Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futouh: The Jews Use Human Blood in Passover and in Wedding Ceremonies

Salem Abu Al-Futouh: Brothers and sisters, in 1114, in England, an extremely grave thing was discovered: The Jews would abduct children, slaughter them, collect the blood in a vessel, and consume it at Passover.

The Jews have two holidays: Passover and another one. What is the Passover, you ask? This holiday is a kind of… The Jews celebrate this holiday by eating sandwiches… Rather, they eat matzos. What are these matzos made of, you may ask? Concentrate now. They are made of flour and, instead of water, of blood. A fundamental condition is that the blood be of non-Jews, and especially of Muslims and Arabs.
In 1114, they found that a Jew had abducted a little child, had slaughtered him on Passover day, had taken his blood, had used it to make a sandwich, and had given it to the rabbi to feed the Jews.

The Jews are known to have two holidays. The first is Purim, celebrated in March, in which there must be blood. The second holiday is the Passover. That’s why they take Palestinian children and never return them. They say that the child died in prison, but in fact, they suck his blood. Source.