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Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Ramadan Scorecard

                    "There Will Be Blood"?

Score kept by "The Religion of Peace" or is it "pieces"?

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • The Constitution Trumps Islamic Law.When reading stories about that formerly obscure Florida preacher behind the Quran burning controversy, bear in mind that the only law he would have broken in doing so would have been Islamic law. With this in mind, it should become clear that the extraordinary global campaign against this stunt is yet another concerted effort, aided by an army’s worth of useful fools, to bring our constitutional republic into conformance with Islamic law.This same demand also manifests itself in the society-level assumption that Islam should somehow exist in a state of exaltation that no Western society grants any belief system, or any God. This assumption is increasingly becoming consensus among non-Muslims. Why?One answer is because people who do not believe in Allah, from Sarah Palin to Gen. David Petraeus to assorted ministers and rabbis, have succumbed to a specifically Islamic brand of blackmail (the “or else” of violence or other outbreaks of “extremism”), thus accommodating and even lobbying for the uniquely Islamic prohibitions against written, pictorial or symbolic criticism. In so doing, they have also succumbed to the Islamic narrative. That narrative, or rationale, tells us that burning a Quran causes murder and mayhem, putting our troops, our citizens, our cities, and our interests at increased risk. In this narrative, the actual bad actors are absolved of both volition and blame. Similarly, drawing cartoons of Muhammad (Kurt Westergaard, Lars Vilks) — or not drawing cartoons of Muhammad (”South Park”) — sermonizing about violence within Islam (the Pope), and critiquing Islam (Geert Wilders’ “Fitna”) are increasingly viewed as unacceptably “insensitive” and “disrespectful” provocations in Western society, regardless of their free-speech protections.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Teledoc: Wilders, the movie.Full movie in Dutch.Read and see the whole thing here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:American thinker.Obama Flunks the Leadership Test.The U.S. Marine Corps' 14 Leadership Traits serve as a standard against which to compare President Obama's actions in his 19 months in office. By this standard, he is not simply an unqualified leader, but the antithesis of a good leader: an "un-leader."It is often difficult for us to prove things which are self-evident. Anecdotes and examples are not without merit, but in a vacuum, these alone often fall short. Without some set standard, it can always be argued that one's position is arbitrary and subjective, determined only by a pre-existing bias.These are a small but representative sampling of this president in action over these last 19 months. One, two, or three categories are certainly not enough to judge an individual's leadership qualities. But what here emerges, and what is truly troubling, is an overall picture of not simply a lack of leadership qualities, but an individual who is in every way the antithesis of a principled and effective leader - an un-leader.This, as even a blind man can see, is having monumentally negative effects in our economy, national security, and liberty. We can ill afford to allow this un-leader to go unchecked for much longer. We can ill afford, as a people and as a Republic, to repeat this mistake and to ever again hand such an un-leader the keys to power in this nation.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Iran clerics vow death for Koran-defilers.Two top Iranian clerics said anyone desecrating the Koran must be killed, Fars news agency reported, as hundreds of people protested on Monday outside the Swiss embassy in Tehran."From the point of view of Islamic jurisprudence, strong objection to such thoughts is mandatory and necessary and killing the people who have committed this act is compulsory," Ayatollah Hossein Nouri Hamedani was quoted as saying by Fars.His view was echoed by Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi who added that such a response must be taken after consulting a "religious judge.""The blood of the person who burns the Koran can undoubtedly be shed. But in this issue, no action should be taken without the permission of a religious judge," Makarem Shirazi told Fars.Skip the part of innocent till proven guilty,jump to kill?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Scotland Yard sting foils Muslim plot to 'sell virginities' of young girls for £50,000 to wealthy Arabs.A Muslim prostitution ring plotted to make up to £50,000 by selling the 'virginities' of young girls to wealthy Arabs, it can be revealed tonight.A 14-year-old girl was used as bait by the gang who sent her photograph and email to a potential customer ahead of an illicit meeting at a central London hotel.The trafficking ring transported six women aged between 17 and 22 from the North West to the capital last September to provide sexual services.Mahrookh Jamali, 41, and Sara Bordbar, 43, both of north-west London, Fatima Haghengal, 24, and Rasoul Gholampour, 30, both of Wigan, admitted the conspiracy.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • The prez's new 150,000-jobs killer.The president and many in Congress are using this year's catastrophe in the Gulf to push for sweeping, unrelated measures that would punish not only the US oil and gas industry but the American economy as a whole.Just last week, President Obama explicitly targeted the industry for two massive tax hikes. First, he'd ban oil and gas companies from using the "Section 199" tax credit, a measure for domestic manufacturers enacted in 2004 to boost US employment.(The Senate is set to vote this week on its version of the ban.) Second, he wants to end "dual capacity" protection for US energy firms.Yet, by the federal government's own economic model, these tax hikes would lead to huge, immediate job losses. I ran the numbers through the Commerce Department's RIMS II model; it shows, under the proposed changes to Section 199 and dual capacity, Americans would almost immediately lose more than 150,000 stable, private-sector jobs.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Study: Lefty, Islamic Terrorism Soars With Welfare State, Safety Net Pull Back.Where’s the study backing President Obama’s opinion that his bad economy morphed conservatives into racist bigots?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Indian forces kill at least 13 protesters in Kashmir; 1 police officer also dies in clashes.Indian forces killed 13 protesters and wounded scores of others Monday in confrontations across Kashmir fueled in part by a report that a Quran was desecrated in the United States, police said. A police officer was also killed.Despite a rigid curfew clamped across the region, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets, throwing rocks, torching government buildings and chanting, “Go India, go back. We want freedom.”A policeman was also killed during the protests in Budgam after he was hit by a vehicle that then sped away, the officer said.Syed Ali Shah Geelani, a key separatist leader, said lifting the security laws would not satisfy Kashmiris. “We want end to Indian occupation here and have already laid out our proposal for initiating a dialogue,” he said.So the Koran burning is just a lame excuse.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Iranian diplomats defect in Finland, Belgium.Iranian opposition members say another Iranian diplomat has defected in Europe — this time in Belgium.The announcement comes just hours after the No. 2 man at the Iran mission in Helsinki said he would seek asylum in Finland.The Europe-based Green Wave opposition movement said Farzad Farhangian, press attache at the Iranian Embassy in Brussels, walked out Friday and flew to Oslo."There are a lot of pro-Green movement diplomats" who had set up a network of "Green embassies" that keep up in contact with opposition members, he said."Ahmadinejad is not any more the Iranian leader and he doesn't represent Iran," Alizadeh said. "Do not take him seriously. He (does) not have any popularity among the Iranians."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Amnon and Jonathan.Let's go wild !Radical Muslims threaten to crucify a Christian.It is amazing what the lame stream media reports. Some moron nobody pastor threatens to burn the Koran and doesn't do it. That gets worldwide coverage and there are burning of Churches and riots by jihadi supporters. This gets no coverage at all.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Salman Rushdie backs Ground Zero mosque but attacks Pastor Terry Jones for threatened Koran-burning.Praising the U.S. First Amendment rights which guarantee freedom of religious belief, he also criticised Pastor Terry Jones for threatening to burn the Koran.He said: 'I'm not in favour of burning books.'Sir Salman became a global hate figure for Muslims after writing The Satanic Verses, deemed to be insulting to the Islamic Faith.Copies of the book were burned by protesters and the issuing of a fatwa meant he faced assassination by extremists.'9/11 was an inside job' claims associate of Ground Zero mosque imam.a close associate of Rauf has claimed the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an 'inside job'.Faiz Khan is a founder member of an organisation run by imam Feisal Abdul Rauf promoting a better understanding of Islam.However, he courted controversy by leaving internet postings on a 9/11 'truth' website which perpetuates conspiracy theories about the devastating attacks.On the website of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, Khan wrote that 'the inescapable fact (is) that 9/11 was an inside job,' according to the New York Post.He added: 'The prime factor for the success of the criminal mission known as 9/11 did not come from the quarter known as "militant Islam," although the phenomenon known as "militant Islamic networks" may have played a partial role, or even a less than partial role - perhaps the role of patsy and scapegoat.''For someone who claims he wants the mosque project near Ground Zero to help build bridges and heal the wounds from 9/11, it's odd that one of Feisal Rauf's fellow bridge builders is someone who thinks the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people were an 'inside job' by the U.S. government.'Maybe this is what they are planning to broadcast in 50 years from the ground zero mosque?That the US deliberately blew up the twin towers in order to blame Islam?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Feds Spent $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program.The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), spent $823,200 of economic stimulus funds in 2009 on a study by a UCLA research team to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having asked both Coates and NIMH the following question: “The Census Bureau says the median household income in the United States is $52,000. How would you explain to the average American mom and dad -- who make $52,000 per year -- that taxing them to pay for this grant was justified?”This should "Stimulate "the economy for sure!Read the full scandal story here.Click here for comments.

  • Revealed: Obama hired media expert to monitor 'negative' coverage of BP oil spill.The U.S. government paid an expert $18,000 to assess whether news stories about the Gulf oil spill were positive or negative for the Obama administration, it was revealed today.And it awarded a $216,625 no-bid contract for a survey of seabirds to an environmental group that has criticised what it calls the 'extreme anti-conservation record' of Sarah Palin.The contracts were among hundreds revealed by The Associated Press as the government provided the first glimpse of federal spending since the disaster in April.A White House spokesman, Ben LaBolt, declined to comment on the contracts.But critics are likely to focus on the decision to pay $9,000 per month for two months to John Brooks Rice, an on-call worker for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under a no-bid contract to monitor media coverage from late May through July.Read the full story here for comments.

  • Michael Barone.Gangster Government Stifles Criticism of Obamacare."There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases."as Ignagni, the recipient of the letter, says, "It's a basic law of economics that additional benefits incur additional costs." "Congress shall make no law," reads the First Amendment, "abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press."Sebelius' approach is different: "zero tolerance" for dissent.The threat to use government regulation to destroy or harm someone's business because they disagree with government officials is thuggery. Like the Obama administration's transfer of money from Chrysler bondholders to its political allies in the United Auto Workers, it is a form of gangster government."The rule of law, or the rule of men (women)?" economist Tyler Cowen asks on his blog. As he notes, "Nowhere is it stated that these rate hikes are against the law (even if you think they should be), nor can this 'misinformation' be against the law."The secretary goes on: "It is my hope we can work together to stop misinformation and misleading marketing from the start." In other words, shut your members up and play team ball -- or my guys with the baseball bats and Tommy guns are going to get busy. As Cowen puts it, "worse than I had been expecting."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:ShalomLife.Former Iranian Double Agent Speaks in Toronto.Iran, the chief exporter of terror throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world, is the greatest global threat today - a threat that increases with the imminent possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power.This was the grim message delivered by a heavily disguised Reza Kahlili, (not his real name) to a hushed audience the evening before Erev Rosh Hashanah.As a member of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards, Kahlili spied for the CIA as a double agent.“I knew the regime would see Obama’s entreaties as a sign of weakness and that this would embolden them to take radical steps.” Avi Benlolo, CEO of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Canada who sponsored the lecture, urged people to lobby the Canadian government to charge Iran with incitement to commit genocide. “It would be the first time that genocide would be prevented.”Kahlili ends A Time to Betray with a faint ray of hope. “While the regime is standing tough, I truly believe their iron rule over Iran is coming to an end. The Iranian people have announced to the entire world that they want the liberties that are their birthright.They are not going to accept anything less.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • 9/12: America’s monumental shame.Ground has been broken. A few surrounding buildings and a little placeholder replica of the Freedom Tower have been erected. Ceremonial beams of light have been displayed where the Twin Towers once loomed.But as the Bergen (NJ) Record put it: “We are supposed to be pleased that One World Trade Center is rising, that work on that national Sept. 11 memorial is well under way, as is the transportation hub and one of three additional commercial towers. And we are pleased that these projects are moving along. But it has been nine years. Nine years and nothing is completed.”Let me repeat that: Nine years and nothing is completed.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Muslim Men from Ilford, Forest Gate, and Tottenhamam, sentenced after 'thuggish' attack on Muslim sisters in Finchley.A GANG of “thugs” who acted like “a pack of animals” when they attacked two Muslim sisters in their car have been sentenced.Judge Darling added the group had shown “little or no remorse” following the attack and told the men he was “just persuaded” not to pass jail sentences on them.Persuaded by whom?If this is how they "Respect" their Muslim sisters one can imagine how they respect Non believers.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Fun Fact of the Day: America’s Debt is More Than All The Money in The World Combined.I have argued that the real national debt is about $130 trillion. Let’s say I’m being pessimistic. Forbes, in a 2008 article, came up with a lower number: $70 trillion. Let’s say the sunny optimists at Forbes got it right and I got it wrong.For perspective: At the time that 2008 article was written, the entire supply of money in the world (“broad money,” i.e., global M3, meaning cash, consumer-account deposits, checkable accounts, CDs, long-term deposits, travelers’ checks, money-market funds, the whole enchilada) was estimated to be just under $60 trillion. Which is to say: The optimistic view is that our outstanding obligations amount to more than all of the money in the world.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:LogisticsMonster.Police Raids To S.510: The Battle Over Food Safety Begins.Nothing surprises me anymore; nothing. I had to stop writing the ‘Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?‘ articles because the depth and breadth of the under-the-radar fascist takeover of America is almost complete. The globalists have the Federal Reserve Mafia, Obamacare, Codex Alimentarius, nationalized industries (etc.), and now they want to push through S. 510 to make the moos safe from themselves to give Big Agra an even bigger boost than just allowing them to run freakin’ wild and pollute the world with genetically modified organisms.When it comes to the actions of the four armed policemen in the following video,Then, guns drawn, four officers fanned out across Rawesome Foods in Venice. Skirting past the arugula and peering under crates of zucchini, they found the raid’s target inside a walk-in refrigerator: unmarked jugs of raw milk. I want to know when the military and law enforcement are going to remember their oaths to the Constitution and stop acting like the Gestapo when treating every single American, their pets, and their frakkin’ produce like criminals? WHEN?On the other hand you can still buy freely raw milk in all the ex - Sovjet republics food for thought?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Vladtepesblog.Assault from the Bosporus?Great power politics from Erdogan"Turks of all countries unite!We are now the world power Turkey!"Doesn't sound like i want to join Europe more like i will invade Europe!In spite of the Islamic fundamentalist Turkish regime's positive economic policies, it still nonetheless represents very bad news for Europe. They are highly motivated to place Europe firmly within the house of Islam, if you don't believe me, believe the Turkish PM himself as he demonstrates his willingness to repeatedly stick his nose in German domestic political affairs, while encouraging ethnic Turks in Germany to remain loyal to the Turkish state.Read and see the full story here!Click here for comments

  • Jon Voight Slams Time Magazine as Anti-Semitic for Its ‘Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace’ Cover.Voight charged that there must be anti-Semitism at Time magazine if such a cover could be devised. Voight:Listen, if Israel falls we all fall. Did you see the Time magazine, did you guys see the Time magazine cover? Cover? It was amazing. Here's a cover with a Star of David on it, and it says Israel doesn't care about peace. ... But this is anti-Semitism. This is, who are the anti-Semites who are running Time magazine? And their prior cover, you know, they alluded to the Islamophobia, they're calling America Islamophobic.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Hariri tribunal: Nasrallah's a liar.You will recall that a month ago, Hezbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah made a dramatic speech on Lebanese television in which he accused Israel of being behind the murder of Lebanese President Rafik Hariri, the father of the current Lebanese President Sa'ad Hariri. This actually comes as a little bit of a surprise to me: The special tribunal looking into Hariri's murder doesn't believe Nasrallah.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Video : Gingrich: Obama Spoke Out Against Koran Burning, He Should Speak Out Against Mosque.

  • Why is anti-gun Mayor Bloomberg backing Harry Reid?"Bloomberg Further Disgraces Himself In Latest Anti-Gun Pitch," NRA-ILA informs us in a Friday press release, detailing how the anti-gun mayor is expanding his pitch beyond New York City and using the "Mexican crime gun" excuse to persuade Congress to enact further federal citizen disarmament legislation.One day not long ago in an democratic land ,a president who doesn't act on Mexican violant border gangs and doesn't like guns invites a anti-gun Mayor for golf,how does this story going to end?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:JihadWatch.Iraqi Shi'ite leader accuses Saudis of duplicity in fighting terrorism.Surprise, surprise. And the duplicity doesn't extend just to the Shias. "Iraqi Head of the Shia endowment accuses Saudi Arabia of duplicity over fighting terrorism."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Islam in Europe: Denmark: Mystery bomber reading religious literature (Update: Belgian passport stolen).The man, described as being between 25 and 35 years of age, 169 cm. tall and seemingly of central or southern European of origin, speaks fluent French, English with a French accent and German and is thought to have used several aliases, among which are the names Raoul Foltz, David Francois J. de Vicq de Cumptich and Hans Veller. He has a false lower right leg He removed the serial number from his artificial leg (an expensive type which was made in Western Europe)and bears the mark of having had a broken nose.Latest information (1 p.m.) from the police is that the man they have in custody says he is a vegetarian and has asked for religious literature from various religious persuasions.It's starting to get obvious that this mystery man might be a big fish.My bet he's of French libyan nationality.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • India forces battle Kashmiri protesters. 14 killed.Indian forces killed 13 protesters and wounded scores of others Monday in confrontations across Kashmir fueled in part by a report that a Quran was desecrated in the United States, a police official said. A police officer was also killed.The protesters chanted "Down with Quran desecrators," and protest leaders denounced the alleged desecration in speeches to the crowds.There were also shouts of "Down with America" and "Down with Israel" - rarely heard in Kashmir, where anger is normally only directed at India.In New Delhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India was searching for a peaceful resolution to the summer of conflict."We are willing to talk to every person or group which abjures violence, within the framework of our constitution," Singh said in a speech to top army commanders.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Those nasty Chinese anti-ship missiles.Naval War College Review does its job and parses out the bubbling issue of the long-range MIRV'd Chinese anti-ship missiles. Here's the Chinese Communist Party's take: "China will never abuse its anti-ship missile capacity and launch strikes against foreign carriers without a justified reason." Feel better now?And AEI, the think tank that never saw a war it didn't like, approves of the Obama administration's emerging China policy. Hmmm -- who thinks that is a good sign?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Borat's Return, Kazakh-Style.Yes, we know Borat's movie," says 31-year-old Kazakh journalist Rysbek Darei. "He shot it to insult Kazakhs."Now, four years later, one Kazakh filmmaker says his new movie will put Borat in his place."But many people here in Kazakhstan took it personally and became angry, saying, 'It's not true, it's not the real Kazakhstan.' I don't think that's the right attitude," he continues. "He did what he wanted, and it's good. And he became world-famous. I would do the same if I had such a great idea."The 25-year-old Kazakh actor says that if the shooting is any indication, everyone's in for a laugh when they see the film. He describes one of his favorite scenes so far, one reminiscent of the notorious naked bed-fight scene in "Borat."Read and see the whole story here.Click here for comments.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • OIC: ‘It’s Slander When We Say it’s Slander’ (Part 2).Read the second part here.Click here for comments.

  • Freedom Reflections: Are You Willing to Fight? I received a disturbing email from a friend. She asked to me read an article titled, “Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City,” by Bob Livingston. It is conceivable that this situation could be more damaging to our society than was the 9/11 attack. I refrain from trusting much of anything I receive via email, without doing some further checking. With just a preliminary check, indeed Chris Dodd did introduce SB1619, the “Livable Communities Act.” Bob Livingston is known as an ultra-conservative. Lest I be accused of accepting the writings of a “far-right kook,” the mainstream characterization of people who diligently watch for government infringement upon our rights, I continued my research.What better place to start, silent citizens, than to inspect Sen. Dodd’s bill, SB1619. Find out what your incumbent senators’ and your candidates’ positions are regarding this bill and ultimately, government control of where you live. For that matter, ask officials at all government levels what their positions are regarding Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. You may or may not be alarmed at the thought of a future in which our descendants will be told where they must live, but keep your eyes and ears open. You will assuredly find an issue that the government wants to keep “under the radar,” an issue, against which I hope to God you are willing to fight.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Turkish Reforms Pass by Wide Margin.Turkish voters approved a sweeping package of constitutional reforms by a wide margin on Sunday, handing a major victory to the Islamist-rooted government and marking another concrete step in an inexorable shift in power away from the secular Westernized elite that has governed modern Turkey for most of its history.Another step closer to Radical Islam and Iran.A dark veil just fell over the country of Ataturk!High time to start thinking of removing Turkey out of NATO.Nothing will stop Islam now,from attacking Israel!Read the full story here.Click here for comment.

  • Turkish Jews: Reform strengthens Islam.While international community welcomes referendum approving changes to Turkey's constitution, some locals fear development will weaken army, allow promotion of 'controversial' Islamic laws. "All my friends cast their votes before breakfast. They all fear Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to turn us into Iran," Tal told Ynet Sunday night. "If Turkey continues to become more and more Islamic – this is worrying. We are used to roam around freely, and suddenly it's becoming like Iran here. I hope Erdogan is removed from government." Jacky Angel, a Jewish resident of Istanbul, also voted against the reform package. "The Erdogan government will not be satisfied with this and will try to advance Islam in any way possible," he said."Defeating the army is the key to allow him (Erdogan) to do whatever he wants, including promoting some controversial Islamic laws."Read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • 'West needs to mobilize into coalition to strike Iran'.Danny Yatom, former head of Mossad, says sanctions are not enough, attack is needed to stop Iranian nuclear arms race.While some of the Iranian nuclear facilities are scattered throughout the country and are built underground in fortified bunkers, if the world “mobilizes its capabilities” it would be possible to cause enough damage to delay the program.“If the modern air forces led by the United States mobilizes its capabilities it is possible if not to completely remove the threat to delay it for years to come,” Yatom said.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Giuliani: Imam behind NYC mosque plan puts ‘confrontation’ first.Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) on Sunday strongly criticized Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam seeking to build an Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero.“He seems by his actions to be more interested in confrontation than in healing,” Giuliani said on NBC’s "Meet the Press."Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama's Top Econ Chief: No Relief Coming In The Jobs Market.Read the story here.Click here for comments.

  • President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have a packed social schedule this week, with two major galas and a reception for college athletes."Lets party like there's no tomorrow?"On Monday evening, the president will welcome collegiate star athletes to the White House for a reception at 5:45 p.m. The annual event, first held by former President George W. Bush, recognizes outstanding student athletes in more than a dozen sports, including field-hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball. Neither of Obama's alma maters, Columbia University and Harvard University, made the grade.Honorees at the dinner will include New Jersey State Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver, actor and humanitarian Harry Belafonte, journalist Simeon Booker, and renowned choreographer Judith Jamison.You know the Harry Belafonte who called President Bush "The biggest terrorist in the world"And while visiting Shaves said:"According to reports from the South American nation, Belafonte told the strongman: "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution." President Obama sure has 'Friendly' "Honorees"?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Report: Taliban Using Children As Human Shields. Afghan children as young as 3 years old are being used by the Taliban as human shields or to gather spent cartridges, and teen-agers are being given motorcycles for planting roadside bombs, U.S. Marines say.“I’ve never seen a culture that cares so little for human life. They (the Taliban) truly don’t care unless it impacts their own personal family,” says Manning, who has lost 13 Marines and seen 127 wounded since March.Islam a religion of peace?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.'Palestinians' will walk out on talks, Obama laying groundwork to blame Israel.It was obvious from Friday's press conference, in which President Obama called for Israel to extend the 'settlement freeze' but ducked a question on 'Palestinian' recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, that Obama is laying the groundwork to blame Israel for the talks falling apart. Even Democratic supporters of Israel recognize this.As to why Obama would be willing to jeopardize his party's chances in the midterm elections, Obama may already be figuring that the midterm elections are lost, and therefore there's no reason to keep up the charade of friendship to Israel even until the first week in November.Or "blood is thicker then water"you become a Muslim by birth.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Saudi Arms Deal Advances.White House to Notify Congress Soon of $60 Billion Package, Largest Ever for U.S.The administration plans to tout the $60 billion package as a major job creator—supporting at least 75,000 jobs, according to company estimates—and sees the sale of advanced fighter jets and military helicopters to key Middle Eastern ally Riyadh as part of a broader policy aimed at shoring up Arab allies against Israel Iran.The $60 billion deal will be stretched out over five to 10 years, depending on production schedules, training, and infrastructure improvements, officials said.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Boo-freaking-hoo: Muslims Face Growing Bias in The Workplace.How many of them are trumped up claims ginned up by the disturbers over at CAIR?CAIR has turned their involvement in these cases into a bonanza (and cash cow) for stealth jihad.Meanwhile they are trying to force other workers to wear Muslim clothing?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Former Mossad chief: 'Obama sees Israel as a stone in his shoe'.At the Tenth Conference of the Institute for Counter Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, former Mossad chief, Shabtai Shavit, said that U.S. President Barak Obama sees Israel an obstacle in his goal to achieve harmony with Muslim nations. “Obama sees Israel as a stone in his shoe,” said Shavit.“We should also remember that this president was raised as a child on Islamic values," he added.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • NYC imam: I don't support Hamas.Cleric behind plan to build Islamic center near ground zero tells ABC controversy fueled by politicians ahead of midterm elections; says moving center would 'strengthen radicals in Muslim world.Responding to Amanpour's question about critics who have said he has refused to label Hamas a terror organization, the imam said, "I'm against terrorism…Whoever commits terrorist acts – I condemn. And Hamas has committed terrorist acts, including against its own people."Rauf said the controversy over the Islamic center's site has increased concerns among Muslims of rising anti-Muslim sentiment, saying he felt there was "growing Islamophobia in this country.""How else would you describe the fact that mosques around the country are now being attacked? We are Americans, too.Please present a list of those mosques who were allegedly attacked Mr Iman?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Video:Egyptian Coptic Christian Speaks Against Mosque.

  • Embarrassed Christians Overreact to Koran Burning By Promoting Islam.I am on record for being against the Florida Koran burning. I was one of the first people to ever write on the topic (which I did August 1st for another NewsReal Sunday blog). Countless major Christian organizations spoke against torching the Muslim holy book, including the two biggest in America – the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. But there is a big difference between arguing that burning Korans is not Christian and actually promoting Islam itself.Many Christians, predominantly of the Religious Left, have come out defending and even advocating the spread of Islam. I guess the shame of someone claiming to be a pastor was too much for them to bear. Somehow these Christian lightweights have decided Islamic evangelism was the right response.Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20.Jesus commissioned his church and Christians to spread the gospel.To spread any other religion is to deny the Great Commission, the gospel, and Jesus Christ.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Protestant pastor stabbed, religious freedom attacked.A group of unknown assailants stabbed Rev Afian Sihombing. Currently, he is in hospital in critical conditions. Rev Luspida Simanjutak, head of a Protestant community in Pondonk Bekasi, was also injured. Activists and priests react to the incident saying such actions are an attack against pluralism, a pillar of Indonesian society.A group of eight unknown assailants stabbed Rev Afian Sihombing and sent him to hospital where he is in critical conditions with multiple knife wounds to the stomach. The Protestant clergyman heads a local Protestant community in East Pondonk Bekasi Regency. He was attacked along with Rev Luspida Simanjutak, head of the Huria Batak Kristen Protestan. She too was injured, to the face, the head and the back. Islam a religion of peace?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippersU.S. Troops in Afghanistan to Get Their Fast Food Back.The U.S. military has lifted a seven-month ban on fast-food restaurants and retail stores at American bases in Afghanistan.The shops, ranging from Burger Kings to Oakley sunglasses stores and Military Car Sales outlets, were ordered closed in February by former U.S. commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who cited space issues. At the time, McChrystal’s senior enlisted adviser said the profusion of such shops was contributing to an “amusement park” atmosphere at some of the largest U.S. bases.“For troops to be able to go and grab a burger or a piece of chicken or whatever, I don’t really think it’s that bad,” he said.The Commander in chief might not agree and issue an Fatwa Counter order?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Christian Worshippers Attacked in Indonesia.Police Hunting Assailants Who Stabbed a Christian Worshipper in the Stomach and Hit a Minister in the Head.Indonesia's president ordered police to hunt down and arrest assailants who stabbed a Christian worshipper in the stomach and beat a minister in the head with a wooden plank as they headed to prayers.Neither of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.No one claimed responsibility for Sunday's attacks. But suspicion immediately fell on Islamic hard-liners who have repeatedly warned members of the Batak Christian Protestant Church against worshipping on a field housing their now-shuttered church.In recent months, they have thrown shoes and water bottles at the church members, interrupted sermons with chants of "Infidels!" and "Leave Now!" and dumped piles of feces on the land.Great country to spend your youth?read the full story here.Click here for comments

  • Second Post-Combat Episode of U.S. Gunfire in Iraq.American military units fired on insurgents while supporting Iraqi troops northeast of the capital on Sunday, Iraqi officials said. It was the second such incident since the United States declared an end to its combat operations in Iraq less than two weeks ago.No,,no it's called "Operation New Dawn"same war different name comletely different thing.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Mexico: Caterpillar Inc. Tells American Employees With Kids to “Vamonos”.Caterpillar Inc. is telling its American employees in Mexico, particularly those with children, to return to the United States because of escalating violence there, the company said Thursday.“We have been and will continue to monitor and assess the security situation in Mexico and communicate with our employees in order to improve their safety. Based on recent guidance from the (U.S.) State Department, Caterpillar has informed expat employees in some regions of Mexico, including Monterrey, that they and their families should repatriate as soon as possible,” Dugan said.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • French rally for Iranian woman on death row.Philosophers and singers were among those taking part in a demonstration in Paris in solidarity for an Iranian woman on death row.The fate of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two sentenced to death by stoning, is still unclear, despite a wave of international outrage.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Ankara to EU: Deeper strategic ties depend on progress in negotiations.Turkey’s growing clout in the international arena has prompted the European Union to boost its strategic dialogue with the candidate country. Yet, Ankara, highly irritated at the slow pace of ongoing membership negotiations, said deepening strategic dialogue between Turkey and the 27-nation bloc would be impossible as long as the current course of affairs regarding the pace of negotiations continues.No concrete decisions or specific steps for future work emerged from Saturday’s meeting; however, there is talk of fears that the “strategic dialogue” offer could be seen as de facto EU membership for Ankara without it having to meet the tough guidelines to join.Hmmm if i don't get what i want i'll join the enemy?Sounds like a spoiled brat to me.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • British Airways caterer GateGourmet dishes up plans to make most of its meals halal.The world’s largest independent airline caterer has announced plans to make the majority of its meals halal.GateGourmet, which provides meals for all long-haul British Airways flights from Heathrow, wants to standardise production to drive down costs and boost profits.The caterer has been tempted into the switch by lucrative business available from Middle Eastern and Asian airlines.Hmmm most airports do sell burgers with bacon i guess?Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Report: Iranian Women's Rights Activist Released On Bail.An Iranian women's rights activist and journalist, charged with "waging war against God," has reportedly been released after posting bail of around $500,000.The release of Shiva Nazar Ahari was reported by opposition website the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Would You Buy a Used Mosque From This Man?A new serpent has appeared in the nest of vipers that is making its home in the crater of the toppled Twin Towers, among the remains of the 9/11 dead. This particular model citizen goes by the name of Imam (of course) Muhammad Musri.Apparently, Imam Muhammad Musri was inspired to interject himself in order to prevent Reverend Jones’ impending act of heresy.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Will Obama Enforce Shariah Blasphemy Laws?At his White House press conference Friday, President Obama once again endorsed the placement of a triumphalist mosque in immediate proximity to Ground Zero, declaring it the “inalienable right” of the increasingly transparently immoderate imam determined to build it there. Troubling as this evidence is of Mr. Obama’s submission to shariah – the supremacist political-military-legal code of places like Saudi Arabia and Iran that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says he wants to bring to America, even more worrisome is something else he at least implied: He was prepared as “Commander-in-Chief” to prevent the burning of Qurans by a pastor in Florida.Now, I am no fan of book-burning, of any kind. But, as I noted in this space recently, it is absolutely the “inalienable” right of any American citizen to do it – whether the book is the Bible (which we now know the U.S. military has burned in Afghanistan, lest it be used to proselytize there), the U.S. Constitution or, yes, the Quran.Still, as such brilliant commentators as Andy McCarthy, Diana West, and Debra Burlingame have observed, there is something peculiar about the remarkably contrasting concern being expressed by Barack Obama and his friends over Muslims’ rights and sensitivities on the one hand, and his seeming indifference to those of Americans who are not Muslims. The only common denominator between his attitude toward a megamosque that offends more than 70% of our countrymen and women and his attitude toward the prospect of an “insensitive” book-burning is that he wants to ensure nothing is done that would offend Muslims.This practice amounts to enforcing shariah’s strict laws prohibiting “blasphemy” and “slander.” In Saudi Arabia and the other states governed by this repressive code, the penalty for such a crime can be death.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • OIC: ‘It’s Slander When We Say it’s Slander’ (Part 1).Since 2005, every Muslim country, to include all of our Coalition partners, signed off on a 10 Year Program to make slander, as defined in Islamic law, a serious punishable crime in every jurisdiction in the world, including the United States. I already sent the 29 September 2009 UN Resolution, submitted by the United States, which would subordinate US free speech rights to UN oversight standards that themselves reflect OIC’s (Organization of the Islamic Conference) 10 Year Plan objectives.All narratives that support the 10 Year Program necessarily seek the subversion of, among other things, U.S. First Amendment rights. Through “hate speech” legislation, Islamic slander has already taken hold in Europe. When denying Geert Wilders his expert witnesses, the court stipulated to the truth-of-all-the-facts-of-the-matter when the Court stated, in language that aligns with Islamic notions of slander, that: “It is irrelevant whether Wilder’s witnesses might prove Wilder’s observations to be correct, what’s relevant is that his observations are illegal.” The prosecution followed up by stating that for Wilders, “expressing his opinion in the media or through other channels is not part of a Member of Parliament’s duties.” The imposition of Islamic notions of slander in the Western world – through hate speech legislation no less – is very real and dangerous precisely because it is at best only vaguely understood.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Michelle Malkin: Muslim outrage is easily provoked.No really i thought "Islam is a religion of tolerance?"The "Muslim world" will "explode" if it does not get its way, warns sharia-peddling imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Pardon my national security-threatening impudence, but when is the "Muslim world" not ready to "explode"?At the risk of provoking the ever-volatile Religion of Perpetual Outrage, let us count the little-noticed and forgotten ways.When everything from sneakers to stuffed animals to comics to frescos to beauty queens to fast-food packaging to undies serves as dry tinder for Allah's avengers, it's a grand farce to feign concern about the recruitment effect of a few burnt Korans in the hands of a two-bit attention-seeker in Florida. The eternal flame of Muslim outrage was lit a long, long time ago.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:CreepingSharia.Six Flags Muslim Family Day & Terror (video).A somber weekend for those remembering the attacks by Muslim terrorists on September 11. But not for the Ummah who threatened Americans all week, celebrated the victory mosque in NYC on Friday, celebrated the end of the month of jihad on Saturday, and the ceremonial conquests continue at Six Flags on Sunday, September 12.As noted in previous posts, below, this event originally barred non-Muslims from attending. Now, it dictates how non-Muslim employees can dress – all not to offend Muslims (ala sharia law).Does Six Flags have any idea who ICNA is or what ICNA represents? Here is just a little background on ICNA.Read the full scandal story here.Click here for comments

  • No Sweetness from Obama on Rosh Hashanah.To busy defending Islam?Not a single word of praise for Judaism or American Jews. Not one. For that matter, after the first sentence, the word Jew does not appear, and Judaism is not mentioned by name at all. Obama doesn’t seem to like speaking about Jews or Judaism. (In his Ramadan message which is one hundred words shorter, the words Muslim and Islam are used seven times.)Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Secular Parties Vs. Political Islam Vie In Turkish Vote.The referendum on 26 amendments to a constitution that was crafted after a 1980 military coup has become a battleground between the Islamic-oriented government and traditional power elites that believe Turkey's secular principles are under threat. The outcome will set the stage for elections next year in a strategically-located NATO ally whose regional clout has surged in recent years.Street clashes marred voting at several polling stations in provinces with large Kurdish populations. A Kurdish party has urged supporters to boycott the ballot, arguing that the proposed changes would not advance the rights of the ethnic minority.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Islam in Europe.Germany: New anti-Islam 'Freedom' party.RenĂ© Stadtkewitz, a Berlin parliament member, founded a new party, Die Freiheit (Freedom). The party is anti-Islam and calls for more freedom and democracy.The name of his new party is reminiscent of Geert Wilders' party (Party of Freedom), but Stadtkewitz says there is no collaboration between the two.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Time for This Big Dog to Bite Back.NO, he can’t. President Obama can’t reverse the unemployment numbers by Election Day. He can’t get even a modest new stimulus bill past the Party of No, and even if he could, there would be few jobs to show for it until (maybe) 2011. Nor can he rewrite the history of his administration.And so the odds that Obama’s party will survive the midterms seem less than Indiana Jones’s in the Temple of Doom — as we are reminded hourly by the Beltway herd flogging the latest polls. The Democrats are facing a “historic” rout, an earthquake, a tidal wave — well, you know the drill. End of story.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Gingrich: Obama’s ‘Kenyan, anti-colonial’ worldview.Citing a recent Forbes article by Dinesh D’Souza, former House speaker Newt Gingrich tells National Review Online that President Obama may follow a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” worldview.“I think Obama gets up every morning with a worldview that is fundamentally wrong about reality,” Gingrich says. “If you look at the continuous denial of reality, there has got to be a point where someone stands up and says that this is just factually insane.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Video:Hamas PLC Speaker Ahmad Bahr: 2.5 Million Virgins Await the Prophets, the Righteous, and the Martyrs in a Single Palace in the Garden of Eden.This got to be a caterers nightmare?Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Oh Really, Mr. President? Our President, Commander in Chief and Supreme Exalted Master of the Obvious had his first press conference since May today.Ever-reliable Obama apologist Reuters headlines its puff piece on the presser thus: "Obama Says Koran Burning Can Badly Damage U.S. Abroad." 'Puter, amidst his back pain and surgical consultations had the following thought: "No sh!t, Mr. President." So 'Puter started thinking (drinking is for after work, for which purpose 'Puter laid off the Soma and Vicodin today) and came up with the following list.Other Things That Can Badly Damage U.S. Abroad.Read the full story here for comments.

  • Figures… Former Commie-TRUTHER Green Czar Van Jones Was Behind the “Turn 9-11 into Community Service Day” Movement.On Aug. 4, 2009, the White House offered a glimpse into its plans to desecrate 9/11 for political advantage. Commie-TRUTHER Van Jones appeared in a 33-minute video posted on the official blog of the White House and spoke about the left’s plans to remake the tragedy into a day of community service.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Geert Wilders: No mosque here in New York - New York, is based on Dutch tolerance it should never be a Mecca, said Geert Wilders Saturday night in New York. Read the full story here.And click here for Geert Wilders NYC.(Courtecy Google Translate).Geert Wilders speech on video.

  • King: Imam behind Ground Zero-area mosque 'blackmailing' U.S. on project.The ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee accused the imam behind the mosque project near Ground Zero of arm-twisting and "blackmailing" to push Park51 through."To me, it's almost as if he's blackmailing and threatening the United States that somehow if the mosque is not approved or people speak out against his mosque, you have to worry about being attacked by Islamic terrorists," Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on Fox Business Network on Friday.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • The Sides are Picked.Burn a Bible. No big deal. Tear down a church. That's just islamic law. Kill a Jew. Look the other way. Rape a Christian woman. She had it coming.Burn a Koran. There will be rioting and killing. Draw a picture of Mohammad. There will be rioting and killing. Be incensed by the building of a mosque in a certain location. There will be rioting and killing.Anyone else notice a difference? A man who leads a "church" of 50 people gets international press coverage. A man who leads a mosque of thousands is treated as royalty. An extremist claiming to be Christian gets to be the representative of all Christianity. An extremist in islam has hijacked the religion.A Christian blows up an abortion clinic and all Christianity is castigated and the men is sent to jail for life. An Islamist incites people to kill in the name of allah and he must be negotiated with and understood.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor.Scientists on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico are finding a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions. Their discovery suggests that a lot of oil from the Deepwater Horizon didn't simply evaporate or dissipate into the water — it has settled to the seafloor."I've collected literally hundreds of sediment cores from the Gulf of Mexico, including around this area. And I've never seen anything like this," she said in an interview via satellite phone from the boat.Joye describes seeing layers of oily material — in some places more than 2 inches thick — covering the bottom of the seafloor."It's very fluffy and porous. And there are little tar balls in there you can see that look like microscopic cauliflower heads," she says.It's very clearly a fresh layer. Right below it she finds much more typical seafloor mud. And in that layer, she finds recently dead shrimp, worms and other invertebrates.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Iran 'to release US hiker Sarah Shourd on bail'.The Iranian authorities are ready to release one of the three US hikers detained last year, state media report.Tehran chief prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi said Sarah Shourd, 32, would be freed when $500,000 (£325,000) bail was paid, and could leave the country.Mr Jafari-Dolatabadi had blocked a plan backed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to release her as a good-will gesture.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Outraged Muslims Burn Effigy of Florida Pastor Terry Jones in Kabul Dearborn, Michigan.Chanting “burn, baby, burn,” a group of Muslims in Dearborn lit ablaze Friday night effigies of Pastor Terry Jones of Florida and Osama bin Laden in a protest against religious extremism.Led by Dearborn attorney Majed Moughni, the group burned a pair of dolls holding hands that were dressed up to represent Jones, the Florida pastor who has plans to burn Qurans, and of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist behind the Sept. 11 attacks.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Obama backing off strict crime policy.For years, it was one of the GOP’s most potent political epithets – labeling a Democrat “soft on crime.”But the Obama White House has taken the first steps in decades to move away from a strict lock-‘em-up mentality on crime – easing sentences for crack cocaine possession, launching a top-to-bottom review of sentencing policies and even sounding open to reviewing guidelines that call for lengthy prison terms for people convicted of child pornography offenses.Obama also faces one factor Clinton did not: race. While 58 percent of federal inmates are white, Berman said some Americans are sure to have the perception that an African-American president is aiding criminals of his own race."The devil will always protect his own?"Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:TundraTabloids.Organisation of the Islamic conference republishes Pig Mohmmed on it's website.Tundra Tabloids has discovered that the OIC's website has returned the "Pig Mohammed" picture to its original place on its pages archiving examples of "Islamophobia". So it's clear that the OIC hadn't made a mistake in printing "Pig Mohammed", nope, they only removed it due to the brouhaha the Tundra Tabloids created by drawing attention to what appears a classic case of hypocrisy.So you see, the media need not fear in publishing pictures of Mohamed, the OIC has set the example, more than once for the rest of us to follow. Just remember, they publish the picture of Pig Mohammed because it serves the cause of Islam, while still demanding that all non-Muslims refrain from doing so themselves. Of course it's gross hypocrisy but they don't view it as such, because that's the mind of a supremacist Muslim. Waiting for the media to pick up on this story.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Doomsday warnings of US economic apocalypse gain ground.Some 65% of Americans believe there will be a new recession, according to a latest poll.The guru of this doomsday line of thinking may be economist Nouriel Roubini, thrust into the forefront after predicting the chaos wrought by the subprime mortgage crisis and the collapse of the housing bubble."The US has run out of bullets," Roubini told an economic forum in Italy earlier this month. "Any shock at this point can tip you back into recession."But other economists, who have so far stayed out of the media limelight, are also proselytising nightmarish visions of the future. Boston University professor Laurence Kotlikoff, who warned as far back as the 1980s of the dangers of a public deficit, lent credence to such dark predictions in an International Monetary Fund publication last week.He unveiled a doomsday scenario - which many dismiss as pure fantasy - of an economic clash between superpowers the United States and China, which holds more than $843 billion of US Treasury bonds.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT: sheikyermami.Death Threats Against German chancellor Angela Merkel.Shaking hands with Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was too much for Germany’s peaceful, moderate Muslims. The German language website based in Turkey is calling on all good Muslims to do their duty.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Saudi diplomat seeking asylum: 'My life is in danger'.Envoy says he fears persecution if he leaves the U.S. and returns home. The diplomat, Ali Ahmad Asseri, the first secretary of the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles, has informed U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials that Saudi officials have refused to renew his diplomatic passport and effectively terminated his job after discovering he was gay and was close friends with a Jewish woman.In a recent letter that he posted on a Saudi website, Asseri angrily criticized his country’s “backwardness” as well as the role of “militant imams” in Saudi society who have “defaced the tolerance of Islam.” Perhaps most provocatively of all, he has threatened to expose what he describes as politically embarrassing information about members of the Saudi royal family living in luxury in the U.S.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Obumbler calls for freeze extension, Israel says NO!So much for 'no preconditions.' On Friday, President Obama called for an unlimited extension of the 'settlement freeze.' At a press conference in Washington on Friday, US President Barack said he had told Netanyahu that since the talks were, so far, moving forward, “it makes sense to extend that moratorium so long as the talks are moving in a constructive way.Israel Radio reported at 1:00 am (daylight time) that a 'diplomatic source' stated that there will be no extension of the freeze and that Obama was told that before Netanyahu came to Washington. The freeze was a one-time concession that was made to get the 'Palestinians' to the table, and Israel does not have to keep making concessions to keep the 'Palestinians' there.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Proposed law could make sharing foods from private gardens a threat to national security.There has been a recent uproar by organic farm growers about Senate bill S510 - FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. S510 will expand the authority of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Some of HHS newly expanded powers will be to..“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • 2 Local Men Burn Quran Despite Protest.Local Religious Leaders Follow Through With Plans.Despite multiple pleas to reconsider, two local religious leaders held a private Quran burning in a Springfield backyard Saturday afternoon.The Rev. Bob Old and the Rev. Danny Allen both had different reasons for burning the Muslim holy book, but they said it had nothing to do with whether or not a mosque was built near ground zero."It's about faith, it's about love, but you have to have the right book behind you. This is a book of hate, not a book of love," said Old while holding up a Quran.Read the whole story here.Click here for comments.

  • Are Congo Rape Victims More Important than Mutilated Muslim Women?Radical feminists place human rights violations against women on a Caste System, making Congo rape victims more important than mutilated Muslim women.Despite documented mutilations against Muslim women, African women are leftist’s violated favorites.Victimized Muslim women only gain status and support from Feminazis when it helps glamourize anti-war/anti-capitalist/anti-American causes. Even then, they are viewed as nothing more than the creation of George W. Bush.African and Muslim women are brutally violated.Congo war lords use rape as the suppressive “weapon of choice.” Islamic men use mutilation as the weapon of control.Women in Islamic countries are committing suicide in record numbers,because “Sharia never abolished slavery, sexual slavery and highly regulates it.” Congo rape is not abolished, yet Femifascists are on the warpath to end it, while disregarding Islamic mutialtion as western propaganda.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:GadiAdelman.Southern Exposure.This is a two and half minute trailer for the documentary "Southern Exposure", a must see video for anyone who cares about the truth of illegal immigration!Southern Exposure is exciting to watch, packed with background information, and does what no other documentary of its kind has done before... search for viable solutions.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Inside the Quran Burner’s Church.Who exactly is Pastor Terry Jones, the man who captivated the world with his now-aborted plan? Leon Dische Becker goes inside the infamous church to the meet the man and his congregation—and learns just what drives them.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Israeli mourners reject ground zero mosque.Family of woman killed in the 9/11 attacks says plan for Muslim center 'like bringing pig into holy place'."I contacted the family of Haggai Sheffi, who was also killed in the disaster," said Alona's mother Miriam. "We intend to address the US government together about this. My position is clear – there shouldn't be any mosque there. It cannot happen. I don't understand this government, they invest millions into catching (Osama) Bin Laden but on the other hand they allow this mosque. It's like bringing a pig into a holy place."Holding a US flag and a copy of the bill of rights, one demonstrator explained, "Not all Muslims are extremists, but all extremists are Muslims".Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • BP well threatens ancient Libyan sites.Archaeologists fear the damage that oil platform could do to cities dating from the 7th century BC.Plans by the energy giant BP to sink an oil well off the Libyan coast could have disastrous consequences for the region's rich heritage of coastal ancient city sites and shipwrecks – already under threat from oil tankers, coastal erosion and tourist developments – archaeologists from around the world have warned.BP has, however, announced that it intends to go ahead with plans to sink a well – which would be 200m deeper than the one in the Gulf of Mexico – around 125 miles off the coast of Libya. Work is due to begin before the end of the year.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.
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