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Monday, October 11, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Church in Israel and Arabia, mission and religious freedom.Christians must leave their ghetto and stop being inward looking. They bear witness through their work, pilgrimages and daily ecumenical work. The Vicariate of Arabia is home to more than 100 nationalities. Despite the lack of full religious freedom, the Church is alive.“Our Churches are not missionary enough,” said Mgr Marcuzzo, who has lived in the region for 50 years. “In the past, Christian communities in the Middle East had a strong missionary impulse (recent discoveries indicate that Nestorians reached Tibet in the early centuries of Christianity). Today instead, we are too closed, ghettoised, inward looking because of circumstances that forced us to be this way.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama signs Nasa up to new future.The US space agency (Nasa) has been given a new direction, one that will seek to put astronauts in orbit using privately run launch services.The change comes into effect with the signing by President Barack Obama of the Nasa Authorization Act 2010.The legislation, passed by Congress last week, mandates the agency to fly the space station until 2020 and to launch one extra shuttle next year.It also instructs Nasa to start work on a rocket for deep-space exploration.The president's signature on the act brings to an end eight months of fractious debate on Capitol Hill about the future course of the agency.Hmmm...something tells me there's bound to be a catch,but what?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:AtlasShrugs.Islam on Capital Hill: Jesus, the Muslim Prophet.It's high time the Pope speaks out against this "Kidnapping" of Jesus Christ.Now they are hijacking Christianity their son of God to realise their  own agenda.Read the full scandal story here.Click here for comments.

  • Trading cape for the burqa.Hide your face and grab the kids. Coming soon to a TV in your child's bedroom is a posse of righteous, Sharia-com pliant Muslim superheroes -- including one who fights crime hidden head-to-toe by a burqa.These Islamic butt-kickers are ready to bring truth, justice and indoctrination to impressionable Western minds.The Hub, a joint venture with Hasbro toys, announced in May that it would produce and air episodes of "The 99." But then, murmurs of dissatisfaction turned into a cry.How can a secular nation endorse a children's show aimed at pushing one religion?Mom-of-two Trish Mobley said, "I have no problem with Muslim superheroes, but lose the burqa. A female superhero should not wear a symbol of subservience to men. It's also completely impractical when fighting bad guys."Now we're getting a comic book based on a wheelchair-bound Muslim superhero. What's next?Let me tell you where i think the idea of a wheelchair-bound Muslim superhero comes from: Quote "Yassin, bound to a wheelchair since he hurt his back in a childhood.Sheik Yassin was a founder of Hamas , a terrorist organization.." Yassin founded Hamas at the start of the first intifada."They will glorify the man who founded the terrorist group HAMAS!!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Poll: Women see Barack Obama administration as a 'failure'.The White House may view the last 18 months as historic, racking up a legislative scorecard that includes a $787 billion stimulus package and an overhaul of the health care system.A majority of women, however, see it as a failure, according to a new poll conducted by Kellyanne Conway for The Kitchen Cabinet, a conservative women’s group.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • MONTREAL - Canada. A 13-year-old Longueuil girl, dies after 71 -year old father slapped her.'Ray of light' was under pressure to pray, neighbours say.But neighbour Linda Robert said Noutene had been quieter in the last two years. Her father was demanding, Robert said, and could be heard sometimes yelling at the children or his wife. On the evening that she was struck, neighbours said her father was calling in to recite her prayers, as he often did. She was reluctant to go, as she often was, neighbours said."Even when she was young, she hated going in for her prayers," Robert said.Read the full story here and here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:EndoftheAmericanDream.What Do The American People Believe About Government?As the November elections draw near, a number of polling organizations have been asking the American people fundamental questions about what they believe about politics and what they believe about government. So what have these polls shown? Well, it is undeniable that distrust and dissatisfaction with the government is growing. The American people are getting fed up with what is going on in Washington. It is also clear that the number of Americans that are in favor of big government is decreasing. But it is actually more complicated than that.Read the full story here for comments.

  • Axelrod to US Chamber: What Are You Hiding That You Don’t Want the American People to See?AXELROD: The president’s birth certificate has been available to people.TAPPER: The long form?We caught up with White House senior adviser David Axelrod today to chat about the current controversy about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and whether any of its ads are being funded with foreign money.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Dubai firm bags UK patent for network security.The technology helps prevent businesses from exposure to potential network threats.Patented as the ‘Network information security zone joint defense system’, the Dubai-headquartered firm’s ZoneDefense solves the limitation of pre-emptive measures that traditional network security technologies do not provide, according to a company statement.ZoneDefense automatically quarantines infected computers on a network by detecting abnormal behaviour that violates rules of its network access service, it said.Hmmmm.....did i not read recently "They"want to block access to infected computers?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Directorblue.You'll never guess who's behind the foreclosure crisis about to crush the housing market again (hint: it begins with a Fannie and ends with a Mae).The financial blogs have been atwitter for months over paperwork problems in the housing industry related to foreclosures. Around one-quarter of all recent home sales are foreclosures and now it appears many of those transactions -- and, worse, the mortgage-backed securities that undergird much of the economy -- may be at risk.Just when you think things can't get any worse, we discover that Democrats are thinking of implementing a foreclosure moratorium, which would literally freeze the entire housing market in its tracks.Hmmmm........better wait till after the devaluation?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:ShalomLife.French Priest Uncovers Mass Graves In Ukraine.Before Treblinka, Sobibor, Maidanek – before any of that – Jews were being killed in the Ukraine. It started early on, in 1942 when Germany invaded the Ukraine and ended in 1944. Two million Jews lived there before the War. One and half million were murdered and lie in unmarked mass graves, unrecognized and unremembered. Babi Yar, where 34,000 died in a ravine just outside of Kiev in 1944, is the only exception. They were killed by the Germans and by their many Ukrainian collaborators. They lie forgotten mainly because the Soviet regime would not allow any publication concerning these Jews.The victims were taken from their homes to locations just outside the towns and villages they lived in. There, they were shot at close range, face to face or in the back. Many died buried alive – men, women, children, babies.That is until a French Catholic priest, Father Patrick Desbois, came along. He has spent several years searching for the remains of the Jews murdered during the war in the Ukraine and has excavated hundreds of mass graves containing the bones of Jews massacred during this time. The present population, unwilling to make this public, have demolished all vestiges of Jewish life in the Ukraine. “Synagogues are used as garbage dumps, Jewish cemeteries have become market places and mass graves yield the bones of the murdered every time there is a thaw,” writes journalist Adam R. Tomaszewski.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.By:MichelleMalkin.Newly nativist Democrats and their own foreign funny money.The Obama White House has been an echo chamber for the Soros-funded Center for American Progress from Day One — from bashing Fox News, attacking talk radio, and pimping “media justice” and the Orwellian Fairness Doctrine, to crusading for the government health care takeover using Astroturfed doctors and taxpayer-funded operatives installed in the health care bureaucracy.Team Obama has gotten away with its left-wing myna bird routine. Until now.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:TheBlogProf.Sharia: Muslim Policeman in Britain doesn't have to protect a Jew. Want to know what kind of absurd liberal moonbattery is coming down the pike here in the US? We need only look across the pond to the moonbat capital of the planet.I'm i mistaking but it looks like the 1930's all over again?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Tea&Politics.Iran: Christian pastor sentenced to death for "thought crime".A Christian pastor in Iran is being sentenced to death for what is being called a "thought crime."There are others in his assembly who are imprisoned, and his own wife is being threatened with life imprisonment. They have two young children.According to web-blogs following the case, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, responsible for one of the largest Protestant communities in Iran, "has been" sentenced to death for apostasy Saturday, October 2 by the 11th Chamber of The Assize Court of the province of Gilan.This information was given to his lawyer Nasser Sarbaz. It was communicated to him verbally, news sources said.It's not only about free speech ,it's also about free thought.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Ethnic Uzbek Imam Slain In Russia's Tyumen.TYUMEN, Russia -- An Islamic leader of Uzbek origin has been shot dead in the central Russian city of Tyumen.Yevgeny Kazakov, the chief investigator in the Tyumen prosecutor's office, told RFE/RL that assassins riddled Isomiddin Akbarov's car with bullets on October 10. He said an investigation had been launched.Akbarov, 51, left Uzbekistan for Russia in the 1990s and worked as an imam in the town of Novy Urengoi, in Tyumen Oblast, since then.The leader of the local Muslim community, Khamzat Chernomorenko, told RFE/RL that in September, at the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, about 100 Muslim worshippers were detained in a mosque in Novy Urengoi and questioned by security forces.Some of Akbarov's friends and relatives say security forces might have been involved in the killing.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Resurrecting the Fraud from the Obama Presidential Campaign.So.. though he softened his hateful anti-democratic rhetoric, President Obama’s surrogates are still going strong with the “threat to democracy” meme to broadly paint opposition to his socialist agenda.It’s time to resurrect the fraud from the Bamster’s own 2008 Presidential campaign.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:NewZeal.Be There! - “Marxism in America Conference”.Try to make this event. It'll be a great day.Next week, New Zeal's Trevor Loudon will be joining a great lineup of speakers at;“Marxism in America Conference” - National Press Club, Washington DC.October 21, 2010, 10am to 4pm (lunch included).Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival and veteran journalist, hosts a variety of experts:Prof. Paul Kengor discussing President Obama’s little-known Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis; former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who blew the whistle on radical bomber Bill Ayers, on re-establishing a congressional committee on internal security; new, shocking YouTube videos featuring FBI veteran Max Noel on the violent Weather Underground; Prof. Mary Grabar on the Marxist propaganda masked as “history” in books by Howard Zinn; new information on the radical activities of Ayers, and more!Source.Click here for comments.

  • Jailed Iranian Filmmaker Challenges Supreme Leader.Iranian filmmaker and journalist Mohammad Nourizad has written an open letter to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei arguing that the United States does more to protect religious freedom and moral values than Iran.Nourizad -- who has been in Tehran's Evin prison since August --- wrote in his letter on October 10 that since Iran's disputed 2009 presidential election, violations of people's privacy has become more common.He said religious mobs have attacked the home of Ayatollah Yusef Sanei, a critic of Khamenei. In the United States, by contrast, he said personal privacy is strictly protected by law.Comparing morality in Iran and the United States, Nourizad wrote: "Americans have been brought up in such a way that they seldom lie, while lying is clearly evident among the people and authorities in our country."He asked: "The chances of an American prosecutor telling a lie are virtually nil, except in rare cases, but what about prosecutors in our country? Our prosecutors lie as easily as taking a sip of water -- they formulate and disseminate untrue rulings."As for freedom of speech, Nourizad wrote to Khamenei: "You are the only person in Iran who has freedom of speech, while everyone in America has freedom of speech."He continued: "We are Muslims but tainted by hypocrisy, while [Americans] who seem to be pagans do not know hypocrites. You, as an imam, should issue a fatwa and tell us which nation is closer to God."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Silwan: Stones thrown at touring MKs.Knesset's State Control Committee members get rude welcome while touring east Jerusalem neighborhood; Internal Security Minister also visits area at same time, vows to put end to stone-throwing incidents. A minivan carrying members of the Knesset's State Control Committee returning from a tour of the east Jerusalem Silwan neighborhood was stoned by Arabs Tuesday.A large rock hit the front window of the vehicle, but no one was injured. Border Guard troops who were securing the area were informed and dispersed the attackers.The incident took place while Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch visited the east Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Issawiya in response to the recent escalation in stone-throwing. "We will stop the stone-throwing with covert and overt forces, and we will bring back the quiet," he added. I call on the Jews and the Arabs to avoid confrontations. It does not add anything to the security of the residents of Jerusalem."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.An unusual demonstration (for Israel) was held outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv on Monday night. Shoes and eggs were thrown at this picture of President Obama (which, as you may recall, was taken while he was on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu in April 2009 and touched off quite a scandal because it was considered disparaging to Netanyahu) to protest the pressure he is putting on Israel to extend the 'settlement freeze.'asked “if Obama can be against the burning of the Koran, how can he kick around the Bible?” At the beachfront promenade on Monday, protesters held an assortment of signs, including one reading “Obama, Israel is not ketchup, so don’t squeeze” and “Obama, you are not the 12th imam.”Some in attendance shouted insults directed at the US president, including, “Go to hell, Obama,” “Go back to Kenya” and “You are not a Christian, Obama.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • US Rabbi: British Jews should support far-right EDL group.The English Defence League (EDL), a British far-right group opposing the "Islamification" of England and which is in contact with the US-based Tea Party organization, has invited Tea Party activist and senior Rabbi Nachum Shifren to speak about Sharia law in London this month, reported the Guardian Sunday.Shifren, who is running for the US senate in the upcoming midterm elections, said Britain's Jewish community should support the EDL."The Jewish community is paralyzed with fear, exactly what most radical Muslim agitators want.The people of England are in the forefront of this war – and it is a war. One of the purposes of this visit is to put the kibosh on the notion in the Jewish community that they cannot co-operate with the EDL, which is rubbish," he said.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • The President's Nun: Obamacare Scranton Scandal Explodes.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • North Carolina Muslim Admits Working with al Qaeda: "Proud to be an American Traitor" [Full text].****Jawa Report Exclusive****Read the full story here for comments.

  • HT:Tea&Politics.Pakistan: Satellite images show that Govt has accelerated its nuclear weapons programme.The Institute for Science and International Security, a Washington-based nuclear watchdog, has obtained satellite images showing that a row of cooling towers at Pakistan's secret Khushab-III reactor has been completed. This suggests the plant could begin operation within months, allowing Pakistan substantially to increase its stockpiles of weapons-grade plutonium.Pakistan, which is deepening its nuclear ties to China, has blocked the Conference on Disarmament from starting discussions, saying a cut-off would hurt its national security interests.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • ‘Voter Fraud Watch’ — Uncle Pajamas Wants You!PJMedia is announcing a new initiative for election day 2010 — “VOTER FRAUD WATCH.” This initiative is to be carried forth on Pajamas Media and PJTV.As almost everyone would agree, in a democracy the integrity of the vote is paramount. If significant fraud or intimidation occurs at our polling places during an election, our democratic system of government is in peril.PJMedia has been at the forefront of this struggle for integrity of the vote, most recently via its coverage of the Department of Justice/New Black Panther controversy. This coverage was led by DOJ whistle blower and former attorney in the department’s voter rights division, J. Christian Adams. Mr. Adams has agreed to lend his legal expertise to “Voter Fraud Watch.Read the full story of this initiative here.Click here for comments.

  • Barack Obama gets more personal with black voters.PHILADELPHIA – The White House has hesitated to cast the midterm elections as a referendum on President Barack Obama, except when it comes to one key constituency: African-American voters.As Obama has steadily increased his outreach to African American voters over the past month. With interviews and campaign stops targeted at the black community – “our community,” as the president likes to say – he has sent a clear signal that this election is about him and his record.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Updated :40 Killed in Bus Collision in Ukraine.A passenger bus collided with a train locomotive in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, killing at least 38 people, according to Ukraine’s Emergency Situations Ministry.The accident occurred at around 9:30 Tuesday morning local time in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the ministry said. At least 11 people were taken to the hospital, many in critical condition.Media reports citing Ukraine’s interior minister, Yevheny Kravets, and others said the driver of the bus was to blame for failing to heed signal lights warning of an approaching train. “The driver of the bus ignored the warning lights and drove onto the crossing, moving into close proximity of the approaching train,” a statement on the site of Ukraine’s national railroad company said. “As a result there was a collision with the locomotive.”Read the full story here.Updated with pics: here.Click here for comments.

  • CAIR Launches Islamophobia Dept. at Sold-Out Banquet.Almost 300 Muslims from around the nation also attended CAIR’s day-long leadership skills training conference held prior to the banquet.CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad announced the new Islamophobia Department in his address to the evening banquet.Awad said the department will produce an annual Islamophobia report that will track trends in rhetorical attacks on Islam and Muslims and will offer accurate and balanced information to be used in the struggle for tolerance and mutual understanding."We do not want to take over your country"?Well let them start with giving tolerance to other religions in Muslim countries to start with.We have here a minority dictating the majority how to live and obey according to Sharia law.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Poll of Americans: Iran will nuke Israel if gets bomb, should be stopped, Obama hurting Israels security.Read the full poll here for comments.

  • The elephant in the Obama Whitehouse.While the media, Talk Radio hosts and Conservatives discuss Meg Whitman’s maid or Christine O’Donnell’s witchery, our government is slowly taking total control of our lifestyles, property and food with hardly a mention. This is the elephant in the Whitehouse which no one is discussing.New powers would give Obama the power to completely shut down industries that don’t follow government orders of the new bill. Those companies who do not comply will be force to shut down.Imagine being without banking access, television, electricity, energy, water, the abililty to work or communicate? All industries including financial, healthcare, insurance, food and energy would be affected. America would ‘shut down’.This is part of a bigger picture which is the real agenda…the government is moving towards the control of our land, waterways, energy, food, housing, etc., as indicated by the United Nations Agenda 21, signed in 1992 by President George H.W. Bush and implemented by each president since. . The main purpose of Agenda 21 is to take away our private rights and control the population.This is the elephant in the Whitehouse.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Brady Campaign's favored (apparently) response to tyranny--sit there and take it.Last Friday, the Brady Campaign's Dennis Henigan, in one of his more or less weekly screeds in the Huffington Post, claimed that the U.S. is threatened by "right wing extremist militias," who along with the NRA, subscribe to a "dangerous" view of the role of the Second Amendment.What's most telling, though, I think, is that anyone who denies that it is legitimate to resist, by force of arms, a tyrannical government, can only be arguing that resistance to tyranny is not legitimate. In other words, we are, apparently, expected to sit here and take it.I have an answer to that, and in contrast to my usual long windedness, this answer is even more succinct than "Molon Labe." Not two words, but two letters: "No."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Patient with spinal cord injury becomes first to receive human embryonic stem cells in landmark U.S. trial.Doctors have begun treating the first patient in the U.S. to receive human embryonic stem cells in a landmark clinical trial.Details of the trial are being kept confidential as it is likely to reignite the ethical debate on the use of embryos.Geron Corp GERN.O has the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration licence to use the controversial cells to treat people, in this case patients with new spinal cord injuries.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Cash-strapped school making two new classrooms... out of double-decker bus bought on eBay.A cash-strapped primary school which cannot afford a planned extension is making two new classrooms - from a double decker bus.Parc Eglos School, near Helston in Cornwall, bought the vehicle on eBay and will hold science and cookery lessons on board.The school had planned a classroom extension but could not find the £15,000 needed.So headteacher Brett Dye came up with idea of buying the double decker bus and converting it into a two-tiered classroom.One question....How will you keep the Bus -Classroom warm in winter?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • You want flies with that? McDonald's Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after SIX MONTHS.Looking almost as fresh as the day it was bought, this McDonald's Happy Meal is in fact a staggering six months old.Photographed every day for the past half a year by Manhattan artist Sally Davies the kids meal of fries and burger is without a hint of mould or decay.Entitled 'The Happy Meal Project', Mrs Davies, 54, has charted the seemingly indestructible fast food meals progress as it refuses to yield to the forces of nature.Hmmmm.....perhaps it has military potential?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canada Thanksgiving 2010 - 11 Th of October

                          Morning Posting.

  • U.S. Won’t Recover Lost Jobs Until March 2020 At Current Pace.The U.S. economy lost 95,000 jobs in September, far worse than expectations for no change in employment. More Census-related temp jobs ended, as expected, but state and local governments slashed staff far more than predicted.So far in 2010, the U.S. has added just 613,000 jobs — for a monthly average of 68,111.Employment bottomed in December 2009 at 129.588 million — two years after peaking at 137.951 million. At this year’s pace, the U.S. won’t recoup all those 8.36 million lost jobs* until March 2020 — 147 months after the December 2007 high.The U.S. needs to create 125,000-150,000 jobs each month just to absorb new workers and prevent unemployment from rising. So returning to the old peak employment a decade later would hardly suggest a healthy labor market.(Unemployment held at 9.6% last month as the separate household employment survey reported an increase in jobs. But the underemployment rate rose 0.4 point to 17.1%, matching the 2010 high.)The bottom line: It’s quite possible that the next recession will hit before the U.S. returns to old employment highs.My Take on this :There's a big devaluation coming for the US $  ordered by its G-20 counterparts at its October 21-23 meeting, i don't want to put up any %,but between 10 - 25% would be a low estimate according to me.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Breaking News.Explosives found in bag in New York cemetery.New York City authorities have removed a plastic bag filled with explosives which were found in a historic Manhattan cemetery.The military-grade C4 explosives did not have a detonator attached and posed no immediate danger, officials said.Streets in New York's East Village neighbourhood remained blocked off.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Nuclear Religious Bomb!Pope Benedict XVI is denouncing "terroristic ideologies" that spur violence in God's name.Benedict said Monday as he opened a meeting of bishops from around the Middle East that such ideologies were a "false divinity" that must be "unmasked."Thank God!Read the full news here.Click here for comments.

  • Axelrod: Chamber of Commerce turned off credit card verification on its web site and allowed money-laundering through prepaid cash cards.David Axelrod would make a wonderful satirist. Long after most folks had forgotten about the hundreds of millions of dollars reportedly raised by the Obama campaign from suspicious sources, the White House senior adviser demanded that the United States Chamber of Commerce prove a negative.Say, that reminds me: did you remember that, of the $744 million Obama raised for his presidential campaign, only $485 million could be accounted for?Obama's campaign website intentionally turned off all credit-card security, an unprecedented step that allowed fake names and addresses for donations. The website intentionally allowed this to occur.Read the full scam conspiracy story here.Click here for comments.

  • Shoes to be Thrown at Obama Shoe Photo.A protest will be held this at 7 PM evening outside the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv against the undue pressure being exerted by the Obama Administration upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.Among the attention-arousing gimmicks scheduled for the protest will be the throwing of shoes – a common Moslem protest act – at a cardboard likeness of President Obama. The specific target will be a large photo of Obama with his feet up on the table, speaking firmly to Netanyahu. “Obama shows us his shoes, we’ll show him our shoes,” the organizers say.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:FloppingAces.You Want To Investigate Foreign Donations? Start With Obama.My God, does hypocrisy stink. You can smell it right through your computer screen. Democrats are all wee-wee’d up about the Chamber of Commerce donating to campaigns this year.Of the $744 million Obama raised for his campaign, only $485 million is accountable.Are you really worried about foreign money? So show us you mean it, Barack. This is a great place to start.Read the full scam story here.Click here for comments.

  • How radical Islam seduced the academics.The Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab case highlights the pusillanimity of those who should be confronting extremism.A few months ago, I sat in a magnificent Victorian lecture hall at University College London. It was once one of finest centres of intellectual inquiry in Europe, thanks to the efforts of its founder, the sternly anti-clerical philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It did not take me long to realise that fear of clerical fascism had led Bentham's trembling successors to abandon intellectual inquiry and basic intellectual standards along with it.He described how a friend of his, "an eminent scientist", strolled in to take a look at an art exhibition organised by the UCL Islamic Society. "'Was he a believer?' asked an obviously Muslim student. 'No,' replied my friend, 'he didn't believe in any god, as it happened.' 'Then,' the young man confidently informed him, 'we shall have to execute you.' My friend laughed it off after lodging a mild complaint. It could, of course, have been Abdulmutallab who made the threat."I am willing to bet that the laughter of the eminent scientist was of the tinny and nervous variety. I will wager further that equally tinny and nervous laughs are being heard on campuses across Britain.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Australian PM Refuses to Wear Hijab in Afghanistan.Praise Prime Minister Julia Gillard for one aspect of her trip to Afghanistan. She didn’t sell out her secular, feminist principles.Mrs PM i salute you!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama's failures on race.The Obama presidency has not led to a post-racial America, says Toby Harnden, but black Republicans in Congress could help break down barriers.Campaigning a few miles from Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired in 1861, Tim Scott described last week how he was born into poverty and a broken home, much like Barack Obama."My dad was gone by the time I was seven," the black candidate for the House of Representatives told a mixed group of students at Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston. "I was flunking out of high school. I failed geography, civics, Spanish and English. When you fail Spanish and English, you are not bilingual, you are bi-ignorant."But the conclusions that Scott, 45, drew were very different from those of Obama.Scott, an avowed Tea Party supporter, dismisses the accusation that the movement is racist, saying: "this whole race issue is a diversion away from the real basic platform of the Tea Party".Obama made history by winning the White House. But it will take the likes of Scott to break down the racial barriers in America that the first black president has been content to leave in place.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Prime Minister Says British Aid Worker May Have Died At U.S. Hands.British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that a British aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan may have been killed by U.S. forces instead of her captors in a botched rescue attempt.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • 14-year old fights to become rabbi.Boy petitions High Court against Chief Rabbinate, demanding his ordination exam be checked.A 14-year old boy has petitioned the High Court of Justice against Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar with a demand to obligate the Chief Rabbinate to check his ordination exam. If the court rules in his favor, the boy will be in line to become the world's youngest rabbi.The Chief Rabbinate responded to the petition Sunday by explaining that according to its guidelines, only those who studied in a yeshiva for four years after the age of 18 can take the ordination can learn how to drive a car in a day,but this doesn't make you a professional racedriver.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • French motorists have just days' worth of fuel left as strike at Marseille port enters third week.French motorists have been warned that fuel supplies may only last another two weeks maximum as a strike at a key oil port enters its third week.The country is gearing up for nation-wide protests tomorrow that would affect all of France's refining sector.Workers at France's top oil port of Fos-Lavera, near Marseilles, continued a strike into its 15th day today and the nearby La Mede oil plant said over the weekend it had half idled its capacity and will fully shut down in a couple of days.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:KitmanTV.MEMRI President On Muslim Jew-Hate and Holocaust Praise.An absolute Must Watch!The last clips analysed by Yigal Carmon, which deals with the deep felt muslim longing for a second Holocaust - which the Umma will be given the "priviledge" of executing - is about as sick as it gets... Admittedly, the left funding and hiding this jew-hate in the arab world for decades- while at the same time accusing every freedom loving patriot of being a national socialist- is a good second on this sick-list though.Readthe full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Manchin: If health reform can't be fixed, 'repeal the whole thing'.West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin (D), who is in a tough fight for a Senate seat, said Monday he'd support repealing the healthcare reform law if it can't be fixed.Manchin, who's been falling behind in his race against Republican John Raese, said he supports repealing part of the bill but would support repealing all of it if a partial repeal doesn't fix its problems."The president's plan — 'Obamacare,' as it's been called — is far too reaching. It's overreaching. It needs to have a lot of it repealed," Manchin said Monday on Fox News. "If you can't fix that, repeal the whole thing."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:LogisticsMonster.AYFKM?: Ready To Have Your 401(k) Seized To Bailout Union Pensions?Fascism is alive and well in the District of Criminals. Fascism is the only way to describe a federal government so full of themselves that they believe seizing Americans’ 401(k)s is perfectly acceptable; nevermind the immorality or un-Constitutionality of the move. They really do believe that it is their money and they just let us use it.I found the link to this story on Market-Ticker and one needs to give credit to a master when it is due (which is just about every day with this guy. I am so freakin’ glad Karl is on the internet!)Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:JihadWatch.U.S. Embassy sponsors Irish Muslim business conference: Imam calls for Sharia Law in all business dealings.When is the Embassy seminar on Jewish entrepreneurs and business in Ireland? When is the Embassy seminar on Christian entrepreneurs and business in Ireland? When is the Embassy seminar on Hindu entrepreneurs and business in Ireland? When is the Embassy seminar on Buddhist entrepreneurs and business in Ireland?There would seem to be a Constitutional issue involved here -- isn't the U.S. Government involving itself in promoting a religion via such a seminar? And what a surprise that that religion would turn out to be Islam.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Netanyahu and Obama on the brink -- again.The crisis in the Middle East peace talks over Israeli settlement construction is "coming to a head," Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren told me in a video interview on Wednesday. If the process fails -- which currently seems as likely as not -- another fracture between the Obama administration and the Israeli government of Binyamin Netanyahu may follow.So why has the Obama administration chosen to focus its diplomacy on extracting a purely symbolic but next-to-impossible concession from Netanyahu? That will be the question worth asking if the peace process breaks down this weekend.Because only in case of refusal he can go to the UN and ask for UN backing to impose a peaceplan on Israel!That's why...wake up smell the ARAB coffee!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Iran arrests two ‘fake’ foreign journalists.Tehran says they planned to interview the family of Sakineh Ashtiani who was convicted of adultery.Iran's judiciary has arrested two foreign nationals who it said were posing as journalists, the students' news agency ISNA reported Iran's prosecutor general as saying on Monday."Two foreigners posing as journalists have been arrested in Iran," said Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei."We were informed that ... the two planned to interview the family of Sakineh Ashtiani ... They entered Iran as tourists and conducted an interview with her son." The ISNA report did not give the nationalities of the two foreigners.Read the full story here.More on this story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Israel Aircraft introduces new UAV that takes off like a helicopter.Israel Aircraft has introduced two new unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) that are capable of taking off like a helicopter, i.e. vertically. They are known as Panther and mini-Panther.Panther combines the flight capabilities of fixed wing airplane with helicopter-like hovering, takeoff and landing, by employing two tilt-rotor propellers, and a vertical lift augmenter propeller providing additional lift for hovering, takeoff and landing. This configuration enables the Panther to be runway-independent, taking off and landing from unprepared areas.I'd guess that this would be particularly applicable in situations like Operation Cast Lead, for example, where the IDF was hunkered down in urban warfare and wanted to get a better look.Hopefully this one will not be sold to Turkey.Read and see the full story here and here.Click here for comments.

  • Far-right support surges in Vienna.The far-right resurged in local elections Sunday in Vienna, the Austrian capital, securing the biggest gains in votes and mandates following a campaign laced with anti-Islamic rhetoric.With only absentee ballots left to be counted, the anti-immigration Freedom Party won 27 percent and 28 seats in the regional parliament — up from 13. That's a significant boost from the 14.8 percent they garnered during 2005 elections, and near their record high of 27.9 percent, achieved in 1996, when the late Joerg Haider was at the party's helm."With a hand on my heart, I am deeply grateful for the confidence the Viennese have given me and I know what that responsibility means," Freedom Party chief Heinz-Christian Strache said.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Memri.Video:Hamas Preacher Sheik Ismail Aal Radhwan: Those Who Negotiate with Israel Will Be Gathered in the Hellfire, along with the Apes and Pigs.See the whole thing here.Click here for comments.

  • Video: Book thrown at Obama’s head during rally; streaker also taints event.A book was thrown at Barack Obama’s head during his Germantown rally yesterday in Philadelphia, while a streaker also tainted the event that was supposed to rally Obama’s hardcore base of predominantly black supporters. Few white people were to be seen in the crowd in the Germantown neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia, known for its huge African-American population. The tainting of what was supposed to be a pump-up rally of the last few vestiges of Obama’s remaining support in the country instead degenerated into something of a debacle, with the Secret Service now facing questions regarding their apparent laxity in security that actually allowed a book to narrowly miss hitting Obama’s head and a flabby streaker to disrupt the rally.Read the full story here.More here and here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:JewishOdysseus.Arab kid-terrorists stone jews in Israel but fail to kill him.If you read enough stories about Arab mobs attempting to lynch Jews in Israel, you notice a few common themes:1--Use of very young children (or women) to freeze the "Yahud" target;2--A team of older killers who step forward when the kids have completed their task;3--Redundant camerawork to ensure that an anti-Jewish narrative can be fabricated from the incident, no matter what actually happened.Read the full story here for comments.

  • HT:AmnonJonathan."ISLAMOPHOBE" - OUT "BACKLASHOPHOBE" - IN.There is reasonable suspicion that reporters and photographers took an active part in the attack which occurred Friday Oct 9th against David Barry, "Elad" Chairman and his son to produce media spin.Photographer Number 4 is a photographer of Walla participating in the lynch.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:ElderofZion.More cars stoned in Silwan (video).Israel's Channel Two interviews a woman, Keren Levy, who (along with her daughter) passed by the exact spot that David Be'eri was ambushed by rock throwers on Friday. She was hysterical as she shows the large rocks that managed to break her window.For some reason, the international media that was on the scene must have moved on at that point.During the interview, the Israeli journalists get attacked themselves by stones.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BarenakedIslam.AFGHANISTAN: Obama’s policies are the reason why deaths of women by self-immolation are on the rise.It’s simple, really. The Obama Regime has begun negotiating with Taliban terrorists and the women know that once the Taliban are allowed to rule again, their lives will become even more of a living Hell than they already are.Truly i wish a group of these poor women could show up on the White House lawn and let them see what life with the Taliban Means.Read and see this horrific story,warning extremely graphic images here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BigPeace.They Call It Intelligence.Reading Patrick Poole’s splashy coverage of the FBI’s VIP treatment of Kifah Mustapha — a known Hamas operative and unindicted co-conspirator in the landmark Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial — will make your head spin with this dizzying question: How could the same officials charged with securing the nation against the very terrorism Mustapha’s activities supported (as laid out in court documents filed by federal investigators) have possibly invited him into the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the FBI’s training center at Quantico during a six-week “Citizen’s Academy” hosted by the FBI as “outreach” to the Muslim community?“The plugs had to be pulled on our [watch] system” just to get Mustapha in the NCTC door, Poole, writing online at Big Peace, quoted a Department of Homeland Security official as saying. After all, “the NCTC has Kifah Mustapha on the highest watch list we have.” Unbelievable.So who pulled those plugs? Wouldn’t it be great to get a bunch of national security pooh-bahs into one room to try to find out? It would be — and so it was.Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • Hungary braced for second toxic spill as cracks in reservoir widen.Workers raced to build an emergency dam in western Hungary today as cracks in a reservoir widened, threatening to unleash a second torrent of toxic sludge on the village of Kolontar and nearby rivers.More than one million cubic metres of the waste material leaked out of the alumina plant reservoir into villages and waterways earlier this week, killing seven people, injuring 123 and fouling rivers including a local branch of the Danube.Kolontar was evacuated on Saturday after cracks appeared in the northern wall of the reservoir, threatening a second spill of the toxic red sludge, which swept through neighbouring areas on Monday, toppling cars and wreaking havoc in houses.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Albanians Who Saved Jews During WWII Honored In Pristina.PRISTINA -- A ceremony honoring the Albanian concept of "besa" and those Albanians who saved Jews from Nazi persecution has been held in Pristina.The event on October 7 was marked by the opening of the photo exhibit "Besa: Albanians Who Saved Jews During World War II," by American photographer Norman Gershman, at the Kosovo Art Gallery in Pristina.Besa means "keeping your promise" and taking care of those in need, even under difficult circumstances. It is the backbone of Albanian culture and at the heart of Albanians' code of honor.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:TeaandPolitics."Blasphemy UN Resolution": US NGO "Open Doors" campain on Freedom of Believe.Who is Behind the Resolution?The countries supporting this resolution are, ironically, the very Islamic-majority countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) that persecute Christians and other minority faiths. Members of minority faiths such as Christians or Jews who make truth claims or even evangelize can be accused of "defamation" and can be punished under national blasphemy laws.Your voice makes a difference!We need to encourage key countries to change their vote on this resolution. These countries are not easily influenced by American citizens. But they are more receptive to pressure from our federal legislators. So ask your legislator to pressure key countries to change their vote on the Defamation of Religions Resolution today!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • EXCLUSIVE: New York Violating MOVE Act.More than one week after its extended deadline, New York still hasn’t mailed out absentee ballots to all its 320,000 military servicemen and women and overseas voters, in clear violation of the MOVE Act, has learned.In an e-mail sent October 5, New York State Board of Elections co-directors Robert A. Brehm and Todd Valentine wrote:“County Boards of Elections have reported to our office that UOCAVA ballots have been transmitted to voters within their respective jurisdictions except in the City of New York, and the following counties: Erie, Niagara, Putnam and Westchester.”And, as of Oct. 9, these ballots still have not been mailed to voters in these counties, who will now have less than 25 days to receive, mark and return their ballots, federal and state officials told New York City alone has about 50,000 servicemen and women and overseas voters.In a statement to, Sen. Schumer said:"Put these ballots on the next plane to Afghanistan. These soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms, they should never, ever be denied their right to vote. I wrote and passed this law so our brave men and women overseas would no longer be disenfranchised and there is absolutely no excuse for failing to get this done. The boards of election should immediately get these ballots to each and every one of our service members around the world. They should overnight them if they have to -- no ifs, ands or buts."Sen. Cornyn gave this statement to"The fact that New York government officials failed to live up to the clear terms of the waiver is shocking, in light of how much our troops have sacrificed in the years since 9/11. This is a clear violation of federal voting rights law. If DOJ does not file a suit to right this wrong as soon as the courts open on Tuesday, then we will know once and for all that DOJ is not serious about safeguarding military voting rights."Hmmmm....Transparancy.....Obama....NO WAY!Read the full treason story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama Turns his Back on an Ally in Danger.In December, something unremarkable happened: the home of Bangladeshi pro-democracy dissident Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury was attacked. It was unremarkable because President Obama has removed the security and attendant American trial observers that his predecessor put in place to protect Shoaib. So this sort of thing tends to happen.A home invasion these days doesn’t really shake Shoaib–it’s nothing compared to what he’s been put through for standing up for freedom, the West, and moderate Islam.Shoaib, editor of the pro-Western, pro-Israel Bangladeshi newspaper The Weekly Blitz (which produces an English-language online weekly as well) was about to board a plane to Tel Aviv on Nov. 29, 2003 when he was arrested and charged with sedition, blasphemy, treason, and espionage.It wasn’t until word reached Republican Rep. Mark Kirk of Illinois that Shoaib saw any improvement in his treatment. Throughout a marathon meeting with the Bangladeshi ambassador, Kirk never backed down. Finally, the ambassador promised Shoaib would be released, the charges dropped.Eventually, Shoaib was released from prison on bail. But the charges were never dropped, and Shoaib is still on trial for his life. The Bush administration made sure there were American observers at his trial dates to remind the Bangladeshi court that the Islamists weren’t the only ones watching.“But, things suddenly changed since January 2009,” Shoaib says. “The U.S. Embassy in Dhaka not only stopped sending any observer to the court, but they also stopped inquiring about my case and trial as well they stopped inviting me to any function or reception at U.S. Embassy.”Furthermore, Shoaib reminded me last week, while Bush was president, “a political officer of U.S. Embassy was closely maintaining contact with me. But, since Mr. Obama became president, all such communications suddenly stopped.”While not much was known about Obama before he ran for president, his disdain for American allies was clear as day to anyone following Shoaib’s case back then. Every single member of Congress approached about Shoaib’s case–Republican and Democrat–was happy to try to help and line up congressional support for Shoaib. All except for one, that is: Barack Obama.One piece of great irony in this whole episode: Kirk–Shoaib’s original and tireless congressional advocate–is running for Obama’s old Senate seat.Almost two years ago Shoaib told me, “We shall continue to fight our good battle against radical Islam. And, one day, we shall win.” I agree, but unfortunately it will be without the help of this president.Would Obama have acted anyother way if he were a Muslim?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Hidden poisons: Death for sale on supermarket shelves.Pretty poisons sit on your neighborhood grocer’s shelves—packaged in eye-catching colors, labeled with household names. Some—designed by faceless individuals ensconced in gleaming corporate towers—sport cute cartoon characters calculated to entice you into purchasing the product.Cartoon characters? The products may as well be labeled with skulls and crossbones.The unvarnished truth is many pre-packaged foods offered to the unwary, uncaring and ignorant consumer are nothing but juggernauts of nutritional death—ticking chemical time bombs.And depending on the poison, some of the bombs will explode sooner than others.How many consumers are aware, for example, that if they take vitamin C supplements on a daily basis they should at all costs avoid certain processed foods like the plague?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:NewZeal."One Nation" Rally Organizer Linked to "Greensboro Massacre", Black Radical Congress.A key organizer of last Saturday's "progressive" One Nation Rally in Washington DC was linked to one of the most violent incidents in US political history - the 1979 "Greensboro Massacre".Roz Pelles, the Washington DC based Civil Rights Director, of the AFL-CIO served as one of three key "senior managers" of the rally - her official title "Steering Committee Liaison".Twenty one years later Roz Pelles was a leader of another controversial organization, the Black Radical Congress.In March 1998 “Endorsers of the Call” to found a Black Radical Congress included Roz Pelles, Washington, DC.Participants in the B.R.C.'s founding conference in June 1998 included several activists connected to Barack Obama.It shows how much the U.S. labor movement has lost its way that the AFL-CIO would appoint someone like Roz Pelles to a key civil rights position.It shows how out of touch is the US "progressive" movement that someone of Roz Pelles' background would be entrusted with such an important position. Let alone be appointed to be one of the three "senior managers" of a progressive rally which would be endorsed by the Democrats' organizing arm, Organizing for America.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Prince Charles Loses His Last Marble.The man whose polo ponies’ farts are responsible for more carbon emissions in a week than your car gives off in an entire year is lecturing everybody about global warming again — and his descent into eco-madness is accelerating.Prince Charles is proof-positive that, if you’re not careful, having it so good for so long can apply a healthy amount of grease to your grip on reality.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama’s Offer to Israel.Regarding the Obama administration’s offer to Israel to extend its freeze on settlement construction, you deem the incentives “overly generous” and you “can’t understand why Mr. Netanyahu hasn’t grabbed it”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Top 10 movies banned in the Middle East and a surprise.Here's a great article on the top ten movies that are banned in the Middle East. I urge you to read it.1991’s Not Without My Daughter, starring Sally Field and Alfred Molina, is a movie that probably no studio exec would dare “greenlight” today, thanks to a stultifying Hollywood environment of political correctness. Released only a few days before the Gulf War began, and based on one of the two “most hated” books in Iran (the other being Salman Rushdie’s infamously blasphemous The Satanic Verses), it depicts the daring real-life escape of American citizen Betty Mahmoody and her daughter from Iran.Mahmoody was being kept a virtual prisoner by her husband, who beat and threatened her, and by his strictly devout family, who pressured her to conform to the life of a submissive Muslim wife. Though some Iranian characters in the film were treated sympathetically, Not Without My Daughter earned a ban from the Iranian leadership for embarrassing the mullahs and for exposing their oppression and the grim reality of life for women under sharia law.Read and see the movie & full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Closing stores for prayer hurts Saudi market.Tradition lowers employees’ productivity: businessmen.A group of businessmen are voicing concerns about the impact of closing businesses during prayer times in Saudi Arabia saying the Islamic tradition is damaging to the economy, Al Arabiya TV reported Saturday.Abdulah al-Ahmed, CEO of al-Bandar Group told Al Arabiya TV show “Meet the Press” with Dawood al-Shirian that closing down shops during prayer times causes “severe” financial damages to his group, adding that employees’ productivity is also negatively affected.Meanwhile, judicial researcher, Abdulah al-Owait, said that there is no legal basis for closing down shops.And in contrast to al-Otaibi, he said that “protecting money should be at the frontier of religious priority, and not closing the stores will also give a better Islamic attribute to the country.”Recent statistics reveal that the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has 23,710 reported cases of people not praying or not closing down their shops, and the number of detained for violating the these two criteria reached up to 25,000.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • 'Like eating an elephant': The quest to honour Crazy Horse.As parts of the USA mark Native American Day the BBC has been getting a close up look at the sculpture that could one day eclipse the faces of American presidents at Mount Rushmore.For more than 60 years workers have been painstakingly carving the shape of Chief Crazy Horse on a mountain in South Dakota. If completed it is set to be the largest sculpture in the world - but there are decades of work left.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Armless pianist wins China's Got Talent.A piano player who has no arms and plays the instrument with his toes has won the nationally televised China's Got Talent competition.Liu Wei, who lost his arms in an accident at the age of 10, won the contest with his performance of You're Beautiful, originally by James Blunt.He told the judges: "At least I have a pair of perfect legs." The 23-year-old Beijing-born musician has been invited to perform with Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai.He also has the chance to perform in Las Vegas for three months and a possible recording contract, Chinese media reported.Read the full story here and more here.Click here for comments.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.BY MichelleMalkin.Inconvenient questions about the Mexico lake shooting story.Longtime readers know that southern border violence has been one of my primary topics for as long as I’ve been working in daily journalism and writing books.You also know I mince no words when it comes to Mexico’s hypocritical stance on border enforcement, perpetual state of bloody chaos, open-borders demagoguery/anti-Americanism, and outrageous incursions onto U.S. soil.And you also know that I have long called out fishy hoax crimes however the political/ideological chips fall.Which brings me to why I did not jump all over the alleged Mexico lake shooting last week involving Tiffany Hartley and her husband, David.At this point, there are way too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies in Mrs. Hartley’s story/stories.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • The Synod to support the Churches of the Middle East and the universal mission, Pope says.Benedict XVI presides over the Special Assembly, which opened today. Communion and witness by Christians must be reinforced by strengthening ties between Christian Churches and the dialogue with Jews and Muslims. However, the region’s Christians must be able to live “with dignity in their homeland” with religious freedom, peace and justice. Everyone must contribute, the international community; religions, so that they can reject violence; and the Universal Church, so that the faithful can “feel the joy of living in the Holy Land.”The region’s 3 million Catholics (and 14 million Christians) are negatively affected by the political situation, which includes violent persecution and economic problems that compel them to emigrate.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.Michelle Obama Panhandles Poor for Rich Democrat Pols.Apparently, Michelle Obama knows no shame. Just coming back from a whirlwind summer of elegant soirées, a sumptuous vacation abroad, and a jet-setting Martha's Vineyard junket on a multimillion-dollar estate, first lady Michelle Obama has sent a mass mailing panhandling America's poor to stuff the campaign coffers of the rich Democrat pols, the same pols whose legislation has impoverished the people and left them jobless.This, my fellow Americans, is the stuff of wretched regurgitation.It simply does not get any more vulgar than this. Begging handouts from the unemployed and struggling masses while treating yourself to profligate parties and trips is typical of the wives of third-world dictators. Imelda Marcos, anyone?It can only come down to one thing"We feel your pain"?Read the full greedy scandal story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IslaminEurope.Berlin: Germanophobia in school.The Local reports that Germany’s commissioner for integration, Maria Böhmer, said that Berlin officials should deal with anti-German views among immigrant students. Böhmer was responding to recent reports of Germanophobia in schools.Two teachers from a Kreuzberg (Berlin) school recently wrote in the GEW Teachers' Union paper of the anti-German harassment some German students experience in schools. They wrote that German students are threatened and bullied, and that the non-German students often receive help from relatives or friends in conflicts. The German students are asked what they are doing there. Islamophobia anyone?Berlin youth coach Oliver Lück (44) says such incidents happen every day. For years he's been working with bully-victims and with the harassers. He told BILD of three cases which particularly moved him.Interfaith dialog at its best?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IBleedCrimsonRed.EXCLUSIVE: What’s really going on with Project Gulf Impact?Last week, this blog introduced you to Project Gulf Impact, an organization putatively set up to raise money for providing information about the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and humanitarian assistance to the spill’s victims. The group’s videos and interviews have become favorites of conspiracy theorists and they are exemplified by the story linked in my original post. The conspiracy nuts love PGI’s dispatches because they routinely suggest a massive coverup of environmental and health effects related to the spill. New evidence suggests that PGI may not be the humanitarian foundation its principals claim it to be. Instead, the evidence shows that the organization has strong left-wing and environmentalist ties and may not be a legitimate non-profit organization at all.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:AtlasShrugs.Pamela Geller: In Her Own Words.The following are excerpts from an interview with Pamela Geller, a conservative blogger who has been vocal in opposition to the Islamic center and mosque to be built near ground zero. Anne Barnard and Alan Feuer interviewed Ms. Geller on Sept. 28, 2010.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:GatewayPundit.Obama Administration Defends “Jihad” — “Mein Kampf” Means “My Jihad” in Arabic (Updated).Last week Barack Obama’s top Counterterrorism adviser announced that the administration believed they “jihad was a legitimate tenet of Islam.”There’s something very dark and concerning about this.The German words “Mein Kampf” translate to “jihad-i”—or, “my jihad”—in Arabic.Would the Obama Administration defend Hitler, too?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Hungary races to build dam amid new sludge threat.Workers raced to build an emergency dam in western Hungary on Sunday as cracks in a reservoir widened, threatening to unleash a second torrent of toxic sludge on the village of Kolontar and nearby rivers.Gyorgyi Tottos, a spokeswoman for disaster crews on the scene told Reuters authorities hoped to complete the 600-meter long and 5-7-meter tall dam within days to stop 500,000 cubic meters of sludge still in the reservoir from escaping.While Monday's spill affected 1,017 hectares, she said the remaining sludge could spread out over an area of 500 to 1,000 meters from its origin.Tibor Dobson, spokesman of disaster crews at the scene, said earlier that workers had laid the foundation of the new dam in Kolontar by Sunday morning.Dobson said the number of people evacuated from Kolontar, which lies closest to the reservoir, had increased to about 1,000 overnight.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Lebanon prepares for Ahmadinejad.Iranian security patrols southern region, film festival censors Opposition film in honor of official visit.Iranian security officers are patrolling southern Lebanon in efforts to prevent any problems that may arise as the result of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit this week, the London-based al-Hayat reported Sunday.A security source told the paper that Lebanese forces will secure the visit, however. The army is set to deploy throughout his route and at sites Ahmadinejad plans to tour. UNIFIL, the UN force in southern Lebanon, is not involved, the source said. In addition, Lebanese censors have asked a film festival not to screen a film on Iranian opposition protests during the visit, the festival's director said on Saturday."The film 'Green Days' has not been banned, but the censorship authorities have asked us to postpone the two screenings because of the Iranian president's visit," the Beirut International Film Festival's Colette Naufal told AFP.Makhamalbaf, 22, is the daughter of Mohsen Makhamalbaf, who is close to leading Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi whose supporters wore green as a sign of protest against what they said was a rigged election.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • France 'can't rule out' UN creation of Palestinian state.Foreign minister tells Palestinian paper France prefers two-state solution, but UN option also viable. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Sunday that the option of the UN Security Council creating a Palestinian state cannot be ruled out.Kouchner told the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam that France preferred a two-state solution to be negotiated with Israel, but said appealing to the Security Council to resolve the conflict remained a possibility."We want to be able to soon welcome the state of Palestine to the UN. This is the hope and the desire of the international community, and the sooner that can happen the better," he said."The international community cannot be satisfied with a prolonged deadlock. I therefore believe that one cannot rule out in principle the Security Council option," he said.My take on this:For a long time i've been saying what Obama's plans with Israel where,he never had any good intentions for Israel and will never have any.Mark my words he WILL IMPOSE A PEACEPLAN on Israel with the use of NATO troops probably Turkish or another Muslim country ,his only intention to destroy Israel as a state.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Chicken McHalal: McDonald's denied using halal meat... now it admits meat IS in one of its most popular meals.Fast-food giant McDonald's has admitted selling halal chicken without telling its customers. The poultry was used in popular menu items such as Chicken McNuggets and the McChicken Sandwich in its 1,200 British outlets.The admission comes three weeks after the company categorically denied to this newspaper that it used any halal meat. Now McDonald's has revealed that the firm that supplies its poultry, Cargill, produces halal chicken at one of its abattoirs.In a statement to The Mail on Sunday, McDonald's said: 'As a result of your enquiries, our investigation has confirmed that some halal chicken has entered our supply chain without our knowledge, and we apologise to our customers for this.In the case of McDonald's, a Muslim meat industry expert, who did not want to be identified, revealed that the fast-food firm sources its chicken from the Sun Valley abattoir in Hereford, which is owned by Cargill.The abattoir is certified by the Halal Food Authority (HFA) to sell chicken that is suitable for Muslims. A spokesman for Cargill said halal-slaughtering at Sun Valley had now stopped.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Memri.Video:Former Iraqi Ambassador to the UN Muhammad Al-Douri Says the US Itself May Have Been Behind 9/11.See the whole story here.Click here for comments.

  • Lattes, beach barbecues (and dodging missiles) in the world's biggest prison camp.It is lunchtime in the world's biggest prison camp, and I am enjoying a rather good caffe latte in an elegant beachfront cafe. Later I will visit the sparkling new Gaza Mall, and then eat an excellent beef stroganoff in an elegant restaurant. Perhaps it is callous of me to be so self-indulgent, but I think I at least deserve the coffee. I would be having a stiff drink instead, if only the ultra-Islamic regime hadn't banned alcohol with a harsh and heavy hand. Just an hour ago I was examining a 90ft-deep smuggling tunnel, leading out of the Gaza Strip and into Egypt. This excavation, within sight of Egyptian border troops who are supposed to stop such things, is – unbelievably – officially licensed by the local authority as a 'trading project' (registration fee £1,600).Even in notorious Hebron in the south, famous for its massacres and its aggressive Israeli enclave, the mall culture is in evidence three miles from this seat of tension. And on the road from Hebron to Jerusalem stands a cut-price supermarket so cheap that Israeli settlers and Palestinians mingle happily at the cash tills.I might add that an Arab intellectual, sitting in a Gaza cafe, recalled for me the happy days when Gazan women used to wear short skirts (now they all wear shrouds and veils) and you could get a beer by the beach. But perhaps best of all was the comment of the Arab Israeli who mourned for 'the good old days before we had peace'. It may well be that no solution to the problem of Israel is possible, and that it will all end, perhaps decades from now, in a nuclear fireball.On the other hand it might be tomorrow?Death always comes when you don't expect him!Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • Outcry Over Rampant Jailing Of Journalists In Turkey.It reads like a morality tale emblematic of modern Turkey.In a rational world, the killing of Hrant Dink -- a prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist and newspaper editor who was shot dead in 2007 -- should have been a wake-up call to democracy advocates in a country supposedly reforming to meet European Union membership standards.Instead, it has triggered an unfolding saga that illustrates in microcosm the dangers to life and liberty faced by Turkish journalists who dare to probe figures of authority.Richard Howitt, a British member of the European Parliament, says an improvement in how Turkey treats its journalists could be rewarded by an advancement of the country's EU membership negotiations, currently bogged down despite having recently past their fifth anniversary."It will do Turkey's membership ambitions good if reforms take place that ensure that human rights are fully respected," says Howitt, a member of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee. "In the long run, if a free, independent, and pluralistic media is embedded within Turkey, that is going to advance Turkey's European ambitions, and I have to say, it's good for Turkey as a democracy itself."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Senior German politician calls to stop Muslim immigration.Christian Democratic Union party leader stirs controversy following racial remarks; says 'we don’t need additional immigrants from 'foreign cultures'.Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CSU), which is a member of the coalition government in Germany, said in an interview to Focus magazine, "It is obvious that immigrants from Turkey and Arab countries face more difficulty integrating into German society than other immigrants.""In any case," Seehofer added," the conclusion is that we don’t need additional immigrants from 'foreign cultures'."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Decorated Lt. Colonel Lakin’s Trial May Be Precursor to Many More Under Sharia Law.In just a few days on October 13, 2010, U. S. Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, Chief of Primary Care and Flight Surgeon charged with caring for Army Chief of Staff General Casey’s pilots and air crew will stand to a military courts martial trial with charges consisting of “missing movement” and of refusing to obey orders to which he will plead “Not Guilty” because of his conviction that our Commander-in-Chief may be ineligible under the United States Constitution to serve in that highest of all offices.In my opinion, there is just one answer for all of this unnecessary, totally un-American behavior on the part of the military personnel assigned to try this brave and heroic American for asking what millions of other Americans, including myself, have been asking:“Show us the REAL Birth Certificate,” the so-called Commander in Chief has declared that it be so.Let’s get Lakin freed and put the real criminal in jail before Sharia law takes over.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • End To Currency Dispute Eludes Finance Ministers.Differences that threaten the outbreak of a currency war persisted after a weekend meeting of global finance ministers, who left without resolving what to do. They did agree, however, that the 187-nation International Monetary Fund was the organization best suited to deal with rising global currency tensions that risk overshadowing next month's summit meeting of the Group of 20 nations in South Korea.The G-20 includes traditional economic powers such as the United States and Europe along with fast-growing economies such as China, Brazil and India. Various nations are seeking to devalue their currencies as a way to increase exports and jobs during hard economic times. The concern is that such efforts could trigger a repeat of the trade wars that contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s as country after country raises protectionist barriers to imported goods. "Currency disputes can easily become trade disputes," cautioned Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Turkey growing more popular for immigrants, but not problem-free.“Turkey is growing more popular around the world and more popular with immigrants and refugees. But a misconception that Turkey would draw more and more illegal immigrants if broader rights are provided for them is preventing the government from fully concentrating on the problems of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers,” stated Hayrettin Bulan, the head of the Konya-based Compassion Association (Şefkat-Der), a group that runs women’s and refugees’ shelters and works on behalf of oppressed peoples.Due to its geographical location, Turkey stands as a bridge for illegal immigrants to reach Europe. For this reason, the EU and Turkey are at odds over the growing number of illegal immigrants infiltrating European countries. The union believes that Turkey is not doing enough to tackle illegal immigration coming from the East. Turkey, on the other hand, claims that the EU is shying away from sharing the financial burden with Turkey and is not doing enough to coordinate immigration and resettlement policies with Ankara. It is estimated that every year almost 72,000 illegal immigrants go to Europe via Turkey.Turkey was among the drafters and original signatories of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees; however, it is one of the few countries that continue to maintain a “geographical limitation” to the applicability of the convention. Hence, Turkey is not obligated to apply the convention to refugees coming from outside Europe. The EU is pressuring Turkey to lift the limitation as one of the many preconditions that Turkey must meet during the pre-accession period for EU membership.So you want to become part of the EU but the illegal immigrants are for Europe?Nice going Turkey!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:NewsRealBlog.Polling Conservative Bloggers On Their Preferred Presidential Candidates For 2012.Right Wing News polled more than 250 right-of-center bloggers on which candidate they’d support if the 2012 Republican primaries were today.The bloggers voted on three different groups of candidates. The first grouping included the big name candidates that were likely to run, the second asked which of those candidates the bloggers would be LEAST LIKELY to support, and the last list was expanded out to cover 20 candidates, including some that are currently considered unlikely to run.My Fav: Newt Gingrich with Sarah Palin to keep him going on those cold winter nights. Now, here are the results.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Largest U.S. Bank Halts Foreclosures in All States.Bank of America instituted a partial freeze last week in those 23 states, and three other major mortgage lenders have done the same. The bank’s decision on Friday increased pressure on other lenders to extend their moratoriums nationwide as well.An immediate effect of the action will be a temporary stay of execution for hundreds of thousands of borrowers in default. The bank said it would be brief, a mere pause while it made sure its methods were in order.But as the furor grows over lenders’ attempts to bypass legal rules in their haste to reclaim houses from delinquent owners, there is a growing expectation that foreclosures will dwindle for months as the foreclosure system is reworked.My take : This has been bothering me for the whole week in the MSM they make it look like a blessing from Heaven for the owners,i personally have another theory of what's really going on .Last week there was this little noticed news story brought to you by Reuters"Careful calibration of a U.S. dollar devaluation"hmmm....what would it mean to the banks if they wait to foreclose till the "Careful calibration of a U.S. dollar devaluation"has been done?Read the full story here and here.Click here for comments.

  • The Muslim Brotherhood in America.(Part 12).The Muslim Brotherhood began its penetration of the United States in the 1950s. In 1953, Princeton University hosted a group of “prominent Muslims” for an “Islamic Colloquium.” Brotherhood delegates asked for and were granted a meeting with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who agreed on the counsel of his defense and intelligence advisors, who saw it as an opportunity for the U.S. to influence the Muslim world and to use them against the Communists, who were on the ascendancy.One of the delegates at the meeting was the “Honorable Saeed Ramahdan, Delegate of the Muslim Brothers,” as described in the official White House documents. A now-declassified CIA document recording the events of the meeting described Ramadan as follows: “Ramadan seems to be a Fascist, interested in the grouping of individuals for power. He did not display many ideas except for those of the Brotherhood.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Jerusalem fears pressure on PM will increase in Nov.Government officials say US pressure aimed at halting settlement construction will increase after midterm elections; Arab League's Follow-up Committee set to convene in a month to review alternatives proposed by Abbas.The Arab League has given the US a month to pressure Israel into freezing construction in its West Bank settlements and jumpstart the peace negotiations, and officials in Jerusalem fear the pressure will increase in November, following the midterm elections.Senior officials said the Arab League's decision prevents the possibility that Israel would be blamed for the collapse of the peace talks, but one of them added, "The pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will increase with the conclusion of the midterm elections in the US."For more then 6 months i've been saying what Obama's plans with Israel were,he never had any good intentions for Israel and will never have any.Mark my words he WILL IMPOSE A PEACEPLAN on Israel with the use of NATO troops probaly Turkish or another Muslim country ,his only intention to destroy Israel as a state.Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • Nasrallah urges Lebanese to greet Ahmadinejad 'in masses'. Shiite group's leader calls on Iranian president to scrap plan to throw symbolic stone at Israeli side of border: 'I'll tell him he can throw something much larger'. VIDEO - The Shiite militant group Hezbollah on Saturday called for a mass turnout to welcome Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he arrives on a two-day official visit to Lebanon next week."We call on you to welcome President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday all along the airport road," the group's Al-Manar television broadcast over a picture of a smiling Iranian leader.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.
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