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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MFS - The Other News

2010 Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies.

Islamist hatefest should open Canadians' eyes.More than 10,000 people are expected to attend the Journey of Faith Conference in Toronto on July 2, 3 and 4. That may sound benign, but that fact alone should alarm this entire country.The enemy within?

Obama and Saudi king meet at White House.

Obama, activists to push on immigration reform.The White House said Obama would deliver a speech soon on "the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform".Change from United States to devided Obama states?

Video : Clinton "Blow up the well"!

Turkish PM comments meeting with Obama.Erdogan said Obama was in agreement with the Turkish premier that Israel should make an apology for the raid on the aid flotilla.Who are your friends Hussain Obama?

HT : Elder of Zion.US Muslim jurists forbid aid to troops.The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) issued a fatwa prohibiting offering aid to foreign troops in Muslim countries whether on the personal or the business levels.My answer :"They are traitors to America!,Put all of them in prisoner camps like during WWII with the Japanese!"Untill they prove to be loyal Americans!

President Obama's detrimental deadlines.As Missouri Sen. Kit Bond put it, if the withdrawal date stands, Obama is "setting [Petraeus] up for failure."

Female Genital Mutilation Performed at the U.S. Cornell University.Change you can feel?

Third US carrier, 4,000 Marines augment US armada opposite Iran.The USS Nassau (LHA-4) Amphibious Ready Group 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, tasked with supporting the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet area of operations, is cruising around the Bab al-Mandeb Straits where the Gulf of Aden flows into the Red Sea.

Petraeus to review Afghan war rules.He said that he will consider changing rules of engagement designed to protect civilians."I am keenly aware of concerns by some of our troopers on the ground about the application of our rules of engagement and the tactical directive," Petraeus said.
"They should know that I will look very hard at this issue."

Iran sets conditions for nuclear talks.Ahmadinejad says U.S. and other world powers must agree to include other countries in the discussions, address Israel's nuclear capabilities and abide by the NPT.Knowing the bias of Obama for Muslims he will probably agree to these demands!

Iran is Surrounded by US Troops in 10 Countries. HT : Israel Matzav.

Video : The Afghan women jailed for "bad character".A senior official in Afghanistan's Ministry for Women's Affairs told a recent UN workshop that about half of Afghanistan's 476 women prisoners were detained for "moral crimes". That includes everything from running away from home, refusing to marry, marrying without their family's wishes, and "attempted adultery".

Turkey launches production of pilotless jets.To use against the Kurds?

Hezbollah: Israel policy prevents talks; America acting as 'troublemaker'; behavior 'has to change'.Under Obama, the terrorists get to dictate the terms.

Kagan lied to Supreme Court in 9/11 case, should be disbarred.

Erdogan faces US stick, clings to anti-Israel stance.His aides then promised a retraction to ward of pressure from another quarter, Washington, over his deepening ties with Tehran, Syria and Hizballah, in response to concerns voiced by the visiting US State Department's first special representative to the Muslim Communities, Farah Pandith.The invitation Erdogan extended to Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah to pay an official visit to Ankara had alarmed the Obama administration. In the event, the visit was called off - though not by Ankara but by the Hizballah leader who feared that no security service could promise him a safe return home.

Terrorist network funded by 'first lady of al-Qaida'.Saudi newspapers have picked over leaked details of her arrest. When she was discovered, she was alone with a male suspect - a violation of strict Islamic laws banning the mixing of sexes.Islam a religion of peace?

Netherlands/Belgium: The link between crime and ethnicity.

Diesel posters showing women 'flashing' banned for promoting anti-social behaviour.It said: 'Smart May Have The Brains, But Stupid Has The Balls. Be Stupid, Diesel.'

Buxom banker files Citibank rights complaint.Debrahlee Lorenzana claims she was fired for being too attractive.

What the Taliban Think of McChrystal's Ouster.“We are enjoying every minute of it on TV and the radio,”All the talk about this being America’s longest, most expensive, and most unpopular war—and about the tension between McChrystal and Obama—is music to our ears.”

Hispanic voters are peeved about the president’s inaction on immigration reform. Just ask Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, who tells Bryan Curtis, “Obama broke a promise. It’s that simple.” Reply: “I am not backing off one minute from getting this done, but let's face it, I've had a few things to do.”

Obama still a foreigner, say 24%.No matter where he's born,it's obvious to all with brains which religion he adores!

Facebook has deleted boycott BP,leaving almost 800.000 fans hanging!This group was created with the intent of sending a clear and strong message to BP and to Washington that what has happened in the Gulf has to stop everywhere.

Get this straight, Corporate Pimps: There ARE NO JOBS!

BP: Relief Well Nearing Undersea Gusher.Oil Giant Says Well Is On Track for August Completion; Drill Now Just Feet from Spill Source, but Needs to Go Deeper.

Tehran Bureau: Photo Essay.Twenty-first anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Khomeini.The women-only car on the Tehran subway was completely full, but at every station more black chador-clad bodies found a way to push in.

No Palestinian state by 2012: Israeli minister.

Israel Warns Turkey Over Rising Tensions."They seem to have chosen a path of escalation and that does not serve the interests of any country. If they are looking for a pretext to sever ties altogether that will be detrimental to Turkey's position in the Middle East."

Saudi-US Alliance - An Obstacle Against War On Terrorism? Saudi-US alliance which is primarily a bargain of oil for security for over half a century is perhaps the most improbable engagement between the two socially, politically and religiously opposite societies in the modern world.

Viewpoint: Ending wars peacefully just got harder.Those who are currently supporting the Afghan or Somali governments' policies of engagement with their sworn enemies could be at risk of prosecution.

Arrested Russian spies accused of stealing Canadian identities.Canadian like "Molson"?

USA To Become Automatically Involved in New Korean War.On June 25 Pyongyang demanded that the U.S. pays compensation in the amount of 65 trillion dollars for the “six decades of hostile policy against the People's Korea."

The Truth About the Situation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

US warned it's in the early stages of a third depression.More here.

Pakistan's Afghan peace plan leaves U.S. wary."We have seen no evidence that they are truly interested in reconciliation, where they would surrender their arms, where they would denounce Al Qaeda, where they would really try to become part of that society,” Mr. Panetta said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Oil in the Gulf, two months later,37 striking pictures.

OPEC: US Should Reconsider Offshore Drilling Ban.Opec Chief Says US Should Not "Jump to Conclusions," Claims Cause of Spill Unclear.

HT: money Jihad. Welcome to Lilburn, Georgia,more here.

Alpine hikers get €150,000 finder's fee for Stone Age mummy Ötzi.More about Ötzi the Iceman here.

Why presence of mercury in seawater is more dangerous.“The exposure rate of mercury in the U.S. is quite high. A recent epidemiological survey found that up 8 percent of women had mercury levels higher than national guidelines. Since humans are on the top of the food chain, any mercury in our food accumulates in our body.”

Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains : pictures.

Monday, June 28, 2010

MFS - The Other News

           "Oppressed women can be overlooked!”

In Pakistan, Islamic schools for women thrive.Take Mariam Afzal, who says she was once so selfish she would take up two spots in a parking lot without a second thought.Founder Farhat Hashmi started Al-Huda (Arabic for "guidance") in her home with a small group of students in the early 1990s. Now it caters to women and girls in Pakistan and in elsewhere, including the U.S. and Canada, where Hashmi now lives. The face-covering burqa, once a rarity in Islamabad, now has stores specializing it, he notes. Hoodbhoy says Al-Huda is engendering a mindset of segregation and submission for women that is shredding Pakistan's cultural fabric.

Afghanistan 15 Messing Muslim terrorists blow up their own mosque."God works in mysterious ways?"

Video - Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery.Lets guess wich countries or religions support slavery?

Hamas official: Wave of flotillas to sail for Israel after World Cup.Israel should expect at least eight more Gaza-bound ships headed in its direction shortly after the World Cup tournament, senior Hamas official Mahmoud A-Zahar told British daily The Independent on Monday.

Israel Matzav - G-8 thinks Israel will strike Iran imminently?

Is Google Gunning for Facebook with 'Google Me'?

US Supreme Court deals pedophilia blow for Vatican.Allowing a federal appeals court ruling to stand, the decision means Vatican officials including theoretically Pope Benedict XVI could face questioning under oath related to a litany of child sex abuse cases.

Afghan Christians detained as politician calls for converts’ execution.What are our troops doing there in Gods name?

US says sinking of SKorean warship not terrorism.It's tourism?

The last post: McChrystal's bleak outlook.President Obama lost patience with Runaway General's failed strategy.Sacked US General Stanley McChrystal issued a devastatingly critical assessment of the war against a "resilient and growing insurgency" just days before being forced out.

Iran Calls for Breaking of Zionist Monopoly."Turkey seeks to increase the level of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and will start the exchange of medical experiences with this country,"Well if Turkey is that close with Iran, why doesn't Nato kick Turkey out right now?

The media volcano is about to erupt.While killing civilians, they talk like video gamers shooting for high scores. “Look at all those dead bastards,” crows one as the dust settles.

Video : "Obama Most Radical US President ever" states prestigious Harvard Phd.Obama is a revolutionary.His intention is to correct the historical mistake of the  creation of the state of Israel.

BP oil spill - live updates.You're playing too much golf during oil spill, Barack Obama is told.YES!

Video : CNN: Almost All Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Dead!Is this what awaits the Gulf cleanup crews?

Palin: Obama sold out Netanyahu.The former John McCain running mate addressed a paying audience of several hundred people in Norfolk and accused Obama of selling out Israel in over its naval blockade of Gaza and treating Prime Minister Binaymin Netanyahu shabbily.

Iran Postpones Nuclear Talks."For 30 years, we have not had economic relations with the US," Ahmadinejad said. "[So] who are they sanctioning?"

Turkey bars Israel military flight after Gaza raid.The banned flight was carrying Israeli officers to Poland to tour Auschwitz.The plane was denied permission to cross Turkish airspace and was therefore forced to fly an alternative route.

O'Reilly: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals.“If President Obama were to sign an executive order giving illegal aliens amnesty, his career would be over and an impeachment movement would explode,” O'Reilly said Friday night on his “Talking Points” segment during his top-rated Fox show.Sounds great to me!

Local Fisherman Say They're Shut Out of Clean-Up.Some Local Fisherman Wait by the Phone for a Call From BP While Out-of-Town Boats Work the Clean-Up.Change you can see?

Sen. Bond says DHS shouldn't oversee cybersecurity.Senate Homeland Security Committee approves cybersecurity legislation.The original bill gave the president indefinite emergency authority to shut down private sector or government networks in the event of a cyber attack capable of causing massive damage or loss of life. An amendment passed Thursday limits that authority further, requiring the president to get Congressional approval after controlling a network for 120 days.
Collins said she was disappointed to read reports that the bill gives the White House a "kill switch" for the Internet

Chavez: Israel and US 'empire' are enemies.Assad praised Chavez for standing up to the U.S. and supporting the Palestinians. Chavez's outspoken stances in favor of Iran and against Israel have given him a following in the Middle East, and Assad referred to him at one point as an "Arab leader."Someone should tell him.

Masked men attack Gaza summer camp.'Cowardly' assailants destroy tents, toys, plastic swimming pool.Islam a religion of peace?

'Hot News' Doctrine Could Stifle Online Commentary and Criticism.Applying heightened First Amendment scrutiny is especially important now, as the Internet is increasingly allowing Americans to publicly gather, share, and comment on the news of the day. Misuse of the "hot news" doctrine could stifle this extraordinary growth of free expression.

Will the Internet End -- Or Simply Transform -- Libel Law?The advent of the Internet has profoundly changed the practical realities relating to libel law. Yet libel law -- which is a creature of state law, but incorporates important requirements imposed by Supreme Court First Amendment jurisprudence -- has not remotely caught up with these changes.

US raps on Asian shrimpers' doors after oil spill.As the Gulf Coast oil spill continues to gush, U.S. seafood suppliers are turning to Asia to ensure Americans have enough shrimp for their gumbos, Creoles and cocktails this summer, but some of those overseas cupboards are low themselves.

North Korea is threatening to introduce a new nuclear deterrent because of US hostility, amid tensions over a sunken South Korean warship.

The Belgian committee that investigated sexual abuse within the Catholic Church resigns.

Four-leaf clover found on impaled crash survivor's back.Just lucky?

Man dies from heart attack after receiving receipt for his own cremation service.In a macabre twist, his body was subsequently delivered to the same crematorium who send him the bill.

University student, 21, eats every 15mins but weighs the same as an eight-year-old.Poor girl.

Just don't call it papier-mâché: The spectacular £47,000 sculptures - made from paper.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MFS - The Other News

              Oh my God Bacchus is a female!

Hundreds of people line Florida shore in protest at BP spill as tropical storm threatens to disperse oil further,more here.Forecasters said today that Tropical Storm Alex is heading to pass just south of the affected area on Thursday or Friday.But there remains a real chance it could change direction, experts said, and resulting winds of up to 60 mph could force BP to evacuate workers and equipment from the area.

Oil washes onto Mississippi coast for first time."We cannot clean up or catch the oil until BP gets here. They have all of our people," said Earl Etheridge, a spokesman for Mississippi's Department of Environmental Quality. "We want to clean this up now. Maybe this will amp up BP's effort but we can't do anything because they have all the money."

Hamas says asked by US to keep silent on talks.Islamist group source says senior American officials request contacts remain secret 'so as not to rouse Jewish lobby'.It wouldn't surprise me from the Obama administration.

ADAMS: Inside the Black Panther case Anger, ignorance and lies.I and other Justice attorneys diligently pursued the case and obtained an entry of default after the defendants ignored the charges. Before a final judgment could be entered in May 2009, our superiors ordered us to dismiss the case.Most corrupt of all, the lawyers who ordered the dismissal - Loretta King, the Obama-appointed acting head of the Civil Rights Division, and Steve Rosenbaum - did not even read the internal Justice Department memorandums supporting the case and investigation.The dismissal raises serious questions about the department's enforcement neutrality in upcoming midterm elections and the subsequent 2012 presidential election.

BP and Shell to evacuate Gulf of Mexico rigs.

No skimmers in sight as oil floods into Mississippi waters."It’s criminal what’s going on out there," Taylor said minutes later. "This doesn’t have to happen.”

BP bets on Kevin Costner's oil cleaning machine."Dances with oil?"

G20 Toronto now confirms 412 arrests have been made, up from 150.

Four arrested after tunneling near G20 summit.But workers are welding shut more manhole covers that lead to "underground infrastructure" as a precaution.

'We'll have to talk to the Taliban', says head of British Army in major policy shift.British military tactics,talk them in to surrender?

CIA’s Panetta: Iran has enough uranium for 2 bombs.But that it likely would take two years to build the bombs.I wouldn't bet on it!

Conflicting reports on Iran ship.Shibani said that the timing of the flotilla leaving from his country will depend on when various other flotillas are planning to set sail for Gaza.

Video : What the Palestinians do not want Jews to know!

Report: Karzai holds secret talks with top militant.With such allies you don't need enemies?
Al Jazeera: Pakistan officials join al-Qaida-linked Haqqani in Kabul meeting.

Nile nations stand firm in water row.Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya say deal that excludes Egypt and Sudan 'cannot be unsigned'.Wars have started over lesser things.

Justice not seen to be funded.The US is seeing a roll-back in investments in policing, courts and legal systems. It's unfair to victims and suspects alike.Yes, federal deficits have to be tamed; but, more immediately, the basic needs of local governance have to be met. For, in the criminal justice arena, the alternative – the risk of a rise of informal justice systems in the United States – is too unsavoury to countenance.

Eat Up… Joe Biden Gets Gets Custard in Face When Business Owner Tells Him: “Lower Our
Taxes” (Video)HT : Memorandum.

Barack Obama's immigration gamble. Barack Obama will win Latino support by suing Arizona over its immigration law, but it could also ignite a huge political firestorm,

Pope deplores 'sex abuse' raids by Belgian police.Well you know the saying "God works in mysterious ways"?

Hamas warns Palestinians against collaborating with Israel.Posters and murals have appeared across Gaza City, graphically depicting the consequences of providing information to Israeli intelligence. Some include images of nooses, while others warn that "your people's blood will be on your hands"."We are educating people?"Bloody death squads sounds more like it!

Israel setting up Saudi base for Iran raid?The allegation could not be independently confirmed, and the Saudis deny cooperating with the Israeli military.

Widow of Houston Officer Killed by Illegal Immigrant 'Shocked' at ICE Appointment.Now that Hurtt is taking a job to oversee partnerships between federal and local officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Johnson -- and other critics -- say they're concerned the official who resisted immigration enforcement in Houston will now be in charge of promoting it.

FEELING eagle-eyed? Then you'll spot that this giant bird is made up of 1,400 crouching PEOPLE.If you think this is new then you are mistaking!Arthur S. Mole (born 1889 in England - died 1983 in the United States) was an English commercial artist who became famous for a series of "living photographs" made during World War I, in which tens of thousands of soldiers, reservists and other members of the military were arranged to form massive compositions.

Victoria Beckham shows off new longer locks as she steps out for first time following split rumours.Maybe try smiling the next time in front of cameras?

French exotic dancer causes Aboriginal outrage by performing naked on Ayers Rock.And here's the vid.

OK guys it's Sunday so here's all the wallpaper you will ever need : compliments of page 3 the SUN.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

MFS - The Other News

Obama's Islamic Envoy: Obama Is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam. Hussain has now divulged that the U.S. will support the OIC in the latter’s United Nations effort to criminalize “defamation of religion” – widely perceived as a measure to suppress criticism of Muslim practices that violate human rights.

G8 condemns North Korea, Iran,here more.And they described the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip as "not sustainable".They also includes a sketch of a five-year exit strategy on Afghanistan.

Is a religious bus ban on my dog right? On two occasions last week my dog was barred from London buses on religious grounds, writes Judith Woods.Solution : Name your dog Rosa Parks and refuse to get off?

G 8 How to spend $1.2 bilion of taxpayer money?The lake's real, but now the grass is fake!Suppliers of artificial turf say an area of fake grass that size would typically cost between $6,000 and $8,400 to install, depending on quality — a drop in the bucket of the overall $1.2-billion budget set aside for the G8 and G20 summits

Muslim states seek U.N. action on West’s “islamophobia”.It's not "Islamophobia", it's reality when they kick you off the bus cause of your dog!

From :Right Truth. CAIR’s Summer of Censorship Campaign– to silence 2010 candidates and public figures who discuss Jihad, Shariah and Islamic terrorism.

Voters defy Islamist threats in Somaliland.The government closed the country's borders amid fears that Islamists from neighbouring Somalia could try to disrupt the elections.Islam a religion of peace?

Christian university Professor in Pakistan Beaten for Refusing to Convert.In another province, three eighth-grade students expelled for declining Islam.A religion of peace & tolerance,that checks the internet for "blasphemy"?

EU to ban selling eggs by the dozen: Shopkeepers' fury as they are told all food must be weighed and sold by the kilo.

Horse-Boy Google Street View Web Gimmick Is Important News.Britain's biggest news organization is baffled by Horse-Boy, a shadowy figure dressed in what could only be described as a perplexingly purple button-down shirt, who has a horse's head in his human head's place, and has made surprise appearances on Google Street View in Aberdeen.

That's it no more shrimp!Imported Shrimp? Louisiana Cafe Opts Instead to Close Its Doors.

U.S. Military Surrounds Iran.Chances of Israeli Bombing Increase.

Rep. Gohmert Warns Of Baby Terrorists.Claim that terrorists were recruiting pregnant women in order for them to have U.S.-born children who would, several decades from now, attack the United States and "destroy our way of life." Jee, I wonder who he's talking about?

Tropical Storm Alex forms, may threaten oil spill.Tropical Storm Alex formed in the western Caribbean on Saturday and forecasters said it was not clear yet if it would hit the massive oil spill in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

The First OILCANE Will Be Worse Than Anything We've Seen.If a hurricane’s violent winds track over the spill, we could witness a natural and economic calamity that history has never recorded anywhere or anytime. We will literally be in oil-soaked waters. We will have witnessed the first oilicane.

Fortress Toronto: Will all G20 hell break lose today?Call the nearly 3,000 people who marched, many angrily, on Toronto's streets on Friday an appetizer. Organizers of today's demonstration are hoping to draw a crowd of 10,000.

World leaders turning attention to nuke threats.President Barack Obama and other leaders of the Group of Eight major industrial countries were scheduled to open their second day of talks Saturday focused on nuclear standoffs with Iran and North Korea.

Armed Forces Day events across UK honour military.Meanwhile, anti-war protesters are using the date to launch six days of action, which they say will challenge army recruitment and the war in Afghanistan.Let me guess the religion of peace? 

Silence the extremists: Liam Fox blasts 'hate-filled religious protesters' at troops' parades.Islamic extremists who disrupt the homecoming parades of British troops should be 'silenced', the Defence Secretary will say today.

White House welcomes Shariah finance specialist.Obama selects Muslim expert in Islamic transactions as fellow.The White House notes that Ali also led the YMCA Israeli-Palestinian Modern Voices for Progress Program and is a founding member of the first U.S. Delegation to the World Islamic Economic Forum.According to Vanderbilt Law School, Ali's mother immigrated to the U.S. from Syria, and her father is Palestinian. He left the West Bank town of Ramallah at age 17.

Nancy Pelosi: Without Jobs Bill 'We Could Slip Back And Have Another Recession'.The currently-lapsed program of extended benefits gives the unemployed up to 99 weeks of benefits in some states, more than has ever been made available -- and even some Democrats are growing wary of the duration.

Ottoman Past Shadows Turkish Present.Ankara's turn against the U.S. on some crucial issues reflects centuries of power plays.

Vatican 'indignant' over Belgium police raids.The raids had been the stuff of "crime novels and The Da Vinci Code", said the Church's leader in Belgium, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard."We are surprised it went as far as drilling into tombs in the cathedral," he told a news conference in Brussels on Friday.

Turkey Tightens Internet Control In YouTube Feud."If the government doesn't now put an end to the Internet ban that has extended to certain Google services ... Erdogan's name will be remembered along with that of Internet prohibiter Ahmadinejad,"

Pakistan scans Google, other sites for blasphemy.Pakistan will monitor seven major websites, including Google and Yahoo, to block anti-Islamic links and content, an official said Friday. Seventeen lesser-known sites are being blocked outright for alleged blasphemous material.A religion of peace and tolerance?

Chinese soldiers can no longer advertise on blogging and dating sites."The Internet is dangerous, we must therefore guard against pitfalls, as the researchers said.

World's largest gold coin sold for £2.7m - $ 4 m .The 100 kg (220.5 lb) piece, one of only five Canadian $1,000,000 Maple Leaf coins the Royal Canadian Mint.

World’s Ugliest Dog title goes to 4-year-old Chihuahua mix.Actually i think she looks cute.

Fallen soldier's parents critical of Obama.The parents of Army soldier Benjamin Osborn said Thursday that U.S. Bill and Beverly Osborn say that new military rules of engagement are making soldiers on the ground more vulnerable to attack, including they say, in the final battle that took their son's life.

Malaysian idol: Young men compete on TV for Imam job.Show's popularity grows as teens -- and their mothers -- tune in.Religion or showbizz..or both?

Man with astonishing array of weapons including crossbow and chainsaw is arrested near G20 summit in Toronto.

Jewish Clergy Group: Elena Kagan Isn't ‘Kosher’ to Serve on Supreme Court.“It is clear from Ms. Kagan's record on issues such as abortion-on-demand, partial-birth-abortion, the radical homosexual and lesbian agenda, the 'supremacy' of the anti-family panoply over religious liberties of biblical adherents, et. al., that she will function as a flame-throwing radical, hastening society's already steep decline into Sodom and Gomorrah,” the rabbis said in the statement.

Dutch may use 'decoy Jews' to fight racism.Unusual idea proposes that undercover officers wear yarmulkes.

Video : Bionic feet for amputee cat.A cat that had its back feet severed by a combine harvester has been given two prosthetic limbs in a pioneering operation by a UK vet.

Magnificent man in his DIY flying machine: The Wing Commander, 94, who is trying to hit 130mph in shed-built gyrocopter.

Greece starts putting island land up for sale to save economy.Desperate attempt to repay debts also driven by inability to find funds to develop infrastructure on islands.

French town in shock after four suicide attempts in school, whith one successfully.In one week, four boys and girls of 15 and 16 tried to end their lives by taking an overdose on drugs.

Can South Africa reclaim its vuvuzela rights?One Chinese company is producing 10,000 vuvuzelas a day, but a church in KwaZulu-Natal claims it invented the instrument.

Baby deaths link to Roman 'brothel' in Buckinghamshire.Archaeologists investigating a mass burial of 97 infants at a Roman villa in the Thames Valley believe it may have been a brothel.

Welfare cuts put added health strain on population.In fact, for every £70 drop in spending per person there was a 1.19% rise in overall deaths.The biggest effect was seen in illnesses linked to social circumstances, such as heart disease.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MFS - The Other News

BP Is Burning Sea Turtles Alive, Gulf Captain Says.Video

Containment cap again collecting oil from leak.Health officials issue swimming advisory in Pensacola, Fla.

Raining Oil in Louisiana? Not Likely,Vid.One of our readers points us to a report (PDF) from the former Minerals Management Service claiming that lighter crude oils can evaporate. So it might be possible that oil is mixing with rain.

North America faces years of toxic oil rain from BP oil spill chemical dispersants.When you pour more than a million gallons of toxic chemical dispersants on top of an oil spill, it doesn’t just disappear. In this case, it moves to the atmosphere, where it will travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles from the site of the BP oil spill, in the form of toxic rain.

Are We to Believe Gulf Doomsday Talk?There are only two possible options: allowing the well to run dry — a process that would take 30 years and destroy the Gulf of Mexico and the ocean; or nuking the site, melting the fissured seabed into a glassy cap.

Oil plumes invade a dark, mysterious world at Gulf's floor.At the dark and cold bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, rich and strange forms of deepwater life proliferate -- and may be vulnerable to oil plumes from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

Worry Underwater: Oxygen Levels Drop as Oil Continues to Flow.Evidence of marine biologists' doomsday scenario thrashes in the Gulf waters as sharks crowd into shallow waters.

Oil spill containment efforts could be putting strain on damaged well.

With Leadership Change, Obama Renews Commitment.Replacing Stanley McChrystal with David Petraeus Will Go Down as President Obama's "All In" Moment.

Gulf oil spill: Boat captain, despondent over spill, commits suicide.

The U.S. will have to conftront Iran or give up the Middle East - Gearge Washington University Professor of International relations.He believes the only option available to contain Iran’s atomic ambitions is a series of assaults on its non-nuclear facilities.

Congressman: 'Sanctions by July 4'.Vote on bill this week; Iran tops Barak-Clinton agenda.

The ultimate calendar.13 pictures.

THAT'S your disguise? Jamaican 'drug lord' who sparked a week of riots and 76 deaths is arrested in dubious wig and spectacles.

North Korea seeks harsher punishment for jailed U.S. man.North Korea rejected U.S. calls on Thursday for the release of an American sentenced to eight years of hard labor, saying it was considering how to make the punishment even harsher under rules of war.

G8/G20: Critics decry Canada's $1.1bn summits bill.Oooooooh Canada?

Snakeman can wind himself up like a snail and sprout shoulder wings.

British man dies after sadistic sex session with 'Europe's most perverted dominatrix'.The 58-year-old client collapsed in a shower after an 'intense session' with prostitutes calling themselves Mistress Lucrezia and her assistant Mistress Juno at their villa near Brecht, Belgium.

Humans will be extinct within 100 years.Professor Frank Fenner, emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, has claimed that the human race will be unable to survive a population explosion and "unbridled consumption".

YouTube wins case against Viacom.This means that the court has decided that YouTube is protected by the safe harbor of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against claims of copyright infringement.

Toronto man arrested over G20 summit 'plot

Prosecutor: Al Gore was focus of sex crime inquiry in Portland.More here.

Jesus may not have died on the cross, Christian scholar claims.Mr Samuelsson, who has written a 400-page thesis after studying the original texts, said: 'The problem is descriptions of crucifixions are remarkably absent in the antique literature.

Killing for Dis'honour'.You can get killed for falling in love in many parts of India. Especially, if you or your lover - and sometimes, spouse - "defy" the preordained rules of the country's fiendishly complex caste system.

Graphic Sex Ed Class Under Fire.“It was horribly inappropriate,” Colleen Dostal told Fox News Radio. “To do that in a mixed-gender classroom, — I truly believe it was inappropriate.”

Naked woman escapes police, steals cop car, gets Tasered: authorities.Video here.A slippery catch?

Flickr goes wider, gets faster with redesign.

Sex Blogger Episode Prompts Change at Twitter Search Engine Topsy.In April, a St Louis area single mom lost her day job when her employer discovered her out-of-hours work: blogging about her polyamorous escapades.

The chore-free teenagers who never cook, wash or clean. The majority of teenagers have never pitched in with the household chores - and have no idea how to, says a study
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