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Saturday, July 17, 2010

MFS - The Other News

                 Afternoon Posting.

HT:Infidel Bloggers.Video: WILLFUL BLINDNESS: FBI special agent says, ‘Barack Obama has so demoralized our intelligence community, they are virtually paralyzed.Even more unbelievable, in 2010, there no longer is mandatory counter-terrorism training at the FBI.

Turkish hackers steal personal details of tens of thousands of Israeli web surfers.In the wake the Gaza flotilla raid, hackers in Turkey have uncovered the e-mail addresses, passwords and personal details of tens of thousands of Israeli web users, an Israeli blogger has uncovered.

Hamas Moves to Enforce Water Pipe Ban in Gaza.In its latest attempt to try to impose a conservative Islamic way of life on Gaza, Hamas started this weekend to enforce a ban on smoking water pipes in public.Islam a religion of tolerance?


France vows to restore order after rioting in Grenoble,more on the robbery here.At least 50 cars were burnt and police were fired on."Everything that is European, we'll shoot" It will not be hard to correctly guess the ethnic and religious background of the rioters judging from this picture?

White House wanderers tour Acadia.Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog.A Dog gets his own Jet?Are you freaking kidding me?We all have to tighten our belt?Whatever !

Gurkha ordered back to UK after beheading dead Taliban fighter.He is understood to have removed the man’s head from the area, leaving the rest of his body on the battlefield.

Biden's 2008 campaign fined $219K for violations.Election watchdogs have fined Joe Biden's 2008 presidential campaign more than $219,000 for sloppy bookkeeping and accepting excessive contributions, including a discounted flight on a private jet.At least he didn't get donations from the Palestinians like Hussein?

Peres is a liar, he made me cry, says Turkey PM's wife.Emine Erdogan tells PA paper that she is not usually prone to responding on political matters, but 'Peres pushed me to my limits, as he constantly lies.'So far the Comedy Channel?

Abbas says Israel must accept foreign border force.Let me guess?UN troops under command  of a Turkish Diplomat called Huseyin Dirioz?When will Israel understand that Obama is implementing Gen Petraeus plan to put troops in Israel?

Victoria's Secret? Their store's had a bed bug invasion in New York (just like Abercrombie & Fitch).

Introducing The Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit.BS!

Appeasement of Iran: Obama leading the United States down a slippery slope."Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repeat It"

Another reason to bounce Turkey from NATO: Giving Syria advanced weaponry.The Syrian campaign is backed by Heron (Eitan) spy drones Israel sold Turkey, made accessible on the personal say-so of Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan.Turkey therefore becomes the first NATO member to make advanced Western military technology available for the use of a strong ally of radical Iran and an active sponsor of terrorists. Turkey the Islamic "Trojan Horse"!

Iroquois passport dispute raises sovereignty issue.The rights of Native nations to govern themselves independently has long been recognized by federal treaties, but the extent of that recognition beyond U.S borders is under challenge in a post-Sept. 11 world.

Lloyd Marcus' own words: 'it's the media stupid,' said by an unhyphenated black American patriot."As I stated, I know the caliber of the patriots who attend the tea parties. If anyone displayed a truly racist sign or made a racist comment, that person would be verbally attacked by the crowd.Again, I say charges that the movement is racist are absurd.

HT:Shalom Life.Killing for Dis"Honour"Rona Ambrose, Minister for Status of Women Canada, made a speech reiterating Canada’s condemnation of honour killings and called upon community-based organizations to do more to combat this worrying phenomenon.

Oprah and other notable Dems not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.Have you received your invitation yet to Chelsea Clinton's wedding in two weeks? You weren't invited, you say? Don't feel bad. Neither was Oprah Winfrey or Ted Turner.That's life first they use you then they dump you when no longer usefull.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a Question of Eugenics.Does Ginsburg see eugenic culling as a compelling state interest?“There was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Obama's war on jobs.Although Obama "almost certainly" means well, the effects of his policies are what count. Overall the effect is similar to what would happen if President Obama had declared war on the national economy.

Abbas clarifies terms for direct Mideast talks.More below in the "Morning Posting"

Iran Guards warn U.S. of "fallout" over bomb attack.The United States will face "fallout" from a deadly rebel bomb attack in southeast Iran, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander was quoted as saying on Saturday by a semi-official Iranian news agency.

Obama vacation brings rest, relaxation and rebuke.The Republican National Convention launched a website blasting what it considers Obama's "leisure activities or missteps" during the oil disaster, like playing golf, attending concerts and vacationing in Asheville, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; and now Maine.

Obama BP spill Timeline !

Theories on Ancient Wooden Ship Found at Ground Zero.This is not the first time a wooden cargo vessel has been discovered in New York -- an 18th-century cargo ship was uncovered beneath 175 Water Street in 1982 -- but archaeologists are marveling over the longevity of the ship's timbers, preserved in a "cocoon of ooze" beneath the World Trade Center.

LA judge strips Mel Gibson of his lethal weapons.A Los Angeles judge has ordered Mel Gibson to hand over his lethal weapons -- on the same day a photo was released of what Gibson's gal pal claims is her with busted front teeth courtesy of Gibson.

Wesley Snipes loses his appeal against three-year jail term for dodging $15m in taxes.

Prisoners 'poisoned' by bad egg mayo sandwiches set for £500,000 compensation windfall.More than 300 prisoners at Britain's biggest jail - which holds 1,665 - went down with food poisoning in September last year.

Glenn Beck Sits Down With Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece: Let’s Set The Record Straight On The Civil Rights Movement.

Video:Huge fire after China oil explosion.A massive fire caused by an explosion at oil pipelines at a busy port in northern China has finally been extinguished after burning for 15 hours.

Dutch teenage sailor gets green light from mother.The mother of a 14-year-old Dutch girl who wants to sail solo around the world has given up her opposition to her daughter's planned trip.Idiots come in all shapes and ages!

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  1. Hi, Will.

    I'm finally getting here to your site and having enough time to leave a brief comment.

    Anyway, of all this post's links leaving me dropping my jaw, the story about BHO's dog getting his own private flight for the family's vacation made me drop my jaw the farthest. Sheesh.


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