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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Statement by the President on the Occasion of Ramadan.And here in the United States, Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America,and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country.Hey read the American history "Islam has always been part of America"!Someone trying to rewrite American history?

  • Among the Believers.A new look at the origins of Islam describes a tolerant world that may not have existed.Donner’s book has already been hailed in a manner showing that its thesis appeals deeply to American liberals(Read Obamabots): Here they find the nice, tolerant, and open Islam that they hanker for. If the book attains a wide readership and succeeds in persuading the broad American public that Muslims are not the ogres they tend to imagine, it will have done a useful job. As a contribution to scholarship, however, it leaves something to be desired.The main problem is that the only direct evidence for Donner’s central thesis is the Quranic verses on the believing People of the Book; all the rest is conjecture. The verses in question tell us nothing about events after the death of the Prophet, and it has to be said that the Medinese suras of which they form a part are not suggestive of ecumenicalism. They are full of bitterly hostile polemics against Jews and Christians, both of whom are charged with polytheism, deification of their own leaders, deification of themselves, and more besides. The Jews are faulted for rejecting Jesus, the Christians for deifying him.

  • HT:The JawaReport.AQAP: Overthrow Saudi Monarchy/Kill All Christians.Al-Qaeda urged soldiers to help topple the Saudi monarchy and kill Christians and government officials in the kingdom, said someone purporting to be a leader of the group in a recording.Al-Qaeda ordered supporters in the Saudi army to “collect information on everything related to the Saudi royal family” in an effort to dethrone them, a speaker identified as Saeed al- Shihri said in an Arabic-language recording posted today on a website that often carries al-Qaeda statements. The identity of the speaker could not immediately be verified.Please add to your to do list:"blow up the Dokkae Tower "?Real terrorists don't need a phallus symbol.

  • Lebanon: We'll reject U.S. military aid if weapons can't be used against Israel.Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said he would reject any U.S. military assistance to Lebanon's army if it comes with conditions.Well knowing Obama's "love" for Israel he probably won't object.

  • Video:Man Had Pea Plant Growing in Lung.The good news was he did not have lung cancer.

  • Public approval nosedive--Obama, Democrats crash and burn.In the aftermath of the Democrats' special session of Congress, during the August recess, to cut food stamps from those citizens who suffer in the recession in order to approve a bailout of public school teachers, the latest major poll of likely voters shows that Barack Obama has now fallen to a -22 net disapproval--his lowest yet.The Rasmussen Poll, released just minutes ago, indicates that Obama is headed directly into the 'death zone' of the 30% range in public approval--an historic signal that his party is set to lose both houses of Congress in the November midterm elections.

  • Does The 2012 GOP Convention Logo Include A Minaret?So is it one of the building's six minarets in the RNC logo? Or is it one of the building's four cupolas? It looks to us like the minaret. But look at the picture and judge for yourself.Nooo "They don't trust me cause of my middle name "wouldn't do this would he?

  • U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know:Let’s get real. The U.S. is bankrupt. Neither spending more nor taxing less will help the country pay its bills.

  • HT"MotherJones.The BP Cover-Up.BP and the government say the spill is fast disappearing—but dramatic new science reveals that its worst effects may be yet to come.

  • ‘Non-Terrorist’ Taliban’s Slaughter of Aid Team Latest in Atrocities.As acknowledged in a new State Department report on terrorism, the Taliban also murders and maims Afghan civilians, with special attention to young girls attending school, kills foreign diplomats, and plots against the U.S. homeland. It has, of course, targeted our troops in the nearly nine-year-old war in Afghanistan.But according to the supreme leader they are not terrorists.who is he working for and when will the American people wake up?

  • Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society.Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring's intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings.A rough estimate shows that close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred: In Pakistan, 70 percent of all marriages are between first cousins (so-called "consanguinity") and in Turkey the amount is between 25-30 percent.Also more stillbirths among immigrants"..A large part of inbred Muslims are born from parents who are themselves inbred - which increase the risks of negative mental and physical consequenses greatly.

  • America's Muslim Capitals.While the Ground Zero mosque generates nationwide debate, America has become a country of thousands of mosques, cultural institutions, and halal restaurants. VIEW OUR RANKING of America’s 30 Muslim centers.

  • Ice island ... the unstoppable Arctic giant that threatens to bring more climatic havoc.Potentially in the path of this unstoppable giant are oil platforms and shipping lanes - and any collision could do untold damage.In a worst case scenario, large chunks could reach the heavily trafficked waters where another Greenland iceberg sank the Titanic in 1912.

  • Attractive topless sunbather reported to police by mother of two for 'troubling' her sons on beach.The lawyer said:'Let's be clear my client is tall, brunette and has an ample breast and is therefore going to naturally be sensuous when she applies cream to her chest.I just hope it doesn't "trouble" the jury when watching her rub her breasts with lotion?

  • Jeffrey Goldberg Probes Israel's Iran Strike Option: Is Netanyahu a "Bomber Boy"?What Jeffrey Goldberg has put out for us is an early treatment of what may be Barack Obama's "Cuban Missile Crisis" moment -- in which tensions are high, in which many in the room on all sides are engaged in extreme brinkmanship, and in which disaster looms for all parties.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Let Them Pinch Pennies!Michelle Obama has been acting more like a frivoulous queen than a concerned first lady while her country is suffering an economic downturn. The jet-setting high-life the Obama’s live (and flaunt for the cameras) has many Americans saying the First Lady is living it up like Marie Antoinette despite her demands that fellow countrymen need to start pinching pennies like peasants.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.American Center for Law and Justice Calls on State Department to Cancel Taxpayer-Funded Middle East Trip by Imam of Ground Zero Mosque.The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) on Tuesday called on the U.S. State Department to remove Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf from a taxpayer-funded trip to Muslim countries, citing his controversial views about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

  • 'Barak wanted to avenge border incident, attack Lebanon'.Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reports Sarkozy, Clinton pressured Israel to withdraw its plan to launch large-scale military operation in response to death of Ltc. Dov Harari killed in border skirmish.

  • Michelle Obama: Spoiled Brat Extraordinaire.Now, let’s all jog our memories back to the Democratic primary. Does anyone remember when Michelle Obama said that, “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country?”I’m sorry, but how bratty and ungrateful can one woman be?!Oh, and who could forget during the Democratic primary when she stated that she “would have to think about that” with regard to supporting Hillary Clinton if she became the nominee instead of her husband.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Trust the imams, not the rabbis.The imam of the Ground Zero mosque has been characterized as a 'moderate.' The Anti-Defamation League's Abraham Foxman came out against the mosque and has been branded as a 'bigot.' In light of the organized Jewish community's leadership's failure to back Foxman, the Jewish Week's Jonathan Mark explains why you can trust what you hear from the imams, but you cannot trust what you hear from many American rabbis.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Pro-Hamas truther Imam to represent US in Muslim countries.The imam who is behind the mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, is being sent by the Obama administration to represent the United States on a trip to Muslim countries around the Middle East. And in the video I'm about to show you, we learn a couple of other things about the imam. We learn that he doesn't consider Hamas - which has turned suicide bombing into a political tactic - a terror organization. And we learn that he believes that the US was behind the 9/11 attacks."They don't trust me cause my middle name is Hussein"Yeah whatevah!

  • Obama Administration Seeks to Overturn US Lebanon Aid Suspension.The Obama administration said Tuesday that it is trying to persuade key Democratic legislators to end a hold on U.S. military aid to Lebanon. Two House of Representatives committee heads are blocking delivery of $100 million in assistance, out of concern about possible Hezbollah influence in Lebanon's armed forces.On whose side is Obama really?

  • Ground Zero mosque spokesman to Gutfeld: Your gay bar won’t build dialogue because it doesn’t consider our sensibilities.He’s got a point.Construction projects that fail to consider local cultural sensitivities aren’t very conducive to dialogue, are they?I think it's high time someone cleans the Augean stables that the Obama administration has become!

  • Will we soon set watches to Mecca Mean Time? Giant £500million clock being built in Islamic holy city.For over a century, an observatory in a south-east London park has been used as the reference point to set every watch on the globe.But Greenwich Mean Time is facing a challenge to its claims as the starting point for each new day.A giant new clock being built in the Islamic holy city of Mecca hopes to usurp the role of Greenwich Observatory, and aims to have the world's 1.5 billion Muslims setting their watches by its time.Does Big Ben make a religious statement?Time is universal not religious!The clock will be set to 1400 years behind the rest of the world – very accurate.
  • Video:Gutfeld Tells Beck About Idea For Gay Bar Next to Ground Zero Mosque.The bar will feature 72 virgin drinks since Muslims don't drink alcohol. Working name for the bar is "Suspicious Packages". Greatest idea ever.It seems there is already a bar there "The Dakota Roadhouse".

  • Now that's what you call driftwood! 200ft-long cedar among dozens of tree trunks scattered across beach after storm.More than 200ft long and 13ft around the trunk, this is one piece of wood that nobody will be throwing along the beach for the dog to fetch.The giant western red cedar was one of dozens of trees washed up at La Push, a small community in Washington State on the U.S. west coast.

  • 9/11 museum going up in NYC offers raw experience.The Sept. 11 museum is taking shape 70 feet below ground, a cavernous space that provides an emotionally raw journey and ends at bedrock where huge surviving remnants and spacial voids reveal the scale of the devastation of what once was the World Trade Center.

  • The woman in the gauze mask.The facial burns Davinia Douglass suffered in the 7 July bombings healed fast. But her emotional scars ran deeper.The defining image of the 2005 rush-hour attacks is of a young woman in a burns mask, barefoot and bloodied.

  • Former Senator Ted Stevens killed in plane crash ex-NASA official survived .Former Senator, Ted Stevens, and former NASA administrator, Sean O’Keefe, and his son, Kevin, were enroute to a fishing lodge late on Monday evening, when the plane crashed, killing five people and leaving four people seriously injured.

  • Focus U.S.A. / Will Israel really attack Iran within a year?After interviewing dozens of Israeli, American and Arab officials, Atlantic Magazine correspondent concludes Israel may not even ask for American 'green light' to attack Iran nuclear sites.And while Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, reminded Goldberg that "the expression 'All options are on the table' means that all options are on the table," - the Israeli interviewees repeatedly questioned Obama's resolve to actually do it. Some even asked Goldberg if he thought the American president was actually an anti-Semite, forcing the reporter to explain that Obama is probably "the first Jewish President" – but not necessarily Likud's idea of a Jew.But the reply he got from one official was: "This is the problem. If Obama is a J Street Jew, we are in trouble."

  • HT:WeaselZippers.White House Declines to Defend Obama’s Call for Rangel to Resign.Did they just throw Dear Leader under the bus?Meanwhile, the White House backed away Tuesday from what seems to be Obama’s call for Rangel to resign from Congress.“If I can’t get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot in getting rid of me through expulsion,” said Rangel.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Another Carnival Game Owner Removes Its Odogma Figure; This Time In NJ.I don’t think it even looks like Obama. Now maybe if the game owner had the figure standing on the American flag, or pissing on the Constitution."You shall make no images of the anointed one?"

  • United Nations marks international day of the world’s indigenous peoples.On the occasion of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the world to step up efforts to improve living conditions of the world’s indigenous communities and to protect them, saying they continued to suffer discrimination and poverty despite a United Nations declaration that aims to promote their rights.

  • Gibbs: People who are upset with Obama don't live in real America, didn't help get Obama elected.Really? That's the latest White House response to Obama voters who are sincerely concerned about the direction this White House is taking on so many issues. To smear everyone and suggest that they didn't lift a finger to get the President elected? Seriously?

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Ehud Ahmed Barak bars IDF troops from eating, drinking or smoking at checkpoints during Ramadan.The security forces have been updated that ahead of the end of Ramadan, and as part of preparations for the Eid al-Fitr festivities, Palestinian children may be carrying weapon-shaped toys and firecrackers. Another one has "fallen" for Obama's Spell?Or is it a curse?For sure it must be something very contagious.And kids with "Toy guns"?Doesn't look like toy guns in their training videos in Summercamp?Just pure madness.

  • Greenland ice sheet faces 'tipping point in 10 years'Scientists warn that temperature rise of between 2C and 7C would cause ice to melt, resulting in 23ft rise in sea level.The entire ice mass of Greenland will disappear from the world map if temperatures rise by as little as 2C, with severe consequences for the rest of the world, a panel of scientists told Congress today.Greenland shed its largest chunk of ice in nearly half a century last week, and faces an even grimmer future.

  • Paterson Would Offer New Site for Mosque Away From Ground Zero.Gov. David A. Paterson said Tuesday that he would consider offering state-owned property to the developers of a $100 million Muslim center and mosque if they decided to build it farther from ground zero.

  • Feds funding Ground Zero imam's Mideast trip.Meanwhile, state regulators said the sale of an adjacent Con Ed building needed to complete the Ground Zero mosque -- as disclosed by The Post on Sunday -- might be subject to review after all, even as Mayor Bloomberg insisted the project has "nothing to do with Con Ed."Public Service Commission spokeswoman Anne Dalton said state law requires the agency to sign off on the "transfer or lease" of any property a utility owns within its franchise area.The question is whether Con Ed satisfied that requirement nearly four decades ago, when it granted a 99-year lease on the former substation site at 49-51 Park Place.

  • Mayor Bloomberg Channels French Traitor.If Mayor Michael Bloomberg is to New York – and by extension the United States – what French general Philippe Pétain was to his country in WWII, we have cause for great concern. France was in desperate need of a leader after the Nazi invasion and called its greatest WWI hero out of retirement to help in 1940.While Bloomberg was not the mayor of New York at the time, he did have a rather embarrassing encounter in late 2009 with a likely co-conspirator in that bombing, Siraj Wahhaj. Mayor Bloomberg met with Muslim leaders on November 11th at City Hall and attempted to deny that Wahhaj was among those in attendance until a reporter challenged him. Said Bloomberg when pressed, That one (Wahhaj). Yes. We have to talk to everybody. That’s what dialogue is all about. That’s how you prevent tragedies.

  • Obama vs. Obama - Afghanistan edition.In the following devastating video, Huffington Post Video Editor Ben Craw, combines clips of Senator Obama questioning Rice about Iraq in January 2007 with comments President Obama has made about his own Afghan exit strategy in a speech in March 2009, an interview with CBS's "60 Minutes" in March 2009, an address to the nation in December 2009, remarks to the troops in Afghanistan in March, an interview with ABC in April, and an appearance on ABC's "The View" in July:I can't decide which is more infuriating, that the biased media wing of the Democrat party gives Obama a pass on such outrageous inconsistency, or that Obama always tries to be on both sides of so many issues. Just how stupid does the JournolLst crowd think the American people are?

  • Islam, Islamists, and stopping the Mosque: Part 2.May they rest in peace?

  • Why the US keeps minting coins people hate and won't use.In hidden vaults across the country, the US government is building a stockpile of $1 coins. The hoard has topped $1.1bn - imagine a stack of coins reaching almost seven times higher than the International Space Station - and the piles have grown so large the US Federal Reserve is running out of storage space.Americans won't use the coins, preferring $1 notes. But the US keeps minting them anyway, and the Fed estimates it already has enough $1 coins to last the next 10 years.And at the current rate, the inventory will grow to $2bn (£1.3bn) by 2016, the Fed estimates.

  • Surely, Glenn Beck Likening Obama's Presidency To Evil Gorillas Enslaving Humanity Is Not About Race.When pudgy albino reminder of what happens when traumatic childhood meets troubled, emotionally unstable, born-again adulthood, Glenn Lee Beck, hits the airwaves, the result is usually an alternately comical and tragic mixture of hilarious nonsense tinged with saline tears, and culminating in the deranged rantings of a paranoid schizophrenic with a deep-seated hatred for black people. Errr, make that, the deranged rantings of a paranoid schizophrenic who will not just sit back and weep (faux tears) while America is overrun by a half-black president, who ironically enough, happens to have a deep-seated hatred for white people, particularly fat talking heads with limited education but unlimited sense of his own inflated ego and intellectual prowess.This time the rollicking good cheer and utter hilarity manifested itself in the form of a not-at-all racist rant from Fox News' favoritest on-air Aryan and resident White Power scholar Glenn Beck comparing America under the Obama administration to "the damn Planet of the Apes."

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Obama Regime: Taliban is Not a Terrorist Organization.What more do they need? The Taliban are Islamic supremacists, aided al-Qaeda during 9/11 plot, allowed Bin Laden to set-up shop and use Afghanistan as a base to wage global jihad, kills American troops on a near-daily basis, has foreign fighters in its ranks etc.“It is hard to imagine this agency can see fit to issue a report that doesn’t include the Taliban groups,” Fred Gedrich, a foreign policy analyst and former State Department employee, told The Daily Caller. “They have killed more Americans and conducted more terror attacks on innocent civilians during the past 12 months than any other terror group.“On who's side is Obama really?

  • Iran Accuses Exiled Lawyer In Stoning Case Of Financial Fraud.Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi has said that a human rights lawyer who fled Iran last month, charging that officials were harassing him for his vigorous defense of a woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, is accused of "financial fraud."This is one way to try to get him back in Iran?"

  • Iranian Band Abjeez Says Supreme Leader's Dismissal Of Music 'Ridiculous'.The screws continue to tighten on musicians and artists in Iran as the country's religious authorities increase restrictions on public expression and dissent as part of a wider crackdown on opposition activity. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced this month that "promoting and teaching" music is "not compatible with the highest values of the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic."

  • In pictures: Luntik, the amazing 4-eared cat.The brief Seventies craze for quadraphonic sound might have lasted a little longer of there were more cats like Luntik around.The three-month old kitten who lives in a garage in Vladivostok, Russia, has a 'spare' pair of vestigial ears just in front of his real ones.
  • Cartoon in Montreal Paper Deemed Anti-Semitic.A Hasidic Jew cab driver stands outside his vehicle to call out passengers. His black cab, dubbed “Taxi de David,” also has a sign advertising a website called He says to bystanders, “Come in! May Yaveh be with you...”This was the cartoon that appeared in the July 2010 issue of the Montreal newspaper, La Metropole. The drawing’s headline states: “A taxi transformed into a ... synagogue?”

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • NASA Plans 'Deep Impact' Mission.Nasa could land probe on asteroid hurtling towards Earth.Nasa is considering plans to land a probe on an asteroid that is on a potential collision course for Earth.Asteroid 1999 RQ36, which has a one-in-1,000 chance of hitting the Earth before the year 2200, would cause an explosion equivalent to hundreds of nuclear bombs detonating at once.An analysis of its orbit has predicted that it is most likely to hit us on September 24, 2182 but scientists want to collect a sample of the rock to help forecast its trajectory more accurately.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Obama Regime: Taliban is Not a Terrorist Organization.What more do they need? The Taliban are Islamic supremacists, aided al-Qaeda during 9/11 plot, allowed Bin Laden to set-up shop and use Afghanistan as a base to wage global jihad, kills American troops on a near-daily basis, has foreign fighters in its ranks etc.“It is hard to imagine this agency can see fit to issue a report that doesn’t include the Taliban groups,” Fred Gedrich, a foreign policy analyst and former State Department employee, told The Daily Caller. “They have killed more Americans and conducted more terror attacks on innocent civilians during the past 12 months than any other terror group.“On who's side is Obama really?

  • Conservative humorist/provocateur Greg Gutfeld has announced that he intends to build a gay bar next door to the planned Islamic center on Manhattan's Park Place that's become known as the Ground Zero mosque.It seems there is already a bar there "The Dakota Roadhouse"Some of the reviews Speak for itself."Great bartenders, huge burgers, and cold beer!" HAMBURGER, CHEESEBURGER -W/ FRIES, RINGS, BACON -VEGGIEBURGER, TURKEYBURGER -W/ FRIES, RINGS, BACON - Lots of Bacon around!

  • House passes $600M border-security bill.The $600 million bill will fund more than 1,000 additional federal agents for the southern border, and allow the dispatching of unmanned aerial drones to help monitor border crossings.

  • For Obama, All Politics Is Local . . . Except When It’s Not.I noted a few days ago that the Obama administration claimed to be taking no position on the Ground Zero mosque, with Robert Gibbs explaining that the president would not want to meddle in local affairs.Now it emerges that the Obama State Department is not only footing the bill for Imam Feisal Rauf’s fling to the Persian Gulf region; it has also posted Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s speech in vigorous support of Rauf’s Ground Zero project on its website.

  • Latest Symptom of Global Warming: Oyster Herpes.New strain can kill 80 percent of an oyster bed in a week, experts say.Don't worry—oyster herpes isn't a new side effect of eating "the food of love."The incurable, deadly virus is, however, alarming fishing communities in Europe, where oyster herpes seems to be spreading—and could go on spreading as seas continue to warm, experts say.

  • A private plane carrying a former head of NASA and, possibly, former Sen. Ted Stevens crashed Monday night in a rugged stretch of Alaska. The crash left at least five people dead, and crews have arrived to help survivors."Local authorities are reporting that there are survivors and a rescue operation is under way," said Guy Hicks, a company spokesman "No other details are available at this time."

  • Russian nuclear fear as 557 wildfires rage dangerously close to top secret facilities.Russia has admitted to new fears over wildfires engulfing the capital of its nuclear research industry, the highly sensitive town of Sarov, so secret it remains closed to foreigners as in Soviet times.Two soldiers were killed on Tuesday fighting blazes dangerously close to atomic complexes, despite claims these were under control or even extinguished by officials in recent days.One, rifle battalion commander Vasily Tezetev, 22, 'died the death of a hero', stated the local emergency centre.Both perished while tackling the blazes in forests surrounding the town, 230 miles east of Moscow and known during the Cold War as Arzamas-16, which is still ringed by high fences and military checkpoints.

  • Video shows woman smashing window over McNuggets. A security video from a McDonald’s in Ohio shows a woman punching two restaurant employees and smashing a drive-thru window because she couldn’t get Chicken McNuggets.

  • U.S., BP Near Deal on Fund.Gulf of Mexico Oil Production Would Secure Company's $20 Billion Recovery Plan.The Obama administration and BP PLC are close to a deal to use future revenues from the oil giant's Gulf of Mexico operations to guarantee its $20 billion cleanup and compensation fund, a move that would give both sides an incentive to continue production in the Gulf, scene of the U.S.'s worst-ever offshore oil spill.

  • Video:French Imam Sheik Hassen Chalghoumi in Support of the French Ban on the Niqab: "As Muslims, It Is Our Duty to Blend into French Society".

  • Fire destroys prisoners' shoes at death camp.Polish firefighters struggle for hours as fires damage Majdenak huts; thousands of shoes burned.

  • Iran 'digging graves' for US troops if they attack.(Video) .Former Revolutionary Guards commander says mass graves used for burying Saddam's soldiers prepared again for American troops.This will save the US Army a lot of work thanks guys at least it’s dugg in the Islamic way ,don’t want to deny your guys a decent burial!

  • Hillary for Vice President?The movement is gaining traction.By way of contrast, Mr. Wilder says that Hillary Clinton has excelled in her role. "Clinton has been nothing but a team player who has earned good marks since being asked to serve as secretary of state." Having Mrs. Clinton join the 2012 ticket, he said, would revive the Democratic Party and reestablish the party's working-class voters who found her appealing during the 2012 primaries against Mr. Obama.

  • Airlines grounds overweight staff: paper.Turkish Airlines has grounded 28 flight attendants for being overweight and given them six months to slim down or face reassignment, a newspaper said on Saturday.Izzet Levi, head of a cabin attendants' association who was among those furloughed, told Haber Turk he must drop 10 kilos (22 pounds) to reach 96 kilos if he is to return to his post.Talk about a "lean and mean"management.

  • Iran offers to support Lebanese army.Islamic Republic offers aid after US suspends military funding to Lebanon over fatal border incident with Israel.

  • Iran's gas export increases.Iran's gas exports have increased by more than 50 percent in the first four months of Iranian calendar year, compared to the same period last year.Turkey said in April Iran may export gas to Switzerland via Turkey in exchange for a transit fee.Those sacntions really work well!

  • US officials: 5 believed dead in Alaska crash!A U.S. government official says former Sen. Ted Stevens is believed to have been aboard the airplane that has crashed in Alaska.

  • Ground Zero Mosque: Name will forever taint the building, religion and followers."The supposed goal of those building the center is to bring people together. Clearly this goal is not being achieved. So why continue? Furthermore, the "hellbent" idea of building this center gives some evidence that perhaps that is, in fact, not their goal after all."

  • Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims pray for rain as people died from smog in Moscow.The city's morgues are full, hospitals overcrowded, not enough gas-masks in pharmacies and the mortality rate has doubled. Demands for the resignation of the mayor of the capital. Campaigns of prayer and support for people affected by fires.Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Russia are now united in prayer for victims of fires that have brought the country to its knees and in the hope that rain will soon arrive. "We have been praying for rain for weeks and for families who have lost their homes in the disaster this summer," Fr Kirll Gorbunov head of Communications for the Diocese of the Mother of God in Moscow.And while the Kremlin is trying to disclose as little information as possible about the consequences of the extraordinary heat wave and forest fires in Russia, they have begun to face losses in economic terms which could reach 1% of 2010GDP, 15 billion dollars.

  • In pictures: Container ship collision sends 2 tons of oil pouring into the Arabian sea every hour.Indian coast guard vessels and helicopters are engaged in a frantic attempt to contain oil spilling from a stricken container ship that has collided with another vessel in the Arabian Sea, India's defence ministry have announced.As mentioned on MFS already yesterday.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Court rejects attempt to stop destruction of fake graves.On Monday, an Israeli court rejected an attempt by the Muslim Waqf to stop the fake graves' destruction. The Jerusalem Magistrates Court prevented an attempt by the Waqf Muslim authority on Monday to expand the Muslim graveyard next to Independence Park (Gan Ha'atzmaut), not far from the Old City of Jerusalem.Anyone want to bet how long it will take before this comes up at the UN 'Human Rights Council?'

  • Rancher claims Mexican cartels takeover Texas ranch -Police blotter confirms story is not a hoax.After 16 days of denials by Laredo law enforcement and local officials regarding a Mexican drug cartel takeover of a Laredo area ranch, a Texas police blotter proves the alleged incident did in fact happen and that multiple agencies responded to the scene of a seized U.S. ranch.

  • Obama’s hidden past is beginning to burst at the seams--contradictions abound.Another Obama puzzle: 3rd grade in 2 countries?Photo at Hawaii school doesn't line up with State Department info, registration.Laughably Obama’s published biography is slowly beginning to unravel. The birther’s who are bashed as crazy by the White House are beginning to gain some headway toward their journey to the truth. Nothing published about this President in his own books or the mainstream press ever holds water.

  • The Mosque, the Masks, and the Mayor.By modern standards, Cordoba was not all that tolerant even at its harmonious zenith, as Dr. Andrew Bostom's impeccably-researched compendium, The Legacy of Jihad, makes clear. Ibn Abdun (d. 1134) called Jews and Christians "confederates of Satan's party," while Ibn Hazm of Cordoba (d. 1064) wrote that Allah has established the infidels' ownership of their property "merely to provide booty for Muslims." In other words -- and this may come as hard news for certain "symbologists" -- there is more evidence for Muslim intolerance than there is for murder by associates of Opus Dei. Dan Brown says "albino assassin," I say "reconquista."Perhaps they -- we -- can help Cordoba House backers extricate themselves from the mother of all faux pas.

  • The Ground Zero Mosque &Our Government's Mishandling Of "Islamic Radicals".Having said all of that, it is surprising that Feisal Abdul-Rauf, the man driving the Cordoba Initiative, is nominally a Sufi Muslim. Sufism is a mystical sect of Islam and largely benign. But Rauf certainly shows attitudes unusual for a Sufi, including his embrace of Hamas, his belief that America was to blame for 9-11, and a long association with Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is all the more surprising since Sufis are hated by ideologically pure Salafists and, indeed, were recently the subject of brutal attacks at the hands of Salafists in Pakistan. Author Steven Schwartz, himself a Sufi Muslim, noted in a recent article in the NY Post that none of these traits displayed by Rauf are in keeping with Sufism.So who or what is he?Perhaps a Jihadist?

  • HT:AmericanThinker.Desperate Economic Action Ahead?The economic condition of the country continues to decline toward its rendezvous with an, as yet, unknowable catastrophe. Speculation regarding this outcome is natural because self-interest, if not self-preservation, is at stake. Here is but one possibility. It is not a prediction, but a look at a series of not improbable events that could develop. Any similar government desperation would change our economic world overnight.It is mid-year 2012. The country has officially been in recession since the end of 2010. Many believe that it never recovered from what began in 2008. The word depression is now almost commonplace.President Joe Biden (in office for six months after former President Obama resigned "to spend more time with his family") issues a short, terse message.

  • How Does Stoning Work in Iran?From the size of the stones to who gets first throw."Let the Mullah he who is without sin cast the first stone!"

  • Real Blog War: CAIR Goes After Robert Spencer.It reminds me a great deal of the old debate about legalizing the Communist Party back in the fifties. Should the CP be legal when communism calls for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government? Sharia, similarly, calls for a world united under the caliphate, with those of us who do not accept Islam subject to dhimmi law or worse, depending on our status. Essentially, it’s the end of Western civilization. Is this grounds for outlawing sharia? It’s an interesting and complex free speech/civil rights question, but only if you know what sharia is and have some idea what it intends. Most — including, I am almost certain, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg — do not.Frankly, I was pleased to hear the FBI was welcoming the likes of Spencer, especially since our Department of Justice (as has been reported at PJM and elsewhere) has gone out of its way to ignore radical Islam as a motivation for terrorism even when it couldn’t be more obviously so. From Ft. Hood to Times Square, it hasn’t been just the thousand pound gorilla in the room, it has been every gorilla in every room from here to Beijing and back.

  • Obama won't pull trigger on 'August surprise,' here's why.The bottom line? Panic over this stalled economy may be setting in.Thus the news lat week that Obama is thinking of forgiving mortgages of whatever amount each is underwater. As Ed explains, "This explains James Pethokoukis’ warning about the rumored write-off at Fannie for underwater mortgages. That will either drop a bomb on Wall Street or on the national debt, which has already hit the crisis stage. Kudlow hears the same rumors (although it’s not clear whether he heard them from Pethokoukis’ column), and more."My opinion he might just do it to get their votes and stay in power.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Maricopa County Arizona supervisors spending like Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama.Michelle Obama has caught hell from Americans of all political persuasions because she is spending the taxpayer’s money at a dizzying rate at a time when the SGS unemployment rate is now 21.7%..

  • Fury over Richard Dawkins's burka jibe as atheist tells of his 'visceral revulsion' at Muslim dress.His investigations for the documentary left him shocked. In one Muslim school in Leicester none of the pupils believed in evolution. He said: ‘Their first recourse was not “what’s the evidence?” but “what does the Koran say?”

  • Iran digs mass graves for US troops.Teheran defies US Adm. Mike Mullen's contingency strike plan.In a morbid show of bravado, Iran has dug mass graves for US troops should the United States decide to implement Adm. Mike Mullen's contingency plan to strike Iran, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guard said.That will save the US Army a lot of work thanks guys at least it's dugg in the Islamic way ,don't want to deny your guys a decent burial! 

  •  Religion, Doctors At Odds Over Mental Health In India.In India, there is only 1 psychiatrist for every 400,000 people, according to a recent study by the Indian government. It is one of the lowest ratios anywhere in the world.It means that most people in India go untreated for substance abuse problems, severe depression and psychotic disorders. Or rather, they go untreated by doctors. Instead, they turn to the gods. Many people believe one particular South Indian temple can heal the mentally ill.

  • Google-Verizon plan: Why you should worry.Ominous references to the "public Internet" inescapably suggest something else entirely.The game is on to create a parallel Internet. It'll still be packet-switched. But they won't call it the Internet anymore. That's an end game we should not encourage.

  • Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel.Yad Vashem museum says site – which features sketches of long-nosed Jews conspiring to create 'the great lie' of Shoah – is yet another example of Iran's continued contempt of Nazi genocide of six million Jews.

  • Greg Gutfeld: I’m Planning to Open Islamic Gay Bar Next to Ground Zero Mosque.As you know, the Muslim faith doesn't look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I'm building this bar. It is an effort to break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia in the Islamic world.

  • Why Muslims Like Me Agree With the Tea Party Activists.A furious debate is raging over the construction of the so-called ground zero mosque.Asra Nomani on why the Tea Party activists have a point.

  • Some Girls' Puberty Age Still Falling.More than a decade after researchers found that some American girls were beginning puberty as young as 7, new data show that the average age for whites and Latinas may still be in flux.Compared with data from the 1997 study, the age at which puberty begins did not fall for African American girls, although they still mature at younger ages than white or Latina girls. It's not clear why there was no change for black girls. "Perhaps black girls have approached a biologic minimum".

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Uncovered Interview With Ground Zero Mosque Imam: Islamic Terrorism Caused by West “Humiliating” and “Ignoring” Muslim World.But don’t worry, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a “healer” and will “bridge the divide” between the West and the Islamic world.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Obama is Eligible to Be President – of Kenya.What a coinky-dink! The August 4th vote ratifying Kenya’s new constitution coincided with Barack Obama’s birthday.Bonus! Under Kenya’s new constitution Sharia and Abortion are now legal, too!

  • Dems digest food stamp cuts.As they prepare to slash food stamps to pay for Medicaid and teachers’ salaries, House Democrats are facing up to a harsh reality: To save some social programs, they’ll have to sacrifice others.

  • Prospects of Religious Freedom Appear Grim in Islamic Maldives.MALÉ, Maldives, Aug. 10 (Compass Direct News) - Visitors to this Islamic island nation get a sense of religious restrictions even before they arrive. The arrival-departure cards given to arriving airline passengers carry a list of items prohibited under Maldivian laws - including "materials contrary to Islam."While the Maldivians do not have a choice to convert out of Islam or to become openly atheist, foreigners in the country can practice their religion only privately.In previous years several Christian expats have either been arrested for attending worship in private homes or denied visas for several months or years on suspicion of being connected with mission agencies.According to "liberal estimates," the number of Maldivian Christians or seekers "cannot be more than 15," said one source."I wish I could attend church, but I am too scared to look for one," said a European expat worker. "I have not even brought my Bible here; I read it online. I don't want to take any chances.Hmmm what's the description of a dictatorship?"Islam a religion of tolerance?"

  • 20 Real Estate Horror Stories.Think the housing market is bad? Try selling these homes. From a recent deal on the real Amityville Horror home to the address where Charles Manson murdered Sharon Tate, VIEW OUR GALLERY of plots that have made a killing.

  • A year ago today Lockerbie bomber was given 3 months to live... he's still going strong. Angry relatives of Lockerbie victims called yesterday for the medical records of freed bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi to be made public. They say it is vital that the evidence which led to his release from a Scottish jail on compassionate grounds can be scrutinised. Exactly a year ago, Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill was told the Libyan had just three months to live because of cancer. Megrahi was returned to his homeland 11 days later. And then there's off course Ghadaffi's personal friend,he's also friends with BP........follow the dots.

  • Obama’s Birthday Fun Lasts Five Days-Maybe He’s Really 13?With Michelle and the girls out of town, Obama’s never-ending fantasy week reminded me of the 1988 movie Big with Tom Hanks.

  • Fox News: New Islamic center in Memphis dedicated to "peace and tolerance" hires "Hoax of the Holocaust" scholar Yasir Qadhi.Plans to Build Massive Islamic Centers Raise Concerns in Tennessee.Binhazim, a Muslim chaplain at Vanderbilt University and a director at Islamic Center of Tennessee, made headlines in January when he said that as a Muslim, he had no choice but to "go with what Islam teaches," which is that homosexuality "is punishable by death."

  • Iran to Further Boost Air Defense Power.A senior Iranian military commander announced on Sunday that the country will boost the firepower of its air defense units with new radar and defense systems.
  • Iran's Newly-Launched Submarines to Boost Security in Persian Gulf.Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi announced on Sunday that Iran has launched four home-built submarines in the country's southern waters earlier today in a move to protect security in the Persian Gulf.

  • Canada:Farmers out $3B from bad weather: BMO.Estimates are that one-fifth of cropland in the Prairies will go unseeded.That matches estimates for Manitoba. In Saskatchewan, it has been reported that up to 40 per cent of farmland could go unseeded or, if it were seeded, would not produce a crop

  • Virginia Lawmakers Blast Gates Plan to Cut Major Military Command.Gates, in a lengthy press conference Monday afternoon, outlined his plan to eliminate Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., and seek deep cuts elsewhere in the budget. He acknowledged the economic impact the closure could have for thousands of workers in the Norfolk region, but stood by his decision as a critical step in bringing defense spending under control. "I am determined to change the way this department has done business for a long time," Gates said.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Texas Islamic Center President Claims Ground Zero Mosque Opponents Are Fueling Attacks On His Mosque.The president of an Islamic Center in Texas says backlash against the proposed mosque at Ground Zero has made its way over to the Lone Star State and is manifesting itself in acts of hatred against his congregation.“On a Friday, early morning, somebody came and sprayed extremely obscene graffiti in the parking lot. It’s a huge graffiti drawing of Uncle Sam having sex with God, with Allah.”

  • HT:IslamoNazism.Secretary-General of the MB in (Israel's "peace partner") Jordan: "The Role of the Jordanians Is One of Blood and Martyrdom... The Time for Us to Play Our Role Is Drawing Near".We will not be bound by the peace treaty with Israel, because this is an illegitimate treaty, imposed upon the Jordanian people. Our people, throughout the country, rejects this treaty, as well as any policy that stems from it.

    • Obama, Reid, and Pelosi: Unholy Triumvirate of Disaster.Some people in Casper, Wyoming are out of work and in need of money: their unemployment benefits ran out. The money they and their employers paid into the system were paid out to them during the allotted.Just like a checking account, when the money’s gone, it’s gone. Banks takes a dim view of spending money that isn’t there. The banking term for writing checks on accounts without money in them is called “insufficient funds” or “NSF”.The cops call it crime.

    • The Obama's petty hypocrisy.Mrs. Obama also has become a crusader against obesity, another worthy goal. She created a White House garden and has proclaimed, “Dessert is not a right”. However her quote “let’s hear it for vegetables!!!” rings a little hollow when her husband shouts, “Who wants a burger?!”. And it seems everywhere they go Mr. Obama gets a burger and Mrs. Obama gets ice cream. If they want to encourage Americans to not go for the easy, cheap fast food, they should shun the easy food provided by the chef on call 24 hours a day.

    • Google and Verizon's vision for open internet.Both champion strict enforcement of a transparent and open wireline broadband service but suggest loopholes for wireless.This means providers could give priority to certain online traffic.

    • U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base as Withdrawal Date Looms.Anyone who thinks the United States is really going to withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011 needs to come to this giant air base an hour away from Kabul. There’s construction everywhere. It’s exactly what you wouldn’t expect from a transient presence.

    • Flight Attendant Uses Emergency Slide to Escape Dispute.A JetBlue flight attendant apparently upset with an uncooperative passenger on a just-landed flight unleashed a profanity-laden tirade on the public-address system, pulled the emergency-exit chute, slid off the plane and fled Kennedy International Airport, a law enforcement official said.Updated here.

    • Scientists find key to a good night's sleep.Neuroscientists discover a brain activity that blocks the sounds that wake a sleeping person.
      How is it that some people can sleep through sirens, blaring music or even an earthquake, while others will wake up if anyone so much as tiptoes into the room?

    • Horrible Obama-Smashing Carnival Game Wows Jersey Shore Patrons.Last week, a fair near Allentown, Pennsylvania grabbed some attention for its "Alien Attack" shooting-gallery game, where one could shoot at Barack Obama's likeness. The game was pulled. But there's still a similar game on the Jersey Shore boardwalk!

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    MFS - The Other News

                             Afternoon Posting.

    • Turkey names new military chiefs after row.Turkey's government has appointed generals to two top posts, ending a stand-off with the military.General Isik Kosaner will be the new overall head of the Turkish armed forces, while General Erdal Ceylanoglu becomes head of land forces.More on this topic here.

    • Seized ships being inspected in southern İskenderun port.Turkish bomb squads are in the process of inspecting three ships that have been docked at the Mediterranean port of İskenderun since Saturday in order to defuse any possible bombs or unexploded devices that may have been left on board.Oruç said they would be able to board the ships once the inspections are completed. When asked why bomb disposal units were sent to inspect the vessels, he responded, “Anything is to be expected of those who killed nine people.”I've got news for you "Israelis don't plant bombs or use suicide bombers but guess who does!

    • India Races to Contain Oil after Ships Collide!Indian Coast Guard Tries to Thwart Oil Spilling from Stricken Cargo Ship that Collided with Another Vessel in Arabian Sea.The Panamanian-registered MSC Chitra smashed into the St. Kitts-registered MV-Khalijia-II on Saturday near Mumbai's Jawahar Lal Nehru port. The accident caused the MSC Chitra to run aground and list heavily.

    • HT:WeaselZippers.Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry Greets Obama on Tarmac, Immediately Hands Letter to Valerie Jarrett Warning of “Dire Border Threat,” Request for 1,000 More Troops.You think Dear Leader got the message? Yeah, me neither.

    • Spinal-Fluid Test Is Found to Predict Alzheimer’s.Researchers report that a spinal-fluid test can be 100 percent accurate in identifying patients with significant memory loss who are on their way to developing Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Russia, U.S. Chase Jet in Hijack Drill.Military Officers Tested How They Could Track an International Terrorist Hijacking over the Pacific Ocean. In a historic first for Cold War adversaries, U.S., Canadian and Russian military officers directed fighter jets and ground controllers to test how well they could track an international terrorist hijacking over the Pacific Ocean.

    • Video:Dem Analyst: FLOTUS Spain Vacation ‘Absolutely Tone Deaf’.“Most Americans are just not going to relate to going to Spain with however many friends she has with her… staying at this exclusive hotel, spending all this money, and it is extremely tone-deaf. Politically, it is absolutely tone-deaf. I can’t even believe that she has done it, frankly. It is not what people do in their first term.”Does a leech have feelings?"

    • Wyclef Jean Owes IRS Over $5M in Back Taxes, Says Report.Wyclef Jean announced last week that he is running for president of Haiti. But before the Haitian musician and hip hop producer enters politics, he should probably pay his alleged back taxes here in the U.S. - all $5,278,430.10 worth.He's bound to be a great politician in Haiti.

    • Iran to expunge 'dirty' dollar and euro reserves.Iran announced plans Monday to get rid of its dollar and euro reserves in response to the latest U.N. sanctions over its contested nuclear program."To fight sanctions, we will remove the dollar and euro from our foreign exchange basket and will replace them with (the Iranian) rial and the currency of any country cooperating with us,"Rahimi also called Australians "a bunch of cattlemen."

    • Confessions of a Porn MILF.Ten years ago, I was one of adult film’s hottest stars. Now I’m 28—and dismissed by directors as over the hill. How did I go from “barely legal” to “older woman” so fast?But I am still at my core the girl who changed her major in college to business, and now I have a new goal, too: one day I am going to law school. I think my years in the industry will make me a great lawyer. Porn has helped me there."Why do i get the feeling someone will end up getting screwed?"

    • Video: As Russian Fires Rage, Forest Rangers Fume! Ivan Yevangulov sits wearily on a bench in front of the forestry workers' headquarters in this small village in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Yevangulov, who is in his mid-40s, has worked for two decades as a ranger protecting these once-lush forests filled with pine and birch trees. But now, he says, he's helpless to stop uncontrollable wildfires from destroying the forest where he's spent his entire career. "The fire is two to four kilometers long and the flames are reaching 35 to 40 meters high," Yevangulov says. "Just imagine. And it spreads quickly. It's not possible to escape on foot. It's moving so quickly that it's impossible to stop it. The fire engines that were here had to turn around and leave."

    • Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed that he has proposed eliminating the U.S. Joint Forces Command.

    • Russia reduces grain harvest forecast.Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned this year's grain harvest - hit by fire and drought - will be worse than previously forecast.The harvest is now expected to be 65 million tonnes, but could be as low as 60 million tonnes, Mr Putin said.

    • Muslim mob attacks Christians in Bekasi, dozens are injured.Denied the right to meet in church, Ethnic Christian Bataks are again subject to violence once. Police is accused of just looking on. Many women are attacked.Hundreds of Muslim extremists and residents in Bekasi, 25 kilometres east of Jakarta, attacked dozens of members of a Protestant Church. A mob of about 800 angry Muslims stormed an open field in Ciketing Asem, Bekasi, Sunday morning, where Christians were holding Mass. After taking over the place, they roughly threw the Christians out.Although present at the site, police just stood idly by, looking at what was happening, forming two lines to create a protective corridor that allowed the Christians to walk away. However, some of the latter were chased and beaten. “Several of them were wounded,” a churchgoer told AsiaNews. “Several of them were women”.

    • Rape threat nixes Khadr confessions: lawyer.Jackson noted the interrogator testified to telling Khadr how a young detainee in American custody had been raped by other inmates, possibly to death.The incident involving former U.S. Army sergeant Joshua Claus occurred at Bagram prison in Afghanistan soon after American forces captured a badly wounded Khadr eight years ago."He was 15 years old when Interrogator 1 (Claus) told him that story," Jackson said.

    • Fury in China as female babies grow breasts after drinking milk laced with hormones.The official China Daily newspaper reported today that medical tests indicated that the level of hormones in three 'test case' girls, ranging in age from four months to 15 months, exceeded those found in the average adult woman.All the babies who showed symptoms of the phenomenon were fed the same baby formula.

    • How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood.States and local governments will soon find themselves up against a painful tradeoff: between closing schools and libraries and cutting other essential services or paying inflated pensions to 50-year-old retirees.

    • Thousands of miles, 859 days... and 50,000 mosquito bites: Briton becomes first man to walk length of the Amazon.The former British army captain, who says he is both elated and tired, ended the epic 6,000 mile trek when he reached the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Brazil today.Stafford walked through 3 countries; Peru, Colombia and Brazil repeatedly risking his life in his quest to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

    • Agent: 'Naomi Knew She Was Getting Diamonds'.Naomi Campbell's ex-agent says the supermodel told her she was going to be given diamonds by the former Liberian president Charles Taylor.Carole White told Taylor's war crimes trial at The Hague that the warlord was mildly "flirting" with Campbell during a charity meal hosted by Nelson Mandela in 1997 in South Africa - and a promise of diamonds was made.

    • Why I'm Not Hiring.When you add it all up, it costs $74,000 to put $44,000 in Sally's pocket and to give her $12,000 in benefits.

    • Obama Helps Buy Kenya Abortion and Sharia Law with 23 Million of Our Dollars.I know our president probably doesn’t think $23 million is a lot of money. Not only is he personally wealthy, but money means nothing when it’s America’s money. Obama has shown a strong desire to fundamentally change America. But now it appears he’s using our money to fundamentally change his father’s country too.

    • Zanzibar Muslims, Officials Stop Church Building, Erect Mosque.Islamists demolish foundation; police withhold crime report from court.NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug. 6 (Compass Direct News) - On an island off the coast of East Africa where the local government limits the ability of Christians to obtain land, officials in one town have colluded with area Muslims to erect a mosque in place of a planned church building.

    • Obama's True Black Royalty: I’d be curious to know how many vacations the average black person has taken in the last 18 months. The eight vacations the Obamas have taken are more vacations taken by half the black population of America in the same timeframe! I know of NO working person who has taken EIGHT vacations in EIGHTEEN months.When you take that many vacations, vacationing is your JOB.Michelle’s diplomatic mission (*wink*) is to implement a new diversity program for Spain.To do so Michelle is joined by 33 members of the NAACP and the New Black Panthers, as a show of solidarity for Spain, and flanked by an all-white detachment of the Secret Service. Black Power: Under white supervision.

    • PICTURE SPECIAL: Haunting images of Biblical devastation after floods tear Pakistan apart.Stranded amid the ruins of their flood-wrecked homes, these Pakistani villagers face a desperate fight for survival. Many have been left marooned on tiny islands formed when the deluge swept away virtually everything in its path. Others are trapped in impromptu refugee camps waiting for aid helicopters to bring them the most basic of provision.The UN warned today that the floods could affect more people than the world's last three great disasters combined. It said the toll could exceed the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

    • HT:Sheikyermami.Fareed's Jihad.Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek promotes pro-Sharia Ground Zero mosque imam as a “moderate”.Slick, sly, smarmy and dangerous: Fareed Zakaria, son of an imam, is the prototype of the false ‘moderate Muslim’, a dyed in the wool stealth jihadist.Why is he not locked up in Gitmo?As a recent parody had it, would the KKK be allowed to build a “shrine of reconciliation” on the site of the black Baptist church bombed by racists in the early Sixties? Would Michael Bloomberg or Fareed Zakaria really have no problem with that?

    • Deep impact market: the race to acquire meteorites.THE bottle had gone and Mario Di Martino had a sick feeling that their secret was out. It was early 2010: he and his team were staring down into the Kamil crater in the Egyptian desert, miles from the nearest settlement.Just a year before, Di Martino of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics in Turin, Italy, and colleagues had written their names on paper, placed it inside an empty bottle and thrown it into the crater. The reason? They were the first team to visit the site of a huge meteorite impact 5000 years ago. Few craters on Earth are so perfectly preserved. "We realised we were in front of a true rarity."

    • Wildfires turn Russia red: 700 die a day in Moscow as deadly smog doubles mortality rate.The number of deaths in Moscow is twice as high as usual because of smog suffocating the city from ongoing wildfires nearby, the Russian capital's chief health official said today.The Interfax news agency quoted Andrei Seltsovky as saying there were now 1,300 bodies in city morgues, which have a 1,500 capacity.He said this was twice the usual number for this time of year, and in part blamed the sweltering heat and the polluting smog hanging over the capital from wildfires burning in the south and west of the country.Video:Fire nears animal shelter in Yegoryevsk district,Russia.Video:Thick coat and artificial snow save polar bears from Moscow heat.

    • Obama Salazar clubs endagered Pacific Walrus allowing oil drilling Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.The impact of Climate Change impact on wildlife such as walruses just a got a club to the face from President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The Administration is allowing oil seismic testing, the first test in drilling, in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) area of the highly ecologically sensitive Chukchi Sea... Drilling begins in January.

    • Fungus threatens extinction of some U.S. bats: study.The infection is spreading quickly across the Northeastern United States and Canada and is likely to cause the regional extinction of the little brown myotis bat, the researchers report in the journal Science.

    • Of fire and brimstone. Churchgoers, strippers protest one another in Coshocton County.Every weekend for the last four years, Dunfee and members of his ministry have stood watch over George's joint, taking up residence in the right of way with signs, video cameras and bullhorns in hand. They videotape customers' license plates and post them online, and they try to save the souls of anyone who comes and goes.Now, the dancers have turned the tables, so to speak. Fed up with the tactics of Dunfee and his flock, they say they have finally accepted his constant invitation to come to church.It's just that they've come wearing see-through shorts and toting Super Soakers.The women don't come here, after all, without their own version of religion. They bring signs with Scriptures written in neon colors:Matthew 7:15: Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing.

    • Ht:TheJawaReport.Internet Virginity Sale.(London, England) Recently, a British guy and an Irish guy became locked in an eBay bidding battle to win the precious flower of an 18-year-old Hungarian girl. The auction was halted by eBay, due to sensitivities, and ultimately completed via email.The pretty blonde, identified only as Miss Spring, promised her virginity to the Brit for £200,000 (approx. $320,000).Interestingly, the price for a maidenhead has dramatically increased since British lesbian Rosie Reid completed a deal for her virginity for $20,000 back in 2004. Reid, arguably the first of the high-profile virginity sellers on the Internet, even promised to throw in a free massage. Heh.My caption : "Just think it costs £4,000 for a hymen replacement operation on the NHS,even with flights and hotel costs .....hmmm would be a pretty good investment ..heh?"
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