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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gives a whole new meaning to "Holy Ground".

        Gives a whole new meaning to "Holy Ground".

9/11 Memorial Lights Trap Thousands of Birds.On the evening of the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the twin columns of light projected as a memorial over the World Trade Center site became a source of mystery.Illuminated in the beams were thousands of small white objects, sparkling and spiraling, unlike anything seen on other nights. Some viewers wondered if they were scraps of paper or plastic caught in updrafts from the spotlights’ heat. From beneath, it was at times like gazing into a snowstorm. It was hard not to think of souls.Those unidentified objects have now been identified as birds, pulled from their migratory path and bedazzled by the light in a perfect, poignant storm of avian disorientation.“It’s only happened once before. It’s a confluence of circumstances that come together to cause this,” said John Rowden, citizen science director at the Audubon Society’s New York City chapter. “Some of it has to do with meteorological conditions, and some with the phase of the moon.”New York City sits in the middle of a major migration corridor, used for millennia by birds flying south for the winter. During autumn nights, thousands of birds pass directly above the megalopolis, a passage generally unnoticed by its human inhabitants.Gives a whole new meaning to "Holy Ground".Read the full story here and more about this amazing story here.

MFS - The Other News

                      Afternoon Posting.

  • Putin plays down talk of battle for Arctic resources.Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has rejected talk of an impending battle for control of the Arctic region's mineral resources.He told an international conference in Moscow he was confident the region's resources could be exploited in a spirit of partnership. Russia believes the UN will recognise its claim to much of the Arctic seabed.Russia, Norway, Canada, Denmark and the US have all laid claims to territory in the region."One comes across all sorts of fantastical predictions about a coming battle for the Arctic," Mr Putin told the International Arctic Forum on its closing day."We can see clearly that most of these frightening scenarios in the Arctic have no real foundation.Hmmmmm permit me to doubt it,especially with such a US President.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Army veteran accused of threatening Obama.An Army veteran arrested after a seven-hour standoff was charged on Wednesday with threatening to kill US President Barack Obama as part of what authorities said was his plan to ignite a war between Muslims and Christians and “start an apocalypse.”Conaway was in custody and was scheduled to appear in federal court later on Thursday on one count apiece of making a threat against the president and making false threats to detonate an explosive device. Bond was not immediately set.From the authorities their description it sounds like they arrested "Rambo"?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Leading Libyan imam exposed himself to 12-year-old girl in Bristol park.A Libyan imam has been jailed in Britain after indecently exposing himself twice in a park - including to a 12-year-old girl.Abrahim Ghait, who was invited to Britain to celebrate Ramadan, exposed himself to a 28-year-old woman as she made her way home from the gym. Three days later he repeated the offence in front of a 12-year-old girl - telling her his genitalia was named 'Lexie'. Ghait is famous in the Muslim world for memorising the Koran by the age of 17.Yesterday he pleaded guilty to two charges under the Sexual Offences Act of exposing his genitals with the intention that someone would see them and be caused alarm or distress.Magistrates jailed him for six weeks on each charge, to serve side-by-side, and placed him on the Sex Offenders' Register for seven years.Mohamed El Haddad, head of the UK Arabic Society said: 'There is no way he would have done something like this. Do you think a church leader would harm its community? 'It was in a park, in the middle of the town, in the middle of the day.'It was Ramadan when he was fasting and he is not supposed to even look at women.'He is a world-famous imam of a mosque in Libya and has spent 15 years learning the Koran. It is destroying the future of a key person. It is crazy and I just can't believe it.Yeah next it's going to be it's a lie or a Zionist plot?Well now he's world known for something completely different!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Stuxnet worm 'targeted high-value Iranian assets'.One of the most sophisticated pieces of malware ever detected was probably targeting "high value" infrastructure in Iran, experts have told the BBC.Stuxnet's complexity suggests it could only have been written by a "nation state", some researchers have claimed.It is believed to be the first-known worm designed to target real-world infrastructure such as power stations, water plants and industrial units.It was first detected in June and has been intensely studied ever since."The fact that we see so many more infections in Iran than anywhere else in the world makes us think this threat was targeted at Iran and that there was something in Iran that was of very, very high value to whomever wrote it," Liam O'Murchu of security firm Symantec, who has tracked the worm since it was first detected, told BBC News.Some have speculated that it could have been aimed at disrupting Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant or the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz.However, Mr O'Murchu and others, such as security expert Bruce Schneier, have said that there was currently not enough evidence to draw conclusions about what its intended target was or who had written it.India and Indonesia have also seen relatively high infection rates, according to Symantec.Hmmm....where there any infections in China?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Jobless Claims in U.S. Increased 12,000 to 465,000 Last Week.We're heading in the right direction Mr President?The continuing claims figure does not include the number of Americans receiving extended and emergency benefits under federal programs. Those who’ve used up their traditional benefits and are now collecting emergency and extended payments increased by about 208,000 to 5.17 million in the week ended Sept. 4. Read the full Fall recovery story here.Click here for comments.

  • A Claim of Pro-Islam Bias in Textbooks.Some conservative members of the Texas Board of Education assert that the history books used in this state have a pro-Islamic bias, and they are upset about it.Never shy about wading into the culture wars, they are planning to vote Friday for a resolution that would send a blunt message to textbook publishers: Do not present a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian version of history if you want to sell books in one of the nation’s largest markets.“The purpose of this resolution is to ensure there is balanced treatment of divergent groups,” Gail Lowe, the chairwoman of the board, said. “In the past, the textbooks have had some bias against Christianity.”“If you can control or influence our education system, you can start taking over the minds of the young people,” Mr. Rives said. “And so I think we are real passionate that you need to make a bold statement to the publishers that pushing this agenda will not be tolerated in Texas.”As evidence of Islamic influence in textbook publishing, Mr. Rives cited a 2008 decision by the Dubai royal family to invest heavily in a company that owns the publishing house Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Boston.The resolution asserts that textbook writers habitually call Christians “violent attackers” or “invaders” while playing down Muslim conquests in Europe as “migrations.” Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama announces Indonesia visit during United Nations speech."Many in this hall count themselves as friends of the Palestinians. But these pledges must now be supported by deeds," Obama said. "Those who have signed on to the Arab Peace Initiative should seize this opportunity to make it real by taking tangible steps toward the normalization that it promises Israel. Those who speak out for Palestinian self-government should help the Palestinian Authority politically and financially, and - in so doing - help the Palestinians build the institutions of their state. And those who long to see an independent Palestine rise must stop trying to tear Israel down."Obama also announced that he will add Indonesia, a country to which he has twice cancelled visits, to his Asia trip this November, which will also include stops in India, South Korea, and Japan. Obama meets with leaders from all 10 ASEAN member countries later Thursday.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Pajamasmedia.Bombshell: Defying DOJ Instructions, Christopher Coates Will Testify Friday on New Black Panther Case.Told by the Department of Justice to ignore a subpoena from the Civil Rights Commission, former Voting Section Chief Coates has instead chosen to comply. His testimony Friday morning is likely to be incredibly damaging to DOJ leadership and the Obama administration. Adams testified that Fernandes, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Division in charge of voting matters, told Voting Section leadership that the Obama administration would not file election-related cases against minority defendants — no matter the alleged violation of law.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:NewsRealBlog.Why We Need Islamophobia.An August 19th article by Daniel Luban in the Jewish publication Tablet calls fear of Islam “the new anti-Semitism.” Luban says that,“Many of the tropes of classic anti-Semitism have been revived and given new force on the American right. Once again jingoistic politicians and commentators posit a religious conspiracy breeding within Western society, pledging allegiance to an alien power, conspiring with allies at the highest levels of government to overturn the existing order."This is an admirable attempt at tolerance and pluralism, the key values that make America America. But it overlooks some overwhelming realities. And those oversights may someday threaten America’s very existence.The Jewish threat was never real. There are roughly thirteen million Jews on the planet today, far less than the population of just one of Islam’s roughly 200 major cities–Cairo. But there are more Moslems on the planet than all of the world’s Americans and Europeans combined. In fact, there are nearly three times as many Moslems as Europeans and Americans. Think of that. Nearly three times as many.Not to mention the fact that there are 123 Moslems for every Jew.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Chinese Labor Camps :MEPs condemn imports of 'blood spattered' Chinese goods.The EU has been accused of importing 'blood spattered' goods made in Chinese labour camps.The claim was made by German centre-right MEP Daniel Caspary during a debate on 23 September 2010 on products made in so-called Laogai camps.There are believed to be around 500 forced labour camps in China, many of which are commercial organisations with commercial company names.The camps allow police to send mainly petty criminals to jail for up to four years.US authorities have already banned products known to be made in the camps, and MEPs called for similar legislation to be introduced in the EU.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • The Senkaku-Diaoyu conflict and the end of U.S. supremacy on the seas.A disproportionate reaction from Beijing to Tokyo over a small vessel, silence over North Korea’s the act of war, in the sinking of the Cheonan. Beijing, with its missiles, is now capable of challenging U.S. aircraft carriers.It would take a salvo of three DF 21D to sink an aircraft carrier, such as the "George Washington", sent to protect Taiwan from a hypothetical Chinese invasion, this according to AP.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Newsrealblog.George Soros’ 8 Most Despicable Acts (UPDATED AFTER THREAT BY SOROS’ LAWYERS).Editor’s Note: This post has been revised since it was first published. Because its author, Kathy Shaidle, is Canadian she is not protected by the same first amendment and libel laws that Americans are. Thus despite the fact that the information she presented has floated around the American blogosphere for years and was published in David Horowitz and Richard Poe’s The Shadow Party, because of where she lives Soros’ goons were able to target her with legal threats. That is the nature of the totalitarian personality we’re dealing with here.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Militants Cut Both Feet off Actress Starring in Afghan Film Critical of Taliban.A Director’s Many Battles to Make Her Movie.LOS ANGELES — Sonia Nassery Cole knew that shooting a movie on location in Afghanistan could get her killed. The most vivid reminder came a few weeks before filming, she said, when militants located her leading actress and cut off both of her feet.But Ms. Cole, an Afghan expatriate with a flair for the dramatic and a history of not taking no for an answer, had her mind made up. Unable to find another actress to take the part — the film is overtly critical of the Taliban — Ms. Cole, 45, decided to play the role herself.“Come hell, come shine, I was going to make this movie,” said Ms. Cole, a novice filmmaker whose primary job is running the Afghanistan World Foundation, a charity focused on refugees and women’s rights. Read the full story here.Click here for comments.HT:InfidelBloggers.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.ObamaCare: Will Someone Please Kill It Before It Kills Us?Will a Republican-controlled Congress repeal HR 3590 before it destroys U.S. health care and depresses the U.S. economy even further?As they say in the game of bridge, let's review the bidding. HR 3590 will: •Increase health care spending •Raise the national deficit •Put people out of work •Discourage hiring and entrepreneurial activity •Increase waiting times to receive care (no new providers) •Reduce services to Medicare patients, and •Discourage people from entering or staying in health care.ObamaCare is a rabid dog. Someone needs to kill it.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Stench from Ahmadinejad's food drives off hotel guests.The last time Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad graced New York with his presence, he told an interviewer for a local magazine that he was quite the cook. "I make all the dishes," he boasted, "the lamb, the rice, the yogurt." Sounds like quite the epicure. Ahmadinejad brought his personal cook along with him, possibly fearing—not unreasonably—that that he might otherwise be poisoned. But in the words of a hotel employee quoted in the New York Post, the meals he is being served "make the whole hotel stink like hell."The episode does seem to lend credence to the saying "You are what you eat."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • The truth about "separation of church and state".There seems to be a significant amount of confusion concerning our founding fathers, their religiosity, and the original intent of our First Amendment. Without question, the vast majority of our founders were indeed men of Christian faith and character. Let us first establish the fact that in our federal Constitution, there is no "separation of church and state," a battle cry of the Left. Those words are nowhere. The First Amendment simply states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…"When Missouri was applying for statehood, Constitution signer Rufus King pointed to the Bible in opposing slavery in the new state:"I hold that all laws or compacts imposing any such condition upon any human being are absolutely void because contrary to the law of nature, which is the law of God." Now, according to the separationists and the ACLU, this would be a no-no. But to a man who was actually present at the debates and the signing of the Constitution, it was perfectly reasonable and legitimate to use the Bible to guide policy and to make points politically.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • In Beirut,the Sunni-Shia crisis is getting worse!The international tribunal investigating the Hariri assassination might indict members of Hizbollah. The latter’s leader, Nasrallah, labels the tribunal an “Israeli project” and raises the issue of false charges. Lebanon’s prime minister plays down the row but demands “truth and Justice”. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria are working to avoid violence.For their own reasons, the Saudis, Syrians and Iranians have moved in to calm down the political and confessional storm. Iran does not want any trouble because President Ahmadinejad is expected on an official visit to Lebanon on 13 October. Syria and Saudi Arabia want peace and quiet because they sponsored last July’s political truce following a joint visit to Lebanon of Saudi King Abdallah and Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. For them, the survival of the Hariri government and respect for the media and political truce are crucial. Whilst it would not have the STL abolished, Saudi Arabia said that in exchange for an end to the row it would try to get the main charge in its present form changed.Thus, the focus is not on the STL itself but on what is happening around it. Hizbollah for instance has come up with evidence that would connect Israel to the Hariri assassination.Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • HT:InfidelBloggers.Maine: Muslim teen sets off chemical bomb near mosque --nothing to see here.Islamic leaders told police that the explosion was just a 13-year-old "experimenting." What was the kid trying to do? "Teenager responsible for chemical bomb near Islamic Society of Portland," by Helen Dailey for a young Muslim at a mosque experimenting with a bomb. In Maine. What's to be concerned about?Are the "Bombs"related to an zoning issue about a planned Mosque?Are we seeing here an distortion of facts?Read the full story here and here.Click here for comments.

  • What is a harvest moon, and why is this year's special?Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

Forced Marriages in Germany

                 "Forced Marriages in Germany."

HT:Vlad Tepes Blog.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Taqiyya: A Concept of Deceit that Security Professionals Must Know.Closely associated with shariah doctrine on lying is the concept of taqiyya, which is generally described as lying for the sake of Islam. National security professionals must understand taqiyya and its use as a major tool by Islamic terrorist organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood.Taqiyya is a concept in Islamic law that translates as “deceit or dissimulation,” particularly towards infidels. Taqiyya is based on Quran 3:28 and 16:106 as well as hadiths, tafsir literature, and judicial commentaries that permit and encourage precautionary dissimulation as a means for hiding true faith in times of persecution or deception when penetrating the enemy camp.Quran 3:28 teaches, “Let not the believers take the disbelievers as friends instead of the believers, and whoever does that, will never be helped by Allah in any way, unless you indeed fear a danger from them.”According to the authoritative Arabic text, Al-Taqiyya fi Al-Islam,“Taqiyya [deception] is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agrees with it and practices it. We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream. . . . Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Six arrested in Gateshead over 'Koran burning'.Six people have been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after videos emerged on the internet apparently showing copies of the Koran being burned.Officers detained two men on September 15 and four more yesterday and all six were bailed pending further inquiries, Northumbria Police said.''The arrests followed the burning of what are believed to have been two Korans in Gateshead on September 11,'' the spokesman said.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Iranian prosecutors demand death penalty for 'blogfather'.Iranian prosecutors have demanded the death penalty for a writer known as the "blogfather" who was put on secret trial earlier this year, according to his family.Hossein Derakhshan, 35, who has both Iranian and Canadian nationality, won his nickname after developing a blog platform for Persian characters that was widely copied by online activists and commentators.While living in Canada and Britain he became known as a defender of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, against attacks from his many critics in the West. But he also went on a one-man peace mission to Israel, trying to show an Israeli perspective on conflicts in the Middle East to Iranians and also to "humanise" Iranians for his hosts. He was arrested within weeks of his voluntary return to Iran in 2008. His alleged offences include working with "hostile" governments, propaganda against the Islamic establishment, propaganda in favour of anti-revolutionary groups, and insulting religious sanctities. Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Arctic summit in Moscow hears rival claims.An international meeting to try to prevent the Arctic becoming the next battleground over mineral wealth is taking place in Moscow.One quarter of the world's resources of oil and gas are believed to lie beneath the Arctic Ocean.Russia, Norway, Canada, Denmark and the United States have already laid claim to territory in the region.Although the summit is promoting dialogue, a Kremlin adviser said Russia would defend its national interests.The battle lines are drawn and a weak US President is not seen or heard off.Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • Consolidation of power in the President is not Change we believe in or want.The Obama Administration is doing it! The President promised us “change” in Washington. It is happening with frightening changes to the structure of our government.Recall grade school civics lessons. Our government is a system of “checks and balances”. Our founding fathers created a system where Congress passes laws, the Executive Branch enforces them and creates policy, and the Supreme Court interprets them. All within the framework of the Constitution, which is the rule book in this system.So, here is a summary of the changes of the past two years, and the migration of power which is occurring.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BigPeace.Russia Sells Syria High Tech Missiles.In yet another sign that the Russians are looking to stir the pot in the Middle East, they’ve decided to sell P-800 Yakhont cruise missiles to Syria. The sale is worth at least $300 million and will have the Russians delivering around 72 cruise missiles to the Syrians.The Yakhont is an advanced supersonic, long range, anti-ship missile that features its own high tech inertial navigation system to reach the target area. The Yakhont can be used at extremely low altitudes and is able to fly between 5 and 15 meters like a sea-skimming missile. Aside from reducing its radar footprint, the low altitude mode increases the element of surprise and minimizes reaction time against the incoming missile. Of course, it can also be used against land-based targets.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.The Islamintern Is Coming to (Chi-) Town.President Obama's adopted home town will host an event next week that epitomizes Sharia encroachment: the global Islamintern is coming to Chi-town.John Laffin, the late (d. 2000) military historian, and prolific writer on Islam, warned already in 1988 that the Jedda-based OIC, under Saudi Arabia's patronage, was persuading Muslim nations to jettison even their inchoate adoption of "Western models and codes," and revert to pre-colonial era (pre-Western) retrograde systems of Sharia, or Islamic Law.The Saudis proffered sizable loans and grants from their institutions in return for the more extensive application of Sharia in these targeted OIC countries. Laffin also noted the unprecedented Saudi distribution of media and print materials which extended to non-Muslim countries, including tens of millions of Korans, translated into many languages for the hundreds of millions of Muslims (and non-Muslims) who did not read Arabic. He concluded at that time.Propaganda is carried on from Riyadh on a scale comparable to Moscow's effort to spread Communism.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • President Barack Obama is to make a plea at the United Nations on Thursday for international support for the Middle East peace process, urging world leaders to make sure "this time is different" from previous failed efforts.In excerpts of his address to the U.N. General Assembly released by the White House, Obama will specifically urge nations that have pledged support for the Palestinians to meet their obligations for both political and financial support and "must stop trying to tear Israel down.""Many in this hall count themselves as friends of the Palestinians. But these pledges must now be supported by deeds," he will say, according to excerpts of the speech. Obama is scheduled to speak at 10 a.m. EDT/1400 GMT.How about Many call themselves friends of Israel MR President?Or is it an Muslim only gathering?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:NewsrealBlog.Islam Meets Catholicism as Muslim Protesters Call for Death of Pope Benedict.Hmmmm...."Interfaith dialog?"Though the Crusades were fought centuries ago and are rarely, if ever, mentioned in Catholic classrooms, Muslims today who want Jihad continue to flaunt them in vengeful tones and wallow in hatred for Catholicism. So it was when Pope Benedict XVI visited the United Kingdom and was met on his itinerary by a group of angry Islamists urging for his death and calling him “responsible” for the Crusades.Muslim demonstrators shouted “Pope Benedict, you will pay, Islam is on its way”, “Sharia is on its way”, “Justice is on its way” (a lot is coming our way, it seems) and threatened that Sharia would be “declared” against all who insult Muhammad. They shouted to the Pope, “Watch your back,” swore that he will “burn in hell” and claimed that he “deserves the death penalty.”Read and see the full story hereand more here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Rightwingnews.Shorter Bob Woodward: Obama Is Guided By Politics In Afghanistan, Doesn’t Listen To Generals, & Doesn’t Care About Winning.Libs should be flattered that conservatives are so ferocious these days. After all, we're just imitating what they did in the Bush years.When it came out that Bob Woodward was doing an Obama book, there was one thing people wondered about: Would he let people know what was really going on or sugarcoat everything to protect Obama? Judging by the Woodward story that's circulating today, it looks like Woodward decided it would be more fun to show the world the messiah's feet of clay than to build yet another statue in his honor.Here's the Obama quote from the story that seems to be catching everyone's eye:We can absorb a terrorist attack. We'll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever we absorbed it and we are stronger.But there's much more,the one quote that caught my attention is this one:"Even David Petraeus is quoted in the article as saying, "You have to recognize also that I don't think you win this war. I think you keep fighting."I believe this is the bottomline and the truth!If Obama isn't giving our troops what they need to win and neither he nor the general in charge of the war thinks it's winnable, then why are we there? There are soldiers fighting and dying to win a war in Afghanistan and the war is apparently being run by people with the same mopey, half-@ssed mentality that created such a disaster in Vietnam. Read the full story here.Click here for comments.


  • HT:TheDailyBeast.My Dinner With Ahmadinejad.Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad played the host at an exclusive dinner in New York that left some of his guests frustrated. Stephen Kinzer got the invitation, and reports.America's favorite villain, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, turned a New York hotel into an annex of his dream palace last night. And by the time the party broke up, he seemed almost as deeply lost in surreal fantasies as his would-be destroyers in the White House.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Unrest plagues Indian-administered Kashmir.United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an immediate end to violence in Indian-administered Kashmir.More than 100 people have died in a summer of unrest.The region has been divided and disputed between India and Pakistan for more than 60 years.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Two of Obama's closest advisers among those likely to leave in White House shuffle.In his nearly two years in office, President Obama has relied on a very small clique of advisers that serves as his most trusted sounding board on politics and policy.Members of his staff describe Obama as wary of outsiders and reluctant to widen his inner circle. As one of his advisers bluntly put it, the president "doesn't like new people."Like it or not, he will soon be surrounded by them as an expected staff shuffle will deprive Obama of two of his closest aides and an influx of replacements will take their places within the West Wing.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Daniel Pipes.Istinja' with the Torah and New Testament.My reference in a column today, "'Rushdie Rules' Reach Florida," included this sentence: "A 2003 decree ruled the Bible suitable for use by Muslims when cleaning after defecation." That allusion deserves further explanation.The link goes to Fatwa #40378 of The Encyclopedia of Fatwas (Arabic: Mawsu'at al-Fatawi) on Issued on November 23, 2003, it contains the standard question-and-answer format of a fatwa and reads thus in English translation:Judgment: Despising the Torah or the New Testament.Question: "Does someone who insults the Torah or the New Testament engage in apostasy, given that these include some words of God?"Answer: "It would be impermissible to disdain the Torah and New Testament if they contained the truth and the name of the exalted, such as the name of God the Most High. Whoever does this [i.e., disrespect the books] knowingly and by choice would be considered an apostate and would be despised by God. But [in fact] the Torah and New Testament do not have anything exalted in them. They are known to have been corrupted, so there is no problem disdaining them.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • SEIU Union Hack Admits that Local TV Stations Help ‘Get Our Message Across’.Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a gem of a report wherein a union operative admits on tape that he and his union pals intend to launch a big campaign against Wisconsin’s GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker. That news isn’t much of a surprise, of course, but what is a surprise is that this union hack admitted on tape that Milwaukee’s local TV stations and local politicians are both sympathetic to and assisting in the union’s getting its message out.The union hack admitted on tape that he is working with County Board members — such as Supervisor John Weishan — to get the goods on Walker. “I’ve got county supervisors to do this stuff so, you know, it’s not just the labor union,” Morgan said.That is bad enough but what union hitman Morgan said of the local media is the most interesting.Read the full scam story here and more here.Click here for comments.

  • P5+1 Says Door Still Open For Talks With Iran.The six world powers looking to curb Iran's controversial nuclear program say they remain "determined and united" to seek a diplomatic resolution to the standoff.In a statement that Ashton read to reporters, the countries expressed their readiness for engagement with Iran. "Our objective continues to be a comprehensive long-term negotiated solution which restores international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program," she said.Although Russia does have business ties to Tehran, Rojansky said a more significant reason for Moscow's opposition is the possibility that Iran could insert itself in Russia's regional unrest."The issue is that Iran has a sort of Sword of Damocles (eds: threat) hanging over Russia in the Caucasus," Rojansky said. "Iran could begin to much more substantially fund and arm Islamist insurgents operating either in the Caucasus or even potentially in Russia itself and threaten Russian more than it does today. The other side of that coin is Russia really doesn't currently feel threatened by Iran and so it's looking to keep that status quo exactly the way it is."Late today, Iran's English-language state Press TV reported that an Iranian delegation headed by the country's Atomic Energy Organization chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, had met with IAEA chief Yukiya Amano in Vienna "to discuss providing fuel for the Tehran research reactor."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Outrage--Obama claims citizens have no privacy.In a direct Nazi-and-Communist styled attack on a time-honored American value, the Obama Administration claims that citizens have no privacy.The privacy issue in this case involves GPS tracking devices. The Administration is urging a federal appeals court to allow the government to attach the tracking devices to vehicles sitting in private driveways, monitoring their every move, without a Court warrant.The administration, in urging the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to reverse a three-judge panel’s August ruling from the same court, said Monday that Americans should expect no privacy while in public.Although the case in question refers specifically to criminals, the key to understanding the outrage and the threat to the privacy of ALL citizens is in the phrase, '...Americans should expect no privacy while in public.'Two key problems rest with this unconscionable theory.First, the government's argument maintains that 'public' refers to a vehicle sitting in a driveway on private property. The Feds want to be able to trespass on private property in order to attach a GPS tracking device on private vehicles. It is quite a stretch to consider private property to be 'in public.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:TheJawaReport.AP Stringer Arrested for Working for .... the Taliban.Two journalists were actually detained. One was a stringer for the AP named Rahmatullah Nekzad who also did freelance work for al Jazeera. The other guy is named Mohammed Nader and worked for al Jazeera.How were they linked to the Taliban?"Afghan and coalition forces had intelligence information linking the men to Taliban propaganda networks." The Committee to Protect Journalists is up in arms because, um, journalists can't be terrorists. I think by definition, right?Where have we heard Rahmatullah Nekzad's name before? He stood by and took pictures and a video as the Taliban murdered two women in 2008. He actually knew the women were going to be executed and went to document the Taliban's meting out of "punishment" anyway after he had notified the AP of his intention.... and no one at the AP thought the imminent murder of two women was noteworthy enough to notify US, ISAF, or Afghan authorities.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There's Mourning in America

                 "There's Mourning in America."

HT: Citizens for the Republic tomorrow launches a national television advertising campaign with the release of its 60-second TV spot, "Mourning in America."

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Sumatra:Muslim fundamentalists kill three police officers in revenge attack.Security forces are baffled and outraged by the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of three police officers this morning in northern Sumatra province, a crime that strongly resembles another one that took place in Central a few months ago.Across the country, the influence of Muslim terrorists appears to be increasing uncontrollably, and bank robberies are becoming the preferred method of self-financing. European terrorist groups had done the same in the 1970s, but for Indonesia, it is something new. Now, General Bambang Hendarso Danurix said, “Fundamentalists are increasingly showing signs that they too are getting into holdups as well”.Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • HT:RealClearPolitics. Bolton: Obama Is "Cold-Blooded, Cynical" And Manipulates National Security.JOHN BOLTON, FORMER US AMBASSADOR TO UN: "If the book is accurate ... it is some of the most cold-blooded, cynical, grotesquely political manipulation of national security that I think we've ever seen.""The notion that a President would say that in that kind of callous and just utterly robotic way, I think is yet further indication that Obama is simply not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief," Bolton added."Obama is divorced from the American people, I think he is unemphatic, I think he is 'show that' and I think the American people have the wit to know what that means," Bolton concluded.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Mosque Discrimination: Did Public School Officials Violate Anti-Discrimination Policy During Field Trip? (Part 2).The same concerns apply to primary education in many aspects. Perhaps this incident was a completely unintentional act of negligence; in other settings, there have been circumstances where an overzealousness on the part of one or some school officials to develop religious tolerance has overstepped the boundaries of the school’s role. Parents therefore should be made aware of and offered training in the policies that affect them and their rights to not be discriminated against.If Islam and the mosques that preach its doctrine are fundamentally in conflict with religious and gender discrimination policies, then immersing young students in this environment is clearly not the most beneficial or appropriate method of teaching religious tolerance.Unless of course the next time students from the Wellesley Public School District visit a mosque, the girls and women will be invited to pray with the boys and men.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Is It Time To Say, “To Hell with Islam?”(Part 1)by John Myers.If you are like me, you are sick and tired of being frightened over Muslim sentiments. I say it’s high time to understand that regardless of what we do or say, we Christians have a target on our back. It’s time to face the cold truth: For countless believers of the Quran, we ARE the enemy. The sooner we understand this, the better.It is time to say: To hell with Islam. We’re not going to take it anymore!According to Steyn, Islam is a far greater threat than global warming, China or any other man-made or natural disaster imaginable.Certainly this is not how Obama and likeminded Liberals in and out of the Federal government see things. They continue to try and win over hearts and minds of Muslims; to convert them to Western Democratic thinking. It is a losing strategy, and one for which we will pay a very dear price.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Ground Zero mosque site already open for prayers... despite derelict building having holes in the floor.The site of the proposed Ground Zero mosque is already open for prayer, despite officials describing conditions as 'immediately hazardous'.Several hundred worshippers are currently using the building, which is in Lower Manhattan, for services once a week.The building currently has holes in the floor and no proper automatic sprinkler system.City inspectors have handed out warnings about the state of the property on August 1 and September 3.In spite of the violations the owners of the 152-year-old building were handed a temporary permits from the city to use it.I'm sure if something would happen they will sue the city of New - York for the maximum?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Cassandra Says It Will Get Very Cold!In the Greek myth about Cassandra, she could foresee the future, but no one believed her warnings. Her name is believed to be derived from the words for beauty and the sun.Any number of solar scientists and others are warning that the Earth is on the brink of a new Ice Age at worst, a mini ice age at best. Dr. Achim Brauer of the German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam has concluded that the next Ice Age will come on so swiftly that in barely a year much of the northern hemisphere will be incased in ice and snow.The last Ice Age lasted 13,000 years. The Little Ice Age from around 1300 to 1850 lasted long enough to transform European society and have a profound affect on the histories of America and France. In England, they went from growing grapes to skating on a completely frozen Thames.All the signs are in place and throughout the northern hemisphere nations, their leaders prattle on about global warming, clean energy, endangered species, and all the other environmental foolishness without once casting an eye toward the source of all climate on Earth, the Sun!Even a brief ice age of several hundred years will increase the demand for the generation of energy to keep us warm. All of a sudden everyone including the environmentalist liars will be crying out for more coal, more oil, and more natural gas.Cassandra is saying bundle up!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Tales of starvation and death in North Korea.North Korea's ruling Workers' Party has announced its first major conference in decades.It could see the nation's reclusive leader, Kim Jong-il, appoint one of his sons to a key position, paving the way for his eventual succession. Our correspondent Damian Grammaticas travelled to the border with China to meet North Koreans who have escaped the world's most secretive state.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Thai Muslim Terrorists Target Teachers and Children- Human Rights Watch Blame Thai Govt!Teachers are being assassinated and children terrorised into staying away from school by Muslim terrorists in the Jihad-infested South of Thailand – but the loony leftists at Human Rights Watch blast the Thai government for trying to protect them. Another own-goal from the increasingly tarnished HRW.The New York-based group called on the Thai government to prohibit the military from occupying school grounds, saying that sending troops into schools creates an “immense disruption” to children’s education and can put students in danger.The Muslim insurgency that flared in 2004 has left at least 4,200 people dead in Thailand’s southernmost provinces. The three provinces affected by the insurgency _ Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat _ are the only Muslim-majority areas in the predominantly Buddhist country.The violence has resulted in 327 arson attacks on government schools and left at least 135 teachers and school workers dead, the report said.Close to 4000 people have been killed since 2004 as Malay Muslims, true to form, fight to separate themselves from Thailand’s Buddhist majority. Yet the morally equivalent leftists of Human Rights Watch still manage to find a way to blame the kuffar.Hmmmm to many donations "Shortsighted" them it seems.Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant?Cyber security experts say they have identified the world's first known cyber super weapon designed specifically to destroy a real-world target – a factory, a refinery, or just maybe a nuclear power plant.The cyber worm, called Stuxnet, has been the object of intense study since its detection in June. As more has become known about it, alarm about its capabilities and purpose have grown. Some top cyber security experts now say Stuxnet's arrival heralds something blindingly new: a cyber weapon created to cross from the digital realm to the physical world – to destroy something.So far, Stuxnet has infected at least 45,000 industrial control systems around the world, without blowing them up – although some victims in North America have experienced some serious computer problems, Eric Byres, a Canadian expert, told the Monitor. Most of the victim computers, however, are in Iran, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. Some systems have been hit in Germany, Canada, and the US, too. Once a system is infected, Stuxnet simply sits and waits – checking every five seconds to see if its exact parameters are met on the system. When they are, Stuxnet is programmed to activate a sequence that will cause the industrial process to self-destruct, Langner says.But it gets worse. Since reverse engineering chunks of Stuxnet's massive code, senior US cyber security experts confirm what Mr. Langner, the German researcher, told the Monitor: Stuxnet is essentially a precision, military-grade cyber missile deployed early last year to seek out and destroy one real-world target of high importance – a target still unknown."Stuxnet is a 100-percent-directed cyber attack aimed at destroying an industrial process in the physical world," says Langner, who last week became the first to publicly detail Stuxnet's destructive purpose and its authors' malicious intent. "This is not about espionage, as some have said. This is a 100 percent sabotage attack."Could Stuxnet's target be Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant, a facility much of the world condemns as a nuclear weapons threat?Langner is quick to note that his views on Stuxnet's target is speculation based on suggestive threads he has seen in the media. Still, he suspects that the Bushehr plant may already have been wrecked by Stuxnet. Bushehr's expected startup in late August has been delayed, he notes, for unknown reasons. (One Iranian official blamed the delay on hot weather.)The most worry some is the fact that these stealth attacks might be soon available to the highest bidder in industrial warfare.Somehow i'm inclined to see China's cyberwar cabinet behind this one.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.HT: ElderofZion.

  • HT:AmericanThinker:Obama and Netanyahu Run Out the Atomic Clock.There is some anecdotal evidence making the rounds that supports the idea that Obama is bored by his duties as president. Don't you buy it for a minute. Obama loves the job. It's just that certain parts of it excite him more than others. For instance, take the Middle East, the Arab-Muslim world, "Palestine," and Israel. No lack of enthusiasm there. The juices are flowing, and it's obvious that President Barack Hussein Obama remains psyched about the mission.All of the above increases the likelihood that before the Age of Obama ends, we will share our world with a hegemonic Islamist nuclear power. Only after Ahmadinejad makes the official announcement will we first see the president appear uninterested and his eyes glaze over.It is only natural to wonder whether all this is Obama's intent or an unforced error of Chamberlain-like proportions. In truth, it matters little because we can never know for sure, though we will find an answer of sorts every day living with the consequences. More than deficits, economic dysfunction, a defunct health care system, or a big, oppressive government, it will be messianic mullahs controlling H-bombs that Obama, and the Israelis, will be remembered for.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Jehovah’s Witness gets two years in prison for possession of “extremist literature”.Alexander Kalistratov, chairman of the Gorno-altaisk chapter of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, was convicted for possession of “extremist” literature, and given a two-year prison sentence. The sentence is final, and Kalistratov’s only recourse is the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) where his lawyer filed on appeal arguing that his conviction was religiously motivated.His crime was possessing Witnesses’ publications, deemed dangerous to public order even when strictly religious in nature. Russia wants to ban the religious group, despite European Court of Human Rights’ ruling that it should be recognised.Members of the religious groups are often victims of physical violence, assaults and arbitrary arrests and their places of worship have been attacked and set on fire.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Strikes Out on Team B II Report (Part 1) and (Part 2).When my colleagues and I rolled out the Team B II report last week, “Shariah: The Threat to America,” in attendance at the Capitol Hill press conference was blogger and Center for American Progress national security researcher Matt Duss, who unwittingly provided a live example for those present of how utterly clueless the political establishment is when it comes to the threat of Islamic terrorism and the cultural jihad.During the Q&A, Duss asked which Islamic scholars we had consulted in preparing our report. He later slammed the report in a ThinkProgress post. - Duss describes Team B II, including a former CIA director, former DIA director, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy,former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, retired US Navy PACOM Commander-in-Chief, former Defense Department Inspector General, former US Ambassador and Chief Negotiator of Defense and Space Talks, former Assistant U.S. Attorney and federal prosecutor, former retired CIA case officer, former Joint Chiefs of Staff senior consultant, former FBI counterterrorism agent, among others, as “a bunch of birthers, Christian holy warriors, and conspiracy theorists.”On behalf of my Team B II colleagues, I would like to thank Matt Duss, and the Center for American Progress for making our point for us.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Obama’s Glaring Omission.At the Congressional Hispanic Caucus meeting Sept. 15, President Barack Obama quoted from the Declaration of Independence during his speech.In talking about what bound together the people from so many cultures and made them Americans, he said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; endowed with certain unalienable rights: life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”What the Declaration actually says is: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (capital letters in original manuscript, emphasis added).”If Obama were to acknowledge that our rights come from a Creator he would have to acknowledge that only the Creator can take those rights away. But if government grants those rights, as Obama believes, then government can take them away whenever and however it so desires.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

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  • HT:Amnon&Jonathan.ALL EUROPEAN LIFE DIED IN AUSCHWITZ ! REMEMBER AS YOU READ -- IT WAS IN A SPANISH NEWSPAPER.I walked down the street in Barcelona , and suddenly discovered a terrible truth - Europe died in Auschwitz .... We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime. Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts. And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition.We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs. What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe .Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • General Motors now admits it didn't repay bailout money; Billions in bailouts remain unpaid!Contrary to its claims in TV ads earlier this year, General Motors has now admitted that it did not repay its government bailout. In light of this new admission, the Competitive Enterprise Institute today filed a supplemental complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, drawing attention to this new information.CEI’s original deceptive advertising complaint to the FTC, filed in May, noted that General Motors misleadingly claimed in a national TV ad that the company had paid back taxpayer bailout loans.On September 16, 2010, General Motors admitted to the media that it did not in fact repay what it received from the government, and that its repayment of its bailout may take years:"It will take a couple of years for taxpayers to get back the billions they spent bailing out General Motors, but the company has a goal of returning the money, GM’s new CEO said Thursday. CEO Daniel Akerson told reporters that the government won't be repaid with the company's initial public stock offering, which could happen later this year, but couldn't answer more specific questions about the sale."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • World leaders converge for UN summit, so where is Netanayhu?Peres is meeting with diplomats and Mahmoud Abbas, Barak is meeting with Hillary Clinton, but there is no sign of Netanyahu at the central and important assembly.President Shimon Peres was in New York Tuesday for diplomatic meetings; Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently concluded a series of sessions in Washington, including a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon represented Israel in the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee which coordinates financial aid for Palestinian institution and economic building in the West Bank; and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been receiving prominent world politicians in his New York hotel room – so where is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • President Obama seeks to gain control of our food supply!Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, sometimes referred to as the Monsanto Act, is a roadmap to the ultimate control of all Americans, the control of our food supply. Americans can sacrifice a lot and do without material goods, but we can’t go without food.Monsanto’s Michael Taylor, the appointed, not approved by Congress, Food Czar, who gave us unregulated genetically modified organisms (GMO) appears to have designed it. It seems that Czar Taylor is waiting to oversee the agency it would create, without any judicial review, if it passes.Just like other bills put forward by this administration, wording is ambiguous; however, the Bill seems to yielding all power to the state in a truly Communist style takeover?Read the full story here .Click here for comments.

  • Turkey - Fear of the cross: The nationalist within.“This government has been better than all the others. … They renovated the church, which is great. But they must be braver. This was not enough. Most of Turkish society is ready to accept this is an Armenian church.This renovated church reopened as a museum, not as a church. It was not given to the Armenian Patriarchate, to which it historically and traditionally belongs, but is instead run by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Instead of holding a service every Sunday, it will open one day a year. Its cross was not erected before the service. OK, I accept some of these issues maybe attributed to realpolitik, but not all.'So much for 'Freedom of religion'. The government may have refrained from erecting the cross just before the referendum because of the fear of a nationalist reaction, but opening it as a museum and not giving it to the Armenian community cannot be explained by fear. These are just nationalist reflexes.I believe, among other things, that this “nationalist” wing in the AK Party has an important role in slowing and restricting the AK Party’s liberal approach to non-Muslims.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Is Obama Anti-American?A new book by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer argues that the president is “post-American.” They spoke to Rich Benjamin about how the country has gone wrong under him.Among other morsels, the book accuses Mr. Obama of “damaging the office of the presidency,” “blaming America for 9/11,” “enabling Iran’s Islamic bomb,” “destroying America’s prestige,” and—as the “most anti-Israel president” since that nation’s founding—pursuing “pro-Islamic and anti-Israel policies.” Even beyond this November, the screed might make a nice primer for the president’s competitors!“He has identified himself as ‘a little Jakarta street kid,’” Geller responds. “Internationally, he is absolutely promoting anti-American interests. He is setting off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”“I think the American people need to know who is in the White House, what shaped this man, who his friends are, who is influences are, who his mentors are. I don’t believe that this man has one normal friend.”“Not one?” I ask"“Not one.”.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • PKK leader urges Israel to cut Turkey military ties.The commander of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) urged Israel on Tuesday to sever its military ties with Turkey, which he described as a common enemy."We demand that Israel stop assisting those seeking to crush our struggle for freedom," Murat Karayılan, deputy leader of terrorist PKK, said in a rare interview with Israeli Channel 2 television from his mountain hideout in northern Iraq."Our enemies are also the enemies of Israel," Karayılan said, referring to Turkey's warmer ties with Iran and Syria, which are Israel's foes.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:TundraTabloids.SHOCKING VIDEO OF TALIBAN STONING TO DEATH A WOMAN IN N.PAKISTAN....... According to Zip the video was shot recently in Upper Orakzai in Northwest Pakistan by the Taliban itself.This is very graphic as it is brutal, but it needs to be seen to fully comprehend the brutality of sharia.Welcome to A.D. 613 ?Extremely graphic images.Click here to see and read the full story.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BarenakedIsland.The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox church at Ground Zero, which was totally destroyed on 9/11,who's preventing it from being re-built?Plans for reconstructing the church on its original site were progressing, if very slowly, until Barack Obama took office. Now talks have broken down and the Port Authority has excavated the site, breaking the deal the church had made with former Gov. Pataki.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Mosque Discrimination: Did Public School Officials Violate Anti-Discrimination Policy During Field Trip?(Part 1).This past May, a group of sixth grade middle school students from the Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School District visited the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center as part of a school sponsored field trip. Our sister site Big Peace recently revealed the details of this visit, as well as the controversial ties that the center’s parent organization, the Muslim American Society, has to terrorism as what federal prosecutors have labeled as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” Recently surfaced video footage from this trip as recorded by a parent chaperone depicts a series of activities that occurred as part of the Muslim mid-day prayer service at the center’s mosque.Some of the activities observed in the video not only push the boundaries of the appropriate role of schools in facilitating religious understanding, but they introduce elements of blatant discrimination that could be especially challenging to the average ten or eleven year old. It’s an angle to this story that does not appear to have been discussed to date.Before the prayers commenced, the field trip attendees were religiously segregated. As seen on the video, the parent describes that the women chaperones, female teachers and schoolgirls were asked to leave the prayer area, while the boys were invited to stay and participate in prayer with the men.Such religious and gender discrimination arguably violates Title IX and Massachusetts state education codes, as reflected in the Wellesley Public School anti-discrimination policy.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama revealed.It is becoming increasingly obvious that Obama is a package of miss-speak and double-talk by design.His intentional deletion of "The Creator" out of a supposed quote from the Declaration of Independence, is a great example. That wasn't accidental. If you see the video of it, he hesitates and calculates his contrived/altered "quotation" before making it.In taking the Oath of Office...he mumbled, hemmed and hawed his way through it to the point where the Chief Justice said he had to take it again. Do we have it on record that he was successful in stating that oath the next day? Of course not, he sealed all of his records that day by Executive Order.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Obama Proves US Doesn’t Need A Congress!Last week President Obama announced a new addition to his Obama Regime. “He who needs no Senate, no Congress,” announced he had appointed Elizabeth Warren as the new “Consumer Czar” … sort of.In his continued war on business in the US Obama skipped right over the US Senate… again… and named Warren as the person who would SHAPE the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.Warren, a Harvard law professor, is said to be an expert on bankruptcy. Business and banks are bristling at this latest move by the Obama Regime to make doing business in America even more difficult. They say Warren will create an agency more aggressive than it ought to be while the GOP says she is already far too critical of business and Wall Street.Ok. Let’s clear some of the smoke away and see what we have here.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Another Proud First for the Obama Administration: U.S. Diplomats Forced to Respectfully Listen to Ahmadinejad's Hateful Screeds at the UN.Unsatisfied with a mere series of bows, the Obama White House has decided to truly humiliate the United States. The administration apparently instructed U.S. diplomats to respectfully listen in as the insane, Hitler-esque despot threatened America with a war 'without boundaries'.While the Canadians walked out!Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Arabs Harass Female 'Peace' Activists; Left Silences Victims.Two activists have exposed a disturbing phenomenon that they say is an open secret within the “peace camp”: female “peace” activists are routinely harassed and raped by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria with whom they have come to identify. They say the phenomenon has gotten worse lately and that many foreign women end up as wives of local Arabs against their will, but cannot escape their new homes.“A nauseous atrocity has been going on for a long time behind the scenes at the leftists' demonstration at Bil'in, Naalin and Sheikh Jarrah [Shimon HaTzaddik],” she writes. “A dark secret that threatens to smash the basic ideological values upon which the demand to end the occupation of the Territories rests.”It turns out, she explains, that when female peace activists from Israel and abroad come out to Judea and Samaria and demonstrate against the Israeli “occupation,” they are assaulted sexually by the Arab men whom they have come to help. These are not isolated incidents, Aloni-Sedovnik stresses. Rather, this is an “ongoing and widespread” phenomenon that includes verbal and physical abuse. She accuses the 'peace' camp of purposely covering up the trend so as not to offend “the Palestinians and their heritage, which sees women as sexual objects.”"I was told of such rape cases by women who are not Jewish: a female European leftist activist, a female Red Cross volunteer and a young Arab woman from Yafo,” he says. He says that he met these women when he carried out IDF reserve duty, and met them afterward as well. “They told me what goes on there, in the Palestinian villages, far from any prying eye.”"These are not just cases of rape carried out to satisfy lust,” he writes. “Usually, they are carried out systematically in order to make the girl pregnant and then take her as a wife – after she converts to Islam, of course. We know about this system from the stories of women who underwent a similar process within Israel and escaped to Europe. But it is hard to escape from the Palestinian territories. Sometimes these women – some of whom are no longer young – are never allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied, in order to forestall their escape.”Sounds more like "Slavery" to me.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Widow Of Renowned Iran Commander Accuses IRGC Head Of Treason.In her letter, Amirani describes the contested presidential election of June 2009 as a coup d'etat, and accuses Jafari of treason for the IRGC's role in engineering the election's outcome and in the ensuing crackdown on opposition protesters.Bakeri’s family supported opposition candidates Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi in the election and condemned the regime's postelection crackdown.Amirani criticizes the regime for trying to control everything and leave people without any power."Why should one side [the government] have all the means of power and the other side [the people] be without any power? I never remember such disasters in the shah's time," she writes.Bakeri's family has criticized the regime on several occasions in the wake of the 2009 election.His daughter told students at Tehran University that the Basijis and Revolutionary Guards who beat people in the streets are different from her father and uncle, who died in the war.The Iranian government considers Bakeri and his brother Ebrahim symbols of war and martyrdom.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Communist, Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Israel Groups Sponsor NAACP’s ‘One Nation’ Counter Rally.The NAACP-led ‘One Nation Working Together’ rally coming up in Washington, D.C. on October 2nd to counter the Tea Party movement’s success is being sponsored by pro-terrorist and communist groups. Many of their logos are proudly and prominently displayed on the rally’s promotional website. One sponsor’s leader was fired this summer by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission for his ties to Hamas.The rally’s sponsor list demonstrates how the Democrat party’s liberal establishment has mainstreamed treason and anti-semitism.Included among large, traditional labor organizations sponsoring the rally: AFL-CIO; National Education Association; the union of federal government workers’ American Federation of Government Employees; United Auto Workers; and United Mine Workers .Joining them are anti-American, anti-Israel groups: Stalinist ANSWER Coalition; and the terrorist supporting Obama funders Code Pink and United for Peace and Justice, which since its inception and until recently was led by noted communist Leslie Cagan. Listed on the sidebar as sponsors are anti-American groups Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War.All have supported terrorists in Iraq who were killing American troops and liberated Iraqis.Also listed as partners of the One Nation rally are the Communist Party USA; the Democratic Socialists of America; the International Socialist Organization; and the War Resisters League.One Nation Working Together also lists as a partner the American Muslim Association of North America, whose leader Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout was fired this summer by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for his ties to Hamas and David Duke.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Russian general confirms Iran missile deal frozen.Allaying Israeli, American concerns, armed forces chief of staff confirms Moscow holding off delivery of air-defense missiles to Tehran because it violates UN sanctions; Italy seizes seven tons of explosives shipped from Iran to Syria.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Bill Clinton: Russian Jews in Israel Biggest Obstacle to Peace, Palestinian Terror Apparently Not a Problem.Russian immigrants to Israel have emerged as a central obstacle to achieving a Middle East peace deal, according to former President Bill Clinton. He voiced fears that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which increasingly consists of soldiers hailing from this community, might not be fully willing to oppose Israeli settlers as a result.In a roundtable with reporters during his Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York, Clinton made his most extensive remarks on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process that his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is spearheading.“An increasing number of the young people in the IDF are the children of Russians and settlers, the hardest-core people against a division of the land. This presents a staggering problem,” Clinton said. “It’s a different Israel, 16 percent of Israelis speak Russian.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Helen Thomas to headline fundraisers.Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas is stepping back into the public eye.The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee announced Tuesday it is throwing a gala in honor of Thomas, the second major event she will headline only months after being forced to leave her post for making comments that some found to be anti-Semitic.Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, immediately blasted the two appearances.“The decision to honor Helen Thomas is a disgrace and a moral taint on the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee,” Steinberg said in a statement to POLITICO. “Holocaust survivors and their families were deeply shocked by Helen Thomas' comments. Her monstrous call for Jews to go back to the places where we were gassed and burned were profoundly anti-American words of hate.Hmm ... no word if the President will attend to this "Happy" event?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Muslim ‘tiny minority’: James C. and Edward G. would understand Pt 4.Casper, Wyoming residents having read parts 1, 2 , and 3 , understand that the Social Progressive phrase ‘tiny minority’ of Muslim ‘extremists’ has been used as a façade to keep people from understanding the real world threat from Islam and Muslims against the West. SP’s have engaged in telling bald faced lies in support of SP dogmas and world view; neither having any basis in reality or empirical evidence.Social Progressives have denied and continue to deny the real world facts facing Casper residents, the rest of America, and Europe, regarding Jihadist Muslims and their supporters.Sane people know that an army of 8.425 Muslim terrorists is just the opposite of a ‘tiny minority’. When the Jihadist army is 400% larger than the entire US Military, Social Progressives need, as Little Caesar would say, to ‘come clean’ about the real world threat facing the West from ‘good and faithful’ Muslims.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Auschwitz museum rejects tour by Holocaust-denying historian.David Irving recently lambasted Polish officials for promoting the former concentration camp as a 'Disney-style tourist attraction.'British historian and Holocaust-denier David Irving will not be permitted to give tours at Poland's Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, museum officials said Tuesday after the controversial historian arrived in Poland to lead a tour of Nazi sites."Proper actions" will be taken if Irving made statements that denied or played down the Holocaust while visiting Auschwitz, a museum spokesman told the Polish Press Agency PAP. "We cannot allow statements that harm the memory of the victims," spokesman Bartosz Bartyzel told PAP.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Major changes coming to TSA.Privacy concerns and lawsuits over the use of full body scanners at America's airports has prompted the TSA's search for a compromise. Manufacturers of the full body scanners are currently designing software that will make every body a generic figure or "avatar" The technology is now being reviewed in a federal laboratory, according to the manufacturers. However, no official announcement has been made as to when the new software will be employed.Another change that is being phased in is the Secure Flight program. According to TSA's website the biggest change for most passengers will be providing additional information including their full name, date of birth, and gender when making a reservation to travel.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • True Lies: The Paradox of Debating Shariah.The Quran makes it difficult for non-Muslims to have sincere discussions with shariah-compliant Muslims because of a theological rationalization for lying.Under shariah, lying is not only permissible, but obligatory for Muslims in some situations. This complicates efforts to understand the true nature of the threat – and to have confidence in those Muslims at home and abroad with whom the government hopes to make common cause.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Bedbug summit opens in Chicago.North America's first bedbug summit opened in Chicago on Tuesday morning with a sellout audience and a slate of entomologists representing top universities such as Yale and Cornell."This summit really represents access to the best information available on bedbugs to date," said organizer Phillip Cooper, president of BedBug Central.His organization is an information resource that has a public website providing information on health, treatment and prevention methods."This summit will provide a sophisticated level of information to a variety of industries that can be lost in smaller or less specific seminars," he said.Bedbugs, which were nearly eradicated 50 years ago, have been making a comeback in North America due to the banning of DDT and other toxic chemicals.Bedbugs are also becoming resistant to many of the chemicals currently used against them.Edmonton exterminator John Van Ginkel told CBC News he's seeing a large increase in calls from consumers."Bedbugs have just increased, like phenomenal. I'm getting more and more calls I'm basically booked up two to three weeks in advance."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.
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