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Monday, October 18, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                          Morning Posting.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Shades Of A Bond Thriller.It’s pretty incredible stuff, more so as hard information coming out of Iran is so fragmented and sketchy. I’m speaking, of course, of the ‘accidental’ explosion at the Imam Ali base, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s arms and ammunition depot at a ‘secret’ facility, which had extensive underground storage and launching facilities for the Shahab-3 long-range missile.In fact, practically all of Iran’s inventory of the Shahab-3 was reportedly destroyed when (as the Iranians spun it) a fire got out of control at the base. Other Iranians blamed the Kurds. Kurds?! It must have been one hell of a raid. Just think about it… hundreds of miles through the mountains and desert to attack one of Iran’s most carefully secured military bases. Sure! Tough dudes, those Kurds.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Chechen rebels attack Parliament and the Ministry of Agriculture in Grozny.This morning Chechen rebels launched an attack on Parliament buildings and the Ministry of Agriculture in Grozny, which has resulted in the death of all members of the commando. “The operation is over, all rebels have been killed” reported Interfax quoting a security forces source in Chechnya. According to the same Russian agency a meeting between the Russian Interior Minister who is in Grozny and the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov is underway.The reconstruction of events is not yet clear. It appears that a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Parliament, while two accomplices fired on soldiers guarding the building. The Chechen rebels then entered the parliament building in Grozny taking several people hostage. This was confirmed by an anonymous source in the regional Interior Ministry, adding that three guards were killed in the attack.The shooting continued for about an hour inside the building. "Regular police forces, officers in riot gear and a unit of the Parliament Security Service intervened," said a security source. The Ministry of Agriculture is under attack, according to Russian news agency Itar-Tass, quoting a source in the same department.An attempt was underway in Chechnya sought by President Ramzan Kadyrov – a close Kremlin ally - to impose “Chechen traditional Islam" on his country to reduce the strength of fundamentalist Islam.Read the full story here.More on the story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Memri.Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the Nation of Islam: "What Proof Have We Heard from These Wicked Deceivers that It Was Osama Bin Laden" Who Carried Out 9/11?Hmmmm.....Farrakhan endorses Obama "They don't trust me because of my middle name"?Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BigPeace.Big Dupes at Big Peace: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama Mentor – Part 1.This is the latest installment in a weekly series of exclusive interviews with Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, who has just released a major book revealing how communists, from Moscow to New York to Chicago, have long manipulated America’s liberals/progressives. Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century, is based on an unprecedented volume of declassified materials from Soviet archives, FBI files, and more, and is being hailed as groundbreaking. Herb Meyer, special assistant to the CIA director from 1981-87, says that Dupes “alters our understanding of the 20th century.” Big Peace’s own Peter Schweizer calls it the “21st century equivalent” to Whittaker Chambers’ classic Witness.Today, Kengor considers Frank Marshall Davis, a mentor to a young man named Barack Obama.Davis was introduced to Obama by Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who was a pal of Davis. Dunham saw the need for a father figure for his teenage grandson, whose biological father and stepfather were absent. Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • 'U.S. believes Chinese companies are helping Iran develop nukes'.Washington Post quotes top official as saying U.S. submitted 'significant list' of Chinese banks and firms violating UN sanctions against Iran.The United States government believes that several Chinese companies are violating United Nations sanctions and providing Iran with assistance in improving its missile technology and developing nuclear weapons, the Washington Post quoted a senior U.S. official as having said Sunday.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:BacktoBasics.Muslim terrorists targetting Western passenger aircraft.Islamic terrorists are seeking to smuggle SEMTEX, a plastic explosive containing the compounds RDX and PETN, onto Western airlines, according to Arabic language forum discussions posted yesterday. Based on the data recovered by Archangel, a deep cover operative who has successfully infiltrated such forums, Muslim terrorists are both providing and seeking methods of smuggling the plastic explosive onto commercial aircraft.Hmmm....i think it's high time to start checking thoroughly those working in the airports,cause this is the weakest link in Airport Security.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:ChristianAction.Taxpayer Money Goes to Muslim Enclave Builder.The Department of Education has awarded $500,000 to Kenny Gamble, a Muslim convert accused of trying to build an African-American Islamic enclave in Pennsylvania, reports Gamble, who now goes by the name of Luqman Abdul Haqq, is also connected to an organization that dresses up Muslim children in combat attire and gives them combat and firearms training."The effort by Gamble to make a “black Muslim enclave” in Philadelphia is done in conjunction with the anti-American, pro-jihad SIIASI and the Jawala Scout effort to give Muslim children paramilitary training. When those three components are put together, the picture of what they hope to ultimately bring to Philadelphia is not pretty,” wrote Ryan Mauro, the Christian Action Network’s National Security Advisor in an article for Pajamas Media.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Mortgage Damage Spreads.Big Bank Stocks Hit Again as Modern Finance Collides With the Legal System.The unfolding foreclosure-processing debacle is causing bank stocks to slide and putting millions of delinquent borrowers in limbo.But how disruptive the crisis ultimately becomes—for homeowners, the housing market and the broader economy—depends on how quickly a number of technical problems and legal challenges are resolved in the months ahead.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:Serbianna.Bosnian court frees Muslim terrorists.Bosnian federal court that is dominated by Muslims, has released 3 well known Bosnian Muslim terrorists who were planning to bomb the Catholic Cathedral in Sarajevo, a catholic monastery in Fojnica as well as NATO installations in Bosnia.Rustempasic was the member of the El Mujaheed, the foreign born Jihadist unit of the Bosnian Muslim army. This unit is known for one of the worst atrocities against Christians in Bosnia including Islamic ritual of beheadings.Meanwhile, the Bosnian Wahhabis have issued a warning to the Bosnian leader Zlatko Lugumdzija after he made statements to the London Times where he said that Jihadists may destroy Bosnia if the Serbian Prime Minister Dodik is not crushed.Lugumdzija blamed the Serbian Prime Minister Dodik for the rise of Jihadism in Bosnia and threatened to use force against the Serbian Prime MInister Dodik.Lugumdzija scapegoats Bosnian Muslim Jihadism on alleged Dodik’s “nationalism” and secessionism as the cause of radical Islam so that, Lugumdzija claims, if he does not crush Dodik then the Islamists will crush Bosnia.Anyway, Lugumdzija’s veiled threat against Jihadists has aggrieved them who are warning the the “people of good will who do not hate Islam and the Muslims” that Lugumdzija is a “liar” who plans to kill Bosnian Muslims.It's seems the countdown for a new "Bosnian War" has started already.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:NewsRealBlog.15 Shocking Quotes from Catholic Bishops About Muslim Aggression in the Middle East.At the Vatican’s Synod Hall, over 250 Catholic bishops are meeting for the Special Assembly for the Middle East for the Synod of Bishops. It is intended that out of this meeting will come guidance for bishops on dealing with issues specific to the Middle East, but what we hear most clearly are the voices of Catholic bishops crying out about Muslim aggression, mass emigration of Christians and the attempt by Muslims to bring full domination of the Holy Land and all of the Middle East by Islam. Here are fifteen troubling quotes from Catholic Bishops, including one from Europe, participating in the Middle East Synod.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Islamic students at top university 'are preaching hard-line extremism,' terror experts warn.Think tank finds evidence of moderate Muslims being radicalised and Jewish students intimidated.Radical Islamic extremism is being openly practised at a leading university campus, a report today claimed.Think tank Quilliam said they had evidence of hard-line Islamist ideology being promoted through the leadership of the university's student Islamic Society at City University in central London.The group had intimidated and harassed staff, students and members of minority groups, it was claimed.Islam a religion of peace.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:TheDailyBeast.Congo's Shocking Sexual Violence.In eastern Congo, more than 15,000 women were raped last year. Assaults included a four-day mass rape of more than 300 women by rebel groups.Even by the horrific standards of this conflict-ridden country, the number is staggering. According to U.N. officials, more than 15,000 people were raped in eastern Congo last year.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • Do you take this woman... and this woman: Pakistani man to marry TWICE in 24 hours.A 23-year-old Pakistani man plans to marry two women in 24 hours, gaining national attention for his novel solution to a dilemma over wedding the woman he loves or going ahead with the marriage his family arranged.Pakistani law allows polygamy based on the concept that Islam, the main religion in the country, allows up to four wives.But men who take multiple wives usually do so years apart and must get approval from their first wife prior to a second marriage.Azhar Haidri initially refused to marry 28-year-old Humaira Qasim - the woman to whom he has been engaged since childhood - because he wanted to marry the woman with whom he had fallen in love, 21-year-old Rumana Aslam.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IslaminEurope.Meet Hesham Aborea, the first Muslim Arab officer in the history of the IDF.Muslim Arab Officer Proudly Serving the IDF.Lt. Hesham Aborea enlisted in the IDF as a way to help his own Arab community. "The IDF is a strong, challenging, non-discriminatory army, and is a great supporter of human rights."Lt. Hesham Aborea is a Muslim Arab officer in the IDF. His journey began in 2006 when he joined the army and it has not stopped since. He is currently serving in the IDF as the Community Relations Officer to the Arab Sector, speaking to the Arab community in times of emergency. His path to this very important and challenging role was not handed to him on a silver platter, but he appreciates his significant work. "Every morning I think of ways to help the community".It was very important for me to reach my community through education".Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • European Jews “In Grave Danger”.Some Jewish communities in Europe are in “grave danger” after a recent wave of anti-Semitism, some of it officially sanctioned, said the European Jewish Congress (EJC).“If these small Jewish communities can’t receive protection or respite from mainstream officials then we are entering a very dark period for the Jews in Europe,” the European Jewish group’s president, Moshe Kantor, stressed.The EJC cited several recent anti-Semitic incidents in Antwerp, Belgium, and Malmo, Sweden.The European Jewish Congress noted that these events occurred soon after anti-Semitic comments made by German former Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin, European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht and Spanish MEP Emilio Menendez del Valle.“It demonstrates that anti-Semitism is at best actively promoted and at worst ignored by some officials in Europe,” Moshe Kantor said. “Due to this intolerable situation, small Jewish communities, like Malmo, are teetering on the brink of extinction.”The EJC called on European governments and the European Union to launch a campaign against intolerance and anti-Semitism, so to remind European citizens that the new Europe was established after the Second World War on the concept of “Never Again.”Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:DirectorBlue.Ron Klein (D-FL) Calls In Reinforcements Against Allen West: NBC Magically Shows Up, Runs Hit Piece.Writing at Michelle Malkin's site, Doug Powers points us to one of the more egregious examples of media bias you'll ever see -- which is truly saying something. Incumbent Florida Congressman Ron Klein must be in very deep trouble against Lt. Col. Allen West, bonafide war hero and Constitutional conservative.Now that Klein has run into a buzzsaw, NBC News 'coincidentally' showed up and tried to manufacture a hit piece on West from whole cloth.Ron Klein must be in one hell of a fight if NBC is riding to the rescue.Read and see the full story here.Click here for comments.

  • HT:IsraelMatzav.Why Canada lost a Security Council seat!On Friday, I reported that Portugal had upgraded its relations with the 'Palestinian Authority,' just a few days after defeating Canada for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. I implied that was likely a quid pro quo for Portugal's election. It's worse than that. Canada's candidacy was voted down because of its close relations with Israel, and the United States did nothing to intervene on behalf of two of its closest allies.I suppose no one should be too surprised at the Obama administration's inaction. In fact, having Portugal rather than Canada on the Security Council may actually help the Obama administration by ensuring that if it chooses not to exercise its veto in the Security Council, there won't be any country voting against Israel.Read the full story here.Click here for comments.

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