” The school board voted 4-3 to call it “Christmas Break.” From
“[School board member] Janeen Sollman said winter break ‘respects everyone in the community. This isn’t about religion, it boils down to respect.’“Later, Hillsboro Education Association president Kathy Newman sided with Sollman and reminded the school board that equity is among its goals and ‘the district calendar should reflect that.’”Further up the Pacific coast, a high school sophomore explained to a local radio station that the term “Easter eggs” could no longer be used because the administration preferred “spring spheres.”Is this a joke? Is America being Punk’d?No, the trend caught on elsewhere in Seattle. The parks department had several listings for “Spring Egg Hunts” all over the city. The word “Easter” has been wiped off the site.
But never fear: one religion, Islam, is being protected – and in fact gaining ground – in American public schools.The Boston Globe reports:

“But beginning next year, Cambridge public schools will attempt to make it easier for Muslim students to honor their highest holy days.“In a move that school officials believe is the first of its kind in the state, Cambridge will close schools for one Muslim holiday each year beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.“The school will either close for Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, depending on which holiday falls within the school year. If both fall within the school calendar, the district will close for only one of the days.And if you’re wondering, the calendar does denote the existence of a “Winter Break.” This is little more than political correctness run wild.This isn’t just about holidays. The political correctness that has taken root in public schools has also provided a platform for radical ideology, namely Marxism. I’ll deal with that topic very soon.Hmmm.... Stalin had the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer in Moscow destroyed in 1931,how long before they start in the US?Read the full story here.

  • Admit it, Obamanomics has failed.(WashingtonTimes).The only thing dropping faster than President Obama’s poll numbers is America’s economic future. Only one in five believe the country is headed in the right direction, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday. More than half of those responding to Gallup’s queries believe we are either in a recession or depression. The grim mood reflects growing disenchantment with administration policies that have sucked the life out of the economy.In his 27 months in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama has written $3,677,533,458,800 in checks against a bank account that contains no money. It’s time to stop pretending that extracting money from private-sector entrepreneurs to spread around among political cronies will do any good. It’s time for Mr. Obama to side with the vast majority of Americans who are demanding a change in direction.Hmmm....."CHANGE" ist's all that's left in people their pockets!Read the full story here.

  • President George W. Bush and Lance Armstrong Ride With Wounded Warriors: ‘There’s a One-Legged Guy Barely Breathing’.(BigPeace).Former President George W. Bush and Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong recently went on a bike ride with wounded vets as part of the Wounded Warriors Project. The 15 vets rode 62.5 miles with Bush and were joined on the final leg by Armstrong. Both Bush and Armstrong were impressed with the athleticism of these wounded, but still proud and strong, warriors.“The losses endured by so many veterans and their families prompted Armstrong to make a surprise appearance Wednesday to thank the troops for their efforts overseas.Downplaying the athletic feats revered by sports fans across the country, the Austin native recalled meeting a soldier in Germany who had just lost his leg who wanted to set a record for regaining his walking ability. ‘Now that’s heroic,’ Armstrong said.The cyclist also teased the former president, recalling the athleticism Bush showed last time they rode together in 2005.‘Today he started fast but then he kind of blew a gasket,’ Armstrong joked.The 64-year-old Bush retorted: ‘Well, I’m eligible for Medicare next year.’The former president also joked about his inability to keep up with the veterans, whose war injuries did little to slow them down.‘I’m riding as hard as I possibly can, and I look over my shoulder and there’s a one-legged guy barely breathing. … I am in awe of our troops,’ Bush said.”Hmmmm.....Do you miss him yet? Yes we do ,what you see is what you get!Read the full story here.

  • Donald Trump Drops F-Bombs, Calls Leaders 'Stupid' in Vegas Stop.(Foxnews).Real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump unleashed an f-bomb-laced attack on President Obama and Washington politics Thursday night during a speech that likely won't help him win the family-values vote should he decide to run for president.At a Las Vegas casino that bears his name, Trump assured a crowd of adoring supporters that he is seriously weighing a presidential run and will make a decision soon.During a 30-minute stump speech focused mostly on foreign affairs, Trump blasted Obama's handling of Libya, Iraq, China and Afghanistan, and in one of his many curse-bombs, he lamented the nation's focus on building schools in war-torn Iraq, while neglecting education in the United States.
"In the meantime we can't get a f---ing school in Brooklyn," he said.
He also cursed the spike in gas prices: "We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you're not going to raise that f---ing price."
Trump even dropped what's considered the most offensive f-bomb when he promised to use swear words while negotiating with China.
"Listen you mother f---ers, we're going to tax you 25 percent," he said.
Trump also sprinkled in a number of insults directed toward the nation's leaders.
"Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people," he said. "It's just very, very sad."
At one point, a woman in the lavish reception at the Treasure Island casino on the Las Vegas Strip yelled out that Trump should run for president."I think I am going to make you very happy," the developer said.But he later said: "There is a really good chance that I won't win because of one of these blood-sucking politicians."Trump hosts the successful reality series "The Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC."I would have to give a lot of stuff up," he told the casino crowd Thursday. "But you know what? It is peanuts compared to the importance of this country."Hmmmmm.......F......ire him!Read the full story here.

  • Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama regime.(CNSNews).Three people convicted of crimes as a result of a terrorism-related investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) were later naturalized as U.S. citizens by the Obama administration, according to federal auditors.The March 2011 audit (released on April 21, 2011) by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), entitled Criminal Alien Statistics: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests and Costs, shows that three individuals were among “defendants where the investigation involved an identified link to international terrorism but they were charged with violating other statutes [not directly related to terrorism], including fraud, immigration, drugs, false statements, and general conspiracy charges,” referred by DOJ as Category II terrorism-related cases.The three individuals in question can be found in a DOJ list of unsealed terrorism-related investigations conducted from Sept. 11, 2001 through Mar. 18, 2010. There are 403 defendants on that list of which, according to the GAO, at least 43 percent were aliens — both legal (26 percent) and illegal (17 percent) — at the time they were charged with crimes.Hmmmm.....But,but they are voters......hopefully for me?Read the full story here.

  • Iranian Cultural Foundation Mocks Holocaust.(Memri), an antisemitic Iranian website launched in August 2010, aims to mock and denigrate the Holocaust, on the premise that these events were completely fabricated by the Jews for their own nefarious purposes.Hmmm.....Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in several countries,perhaps next time they visit one of these countries?Read the full story here.

  • Hamas to PLO : "There can be only One" - Rescind recognition of Israel.(Ynet).Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh urged the PLO Friday to rescind its recognition of Israel in response to the Jewish state's objection to the Palestinian unity agreement. Haniyeh said that there was no justification for recognizing the "Israeli entity" in wake of Israel's objection to Palestinian rights and unity. "Their presence on our land is illegal and cannot be recognized," the Hamas leader said. Earlier, Haniyeh stressed that the temporary Palestinian government to be established following the unity deal will not embark on negotiations with Israel. He also made it clear that his group had no intention of recognizing the Jewish state. Speaking on Friday, Haniyeh downplayed Israeli threats to thwart Palestinian reconciliation efforts."We move forward on what serves the interest of the Palestinian people, and the Israeli positions are of no interest to us," he said.Lieberman told Ashton that Europe must demand that Hamas comply with International Quartet terms, which Europe itself helped formulate: Reorganization of Israel, annulment of the clause calling for Israel's destruction in Hamas' charter, an end to terror against Israel and the honoring of past agreements with the Jewish state.Lieberman added that Hamas must be urged to allow the Red Cross to visit abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Endorsing the Palestinian unity deal without insisting that Hamas adhere to the terms will convey the message that terrorism pays off, thereby minimizing the chances for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, the foreign minister said. He added that the Gaza scenario may be repeated in the West Bank, with Hamas taking over the region and proceeding to directing missile and suicide terror at Israeli civilians.Hmmmmm......Full scale War is coming....September or perhaps even sooner.Read the full story here.

  • The West should not be fooled by Syria,the 'predator' is still alive and Fiamma Nirenstein.(TundraTabloids). Today, as the Syrian unrest continues, we are forced to acknowledge our weakness and to measure the lies of Realpolitik. Indeed it’s worth quoting President George Bush: “… the horrors of dictatorships remind us that at the end of the day, no dialogue is possible with bullies.” After Rafiq Hariri’s assassination in 2005, the Bush administration broke up all ties with Syria; following that decision, the State Department launched a wide finance campaign aimed at helping secular Syrian dissidents and their projects, including an anti-Assad satellite TV. But later on Bashar Assad started his big game, playing simultaneously ‘at once the arsonist and the fireman’, just as Fouad Ajami writes.But it’s time to be honest and to admit that we – the West, the US who sent back its ambassador to Syria, the EU that called Assad to start peaceful talks with Israel, the UN that might let him have a seat in the Human Rights Council – it’s time to tell ourselves honestly that we wanted to see only ‘Assad the fireman’. After so many killings, America now starts talking of personal sanctions on the Assad family (not a big deal). Meantime the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, told publicly something really worth mentioning: the United States can prove that among Syrian security forces, the same that are perpetrating a mass killing of civilians, there are many Iranian emissaries.
The governments of Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain have summoned the Syrian ambassadors and the EU is expected to gather an high ranking meeting in the following days to discuss potential sanctions against Assad’s regime. Meanwhile, another of the very few initiatives of the EU nations, i.e. a resolution in the Security Council, has been defeated by Russian, Chinese and Lebanese opposition.But one the most interesting of all the useless reactions to the Syria slaughter is the call by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to the Human Rights Council to take a position. Yet Syria is still a candidate for the vacant Libyan seat in the HRC. Ban Ki Moon, requested to express his opinion on this contradiction, answered that this is not his business. Since Syria is one the four Asian countries entitled to one seat in this UN body, without a veto on the nomination, Syria could get its aim, while Syrians are slaughtered in the streets.The UN should do whatever is necessary to save Syrians, reaffirming ‘the responsibility to protect’, the same principle that has led the UN Security Council to approve the 1973 resolution, and allowed Nato to wage war against Muammar Ghaddafi. But Robert Gates, while still US Secretary of Defense, in a joint statement with his British counterpart, Liam Fox, has stated that the situation in Syria is far different from that of Libya. And even though the international community has responded to Ghaddafi’s brutality with military means, it certainly won’t do the same in confronting Assad.This is the kind of weakness revealed by this UN indifference for democracy and human rights; the same unfortunate deviation we witnessed on massacres like Darfur and Tibet. And this tells the truth about the real reasons inspiring most of the approved Security Council resolutions: political interests. Ghaddafi is a bizarre dictator, his ferocity is unquestionable but his strategic value is poor, it is not critical for our and Middle East future. And after all, when he started to shoot his own people, we certainly had to stop him.
Syria is a completely different story. This country is the core of Iranian power in the Middle East, a hub for deadly terrorist groups. Syria is the mother of Hezbollah, the father of Hamas. It borders with Israel and dreams to destroy it. It borders with Iraq and has sent there its anti-American terrorists. As a matter of fact, Syria still occupies Lebanon even though Assad withdrew his troops few years ago, and it shares a very long border and a complicated relations with Turkey, that refuses to condemn the Syrian regime.
Bashar Assad knows that the Sunni majority of his country – where the Alawites are a tiny Shiite minority - keeps a vivid memory of 1982 Hama massacre, where 20,000 Muslim Brothers were wiped out by Bashar’s father, Hafez. The Syrian president knows that unless he would succeed in chocking the protests at the very beginning, only tanks could crush a large opposition waiting for revenge. Now we can expect from Assad an awful enormous carnage that we have the duty to stop. But the world concern about a possible collapse of Syria, the best friend of Iran, is much greater than the worry about the future of Libya. For that reason we wait and see, while Syrians keep being killed.
Because of our fear of Iran, looking at Bashar Assad in recent years, we have rather chosen to see a beanpole guy wearing well-tailored British suits, a middle class faced boy with a charming wife, instead of the professional butcher who has already decreed the killings of more of 500 among his citizens, awfully using for this aim his bother Maher who commands the Presidential Guard.Many self made videos show us ferocious aggressions even against women and children. Assad has employed tanks and warplanes against his own towns. This is what we witness, but we don’t want to face it. In the meanwhile the death toll rises.It’s time to define with moral clarity how worth is the Western religion of human rights. But we must do it now, before the next dictator shoots his people. We gave credit to a dictator, Assad, who didn’t deserve such a chance as no dictator have ever deserved. Instead he used the chance we gave him to arm terrorist groups, to build up chemical weapons and a powerful army. And today, to crash his own people. Hmmmm......The 'people' Turkey,NATO ally and...Obama's best buddy deal with.Read the full story here.

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