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Monday, August 2, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • More junk science: If the oceans really warmed .5 degrees C. in a century, would that really cause phytoplankton to decline sharply?

  • Video:SB1070 Illegal alien supporters desecrate US Flag during National Anthem .Thanks Mr President.

  • Judge lets Virginia healthcare challenge proceed.A judge ruled on Monday that the state of Virginia could proceed with its challenge to President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare law, a setback that will force the White House to defend its reforms in the middle of a tough congressional election campaign.How's that for a "Change"?

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Great news: British Foreign Office Undersecretary married to PLO official.Fraser's appointment may cause concern in Israel. According to the Telegraph, Fraser left an earlier post, working as private secretary to former Foreign Office minister William Waldegrave, in order to marry an official from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Senior Hamas commander killed on Saturday was a UNRWA schoolteacher.I'm sure Batran was a wonderful influence on these children's lives and that many of them will aspire to emulate him in death too.

  • Obama: 'Sacrifice in Iraq' not over."As agreed to with the Iraqi government, we will maintain a transitional force until we remove all our troops from Iraq by the end of next year"When asked whether troops might be sent back if Iraq becomes unstable after the pullout, a senior aide said the president has always said he wanted some flexibility on the issue."

  • Rudy Giuliani: GZ Mosque is a 'desecration,' 'decent Muslims' won't be offended'.So it not only is exactly the wrong place, right at ground zero, but it's a mosque supported by an imam who has a record of support for causes that were sympathetic with terrorism. Come on! We're gonna allow that at ground zero?"This is a desecration," he added. "Nobody would allow something like that at Pearl Harbor. Let's have some respect for who died there and why they died there. Let's not put this off on some kind of politically correct theory.

  • Obama’s mama’s passport records from early sixties are missing or destroyed!Barrack Obama is systematically erasing his parents and grandparents history. Just a few months ago the media was reporting that the FBI has destroyed Obama’s communist maternal grandfathers, Stanley Durham’s, FBI file.Obama’s grandfather’s FBI filed destroyed.Obama’s passport records tampered with during the election. Suspect and federal witness found murdered gangland style in a D.C. alley.

  • STOP! Child Nutrition Act a scam.Every 5 years Congress is charged with passing a bill to reauthorize spending and rules in the Child Nutrition Acts.So if the purpose is simply to reauthorize funding for established programs, why does Congress need 254 pages of new rules? What's included in the new law? Have any of the members of the Senate or House actually read the bill?The purpose of the bill is stated as "To reauthorize child nutrition programs, and for other purposes." It's time the media start investigating what the "other purposes" are, what their effect will be on individual school districts, and report accurately for the American people.

  • Iran Mounts New Radar Systems on Fighter Jets.Hat tip to Nato and Turkey for providing the knowhow?

  • Megacolony: Wasps' nest nearly as big as a car found in pub attic.Britain's biggest wasp nest has been discovered in a pub in Southampton, Hants measuring a staggering 6ft by 5ft and containing half a million insects.The record-breaking infestation - almost as big as a Smart car - was discovered in the chimney stack of the unnamed pub before being destroyed by pest controller Sean Whelan.

  • Tory party chairman says Muslim women SHOULD be allowed to wear the Burka.Hmmm perhaps she should try wearing one.......for the next 40 years?

  • These are the Muslim "men" who sexually exploited Rochdale 14-year old teenager.A 14-year-old was forced into prostitution and sexually abused by a series of " men "after going missing from her home in Greater Manchester.

  • Obese mom dies in Romania, 5 months after birth.A 25-year-old Romanian woman who weighed 528 pounds (240 kilograms) when she gave birth to a baby girl more than 5 months ago has died.Relatives of Victoria Lacatus said she died of a heart attack Sunday after developing a high fever and breathing problems.

  • Russia declares state of emergency over wildfires.Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has declared a state of emergency in seven Russian regions because of wildfires fuelled by a heatwave.The death toll from the fires has risen to at least 34.The Russian emergencies ministry said 500 new blazes had been discovered over a 24-hour period, but most had been extinguished.

  • HT:Amnon&Jonathan.Commemorating the Martyrdom of the Báb.The smoke and dust provoked by the gunpowder was so thick that the entire courtyard was clouded. In Tabriz, Iran, 160 years ago tomorrow, a young man known as the Báb was taken from the cell where he was being kept prisoner, suspended in a public square and executed by a firing squad.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.This Will Make You Sicker!In 2000, Berwick "began donating thousands of dollars [to PHR] when PHR was focusing most, if not all, of its investigations on Israel's treatment of terrorists during the Intifada." The PHR engaged in the false claim that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) massacred the (Palestinian) population during the Jenin episode.PHR has a disproportionate concern with Israel; equally alarming is the fact that the PHR gave an award to Eyad Sarraj, an activist in Gaza who justified homicide bombings.Obama snuck Berwick in on Independence Day weekend with a recess appointment. That alone should have gotten everyone's radar up.Indeed, the double standards, the philosophical ideas at odds with American beliefs, and the clear harm that is intended confirm the idea that "Barack Obama is aggressively destroying our country" and its core beliefs.Again Obama favors an openly Anti - Jewish "Friend".

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Obama Ate Alone At Fundraiser Dinner.The big spenders who shelled out $30,400 a head for dinner with President Obama at the Four Seasons restaurant and at Anna Wintour's house didn't actually break any bread with him.What a real peace of work our Emperor he is!Didn't Stalin dine alone also?

  • Haniyeh names his grandson Erdogan.Hamas leader in Gaza pays tribute to Turkish prime minister in gratitude for his support for Palestinians.What's next Nato renaming itself Hezbollah?

  • Big Investors Fear Deflation. Bill Gross Among Those Bracing for Possible Decline in Prices: 'It's Happening'.

  • In Iraq, an impasse as U.S. troops draw down.Negotiations for an elected government remain deadlocked; many fear instability with the American combat role set to end Sept. 1. Conflicting casualty figures for July underscore the uncertainty.Stop the bull it's a very limited partial troop withdrawal!

  • UK Poll: Three-Quarters of non-Muslims Believe Islam Provides Negative Contribution to British Society.The results follow an online YouGov poll, published in June, that found 58% linked Islam with extremism and 69% believed it encouraged the repression of women.

  • Obama to confirm plan for US troop withdrawal from Iraq.US President Barack Obama is to confirm the withdrawal of all combat troops from Iraq by the end of August.Some 50,000 of 65,000 US troops currently in Iraq are set to remain until the end of 2011 to advise Iraqi forces and protect US interests.Now how the hell can you call removing 1/5 Th of your troops a "Withdrawal"?Probably because Iraq is a "succes"?

  • Obama beginning to accept that he is utterly despised.

  • Manouchehr Mottaki told the Iranian Arabic language satellite channel Al-Alam : "Any possible war in the region will not be 'limited'".He further said Iran stands by Syria and other regional nations, and is ready to defend itself against any 'warmongering' in the region.

  • Video: Netherlands Pulls Out of Afghanistan After Deadliest Month of Fighting.In the Afghan war, officials say it is not always clear just who the enemy is, and how many of them there are.Meaning Karzai is screwing us and we can't win?

  • Video:Explosion in Hamas commander's house.No mention if free take away virgins were involed.

  • Dutch Government Denies Funding Ground Zero Mosque.The Netherlands provides no subsidy for the building of a mosque at Ground Zero, the place in New York where the WTC towers stood until the attacks of September 11. So writes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the parliamentary questions of the PVV.

  • Video:Lt. General Jerry Boykin Takes on the Ground Zero Mosque.One man who has been eyeball-to-eyeball with the forces of jihadist Islam on the battlefield told me recently that it will be a disaster for America in the long run.Watch and receive a wakeup call from a genuine American hero.

  • Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’.Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.“What’s very troubling is the fact that at a time when we in law enforcement and our state need help from the federal government, instead of sending help they put up billboard-size signs warning our citizens to stay out of the desert in my county because of dangerous drug and human smuggling and weapons and bandits and all these other things and then, behind that, they drag us into court with the ACLU,” Babeu said."Change you can see?"

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • Is The American Middle Class Disappearing?This is bad stuff, folks. This means that the America dream is slipping away from most Americans. And if that happens then America itself has slipped away from us. We need to start slashing the power and reach of government at every level before its too late.

  • Spotlight on Iran.Iran issues threats and plays down likelihood of attack as calls for military action step up.

  • Immigrant Maids Flee Lives of Abuse in Kuwait.With nowhere else to go, dozens of Nepalese maids who fled from their employers now sleep on the floor in the lobby of their embassy here, next to the visitors’ chairs.

  • More Racist Teabaggers: Black Support for Obama Drops 9 Points, Hispanic Support Drops 12 Points -- All In Just 4 Months.I wonder what the race-baiters at the NAACP will say when they see the latest support for President Obama among blacks and Hispanics.

  • Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for TV debate with Obama.Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday to face him in a televised one-on-one debate to see who has the best solutions for the world's problems.

  • La. fishermen wrinkle their noses at 'smell tests'.Even the people who make their living off the seafood-rich waters of Louisiana's St. Bernard Parish have a hard time swallowing the government's assurances that fish harvested in the shallow, muddy waters just offshore must be safe to eat because they don't smell too bad.

  • Video:BP Exec: I Would Serve Gulf Fish to My Family.BP's chief operating officer says he would eat fish from the Gulf of Mexico and would let his family eat it, too. Doug Suttles took reporters on a boat tour of beaches and marshes Sunday about 25 miles south of Venice, La.

  • HT:MotherJones.Obama's War on Churchgoers."What I've gotta say is not gonna be politically correct, but it's gonna be the truth. Nothing's gonna save America, unless we turn back to Holy God," says Gail. "And when I say that, I'm talking about Jesus Christ."Under Obama, things may be worse than they've ever been: "I don't know if we're gonna be arrested for going to church. I don't know!"

  • Krauthammer Hammers The Chevy Volt: “It’s a Disaster”.“The only people who are going to buy it are going to be very rich people who are going to park it outside their townhouse for ostentatious show of how virtuous they are while they drive around in their Cadillac Escalade.”

  • Jihadi Work Accident: House of Hamas Commander in Gaza Explodes Wounding 33 People.An explosion in the house of a Hamas commander in the Gaza Strip has wounded 33 people.No word if free virgins were involved.

  • Hot Post in the Feminist Hawks’ Nest: “Normal” Domestic Violence in Morocco is a Crime in the United States.On November 1st of 2008, “acts of domestic abuse” commenced. The young girl finally called the police who, on November 22, 2008 (three weeks later) were still able to photograph numerous, visible bruises all over her body, including on her breasts. Her first punishment session lasted for one hour, during which time she cried all the time. This did not stop her husband. He said that he was doing this “to correct her.”I'm starting to wonder if men turn to Islam as an opportunity to beat up their spouces without concequences?"

  • Suspected Islamists Shoot Five Christians to Death in Pakistan.SUKKUR, Pakistan, July 29 (Compass Direct News) - A dozen masked men shot five Christians to death as they came out of their church building here on July 15, two months after a banned Islamic extremist group sent church leaders a threatening letter, relatives said.Islam a religion of peace?

  • CIA, Google both invest in 'future' of web has made an interesting find: that the investment branches of Google and the CIA are both investing capital in Recorded Future, a company whose mission statement is to “goes beyond search... looking at the ‘invisible links’ between documents that talk about the same, or related, entities and events.”Google obviously is investing to improve its search technology, but why is the CIA?

  • HT:Islamo-Nazism.Israeli Defence Minister: Turkey might be supplying Iran with intel on Israel.“Turkey is a friendly country, a strategic ally, but the nomination in recent weeks of a new chief of the Turkish secret services who is a supporter of Iran worries us.” Once again i'm saying get Turkey out of Nato.

  • Obama Visits Atlanta, Local Dems Run For The Hills.Democrats Scatter Monday as Obama Comes to Town.Talk about a toxic guy.

  • Alan Greenspan: Extending Bush Tax Cuts Without Paying For Them Could Be 'Disastrous'."I'm very much in favor of tax cuts but not with borrowed money and the problem that we have gotten into in recent years is spending programs with borrowed money, tax cuts with borrowed money."

  •  Hurdles Deter Obama’s Pledge to Double Exports.Now, as officials complete a plan of action due in September, the hurdles before Mr. Obama’s ambitious goal are getting clear.

  •  Pig’s Head left at Finsbury Park mosque – oh, the horror!Islamophobic thugs stuck a pig’s head on to the gates of an Islington mosque – offending hundreds of worshippers.Strange when Muslims behead Christians in the streets no newspapers in the West cover it?

  • Jordanian man dies after five rockets hit Aqaba and Eilat.Rockets apparently launched from Sinai days after Katyusha and Qassam strike Negev, and after IAF retaliatory bombing of Gaza.Great peace plan Mr President.

  • HT:Redstate.President Obama, Shamelessly and Hypocritically Lying. Again. Before preaching to everyone else, I suggest you learn the meaning of the words and the accusations that you toss about willy nilly. I also suggest Hypocrite, Heal Thyself.

  • Marriage for Minutes Forces Children into Prostitution in Iran.According to Shia version of Sharia law, marrying a girl [either adult or infant] is legitimate in Iran. Any male can marry a girl or woman in that country, which is under the cruel grips of Mullacracy for decades, simply by performing a religious ritual, which takes less than a minute. In most cases, such 'Marriage for Minutes' or 'Mut'ah Marriage' take place to meet mere sexual desires of the men.

  • Congress questions BP's use of dispersants in Gulf.BP's use of dispersant chemicals on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is sparking questions from a U.S. congressional panel, which says the company used more of these compounds than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had directed.

  • Trouble in Islamic Republic Paradise.Awesome. Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket is looking more like the Islamic Jimmah Carter every day. (Remember the good old days of “Odd-Even”?)

  • 12 Juicy Jolie Revelations.A new biography of the star has hit bookstores and The Daily Beast gives it a quick read for biographer Andrew Morton’s take on her wild teen years, Mick Jagger’s infatuation with her, and other revelations from this explosive bio.

  • Top Ten Islamist Fails.If you thought radical Islam and rabid Jew hatred were not conducive to comedy, think again! I present to you, in descending order, a list of the finest Islamist fails the Internet has to offer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • HT:AmericanThinker.America's First Black President Seriously Damaging Race Relations.Ironically, on February 18, 2009, America's first black Attorney General, Eric Holder, said the United States was a nation of cowards when it comes to discussions of race and racism.At the time, we didn't know Holder was really pointing his finger at the man that had just four weeks prior been inaugurated as our first black president.Now we do.

  • BP prepares to plug Gulf oil well for good.BP Plc could start plugging its broken deepsea oil well in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday night, more than three months after its rupture led to the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

  • No survivors in Canada fire-bomber crash.A water-bomber plane fighting forest fires in western Canada has crashed, killing the two pilots and igniting another fire.

  • Islam vs. the West: What you need to know.“Islamism is not a movement to be engaged, it is an enemy to be defeated.”Sharia, moreover, is anti-equality. It subjugates women and brutally punishes transgressors, particularly homosexuals and apostates. While our law forbids cruel and unusual punishments, Gingrich observed that the brutality in sharia sanctions is not gratuitous, but intentional: It is meant to enforce Allah’s will by striking example.”

  • Hundreds of new wildfires break out in Russia.Hundreds of new fires broke out Sunday in Russian forests and fields that have been dried to a crisp by drought and record heat. Firefighters brought some of the wildfires raging around cities under control.

  • Updated:Russia faces new wildfire threat.Forecasts of up to 40C (104F) for central and southern Russia next week are piling on pressure as the country battles its worst wildfires in decades.But more new fires erupted than were extinguished, and 438 were still burning on Sunday.To date, 10 different Russian regions have been affected with 1,257 homes destroyed and 5,200 people evacuated, the emergencies ministry said.

  • Obama warns conservatives not to 'demagogue' on illegal immigration.Obama issued another one of his "warnings" to conservatives on Saturday, pretending that anyone other than himself is demagoguing the issue of illegal immigration.According to, the definition of "demagogue" is "an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people."Yep that's about it!

  • Mullen says US has Iran strike plan, just in case.Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff says military attack on Islamic Republic remains an option, although he thinks a strike is probably a bad idea.

  • 'We will resume suicide attacks'.Islamic Jihad plans attacks from West Bank after IAF Gaza raids.Great peace plan Mr president,go's out with a bang!

  • Iranian women's rugby team take to the field wearing modesty-preserving headscarves and tracksuits.If the rugby-playing women of Iran's national sevens team had cauliflower ears, no-one could tell.Kitted out in tight-fitting headscarves and full tracksuits to protect their modesty, the players caused quite a stir when they played in Europe for the first time.

  • What to do with Ground Zero ?It's being reported that the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has suggested that Ground Zero in New York City be declared a National Military Battlefield to bring to an end the debate of whether or not a mosque should be built there.

  • U.S.-Canadian mission set to map Arctic seafloor.Alaska (Reuters) - U.S. and Canadian scientists are headed far north on a joint mission to map the still mysterious floor of the Arctic Ocean, as questions of sovereignty and mineral rights swirl around the region.Hmmm next on the list to do :"Start war with Russia?"

  • Freedom of religion vs. freedom of worship: Georgia woman faces mandated re-education.Even though President Obama specifically mentioned “religious freedom” when he addressed the Muslim world in Cairo in June 2009, since then both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have increasingly used the phrase “freedom of worship".

  • Lawyer In Stoning Case Calls On Judiciary To Release His Wife, Brother-In-Law.Prominent Iranian lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, who went into hiding more than a week ago, has called on the Iranian authorities to end the "hostage taking" of his wife and brother-in-law."If you believe in God, let them go" he said in an open letter to Tehran's prosecutor, Jafar Dolatabadi, adding that he would turn himself in if they were released and if he would be tried in a "just court."

  • HT:American Power.Cancer Patient Nikki Phelps vs. Virginity Repairs in Britain — i.e., Islamic Hymen Replacement Surgery .Whatever the case, I find it astonishing that at a time when women are dying because they can’t get cancer treatment, other women are having their virginity repairs paid for by the State.Nikki Phelp's insurer was Britain's National Health Service (NHS), the model for Barack Obama and his hand-picked appointment for the head of Medicare, Donald Berwick.

  • Campus Apostate: Former UC Irvine Muslim Student Union Member — and Former Muslim — Speaks Out.A woman describes what it was like to extricate herself from the most notorious MSU in the country.When I still wore the hijab, I took a class where there was no homework, tests, or anything. Just discussion and debate. This particular class included classmates with very different views, and I found myself having my mind opened on topics on which I thought I had set views. Once, the teacher touched my shoulder and said to me: “So young and yet you know what your whole life is going to be.” That little remark would come back to haunt me.

  • Hariri hit suspect is Hizbullah bigwig.UN tribunal to announce "chief suspect" is Mughniyeh’s cousin.The UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon is reportedly set to announce that Mustafa Badr al-Din, a senior Hizbullah operative and close relative of the former Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh, is the main suspect in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

  • 4 killed in Iraqi bombings, closing out deadliest month in 2 years.Four people died in a double bombing in Baghdad on Saturday -- the same day Iraqi authorities released monthly data showing the highest number of civilian deaths and detentions so far this year.The Conman in Chief: "Afghanistan may become a Succes like Iraq."

  • Ethics trials highlight racial tensions in Congress.Proceedings slated for House members Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel could create a rift between the Congressional Black Caucus and other Democratic leaders.Kenneth Gross, an ethics lawyer in Washington, said the push against Rangel and Waters "fuels the racial dimension.""It's going to be so highly charged considering who the players are," he added.

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • German ‘Conservative’ Ultimatum: Disinvite Geert Wilders or Lose Post.A local Berlin politician … is under fire for inviting Dutch populist Geert Wilders to a meeting on Islam on October 2. Rene Stadtkewitz, who is known for his anti-Islamic views, has refused to cancel the invitation, and now faces eviction from his party’s parliamentary group in the city assembly.

  • Democrats scheming to give child rapists, arsonists and kidnappers the right to vote.Anything to get votes Mr President?

  • Fox News Poll: 62 Percent Think U.S. Is on the Decline.A Fox News poll released Friday finds widespread belief among American voters that the country is on the decline as a civilization. In addition, a majority thinks the country is moving toward socialism."Change you can see?"

  • The People Versus the Government.A recent Investor's Business Daily editorial said, "As Americans suffer economically, President Obama golfs, vacations, campaigns, appears on a frivolous talk show-and vacations some more. Gee, don't we have a war and other problems to attend to?" Obama may not be easily removed, but he can be politically neutralized if Republicans can gain control of Congress in November. There are barely 900 days left in his first and hopefully last term; still time for him and his cadre of czars to do more damage.

  • Laura Ingraham on Michelle Obama: “It’s Not What Sleeveless Wants, Sleeveless Gets” – Video.“The Obamas are people – we’re all people. They’re not deities. They’re not monarchs."

  • DisHonor killings a misunderstood concept, study finds.Yeah try telling this to the victims!He said that data from the Prime Ministry’s Human Rights Commission and Parliament’s Commission on DisHonor and Tradition Killings are misleading. According to the commission, 1,099 such murders have been committed in the past 10 years.That's about one every 3 days!

  • What to do with Ground Zero.It's being reported that the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has suggested that Ground Zero in New York City be declared a National Military Battlefield to bring to an end the debate of whether or not a mosque should be built there.

  •  British Islamist Cleric Predicts “Rivers of Blood on the Streets” After TV Host Cracks Burqa Joke.“It is a grave offence to disrespect a Muslim woman. People have gone to war to protect the honour of Muslim women. And they will go to war again.Only their men have the right to beat and kick them around.

  • Peres: England is ‘Anti-Semitic’.Israeli Peres Shimon Peres said England was “deeply pro-Arab … and anti-Israeli”, adding: “They always worked against us.” He added: “There is in England a saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary.”“There are several million Muslim voters, and for many members of parliament, that’s the difference between getting elected and not getting elected,” he said.“And in England there has always been something deeply pro-Arab, of course, not among all Englishmen, and anti-Israeli, in the establishment.

  • The 'Angel of Death': Special Forces' latest weapon is biggest flying howitzer in the world.This is the ‘Angel of Death’, the world’s biggest flying artillery gun – and the latest weapon being used by British and US Special Forces to defeat Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

  • Brutality and Subjugation: The Women of Islam at Home and Abroad.But one thing that most, if not all, Muslims share is the mistreatment of women. From subtle derogation to death by stoning, it is clear that Muslim women are not held in the same regard as Muslim men in the Islamic world.

  • Obama Tells Dems up for Re-Election He’s Going to Help Them During the Midterms by Not Visiting Their Districts.A pitty Obamacare doesn't cover toxic politicians.

  • Envoy Warns about Iran's Strong Response to Israeli Attack.Tehran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee warned that Iran will demolish Tel Aviv in case of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

  • Brazil Offers Haven To Iranian Woman Facing Stoning Sentence."With my friendship and the consideration I have for the president of Iran and the Iranian people, if this woman is causing problems there, we would be glad to welcome her in Brazil," Lula told a gathering of Brazil's Workers' Party.

  • Diplomat: 'Ghosts In The Room' Plague U.S., Iran."We've been shouting at each other for 30 years," he says. "When we're not shouting at each other, that is a form of progress."

  • Church plans Quran-burning event. In protest of what it calls a religion "of the devil," a nondenominational church in Gainesville, Florida, plans to host an "International Burn a Quran Day" on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks."In Islam, many actions that we consider to be crimes are encouraged, condoned or sheltered under Islamic teaching and practice, though. Another reason to burn a Quran."

  • Price Charles urged to fight scheme for ‘hideous’ new Iranian embassy.Residents on one of London’s smartest streets have asked Prince Charles to help them fight plans by the Iranian government to build a huge modernist ‘fortress’.

  • BP's "Missing Oil" Washes up in St. Mary's Parish, LA .BP's "Missing Oil" coats wetlands and beaches along the waterways near St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana, where no one is booming, cleaning, skimming, or watching.

  • Who is Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro?It is alleged that Barack Obama has spent $950,000 to $1.7 million with 11 law firms in 12 states to block disclosure of his personal records; which includes birth information, K-12 education, Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School. There is an interesting chronology of Obama’s life disclosed in “The Obama File” that reveals much of what has been uncovered regarding his personal records, and also reveals the many unanswered questions about the man elected President of the United States.

  • Netanyahu: Direct peace talks to begin in August.Face-to-face talks could start mid-month, prime minister tells cabinet, accusing Palestinians of stalling.

  • BP Prepares to Fill Well With Cement.Officials Optimistic That Cement Will Kill BP Well. BP’s volatile oil well in the Gulf of Mexico may finally be locked down and filled with cement within a matter of days.

  • Israeli airstrike kills Hamas commander, Gaza militants retaliate (video of funeral in Palestine). President Barack Obama sent a letter to President Abbas urging him to accept direct talks with Israel, warning that if he refused relations would be undermined. In the letter Obama pledged if Abbas agreed to direct talks, a partial Israeli West Bank settlement freeze would be extended, which is currently due to expire in September.

  • Iran says 3 Americans should stand trial.Iran reiterated on Sunday that three Americans jailed a year ago should stand trial on charges of illegally crossing the country's borders.

  • Rick Sanchez Asks Arizona Legislator 'What is Your Beef with Illegal Immigration?'Imagine that, a so-called journalist asking an elected official what his beef is with people breaking the law.Honestly, I had to watch this segment four times to convince myself that Sanchez said something this absurd.Are these people possessed or what?What part of "Illegal" don't they understand?

  • US to activate missile shield over south Europe.Citing unnamed Pentagon officials, Washington Post reports American Defense Department nearing deal to establish key radar ground station in Turkey or Bulgaria in face of Iranian missile threat.

  • Despite Directive, BP Used Oil Dispersant Often, Panel Finds.The Coast Guard approved dozens of requests by BP to spread hundreds of thousands of gallons of surface oil dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico despite the Environmental Protection Agency’s directive on May 26 that they should be used only rarely, according to documents and correspondence analyzed by a Congressional subcommittee.

  • Now Berlusconi wants to censor bloggers as well as journalists.Not content with trying to restrict the newspapers he doesn't control, Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is now attempting to interfere with the freedom of bloggers and the users of social networking sites.

  • State Dept Sends CAIR Director Overseas – America’s New Face.The Detroit News reports that Obama’s State Department underwrote a trip to Mali for CAIR-Michigan’s executive director Dawud Walid. One can only suppose that the regime is upgrading its programs of Mohammedan outreach to jihadist outreach.

  • Video:Officials who lost people’s trust over forest fires must resign – Putin.According to the law-enforcement agencies, 505 homes have burned down in the region. The residents of the Verkhnyaya Vereya, a village that burned down, told Putin the local authorities failed to organize and coordinate fire-fighting efforts.

  • HT:Elder of Zion.Palestinian history quiz, part one - before 1948.

  • Docs 4 Patient Care are Warriors Against Obamacare.Obamacare is destined to fail. Three quarters of insurers in MA are, now, going bankrupt and are begging to increase their rates–it is the only way that they can afford to cover people with pre-existing conditions that didn’t buy insurance ahead of time.

  • A French Castle Built of Stone and Dreams.“I decided to do something for them instead, in this very small part of the world,” Ms. Martin said.So of course she decided to build a replica of a medieval chateau of the mid-13th century, using the techniques of the time: iron tools and no electricity.

  • Brazilian men swapped at birth work, live together,more here.Two years back, Dimas Aliprandi and Elton Plaster didn't know of each other's existence. Then they learned they had been accidentally switched at birth more than 20 years ago.

  • Yellow lobster caught in Bay, one in 30 million.When Denny Ingram hauled one of his lobster pots in Narragansett Bay's East Passage last week, he found one lobster unlike any he had ever seen. It was golden on top and bright yellow on the sides."I thought, holy cow, this is unusual. And no one else around here has ever seen anything like it either," said Ingram.Yellow lobsters are rare, but not unheard of. When one was brought ashore in Massachusetts last year, several experts said its coloration came from a gene carried by both parents that occurs in about one in 30 million lobsters.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Russia mobilises 240,000 to fight deadly wildfires.Almost 240,000 people have been mobilised across Russia to tackle wildfires that have killed at least 30, officials say.The military has pooled resources with firefighters; the emergencies ministry said 25,000 engines were being used.Hundreds of people have drowned over the past two months in an attempt to cool off in the record heat, with 170 such deaths recorded in Moscow alone, medical sources told Interfax news agency.The high toll has been partly blamed on drunkenness and the use of poorly equipped beaches.

  • Debate Heating Up on Plans for Mosque Near Ground Zero.An influential Jewish organization on Friday announced its opposition to a proposed Islamic center and mosque two blocks north of ground zero in Lower Manhattan, intensifying a fierce national debate about the limits of religious freedom and the meaning of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.But the unexpected move by the ADL, a mainstream group that has denounced what it saw as bigoted attacks on plans for the Muslim center, could well be a turning point in the battle over the project.

  • PLO official says Obama sent warning to Abbas.President Barack Obama warned Mahmoud Abbas in a letter that U.S.-Palestinian relations might suffer if the Palestinian leader refuses to resume direct peace talks with Israel, a senior PLO official said Saturday.

  • Where In The World Is Imam Feisal?Questions multiply about $100 million Islamic center planned near Ground Zero.When will Rauf be back in the country? Maybe "the end of August, or early September," said his assistant. It seems that Rauf, having chafed old wounds and touched off quite a debate in the U.S., has checked out of the country for the rest of the summer.

  • Video:Giant South Dakota hailstone breaks US record.A hailstone weighing almost a kilo that fell in the state of South Dakota has been confirmed as the largest ever recovered in the USA.

  • Iran stoning sentence woman asks to be reunited with her children.Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's supporters call for support to free her from prison, after sentence was changed to hanging.It's high time the Mullahs got also a "Necktie"?

  • 'Assad wants Hariri tribunal closed'.Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad told Saudi King Abdullah during their meeting in Damascus Friday that the UN tribunal investigating the 2005 assassination of Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri must be closed to protect Lebanon's stability.There's nothing as shocking as the naked truth!

  • Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution? Barack Obama, however, has pulled off the ultimate switcheroo: He's diminishing America from within — so far, successfully.He may soon bankrupt us and replace our big merit-based capitalist economy with a small government-directed one of his own design.

  • Obama pal filing rash of media lawsuits?Group launches 80 copyright infringement claims against websites, bloggers.A company working on behalf of a Las Vegas newspaper has filed a spate of copyright-infringement lawsuits against as many as 80 individuals and publications since March, and now bloggers reveal the CEO may have crossed paths with Barack and Michelle Obama during their stints at a Chicago law firm.

  • BP: RELIEF WELL COLLAPSE: 40 feet of “side walls kind of feel in on itself”; BP to take 24-36 hours removing debris from wellbore (VIDEO).

  • HT:TheBlogprof.Irony: Obama in Detroit (30% unemployement rate): "we are moving in the right direction!" Shows his evil Humane side again!

  • Civil Rights Groups Argue ‘Race to the Top’ Leaves the Poor at the Bottom.The dynamic duo from Harvard, President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, are running into some tough talk from groups that are feeling pretty darn unappreciated right now.

  • Report: Israel aiding plot for bloodless coup in Gulf emirate.Britain's Guardian newspaper reports that Israel's ambassador to the U.K.met with the exiled crown prince of the Ras al-Khaimeh in March; Ras al-Khaimeh is strategically located directly across the Persian Gulf from Iran.

  • Video:Woman to Sell Baby for Medical Bill.A woman in India says she has to sell her 6-month-old baby in order to pay her husband's medical expenses.

  • The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets. A Journal investigation finds that one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet is the business of spying on consumers.A must read!

  • Euro nears level not seen since European bailout package.Doubts about U.S. credit rating seen as catalyst for buying in single currency.Great policy Mr President !Real genius!

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Video:Forced eviction of tent dwellers shock French.I especially liked how the Droit au Logement community organizers put all the women and children at the front, while the men lounged around at the back. Nice touch! And is that ululating I hear?

  • Naked woman plunges through roof after 'rolling around' on top of four-storey building.The "barenaked "truth is you can't make up this sh...!

Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!)

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • The top ten indications America is in decline - #10: Dependence on oil.The United States of America is in decline. Like the citizens of so many nations and empires before us we can chose to live in denial or we can face up to reality and attempt to alter it. One key factor in America’s decline is its dependence on oil.

  • Arab League Tries to Score Points for Abbas, 'Endorses' Talks."I will never allow a single Israeli to live among us on Palestinian land,” Abbas declared."Der heimat muß Judenrein sein?"

  • State Workers Who Identified Illegal Aliens Face Criminal Charges."We live in a topsy-turvey nation and this story should anger all Americans. Suddenly our nation is prosecuting patriots while protecting lawbreakers," said a former NYPD police officer and private security firm owner.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Hamas TV: Muslims Should Wage Jihad to Liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Filth of the Jews, the Brothers of Apes and Pigs.Islam a religion of peace?

  • Pelosi Blocks Investigation of Gulf Oil Spill.

  • Al Arabiya News Channel viewers express mixed reaction toward European veil bans.The Dubai-based Al Arabiya News Channel announced the results of a surprising E-poll yesterday in which 43 percent of its viewers expressed support for European nations imposing full-faced veil bans.

  • Iran: Cigarettes tainted with pig blood.Official from Islamic Republic's anti-smoking society says company 'led by Zionists' deliberately exports contaminated Marlboros.

  • Border Crossing Gives Visitors Quite a Kick.India, Pakistan Clash About Toning Down Cherished Ceremony. WAGAH BORDER, India and Pakistan—At sunset every day here, India's hostile relationship with Pakistan is acted out in a bizarre military tradition known as the "Beating Retreat Ceremony."Now recently expanded with female staff.

  • Battles Looming Over First Amendment Rights.With all of the takeovers of various aspects of society by the Obama administration, none are as perilous as the one takeover we could be on the brink of - namely the First Amendment. It is under assault in so many very real ways, and the media are largely silent about it. That is because they are aware of the goals, and they share them. The goal is to silence conservative and Republican voices, to regulate the Internet, to favor certain news organizations - in essence to pick winners and losers when it comes to First Amendment rights and freedom of speech.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Pakistan: Islamists Ambush Christians Leaving Church, Five Men Shot.On the flip side, if someone so much as looks cross-eyed at a Muslim in America, CAIR goes ape-shit releasing press releases accusing everyone of being an Islamophobe.

  • Republican Senators Demand Explanation of DHS Draft Memo on Non-Legislative Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Poll: 56% Believe U.S. Heading Towards Socialism, Only 18% Think It’s a Good Thing.It doesn’t say much for the average American voter who got swept on to the Hope and Change bandwagon and are only now realizing what the hell they voted for.

  • In Rare Summit, Arab Rivals Try To Ease Tension.The Saudi and Syrian flags fluttered alongside Lebanon's state symbol in Beirut on Friday — an unusual sight that served as a welcome for the key players gathering for a landmark Arab summit.

  • Obama urges Iran to release three U.S. hikers.Obama, in a statement marking the Americans' 12 months in captivity, said Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Josh Fattal had committed no crimes and their continued imprisonment violated international human rights conventions.

  • CAIR – Suspected and Supported by the Federal Government.The FBI severed its relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2008, saying until it determines "whether there continues to be a connection between" CAIR leadership and Hamas terrorists, the organization is not an appropriate liaison partner.

  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2, CBC, a truly brave woman. People still talk about the time freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali crushed insufferable leftist TV host Avi Lewis on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcast.

  • From Germany to Radicalism for Young Muslims.A Turkish-language Web site announced that in recent days nine foreign fighters were killed as they traveled to carry out operations with the Taliban. Two of them were identified as Germans, from Bonn and Berlin.Others have been arrested on a variety of charges. In one case, several people were convicted of planning attacks against American military facilities in Germany.Islam a religion of peace?

  • Arab journalist confirms that the problem in Gaza is not Israel.A journalist with the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram confirmed what a handful of Western reporters have full and recently reported: that Gaza is not really locked in a siege and that any oppression experienced by Palestinians sites is caused by other Arabs, and not by Israel.

  • Is Obama a Facist?Ok -- so what is a fascist? According to The Urban Dictionary a fascist is "someone who believes in a totalitarian state rule by a supreme leader (dictator) who controls everything possible and treats people harshly -- to gain the leader's own success....".Sound familiar? In a piece by John Griffing, published at American Thinker, Mr. Griffing says the following: "At its core, fascism is really just a system where government, through agreements with the private sector, controls virtually all property and income indirectly and Obama has embraced this template."

  • Another Memorial To Jihad?Not content with making Ground Zero a symbol of Islamic triumphalism with a 13-15 story Cordoba House mosque, plans are in the works to memorialize the sacred ground of the crash site of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA.For a memorial, I can imagine something with park benches, maybe a reflecting pool, the names of the victims carved in shiny stone. Too mundane? Well, the Heinz Foundation–yes that Heinz–funded the design competition to come up with something that would reflect the grief and pride of Americans: A red Islamic crescent design symbolizing the features of a mosque.Huh?

  • Obamacare and a national service draft, the connection will surprise you.The draft ended in 1973, but it appears that the Obama administration would like to bring it back on a couple of different levels.then there is bill H.R. 5741 introduced by Rep. Charles Rangel, of New York, currently being debated in the House of Representatives. The purpose of this bill is "To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes."If American's wish to maintain their freedom status, contact your representative regarding this legislation.

  • The US fails to agree with the UN that access to clean water is a human right.“Let them drink Coke.” Those four words form a respectable summary of the nearly 500 words John F. Sammis, U.S. Minister Counselor to the Economic and Social Council, used to explain to the UN why the United States abstained in the vote on the UN’s “Water as a Human Rightresolution.

  • Phytoplankton Panic.Phytoplankton, the tiny little ocean creatures that generate a massive amount of the world's oxygen, form the base of the ocean food chain, and otherwise deserve to be nominated Hero of the World Economy, First Class, are apparently dying off. The theory is that global warming is probably doing them in.

  • Russia Fights Fires, Looks Ahead To Long-Term Costs Of Heat Wave.Pulling one from the parched ground, he looks dejectedly at its stunted roots and says this summer's record-breaking heatwave will have dire consequences for his farm and livestock."There's nothing here. Rain wouldn't even help at this point. There won't be any food to feed the animals," says Valitov, who tends more than 800 cows and 1,700 other animals on his farm. "We're trying to find as much hay for them as we can. As of today, we're about 60 percent short on feed, so we'll have to cull almost half our livestock. It's going to be a hard winter. Our farm has already lost 41 million rubles."

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Israeli Rabbis: Burkas represent sexual fetish.That is as promiscuous as wearing too little.

  • HT:WeaselZippers.Saudi Arabia: Town Realizes They’ve Been Praying in Wrong Direction for 10 Years.Bonus: Mecca is only 12.5 miles away.

  • Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain.Marine biologists started finding orange blobs under the translucent shells of crab larvae in May, and have continued to find them "in almost all" of the larvae they collect, all the way from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Fla. -- more than 300 miles of coastline .

  • 'A Woman Without Hijab Is Like A Chair With Three Legs'."A woman without hijab is like a chair with three legs," says an Iranian government poster in support of the compulsory hijab for women.

Friday, July 30, 2010

MFS - The Other news

                         Afternoon Posting.

  • Muslim university students trying to impose burqa on woman lecturer in West Bengal.Shirin Middya is a lecturer at Aliah University, a Islamic institution. The local student union wants her to wear a burqa if she wants to teach even though the university has no dress code. Syed Ali Mutjaba, a journalist and peace activist, warns about the rise of radical Islam in Indian society.

  • Israel launches Gaza Strip air strikes,more here.Israel has launched air strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip, reports say.Palestinian witnesses reported numerous explosions in Gaza City, and several people were reported to have been injured.

  • 25 dead as forest fires rage across Russia,more here.Putin on Friday visited the ruins of Verkhnyaya Vereya, where all 341 houses were burned to the ground and five residents died in the blaze. The village was one of three destroyed around Nizhny Novgorod, Russia's fifth-largest city located 300 miles (475 kilometers) east of Moscow."Before winter, each house will be restored," Putin told a crowd of distressed villagers, most of them women. "I promise - the village will be rebuilt."

  • Obama planning amnesty for illegal aliens without consent of Congress.The President, in a bold example of egomaniacal behavior, has decided that he does not need Congress to address immigration reform after all. This is a slippery slope to travel upon. Once President Obama takes such an obvious route around congressional authority, further abuses cannot be far behind.Are we are observing a dictator in his natural habitat?

  • Sarkozy threatens immigrants who target police.President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday that he wants to revoke the French citizenship of immigrants who put the lives of police officers in danger as part of a "national war" on delinquency.

  • U.S. Immigration Fight Widens to Native-Born.A U.S. senator and a state lawmaker in Arizona, both central players in the battle over immigration law, separately proposed this week that "birthright" citizenship be denied to the children of illegal immigrants.

  • U.N. rights body tells Israel to end Gaza blockade.Israel must lift its military blockade of the Gaza Strip and invite an independent, fact-finding mission to investigate its raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, a United Nations rights body said on Friday.

  • Senate cutting food stamps to pay for Medicaid and teacher funding.It's the Sophie's choice of budget decisions: Should we cut Medicaid? Fire teachers? Or slash food stamps?How about all three?

  • Dell Tech Support Grabs Nude Photos From Customer’s Computer, Publishes on Web.A Sacramento woman says a tech support engineer in India managed to expose her secrets and make charges to her credit card after she called him with a desperate request.

  • The new Nessie? Mystery 'sea creature' spotted off British coast.But a photograph showing what appears to be a long-necked sea creature has got marine experts scratching their heads.Mystery: The 'sea serpent' was spotted stalking a shoal of fish just yards off the Saltern Cove in Paignton, Devon. The fish were apparently so scared that they beached themselves.

  • HT:AmericanThinker."Obama's Mean Streak".The body count of Obama's ambushes will grow in the years ahead. How does this help to bring about the civility that Obama preaches should be part of our civic discourse? Of course, it doesn't. Hypocrisy is Obama's trademark. His style of ambushing and humiliating people is a sign of something deeper and darker in Obama's psyche, in his emotional makeup. He is vindictive and enjoys the spectacle of belittling people in front of others and in front of cameras.The milk of human kindness does not flow in this man's veins, but rather something bitterer -- a type of personal poison that he enjoys spraying on others.This does not dignify the office or the man. But he doesn't seem to care, and the courtier press that covers him with glory doesn't, either.In one word he's "Evil"!

  • The Flotilla Farce. Whether they are from Turkey, Ireland or Cyprus, those that participate reek of hypocrisy.

  • Sarah Palin slams President Obama for 'The View' appearance (video).Palin tweeted: President w/no time to visit porous US/Mexican border to offer help to those risking life to secure us,but lotso' time to chat on The View?Of course everything turns around his person.

  • Moms Keep Up Fight To Free 3 Held In Iran."We Can't Just Keep Doing This. But Of Course We're Going To": Hikers Near One Year In Iran Captivity.And Mr Obama plays golf or go's on holidays?

  • NY Congressman Calls for Probe of Funding for Mosque Near Ground Zero and Its Promoter.King, ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, made his remarks at the conservative Heritage Foundation at an event entitled, "Keeping America Free, Safe and Prosperous: Counterterrorism in the Obama Administration."

  • Another Christian abducted in Kirkuk.A 50-year-old man was taken last night from his office. Crime is up in the city because of the power vacuum in the country. For the past four months, politicians have failed to form a government. For Christians, it is a time of martyrdom.

  • Video:Grim task of China's oil spill clean-up operation.Now an army of volunteers and fishermen's been mobilised to clean up the pollution, but conditions for those involved are grim.

  • France infanticide mother's 'relief' after confession.A French mother who admitted killing eight of her newborn babies is relieved that her secret is finally out in the open, her lawyer has said.

  • USCIS Draft Memo Leaked Discussing Ways to ByPass Congress on Amnesty.Basically they claim that the Draft memo is just a way to “internally” discuss Ideas and that they have no intention of doing Deferred Action on the entire Illegal population.The Key Word there is …..”Entire”!The trouble with dictators is they have tendency to stay...forever!

  • Alleged Mexican drug cartel puts price on Arpaio's head.The so called “America’s toughest sheriff” has never been secretive about the many death threats he continuously receives.

  • Saudi, Syrian Leaders Visit Beirut In Bid To Ease Sunni-Shi'ite Tensions.The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Syria, King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, are visiting Beirut today in a bid to calm tensions over possible indictments by a UN court against members of Hizballah for the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

  • China’s claims in South China Sea cause sparks with United States and Vietnam.After conducting a major drill, China’s Defence Ministry reiterates Chinese claims to sovereignty over the disputed sea. Washington says it is open to cooperation with Beijing in the area but not at any cost.

  • Obama's EPA strongly defends the greatest scientific fraud in human history.The petitions to reconsider EPA’s Endangerment Finding claim that climate science cannot be trusted, and assert a conspiracy that invalidates the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

  • Top Ten Things Women Can Do (That Men Can't).A lot of sexually secure, liberal minded straight men have to adhere to insane standards that just aren't right for this day and age. So, here are ten things that are socially acceptable for heterosexual women to do, but not heterosexual men.
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