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Friday, May 28, 2010

MFS - The Other News

Serial killer suspect: I’m a Demon.Don't they get slayed?

UAE: Muslim Woman Faces Lashes, Life in Prison for Consensual Sex.After claiming that she was raped by 6 men.

Doctors Shift Stance on Female Circumcision.Dr. Judith S. Palfrey, president of the academy, said: We’re saying don’t do it. Do everything that you can to support that family in this tough time, but don’t be pulled into the procedure.

Oil Flow Is Stemmed, but Could Resume, Official Says.

Video : Louisiana Fishermen: How Are We Going to Live?Finally someone takes time for the people!

BP Resumes Effort to Plug Oil Leak After Suspension.The suspension of the effort was not announced, and appeared to again contradict statements by company and government officials that suggested the top kill procedure was progressing Friday.

Video : Matt Simmons another leak much bigger 5 to 6 miles away.

Obama pledges to triple oil response manpower in Gulf. How many men do you need to restore the fauna and flora?

Barack Hussein Obama tries to expel Son of Hamas.Mosab Hassan Yousef called Allah a «terror god». Now the follower of Jesus is under threat of being expelled from the United States.

Former child actor Gary Coleman dies at 42.A great little guy has gone!

Diplomats haggle in last hours of nuclear talks.Iran also called for changes in the proposed final document, particularly for speedier disarmament by the nuclear powers.Am i reading this right???

North Korea: We're Heading To The Brink Of War.

Tensions rise over Gaza aid fleet.Gal said that the flotilla was an absolute provocation and a cheap political stunt, as there was no shortage of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Gaza flotilla stops for the night.Technical fault prompts organizers to halt effort temporarily?

NPT declaration to name Israel.The document also calls for the United Nations secretary-general to call a meeting of Middle East states in 2012, aimed at creating a region free of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

Here comes impeachment.So, if you want to impeach Barack Obama, I'd very much recommend voting GOP this fall

Iran and Russia clash in worst row for years.Change you can hear?More Russia lashes out at Iran.

Right-Wing Radio Host On NY Mosque: I Hope Somebody Blows It Up.

Ofcom unveils anti-piracy policy.Names and the number of times individuals infringe will be logged.
Music firms and movie studios can request details from the list so that they can decide whether to start their own action against serial infringers.

Bloggers beware they're coming after you.There's nothing more awful then the naked truth?

Rush Limbaugh: I know I'll be destroyed eventually.Radio giant fears not only for his life, but also his wealth, accomplishments.

Is Obama trying to revive the bill who was turned down in 2007 ,to fight "Homegrown terrorisme"?

Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day.On what planet does he live?

China will not protect Korea ship attackers.

Cops cuff coke-smuggling lingerie model.Her lawyer, Guillermo Tiscornia, said while his client was on the run that she'd decided not to hand herself in because she was afraid of being raped or mistreated in prison.

That'll cost you an arm and a leg: Gunther Dr Death von Hagens opens his shop of body parts.More about Bodyworlds here.

Israel and Canada new best friends?

Folly Central: Obama Considers Another Stimulus.Despite warnings from the IMF that the gross public debt of the US will reach 97pc of GDP next year and 110pc by 2015.

Ash in aircraft engines: How much is too much?

Iranian author Roxana Shirazi's The Last Living Slut chronicles her hot sexcapades with rock stars.
I think I would get killed if I went back to Tehran, says the thirtysomething Londoner, who holds a master of fine arts degree and lectures on gender and identity.

Keep out! Sarah Palin builds 14ft fence to stop journalist peering in ... after he rents out house next door.

Ring of fire in the sky: Storm clouds form an astonishing circle at sunset in Hungary.I'm just in awe.

Live footage from Free Gaza ship.And they call Southpark "offensive"?

Cyprus bans Free Gaza boats.Israel hails ethical decision to prohibit Gaza-bound activists from gathering at Cyprus shore.
And Top level Islamic extremists linked to Gaza flotilla.
Update : IDF Foils Gaza Terror Infiltration Attempt.

DARPA’s New Sniper Rifle Offers a Perfect Shot Across 12 Football Fields.Do snipers shoot football players?

New Lanark ghost captured on CCTV.

Pictures: Nine Fish With Hands Found to Be New Species.New -Pink and rare?

Personal items of Smolensk victims to be destroyed?

Kitten survives washing machine cycle.Nine lives or nine cycles?

Marine’s cheeky Sarah Palin tattoo the butt of jokes.She is the hottest cougar in the Republican Party.

Health Canada is watching your garage sale.

Tainted Meat Exposes US Consumers to HIV-like Virus.

Researcher warns of browser tabnapping.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

MFS - The Other News

Gibbs Privately Scolded Press for Asking Too Many BP Questions.Strange i tought the Press was supposed to as questions?

Emanuel, son pray at W. Wall.Ben-Gvir shouted that Emanuel was a hater of Israel police took him into custody.

NATO force would stop Palestinian attacks on Israel.What part of being used doesn't NATO understand???

North Korea warns it will meet war with all-out war.

Seven questions for President Obama.Why the hell stop at seven?

EPA Releases Data From BP's Testing Of Subsurface Dispersant Use Showing Significant Toxicity.

Hebrew University sues GM over topless Einstein ad.The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. Albert Einstein

Watch the extended top kill procedure Live! Video link from the ROV monitoring the damaged riser.High quality picture!

Commercial vessels removed from Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up after crew members fall ill.Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, who is overseeing the operation, said: The absence of any news is good news???

100,000 teachers nationwide face layoffs.Change you can learn from?

Volcano's big brother issues ominous warning!Icelandic President Ólafur Grímsson has warned governments around Europe that a significant eruption at the volcano is close.Here's the link to the webcam of Katla.

N. Korea to scrap anti-clash pact with South.Immediate physical strikes will be made if ship strays into North's waters.

Video :Asian bear filmed doing Kung Fu moves with stick.Walk softly little grasshopper?

Russia prepares to drill for oil off Cuban coast in spite of Obama ban.Change you can see?

High Seas Drama Looms Off Gaza As Turkish-Backed Flotilla Prepares To Run An Israeli Embargo.More here. Is this Turkey's(Iran-Palestine) plan to drag the UN in a war against Israel?

Congressman: White House Job Offer to Sestak May Be an Impeachable Offense.

US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus.

Officials say Israel will stop flotilla for Gaza.Statement is the first definitive Israeli pledge to stop the boats.

Horde of frogs keeps Greek highway traffic slow.Mmmm delicious frog legs!

We have better operational coherence with virtually all of our NATO allies than we have with the United States Marine Corps.

Obama tours solar panel plant in CA to tout jobs but the Presidential Visit Means No Pay for Some Solyndra Workers!Nothing beats the good old USSR?

Iran Protesters Twitter Revolution On Display In Paris.

British citizenship tests: One in three immigrants fail.

Gita Sahgal Amnesty: working against oblivion?As Amnesty trundles towards its 50th anniversary, I will be working with others to ensure that whether Amnesty is covering up or cleaning up, whether the review provides any answers, the hidden history of human rights will be put on record.

At Harvard, Kagan Aimed Sights Higher.

Monty Python comes to Gaza.
Brian: Excuse me. Are you the Judean People's Front?
Reg: F*** off! We're the People's Front of Judea.

EXCLUSIVE: Terror Attacks Against U.S. At All-Time High.Change you can see?

Poland Literally Becomes USA's Patriot to Russia's Distress.

Sorry, Mr. President: Socialism's not in the Bible.

Plans delayed to sell Imelda Marcos jewelry.In her case diamonds were not forever?

Hezbollah threatens to strike Israeli ships in case of war.

Two more Census workers blow the whistle.We just created 2.000 new jobs ,we fired 2.000 and rehired them?

Full-body scanners worry American health experts.

Obama's idea of reform is essentially to erase the borders altogether.

FBI Witness Murdered Who Had Access To Obama/Soetoro Passport Records!

Mysterious fossil is first ancestor of the squid.

Johnson & Johnson vows to fix plant problems as scrutiny grows following Tylenol recall.

Firms tackle virus-laden Web sites, ads.

Study: Pac-Man on Google wasted 4.8 million hours.

Awww…Look At The Hope And Change, You Guys!look what pups up all over the country in Spring.

Obama’s new national security strategy emphasizes global cooperation, in contrast to Bush.Or you could roll over and play dead?

Giant airship to carry science back to 1930s.

Oz woman tackles 3m carpet python to save her pet dog.

Biofuels learn to eat less.Leaner and meaner?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MFS - The Other News

   Experts say that Iraq may have nuclear weapons. That's bad news -                                  they may have a nuclear bomb.
Now the good news is that they have to drop it with a camel.David Letterman.

IS THERE any way to stop a ballistic missile? It's a question raised by a report criticising the US government's missile interceptor plan for Europe.

Watch the extended top kill procedure Live!  Video link from the ROV monitoring the damaged riser.High quality picture!

New desperate attempt to plug Gulf of Mexico oil leak: BP to use robots in risky 'top kill' op... and film it all live on internet.We'll kill that well, says heir to Red Adair called in to plug leak.Everything is dying, one woman said. How can you honestly tell us that our Gulf is resilient and will bounce back.

Following a meeting with the President yesterday, Senate Republicans snidely dumped on Obama to the press.He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans, said Sen. Pat Roberts (KS). He’s pretty thin-skinned.

Iranian groupie risks life for book on bedding famous rockers.

Video - BP's CEO Tony Hayward Takes a Walk on Oil Covered Beach.Barks orders to media.

Oil cleanup workers report illness.Some fishermen hired by BP to mop up the gulf spill report nausea and breathing troubles after contact with oil and dispersant. A congressman calls for mobile health clinics to treat them.We reported already a similar story on May 20th!

In Louisiana, wildlife shows effects of gulf oil spill.

Pakistan eunuch wedding is stopped by police.No mention who was performing the ceremony?

Experts Propose Plugging Oil Leak with BP Executives.Trying can't hurt no?

U.S. declares fisheries disaster in oily Gulf.Fishing is a $2.4 billion industry in the Gulf states.Just imagine if this is gone for the next 25 years?Louisiana's industry alone accounts for up to 40 percent of the U.S. seafood supply and more than 27,000 jobs.

The White House And The Oil Spill.Jindal is still waiting for the federal government to provide millions of feet in boom and to approve an emergency permit for a state plan to dredge and build new barrier islands to keep the oil from reaching the marshes and wetlands.

Gulf spill: BP reveals oil spill probe details.

Russia sends its mightiest warships for drills in Far East.

Navy plebes have smooth climb up lard-free Herndon Monument.Change that you can feel?

Grant death for blasphemy: Islamists to UN.How about grant death for all Islamic terrorists?

Rahm Emanuel invites Netanyahu to discuss shared security interests with Obama.We all remember the first visit.

Blog news coverage differs from mainstream press.Bloggers tended to focus on stories that had an emotional or ideological impact, such as individual or group rights. These were often stories that could be personalized by other people and then shared on social-media sites. PEJ also found that although stories in the blogosphere were sometimes partisan, both liberal and conservative points of view seemed to make their voices heard equally.

Sunken treasure - divers recover the stunning artefacts of Cleopatra's palace.

As Ugly as It Gets.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, joining his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and the Turkish prime minister.

First human infected with computer virus.It's alive?

Too unfit to run: Two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes a day puffs away on a toy truck-Video.Just sick!!Those parents should not have kids!

A BABY was burnt over 40 per cent of his tiny body while his mother sunbathed beside him.Two women community support officers turned up quickly and took one look at the baby and led the mother and her kiddy away.

Chained to a lamp post, the terrified Chinese boy whose poverty-stricken father tried to sell him on the street.

U.S. Heads a Cast of Villains in Pakistan’s Conspiracy Talk.The Supreme Court Bar Association here in Pakistan’s capital is that the culprit was an American think tank.

Odds 1-in-3 for Northwest Mega-Quake Within 50 Years.Please lord not while he is in charge?Don't you see how he deals with the oil spill?

Sex And The City 2 Blasted As Anti-Muslim.Nobody prevent you of switching channels?

Hunt for woman who married 11 U.S. servicemen... then stole all their money and went on the run.And that's not all - she is also believed to have had nine children by her various husbands since beginning her scam in 1993

Moderate drinking may protect against Alzheimer.Precious where's the corkscrew?

Terrifying moment a baby in his pushchair was hit by a train... and SURVIVED.

President Obama clashes with McCain in Republican luncheon.Rumors have it he's has clashes lately with his mirror image.

Bodies in the streets as 60 die protecting Robin Hood Jamaican druglord wanted by the U.S.By yesterday, about 10 per cent of the capital was cordoned off by security forces.The violence has not touched the tourist areas along the Caribbean island's north shore, located more than 100 miles from Kingston, or the nearby Montego Bay airport.

Man acquitted in death of policeman.Who died 41 years after the defendant shot him?

The Eroticism of Being Fat.In pre-revolution Russia a skinny merchant was a rare sight. People have a stigma that fat people eat well, therefore, they live well. Excessively skinny women are not that popular either. There are Russian sayings like men are not dogs, they don’t like bones and a woman should have something a man could grab on.

Russian Defense Industry To Unveil Striking Novelties.

Satanic cult teens sacrificed victims then ate them.They then killed them in a sacrificial ceremony, stabbing them 666 times each in homage to the so-called Number of the Beast.

Hopi Prophecy : This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.

Private pay shrinks to historic lows.Change you can see?

Little-Noticed is the New Unexpected.Like : A little-noticed provision of the health legislation has rescued federal support for a controversial form of sex education: teaching youths to remain virgins until marriage.

Pushy fliers may show up on TSA's radar.The ACLU's German said he worries that the incidents in the database are broad. "I've been very angry at an airport because flying can be a very frustrating experience.

Nouriel Roubini said the bubble would burst and it did. So what next?The crisis is not over; we are just at the next stage. This is where we move from a private to a public debt problem.

Crash sets 17 million bees loose on highway.What's all the buzz about?

Iceland volcano pauses.Looks can deceive -Live Cam.

Iran's Ahmadinejad Economic Policies Condemned By Parliament Chief.We want people to live with dignity,” Larijani added; “not to merely survive on handouts.

Grim and Bear It: Obama Ravaged in Arctic Art.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Study: Many Sunscreens May Be Accelerating Cancer.Ok ... where do we go now?

The Ministry of Truth.A mass experiment in altering political memories.Or an experiment who's in full motion?

Amityville Horror house goes on sale for £800,000 (but could you spend the night there?)

Anti-ageing supplements can retard old age.

Turkey's Gandhi to lead main center-left opposition party.He is an Alevi - which means he is a member of a progressive Islamic sect which is often discriminated against by orthodox Muslims in Turkey. He also comes from a predominantly Kurdish region of the country.

Rare American alligator snapping turtle caught in Chinese lake.Somebody may have dumped their pet into the lake, which could greatly endanger the local ecology.

Ugly Bertie, the ugliest cat in Britain, looking for a home.I saw recently a home with rodents, he might scare them away?

Japan PM points to North Korea to explain US base plan.

Growing Vegetables Upside Down.

Banned: doctor who linked MMR vaccine with autism.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MFS - The Other News

Two dead after small plane crashes into Toronto-area building(With video).

Wetlands cleanup may be impossible.Removing oil could leave toxic stew lethal to wildlife, fish.

Live video link from the ROV monitoring the damaged riser.High quality picture!

BP set to smother oil leak with mud.But the top kill procedure could also make the leak worse!

Unmanned robot to troll Gulf oil spill for data.The Seaglider can go up to 1,000 meters below the surface and operate for up to 10 months.Researchers plan to use the device to find and monitor the clouds of dispersed oil droplets deep underwater.Now this does not qualify as good news to me! 

Cap on oil spill damages under fire.Representatives from the Obama administration said they support eliminating the cap on liabilities for large operations, but do not feel it's needed retroactively.

N Korea severs all ties with Seoul.

Hat tip Israel Matzav. Israeli Retaliation Must Include Major Muslim Sites.

Fate of Gaza flotilla remains vague.

AP: Obama to Skip Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington on Monday.More urgent things to do?

White House takes heat over spill response.There’s been a failure of leadership on all levels. Who in the hell is in charge?

Experts Puzzled at Red Gulf Oil Slick.We believe that the reddish brown color is indicative of the formation of a water-in-oil emulsion, called a mousse.

Oil reaches Louisiana shores,39 shocking photo's.These pictures say thousands of words maybe the pres will hear them?

Oil rig inspectors took company gifts, watchdog finds.This deeply disturbing report is further evidence of the cozy relationship between some elements of MMS and the oil and gas industry.

Gulf coast oil slick headed for Grand Isle, Louisiana.Government officials have now opened wide the Mississippi River outlets -- what they call the diversions Just before Summer draining all the melt water ?Doesn't sound to smart to me.Obama biggest recipient of BP cash.

Mexican lawmakers to consult Arizona locals on immigration law.A group of Mexican lawmakers visiting Arizona will hold a meeting to hear locals’ views on a controversial immigration law the state passed last month,Good thing the Canadian papers know ,i wonder if the locals in question know about it?

Obama Finance Bill Will Allow Seizure of Companies.It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own.Herbert Hoover.

Iran restates sovereignty over islands the three islands of the Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa.The issue of the three islands re-emerged after foreign ministers of the six-member [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) released a communiqué following a meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

The Emanuels Feast in Eilat – Israel Foots Bill.After the (unkosher) meal, which included cheviche (citrus marinaded seafood), calamari (fried squid), various fish, salads and hamburgers, the bill was handed over to a Ministry of Tourism representative who accompanied the Emanuels.Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.–Albert Einstein.
Update : Tourism Ministry denies feeding Emanuel shellfish.Far right activist Baruch Marzel, who works for Ben-Ari, is determined to get to the bar mitzva and heckle Emanuel because he believes he is a traitor to the Jewish people. He said he believes the bar mitzva will be at a Jerusalem hotel on Thursday or Saturday.

Kenya : Is the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama funding the government-backed "yes" campaign for a constitutional referendum in the East African country?Kenya's churches say the draft law opens the door to the legalisation of abortion and also back the provision of special Islamic courts.
We do not understand if all Americans agree with Obama that he can use American money to fund a yes campaign in Kenya, said the Rev. Peter Karanja, the general secretary of the National Council of Churches of Kenya, on 30 April in Nairobi.

What Would Happen if the Supreme Court Struck Down Health Care Reform?

Twenty-seven people have died and 31 wounded in the assault on a suspected drug lord's compound in the Jamaican capital of Kingston.

The SUN : We give you the chance to vote for the best boobs in Britain!

Mobile phone number 0888 888 888 suspended after every user assigned to it DIES.The Grim Reaper calling.

How long can a people remain a People when its leaders side with its foes?To this president and his government, I am the problem. Americans who champion life, liberty, and limited government are not just the loyal opposition; they are deemed potential terrorists.

U.S., South Korea plan military exercises.

EU hints bribing PA into Israeli peace.So the U.S. pro -Palestine and Europe pro -Israel?

Wal-Mart cuts price of higher-end iPhone in half, another sign a new model is on the way.

They're ready to die for him: Eleven killed in Jamaican slum standoff as police storm den of druglord wanted by U.S.

West Java: Islamic authorities shut down church,The faithful protest and take their faith to the streets. Rights groups issue official protest.

A DRAMATIC sighting of missing Madeleine McCann the day after she vanished is being urgently followed up by private investigators.
A man has reported seeing a girl in pyjama's the day after she dissapeared.He is now sure was Maddie lying in the back of a van.

Google Launches Encrypted Search.

Erotic magazine for women hits German newsstands.On Thursday 150,000 copies of the first edition – featuring a cover of a woman in a cat mask – went on sale.

Most browsers silently expose intimate viewing habits.What the Internet knows about you!

Iran police crackdown targets posh cars.Probably tired of driving their motorbikes.

Meet Amazing Grace, the cat that had a nail driven through its head by a thug- and survived.

Kakadu being poisoned by Rio Tinto mine, group warns.Scientists confirmed last year that the mine's tailings dam was leaking 100,000 litres of radioactive water into the earth and rock fissures below Kakadu every day.

THE head of the Army's bomb disposal squad has quit amid fears that cuts left his men over-stretched in Afghanistan.

Secret behind Easter Island’s fallen idols uncovered.

Dying man left on pavement for two hours as shoppers walk around him.Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.Dalai Lama.

Banning the Burqa to Protect Women.What is really behind all this madness? The answer is fairly simple, and it's the same answer to much of the problems in the Muslim world. Tribalism. People are not individuals, they are the means of perpetuating the family. Controlling the reproduction of the family requires tightly controlling its women, as this is culturally linked to the purity of the family.

Further discoveries about Lewis and Clark.

Video: Russian athletes bend iron bars and twist pans into pipes.

Bigfoot: Alive and Living in Greater Minnesota?If you see one please have him call us?

Study Points to Health Law’s Penalties.

Family strife blamed for high suicide rate among Turkish women.

British Library to digitise old newspapers and put them online.

Pentagon’s Cyber Command Prepares War Against the American People.It is not merely anti-war and patriot activists and organizations the government is targeting. Bloggers and journalists who are not part of the Mockingbird corporate media have also fallen into the sights of the government.
Update : U.S. CyberCom launches with first commander

Living in denial: The truth is our only weapon.How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930).

Carla Bruni left shocked and dismayed after reappearance of video showing her discussing sex in four languages.Ah those French and L'Amour?

Ports failing to halt illegal fishing.

Could domestication save the bluefin from extinction?

Strange and unusual pictures.

Stars launch gambit to oust chess chief visited by aliens.

Russia may purchase domestic drones if Defense requirements satisfied.A.k.a. when we copied Israeli technology?

Lab's move begins to lift mystery around NY island.As fictional FBI Agent Clarice Starling told Silence of the Lambs villain Hannibal Lecter: There's a very, very nice beach.

World's Heaviest Mother Starves Herself for Her Child.

Swimming elephant takes man for a dip.The photograph, taken by Italy-based Cesare Naldi, won first prize in the National Geographic International Photography contest last December.

Cyber Sites Gather and  Pool Personal Information.Anything that gets on a computer … make sure it's accurate and make sure you're happy to see it on the cover of the Denver Post tomorrow.

Nicolaus Copernicus reburied as universal hero.

Senator Roberts: Berwick Nomination will Lead to Further Government Rationing.Health care or death panels?

Obama's Nominee to Run Medicare: The Decision is Not Whether or Not We Will Ration Care--The Decision is Whether We Will Ration Care With Our Eyes Open.

Monday, May 24, 2010

MFS- The Other News

Senators: Administration keeps Congress in dark on intel.Transparancy?

Two Americans held in Iran get engaged behind bars,more here.Bauer, 27, proposed to Shourd, 31, using an improvised ring he wove together with threads from his shirt, the mothers said in a joint statement.Meanwhile the President plays golf?

Hecklers interrupt Iran's President Ahmadinejad speech.The speech was interrupted by a group shouting We are unemployed!

Oil spill brings death in the ocean from top to bottom.

Extreme Prejudice: How The Media Is Getting Worse…If That’s Even Possible.Basically everything good in the world comes from Democrats and especially his royal highness President Barack Obama. Everything bad in the world comes from anyone who disagrees with him.

Jordanian murdered his daughter in abortion bid.the 46-year-old man said after he discovered that his daughter was pregnant with his child, he took a carpet-cutter and cut her open with it. I have been a pathologist for 30 years and this is the first time I have come across such a horrific story.

U.S. and S. Korea to do anti-sub exercises.Canada imposes sanctions on North Korea.

Outrage at growing trade in Holocaust artefacts taken from concentration camp victims.Somehow in the present hate climate i'm not surprised!Dr David Silberklang, of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Centre in Israel, said: 'It's an indignity to the people who were killed and to the event.

Saudi King slams intelligence leak.The condemnation by the Saudi monarch comes as the Iraqi news agency disclosed the amount of money transferred by Saudi government officials to al-Qaeda in Iraq.Bow a little deeperSaudi officials are also reported to send explosives and weapons to the terrorist groups.

Texas cops mistake actual weed for marijuana, spend hours doing yard work.Officers did not explain how their big drug haul will be disposed of, now that they’ve spent untold hours and plenty of taxpayer money clearing weeds of the the city park.

Oil Spill: BP’s Crimes And Obama’s Lack Of Leadership.

Taliban win £1,600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed.That's probably why our soldiers have to patrol unarmed?

Tea Party Coalition opens convention: Attendees say that Gatlinburg event's an opportunity to learn.Cheryl Mills, who is active in several Tea Party groups in the Tri-Cities area, said she got involved in the movement because of her children.I don't want them to say, Hey, where were you when this was going on?

Obama Is From Mars, Wall Street Is From Venus.One night not long ago, over dinner with ten executives in the finance industry, I heard the president described as hostile to business,anti-wealth,” and anti-capitalism; as a redistributionist, a vilifier,and a thug.

As spill grows, oil soaks delicate marshes, birds.Meanwhile La. won't wait for federal OK to erect sand berms.The President is taking a closer look at the problem.

Jackboot to the throat--FDA claims citizens have no right of access to certain foods.

Obama versus the corporations.So here’s how it is: They’re as mad as hell, and they’re not going to take this anymore.

Toxic glue used in supermarket food packaging poses severe risk to health.

US Pavilion at Expo 2010 is a National Humiliation.Hillary Clinton appears on screen on says the pavilion will highlight core American values and then doesn’t mention democracy or anything resembling democracy.

The billionaire Facebook founder making a fortune from your secrets (though you probably don't know he's doing it).

Dzidziguri accuses the Ministry of Defence of Georgia in the sale of Ukrainian missiles to Iran.

Iran to boost cyber war deterrence.

From paradise to hell: Jamaica declares emergency as masked men barricade Kingston to defend drug lord wanted by U.S.
Updated - Jamaica: Gun battles intensifying, spreading,more here.

Kenya court rules Islamic courts are illegal.

The tragicomedy of Iran sanctions.The same report also shows that Iran's exports grew from $8.5bn in 1987 to $70bn in 2006, representing an 824 per cent increase.
Iran's exports have continued to grow since. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), they are expected to reach $82bn this year.

Video : UN Gaza summer camp attacked.

Muslims Strike Back: Everybody draw Holocaust day.Well since we are talking facts how about these?

PM Israel: Nations must prevent Iran nukes.Greatest danger to humanity posed by nuclear-armed radical Islam.

What's this, the Garden of Eden? Naked woman in full bloom at Chelsea Flower Show.I think the Royal Horticultural Society hate us because this is who we are, but they also love us because this is who we are, he said. We bring a little splash of colour.

Iceland's ash cloud volcano dormant... but scientists warn it's too early to say it's all over.

Human remains found at 3 Ontario sites.The body was encased in concrete and stuffed into a steel barrel.

Ontario bans Dan Aykroyd’s skull-shaped vodka.In the end, the LCBO ban could have an ironic consequence.Aykroyd : I like it, it kind of makes the product more appealing in my view.

Afghanistan withdrawal deadline helps no-one.Maybe someone should tell Obama?

Wedding dress revenge: divorced man finds 101 uses for wife's's his website.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MFS - The Other News

               Mercedes : 8 Airbags! Picture by Ekozlov

Does John Travolta believe his baby is the reincarnation of his dead son?

Another Oil Rig in Problems!North Sea oil rig by Statoil Shuts Gullfaks C Output as Well Destabilizes.This is an unwanted and serious situation, but there haven’t been any reports indicating it might develop into a blowout situation.
More about the oil rig in peril located  in the North Sea in front of the Norwegian coast.

Saudi women open fire and punch virtue police.Now that's change you can see and feel.

Saudi emo girls busted by religious cops: report.While Saudi women normally must appear in public shrouded by all-black abayas and headscarves, some daringly open their abayas in places such as malls and coffee shops to reveal more trendy outfits underneath.

Islandic volcano cooling cam.

Fighting a War without Bullets? Messieurs : les Talibans. Tirez les premiers !

White House in Denial; Public Wants Real Action on BP Oil Disaster NOW!

Gunmen torch UN camp for Gaza children.Gaza's Hamas-run police force was investigating the incident, and interior ministry spokesman Ihab al-Ghussein said the action is strongly condemned and those behind it will be held accountable..

US warns it may push BP aside on Gulf oil clean-up.

Iran seeks prisoner swap involving three US hikers.Hikers- prisoners- guilty untill proven guilty,what kind of justice is that?

57 ancient tombs with mummies unearthed in Egypt.Council chief Zahi Hawass said the mummies were covered in linen decorated with religious texts from the Book of the Dead and scenes featuring ancient Egyptian deities.

Louisiana coast's battle against drifting oil expected to last months, if not years,more here.But that could take month or years. We could be seeing these things rise and wash up on the coast for years to come.

As the oil arrives on the Louisiana shores, Obama goes golfing.After the presidency he can take up a career in golf?My guess is that a few fishermen would like to say what they think about his handicap?Nero played the fiddle.

South Korea to outline response to Cheonan sinking.

Daniel Pearl’s Father Speaks Out.At the signing ceremony for the Freedom of Press Act, Obama — who studiously avoided any mention of jihadists or any term that might give onlookers a clue as to who killed Daniel Pearl and why.

Allen West in Florida on Illegal Immigration.

Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran.

Republicans Win Seat in Democratic Stronghold.Change you can see?

Oil Washing Into Louisiana Wetlands.Frustration mounts as BP says their next attempt to stop the leak in the Gulf of Mexico won't happen until Tuesday.

Police investigate pensioner's orphanage mass grave claim.There were no prayers, no rituals, nothing like that. They were just dumped in the ground, bless them.

Video: UFO Spiral over Western Canada has viewers baffled.Amazing footage!

Angry with Obama his policy?Why don't you trow him around?

James Carville Takes On Obama On Oil Spill: He's Risking Everything With 'Go Along With BP Strategy.The question is why is B.P. in charge?

Songs of hope from the black Pavarotti.

Beijing Zoo lets visitors admire, eat wildlife.Hey why stop at dogs and cats?

Suspicious wives best at spying on their spouses by checking texts and emails.On the other hand there those who are good at golf.

Obama’s Middle Name Ignites Textbook Battle.Why?

Over 3,000 endangered saiga antelopes dead in west Kazakhstan.More about this amazing animal here.

Cases of sexual assault by relatives surfacing in Gaza.

Jamaica police in druglord plea.Jamaican police have urged residents in parts of the capital Kingston to take down barricades set up to stop them from searching for an alleged druglord,more : Jamaica police urge suspected drug lord to give up.

Stealth IRS changes mean millions of new tax forms.Another example of change you can see.

Paygo rules notwithstanding, Democrats aren't paying for any of their new entitlement spending.More change you can see?

MOVIE star Sandra Bullock shows off her four-month-old adopted son Louis.

Shares rally into weekend, euro up on greenback.

Video : Chicken, Anyone?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

MFS - The Other News

We The People!

New Ice Age to begin in 2014.Ok precious start knitting!

Vlaams Belang in Belgium symbolically throwing the burqa in the trash.They were dressed in black T-shirts bearing the words Islam can be harmful to your freedom.

Well, this is rather gruesome,bull gores Matador.More here.

Elin Nordegren wants $750M from Tiger Woods, won't agree to confidentiality clause in divorce talk.Boy does he have a bad conscience?

Barack Obama unveils new security strategy of diplomacy.Just bend and take it? 
We will promote these values above all by living them -- through our fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution, even when it's hard; and through our commitment to forever pursue a more perfect union,he said.Even when it's hard?Hard to follow the Constitution?

Tearful James says threw away Sandra Bullock marriage.I'm probably the most hated man in the world.Mmmmh  maybe take up golf with Tiger?

BP is sticking with its dispersant choice.Is it cheaper to compensate victims?
We need independent scientists to step in where BP has stepped away from telling the truth, Markey said. When will BP allow our best and brightest minds to work with them to stop this disaster?
BP's been lying to us," said Markey, beginning with the size of the spill, which they have estimated at some 5,000 barrels a day but which Markey said independent scientists indicate must be at least 50,000 to 60,000 barrels a day.

More Up-Close Images of Eyjafjallajokull Volcano and Its Effect on Life in Iceland.

Obama tries to stem rising anger over damage caused by oil spill with commission appointments.

WWII vet ordered to take down his American flag.

The Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Mystery sale of convent riles residents of Midland Beach.The Muslim American Society’s Web site,, includes no information about its board of directors, or the names, titles and contact information for staff members.

Pressure for female genital cutting lingers in the U.S.Change you can see?

Taliban blow up U.S. spies in Pakistan.The voices made me do it?

Medics Save Man with Elephant's Nose.

Congressman Tom McClintock Tells Mexico To Butt Out!

1794 US silver dollar changes hands; its 2010 price tag is a record $7.85 million.

Up close on Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

THE BLACK CHURCH'S COMMITMENT TO OBAMA.Obama told the world America is not a Christian nation.

Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake along Mexican border.No standing ovation from congress?

Kevin Costner may hold key to oil spill cleanup.Nothing new these are know as bilge oil separators (Purifiers)on board of ships!

Melda: My life between miniskirt and mosque!So if Islam demands: No sex before marriage!, then I say to myself: Okay, then there’s also no homework before the final school exams!

US hikers are spies: Iran intelligence minister.Yes they were probably spying on the grashoppers in the fields?

A Nigerian Witch-Hunter Defends Herself.How can any intelligent person listen to this madness?

U.N. sanctions loophole: Russia can send missiles to Iran.Yeah that should make Iran think twice?

Soros-funded group urges media run by government.Marxist-led study has close ties to Obama White House officials.

Up and away! World's largest airship lifts off for the first time.It's a plane,it's a rocket ,Neh it's a blimp!

Why Are American Doctors Mutilating Girls?The majority of girls are subjected to FGM to ensure their virginity and to curb their libido to guarantee sexual fidelity after marriage. Think of it as a genital burqa, designed to control female sexuality.

Stars love girl on girl action.What's new under the SUN?

Pictures: Massive Maya City Revealed by Lasers.

Russian town to ban satanic heavy metal.

Sell Everything, You Won't Recognize America By The End Of The Year.

Blink and you'll miss it: Shuttle Atlantis and Space Station pass in front of the Sun.Now that's the picture of the year for me!

House votes to expand national DNA arrest database.

How much water on Earth?
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