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Saturday, December 4, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Wikileaks 2010-12-03: Censorship watch, continued.United States: The Office of Management and Budget today directed all federal agencies to bar employees from accessing the Wikileaks web site. Talking Points Memo obtained a copy of letter sent out by OMB, which "directed the agencies to immediately tell their employees to 'safeguard classified information' by not accessing Wikileaks over the Internet.Classified information, the OMB notes, 'remains classified ... until it is declassified by an appropriate U.S. Government authority.' Employees may not view classified info over a non-classified system (i.e., the Internet), the OMB says, 'as doing so risks that material still classified will be placed onto non-classified systems.'"AFP, The Guardian and CNN have more on the story.

  • Senate rejects million-dollar tax-cut compromise in Saturday session.United Senate Republicans joined a small handful of Democrats on Saturday to defeat a pair of proposals to extend some of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts signed into law by President George W. Bush.Voting nearly identically, the Senate twice failed to meet a 60-vote threshold necessary to move forward on both proposals. Meeting in a rare Saturday session after agreements fell through for a Friday vote, the results were widely expected. They were also somewhat premature, as the White House is still negotiating with congressional leaders on an alternative compromise proposal.Alluding to last year's Christmas Eve votes on the healthcare reform bill, Reid said he planned to adjourn the chamber on Friday, Dec. 17, for Christmas recess."We all know where we were last year on Christmas Eve," Reid said. "We don't want to be in the same place this Christmas Eve."Read the full story here.

  • Was President Obama endangered by premature news reports of his arrival in Afghan warzone?A growing flap -- and concerns -- over President Obama's personal safety and security in the Afghan war zone tonight, given that some American news outlets reported he was there nearly a half-hour before Air Force One actually landed.The concern is not just factual. Thus alerted, an enemy with a shoulder-fired missile near Bagram Air Base outside Kabul could have fired on the president's plane or its decoys.The president is over the Atlantic Ocean now on a 15-hour return trip following a three-hour-25-minute stay at Bagram and a refueling stop in Germany. He'll return to the White House early Saturday morning and is expected to make a statement about the newly-completed U.S.-Korean trade agreement, which had stalled during his recent visit to Seoul.According to news pool reports from Air Force One, already White House officials are investigating how the news embargo was dangerously broken first by ABC News and then CNN and MSNBC.Some details of the president's plans in Afghanistan were also reported incorrectly initially, and his helicopter trip into Kabul to meet President Hamid Karzai was canceled due to weather concerns.Hmmm...we don't want anything happening to the President after his damaged lip,do we?That includes him getting wet!Read the full story here.

  • Natural forest fire started at several centers in Nazareth.Another fire began in Nazareth, near Route 77, south of Beit Rimon Junction. Natural wood burning raging in several locations. Police are investigating the case, and check for suspected arson. (News 10).Two brothers from Isfiya, arrested on suspicion of negligence causing the "Mega fire" on Mt. Carmel. Two suspected of negligence that led to the huge fires on Mt. Caramel were arrested, and taken for questioning. The two are brothers from Isfiya. Coast Region police commander, Brigadier General Roni Atiya, updated the journalists on the development and said that the investigation team continues to work on and made great efforts in recent days.He added that the main effort now is directed to the Caramel communities in Nir Etzion, Ein Hod Yemin Orde Boarding School, and asked the residents of these communities not to return to their homes.JNF Director:- This year,there were 1620 forest fires. 70 percent of them due to arson ! This is ecological INTIFADA !Now ( 14:46 ), there are 20 fires in Israel CAUSED BY ARSON !!!Hmmm....That peaceplan of yours and outreach to Muslims really,really improved things a lot Mr President.Read the full story here.

  • NATO: Cop Shared Tea before Killing U.S. Troops.Afghan Border Policeman Gunned Down Six Americans during Training Drill.The Afghan border policeman who killed six U.S. troops this week in eastern Afghanistan shared tea with his coalition partners before gunning the Americans down during a training drill, NATO said Friday. The alliance said in a statement that Afghan and coalition investigators have determined that Monday's shooting happened after the American troops, partnered with Afghan National Army soldiers, climbed a mountain in Nangarhar province for an artillery drill. After customary tea was served by an Afghan border police unit manning the outpost, the coalition forces fired the first artillery shell as part of the practice drill, NATO said. Immediately after impact, one of the Afghan policemen opened fire, killing all six U.S. troops. Two other American soldiers returned fire, killing the policeman.Read the full story here.

  1. Wikileaks - Update 1: Gawker reports that "U.S. soldiers in Iraq who try to read about the Wikileaks disclosures—or read coverage of them in mainstream news sites—on unclassified networks get a page warning them that they're about to break the law.[...]A tipster wrote to tell us that 'the Army's unclassified, NIPRNET network in Iraq has blocked every major news website because of the Wikileaks issue,' going on to say that,,, the Huffington Post, and a variety of other sites are blocked on the Army's unclassified network."
  2. Update 2: US corporations are getting in on the censorship game too. We are informed that HP sent out a letter to all employees warning them not to visit the WikiLeaks website. Will HP censor The New York Times as well?
  3. Update 3:Canada - The Montreal Gazette reports that "Defence Department staff have been warned against using government computers to sift through secret documents released by WikiLeaks. An email dubbed 'Wikileaks Notice' in the subject line says military computers are 'not to be used to visit the Wikileaks site or any other websites containing such information.'"

  1. Update 4: Australia: We were also informed that a letter was sent out on the Australian defence network yesterday, warning employees not to access WikiLeaks, which would be considered a security breach.Hmmm.....we're watching you?A pity they can't protect their own "Transparency'coverup to begin with?Source.

  • Cablegate: Censorship and freedom in unlikely places.France: The French minister for industry, energy and digital economy, Eric Besson, wrote to CGIET, the body governing internet use, to ask that hosting for WikiLeaks in France be terminated, reports Libération. WikiLeaks has been partly hosted by French provider OVH since December 2nd, after Amazon cancelled its hosting service under political pressure from Sen. Lieberman's office.Besson wrote that "The situation is unacceptable. France cannot host websites that violate diplomatic relations secrecy and endanger persons protected by diplomatic confidentiality. We cannot host sites that have been called criminal and rejected by other countries on the basis of harm to national rights." One would be tempted to ask Mr. Besson whether he is suggesting that Le Monde cannot be hosted in France either, seeing as how the paper has published exactly the same material as WikiLeaks.OVH however did not bow to the pressure, responding in a letter that it will refer the issue of the legality of hosting WikiLeaks to a judge, and that "it was not up to the politicians or OVH to request or decide the closure of the site."More from - Pakistan - Russia andthe USA.Read the full story here.

  • HT:JIDaily.Why Menorahs?Menorahs In Jewish Art.From 40 B.C.E. to the Knesset, the long history of an artistic symbol.Why is the menorah such a powerful and long-lasting symbol of the Jewish people? After all, its lure ostensibly originates in a relatively minor rabbinic festival, Hanukah. No disrespect intended, but how can Hanukah compare to the great pilgrimage festivals, Passover, Shavous and Succos or the Days of Awe with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? Of course it is not the Hanukah menorah that captivates us, rather it is the Temple menorah that carries such an awesome power. Originating in the Torah commandment in Exodus 25:31 "you shall make me a menorah of pure gold " Rashi explains that so wondrous and complex was the menorah that is was finally fashioned with a miracle; "throw a kikar of gold into the fire and it will be made by itself."Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different......State media: China passenger train hits 302 mph (486 kph) on test run, breaking record.The Xinhua News Agency said it was the fastest speed recorded by an unmodified conventional commercial train. Other types of trains in other countries have travelled faster.A specially modified French TGV train reached 357.2 mph (574.8 kph) during a 2007 test, while a Japanese magnetically levitated train sped to 361 mph (581 kph) in 2003.State television footage showed the sleek white train whipping past green farm fields in eastern China. It reached the top speed on a segment of the 824-mile (1,318-kilometre) -long line between Zaozhuang city in Shandong province and Bengbu city in Anhui province, Xinhua said.The line is due to open in 2012 and will halve the current travel time between the capital Beijing and Shanghai to five hours.Read the full story here.

Evergreen Supertanker on its way to Israel

Evergreen Supertanker on its way to Israel. (Video) As Russian planes continue battling Carmel wildfire, government rents Boeing 747-200 modified into aerial firefighting aircraft; plane expected to arrive Saturday night. Palestinian President Abbas telephones PM Netanyahu, offers 'any help needed'.VIDEO - Efforts to put out Carmel wildfire continue: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday ordered an immediate transfer of the budget needed to rent the Evergreen Supertanker, a Boeing 747-200 modified into an aerial firefighting aircraft. The plane is expected to land in Israel on Saturday night. Considered the largest aerial firefighting aircraft in the world, the supertanker has a capacity of about 80,000 liters of water (24,000 US gallons), 16 times the capacity of an average firefighting tanker.Source.

Friday, December 3, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • HT:RefugeeResettlementWatch.San Diego Somalis don’t believe Obama administration’s case.SAN DIEGO — Despite scores of FBI intercepts, many local Somalis think the government’s case against four area San Diegans is fabricated and believe their community remains caught in the crosshairs of 9/11.“There’s no Somali that I know today who supports al-Shabab,” said Mohamed Mohamed, a local Somali college student.But in court papers, federal prosecutors say at least one of the accused men — Basaaly Moalin — had ties with top-ranking al-Shabab figures including Ayden Hashi Ayrow, the founder of al-Shabab which is trying to topple the weak central government in Somalia.International Rescue Committee spokesman says undue pressure put on Somali “community” by authorities.College student Yusuf Ali questions how the Imam, who counseled the community’s youth on the importance of education and Islam, could support al-Shabaab — a brutal group infamous for cutting off people’s hands and beheadings.“He was my mentor. He used to tell me, `stay in school, stay away from drugs, study.’ He was teaching me my religion. He never taught me any violence. I was with him for 10 years. I never saw him doing that stuff.”When asked if he thought the government was lying, Ali said, “Yeah, I do.”Edgar Hopida of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says past terrorism cases have fostered that perception. He says the government has accused other American Muslims of having ties to violent Islamist groups but ends up with minor immigration violation convictions.“So when they saw this come about with one of their local leaders, they saw it as `oh no, here we go again,’” Hopida said.Hmmmm....the FBI profiling Somalians,while giving the Arabs free guided tours of the FBI facilities?Neh?No Way!Read the full story here.

  • "The War On Christmas"O CHRISTMAS TREE: Ames High School takes down holiday decorations.School Officals say they got calls calling the tree "offensive".A Christmas tree in Ames High School's cafeteria was taken down just two days after it was donated to the school for its winter dance. School officials say they removed the decoration after several phone calls stating it was "offensive."Ames school district officials call it a "winter tree," but students say the tree was clearly a Christmas tree. Both described it as a pine tree decorated with cardinal and gold lights and ornaments."You can't stop the world from celebrating. You shouldn't be offended by the tree it was donated and we had to take it down. It was kind of heartbreaking. People liked tree in the lunch room," says student Jay Hoskins."I didn't find it offensive but I guess I could see why people would but I don't think people did. I bet someone told their parents and they didn't think it was a good idea in case someone did get offended," says student Eric Jones."I think its' them being oversensitive and overly politically correct. They did call it non-denominational so don't see why it could offend someone when they're trying so hard to make it not offensive," says student Megan Streit.The district's policy on religion says, "The district is required by law to keep the practice of religion out of the school curriculum. Preferential or derogatory treatment of any religion shall not take place." Hmmmmm....who declared war on Christmas?Human Rights Article 18 - "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. "Read the full story here.

  • Pakistan: Lahore High Court overstepped in barring Zardari from pardoning blasphemy-accused Christian: HRW.The Lahore High Court's order to bar President Asif Ali Zardari from pardoning Aasia Bibi, the Christian woman sentenced to death on charges of blasphemy, contravenes Pakistan's constitution and should be withdrawn immediately, an international human rights organisation Watch has said."The Lahore high court has overstepped its constitutional authority by preventing President Zardari from pardoning Aasia Bibi, who was unjustly convicted under a discriminatory law," said Ali Dayan Hasan, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch."The court has blocked Zardari from promptly correcting a cruel wrong and instead has disgraced Pakistan's judiciary," he added.Read the full story here.

  • Moscow: Russian jet makes emergency landing, 2 killed,40 injured.Russian news agencies say a passenger jet with 155 people on board has made an emergency landing in Moscow after all three engines cut out, skidding off the runway. At least two people have been killed and forty injured in the incident.According to ITAR-TASS, the Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft of the Daghestan Airlines was on a flight to Makhachkala - the capital of Caucasus Republic of Daghestan from Moscow's Vnukovo airport.Shortly after takeover from Vnukovo airport south-west of Moscow, two of the three engines of the aircraft failed and the pilot decided to make an emergency landing at the nearest Domodedovo airport south-east of the Russian capital.The authorities have launched a high-level probe into the air incident.Source.

  • HT:UnDhimmi.Teenage Girl Tortured and Shot Dead for Leaving Islam – by Her Parents. A 17-year-old girl in Somalia who converted to Christianity from Islam was shot to death last week in an apparent “honor killing,” area sources said.Nurta Mohamed Farah, who had fled her village of Bardher, Gedo Region to Galgadud Region to live with relatives after her parents tortured her for leaving Islam, died on Nov. 25. Area sources said they strongly suspected that the two unidentified men in Galgadud Region who shot her in the chest and head with a pistol were relatives or acting on their behest.“Reports reached the relatives in Galgadud that Nurta Farah had converted to Christianity,” one source said. “The suspicion that the family is responsible is a solid one. The sister was killed in Abudwaq, a district in Galgadud Region, and the place where the incident took place is about 200 meters from where the sister was staying with relatives.”Relatives buried Farah, sources said. Her parents had severely beaten her for leaving Islam and regularly shackled her to a tree at their home, Christian sources said. She had been confined to her home in Gedo region in southern Somalia since May 10, when her family found out that she had embraced Christianity, said a Christian leader who visited the area.Hmmmm....Obama "Islam is a great religion"Read the full story here.

  • HT:AntiWar.State Dept Warning Students Not to Read, Share WikiLeaks.Spokeswoman Says Commenting on WikiLeaks Not a Good Move for Any Citizen.Columbia University’s Office of Career Service is said to have passed around an email warning students that if they read WikiLeaks or make comments related to the releases it would render them ineligible for any government jobs in the future, based on a warning sent by a former student working at the State Department.State Department spokeswoman Nicole Thompson insisted the warning wasn’t an official Department directive but added that making public comments or posting links to WikiLeaks content wasn’t “a good move for any US citizen.Beyond the State Department, the US military is also said to be trying to curb access to the content among active duty personnel, with attempts to visit any media website from the military’s open network resulting in a warning message not to read anything related to the WikiLeaks release. The Social Security Administration has also sent an alert to all its employees warning them that reading anything related to the WikiLeaks release could subject them to “federal criminal statutes for unlawful access to or transmission of classified information.”Even the Library of Congress is getting into the game, with attempts to visit the website at the Library resulting in a warning that the site is “malicious content” and has been blocked.Hmmm.....Transparancy....Obama?Yeah whatevah.Read the full story here.

  • HT:BloggerBase.Warning:Two Devout Muslims Appointed to Homeland Security Posts.Well, boys and girls, the fox is guarding the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep! President Obama appointed two devout Muslims (Must Watch Video: "3 Things Everyone Should Know About Islam") to homeland security posts. Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant...? Just wondering. Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn't this make you feel safer already?? That should make our home land much safer, huh!? Was it not "Devout Muslim men" that flew planes into U.S. buildings 8 1/2 years ago? Was it not a Devout Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood ? Please forward this important information to any who cares about the future of our Country.Hmmm......You got to be kidding me!Talk about the ennemy within?Read the full story here. Related : Obama appoints Muslim whose son was killed waging jihad against Russians.Source.

  • Hold the Brownies! Bill Could Limit Bake Sales. Don't touch my brownies! A child nutrition bill on its way to President Barack Obama - and championed by the first lady - gives the government power to limit school bake sales and other fundraisers that health advocates say sometimes replace wholesome meals in the lunchroom.Republicans, notably Sarah Palin, and public school organizations decry the bill as an unnecessary intrusion on a common practice often used to raise money."This could be a real train wreck for school districts," Lucy Gettman of the National School Boards Association said Friday, a day after the House cleared the bill. "The federal government should not be in the business of regulating this kind of activity at the local level."It wouldn't apply to after-hours events or concession stands at sports events.Public health groups pushed for the language on fundraisers, which encourages the secretary of Agriculture to allow them only if they are infrequent. The language is broad enough that a president's administration could even ban bake sales, but Secretary Tom Vilsack signaled in a letter to House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-Calif., this week that he does not intend to do that. The USDA has a year to write rules that decide how frequent is infrequent.Palin mocked the efforts last month by bringing a plate of cookies to a school speech in Pennsylvania. Rep. John Kline of Minnesota, the senior Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee, said the federal government "has really gone too far" when it is deciding when to hold bake sales.Some parents say they are perplexed by what the new rules might allow."Limiting bake sales is so narrow-minded," said Laura Shortway, whose 17-year-old daughter, Mallory, is a drummer in the band. "Having bake sales keeps these fundraisers community based, which is very appealing to the person making the purchase."One loophole in Connecticut: The nutritional standards apply if the food is being sold at a bake sale, but not if it's being given away free, such as by a parent for a child's birthday."If a mom wants to send in cupcakes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, that would not be subject to the state guidelines," said Thomas Murphy, a spokesman for the state's education more"Let them eat cakes"the "Queen" has spoken?Read the full story here.

  • U.S. May Appeal Sugar Beet Crop Destruction Order.The U.S. may appeal a court order requiring the destruction of sugar beet crops engineered to be resistant to Monsanto Co.’s herbicide Roundup, according to a court filing. The U.S. Justice Department said it is seeking the Solicitor General’s permission to appeal a Dec. 1 order by a San Francisco federal judge in a lawsuit brought by organic farmers and a food safety group. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White found that “plaintiffs have made a strong showing that they and the environment are likely to suffer irreparable harm if this court does not issue an injunction.” He put his order on hold to allow an appeal to be filed by Dec. 7. The use of seeds engineered to resist St. Louis-based Monsanto’s weed killer was deregulated by the Bush administration’s U.S. Agriculture Department five years ago, according to court filings. Today more than 90 percent of the U.S. sugar beet crop comes from the genetically engineered seeds.Hmmm....don't you feel safe taking that extra spoon of sugar in your cup?Read the full story here.

  • How Islam Creates Terrorists, and How to Defeat Them.There are three myths about terrorists that must be corrected if we are to battle terrorism effectively, according to Col. Matt Venhaus: that Muslim youth become terrorists for economic reasons; that they become terrorists primarily for religious reasons; and that they are recruited by al-Qaeda.Contrary to conventional wisdom, terrorists are not motivated by poverty; they do not turn to violence in a fit of religious fervor; and al-Qaeda does not actively recruit them–they go looking for al-Qaeda, according to Venhaus.“If you understand the phenomenon incorrectly then your solution’s going to be wrong,” Venhaus said at panel Dec. 2 at the Heritage Foundation on the role of psychological operations (PSYOP) in strategic communication in warfare. Venhaus, currently at the Department of Defense, spent a year interviewing more than 2,000 “foreign fighters” to determine the reasons young Muslim men were turning to terrorism in such large numbers. In his words, if putting a bomb in your underwear and getting on a plane is the answer, “then what in the heck is the question?”Venhaus found that Muslim youth were primarily acting out a need to control their environment–their strict Muslim lifestyles gave them few options to vent the pent-up energy bred by such structured, in many cases suffocating, lives.Read the full story here.

  • UPDATE: “Police State” episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air. This is an update on the now-confirmed bizarre cancellation of the “Police State” FEMA camp episode from TruTV’s schedule, which is we now know is due to background pressure.Alex Jones, a consultant to the show who appears in “Police State”, noticed three weeks ago that the episode was scheduled to air before the then-newest episode on Fridays at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST. Alex knew that encore episodes were consistently replayed over-and-over prior to brand new Friday premiere episodes, so red flags went up when it did not re-air like all the others. Now that more inconsistencies have been documented, Alex made some phone calls to get to the bottom of the matter.This morning, Alex spoke with Gov. Jesse Ventura and discovered that he was fully aware of the fact that “Police State” had been pulled due to pressure from within the government. The former Minnesota governor and star of the show indicated that he’s not ready to make a full statement yet as he’s still investigating the details and talking with network execs. However, Ventura urged that people have a right as citizens to contact TruTV and let them know that they want to see it back on air.Whatever the full cause of the behind-the-scenes pressure, it is clear that the government does not want audiences discussing FEMA camps and Fusion Centers or looking up H.R. 645, the bill named and read in the episode that authorizes FEMA emergency centers. Alex has done all he can to make sure the TruTV series is packed with hard-hitting facts and full of real, substantial issues. Though the show employs the dramatic techniques used throughout TV land, this is not the typical fluff. People had better understand that these are truly groundbreaking shows that are discussing damning evidence that the establishment doesn’t want sinking into the minds of a mainstream audience. Who knows if tonight’s water episode investigating lithium, uranium and fluoride being added to drinking water as a means of population control will itself even air or be replayed after the fact.Lovers of liberty and supporters of Conspiracy Theory had better cue their DVRs and other recorders and save the episode for good, because with the censorship we’ve already seen, it is difficult to know how long this program will remain on air, or which episodes will be allowed to repeat.Alex Jones, a consultant to TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory, can confirm that the controversial episode “Police State,” which dealt with FEMA camps and fusion centers, has been pulled from air and essentially “memory-holed” due to behind the scenes pressure.Hmmm....resistance is useless?Read the full story here.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.President runs to Afghanistan to escape U.S. economic woes, say critics.In the immediate aftermath of hearing the new and disappointing Labor Department jobs numbers — unemployment rose to 9.8 percent for the month of November and 15.2 million Americans are unemployed — President Barack Obama took an unscheduled trip to the Afghan front of the Global War on Terrorism.Seeking to maintain his posture as a wartime president in the face of domestic turmoil and economic uncertainty, Obama told U.S. servicemembers at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan today that their bravery, resolve, expertise and commitment proves that America’s best days lie ahead.Obama thanked American military and civilian personnel for their sacrifices during a visit to the headquarters of Regional Command East, as well. That command, built around the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, is responsible for some of the most dangerous and deadly territories in Afghanistan.Critics of both Obama’s terror war strategy and his in ability to stimulate a dragging economy at home claim Obama’s Afghan trip was unnecessary and calculated to make him look presidential in spite of the many failures endured by his administration.“If the President really cared about our warfighters and not his own image, he would have visited the troops closer to Christmas or at least New Year’s Eve. This wasn’t anything more than a ‘get outa town’ visit so the simpleminded within the news media would help Obama to salvage some credibility,” said former military intelligence officer and police detective Mike Snopes.“This is a cynical and cunning administration more concerned with its own survival than the welfare and liberty of the American people,” said Snopes.”When in political trouble, you can always count on leftist presidents to suddenly become warriors.”Hmmmm....He even doesn't have time to play golf anymore ...poor guy.Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmnonandJonathan.They want to burn ME alive !Fire broke out at noon (Saturday) in an open area between the settlements of Kiryat Tivon and Nofit. Local residents were able to control the flames. Fire investigator arrived on the scene to check whether arson is suspected.A fire erupted near the northern Bedouin village of Basmat Tab'un. No injuries or damage were reported. Police suspect arson. (Ahiya Raved)Read the full story here.

  • Arrest Warrant for "Sex Crimes" Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is for "Sex Without a Condom", NOT Non-Consensual Rape Using Force.Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for "sex crimes".Everyone assumed it was for rape.But it turns out it was for violating an obscure Swedish law against having sex without a condom.Today, a former attorney for Assange - James D. Catlin - has confirmed that the charges are for having sex without using a condom. He notes that:The consent of both women to sex with Assange has been confirmed by prosecutors.He also accuses the prosecutors of "making it up as they go along", and said that Sweden's justice system is destined to become "the laughingstock of the world" for pursuing the case against Assange.And Assange's current London attorney - Mark Stephens - told AOL news that he doesn't even know what the charges against Assange are, but that they are not rape:Stephens, told AOL News today that Swedish prosecutors told him that Assange is wanted not for allegations of rape, as previously reported, but for something called "sex by surprise," which he said involves a fine of 5,000 kronor or about $715.Hmmmm...."to wear or not to wear,that is the question"?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Wired.Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time.Federal law enforcement agencies have been tracking Americans in real-time using credit cards, loyalty cards and travel reservations without getting a court order, a new document released under a government sunshine request shows.The document, obtained by security researcher Christopher Soghoian, explains how so-called “Hotwatch” orders allow for real-time tracking of individuals in a criminal investigation via credit card companies, rental car agencies, calling cards, and even grocery store loyalty programs. The revelation sheds a little more light on the Justice Department’s increasing power and willingness to surveil Americans with little to no judicial or Congressional oversight.Hmmm.....big Obama at work?Read the full story here.

  • Is An Apocalyptic Vision Driving Al-Qaeda's Quest For The Bomb?Do we "get" Al-Qaeda and its goals? Nearly a decade after the 9/11 attacks, a succession of less spectacular but nonetheless traumatic subsequent outrages, and a bloody and expensive "war on terror" that has extracted a fearful price in life and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems hard to accept that there could be any misunderstanding or underestimation of the threat posed. Yet Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency's counterterrorism weapons of mass destruction (WMD) department during President George W. Bush's administration, thinks that may be happening. Now a senior fellow at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Mowatt-Larssen has become increasingly pre-occupied by a recurring nightmare -- of a nuclear-armed Al-Qaeda.A year of close study of the pronouncements of Al-Qaeda's leader, Osama bin Laden, and particularly those of his deputy, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, has convinced him that acquiring an atomic bomb, or a device of comparable destructiveness, is definitely the group's mission. The purpose, he says, is not that of deterrence, defense, or even straightforward military attack. The Islamist group seeks nothing less than the apocalyptic goal of transforming the planet to usher in a new dawn of Islamic-ruled social justice in place of the "American-Zionist conspiracy," which, according to Al-Qaeda, currently prevails. At the core of Mowatt-Larssen's conviction -- set out in a recent article in "Foreign Policy" magazine and a longer piece for the Belfer Center -- are arguments advanced by Zawahiri in a 2008 book, "Exoneration." In it, Zawahiri repeated approvingly the words of a fatwa pronounced in 2003 by a radical Muslim cleric, Nasir al-Fahd, which is widely seen as a trail-blazing religious treatise endorsing the use of WMD.Fahd's fatwa, which Mowatt-Larssen says was originally commissioned by Zawahiri, makes three leading arguments for using the weapons, including the particularly callous one that women and children "may be killed as collateral" if "one cannot distinguish them [from the main fighters]."Even more chillingly, Zawahiri quotes Fahd in writing: "If a bomb were dropped on them, destroying 10 million of them and burning as much of their land as they have burned of Muslim land, that would be permissible without any need to mention any other proof." There could be no more explicit evidence, in Mowatt-Larssen's view, of Zawahiri and Al-Qaeda's determination to get their hands on a nuclear bomb.Read the full story here.

  • Now my life is at risk, says WikiLeaks chief ... and he promises to publish files on UFOs and aliens.He first sparked fury by publishing U.S. army logs from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that suggested soldiers were complicit in murder and torture.Then this week he disclosed around 250,000 cables from U.S. embassies, many containing sensitive information and embarrassing verdicts on leaders including David Cameron.One senior American politician, Mike Huckabee, called for whoever leaked the documents to be executed.The leading suspect is Bradley Manning, a 23-year-old U.S. Army intelligence analyst who is now in military custody.During an online question and answer session on The Guardian’s website, Mr Assange said: ‘The threats against our lives are a matter of public record, however, we are taking the appropriate precautions to the degree that we are able when dealing with a superpower.’In a clear warning to the authorities, he said the leaked American diplomatic cables, along with ‘significant material from the U.S. and other countries’, had been copied to more than 100,000 people in code.If something happens to us, the key parts will be released automatically,’ he said.In a fresh twist, Mr Assange, who is in hiding somewhere near London, pledged to publish leaked diplomat cables relating to flying saucers.Read the full story here.

  • HT:NewsRealBlog.Soccer World Cup 2022: FIFA Embraces Qatar’s Polygamy and Anti-Semitism.The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) decided on December 2, 2010, to give the 2022 soccer World Cup to Qatar. Qatar is not known for soccer. Rather it is known for supporting, spreading, printing, airing and distributing hatred, bigotry, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and Islamism in all its forms. Giving a regime like that in Qatar the second most important international event worldwide (after the Olympic Games) is a tremendously important decision. A good decision for anti-Semites and women’s rights abusers: spreading anti-Semitism and Islamism counts!The octopus has long been an anti-Semitic symbol. It is widely used as a metaphor for organizations and governments with wide control. This association has been particularly assigned to the idea of a global Jewish conspiracy, most notable with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The false notion is that Jews, in an organized manner, extend their tentacles, or control, around the world.A country which allows such cartoons to be printed in their dailies has no right to host any international event. A country like Qatar should be isolated until its current leaders are gone and democracy, human rights and universalism is on its way.Qatar is world-infamous for hosting one of the most influential Sunni Islamists, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, too. Qaradawi has resided in Qatar since the early 1960s.Anti-Semitism on Arab media: the popular Qatari TV channel Al-Jazeera is still used as a venue for blatant anti-Semitism. The reputable cleric Sheikh Yussuf al-Qardawi presents the conflict with Israel as a campaign between Islam and the Jews and says that Jews should be killed, citing a well-known Islamic tradition.Hmmmm....why choose Qatar in gods name?Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different.Norway’s coldest November in living memory.Yesterday we saw the satellite image of the UK, buried under snow for the second time in 2010, see UK Covered in snow, for the second winter. And we’ve seen and heard the reports about the impact snow is having in the UK and in Europe. Now let’s have alook at some cold records.Norway got over a hundred new records in November.Cold, colder, coldest. Unless you remember back to the year 1919, November 2010 is definitely the “coldest.” It is not uncommon for parts of the country to stand out when meteorologists summarize the weather of the past. This time the whole of Norway that stands out.“It is so special that large areas are cold at once. It has simply been an unusual situation that has pumped cold air into the country, “said Hygen.On the whole, Norway has therefore experienced the coldest month of November since 1919, with the full 3.57 degrees below the normal level. Because the norm is regarded as cold , this is a very big difference!Read the full story here.

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  • Extremists welcome Qatar World Cup.EXTREMISTS welcomed FIFA's decision to have Qatar host the 2022 World Cup, predicting Al-Qaeda will establish an "Islamic State" in the Gulf region in the coming years, monitors said. "You fools, know that Al-Qaeda is on the threshold of establishing the shariah (Islamic law) of Allah the Almighty," a user who went by the name Hafeed al-Hussein posted on the Shumukh al-Islam online forum, according to the US-based SITE Intelligence Group."And who knows, Allah may empower al-Qaeda so that it takes control of matters after a year or two, or five years at most."In 2022, there is no country with the name Qatar, and there is no province called Kuwait and there is no Saudi (Arabia). Instead, there is an emirate called the Islamic State," the post added."In 2018, Russia will organise (the games) and the brothers in the emirate of the Caucasus, with permission from Allah, will make a case to cancel Qatar's" games, he wrote.A forum user who went by the name Huna al-Qaeda predicted 2022 "will be the first World Cup for the mujahideen, with permission from Allah."Hmmm....Thus spoke the almighty referee,entree cards to be bought at the nearest Al-Qaeda head office?Read the full story here.

  • HT:BloggerBase.Warning:Two Devout Muslims Appointed to Homeland Security Posts.Well, boys and girls, the fox is guarding the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep! President Obama appointed two devout Muslims (Must Watch Video: "3 Things Everyone Should Know About Islam") to homeland security posts. Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant...? Just wondering. Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn't this make you feel safer already?? That should make our home land much safer, huh!? Was it not "Devout Muslim men" that flew planes into U.S. buildings 8 1/2 years ago? Was it not a Devout Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood ? Please forward this important information to any who cares about the future of our Country.Hmmm......You got to be kidding me!Merry Christmas America.Talk about the ennemy within?Read the full story here.Related : Obama appoints Muslim whose son was killed waging jihad against Russians.Source.

  • HT:AmnonAndJonathan.Video : View from Haifa University!Location :- Haifa University Climatology lab. View :- South - West.Time :- 2/12/2010 Start 00:00:00 Stop 20:53:23.See the whole story here.

  • Update.Blaze out of control; firemen rescued from flames.Massive blaze rages out of control Friday night; firefighters rescued from northern community of Nir Etzion. Fire brigades plan major operation for Saturday using some 30 firefighting aircraft. Israel’s deadliest fire, which claimed the lives of at least 41 people, continues to rage for second night in a row: Several firefighters were rescued from the flames in the northern community of Nir Etzion, where paramedics continued to search for possible casualties in the area. The fire raged of control late Friday, prompting authorities to block Highway 4. Residents of Nir Etzion as well as Ein Hod and Yemin Ord were ordered to leave their homes urgently as result of grave fears for their lives. The communities were evacuated Thursday, but some residents returned to their houses on Friday. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said that the flames were nearing the Nir Etzion meat factory, which holds gas depots on site.Also Friday, the fire reached the Carmel Forest Spa resort, which was evacuated earlier, and engulfed it in flames. Dozens of firemen were forced to flee the resort earlier as flames approached them rapidly. The blaze was also moving closer to University of Haifa and to the Denia neighborhood in town, Israel’s third-largest city, and was raging in the Isfiya area as well.While the blaze rages on, officials at the fire command post are planning to renew major aerial firefighting efforts on Saturday after halting them at night. Authorities are preparing a complex operation utilizing some 30 firefighting aircraft. The effort will be coordinated by Air Force officials who enlisted for the cause.Firefighting and Rescue Services Spokesman Yoram Levy expressed optimism in a conversation with Ynet, saying that “tomorrow we’ll deliver a serious blow” to the blaze. Read the full story here.

  • "The War on Christmas".'Christmas' Missing From School Calendar Angers Residents.Some people in New Hanover County are upset that school officials decided to use the word "holiday" instead of "Christmas" for their official school calendar.WECT reports the choice, made by the New Hanover County Board of Education, has angered some Christians.The 2011-2012 calendar also does not list Easter and the word "holiday" is used. Meanwhile all other holidays such as Veteran's Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day are clearly identified and labeled."I think that they've offended a lot of people," Theresa McCoy, owner of Cox Christian Bookstore, told WECT. "[They have offended] the Christians who love God and the Christians that want to talk about Christmas."Wake County Public Schools list all holidays as a simple "H"; Durham lists Good Friday as "spring holiday" and Christmas as "winter holiday", while wording all other holidays; Orange County names every individual holiday, including Good Friday, but lists Christmas as "winter vacation"; and Johnston County names every holiday, including Christmas and Good Friday.We want to know what you think. Should it be "Christmas" or "Holiday" and should parents be upset over which word is used? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.Hmmm....who declared war on Christianity?Read the full story here.

  • Pakistan's Tourism Minister – 'Taliban are the True Followers of Islamic Ideology And America is the Biggest Terrorist of the World'.Pakistani Columnist – 'Minister's... Utterances Simply Confirm the Deeply Schizophrenic Country Pakistan has Become'.Tourism Minister: "It is America Which is Against the Interfaith Harmony to Maintain Its Hegemony on the World…""Ulema [Islamic scholars] and the Taliban are the true followers of Islamic ideology and America is the biggest terrorist of the world, which is creating hatred against them…""The ongoing spate of terrorism cannot be eliminated until the U.S. and the world gives equal rights and respect to the Muslims…""It is a misconception that Ulema and the Taliban are against coexistence of people with different religions; in fact it is America which is against the interfaith harmony to maintain its hegemony on the world…"Pakistani Columnist: "The Minister has Openly and Clearly Stated that Pakistan’s Religious Parties and Their Supporters are On the Same Wavelength as the Taliban".Hmmmmm.....perhaps give them another $5 Billion extra.Read the full story here.

  • Rising Oil Prices Fuels Debate Over Offshore Drilling.With oil prices climbing near highs for the year above $88 a barrel Friday, energy analysts predicted that oil could rise to $120 a barrel before the end of 2012, adding more fuel to the debate over offshore drilling.It's hard to say exactly what that would mean for motorists buying gasoline since the price of gas depends upon a number of different variables, including the region, retail prices and local and state taxes, AAA told the current national average price of gas is $2.90 as of Thursday, according to AAA's website. And in July 2008, when oil prices was above $145 a barrel, the national average price of gas was $4.11.The Obama administration's announcement reversed it's decision to hunt for oil and gas that the president himself announced three weeks before the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The oil and gas industry and many Republicans say the Obama administration is stifling domestic oil production and contradicting the will of recession-weary voters eager for new jobs."We're going to use OPEC's oil," he said. "The problem isn't doing business with OPEC. The problem is doing business in a world where OPEC is becoming less relevant."Hmmmm....Lets talk again in Januari,when Iran is chairman of the Opec?Read the full story here.

  • Two nabbed on suspicion of lighting fires in North of Israel.Police chief: Main Carmel fire began from single site, will soon determine whether ignited as result of negligence or arson; new fire burning near Route 70 south of Haifa. Police chief: Main Carmel fire began from single site, will soon determine whether ignited as result of negligence or arson; new fire burning near Route 70 south of Haifa.Police Insp.-Gen. David Cohen said that the two arson suspects arrested earlier in the day are not linked to the main fire on the Carmel Mountain, at a press conference Friday evening.Cohen said that investigators have determined that the large fire (Carmel) spread from a single ignition point. He added that the cause of the fire, either arson or negligence, would probably be determined by Saturday.The police inspector-general said that there were, however, a number of suspected arson attacks in the North, but that the cause of the large Carmel fire was still unknown.Police have said that additional fires in Kiryat Bialik and Tivon were both caused by arson.A separate wildfire was reported Friday afternoon in a field near Route 70, in the southern Carmel mountains near Bat Shlomo (south of Haifa). Route 70 was closed to traffic in both directions.Earlier on Friday, police found a bike, a bag, and a wig inside near a fire center in Tzur Shalom, leading them to believe that the fire was caused by an arsonist or arsonists. Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the Post that there are 3 fire centers - Tzur Shalom, the Atlit - Tirat Hacarmel area, and the Carmel hillsides. In one, Tzur Shalom, north of Haifa, "we located suspicious items pointing to arson. As for the other two major fires, it is too early and the incidents are to large in scale to know their causes at this stage." The death toll in the fires rose to 42 on Friday according to Army Radio.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Turkish Journalist Society Says U.S. Embassy Must Disclose Names Of Turkish Reporters In Contact With U.S.The United States Embassy in Ankara should disclose the names of journalists who gave information to the embassy, the Turkish Journalist's Society said in a written statement today.The director of the society's press council said that no one had the right to make allegations leaving journalists under suspicion following the release of some WikiLeaks cables quoting Turkish journalists.“We consider it necessary that the allegations the U.S. ambassador to Turkey received information from some Turkish journalists are clarified,” the TGC statement said.“To evaluate the context in which journalists and the embassy are thought to have engaged and whether that is compatible with journalistic principles. The names of the journalists and the quality of the information should be disclosed. No one has the right to make allegations that would leave journalists in general under suspicion,” the statement read.Hmmm....ever heard of Freedom of the press and protecting sources?Ah yes this is Turkey we're talking about with more then 50 journalists in prison.Read the full story here.

  • IPI’s Turkish National Committee, Says 50 Journalists Now in Prison in Turkey.The Steering Committe of the Brussels-based European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) on Friday 5 November lent its full support to a campaign by the Turkish ‘Freedom for Journalists Platform which seeks the release of all journalists currently imprisoned in Turkey. EFJ representatives, along with their colleagues from the NUJ branch and the AGJPB, demonstrated in front of the Turkish embassy in Brussels, to mark the organisation’s fifth annual “Stand Up for Journalism Day”.An EFJ letter to Turkey’s Permanent Representative to the EU, at the Turkish embassy in Brussels, Selim Kuneralp, noted that in Turkey journalists’ “fundamental rights to freedom of expression are violated on a daily basis.”Meanwhile, in the Turkish capital Ankara, members of the Freedom for Journalists Platform – which includes the International Press Institute’s Turkish National Committee - gathered opposite the offices of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and read out a press release.
    The press release – entitled “We Stand Up for Freedom for the Journalısts” – noted that as of 30 September, 2010, there were 50 press workers in Turkish prisons. Six of them have been sentenced.Hmmm....Turkey ....freedom of the press? Read the full story here.

  • You Thought Passing Health Reform Was Hard? Try Repealing It.Critics of health care reform this week thought they would get their first win in the campaign to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Instead they got a lesson in just how politically challenging a wholesale repeal might be.At issue was an obscure, but unpopular, provision within the new health law that requires businesses to file 1099 tax forms anytime they purchase goods or services worth more than $600. The idea is to collect income taxes from the vendors producing those goods and services -- taxes many vendors avoid paying now. The change is supposed to produce $19 billion in new revenue. The money will help pay for the health overhaul's consumer protections and coverage expansions.But many businesses say that filing all the new 1099s will be a huge burden. Even some of the law's architects, like Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., say they are sympathetic to those complaints. For several months, they have been promising to strip the provision -- and to replace it with something better.Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigGoverment.Nothing Changed This Week-The FCC Still Has No Authority to Regulate the Internet.The news to be culled from this latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) attempt to usurp Internet regulatory authority and impose Network Neutrality is – there really is no news. At least in the broadest – and most important – sense.What was true before FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Tuesday midnight run to grab power over the Web remains true today – the FCC does not have the authority to do what they have just announced they will do on December 21st.Unless and until the Congress enacts law making it so, the FCC doesn’t have the authority to do anything. December’s vote to commandeer control of the Internet is no more legitimate than – and just as capricious as – if they were to vote themselves masters of all the nation’s pizza joints.The FCC – no government agency – can just decide they want to regulate an industry – and then vote themselves power over it. That’s not constitutional, representative, limited government – that’s Hugo Chavez-style expropriative despotism.And it’s not as if The Chairman has been suffering from a dearth of people pointing out his lack of authority. We have repeatedly pointed it out. And it hasn’t just been us.In April, the D.C. Circuit Court said so, unanimously ruling the obvious – that the Commission does not have the authority to do anything to the Internet.Then 302 members of Congress said the same – a large bipartisan majority. So then did more than 150 organizations, state legislators and bloggers , seventeen minority groups (that are usually almost always in Democrat lockstep) and many additional normally Democrat paragons including several large unions, several racial grievance groups and at least one anti-free market environmentalist group.And then The Chairman officially announced his intent to usurp authority.His Republican FCC colleagues – Commissioners Meredith Atwell-Baker and Robert McDowell – did not mince words. Commissioner Baker said it is a “mistake,” and rightly reasserted the evident: “We do not have authority to act.”Commissioner McDowell pointed out one of the uglier aspects of this utterly ugly power grab: “Pushing a small group of hand-picked industry players toward a ‘choice’ between a bad option (Title I Internet regulation) or a worse option (regulating the Internet like a monopoly phone company under Title II) smacks more of coercion than consensus or compromise.”All four potential Republican House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman – the FCC-relevant House Committee – lambasted the move and vowed to undo it as soon as any one of them are sworn in as the new Majority in January. Notable here is that they plan to undo it legislatively, which is again the only proper way this should be done in the first place.So if it ain’t broke, why is The Chairman planning to execute a HUGE, overreaching Christmas power grab to “fix” it?Hmmmm.....Just to take controll of everything?Read the full story here.

  • Israel cannot have access to NATO capabilities, Turkish president says.NATO capabilities could not be used by Israel, the Turkish president said, reaffirming a condition of the country’s support for the alliance’s United States-led missile defense project. “Israel is not a member of NATO and any cooperation is not a point in the issue. I explicitly say in principle this is not possible,” President Abdullah Gül told Euronews during an interview Friday.During talks prior to a recent NATO summit, Turkey said it would only support the defense project if the alliance agreed to the condition it would not share intelligence with non-NATO members. This was a veiled reference to Israel, given the U.S.’ alleged ambition that the project protect that country against a possible attack from Iran. In these most recent comments, Gül has explicitly ruled out the possibility of Israel accessing NATO resources and capabilities.Hmmmm....since when is Turkey the spokesperson for NATO?And behave like they own NATO?You can't single out Iran, but Israel is no problem?Read the full story here.

  • Pakistan's flood aid 'unspent and mismanaged'.Mismanagement and misuse of cash are hampering relief efforts for Pakistan's flood victims with nearly 60 million dollars in a prime minister's fund still unspent, officials say.Foreign donors have stumped up just half of a U.N. appeal target of $1.93 billion, sparking fears for 6.8 million who need emergency shelter as winter sets in, while farmland could remain flooded for another six months.But officials say efforts to rebuild 1.6 million homes are being compromised by infighting between federal and provincial authorities, and express amazement that a $58.5 million prime minister's fund remains entirely unspent.Read the full story here.

  • Pakistan - Christian and Muslim religious leaders call for changes to blasphemy law.Participants at a seminar titled “The Blasphemy Laws, A call for Review”, organised by the Jinnah Institute on Wednesday, agreed that the blasphemy law is discriminatory and is being used by individuals as a tool for revenge in personal disputes. Christian and Muslim religious leaders as well as representatives of NGOs and civil society were present. Pakistan’s Federal Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic, was also there.Participants discussed a draft bill by former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman that would modify sections 295A and C of the Pakistan Penal Code as well as section 298 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The bill intends to ensure that all citizens of Pakistan have an equal right to constitutional protection and that miscarriages of justice in the name of blasphemy are avoided at all costs.Javed Ahmad Ghamdi, a Muslim religious scholar, also criticised the law for discriminating against minorities. In his view, the law must be reviewed in accordance with the real teachings of Islam so as to prevent judges from using any loopholes. According to data from the Catholic Church’s National Commission on Justice and Peace, at least 964 people were charged between 1986 and 2009 with desecrating the Qur‘an or defaming the Prophet Muhammad. They include 479 Muslim, 340 Ahmadis, 119 Christians, 14 Hindus and 10 people from other religions. The blasphemy law is often used as a pretext for attacks, personal vendettas or extra-judicial murders. Since it came into effect, 33 people have been killed by individuals or angry mobs.Hmmm......The Religion of Peace.Read the full story here.

  • Iran arrests suspects 'linked to foreign spy agencies' over bomb attack which killed nuclear scientist.Iranian intelligence has said it has made a number of arrests over the murder of a nuclear scientist, state television reported.The unspecified number of those arrested have been linked to foreign spy agencies in Israel, the United States and Britain, according to reports.Nuclear scientist Dr Majid Sharuyari was killed in a bomb attack on his car in Tehran on Monday, his wife was also wounded.A second blast seriously wounded another nuclear scientist Dr Fereidoun Abbasi-Davani and his wife was also injured in the city on the same day.Intelligence Minister, Heydar Moslehi, said: 'A part of a group behind the recent terrorist attacks have been arrested. 'Mossad, CIA and MI6 have played a role in this incident and by arresting these people we have found new clues,' television quoted Iranian minister Moslehi as saying. 'Those who cooperated with these spy agencies ... had more plans, but they were stopped,' he added, without giving the number of those arrested or any other further details.Hmmmm...."It's a Zionist plot"?Read the full story here.

  • ADL calls on universities to strip former White House correspondent Helen Thomas of all professional honors following anti-Jewish speech.In response to former White House correspondent Helen Thomas’s latest anti-Jewish comments, the Anti-Defamation League is calling on all journalism schools and professional organizations to rescind the honors they have granted her.On Thursday in Dearborn, Mich., Thomas defended the comments that resulted in her abrupt resignation from Hearst Newspapers (telling the Jews to get out of Israel) and went on to assert that Zionists controlled America’s foreign policy and institutions.“Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question, in my opinion,” Thomas said. “They put their money where their mouth is. We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.”Abraham Foxman, ADL national director, expressed his displeasure and called on those who have honored Thomas to revoke their support in a statement released Friday“Helen Thomas has clearly, unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite,” Foxman said. “Her suggestion that Zionists control government, finance and Hollywood is nothing less than classic, garden-variety anti-Semitism. This is a sad final chapter to an otherwise illustrious career. Unlike her previous, spontaneous remarks into a camera, these words were carefully thought out and conscious. It shows a prejudice that is deep-seated and obsessive.Hmmmm.....finally the Truth!Read the full "story" here.

  • Churches organise day of fasting on 9 December to remember the martyrs of Baghdad’s cathedral.The Council of Christian Religious Leaders in Iraq has called on the faithful from all Churches to commemorate the martyrs of Baghdad’s Syriac-Orthodox Cathedral on 9 December. On 31 October, al-Qaeda-linked terrorists stormed Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral in the Iraqi capital, as the liturgy was underway. Because of the attack and the subsequent gun battle between hostage takers and Iraqi security forces, 58 people were killed and more than 70 were wounded. Forty-six Christians, including women, children and two priests, were among the dead.On Wednesday, Christian leaders turned down an invitation to participate in a meeting in Erbil on “Coexistence and social tolerance” organised by the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights. By refusing to take part in the event, they wanted to tell the government that it has shown inadequate concern for the security of Christians.Hmmmm.....Outrage of the American President....silence....crickets.Read the full story here.

  • CITIBANK sues Ground Zero Victory Mosque developer for default on $100,000 business loan.Citibank has sued Ground Zero mosque developer, Sharif El-Gamal and his real estate firm, Soho Properties, over failure to pay back nearly $100,000 ($99,489) borrowed from a business credit account last year, according to a complaint filed in a Manhattan court.This is not the first time that the developer of the controversial Ground Zero mosque has come under the purview of such charges. El-Gamal has been hounded by other creditors. In October, Valley National Bank sued El-Gamal and Soho Properties for $95,778 plus interest after they defaulted on a loan in 2009, the suit charges.In August, a Manhattan landlord sued El-Gamal and Soho Properties for $39,000 in back rent. The suit was later withdrawn, and the matter was resolved out of court.Hmmm....Meanwhile applying for a $ 5 Million taxpayer loan from the city?Ah but yes he's  was just made NBC’s Person of the Year.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Israpundit.One paperclip at a time. Children at a small Tennessee school find a unique way to honor Holocaust victims.After learning that Hitler killed six million Jews, a group of 8th graders tried to understand what a number that big looked like. The students decided to collect a paper clip for each Jew who died in the Holocaust, after learning that a Norwegian Jew invented the paper clip, and Norwegians wore them on their lapels as a symbol of solidarity against Nazi occupation in World War II.“When I heard about the project and was asked to help, I was so excited I couldn’t say ‘yes’ quick enough!” Sandra Roberts, an 8th grade teacher recalls in Paper Clips.“We set out to teach our children that not everyone is white and Protestant and lives in a rural community. That is all we wanted to do! Just a nice simple thing,” said Linda Hooper, former principal of Whitwell Middle School.The project began slowly, when the students mailed out letters requesting paperclips and responses came back explaining the reasons for those sending one in. Over several years, thousands of paperclips and letters were received from all over the world, including from Tom Hanks, Bill Cosby and former president George H. Bush and his son, George W.Bush. One jewelry designer in California sent a shipment of 100,000 paper clips. But the students still needed millions more to reach their goal.Hmmm....something tells me probably the current President has not send a paperclip ...... yet?Read and see the full story here.

  • Disappointing Job Growth in U.S. as Jobless Rate Hits 9.8%.In a jolting surprise to the economic recovery and market expectations, the United States economy added just 39,000 jobs in November, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent, according to the Department of Labor. November’s numbers were far below the consensus forecast of close to 150,000 jobs added and an unchanged unemployment rate of 9.6 percent. More than 15 million people remained out of work last month, and 6.3 million of them have been unemployed for six months or longer.Retail jobs declined by 28,000 in November, while manufacturing, which had showed some strength earlier in the year, lost 13,000 jobs. Government jobs dropped by 11,000 in the month. Hmmmm.....Solution from the planbureau....Install bodyscanners everywhere and hire people to man them?Read the full story here.

  • Pakistani cleric calls for Christian to be killed.PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- A hardline Pakistani cleric offered a cash reward Friday for anyone who kills a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy against Islam. A Pakistani court sentenced Asia Bibi to death on Nov. 8, triggering protests from human rights groups and Christian organizations in Pakistan and abroad. Islamist political parties have demonstrated in support of the sentence and the blasphemy laws. Yousef Qureshi made the call for her murder at a rally in the northwestern town of Peshawar. "The Mohabat Khan mosque of Peshawar will pay a reward of 500,000 rupees ($5,800) to those who kill Asia Bibi," Qureshi told around 300 people, referring to the mosque he preaches at. City authorities were not immediately available for comment on his remarks.Later, Qureshi told reporters that his first demand was for the government to execute Bibi. If not, he said, "then we appeal to the mujahedeen, the Taliban and all those who love the Prophet to come forward and kill this woman."Hm.......Obama...."Islam is a great religion".Read the full story here.

  • HT:WZ.CNN Reporter Placed on TSA Terror Watch List After Criticizing The… TSA…Read and see the full story here.

  • More horror stories from Russian child hospitals.On the eve of a large-scale rally planned to promote improved healthcare for children in Novosibirsk, two more incidents highlight the parlous state of Russia’s hospitals.In Zabaikalsk Region, deep in Siberia, parents are planning legal action against the doctors who they believe failed to save their son’s life.Meanwhile a blogger has launched an online appeal to President Dmitry Medvedev over the “nightmare” conditions in a Moscow children’s hospital.In a case which echoes the death of eight-month-old Maxim Makarov in Novosibirsk earlier this month, the family of Andrei Kotenok are taking legal action after the six-year-old’s death following kidney surgery.According to the family found one hospital could provide neither specialist staff nor appropriate medicine when he needed surgery after a cycling accident in June 2010, and it took a 10-hour drive to get the boy to a hospital which could help.That delay contributed to the boy’s death the next day, his relatives believe.It is also claimed that a shortage of suitable blood for a transfusion and a faulty monitor further hindered Andrei’s hopes of recovery.And, referring to the presidential address Medvedev made on Tuesday, which focused on children and modernisation, Yanissimo asked: “Do you have any ideas about children in general?“We are cut off from our culture. From education, from medicine, from science," he said sarcastically.“But we have Skolkovo, and we are proud of you"Hmmm.....medicare by the goverment...Obama's dream..or is it a nightmare?Read the full story here.

  • At least 60 killed by cold snap across Europe.London's Gatwick airport reopened on Friday, but others including London Heathrow and Glasgow warned of more cancellations and delays.At least 60 people have died across Europe during the current cold snap, as snow plagued transport in Britain on Friday and serious flooding prompted mass evacuations in the Balkans.Seventeen people died in Central Europe in the last 24 hours from the cold, bringing the total this week to 45. A further 11 died in Russia, plus three in France and one in Germany, according to local authorities.At least 30 people, mainly homeless men, have died in Poland in the past week, and temperatures dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius (five degrees Fahrenheit) overnight.Temperatures plunged to minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus four Fahrenheit) in Braemar, Scotland, while Britain struggled to get back to its feet after days of transport chaos.Read the full story here.

  • And now for something completely different.Bruised, tied up and caged: The desperate plight of starving orangutans forced into villages to look for food as their rainforest home is destroyed.Arms wrapped dejectedly around his mother, this baby orangutan can only cling on to her for comfort after being tied up in a cage.The pitiful creatures were captured after going into a village in Sungai Pinyuh, Indonesia, in a desperate search for food.They were then beaten by villagers so badly one of the primates died before being locked in the tiny cage without food or water.Hmmm...who's are the animals?Read the full story here.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Even If Acquitted, Pakistani Blasphemy Suspect Is In Mortal Danger.A 45-year-old mother of two has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy. But the real danger Aasia Bibi faces may not come from her court case. That is because, to date, although some have been sentenced to death, no one has ever been executed in Pakistan for blasphemy.Instead, the danger is that she will be killed if she is freed. And for that there are ample precedents.In July, two Christian brothers accused of writing a blasphemous pamphlet critical of the Prophet Muhammad were shot dead within the premises of a court in Punjab. One of the brothers was a pastor. That happened as they exited a court hearing in Faisalabad city, where hundreds of protesters had demanded they be sentenced to death.Those same crowds of protestors have gathered in Bibi's case like ominous storm clouds hovering over the proceedings.The only certainty is that the blasphemy law itself is never likely to be repealed. Minority Affairs Minister Bhatti, who is a Christian, told Reuters on November 23 that a repeal "is not being considered, though we are considering changing it so that misuse of the law should be stopped."But the pernicious effects of the blasphemy laws -- and the threat they present not just to victims, but to the rule of law in Pakistan -- run too deep to be mitigated by simply guarding against misuse.Since the controversial blasphemy laws were introduced by then-dictator General Zia-ul- Huq in 1980, at least 1,035 men and women, including Muslims, Ahmadis, Christians, and Hindus have been accused, although all the accusations were dropped when the cases reached the higher courts.Some have languished in jail for years awaiting a final resolution of their case. Waji ul-Hassan, a Christian, has been on death row since 2002.Perhaps worse still, the laws have helped to legitimize the physical attacks, social stigmatization, forced conversion, and continued institutional degradation that characterize the position of religious minorities in Pakistan.Read the full story here.

  • HT:Antisemmitism.USA - Helen Thomas says Zionists control U.S. foreign policy.Helen Thomas said that she stands by her comments about Israel she made earlier this year that led to her resignation as a national columnist. And she went further, saying that Zionists control U.S. foreign policy and other institutions. The local Jewish community condemned her remarks. In an interview, Thomas, 90, said that criticizing Israel led to her resignation and ostracism in Washington. “I can call a president of the United States anything in the book, but I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank,” Thomas said. “No American would tolerate that — white-only roads.” Thomas, a longtime White House correspondent who grew up in Detroit as the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, was in Dearborn for a workshop on anti-Arab bias. In a speech inside a center in Dearborn, she talked about “the whole question of money involved in politics.” “Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question, in my opinion,” she said. “They put their money where their mouth is. We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.” Asked by the Free Press how she would respond to those who say she’s antisemitic, Thomas said: “I’d say I’m a Semite. What are you talking about?”Hmmmm........Qur'an (5:51) - "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends".Hatred for Jews proved at Dearbornistan? Read the full story here.

  • The "War" on Christmas.Nutter Putting Christmas Signs Back Up.PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter says the city will restore two signs that read "German Christmas Village" after two days of controversy after the city tried to replace the word "Christmas" with "Holiday" at a seasonal market operated at City Hall.Nutter said the change will be made on Thursday in time for the Holiday Tree lighting ceremony.A member of city council, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and many local people weren't happy that city officials wanted the word "Christmas" taken off signs at the annual shopping fair."It was very disappointing to learn of the city’s decision to remove the word “Christmas” on the village archway sign located at Dilworth Plaza in Philadelphia," the archdiocese said on Wednesday.The organizer of the "Christmas Village" event vowed that he would not delete "Christmas" from his event's name, but he had to take down the signs about the event to comply with a city request.But Philadelphia Councilwoman Joan Krajewski announced that she would introduce a ceremonial resolution calling on the city to remember and respect it’s citizens who celebrate Christmas.Fox 29's Joyce Evans reported late Wednesday evening that Mayor Nutter asked Councilwoman Krajewski not to introduce this resolution Thursday morning. She has agreed, in the "spirit of Christmas."The decision quickly became a hot potato as the story went viral on the Internet, and people let their feelings known on Facebook.Hmmmm....Merry Christmas Pani  Krajewski .Read the full story here.

  • Israel lost Turkey's friendship - Gul.Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said that any cooperation between Israel and NATO was out of question.In an interview with Euronews, Gul said that the missile defense system by NATO was related to only NATO members, stating that Israel was not a member of NATO."Any cooperation between Israel and NATO is out of question. Israel cannot use NATO's means," he said.Gul expressed his reaction to axis shift discussions regarding Turkey and said, "all these things are wrong. Turkey's course is clear. Turkey is working to reach the most developed democratic standards and economic standards. The country amends its constitution and laws. Turkey pursues an all-around policy."In regard to Turkey's approach toward Iranian nuclear issue, Gul said that Turkey was sensitive to an issue concerning its neighbor.Gul said that Turkey had a sound determination regarding its EU accession process.Hmmm....since when is Turkey the official spokesperson for NATO?Read the full story here.

  • British Christian Group Raises Concerns About Shari’a-Compliant Food.A Christian organization in Britain has launched a petition campaign aimed at defending the right of those who for religious, moral or other reasons do not want to eat meat slaughtered according to Islamic law (shari’a).Operation Nehemiah says it has no objection to Muslims having the freedom to follow their own religious practices and being catered to by the food industry, but it objects to non-Muslims having little or no choice in the matter.It argues that the mainstreaming of halal across the world constitutes part of a global Islamization drive. A Malaysia-based body called the World Halal Forum held a European-focused meeting in London in November, under the theme “Halal Products and Services – Going Mainstream.”Operation Nehemiah describes itself as a project that aims to “rebuild [Britain’s] Christian foundations.” It is part of the Barnabas Fund, an international charity working among Christians living in Islamic societies.“We believe that Christians and other non-Muslims should have the freedom to make an informed choice about whether or not to eat meat that has been religiously slaughtered according to shari’a,” Barnabas Fund international director Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo said in a statement.“We are recommending that halal food should always be labeled as such, and that non-halal alternatives should always be available to consumers.”Hmmmm....about time.Example in Canada :"Campbell tomato soup only available in "Halal" .Our Halal-certified products have been chosen specifically to suit the flavour preferences of the Muslim community."The non Muslims just have to eat halal.Read the full story here.

  • Israel - Fire swells, residents evacuated by force.Pastoral kibbutz of Beit Oren lies in ruins as blaze that has consumed more than 7,000 acres of land, killed more than 40 people continued to rage. Police say some residents refused to leave homes despite danger.Kibbutz Beit Oren was destroyed almost entirely in the fire, which claimed the lives of over 40 people and consumed more than 7,000 acres of land, according to the Jewish National Fund. A number of residents in Beit Oren and Nir Etzion refused to leave their homes, to which they had returned despite the approaching flames. Police say that in a number of extreme cases, officers were forced to evacuate people by force. Police also began to evacuate homes in Isfiya as the fire blazing through northern Israel began to near the homes on the outskirts of the Druze town. Beit Oren, one of Israel's most pastoral towns lay in ruins Friday morning, with trash cans melting on the streets and shards of glass from broken windows scattered throughout. The valley near Beit Oren, once a gorgeous green, had turned to black.Read the full story here. First of 23 int'l fire aircraft lands at northern IAF base . Source.

  • Police think fire caused by arsonists; search for suspects.Police found a bike, a bag, and a wig inside near a fire center in Tzur Shalom on Friday, leading them to believe that the Carmel brush-fires raging across northern Israel are being caused by an arsonist or arsonists. Galillee police were spread out over the area searching for suspects.Source.

  • HT:AmnonandJonathan.Carmel Inferno Dec 3rd 2010.Mount Carmel, with its wild cliffs and green landscapesbecame a symbol of beauty for good reason. Its special characteristics also made it a part of religious tradition. It was here that Elijah performed one of his best-known miracles... bringing down fire from heaven... Jews, Druze, Muslims and Christians sanctified its sites, and the Carmelite order of Catholic monks bears its name. The mountain features forest and woodland species of trees, as well as shrubs, numerous flowers and a variety of wildlife, along with wonderful panoramas and archaeological sites going back to the dawn of humanity.Read the full story here.

  • Escaping Indonesian housemaid dies in fall from Saudi building.An Indonesian housemaid was killed on Thursday when she fell while tried to escape from a third-floor apartment in Saudi Arabia, a local newspaper said on Friday.The maid used clothes tied to each other in her escape attempt through the window from the flat in the western port of Jeddah after she learned her original employer would come and get her, Okaz Arabic language daily reported.The unnamed maid had absconded from her employer in the northwestern town of Hail and worked for the owner of the flat in Jeddah, the paper said.“The main tried to escape when she learned that her employer was coming to take her back to his house…she tried to escape and died as a result,” said Lt. Naif Al-Wafidi, a police spokesman in Jeddah.He said the maid’s body would be transferred to the Forensic Medicine Administration to determine whether there are injuries other than those caused by the fall.Hmmmmm....Indonesian maids and Saudi masters seems to be a serious problem?Read the full story here.

  • HT:ElderOfZion.Muslim.Net forum cheering burnt Israelis.The mujahid-loving members of Muslim.Net message forums are happily celebrating some forty Israelis being burned to death.They are publishing explicit photographs of burned bodies (warning: very graphic) and sprinkling in liberal doses of "Allahu Akbar." They are also implying that this was a case of arson: one page says "The Mujahideen said the brother to sneak into the land."Their happiness is palpable. It is beyond disgusting.Source.

  • HT:Powerline.Venezuela's Jewish Community Sees "Dark Horizon". Jewish community leaders told PolCouns the Venezuelan government's (GBRV's) attacks and "double-talk," constant criticism of Israel, growing alliance with Iran, and increasing limitations on freedom of speech contribute to a heightened sense of vulnerability by the Jewish community. ...Given the ongoing sense of threat, CAIV members agreed on the need for close relations with the U.S. and other Embassies as a form of diplomatic protection for the Jewish community. One wonders, during the Obama administration, how realistic that hope is.Read the full story here.

  • HT:PajamasMedia.Islamists Targeting Christians ‘Wherever They Can Reach Them’.In 2006, when Pope Benedict quoted history deemed unflattering to Islam, Christians around the Muslim world paid the price: anti-Christian riots ensued, churches were burned, and a nun was murdered in Somalia. That was then. Days ago, when a Christian in Egypt was accused of dating a Muslim woman, twenty-two Christian homes were set ablaze, to cries of “Allah Akbar.” Countless other examples of one group of Christians in the Muslim world being “punished” in response to other Christians exist.Read the full story here.

  • HT:WZ.Oklahoma Attorney General Fighting Judge’s Decision to Issue Injunction Against Law Banning Sharia…Read and see the full story here.

  • HT:GatewayPundit.Wow! That Was Quick… Obama Administration Deploys Scanner Checkpoints at Bus Stations (Video).This is unbelievable…The Obama Administration has already started using the controversial naked body scanners at bus stations… Because terrorizing innocent travelers at airports is simply not enough for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration.As we and many others mentioned at the onset of the recent TSA policy changes regarding security at airports, similar measures would soon be introduced at other public venues.The Transportation Administration has now begun deploying temporary, rapid response checkpoints at bus stations in Tampa. Dubbed VIPER for Visual Intermodal Protection and Response, the checkpoints are designed to be put into place in the event a terrorist threat arises in the future.Hmmm.....where does the operating personel come from?Read the full story here.

  • HT:RefugeeResettlementWatch.Follow immigration and refugee issues on Capitol Hill at this website. just yesterday learned about this website ( for news about what is happening in Washington and on Capitol Hill regarding the issues we care about here at RRW. Note today the Dream Act could come up in the Senate but it is unlikely. You can also track daily immigration issues and action-needed at NumbersUSA, here.A reminder to readers: We have a category entitled, ‘where to find information,’ you might want to check it out from time to time.Source.

  • HT:HotAir.Deficit commission: What ObamaCare needs is … death panels.The good news for Barack Obama: the Associated Press reports today that Obama’s deficit commission wants to keep most of ObamaCare in place. The bad news: they pronounce it unsustainable — unless it includes hard caps on c0verage and decisions made to stop care. Doesn’t this sound a little familiar?In fact, that’s the very process the deficit commission says will be needed to make ObamaCare viable. Peter Orszag made it clear how IPAB would become one of the most powerful agencies in the federal government, and how its decisions would mainly be out of reach of Congress as part of its design. That was clear early in the process, as was how that power would be used. Now the deficit commission has not only recognized it but argues that without a “death panel,” ObamaCare simply won’t work.Which is what Sarah Palin argued all along.Hmmmm......Alea iacta est,"The die is now cast".Read the full story here.

  • HT:RightSideNews.Muslim Tries Mass Murder in Oregon - NYTimes Worries Law Enforcement Offend Terrorists.After jihadist attempts mass-murder in Oregon, New York Times worries that law enforcement authorities may be offending Muslims.Muslims in Portland and elsewhere are angry because undercover agents helped the jihadist plan the attack; apparently they're trying to paint a picture of a naif led along and ultimately framed by unscrupulous and "Islamophobic" agents. The lingering question, however, is this: what would it take to lead you to participate in a terrorist mass-murder plot? If undercover agents approached you and tried to entice you into working to kill large numbers of innocent people, how hard would it be to convince you to do it?Speaking strictly for myself, I have absolutely no worries of ever being entrapped in this way; there is simply nothing, under any circumstances, that anyone could say to me to convince me to blow anyone up. If Mohamed Mohamud had not already had jihad and murder on his mind, he could never have been cajoled into participating in this plot -- if, indeed, he needed to be cajoled at all."My worry would be that the F.B.I. is pushing to a point where it becomes difficult to trust the F.B.I.," said Mr. Ayloush, who added that he was a graduate of an F.B.I. Citizens' Academy. "When people start doubting, then they might feel like, 'Well, maybe it might make things worse if I call,' and we don't want this."The New York Times makes no mention, of course, of the fact that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case . CAIR operatives, including Hussam Ayloush when I challenged him directly and repeatedly to do so during a radio debate, have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several of its former officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror . Two of its other officials have made Islamic supremacist statements . CAIR also was involved in the Flying Imams' intimidation suit against the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior.Hmmm....the "Enemy" within?Read the full story here.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Of course: Wikileaks an anti-Turkish plot engineered by Israel. The Turks have become as predictable and paranoid as the Arabs.Israel could have engineered the release of hundreds of thousands of confidential documents on WikiLeaks as a plot to corner Turkey on both domestic and foreign policy, according to a senior ruling party official.The first signal came from President Abdullah Gül, who said Tuesday the leaks seemed to be a result of a systematic work with some purpose behind it.“Documents were released and they immediately said, ‘Israel will not suffer from this.’ How did they know that?” Çelik said.Are they selling the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the streets of Ankara yet? I'm sure it's a best seller in the Turkish government.Read the full story here.

  • HT:AmnonandJonathan.Politically Incorrect Message for the Holidays.As a “right wing Jewish extremist” as many of my fellow Jews might describe me, so as to isolate me from the “lamestream” I have a question as to why Jewish Liberals find the celebration of Chanukah as the most important of all Jewish festivals to actively and proudly celebrate in America. Passover, Tabernacles and Pentecost are more important but most reform synagogues are closed, go figure!Chanukah is not a Biblical festival, not commanded to be celebrated by G-d but it is a celebration on par with the July 4th commemorating freedom from persecution and the independence of Israel. The Macabbees who lead the revolt against the Hellenist Greeks were right wing extremist zealots like me, who believed in a free undivided land of Israel, not a solution that might bring “peace.” Liberal Jews like the Hellenists support abortion “pro choice,” a pc word for murder, homosexuality, euthanasia and a shared land of Israel the size of Delaware instead of the area of New Jersey, while the Maccabees would frown at such affronts to G-d’s natural laws and promises.It is hard to believe that liberal Jews could embrace such a festival or concept called Chanukah based on the historic and miraculous reason it is celebrated.I as a supporter of the Maccabee cause wish to free Israel, all Israel, of the affront of Islamic domination. Today I am called an extremist and hatemonger. If I lived 2500 years ago I would be a hero and commemorated by liberals later (today) as such, yet today based on the same issues repeated in front of our eyes, to a liberal I would be a “hatemonger” promoting “hate speech.”Hmmm.........Politically incorrect maybe,truthfull....surely.Read the full story here.

  • HT:TheAmericanDream.12 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Right Now To Prepare For The Coming Financial Apocalypse.It is becoming increasingly apparent that the U.S. economy is heading for complete and total disaster. State and local governments across the nation are uncontrollably bleeding red ink. The federal government has accumulated the largest debt in world history. Every year we buy hundreds of billions of dollars more from the rest of the world than they buy from us. That means that we are getting hundreds of billions of dollars poorer as a nation every single year. Meanwhile, thousands of factories and millions of jobs continue to be sent overseas as American cities turn into post-industrial wastelands. Incomes are down, unemployment remains at depressingly high levels and very few of our politicians seem to have any idea how to fix things. Yes, things are really, really bad. So what are some things that we can all be doing to prepare for the coming financial apocalypse?Well, the truth is that we all need to start becoming less dependent on "the system". If the economy does completely fall apart at some point, your employer is probably not going to take care of you. Neither is the federal government - just look at what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In the end, you are going to have to take care of yourself and your family.So are you ready?Now is the time to prepare. If you wait until things totally fall apart it will be far too late.The following are 12 simple things that you can start doing right now to prepare for the coming financial apocalypse.Read the full story here.

  • HT:BigPeace.Europe Tries to Save Itself with Massive New Bailout Program.Last week (see Ireland Bailout Fails to Calm Markets), we showed you graphs of bond yields (interest rates) for four of the PIIGS countries — Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.Now, here are the graphs for Italy and Belgium.These interest rates are still around only 4-5%, not the 9-12% rates we were talking about for the other countries. But you can see from the graphs that they’re rising parabolically, and that’s causing EU officials to become nervous and panicky. The financial crisis is spreading.It’s not just countries that are affected. European corporations that wish to borrow money by issuing bonds are even worse off, according to the Financial Times (Access).“Borrowing costs for most companies and banks in Europe have jumped but issuers from countries on the eurozone’s periphery have suffered most,” according to the article. “Analysts and bankers said that, in effect, bond markets had mostly shut for these issuers.”Bond yields improved slightly on Wednesday on the rumor that the European Central Bank (ECB) was going to propose a massive new bailout program on Thursday, on the order of 1-2 trillion euros. Under the proposal, the ECB would purchase the country bonds and possibly also the corporate bonds at lower-than-market interest rates, effectively transferring the debt risk from the individual countries and corporations to the European Union itself.It’s not at all certain that the proposal will be accepted. Similar programs by the American Federal Reserve central bank could be enacted with much less difficulty because of the highly centralized American government. But the European Union is still a loosely confederated group of countries.From the point of view of Generational Dynamics, the League of Nations and the euro currency were both created at roughly the same time in the generational cycle: during an Unraveling era just preceding a crisis era and a crisis world war.The survivors of World War II created the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation (Green Revolution), and other international organizations not only to prevent a new world war, but also to end poverty and starvation and to improve health. This happened as World War II ended, and could not have happened at any other time. That’s the way the world works.There are many big projects floating around these days — the European Union, the euro currency, universal health care are examples. All of these projects are doomed to failure, like the League of Nations, and will be destroyed by the approaching world war. But once the war ends, all of them will be resurrected and implemented by the survivors.Read the full story here.

  • HT:HIDF.Parallel Pathways: Essays on Hindu-Muslim Relations (1707-1857).Meenakshi Jain’s book explains the leitmotif for Hindu-Muslim relations for over a millennium and demolishes the ‘harmony’ theory, writes A SURYA PRAKASH.Hindus and Muslims lived amicably in undivided India until Britain colonised the country, promoted conflict between the two communities, pursued a policy of divide and rule and eventually presided over the division of the country before exiting from the subcontinent. This is the standard narrative of many Left-leaning historians who shut their eyes to historical truths and moulded history to suit their ideological predilections. Much of this, however, is false because it seeks to hide the facts regarding the cruelty and despotism of many Muslim rulers, the destruction of thousands of Hindu temples, the religious persecution of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains and the sustained efforts of these rulers to dismantle the cultural edifice of the Indic civilisation — all of which created a Hindu-Muslim divide that existed when the British arrived on the scene and remained thereafter, resulting in the country’s tragic partition.The reality, she says, is “considerably more complex” and can be traced to some precepts that are central to Islam and which have influenced Muslim rulers since the Arab conquest of Sind in 712 AD. For example, Church and state were intertwined in Islam and Muslims believed that “Islam could be Islam properly only in conjunction with political power”. As a result, “secularisation of the polity and society were incompatible with Islam”. Islam, she says, divided the world into believers and non-believers and “designated all Indians as kafirs”. As these concepts were at the core of Islamic belief, there was little scope for harmony between Hindus and Muslims. These concepts also had a great bearing on how a succession of Muslim kings ran their kingdoms and the attitude of the Muslim elite in India.Hmmm......there can only be one?Read the full story here.

  • HT:DougPowers.White House: Extend Unemployment Benefits or 600,000 May Lose Their Jobs (huh?).I’m guessing that most of these “jobs lost” they’re referring to if benefits aren’t extended to the jobless are people who work at the unemployment office?In one breath they tell us that jobless benefits are good for the economy but in the next they want us to worry about the negative economic impact of more people being jobless, which would lead to them getting the jobless benefits that boost the economy? Paradox overdose!Hmmm....Obamanomics in overdrive?Read the full story here.

  • HT:Memri.Video : Egyptian Cleric Mahmoud Al-Masri Prays to Allah to Unleash Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Jews upon the Shiites.Hmmm....The religion of peace.Read and see the full story here.
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