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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Asia Bibi:battle continues to change the blasphemy law.The battle to amend the blasphemy law continues. Lahore High Court Bar Association general house yesterday unanimously adopted a resolution asking the federal government not to make any amendment in section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, which provides for death penalty or life imprisonment for blasphemy. The house resolved that no change should be made in the blasphemy law and federal government should not bow to international pressure in this regard. The resolution read that national and international media, eminent personalities have launched a propaganda campaign to compel the government to amend the blasphemy law. While waiting for the Lahore High Court to fix the date for the hearing of Asia Bibi’s appeal, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy, there are growing concerns that the woman may be victim of an attack. A total of 46 people were killed extra judicially in Pakistan during 1990-2010 following charges of blasphemy. The information obtained revealed that 28 of those killed were Christians and 24 were killed in the Punjab, the region where Asia Bibi lives.28 of the murdered people were Christians, 15 Muslims, two Ahmadis and one a Hindu. All these people accused, of crimes under the blasphemy laws, were either killed extra judicially or found dead in prison under dubious circumstances.Meanwhile, the Christians MPs of Punjab have made a silent protest outside Parliament because the Speaker of the Parliament Assembly Rana Iqbal Ahmed prevented them from taking the floor on the case of Asia Bibi, saying it was a "sensitive" argument. But later, when Ali Haider Noor Niazi of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, an Islamic religious party, spoke with great vehemence on the subject he was not stopped by the Speaker. about "Interfaith dialog"?Read the full story here.

  • 1 dead, 20 hurt in India blast.Foreigners among wounded after bomb detonated during Hindu ceremony.A bomb hidden in a metal canister exploded during a Hindu ceremony Tuesday, killing a baby and wounding 20 people, including four foreigners, in India's temple town of Varanasi. Police said the blast appeared to be a terrorist attack but would not say who they suspected. Later, a local Islamist group claimed responsibility for the explosion. The bomb was hidden in a milk container on the Sheetla Ghat, one of many stone staircases leading to the Ganges river, according to police official Brij Lal. The force of the explosion ripped away a metal railing and damaged stones up to 200 feet (60 meters) away, said a witness, Ramatama Srivastava.Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigPeace.‘Mainstream’ Islamist Group Wants ‘Global Caliphate’ and Islamist America.The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is preaching a global Caliphate and Islamic Shari’a law over America to its members, according to the 2010 ICNA Member’s Hand Book. This is a very different message than the group’s public outreach efforts, and contradicts claims that the organization is a tolerant, mainstream Islamic group.As the hand book spells out, the organization’s ultimate goal is “the Establishment of Islam” as the sole basis of global society and governance. It also encourages members to deceive people in its proselytizing campaign to help fulfill this goal. This aim is one that ICNA has been actively pursuing as the group has set its sights on America’s constitutional separation of religion and state.As the hand book explains, ICNA doesn’t just believe that religion is a private affair. “Establishment of the Religion” extends beyond the individual and family and into the society, state, and world. “These words [Establishment of the Religion] include not only practicing the religion in individual and collective life and propagating its true teaching to others, but also striving to make this Deen [religion] a way of life for all,” the hand book reads.ICNA’s charter is even more explicit. It calls for the “establishment of the Islamic system of life” in the world, “whether it pertains to beliefs, rituals and morals or to economic, social or political spheres.”For ICNA, this means being the American branch of a global phenomenon that they refer to as the ‘Islamic Movement.’ The 2010 Hand Book notes, branches of this movement “are active in various parts of the world to achieve the same objectives. It is our obligation as Muslims to engage in the same noble cause here in North America.”Working in an ‘Islamic Movement’ culminates in an Islamic super-state, the Caliphate, the hand book says. Believers have an obligation to strive to reestablish a collective body of Muslims worldwide, organized into the super-state under the direction of a Caliphate and Islamic law. The group wants “the united Muslim Ummah [community] in a united Islamic state, governed by an elected khalifah in accordance with the laws of shari’ah.”Hmmm....."We don't want to take over your country"Yeah whatevah!!Read the full Al-taqiyya a.k.a. The art of lying story here.

  • HT:CreepingSharia.Muslim Brotherhood front group trains airport screeners to be sharia compliant.Connie Hair at Human Events has more on the Islamist-infiltrated faction known as the TSA (Total Submission to Allah).The four trainers taught the TSOs how to properly handle a Quran and discussed the different ways Muslim women and men choose to cover or dress. For example, the TSOs learned if a woman wears hijab and needs a secondary screening she should be screened in a private area by a female TSO officer.In 1986, MPAC was formed as a political action arm of one of the largest Wahhabi mosques in America, the Islamic Center for Southern California.As the Center for Security Policy’s Team B II report entitled “Sharia: The Threat to America” notes, “The founders of the Islamic Center for Southern California are Hassan Hathout and his brother Maher Hathout. The late Hassan Hathout was a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement. The two brothers Maher spent time in an Egyptian prison during the early days of the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities there, led by the Brotherhood’s founder Hassan Al Banna. MPAC’s own publication, The Minaret, has proudly called Hassan a ‘companion of’ and Maher ‘a close disciple of’ Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna.Maher Hathout also founded and is currently a senior advisor for MPAC. He and others at MPAC also currently work for and maintain a close relationship with the Islamic Center of Southern California.Hathout was also on the board of directors and a member of the American Muslim Council (AMC) from 1993 to 1997. AMC was founded by the al Qaeda financier and Hamas operative Abdurahman Alamoudi who is currently serving 23 years in prison for funding terrorist groups including al Qaeda.“Edina Lekovic is MPAC’s Communications Director. Previously, Lekovic was editor of the magazine Al-Talib when it editorialized that Osama bin Laden was a freedom fighter and warrior for Allah, who should be defended by Muslims. Al-Talib is the magazine published by the UCLA chapter of the Muslim Student’s Association. … The MSA was the first Muslim Brotherhood organization established in the United States.Hmmmm....What is this homeland security doing i wonder,exept spying on the tea party?Read the full conspiracy story here.

  • Wow. So, Obama got a little testy. He really doesn’t like when his base challenges or questions.Wow. I'm actually a bit shocked. What I learned from this train wreck of a press conference is that it's not Rahm, folks. It's him. He actually believes this shit. He actually thinks that a head of state caving into the demands of terrorists, pardon me, "hostage takers," is a virtue. And he freely admits it. Wow. He actually believes this shit. He actually believes that his penchant for caving, his fear and loathing of fighting for anything he claims to believe in, is a virtue. It's absolutely shocking. And finally, he's itching for a fight? No he's not. And the Republicans know it. He just freaking admitted that if they take hostages, he's going to cave. I'm speechless. Did nobody in the White House think of telling him that the President of the United States doesn't admit that official American policy is to cave to hostage takers, lest they take even more hostages in the future? Dear Lord. He won't fight. He never fights. I'm sorry, but it's open season on this guy now. He is congenitally unable to fight for anything, and considers it a badge of honor. Good luck with that in 2012.Wow. So, Obama got a little testy. He really doesn't like when his base challenges or questions him. But, we don't think he tries. Or as Glenn Greenwald tweeted: The most intense passion Obama exhibits is when he gets to explain why the Left is so misguided: he really lights up; it's inspiringUPDATE:@ 2:55PM FROM JOHN: Dear God. He's serious. He actually thinks that fighting is useless, it's only symbolic, it gets you nothing. Dear God. He then went on to say that this reminds him of the fight over the public option. No shit, Sherlock. It sure does. Oh this is good, now he's saying that the NYT editorial page doesn't "permeate" across America. Excuse me, but you just admitted that the entire country was on your side. Now you're claiming that old "I'm powerless" cop out again. Good God.Hmmm...the guy clearly needs a vacation?Read the full debacle here.HT:Alwyn.

  • The Latest On The Mysterious insurance.aes256 File.But WikiLeaks hasn't been on its own, and an equally massive counterattack is in the offing. There has arisen over Twitter a groundswell of online support in both very peaceful and very destructive ways. On the one hand, there have been the #imwikileaks and #imassange trends, the Twitter equivalent of a sit-in, but the likes of which have not been seen since the postelection troubles in Iran during the summer of 2009 (there is speculation that Twitter is censoring all WikiLeaks-related trends, which the company denies. This is to say nothing of the virus-like duplication of the WikiLeaks site itself, with as many as 507 mirror sites.On the other hand, though, Operation Payback, a hacktivist wing of the secretive Anonymous meme-movement, began launching its own wave of DDOS assaults against PayPal and PostFinance. Rumors have it that the Jester has also been "taken out," electronically speaking, as his Twitter has fallen silent. And then early this week there emerged the threat from Assange himself that he would reveal the password for insurance.aes256 -- the contents of which his lawyers says would be the informational equivalent of a "thermo-nuclear device."Hmmm... i don't think it will be released so quickly,first "They" want to know what he knows.Read the full story here.

  • Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths.WIKILEAKS deserves protection, not threats and attacks.IN 1958 a young Rupert Murdoch, then owner and editor of Adelaide's The News, wrote: "In the race between secrecy and truth, it seems inevitable that truth will always win."His observation perhaps reflected his father Keith Murdoch's expose that Australian troops were being needlessly sacrificed by incompetent British commanders on the shores of Gallipoli. The British tried to shut him up but Keith Murdoch would not be silenced and his efforts led to the termination of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign.Nearly a century later, WikiLeaks is also fearlessly publishing facts that need to be made public.I grew up in a Queensland country town where people spoke their minds bluntly.They distrusted big government as something that could be corrupted if not watched carefully. The dark days of corruption in the Queensland government before the Fitzgerald inquiry are testimony to what happens when the politicians gag the media from reporting the truth.These things have stayed with me. WikiLeaks was created around these core values. The idea, conceived in Australia, was to use internet technologies in new ways to report the truth.WikiLeaks coined a new type of journalism: scientific journalism. We work with other media outlets to bring people the news, but also to prove it is true. Scientific journalism allows you to read a news story, then to click online to see the original document it is based on. That way you can judge for yourself: Is the story true? Did the journalist report it accurately?In its landmark ruling in the Pentagon Papers case, the US Supreme Court said "only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government". The swirling storm around WikiLeaks today reinforces the need to defend the right of all media to reveal the truth.Hmmm...."And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".John 8:32.Read the full story here.

  • Photo ID required: More Christmas shopping delivery chaos as UPS ups security.In a move that could delay Christmas shopping delivery further, courier firm UPS has announced that photo identification will be required from customers shipping packages at retail locations across the globe.Just a month after explosives made its way on to one of the company's planes, UPS has said the instruction is part of an ongoing security review.The new rules to will apply at The UPS store, Mail Boxes Etc. locations and other registered shipping outlets.The announcement, part of a bid to enhance security at UPS, could bring misery to Christmas shoppers hoping to get presents delivered to and within the UK on time.With the big freeze returning to Britain, snowy weather and bad driving conditions are set to jepordise deliveries in the run up to Christmas. Haulage firms have warned that the delivery of Christmas presents brought online could be threatened by the snow, winds and freezing fog. With the rising popularity of online shopping and current delays and backlogs already caused by the bad weather will lead to delivery chaos in the remaining weeks of December.Hmmm...Merry Christmas or will it be "Cast Away"?Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigPeace.Security Nightmare: Chinese Government Has Microsoft Windows Source Codes.This is extremely unsettling. The Chinese government has the keys to the kingdom as far as software information is concerned. And they were essentially given it through a Microsoft tech program designed to improve the software. Only problem? The Chinese government used it to search for vulnerabilities in Windows to penetrate U.S. government computers. They managed to “slurp up” 50 megabytes of government emails as a result.“The Chinese government may have used its access to Microsoft source code to develop attacks that exploited weaknesses in the Windows operating system, according to a US diplomatic memo recently published by Wikileaks.Hmmm.....What else are we not being told?Read the full story here.

  • HT:CreepingSharia.Video : Church destroyed by jihad left out of 9/11 renewal.Gigantic, sharia-compliant, taxpayer funded mosques run by taxpayer funder and government supported Islamists at Ground Zero. But a church destroyed by Muslims not getting approval to rebuild. Why? Full story at Church left out of 9/11 renewal.Hmmmm...Can't they get taxpayers money from the fund?Read the full scandal story here.

  • Judge Tosses Suit Aimed at Keeping Al-Awlaki Off Hit List.WASHINGTON -- A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit aimed at preventing the United States from targeting U.S.-born anti-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki on a capture-or-kill hit list. U.S. District Judge John Bates said in a written opinion that al-Awlaki's father does not have the authority to sue to stop the United States from killing his son. But Bates also said the "unique and extraordinary case" raises serious issues about whether the United States can plan to kill one of its own citizens without judicial review. Al-Awlaki has urged Muslims to kill Americans. He also has been linked to last year's shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, and the attempted bombing of a U.S.-bound flight last Christmas. He is believed to be hiding in Yemen and has issued videos online repeatedly calling for Muslims to kill Americans.Bates, an appointee of President George W. Bush and Army veteran, seemed tempted to take on the legal issues but said he must dismiss the case because Anwar al-Awlaki did not bring the suit. "The serious issues regarding the merits of the alleged authorization of the targeted killing of a U.S. citizen overseas must await another day or another nonjudicial forum," he wrote. Bates said the case raised "vital considerations of national security and of military and foreign affairs." Among them, he wrote, were why courts have authority to approve surveillance of Americans overseas but not their killing and whether the president can order the assassination of a U.S. citizen without "any form of judicial process whatsoever, based on the mere assertion that he is a dangerous member of a terrorist organization.Hmmmm....Judge-Jury and executioner?Read the full story here.

  • NYC Taxi Drivers Urged to Use Racial Profiling in Passenger Pickups.The federal government refuses to profile airline passengers, but New York City taxi drivers are being urged to profile potential passengers before giving them rides.Following an attack on a New York taxi driver, the head of the city's taxi-drivers' union is urging cabbies to "profile your passengers; it's very important." Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, gave that advice at a press conference Saturday outside the hospitial where the cabbie is in serious condition, the New York Post reported."I don't care about racial profiling. You know, sometimes it is good we are racially profiled, because the God's honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics," said Mateo, who is Hispanic and has a black father. "So if you see suspicious activity, you know what? Don't pick that person up."Read the full story here.

  • U.S.: Accused Mexico Hit Boy Is American.A 14-year-old boy known as "El Ponchis" and accused of participating in four beheadings for a Mexican drug cartel is an American citizen, the U.S. State Department said Monday."We have confirmed the boy's U.S. citizenship but can't say anything more about the boy's situation in the absence of a (provisional arrest warrant) signed by at least one of the parents," Gini Staub, spokeswoman for the State Department, told CNN.Morelos Gov. Marco Adame Castillo has said the boy was born in San Diego, California, and Mexican officials were researching whether he has dual nationality. A U.S. Embassy official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to embassy policy, said earlier that American officials had not confirmed his citizenship.A judge in Mexico had ruled Sunday the boy would be tried under a state juvenile law that carries a maximum of just three years in prison if convicted.Many youths have been used by drug cartels, but the story of El Ponchis may be the most shocking. A YouTube video that emerged a month ago sparked talk of a child hit man -- said by some to be as young as 12."I participated in four executions, but I did it drugged and under threat that if I didn't, they would kill me," the boy said when he was handed over to the federal prosecutor Friday.Authorities identified the curly haired suspect only by his first name, Edgar.Despite apparently being born in the United States, he grew up in a poor, urban neighborhood packed with businesses near the city of Cuernavaca, where the people who knew him said everyone called him El Ponchis since he was 4, although no one knew why.Hmmm...learned his "trade" in Mexico?How many more like him come back to the USA?Read the full story here.

  • Obama: On the way to a failed presidency?Ronald Reagan famously quipped that the Democratic Party left him before he left the party. Like many progressive supporters of Barack Obama, I'm beginning to have the same feeling about this president. Consider what we've seen since the shellacking Democrats took in the fall elections. The stakes are much higher than the distant election. The president has suggested unconvincingly that he'd prefer to be a successful one-term president than a two-term president who didn't get anything done. But there are other alternatives. If the president continues on his current course, we're looking at a failed one-term presidency that the nation cannot afford.This isn't about conventional politics. This is simply about the fate and future of our country. This president has a clear and imperative historic mandate. If he shirks it, he risks more than failing to get reelected. He risks a failed presidency.Hmmmm....just look at the debt and unemployed of the country and you know the answer!Read the full story here.

  • Russia must train experts on Islam in Caucasus - Kremlin envoy.Russia should open a secular university in North Caucasus to train teachers and experts on Islam, the Kremlin's envoy to the region Alexander Khloponin said."We need this secular university on Islamic studies in Caucasus today...because we do not have experts to teach the basics of this religion," he told a meeting of children's rights ombudsmen in North Caucasus on Monday.Khloponin believes that this measure would help prevent religious conflicts in the region."Today, when we see prayer rooms in dormitories of universities in Stavropol [southern Russia], for example, and do not understand the literature their students are reading - we then should not be surprised that we have [religious] clashes on the streets," he said.Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheDailyBeast.The Real Lesson of Pearl Harbor.On the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks, Flags of Our Fathers author James Bradley explains how the U.S. under Teddy Roosevelt first meddled in Asian affairs—and why we’re playing a dangerous game in doing so again.I always assumed that my father—John Bradley—had raised two American flags on the island of Iwo Jima because of the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor 69 years ago today. But unbeknownst to my dad, 88 years before Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy had eyed Iwo Jima as a potential staging area for naval operations aimed at China.In 1853, U.S. Navy warships entered the North Pacific with the largest show of naval power the area had ever seen. The three neighboring countries—Japan, Korea, and China—had been at peace with one another for centuries. The Navy’s goal in 1853 was to make Japan into what a Japanese prime minister later called “America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Pacific” in order to compete for influence in nearby China. The pretext given to the American public was that the Navy was on a humanitarian mission to halt mistreatment of American whalers shipwrecked on Japanese shores.Read the full story here.

  • FRENCH striker Nicolas Anelka has branded his fellow countrymen small-minded racists.He insists he has had 'nothing but trouble' in France but that soccer fans there have a false impression of him.Born in Versailles, Muslim-convert Anelka traces his family connections to Guadeloupe."People in France have a false picture of me. Everything I have achieved has been abroad. I am not 'made in France' - that's the place I have had nothing but trouble.""That is why I never wanted to sing the Marseillaise, the national anthem, when I played for France. Had they insisted that I did, I would have refused and quit the team."Hmmm....Monsieur Le President...votre reponse svp?"Read the full story here.

  • Mysterious fireball streaking across the sky leaves onlookers bewildered.A mysterious fireball that lit up the sky over Atlanta has left onlookers bewildered as to what it could have been.Charsign Raymond, 39, of Clarkston, was visiting a friend's home in Stone Mountain when his friend's wife saw the unidentified object streak across the sky.'She ran in and said, "Look, you've all got to see this"', Mr Raymond recalled.Mr Raymond managed to capture the double-barrelled ball of fire falling towards the ground on his camera.DeKalb County Police Department said they had no reports of fireballs hitting the county recently and have offered no explanations as to what it could be.A neighbour who also witnessed the unexplained sighting said she thought it was a meteor about 10 times larger than any she'd ever seen before.A second streak zoomed across the sky just seconds later.The strange incident happened around 5.30pm on November 28. Just two days earlier an unexplained explosion rocked Villa Rica west of Atlanta.People in three counties - Carroll, Douglas and Haralson - complained about hearing a loud boom late on November 26.Police officers and firefighters responded to the Mirror Lake neighbourhood but found nothing.Hmmmm....all this equipment to monitor the sky and nothing?Yeah whatevah!Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Video - TV Report on Girl Surfers in Gaza.Hmmm....No Zionist sharks in the waters there?Read and see the full story here.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Another Zionist shark found ! I know that some of you may have doubts that the sharks really are Zionists. I am about to resolve those doubts for you. A picture of one of the sharks has been found. This shark is definitely a Zionist.See morning post for the first sighting of a Zionist shark.Read and see the full story here.

  • HT:TheDailyBeast.Walmart's Women Go to War.Can the largest sex-discrimination case in history get a fair hearing before the Roberts court? Michelle Goldberg on how conservative judicial activism threatens women’s rights.The fate of the largest sex discrimination case in history, against the largest employer in the United States, now rests with a Supreme Court given to right-wing judicial activism. Walmart, the world’s biggest company, is currently facing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of thousands of women who, the suit claims, have been paid less than male colleagues and routinely passed over for promotions. The company is arguing that these women don’t constitute a class, and that if they want to sue, they have to do so individually. So far, courts have ruled against Walmart. But yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Walmart’s appeal. Its ruling could have profound effects not just on the women of Walmart, but on the ability of all women to seek redress for sex discrimination. There is reason to be very worried.Read the full story here.

  • Video : The Admiral Gorshkov (Vikramaditya) aircraft carrier is like new.Russia is completing the modernization of the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier which has been renamed the Vikramaditya. The ship will be transferred to the Indian Navy in 2012.Read and see the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different!The world's first Christmas cards are about to arrive after 167 years... at auction.More than 750 million Christmas cards will be sent this year, but when the first ever greeting cards were launched in London in 1843 the response was anything but enthusiastic.In fact, of the 1,000 originally printed, on a handful sold, probably because they cost a hefty one shilling, and it was many years before the tradition took a foothold.Now, three of 18 cards produced167 years ago and still known to exist are to be auctioned in New York on Friday and they are expected to fetch as much as £10,000 each.Read the full story here.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • HT:BigGoverment.A Black Farmer Blows the Whistle on the Black Farmer Settlement.I have 200 acres in Arkansas and have raised hogs.Pigford is the biggest rip-off this country has ever known, and there are lots of people in positions of power that know it. Politicians are using it to buy votes. Trial lawyers are using it to get rich.I personally know of people who have no connection to farming at all who got Pigford checks. People with potted plants in their apartments claimed to be farmers and got paid. I saw an instance where eight Pigford checks went to one house. There are drug addicts and pushers who have received payments who have never farmed a day in their life.There was discrimination at the US Department of Agriculture. It needed to be dealt with. I was suing the USDA before Timothy Pigford even filed suit. I wrote to attorney Al Pires, who eventually filed a class action lawsuit against the USDA, but he saw that there wasn’t going to be a huge amount of money for him. So he passed. What he did find was a way to work a scam from inside the Star City, Arkansas USDA office by paying a USDA employee to process claimants. This employee would take from $5,000 to $25,000 for each successful Pigford claim. Pires was in this totally for the money. He’s made far more money than any black farmer.Congress needs to investigate Pigford immediately. I believe that probably 80 to 90% of Pigford claims are fraudulent. I know that its at least 300 cases in Arkansas alone. By investigating this fraud we are opening up a can of worms. But it needs to be done. Justice demands it.Hmmmm.......who started all this MrPresident?Read the full story here.

  • The secret of the Jewish trained zionist sharks is out!Evidence Here.

  • George W. Bush is the most unpopular living U.S. president, confirms survey.It will come as little surprise that George W. Bush has been named as the least popular living U.S. president, according to a survey released yesterday.The controversial 64-year-old Republican nicknamed Dubya, who took America to war against terrorism, and under whose watch the financial downfall occurred, was labelled the most unpopular living leader of the last 50 years in the U.S. by respected pollsters Gallup.The 43rd president, Mr Bush - son of former president George H. W. Bush - was infamous for his gaffes at high-profile events and was regularly aped during his eight years in charge of America.Hmmmm....."Who did they poll"?Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigGoverment.Pigford: It’s the Fraud, Stupid (Not Race).The whole Pigford affair brings up a host of issues that need to be addressed. Was there racial discrimination at the U.S. Department of Agriculture? All the sources we talked to said yes. Was there a need to redress the issue when necessary? Again, all the sources we talked to said yes. Has there been massive fraud? Everyone we spoke with said yes. Estimates of how bad it is range from 50% of claims to 90%.Recently Anderson Cooper on CNN reported and accepted Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s claim that there were only three cases of fraud in Pigford. Where did Vilsack get his numbers? He must have Googled for them. Obviously his office isn’t capable of even basic research. Nor apparently is CNN, which didn’t challenge him on the question. There are FBI files in Little Rock, Arkansas, which demonstrate instances of fraudulent claims. We’ve spoken with an FBI agent who say the files are there and available. Even black activist organizations that support Pigford have acknowledged that many of the people signing up and receiving Pigford checks never farmed.Pigford is not about race–it’s about fraud and justice. We do an injustice to the real victims by allowing fraudulent claims get equal treatment. And we do an injustice to hardworking taxpayers if we don’t investigate these matters thoroughly.Hmmm....lets rip off the American tax payer,will call the bill pigford II?Read the full story here.

  • 'Frankenbombers': Al Qaeda hatches plot to implant explosives into suicide bombers.Al-Qaeda fanatics may be planning a horrific 'Frankenbomber' suicide attack by implanting explosives into a human body.Defence analysts logged conversations between users of a online forum in which Muslim extremists debate terrorism methods which could beat new US aviation security checks.The alarming posts included one by a user who claimed to be a surgeon, promising a 'new kind of terrorism'.It called on bomb makers and doctors to create the perfect solution to murder 'larger numbers of unbelievers and apostates.'In August last year, Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef was injured when a suicide bomber with explosives carried inside his body managed to breach security and detonate the device.Hmmmm...and apostates?An educated guess....they better keep an eye on Mexican plastic surgeons who are in contact with Islamic Terrorists.Read the full story here.

  • How many people does it take to put up Obama's Christmas tree? The White House prepares for the holidays as the U.S. grapples with fiscal crisis.He may have suffered a blow after being forced to compromise with the Republican party over tax cuts but President Obama has not let the setback affect his Christmas.A new time-lapse video released by the White House reveals the sheer scale of the operation to erect the official Christmas Tree of the First Family with hundreds of workers visible as the Douglas fir begins to take shape.Grown in Pennsylvania, the tree - which is ten feet high and nearly 13ft wide - was received by Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha and Malia last week and took four-and-a-half days to be can't blame them ,probably still tired from all that traveling.Read and see the full story here.

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in UK.WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange surrendered to London police on Tuesday as part of a Swedish sex-crimes investigation, the latest blow to an organization that faces legal, financial and technological challenges after releasing hundreds of secret U.S. diplomatic cables.Assange was due at Westminster Magistrate's Court later Tuesday. If he challenges his extradition to Sweden, he will likely be remanded into custody or released on bail until another judge rules on whether to extradite him, a spokeswoman for the extradition department said on customary condition of anonymity.A spokesman for WikiLeaks called Assange's arrest an attack on media freedom and said it won't prevent the organization from releasing more secret documents."This will not change our operation," Kristinn Hrafnsson told The Associated Press.WikiLeaks' Twitter feed, generally packed with updates, appeals, and pithy comments, has been silent since Monday night, when the group warned that Assange's arrest was imminent.Read the full story here and here.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.Power Corrupts.The Obama administration's actions and policies epitomize the veracity of Lord Acton's famous proposition that "[p]ower tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." From the passage of ObamaCare to the offensive TSA screenings, this country's citizens have seen the Constitution trampled upon with little to no acknowledgment that such actions would have caused our forefathers to board a ship to a far-off land in search of liberty and freedom.Ultimately, the responsibility for the relentless abuse of power by TSA agents lies with TSA head John Pistole and his boss, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Neither individual has exercised any form of common sense to date. Both have also been corrupted by their positions of power and have dug their heels in even further. But that seems to be the pattern with the Obama administration. From Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel, whose official motto was "Never let a crisis go to waste," to Barack "I won" Obama, the un-American attitude that because they are in a position of power, they are permitted to abuse it is pervasive. Everyone must answer to a higher authority. Unfortunately, Obama does not care that he works for the American people. And he has proven not to care about the highest authority of them all -- God. Twenty years sitting in the pews of a church governed by Black Liberation Theology does not make for a man governed by the principles of God based on moral accountability and humility.So where in the TSA's rules and regulations, the DOJ's pattern of defending Islamic jihadists, and the White House's disdain for the will of the American people is the dignity of the Constitution and the citizens addressed? To what end do Obama and the ruling elite allow the abuse of power to grow? For while Bush was guided by his faith, the governing Democrats are motivated merely by their desire to rule. They do not recognize their higher calling and the constitutional limitations imposed upon them.Many great men have become leaders of our nation, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, General Douglas MacArthur, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan. They all staved off the temptations of power. And while the folks who make Chia Pet would like Americans to believe that Obama is "a symbol of liberty, opportunity, prosperity, and hope" and have even included him with Washington and Lincoln in the Presidential Collection, it is quite clear that the crew running the show in D.C. actually exemplify the systematic taking of liberty typically seen in dictatorial governments.As Lord Acton also observed, "Liberty is the prevention of control by others. This requires self-control and, therefore, religious and spiritual influences; education, knowledge, well-being." It appears that until the abusers are removed from power, they will continue to operate in a fashion that would make the Founders and Lord Acton turn over in their graves. But those great men have already answered to the higher authority, and it is no small comfort to recognize that someday, this lowly crew will as well.Read the full story here.

  • HT:NewsRealBlog.Case Closed: Barack Obama is a Socialist Working to Destroy America.Put down whatever you're reading, go out and buy this book, and start it today.New Left-style honesty in “speaking truth to power” and brutally confronting the American Empire was a road to nowhere. It made infinitely more sense to just become a Democrat, and yank the established party leftward until the day came when a true leftist could be elevated to the White House to reform a corrupt system.This is the nature of the majority of the Left today from the most inconsequential, amateur blogger to the Commander-In-Chief: radical Che wolves in liberal Democrat donkey costumes.So why is it then that it’s taken so many conservatives so long to finally begin to accept that Barack Obama is actually a radical seeking to destroy America from within? Simple: conservatives follow the evidence. And up until now, while various pieces have certainly been available, there just has not been enough to prove conclusively that Obama is a socialist. Billy Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, “spread the wealth around,” etc. etc. — were we in a court of law all these data points could legitimately be tabled as merely “circumstantial evidence.” Associations, off-the-cuff remarks, and friends don’t prove Obama’s core intellectual and political convictions and intents.Just a few months ago the Freedom Center prepared the production of a new pamphlet, Breaking the System: Obama’s Strategy for Change. The point of the pamphlet was to show how the Obama administration was utilizing the infamous Cloward-Piven Strategy to intentionally try to bankrupt the government.When we started the project I was skeptical of the premise. Was Obama really employing Cloward-Piven? Short of getting Obama on film admitting it how could we actually prove it?As the early drafts of the manuscript came in, though, the weight of the evidence was overwhelming. I was convinced. There was no way that Obama and his administration could be doing what they were doing by accident. There was no way they could have no idea what the effects of their policies would be. Was it more likely that the administration was stupid or malevolent? If they were idiots then how could they have been so competent as to accomplish their objectives?Hmmmmm......sounds like what i've been saying for years?Read the full story here.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Hezbullah threatens to kill UNIFIL soldiers if members indicted in Hariri murder.Well, this is a pretty blunt warning from Hezbullah.The UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, will not be safe if there is strife following the release of an indictment into the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, former Cabinet minister Wi’am Wahhab has warned.“If the outside [world] is indifferent toward strife in Lebanon, we can confirm that in the event of strife, UNIFIL troops in Lebanon will not be left in peace,” Wahhab said in a statement published by newspapers Sunday.A UNIFIL spokesperson refused to comment on Wahhab’s remarks when contacted by The Daily Star. “Usually, we don’t comment on such reports,” he said.Wahhab said that if strife occurs, there will be no need for UNIFIL to stay in south Lebanon, accusing the UN peacekeepers of serving as spies for Israel.Read the full story here.

  • Saudi man had four snakes in his carry-on bag.A Saudi passenger carried four snakes including a python in his hand luggage in an eight hour flight between Indonesia and UAE, with most of his fellow travellers blissfully unaware of the danger.The man was arrested at Abu Dhabi International airport security checkpoint when his Etihad Airlines flight landed from Jakarta last Thursday, police said.His menagerie included four snakes, two parrots and a squirrel inside a box, 'The National' reported quoting Abu Dhabi airport police who said the animals were not licensed for international transport."Carrying animals on board is strictly prohibited and in this case other passengers were at risk," Khamis al Marar, the Director General of Security told the paper.Abu Dhabi airport officials said it was unclear how the passenger had cleared the security at Jakarta.But, it is not the first time that Abu Dhabi customs have been exposed to dangerous animals.Hmmmm....he who talks with forked tongue?Read the full story here.

  • Obama Administration Flip-Flops on Offshore Oil Drilling Expansion.The Obama administration has reversed itself on offshore oil drilling, rescinding an expansion of the areas that are open to offshore oil and gas development.“As that regime continues to be developed and implemented, we have revised our initial March leasing strategy to focus and expend our critical resources on areas with leases that are currently active,” said Salazar.“As a result, the area in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico that remains under a congressional moratorium, and the Mid- and South Atlantic planning areas are no longer under consideration for potential development through 2017,” he said.Other areas in the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico will be considered after the government conducts additional safety and environmental impact analyses, Salazar explained.Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a Republican, who supported expanded offshore drilling, said the move by President Obama was “short-sighted” and would harm the economy.Hmmmm....protecting the USA interests or the UAE their interests Mr President?The Saudi king comes for surgery next thing you know the offshore drilling is banned.Read the full story here.

  • Can’t Show Us The Money: Fed has $110 Billion Problem With New Benjamins.A significant production problem with new high-tech $100 bills has caused government printers to shut down production of the new notes and to quarantine more than one billion of the bills in huge vaults in Fort Worth, Texas and Washington, DC, CNBC has learned.Initially scheduled for release in February of 2011, the new bills were announced with great fanfare by officials at the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve in April. At the time, officials announced the new bills would incorporate sophisticated high-tech security features, including a 3-D security strip and a color-shifting image of a bell designed to foil counterfeiters. But the production process is so complex, it has instead foiled the government printers tasked with producing billions of the new notes.An official familiar with the situation told CNBC that 1.1 billion of the new bills have been printed, but they are unusable because of a creasing problem in which paper folds over during production, revealing a blank unlinked portion of the bill face. A second person familiar with the situation said that at the height of the problem, as many as 30 percent of the bills rolling off the printing press included the flaw, leading to the production shut down.The total face value of the unusable bills, $110 billion, represents more than ten percent of the entire supply of US currency on the planet, which a government source said is $930 billion in banknotes. For now, the unusable bills are stored in the vaults in “cash packs” of four bundles of 4,000 each, with each pack containing 16,000 bills.Sorting such a huge quantity of bills by hand, the officials estimate, could take between 20 and 30 years. Using a mechanized system, they think they could sort the massive pile of bills, each of which features the familiar image of Benjamin Franklin on the face, in about one year.The defective bills – which could number into the tens of millions, potentially representing billions of dollars in face value – will have to be burned, they say. American taxpayers have already spent an enormous amount of money to print the bills. According to a person familiar with the matter, the bills are the most costly ever produced, with a per-note cost of about 12 cents – twice the cost of a conventional bill. That means the government spent about $120 million to produce bills it can’t use. On top of that, it is not yet clear how much more it will cost to sort the existing horde of hundred dollar bills.The redesigned bills are the first $100 bills to feature Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s signature.Hmmmm....the Obama curse strikes again?After the presidential shield falling down,now the currency fails?Read the fully printed story here.

  • Divorce soars in Iran, stirring fears of society in crisis.Tehran: The wedding nearly 1,400 years ago of Imam Ali, Shiite Islam's most revered figure, and Fatemeh al-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, is commemorated in Iran's packed political calendar as a day to celebrate family values. But in a sign of the Iranian authorities' increasing concern about Iran's shifting social landscape, Marriage Day, as it is usually known in Iran, this year was renamed No Divorce Day. Iran's justice minister decreed that no divorce permits would be issued.Whether the switch was effective or not, the officials' concerns are understandable. Divorce is skyrocketing in Iran. The number each year has roughly tripled in a decade, to a little more than 150,000 in 2010 from around 50,000 in 2000, according to official figures. Nationwide, there is one divorce for every seven marriages; in Tehran, the ratio is 1 divorce for every 3.76 marriages, the government has reported. While the change in divorce rates is remarkable, even more surprising is the major force behind it: the increasing willingness of Iranian women to manipulate the Iranian legal system to escape unwanted marriages.But for Iran, with a conservative Islamic culture that strongly discourages divorce, the trend is striking, and shows few signs of slowing. In the last Iranian calendar year, ending in March, divorces were up 16 percent from the year before, compared with a 1 percent increase in marriages. "In May, a registry office I work with recorded 70 divorces and only 3 marriages," said a lawyer who requested anonymity for fear of retribution by the Iranian authorities. "The next month, a friend at another office said he recorded 60 divorces and only one marriage." He noted that both offices were in central Tehran and not in the city's affluent north, which is considered more liberal and Westernized."At first I was afraid of how society would treat me after divorce," said a seamstress named Sara, 33. "But after all the support that I got from my friends and my father, my uncle and aunts and the people who I turned to for advice, I thought, 'No, the period in which people were prejudiced against divorce is over.' No one ever judged me."Hmmmm....Freedom that eternal flame that never extinguishes? Read the full story here.

  • Iranian Commander Perturbed By Opposition Support In Army.Iranian army commander-in-chief Ataollah Salehi has expressed concern that some servicemen sympathize with the opposition Green Movement that emerged in the wake of last year's disputed presidential election.Salehi said "some soldiers" had pictures of Green Movement leaders in their barrack rooms, an indication that young people are beginning to doubt the founding principles of the Islamic Republic.Referring to the Green Movement as "sedition," Salehi added, "No one should feel that the army is lenient with sedition." He also warned that "the seditious" would return stronger than before.German-based political analyst Behrouz Khaligh told Radio Farda that Salehi's remarks show that the Green Movement has even influenced Iran's armed forces over the past year. He added that the Revolutionary Guard, unlike the Iranian army, played a significant role in the suppression of the post-presidential election protests. The discontent within the army has been far greater than within other branches of the military, so the Revolutionary Guard has tried to keep the army under its constant control, Khaligh said.Read the full story here.

  • Dutch politician urges Jews to 'emigrate to US or Israel'.Former European Commissioner Frits Bolkestein says no future for Orthodox Jews in Holland because of 'anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent'.In the recently released book "The Decay; Jews in a Rudderless Netherlands" by Manfred Gerstenfeld, chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the former European Commissioner and ex-leader of Holland's ruling rightist VVD party is quoted as saying there is no future for Orthodox Jews in Holland because of "the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing."He added that the increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands over the past decade had led him to have limited confidence in the government's ability to fight anti-Semitism. Bolkestein also said he was "pessimistic regarding the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict that feeds anti-Semitism."The Dutch parliament is expected to hold a special session to discuss Bolkestein's remarks.Geert Wilders, the leader of the anti-Islam Party for Freedom, reacted by saying that “not Jews should emigrate, but anti-Semitic Moroccans.” Hmmmm....Christians should leave Iraq,Jews should leave The Netherlands what do both cases have in common?Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheAmericanDream.24 Signs That All Of America Is Becoming Just Like Detroit – A Rotting, Post-Industrial, Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland.For years, people have been laughing at the horrific economic decline of Detroit. Well, guess what? The same thing that happened to Detroit is now happening to dozens of other communities across the United States. From coast to coast there are formerly great manufacturing cities that have turned into rotting, post-industrial war zones. In particular, in America's "rust belt" you can drive through town after town after town that resemble little more than post-apocalyptic wastelands. In many U.S. cities, the "real" rate of unemployment is over 30 percent. There are some communities that will start depressing you almost the moment you drive into them. It is almost as if all of the hope has been sucked right out of those communities.Meanwhile, the economic downturn has been incredibly hard on the finances of state and local governments across the United States. Unlike the federal government, state and local governments cannot use the Federal Reserve to play games with their exploding debt burdens. Facing horrific budget deficits, many communities have begun adopting "austerity measures" in an attempt to slow the flow of red ink. All over the nation, deep budget cuts are slashing police departments, fire departments and other basic social services, but it seems like no matter what many of these communities try the debt just keeps growing.So when you combine economic hopelessness with drastic budget cuts, what you get are hordes of communities from coast to coast that are becoming just like Detroit. In the city of Detroit today, there are over 33,000 abandoned houses, 44 schools have been permanently closed down, the mayor wants to bulldoze one-fourth of the city and you can literally buy a house for one dollar in the worst areas. Many Americans thought that it was funny to make fun of Detroit, but little did they know that what happened there would soon start happening everywhere.The following are 24 signs that all of America is becoming a rotting, post-industrial, post-apocalyptic wasteland just like Detroit....Read the full story here.

  • HT:RightWingNews.ObamaCare “Favor” Waivers Keep on Coming.ObamaCare for THEE but not for all the "SPECIAL" people.....Here from the Health and Human Services website is the list of all the companies/unions who are being given waivers to "opt out" of ObamaCare. The number has DOUBLED in one month.We need to get on our GOP Congress in January about this....WE ALL WANT OUT OF OBAMACARE!A lot, if not all, of these unions, went to bat big-time to get the health care bill passed.Note that, just one month ago, only 111 waivers had been granted, now it is up to 222. Since some of these union locals are part of a huge national, shouldn't we assume that many, many more waivers are coming? Are the waivers being "dripped" slowly into the system so we won't see them too soon? Just asking.Hmmmm....what do these unions promise to get the waiver? Source.

  • HT:Mark Hemingway: Mandatory PLAs put tax dollars into union coffers.Unemployment rose to 9.8 percent Friday, prompting taxpayers to ask yet again, "Hey, what happened with all those jobs that were supposed to be created with that $814 billion stimulus bill?" There are a lot of reasons why the Obama stimulus failed, but perhaps the bill's most insidious problem is that it was used to pay off special interests, especially the labor unions. In fact, this is happening right now on the White House doorstep.Unless you're in the construction business, you've probably never heard of PLAs. Accepting a PLA locks a company into an iron-clad construction contract that virtually guarantees cost overruns. Typically, construction projects with PLAs cost 12 to 18 percent more than those without them. Nationally, unions only make up about 14 percent of the construction industry. There's no shortage of competition. So why would anyone hire union labor knowing it will make their project cost more? The answer is political pressure. One of President Obama's first actions was to rescind an executive order signed by his predecessor in 2001 that protected taxpayers from PLAs on federally funded construction projects of $25 million or more.Why? Because unions collectively spent $400 million to elect Obama and a Democratic majority in Congress in 2008. They spent hundreds of millions more this year trying to keep Democrats in power on Capitol Hill.Thanks to the stimulus bill, the federal government now has $140 billion in new federally assisted construction projects to oversee. And Obama is doing his best to insure all of them use PLAs.Meanwhile, the White House has the temerity to suggest its actions are good economic policy. The Annual Report of the White House Middle Class Task Force released earlier this year had an entire section inexplicably touting PLAs. Nowhere does the report acknowledge the added costs PLAs impose on taxpayers.If you can figure out how awarding billions of tax dollars to a powerful special interest that represents a small slice of a single employment sector helps the middle class, you might be smart enough to work for the White House economic team. The rest of us are left wondering why those 814 billion stimulus dollars didn't create jobs.
    Hmmmmm.....Jimmy Hoffa would have been left drooling?read the full story here.

  • FCC Commissioner Wants to Test the 'Public Value' of Every Broadcast Station. American journalism is in "grave peril," FCC Commissioner Michael Copps says, and to bolster "traditional media," he said the Federal Communications Commission should conduct a "public value test" of every commercial broadcast station at relicensing time.In a speech at the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York on Thursday, Copps also said station relicensing should happen every four years instead of the current eight."If a station passes the Public Value Test, it of course keeps the license it has earned to use the people’s airwaves," Copps said. "If not, it goes on probation for a year, renewable for an additional year if it demonstrates measurable progress. If the station fails again, give the license to someone who will use it to serve the public interest."Ever since Barack Obama became president, prominent conservatives have warned about liberal efforts to squelch conservative and Christian talk-radio.Although Copps has said the FCC will not reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, his prescription for "testing" commercial broadcast stations (see below) will alarm defenders of free speech and free enterprise.According to Copps, the FCC's Public Value Test would include seven areas.Read the full censor story here.

  • Saudi Arabian royal gets tough with WikiLeaks source.A senior Saudi royal has demanded that the source of US Embassy cables published by WikiLeaks be “vigorously punished” and suggested the credibility of America's diplomats had been hurt by the disclosures. It is also worth noting that many of the criticisms and observations made in the US documents rehash -- albeit more directly -- previously stated American concerns. “If diplomats and leaders can't exchange their views freely on the matters that affect them, then we are all in trouble,” Prince Turki al-Faisal told a Gulf security conference. One notable leak cited Saudi King Abdullah as urging the United States to attack Iran's nuclear installations. He was reported to have advised Washington to “cut off the head of the snake” while there was still time.Hmmmm.....perhaps he's just afraid of what might be still revealed?Read the full story here.

  • Related : In Drugs, Oil and War, Peter Dale Scott wrote:"BCCI's inside connection to the CIA appears to have been strengthened in 1976, when under CIA Director George Bush "the CIA strengthened its relationships with so-called friendly Arab intelligence agencies. One of the most important of these was Saudi Arabia's intelligence service [the Istakhbarat], run by Kamal Adham, Prince Turki [al-Faisal], Abdul-Raouf Khalil, all of whom were BCCI insiders."Prince Turki was Osama bin Laden's friend and liaison for more than two decades. The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan was directed by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan's ISI, the CIA and oil interests (Unocal), and its fall (and 9/11) was directed by the same, and only after the Taliban regime refused to cooperate with larger interests.Here are excerpts from Ahmed Rashid's Taliban, on Prince Turki:"Bin Laden, Prince Turki and General [Hameed] Gul were to become firm friends and allies in a common cause.""The ISI had long wanted Prince Turki Bin Faisal, the head of Istakhbarat, the Saudi Intelligence Service, to provide a Royal Prince to lead the Saudi contingent in order to show Muslims the commitment of the Royal Family to the jihad."" . . . the Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal, deferred Afghan policy to his younger brother, Prince Turki and Saudi intelligence."During Osama bin Laden's stay in a Dubai hospital, he met with CIA agents as well as Prince Turki. The Guardian (11/1/01) reported that bin Laden met with: " . . . several members of his family and Saudi personalities, including Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence."Prince Turki was fired as the chief of Saudi intelligence following 9/11, because of the "embarrassing" connection to bin Laden (whoever or whatever "bin Laden" is). Now he is back, as an even more significant influence heading into the ominous new phase of US-Saudi relations.Prince Turki al-Faisal "knows where the bodies are hidden" (literally and figuratively). His ascension to an even more influential post is symptomatic of the global hardening of criminal power taking place across the New World Order, in which an outgoing figure (cabinet officer, Supreme Court justice, etc.) has been replaced by a more dangerous wonder he fears wikileaks and wants them "Severely punished".Read the full story here.

  • Baywatch star claims she was singled out for a TSA full body scan because of her looks.Former Baywatch beauty Donna D’Errico claimed she was singled out for a full body scan because of her looks.The actress and former Playboy Playmate says she was humiliated by a smirking airport security guard who picked her out of a line in Los Angeles and ordered her to go through the ‘naked’ scanner.‘After the search, I noticed that the male TSA agent who had pulled me out of line was smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing at me. I was outraged,’ she said.Now 42, Miss D’Errico appeared in ‘Baywatch’ for three seasons at the height of its success and was a cover girl Playmate in 1995.‘I’m not sure whether they had recognised me or not. However, it is my personal belief that they pulled me aside because they thought I was attractive.‘My boyfriend looks much more like a terrorist than either I or my son do, and he went through security with no problems,’ she claimed.Hmmmm.....other countries don't behave like this,why only the US?Read the full story here.

  • MediaMatters.Video : Beck thinks 10 percent of Muslims are terrorists.Read and see the full story here.

  • HT:BigGoverment.Former Secretary of Agriculture: More Claims Than Farmers; No One Fired at USDA: Something Just Doesn’t Add Up!After my nomination and subsequent unanimous confirmation as Secretary of USDA, I set about to learn as much about the Department as fast as I could. One initial briefing was by the Under-Secretary for Civil Rights.Included was a brief on several class lawsuits against the Department alleging discrimination against minority farmers. Also, it was noted that there were allegations of the Department dragging its feet in getting claims accredited and processed for the court ordered settlement with black farmers in the Pigford class action litigation. I soon had several visits from organizations representing black farmers urging me to settle all claims quickly.I was concerned about the Department’s handling of discrimination claims and asked that the paperwork be expedited. It was then that I was made aware that there were possibly many claims that were fraudulent and much due diligence was warranted. Understanding that validation and verification of the claims slowed down the process, it was felt that since taxpayers money was at stake that investigations into the propriety of claims were prudent and warranted.I was surprised that over one billion dollars had already been distributed to aggrieved farmers and there were still so many open applications. It just doesn’t seem possible that with somewhere between 18,000 and 33,000 black farmers in the country there could be more than 90,000 claims of discrimination by the USDA. If that many farmers were discriminated against it would mean that the whole Department had a massive conspiracy against black farmers. Wouldn’t you think if that many incidences of discrimination actually took place the perpetrators would have to be pretty visible and easily identified? However, I could find not an indication that even one employee was fired because of discriminating against a black farmer. Something just doesn’t add up!I urge that our government step back and institute a procedure to properly investigate each claim to see if it is appropriate or not. The allegations of fraud and abuse must be addressed if we are going to assure our citizens that their government is pursuing equal justice for all.Read the full scam story here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brett Baier Reports on Pigford

HT:The RightFieldLine...the Pigford Farms case is a class-action lawsuit filed against the federal government on behalf of black farmers and black wannabe farmers, who say they were discriminated against in loan proceedings. The federal government settled Pigford Farms for an unbelievable $1.15 billion. An incredibly high percentage of those receiving awards under this settlement have done so fraudulently.

Shirley Sherrod was not only an initiator of the Pigford Farms case, she received a chunk of change for her company, New Communities, Inc. To be accurate, she received the largest chunk of change for New Communities — $13 million. New Communities was a bankrupt commune-type land trust held by Sherrod and her husband. She and her husband personally received $150,000 each to compensate them for “pain and suffering.”Source.

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  • Lahore High Court issues stay order in Asia Bibi’s appeal against blasphemy sentence.A new order by the High Court makes it harder to discuss the controversial legislation and prevents the government from issuing a pardon for the convicted Christian woman. The appeal date against her death sentence has not yet been decided.In its order, the court ruled that no bill regarding the blasphemy law could be presented until it delivers a verdict on the case. It also issued notices to the federal government for 23 December. It postponed the hearing of the petition filed for Asia Bibi’s pardon in the blasphemy case, although it did not set a date to hear the case.In an earlier ruling, the court had stalled pardon moves for Asia Bibi, directing President Asif Ali Zardari and the Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseeri to restrain from making any move to pardon the convicted woman until 6 December. Today, it decided to extend the stay order until 23 December.Although the president was not made a direct party among the respondents, the chief justice categorically issued directions to the president saying, “No action shall be taken either by the president of Pakistan or anybody working under the authority of the functionaries performing duties under supervision of the governor of the Punjab.”In the meantime, more and more people are joining the petition campaign launched by AsiaNews at So far, about 7,000 people have signed the petition online or on paper.Hmmm.....Religion primes above the law,we had that also once upon a time in the dark ages,when we burned unbelievers.Read the full Medieval story here.

  • HT:LogisticsMonster.Janet Napolitano Enlists Wal-Mart To Watch You.When the Secretary of DHS furthers the development of the tattle-tail program, (with our money, of course), in order to “report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.””, one knows that the continued existence of ‘the state‘ is of the utmost importance and you frakkin’ moos can just go somewhere and die (preferably quickly and cheaply).BIG SIS INVADES WAL-MART: ‘IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING’. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the expansion of the Department’s national “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to hundreds of Walmart stores across the country—launching a new partnership between DHS and Walmart to help the American public play an active role in ensuring the safety and security of our nation.“Homeland security starts with hometown security, and each of us plays a critical role in keeping our country and communities safe,” said Secretary Napolitano. “I applaud Walmart for joining the ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign. This partnership will help millions of shoppers across the nation identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.”The “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign—originally implemented by New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority and funded, in part, by $13 million from DHS’ Transit Security Grant Program—is a simple and effective program to engage the public and key frontline employees to identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to the proper transportation and law enforcement authorities.More than 230 Walmart stores nationwide launched the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign today, with a total of 588 Walmart stores in 27 states joining in the coming weeks. A short video message, available here, will play at select checkout locations to remind shoppers to contact local law enforcement to report suspicious activity.Hmmm.....the American Stasi awakens?Between 1950 and 1989, the Stasi employed a total of 274,000 persons in an effort to root out the class enemy.How many will they employ in the USA?Read the full "story" here.

  • WikiLeaks press release: Julian Assange Defense Fund frozen.The Swiss Bank Post Finance today issues a press release stating that it had frozen Julian Assange's defense fund and personal assets (31K EUR) after reviewing him as a "high profile" individual.The technicality used to seize the defense fund was that Mr. Assange, as a homeless refugee attempting to gain residency in Switzerland, had used his lawyers address in Geneva for the bank's correspondence.Late last week, the internet payment giant PayPal, froze 60Keur of donations to the German charity the Wau Holland Foundation, which were targeted to promote the sharing of knowledge via WikiLeaks.WikiLeaks and Julian have lost 100Keur in assets this week.One of the most fascinating aspects of the Cablegate exposure is how it is throwing into relief the power dynamics between supposedly independent states like Switzerland, Sweden and Australia.WikiLeaks also has public bank accounts in Iceland (preferred) and makes the world go round?Read the full story here.

  • South American countries recognize Palestinian state.After initial recognition by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay follow suit, recognize "free and independent" Palestine with 1967 borders; Israel: recognition contradicts road map. Israel Monday night expressed "regret and disappointment" at South American countries' decision to recognize an independent Palestinian state."Recognition of a Palestinian state is a violation of the interim agreement signed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1995, which established that the status of the West Bank and Gaza Strip will be discussed and solved through negotiations," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.The statement said that recognition of a Palestinian state also contradicts the road map."All attempts to bypass negotiations and to unilaterally determine issues in dispute will only harm the trust of the sides and their commitment to agreed upon frameworks for negotiations," the statement read.The American Jewish Committee called the recognition of an independent Palestinian state by the South American countries both worrisome and counterproductive.Argentina said its recognition of a Palestinian state reflected a general consensus in Mercosur, the South American trade bloc, according to the Associated Press.Hmmmm.....Anything to ruin the peaceproces so we can impose a peaceplan?Read the full story here.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Clinton's role in Obama's failed Muslim outreach.Jennifer Rubin says that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deserves some of the blame for the miserable state of President Obama's Middle East policies.The Egyptian elections are yet another failure for Obama's "Muslim outreach." Our quiet diplomacy -- the Obama team likes to refer to its efforts as "smart" diplomacy -- has proven to be utterly ineffective. It's clear that Hosni Mubarak doesn't take the administration very seriously. And in fact that's increasingly true throughout the Middle East.Given that Mrs. Clinton says she has no interest in running for any elected office in the future, one has to wonder why she is not taking a position that is more independent of the Obama administration. Unless she has decided that she doesn't care about her place in history either.Read the full story here.

  • UF Hillel group upset after finding menorah vandalized.The menorah was pulled up, thrown down and its oil lamps were damaged.The University of Florida Hillel had its Hanukkah celebration marred over the weekend by the vandalism of a large outdoor menorah on its Gainesville property.Hillel members discovered Saturday that the menorah had apparently been pulled from its foundation, thrown down and its oil lamps were damaged, said Joshua Kahn, Israel program director for Hillel. He said the vandalism follows an incident Friday night in which about 10 people were witnessed saying "[Expletive] the Jews" before kicking over a fence on the property."I'm hoping that it wasn't anti-Semitism, and it's just a bunch of drunk kids," he said.The incidents follow a report released Friday by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum that found Alachua County ranked second in the state in hate crimes in 2009, with 20 reported over the course of the year.The cases included a swastika painted on a Jewish fraternity house on the UF campus.UF has the largest Jewish population of any public university in the nation, according to the national Hillel group.Hmmmm.......Outrage...Obama's Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal speaks out against Anti Semitism sorry my mistake "Islamophobia"!Read the full story

  • HT:TeaandPolitics.Islamic countries: Poll shows growing majority favor Sharia Law, more Islam in public life.A majority of Muslims around the world welcome a significant role for Islam in their countries’ political life, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, but have mixed feelings toward militant religious groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.According to the survey, majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing the current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion. About 85% of Pakistani Muslims said they would support a law segregating men and women in the workplace.Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria and Jordan were among the most enthusiastic, with more than three-quarters of Muslims polled in those countries reporting positive views of Islam’s influence in politics: either that Islam had a large role in politics, and that was a good thing, or that it played a small role, and that was bad.Turkish Muslims were the most conflicted, with just more than half reporting positive views of Islam’s influence in politics. Turkey has struggled in recent years to balance a secular political system with an increasingly fervent Muslim population.Hmmmm.....we don't want to take over your country?Read the full story here.

  • Police: Usfiya teen admitted to dumping hookah coal.Shortly after Haifa District Court releases two teens suspected of negligent arson police announce new suspect – 14-year-old who admitted to smoking hookah in open territory, dumping burning coal.Police arrested a 14-year-old teenage resident of Usfiya Monday who is suspected of negligently causing the Carmel fire disaster. Earlier on Monday two teens arrested for similar suspicions were released after the Haifa District Court granted their appeal. Police claim the third suspect admitted to smoking a hookah in an open area near Usfiya, throwing out the burning coal and not reporting that a fire had erupted. In his interrogation he said that he returned to school after smoking the hookah and reenacted the incident to investigators. many fires in Israel this year started by accident?JNF Director:- This year,there were 1620 forest fires. 70 percent of them due to arson !This is ecological intifada! Read the full story here. HT:AmnonandJonathan.

  • HT:EmergingCorruption.Never Forget; But What Do We Remember? 25,000 sq. foot Mosque ok’d in So.California.From Ground Zero, one wonders how anyone could ever forget. I believe most Americans, being “Americans” and loving liberty, and common sense, do not declare all Muslims are here for Jihad. However, as one close to Law Enforcement, we also take for granted the price that Liberty asks at times. Its easy when we are not living, thank God, in a War Zone. How many of us have.That brings me to our topic, a suburban bedroom community in Southern California, Temecula. Wednesday December 1st, a City Council Planning Meeting, approved a 25,000 square foot Mosque to be built. The Iman, Mahmoud Harmoush, remains in question. MSNBC, (not really a Conservative source; so here you go) a YouTube video, features the Iman Harmoush. It causes one to pause: Why one wonders, he cannot say NO to Hamas and Hezbollah? That, with, a “Family Security Matters” article, which states about the ICTV (Islamic Center of Temecula Valley):“One of the churches opposing the mosque has cited both the size of the project, concerns about Islam itself, and anti-Israeli rallies, sponsored by the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley (ICTV) as reasons for its opposition to the project. In one of those rallies held in January 2009, the ICTV partnered with the Al-Awda – The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, an organization opposed to Israel’s right to exist and which supports resistance against Israel “by any means necessary.”Further, Iman Harmousch, is from Syria. From there we can track him to the Carribean in the 1980′s. What is most disconcerting is the possible link the Iman has with the “Global Muslim Brotherhood”. What’s the GMB?Hmmm....why is Homeland Security not checking these people in depth?Read the full story here.Related : Mano Bakh: A Member of the Shah’s Military Crusades against Temecula Mosque .Here.

  • The moment when a passenger opens fire on a taxi driver, shoots him seven times and leaves him critically injured.This is the moment when a New York taxi driver is shot seven times, robbed and left to die by a gun-totting passenger.Jamaican immigrant Trevor Bell, 53, had reached the desired destination but this CCTV footage from inside the cab shows that there was some sort of altercation before he was riddled with bullets from the back-seat.The incident, which happened near Queens in New York on Friday night, has left Mr Bell, who was shot in the neck, arms and both legs, in a critical condition condition.Hmmmm....any idea of the suspect his origins?Read the full story here.

  • Iran sits down with six powers at the UN to haggle over Tehran's nuclear programme.Iran and six world powers haggled over the terms of negotiations that the West hopes will limit Iranian nuclear activities that could be used to make atomic weapons.Officials from the six powers at the meeting - the US, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and the European Union - said the Iranian delegation had reacted calmly when told the group was still seeking a commitment from Tehran to stop uranium enrichment.Iran has insisted previously that the topic of enrichment was not up for negotiation.Tehran says it does not want atomic arms, but as it builds up its capacity to make such weapons, neither Israel nor the US have ruled out military action if Tehran fails to heed UN Security Council demands to freeze key nuclear programmes.Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki sounded a note of optimism as the talks began, telling reporters in Athens that 'the countries that are participating today in the talks on the nuclear programme have the room to follow a policy to resolve the issue'.On Sunday, Iran announced it had delivered its first domestically mined raw uranium to a processing facility, claiming it was now self-sufficient over the whole enrichment process.Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran and the country's vice president, said Iran had for the first time delivered domestically mined raw uranium to a processing facility - allowing it to bypass U.N. sanctions prohibiting import of the material.U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said it was up to Iran to restore trust about its nuclear intentions, urging it to come to Geneva prepared to 'firmly, conclusively reject the pursuit of nuclear weapons'.But for Iran, the main issues are peace, prosperity - and nuclear topics only in the context of global disarmament.'Iran has not and will not allow anybody in the talks to withdraw one iota of the rights of the Iranian nation,' President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said before the talks.Read the full story here.

  • Small man syndrome? Pint-sized Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. requests 'short' security men for India visit.At 5ft 5 his small stature leaves him looking up to most other world leaders.But Nicolas Sarkozy has had an ingenious idea to make himself appear loftier. The 55-year-old French President has asked for ‘short’ security men to protect him during his state visit to India.The demand from the pint-sized President comes after claims he banned workers over 5ft 6ins from attending a factory visit in June.Sarkozy is said to have sent aides to the Turbomeca aeronautics factory in Toulouse to 'whittle out the tall ones' from any workers who may want to meet him on during the visit.Local paper the Republique des Pyrenees said: ‘It seems people at the factory decided it was better to yield to the president's wishes than face exile to the land of the pygmies.’The 5ft 10in tall former supermodel said: 'I understand that the media prefers to talk about my pumps more than my global foundation or the fight against illiteracy.'At 5ft 5in tall in his bare feet, Mr Sarkozy is even shorter than his famous predecessor Napoleon, who was an inch taller.The president is also one of the world's shortest heads of state - only slightly taller than North Korea's Kim Jong-Il and Russia's Dmitry Medvedev, both of whom are 5ft 3in tall.Hmmmm...."Seize matters really"Read the full lenght story here.

  • Arab agencies: Fire proves Israel is weak.Has Israel's force of deterrence been compromised by Carmel fire? Israeli officials debate.Israeli officials attempted to refute claims that the state's force of deterrence had been compromised by the huge Carmel forest fire over the weekend, even as terror groups rejoiced in the apparent ease with which the state could be put out of commission.Brigadier-General Giora Eiland told Ynet that although the firefighting services were ultimately proven to be "the weakest link", that only meant that they would be fortified. "Theoretically, if there is a conflict with Hezbollah it will find itself facing a better-prepared firefighting system than before," Eiland said.One Israeli official agreed with this opinion, and warned that rockets or missiles exploding in northern Israel could simulate the Carmel disaster."As a citizen, and a person familiar with firefighting services in the north, I am concerned," Lieutenant-Colonel (Res) Shavit Zalmi, who commands firefighters in the north, told Ynet Monday."We may face much more difficult and complex situations – any missile could cause a big blaze – and if the firefighting services don't receive resources the damage and civilian suffering will be greater."Hmmm.....Still it's amazing to put out a mayor forestfire in 4 days.I bet the Arabs might need 4 weeks ? Read the full story here.

  • 'Mossad may be behind Red Sea shark attacks'.Egyptian authorities leaving no stone unturned in bid to discover mysterious shark attacks which left German tourist dead. 'Mossad plot not out of the question,' says South Sinai governor. Shark attacks on tourists in the Red Sea have triggered a flurry of speculation as to what could have caused them, with suggestions ranging from overfishing to an Israeli plot to harm Egyptian tourism. Others suggested it could have been part of a secret plot by Israel's Mossad intelligence agency. "What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark (in the sea) to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm," South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by state news site often blame neighboring Israel for a variety of problems such as drug and weapon smuggling, or say it supports media that seek to portray Egypt in a bad light. Hmmm...i knew it,i knew it it's another Zionist plot.Next they're going to say they breed them in captivity to attack tourists?Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheBlaze.Trumka Now Using Faith Groups to Organize ‘Progressive Activists’.AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka has announced that his union is starting a new campaign using “1,000 congregation-based unemployed worker support committees” to offer support to the unemployed and advocate for jobs.“The campaign will help combat the severe unemployment crisis that is devastating so many working people and families and help rebuild the foundations of our nation’s economy,” Trumka announced in a statement.“[F]aith groups, political leaders and progressive activists have come together in the Faith Advocates for Jobs Campaign, which was launched this week at a Capitol Hill meeting,” Trumka added. “The campaign will help combat the severe unemployment crisis that is devastating so many working people and families and help rebuild the foundations of our nation’s economy.”The campaign’s mission statement, however, reads like a progressive jobs manifesto. “As people of faith, we call for an economy that provides a job for everyone who wants and needs one,” Trumka quotes it as saying. “We affirm that all jobs should be good jobs, paying living wages and benefits, allowing workers dignity and a voice at the workplace, ensuring workers’ health and safety, and guaranteeing their right to organize unions.”The group Tumka says will oversee the initiative, Interfaith Worker Justice, also doesn’t shy away from progressive talk.In a video posted on its website, the group decries “wage theft,” which it describes as workers being underpaid, not paid for overtime, or being misclassified.Hmmm.....haven't we seen something similar in the 1910's Russia?Read the full story here.

  • RSN Exclusive: A Conversation with Congressman Steve King: Taking Back Congress.For years we have heard the common refrain that “the people don’t get it,” or we’re “stupid,” or we “really don’t care.” Ignoring the Americans who serially vote Democrat because they have been bought off with welfare payments or some other benefit, I have always argued otherwise, and Reagan’s 1980 and 1984 landslide victories bore me out. Of course, as President, the senior Bush quickly smashed that resurgent national spirit with a “wicked political pivot ” back to insipid mediocrity.RSN: Congressman King, what can we do to take our country back?King: Well, the people have run up a new flag next to Old Glory and that is the Gadsden Flag, don’t tread on me . That is the spirit of this renewed America that we have. But what we’re doing in Congress now is basically fighting a rearguard action. We’re hanging on to the freedom we have. Now we may take some back with this new Congress, but we know we can’t sustain this unless we take the culture back.Hmmm..."And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."Read the full story here.

  • What Obama Needs to Come Back: Luck.The coalition that got Barack Obama elected President just two years ago has been shattered. Gaming out the trajectory of the next two years can be done any number of ways, but Obama's efforts to rebuild a politically robust alliance will be the most telling. It may be the biggest challenge of his career — and he will need happenstance along with skill if he is going to get it done.Should Obama effectively confront these dynamics, he will still need some luck. Busy as he's been, he has not yet experienced a single major moment that has benefited him politically. The most dramatic events of his term — the BP oil spill, the passage of the health-care law, the arms-control agreement with Russia — have had either no impact or a negative influence on Obama's standing.No one wants the country to suffer another catastrophe. But when a struggling Bill Clinton was faced with the Oklahoma City bombing and a floundering George W. Bush was confronted by 9/11, they found their voices and a route to political revival. Perhaps Obama's crucible can be positive — the capture of Osama bin Laden, the fall of the Iranian regime, a dramatic technological innovation that revitalizes American manufacturing — something to reintroduce him to the American people and show the strengths he demonstrated as a presidential candidate. Hmmm....having another terrorist attack doesn't qualify under "Luck" in my book!Now they're hoping for a terrorist attack to save Obama's career? OMG!Read the full "Luck" story here.

  • 14-year-old Armenian girl beaten in Iran.A 14-year-old Armenian girl was severely beaten in the Esfahan city of Iran. According to the website of National Council of Resistance of Iran, she was beaten by the Iranian regime’s paramilitary Bassij Forces.The source says she was stopped by a group of Bassij suppressive agents who insisted that she was not adequately veiled. They wanted to detain her but the girl offered resistance. Other youths rushed to help her trying to urge the agents not to arrest her.According to eyewitnesses, a State Security Forces (SSF) unit arrived on the scene to provide back up to the Bassij agents, who violently dispersed the population and detained the girl as they beat her, the website reads.Source.

  • Unusual methods helped ICE break deportation record, e-mails and interviews show.For much of this year, the Obama administration touted its tougher-than-ever approach to immigration enforcement, culminating in a record number of deportations.But in reaching 392,862 deportations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement included more than 19,000 immigrants who had exited the previous fiscal year, according to agency statistics. ICE also ran a Mexican repatriation program five weeks longer than ever before, allowing the agency to count at least 6,500 exits that, without the program, would normally have been tallied by the U.S. Border Patrol. When ICE officials realized in the final weeks of the fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, that the agency still was in jeopardy of falling short of last year's mark, it scrambled to reach the goal. Officials quietly directed immigration officers to bypass backlogged immigration courts and time-consuming deportation hearings whenever possible, internal e-mails and interviews show.Instead, officials told immigration officers to encourage eligible foreign nationals to accept a quick pass to their countries without a negative mark on their immigration record, ICE employees said. The option, known as voluntary return, may have allowed hundreds of immigrants - who typically would have gone before an immigration judge to contest deportation for offenses such as drunken driving, domestic violence and misdemeanor assault - to leave the country. A voluntary return doesn't bar a foreigner from applying for legal residence or traveling to the United States in the it's more like a paid holiday back home?Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigGoverment.Pigford: Obama’s Down Payment on the 2012 Rural South Vote.This past Tuesday, Nov 30th, the Democratically-controlled lame-duck House passed the $1.2 billion Black Farmer’s Settlement funding known as Pigford II. The previous week the bill had passed the Senate with assurances of strict measures to protect the taxpayers against the rampant fraud that has been widely documented from multiple sources in both the media and government.The bill passed the House 256-152, and is now headed to President Obama to sign: the man who single-handedly introduced the Pigford II legislation in 2007 to curry favor with rural black Southern voters, to which he was trailing significantly to then front-runner Hillary Clinton.As of today, the American taxpayer is now on the hook for an additional $1.2 billion of payments to black “farmers,” whom did not have to provide proof of:

          -Having ever farmed or having attempted to farm

          -Having ever had a loan at the USDA

          -Having ever filled out paperwork for a farm loan

          -Having ever attempted to get a loan.

          The only burden of proof requirement was filling out a form stating that they had "attempted"
         to and have a family member vouch for that assertion.The U.S. government would then send
         a $50,000 check to these “farmers.”Read the full story here.

  • Photo Op-inion: Where Should Obama Visit Next?Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, these images say it with pictures instead of words: President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Friday, December 3. Show us other locations around the world the president ought to visit. about a visit to Auschwitz,might be educational for him and the family?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Macleans.Jihad in the Caucasus?Recent terrorist attacks in Russia’s North Caucasus have attracted the attention of analysts. An increasing number of recent terrorist attacks in Russia’s North Caucasus have attracted the attention of analysts who point to a growing role of Arab fighters and even preachers in the region. “North Caucasus jihadis’ linkage to the global jihad is now at a level in which clerics have become influential and are sought out for fatwas and advice,” writes Murad Batal al-Shishani, a political analyst at the Jamestown Foundation, a Washington-based political think tank, noting what appears to be the spreading influence of Arab Salafist ideologues.Among the recent examples of an Arab presence is the highly publicized but not unique death of 24-year-old Jordanian Anas Khalil Khadir, who was killed in Chechnya in June after joining jihadist groups there. And in August, Jordanian Salafist ideologue Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi and Syrian cleric Abu Basir al-Tartusi condemned the fracturing of jihadist groups in Chechnya and the North Caucasus, advocating they unite under the militant Chechen Islamic leader Doku Umarov.Crego acknowledges that “there has been some radicalization of the Islamic movement in the North Caucasus, and outside influence from Islamic militants.Hmmmm....Then there are the Chechen terrorists arrested the last weeks in Europe,talk about spreading the Jihad message?Read the full story here.
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